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President Barney of Hartsville Col
lege Survivor a Serious Illnes
Tliroueli tfce Aid of Dr William
Pills for Pale People
From the Republican Columbus Ind
The Hartsville College situated at Harts
ville Indiana was founded years ago in the
interest of the United Brethren Church
when the state Tas mostly a wilderness and
colleges were scarce The college is well
known throughout the country former stu
dents having gone into all parts of the world
A reporter recently called at this famous
BCat Of Ipnrninfr Jin1 V nc clirmr infntllQrnnm
of the President Prof Alvin P Barhaby I
W hen last seen by the reporter Prof Barn
aby was in delicate health To day he was
apparently in the best of health In re
sponse to an inquiry the professor said
Oh yes I am much better than for some
time I am now in perfect health but my
recovery was brought about in rather a
peculiar way
Tell me about it said the reporter
Well to begin at the beginning said
the professor I studied too hard when at
school endeavoring to educate myself for
the professions After completing the com
mon course 1 came here and graduated from
the theological course I entered the min
istry and accepted the charge of a United
Brethren Church at a small place in Kent
County Mich Being of an ambitious na
ture 1 applied myself diligently to my work
and studies In time I noticed that my
health was failing My trouble was indiges
tion and this with other troubles brought
on nervousness
My physician prescribed for me for some
time and advised me to take a change of
climate I did as requested and was some
improved Soon after I came here as a pro
fessor in physics and chemistry and later
was financial agent of this college The
change agreed with me and for awhile my
health was better but my duties were heavy
and again I found my trouble returning
This time it was more severe and in the
winter I became completely prostrated I
hied various medicines and different physi
cians finally I was able to return to my
duties Last spring I was elected president
of the college Again I had considerable
work and the trouble which had not been
entirely cured began to affect me and
last fall I collapsed I had different doctors
but none did me any good Professor Bow
man who is professor of natural science told
me of his experience with Dr Williams Pink
Pills for Pale People and urged me to give
them a trial because they had benefited
him in a similar case and 1 concluded to tiy
The first box helped me and the second
pavp crnnf rplipf snnli ns T VinrJ tipvpv
hams Medicine Co Schenectady N Y
Lecturer The entire history of the
world has moved in cycles Sprocket
What make Philadelphia North Amer
When a baby smiles in its sleep its mother
-says it is talking with the angels but it is
really the colic Atchison Globe
Snake Into Your Shoes
Allens Foot Ease a nowder for the feet
M ativ n train of thousllt ought to
I is the only standard remedy
IJSS TtS tte
S- remedy which physicians
only it s
I Snrsally presenbe
the only remeay rw
of thousands
ed by the
sands whom it has
and cured
VLetPE is wqthiwc else
switched into a siding N Y Weekly
Wrinkles come wiih rsaralgia They go
with St Jacobs Oils cure of it
What a dry time some of us would have
if we got nothing but our deserts 2s Y
SfffE thought that he could trifle
11 z4 u He was run
down in health felt tired and
2 worn out complained off
ness biliousness backaches
and headaches- His liver and
kidneys were out of order
1 He thought to get well by
dosing himself with cheap
remedies And then came
the ending He fell a victim
2 to Brights disease The
money he ought to have in-
vested in a safe reliable
remedy went for a tombstone
Convincing Tails Betvreen a Farmer
and a Money Lender a
The following conversation between
a Wisconsin farmer in Calumet county
and a money lender not a regular bank
er but one of those men of means who
make out all of their own papers and
manage to get as mucli out of a loan
as possible including the highest notch
in the matter of interest is not only of
interest to the friends of good roads
but is very convincing
I have dropped in to collect the in
terest on that mortgage Mr Williams
remarked the boot leg banker
Tin ready for you but in order to be
ready I had to sell a coujple of cows
Here is something I have been reading
with a good deal of interest Look it
over while I get the money for you
When Mr Williams returned he
asked his neighbor how he liked the
O I guess its as good as any of the
good roads stuff they are printing these
Look it over while
of it
I dont take any stock in any
The roads are good enough for
me I dont -want to be called upon
to help make them any better
We differ I take deep interest in
the good roads discussion The roads
are not good enough for me I want
to help make them better If we had
good roads the past 20 years I would
not now be paying you interest on this
mortgage on my farm
Talk sense man Has this good
roads agitation turned your head too
You talk just as two or three of your
neighbors do
Thank you Im glad to hear it
It is a sign that they too have been
doing some thinking
How would good roads have bettered
your condition
I cannot take time to tell you all of
wiced from the treatment of any physician j the ways in which they would have
Alter using six boxes or the medicine I was helped me Here are a lew oi the ways
entirely cured To day I am perfectly well j have owned this farm for 25 years
1 feel better and stronger than for 1
years 1 - - i a x
Por 15 it has been f
years a good larm or
certainly recommend this medicine I
To allay all doubt Prof Barnaby cheer- j you I have paid you interest enough to
-fully made an affidavit before J have sent my son and daughter through
LYMAN J SCUDDER Notary Public coUege You ask what that has to do
Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People f
- - - -
about Sood oads It has this to do I
are sold bv all dealers or will be sent post-
paid on receipt of price 50 cents a box or have figured that if we had maintained
six boxes for 250 they we never sold in a svstem of P ood roads it would have
bulk or by the 100 by addressing Dr WilinnRt 1T hlf i v
I v
products It would have been done with
half of the teams half of the hired men
less than half of the cost in wagons The
wagons I have wrecked on our bad roads
the past 25 years cost me wrhen new
1470 Some of them might have failed
on good roads but it is safe to say that
my loss on wagons alone was 1200
more than it would have been on rea
sonably good roads I figure that the
Cures painful swollen smarting feet and in- xfra teams and tlieir ivhl
cost me
stantivuiKes tne sting out oi corns
ions Greatest comfort discovery of and the red help more than
age Allens Foot Ease makes tight or new i I would have had if the roads had been
shoes feel easy Is a certain cure for sweat- j SVLCx as that paper tells about has
callous not tirea acmns iceu jliv il
- -ii i
Lots of
davs in
and snoe
to day Sola tv an druggists
stores 25c Trial package FREE Address
Allen S Olmstead Le Roy N Y
cost me 4000 Every man of mature
judgment ought to know that if wTe
had good roads about here
lv liptwpen hprp nnrl fhp pitips in trip
- -
there were more
women wish o - wfl
the week to attend clubs Washing- s - T a -
ton Democrat
A slip a sprain lame
cures it all the same
St Jacobs Oil
most of our trading and in one of which
we attend church and where our sons
and daughters go to high school this
farm would be worth double what it is
now and I call it worth 10000 at
I ent That is 10000 more that would
have been added to my savings by good
roads That makes my loss over 18
000 a good deal more than I am worth
to dajr My bright boy and girl must go
without the college education I had
hoped to give them and could have given
if I had had the benefits to be derived
from good roads I see why you do not
want a change Your business as a
money lender would end with an era of
good roads Farmers would save
enough by them to become bank de
positors instead of borrowers Im
ious for good roads You too would be
1 1 guess if bad roads had cost you nearly
1 It was an unanswerable argument
and the money lender admitted as much
by departing without saying another
Tnrnips Hnrt Millc Flavor
At the Iowa station it was found that
j turnips injure the flavor of both milk
and butter This injury is due to vola
tile acids which can be driven off by
heating the milk to 160 degrees for a
short time Beets increased the milk
and butter product and caused all the
cows even Jerseys to lay on fat quite
rapidly When the roots were discon
tinued butter fat decreased and the
cows ceased to gain weight and it took
more pounds of feed calculated to dry
matter to produce a pound of butter
When turned on pasture there was im
mediate increase of milk butter and
live weight Feeding bran during part
of the grazing period produced suffi
cient gain to yield a small profit
A prominent dairy journal states
that if tuberculosis Is agerm disease
as all authorities have come to accept
then it cannot be hereditav
Artichokes Possess More Nutritive
Value Than Other Rootw
The wonderful productiveness and
ease with which the improved variety
can be produced is always a surprise
the first time to those who cultivate
them They are an excellent food for
cattle sheep and horses and one of the
cheapest and healthiest hog foods
raised and for milch cows they ex
cel any root I ever fed for increasing
the flow and making the milk much
richer Last winter this variety was
tested at the Fremont creamery on a
small scale and the report was very
good Chemical analysis proves that
the artichoke isnt behind in nutrition
compared with other roots
Carrot Flesh Forms 6 Fat Forms Gfi
Parsnips 12
Sugar beet 9
Mangolds 4
White turnip 1
Artichoke 10
The above is taken from the Ameri
can Corn and Hog Journal The nutri
tion of an artichoke is in the form of
sugar therefore always ready for use
on the jart of the eater One acre will
keep from 20 to 30 head of hogs dur
ing the winter months I find that low
black soil land which is too frosty for
many crops is fine soil for the arti
choke for freezing will not injure
They often yield on good land as high
as S00 bushels per acre There is a vast
difference in artichokes The native
or wild kind is worthless while the
improved variety is of great value I
grow the improved white French grown
largely in France for domestic use as
well as for stock Some time ago they
were introduced into this country and
close cultivation has proven them to-
be a sure and profitable crop for this
I have been experimenting with them
for over five years in the way of culti
vating harvesting feeding and keep
ing over winter They are very profit
able because no insect blight or rust
has yet struck them and the tops make
a fodder superior to corn when proper-
ly handled I find keeping them through
winter is a difficult thing to do without
having them spoil unless a person un
derstands it I will give my method
I pick out a dry spot and dig a pit not
over ten inches deep and about five
feet wide and as long as convenient
Then I pile the tubers up to a peak
putting on a shallow layer of straw
and not over five inches of dirt If more
dirt is put on they will surely heat and
spoil and if they freeze solid it will
not injure the growing or feeding quali
ties it makes them sweeter and bet
ter J H Van Ness in Ohio Farmer
Over the Well Save
liots of Hani AVorlc
On many farms the water is raised
from the well by a bucket and rope
A great aid in such a case is a pulley
t I
A Vf i
rigged above the opening in the plat
form These pulleys can be bought for
a trifle at the hardware store The
larger the pulley the easier of courae
Will the water bedrawn A light frame
work can quickly be built above the
well in the manner shown for the at
tachment of the pulley 2s Y Tribune
Continue feeding milch cows lor some
time after turning on the pastures
Milk is elaborated from the blood
as it passes through the glands of the
Souring milk is a process of thick
ening which finds its complete fulfill
ment in loppered milk
Oleomargarine has displaced SS000
000 worth of pure butter in the United
States How much has it enhanced
the price of beef tallow its chief in
What is claimed as the champion
dairy cow of the world is a Shorthorn
named Honeycomb bred by John Lind
say of Kimble Jark Unamdoran Xew
South Wales Australia The record
claimed for her is S414 pounds of milk
in 24 hours yielding 4 pounds of but-
Calves intended for the dairv oug ht
never to be fed in such a manner as to
accumulate fat or to establish a predis
position to lay on fat They need food
that will form bone and muscle to ex
pand their frames find fit them to take
and digest large quantities of food dur
ing their future lives Uural World
Trade in Bosrus Butter
The commissioner of internal reve
nue reports that in nine years 440000
000 pounds of oleomargarine have been
made and sold in this country This
bogus product has taken the place of
butter to the value of about 88000000
And it is safe to say that nine pounds in
every ten have been consumed under
the impression that it was butter Some
cattlemen denounce laws restricting
the sale and use of oleomargarine and
declare that the manufacture of the
stuff adds quite a sum to the value of
every animal sold One who can be
lieve that oleo has added S8000000 to
the value of cattle in nine years can
believe anything with or without evi
dence Dakota Field and Farm
Lnrgre Wooden Fern HoTfls nnd Vxsea
Are Effective
In either drawing rooms or halls
where the color is sufficiently subdued
well grown plants of the pretty yellow
Genista set in large Tokanabi ware
pots and on raised stands of the same
faience or any dark oriental pedestal
nrive a verv glowing and brilliant deoo
ration Very deep blue jardinieres
filled with growing plants of the dwarl
Japanese spirea with its dark peculiar
leaves and creamy tapering spikes oi
bloom are Aery lovelv
iiiits painted green afid
containing wet mud or well packed
sphagnum fitted on to an ordinary old
fashioned mantelpiece make an excel
lent basis for effective arrangements
especially if as is so often the rase in
old house a mirror covers the chimney
piece They should have a back five
inches high andsidec tapering down to
two and a hal f inches i n front A cdarso
network of galvanized wire helps to
support weak stemmed or drooping
flowers and holes clipped in this net
ting at intervals will admit pots which
vary he surface grace fulry
Gilded baskets are also very useful
and effective At any basket shop yot
can choose graceful and beautiful
shapes and liave them gildedor painted
in white and gold let the tinsmith iii
a movable lining to hold water and you
have most fascinating unconventional
repositories for your flowers The green
rush baskets so prepared as to hold wa
ter are also most satisfactory and har
monious and those who have only een
them bedecked with glittering satin
ribbons ready for presentation on the
steamers or over the foot lights can
scarcely credit the peculiar natural
effects they have when treated artistic
ally by a home flower lover They can
be made to look as if you had plucked
some rushes with the flowers and
woven them together to suit your pur
pose then and there
Common wooden bowls can be made
into extraordinarily pretty receptacles
for flowers by coating them with glue
and pressing upon their sides pieces of
the green velvet moss now so beauti
ful in the woods The moss should be
lifted verv carefullv and as little
broken as possible If done carefully
though the moss will lose some of its
vividuessit will continue green all sum
mer A large bowl say ten inches in
diameter hung in a French window
or in an archway bv four green cords
and filled gracefully with ferns and
roses or any summer growth makes a
beautiful object in cottages of moder
ate pretensions It should hang low
enough for ihe flowers to be on a level
with the eye In a quaint cottage the
descriptive name of which was Ivy
Xook a bowl of this sort but doubt
less 14 inches in diameter hung from
the center of the low ceiled parlor the
windows of which were diamond paned
Quaintness and simplicity were the
j chief characteristics of this room and
this swinging green cup with the large-
mass of flowers it so easily held was
very harmonious Filled with clusters
of the Japanese monthly honeysuckle
and mignonette and bordered with
kwild ferns it was really unique and
For midsummer tables ferns are al
ways pretty and small vases holding
each a four inch pot of maidens hair
make an ever fresh and cool looking
adornment On a stately old table of
nearly black rosewood last June 1
greaxly admired a large center silver
ase of Greek form in which ferns were
growing while scattered about the
table were little potholders of white
earthenware made in imitation of osier
baskets with well grown small plants
of native maidens hair taken from a
neighboring wood X Y Post
The SncRelneHH of Prayer Rutrs
Verses from the Koran and other
passages considered sacred are general
ly stamped on fabrics used as prayer
rugs by the Mohammedans and it is
criminal in oriental law to export such
pieces This is doubtless because use
by the occidentals means the treacling
of sacred words under infidel fdet and
when 3ou think it over it is not to be
wondered at A few years ago an Amer
ican succeeded in getting two such
nieces as near home as Paris but the
inducements offered him to return them
to the oriental dealer were potent
trough to effect their purpose
B33 Cincinnati May 17
LIVE STOCK CattlecommonS 2 75 3 25
Select butchers 4 10 4 CO
CALVES Fair to good light 5 50 C K
HOGS Common 3 03 3 55
Mixed packers 3 Cb 3 75
Light shippers 3 70 3 83
SHEEP Choice 4 00 4 40
LAMBS Spring 5 50 7 0-
FLOUR Winter family 3 35 c 3 Co
GRAIN Wheat No 2 red OWa
No 3 red s6
Corn No 2 mixed da
Oit n 21
Rye No 2 36
HAY Prime to choice 1175 12 00
PROVISIONS -Mess pork 0 TO
Lard Prime steum ftJ 3 75
BUTTER Choice dairy 8
Prime to choice cretimery W 1GVS
APPLES Per bbl 25 a 2 r0
POTATOES Per bbl 1 00 1 10
FLOUR Winter patent 4 GO fc 4 00
GRAIN Wheal No 1 northu 71J
No 2 red 8V S1
CORN NO 2 inixeu 30
OATS Mixed ra Sii
PORK Now mess 8 75 l 50
LARD Western 4 15
FLOUR Winter uatents 4 CO 4 70
GRAIN Wheat No 2 red
No 2 Chicago sprinjj 431 7 iJfc
CORN No 2 - 25 25J
OATS No 2 18
PORK Mess 8 CO
LARD Steam 3 Kljfcfc 3 85
FLOUR Family 3 90 4 25
Guain Wheat No 2 hOH SJj
Corn Mixed iu 3D
Oats Mixed 24 2
LARD Retined fell 50
PORK Mess 216 85
CATTLE First quality 4 15 4 50
HOGS Western 4 40 4 45
GRAIN Wheat No 2 89
Corn No 2 mixed 24
Oats No 2 mixed 2u j
FLOUR Winter patent S 75 4 00
GRAIN Wheat No 2 red 9i
Corn Mixed 2i
Oata Mixed -20
PORK Mess 9 2a
LARD Steam 4 6y
A Convincing Letter From One of Mrs Pinkhams Admfrerg
2To woman can look fresh and fair who is suffering from displacement of
the womb It is ridiculous to suppose that such a difficulty can be cured by
an artifical support like a pessary
Artificial supports make matters worse for they take away all the chance
of the ligaments recovering their vigor and tone Use strengthens the liga
W Tkmw
ments have a work to doL -
If they grow flabbj and refuse to hold the womb in
place tfiere is but oneremedy and that is to strengthen
their fibres and draw the cords back into their normal
condition thus righting the position of the womb
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound is designed
especially for this purpose and taken in connection -with
her Sanative Wash applied locally wall -tone up
the uterine system strengthening the cords or
ments which hold up the womb -
Any woman who suspects that she has this trouble
and she will know it by a dragging weight in the
lower abdomen irritability of the bladder and tectum
great fatigue in walking and leucorrhoea should
promptly commence the use of Lydia E Pinkhaars
Vegetable Compound If the case is stubborn write to
Mrs Pmkham Lynn Mass stating freely all symp
toms You will receive a prompt letter of advice free
of charge All letters are read and answered b wo
men only The following letter relates to an un
usually severe case of displacement of the womb
which was cured by the Pinkham remedies Surely
This Man Carried a Lighted Lamp
Several Blocks
An amusing case of absent-mindedness
wa experienced by a young south
sider the other evening says the Pitts
burgh Chronicle Telegraph The young
man is usually of a bright nature but
for some time past his friends have been
noticing that he does some peculiar
things Notlong ago he- was at a recep
tion and a f ew minutes before closing
time he went to the coat box and se
cured his hat and coat Then he walked
upstairs to the dancingfloor and picked
up another coat and walked home with
it on his arm Arriving at his home he
found that he had one coat on and an
other on his arm The next day he found
the owner of the extra coat and mutual
explanations followed and all was well
But that has been eclipsed by his latest
exploits He had finished his toilet and
started for the street As soon as he
made his appearance he was greeted
with smiles from everybody who saw
him He walked down the street and
could not imagine what made the pass
ersby smile at him Finally he reached
the restaurant where he takes his meals
then he realized that he was carrying
something in his hand He looked at
it and found that he had carried the
lighted lamp from his room and had
walked several blocks along the main
street with it in his hand
Another case is cited concerning the
same young man At the office where
he is employed he lias occasion to an
swer many calls at the telephone One
evening he wis reading a book in his
room when an alarm clock rang in an
adjoining room The absent minded
youth got up and commenced to yell
Hello Hello and when the occupant
of the other room inquired as to the
cause of the yelling the young man said
in a sheepish manner Oh I thought
it was the telephone bell ringing
was a boy I was
troubled with dropsy
my legs svelling until I
could not walk and finally
bursting open and
lg sores The doc
tors gave me up and said I
could not live At tliis time I
begau to use Ayers
rilla and after taking fourteen
bottles I was able to get out and
rrn rv VTV lorr ic cMll tPTlflOV
nJ LU lV fj w
and at times somewhat sore but I
have no hesitancy in saying Ayers
Sarsanarilla saved my life J F
Hazel Tallulab La Nov 21 1895
mm mmn
it is convincing
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
and Blood Purifier cured me when the doc
tors had given me up I had spent hun
dreds of dollars searching for a cure but found lit- -
tie or norelief until I began the Pinkham remedies
I had falling and displacement of the womb so badly that
for two years I could not walk across the floor I also had pro
fuse menstruation kidney liver and stomach trouble The doctors said my
case was hopeless I had taken only four bottles of the Vegetable Compound
and one of the Blood Purifier when I felt like a new person I am now cured
much to the surprise of niy friends for they all gave me up to die Now many
of myiady friends are using Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Compound through
my recommendation and are regaining health It has also cured my little son
of kidney trouble I would advise every suffering woman in the land to write
to Mrs Pinkham for aid Mks Emma Pangboun Alanson Mich
Ayers Sarsapari
l fi RBfaaiiji uiijih Jin in iLirri
Allmakes GOOD AS NEW Mutt be closed
out Lists free L AMead Cycle Co Chicago
Best Cough Syrup Tastes Good Ueo
in time Sold by druggists
1vJJaTIkiM1 Bt1 Jl lrVTWy
i s
m iflaiijhil
I 25 so NaaiaHlSaB druggists
RRQATTTWflT V flTTRPBTITETTnto cw any case of constipation Cascaret3 are the Ideal lass
f aDDUilUlIiljI UUilAfllUlUw tire nerer crip or eripebnt cause easy nataralresults San
Y pie and boofclet tree Ad STEKLINU ueskui uu Chicago flontrcal Can orRcwlorK
Toa pgpwwww
Meltinc by Electricity
Prof Elihu Thompson an eminent
authority on electric metal working
believes that there is no doubt whatevei
of the possibility of melting through
masses or iron and steel of even con
siderable thickness provided there is
time enough to do it and sufficient cur
rent is available but he thinks the
paraphernalia which the burglai
would have to carry along and have at
his disposal for the attempted work -v
would be a sufficient discouragement in
itself while the time required and the
risk of discovery would be so great as
to remove the operation from among
the possibilities
Deafness Cannot Be Cared
ly local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear There ii
only one way to cure deafness and that ii
by constitutional remedies Deafness ii
caused by an inflamed condition of the mu
cous lining of the Eustachian Tube Wher
this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing and when it is
entirely closed deafness is the result and
unless the inflammation can be taken oul
and this tube restored to its normal con-
dition hearing will be destroyed forever -nine
cases out of ten are caused by catarrh
which is nothing but an inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
ease of Deafness eaxised by catarrh that
cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
Send for circulars free - -
F J Cheney Co Toledo O
Sold by Druggists 7oe
Halls Family Pills are the best
When a fellow sets up the drinks do not
be sure that lie pays for them It may come
out of you Washington Democrat
Pisos Cure for Consumption has saved me
inaiiv a doctors bill S- Hardy Hop
kins Place Baltimore Md Dec 2 1891
A man who has a Job the year round and
is earning a living ought to be happy
Washington Democrat
A man humps himselr with lumbago He
hustles when cured by St Jacobs Oil
Whvareyou afraid in the dark Atchison
r v
please atate that you saw the Advertix
men I In this paper
i 4

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