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Night of Rioting and Blood
shed a Urbana 0t
A Mob Takes Click Mitchell Jrom Jail
and Strings Him Dp The Sheriff and
i Captain Who Are Responsible for
Firing on the Mob Flee for
Their Xlves
Urbana 0 June4 4Cliek Mitch
ell by his own confession stands
convicted of one of the most henious
and revolting crimes a human being
can be charged with
Immediately after dinner Thursday
Judge Heiserman instructed Sheriff
McLain to impanel a grand jury at
once to consider the cas against
Mitchell In the absence of the Prose
cuting Attorney S S Deaton who is
away on legal business the court ap
pointed Attorney George Waite assist
ant prosecuting attorney to conduct
the proceedings before the special
grand jury
The sheriff was just 12 minute in J
impaneling the jury At 230 the jury
was sworn in by Judge Heiserman
whose charge was brief but to the
Qint and related entirely to the
Mitchell case
The jury after examining Dr Rob
ert Henderson Mrs Gaumers phy
sician Bruce and Charles E Gaumer
adjourned at 4 oclock until 730 Thurs
day evening At 830 the grand jury
returned an indictment for criminal rs
sault against Charles Mitchell
The grand jury had scarcely left the
courthouse until arrangements were
completed for the arraignment and
trial of young- Mitchell All the prin
cipal doors in the house were locked
anct bolted and members of the guard
were stationed in the halls at the same
on the inside All the other members
of Company D were lined up on the
outside ready to repulse any attack
Mitchell was brought from the jail to
the courthouse in the custody of Sher
iff McLane and Deputy Kirby sur
rounded by a square of the guards
He was hustled upstairs into the
courtroom without the knowledge of
the thousands of men who stood out-
side Death like silence prevailed dur
ing the proceedings which did not last
five minutes Mitchell remained stand
ing and was evidently quite scared
The court then appointed Mr
Flaugher to defend him In response
to the question of the court as to
whether the defendant would waive
the reading of -the indictment Mitch
ells attorney answered in the affirma
Mitchell pleaded guilty The court
then at once sentenced him to 20 years
confinement in the Ohio penitentiary
the limit of the law
Mitchell was hurried back to jail
and the immense crowd on the outside
was none the wiser of what had taken
place It was part of the plan of
Sheriff McLain and his deputy Harry
Kirby to spirit Mitchell into a car
riage and drive him to Hagenbaugh
station or Woodstock and there board
the eastbound Pan handle3 which ar
rives in Columbus at about midnight
The exciting incidents of the last
two days had an unfortunate and de
plorable culmination at 230 Friday
morning The disorganized mob of
1500 stood on the streets all night
yelling and perfectly willing to lynch
a brute in human form guilty of a
fiendish crime
The mob had been slowly advancing
all night nearer and nearer to the jail
iThe guards were crowded closer to the
building as the night advanced Fi
nally a dozen men or more got onto
some steps leading to the back en
trance in the jail
A ifellow with a big sledge hammer
he had been carrying all night under
Ihis coat blazed away at the door
knocking it in At that instant the
guards who were stationed inside the
building opened fire and at least 20
jshots were poured promiscuously into
the crowd
The man who carried the sledge
hammer escaped without injury but a
young man named Higgins or Hagans
dropped dead shot through the body
The crowd scattered instantly Dur
ing the few seconds in which the firing
took place some deplorable work was
done Harry Bell son of Smith Bell
of this city and the man Higgins
whose identity can not be established
died almost instantly
The following were wounded Zach
Wank of Urbana shot in the hip his
wound considered fatal Dr Charles
Thompson of North Lewisburg shot
in the forehead Dennis Graney of
Urbana shot in the right foot Sher
man S Deaton the prosecuting at
torney shot in the hip Wesley Bowen
of Cable shot in the hip Gus Weiser
Urbana face wound Geo Ellicott
superintendent electric light plant
face wound Ray Dickerson living
ast of town shot in the shoulder
Bay McClure Urbana shot in the right
arm Ralph jMcComb shot in the arm
Most of those injured were standing
in the streetand were spectators
Gov Bushnell has just ordered one
of the Springfield companies here
Quiet prevails here now
Columbus 0 June 5 A special to
the Dispatch from Urbana says
Click Mitchell the Negro brute
has paid the penalty of his foul crime
with his life An outraged people
have taken the law into their own
hands and meted out to Mitchell the
punishment he so richly deserved and
nave obeyed the command and wish
of his prostrate and as is announced
dying victim
The sensational and unfortunate
events of the night intensified the
feeling against Mitchell if that was
possible and the determination be
oarae general that the brute should
never leave the town alive
After the firing of the military on
the crowd1 of spectators during the
early morning hours Gov Bushnell
ordered Company B Third infantry of
Springfield to come here at once The
Springfield militia arrived here at 710
Friday morning and left their special
train on the outskirts of the city or
near the water works The company
56 strong under Capt Bradbury
marched up town to the jail where
they found 2000 people surrounding
the jaiL
The company marched into the jail
yard and were met by Hon M Lewis
who said to Capt Bradbury
We dont want you now
Who are you
I am the deputy sheriff replied
There is the sheriff over there
Pointing to Mayor Ganzon who at
that particular moment came forward
from the crowd on the courthouse
steps and proceeded to address the
militia and the crowd The mayor as
sured the militia that- their services
were not wanted that the people
were law abiding and would assist him
in preserving order that the company
could leave the courthouse yard and
when their services were needed he
would send for them The Spring
field company without waiting for
further orders marched down street
to the depot without as much as the
sheriff seeing them The local mili
tary company had previously refused
to serye longer and went to the second
story of te sheriffs residence and
tried to sleep
With no resistance offered the crowd
at once made a rush for the side door
two strong and determined men kick
ed it down in short order and gained
admission to the jail the crowd fol
lowing There were plenty of sledge
hammers chisels and other tools in
the crowd and the men went to work
Part of the crowd had previously
forced themselves upstairs into the
private apartments of the sheriff
and after looking about found a bunch
of keys which had been hid away and
which proved to be the Jkeys to the
jaiL The crowd got into the jail in
short order They did not wait to un
lock the door to Mitchells cell but
burst the lock with a sledge hammer
and the door soon flew open Mitchell
was standing in his cell and offered no
resistance and did not utter a word
Some one in the crowd had a rope and
it was placed over the brutes neck
and the crowd made for the door
Mitchell following at the end
In going down the steps on the out
side of the jail Mitchell fell down and
the rope slipped off his neck The
crowd surrounded him jumped on him
like a thousand hungry dogs after one
The brute was kicked beaten and
almost killed right then and there
The rope was quickly slipped over his
head again and a rush was made for a
tree in the southeastern corner of the
courthouse yard in front of the court
house The end of the rope was
thrown over a good strong limb and a
thousand willing hands pulled the
wretch up The end was tied to the
iron fence and Mitchell was left hang
ing there in full view of several thou
sand people to die the death he had
brought upon himself
All this was done in shorter time
than it actually takes to tell the story
The lynching took place at about 720
Friday morning The men taking
part in it made no attempt te disguise
themselves but it is not known who
did the work and the person who at
tempts to find out will get himself into
serious trouble This much is known
however they did their work well and
thnt is all the people wish to know
It s doubtful if Mitchell died from
the effects of the hanging His miser
able life had been almost kicked out
of him when he fell down If any life
remained in his carcass it was stran
gled out It is the general opinion
that he was unconscious when strung
up His body was left hanging for an
hour or more and the people of the
city flocked to see it All classes of
people came to witness the spectacle
It was finally cut down and placed in
an undertakers box and left lying in
the courthouse yard open to public
Columbus 0 June 5 A special to
the Dispatch from Urbana O says
Sheriff McLain says he telegraphed
to Gov Bushnell at 10 p m Thursday
night for more military The gov
ernor replied that local power must be
exhausted first After the shooting
the sheriff asked again for help He
received no reply but learned that a
Springfield colored company had been
ordered to come The sheriff had the
colonel at Springfield order a white
company in place of the Negroes
Gov Bushnell returned here at 230
p m Friday He exhibits telegrams
showing he ordered support to Urbana
when asked for it
Urbana 0v June 5 Four prisoners
escaped while the mob was taking
Mitchell out to hang him
The coroner returned a verdict in
the case of Mitchell that he came to
his death by hanging in the court
house yard at the hands of an infuri
ated mob whose names are to me un
At 3 p m the body tff the Negro was
removed from the courthouse yard in
Undertaker Humphreys wagon Nand
the information was given out that a
Dr Meyers would be here from Colum
bus after him for one of the medical
Cincinnati June 5 After a thrilling
ride through a gauntlet of people who
sought his life Capt Leonard who
commanded the company of militia at
Urbana arrived in this city Friday
A great deal of -bitterness exists n
Urbana over the killing of the people
on whom the militia fired and Capt
Leonard thought it best to leave for a
time He took a buggy from Urbana
to Springfield and upon arriving there
found an immense crowd which had
been informed of his coming
The crowd was very demonstrative
and for a time it looked as though vio
lence would be done Capt Leonard
Dayton O June 5 Sheriff McLain
of Urbana arrived in this city Friday
night at 8 oclock and was met at the
depot by hs brother-in-law Mr A J
Weaver of Linden avenue and was
driven to the home of the latter The
fact of his presence in the city and his
whereabouts were not ascertained
however until a late hour
He said that he left Urbana at the
urgent solicitation of personal friends
who insisted that his life was in peril
He said that he had no personal fears
and thought he had demonstrated that
I by his conduct in the outbreak of the
V- foiiik
v -
x H
V s
v -
mob spirit He Tiad finally deJ
however to the solicitations oRBig
friends and left 2v
Woosteb0 June o Gov Bushnell
while here Friday morning heardjiof
the lynching at Urbana In speaking
of the conduct of the sheriff Gy
Bushnell said he had told -that official
that the law must be obeyed Asked
if he would take any steps toward
punishing the inob the governor re
plied that he had nothing to say
The Victim of Negro Click MitchellyTina
Woeful Condition cr
Columbus O June 5 A specialto
the Dispatch from Urbana p saysJ
Mrs Gaumer upon whom the Ne
gro committed the assault which led
I to the lynching is lying at her home
in a woeful condition and is praying
for death to relieve her from what she
considers disgrace There is no doubt
of the Negros success in accomplish
ing his purpose and it was said Friday
that she is afflicted with the most
dreaded form of veneral disease which
intensifies phe horror of the affair
Rape was the sole object of the as
sault and there was no attempt at
robbery that story having been circu
lated to spare Mrs Gaumers feelings
She is completely prostrated from
the nervous shock and is in a hysteri
cal condition but it is thought she will
recover It is understood she wasin
the mans power for over a half hour
and was prevented from crying out to
the neighbors by a shawl which he
wrapped around her head when he
first attacked her He tore her
clothing off and in the struggle
scratched and bruised her
badly He also bit her about
the neck and breast She is said to be
about 45 years old small and hand
some and is well spoken of by every
body here as a lady of culture and
character She can not be seen but
her son Charles who is about 20
states that she received the news of
the lynching with every manifestation
of satisfaction but she expressed re
gret for the killing of innocent people
at the jail Thursday night
Will Sign a Sea Armistice on Certain Con
ditionsRequiem Mass Celebrated Over
Foreign Volunteers Killed in the War
By Turks
Athens June 5 The cabinet decid
ed Friday evening to sign a sea armis
tice on the following conditions
The Greek fleet will quit Ottoman
j TT 1 rn i
waters vessels unaer xurKisn or
neutral flags bound or returning from
Turkish ports and vessels north of the
armistice line will be examined Ves
sels carrying troops and munitions for
the Turkish army will not be allowed
to enter ports north of the line The
Turkish fleet must not leave the Dar
danelles The dispatch of reinforce
ments to garrison towns in the archi
pelago is prohibited The armistice
permits the re victualling of Turkish
troops by way of ports south of
the armistice line on condition that
the vessels may be visited by consuls
of the powers residing in the nearest
town The entry of Greek men-of-war
into the Ambracian gulf isjlsp
permitted -
A requiem mass was celebrated in
the Catholic church Friday morning
for the repose of the souls of the
foreign volunteers killed in the war
with Turkey A magnificent catafal
que upon which was a sarcophagus
enveloped with palms and Greek
flags occupied the center of
the aisle near the main
altar The sarcophagus was sur
mounted by the sword of the Italian
Santa Rosa who fought in the war of
Greek independence Many members
of the diplomatic corps were present
in addition to an enormous gathering
of Garibaldians and other foreign
volunteers who also furnished the
guard of honor for the occasion
Constantinople June 5 The fol
lowing is the text of the telegram sent
by the Emperor Nicholas to the sultan
on May 17 after the fall of Domokos
Your majesty will not be surprised
if our relations of sincere friendship
and neighborly feeling induce me to
appeal to your noblest sentiments and
inspire me with the firm hope that you
will not fail to crown the success
achieved by your valued armies in he
roic struggle by a fitful adherence to
the moderate and pacific intentions
which your majesty proclaimed at the
beginning of the war
By concluding an armistice and by
a favorable reception of the mediation
of the powers your majesty would ac
quire a fresh title to the high esteem
you now enjoy and would accomplish
an act of profound wisdom an act
which I personally should always re-
tain in rememberance
I beg your majesty to believe in
my unchanged friendship
Southern Soldier and Newspaper
- It i
V j i -ii
r -- 3 v
Dies in Covington Tenn
Nashville Tenn June 5 Gen
Ira P Jones an old and well known
citizen of Nashville died Friday in
Covington Tenn aged OS years Gen
Jones was a member of Gov Isham G
Harris staff during the war has served
in the legislature but was more gen
erally known because ui his connection
with the newspapers of Nashville
He was editor of the patriot in
1852 the Union and American
was business manager of the Amer
ican for years and editor - of the
morning and evening Banner Fora
number of years he had not been en
gaged in active journalism He was
one of the charter members of the
Tennessee Press association nvas its
second president and at the time of his
death chairman of the executive coin
mit tee His death removes one of the
landmarks of Tennessee journalism
A large family survive him
A Prospective Groom
Ubbana 0 June 5 Harry Bell
who had the top of his head blown off
in the riot Thursday night was en
gaged to a young laIy employed in
Mayor Goods greenhoiise aj Spring
field The marriage was to have taken
place next month
- v I
Tariff Bill Will Be the GenerarrTopie
of Discussion in the Senate
The Great Bone of Contention Will B
the Sngar Schedule The Tobacco and
Agriculture Schedule Will Follow
the Sugar Schedule The House
Washington June 7 While the
tariff will continue the general topic
of discussion in the senate during the
present week there is no certainty as
to what portion of it will receive es
pecial attention This uncertainty is
due largely to the difficulty of de
termining when thev sugar schedule
will fee taken up It is so generally
understood that this schedule will con
sume consideration time that there is
no effort to outline beyond it the
course of proceeding The wood
schedule will afford a brief respite
Monday before reaching the sugar
question as that subject was left un
disposed of when the senate adjourned
on Saturday Senator Allen probably
will enter a motion that may lead to
other speeches than his own
Whether the sugar schedule will be
taken up in order is still undetermined
There are no differences of opinion on
the subject but the prevailing desire
is to get the schedule out of the way
as soon as possible This is the case
on both sides of the chamber but it is
especially true of the republicans as
the responsibility for action rests
there Still there is a desire
among republican senators that
there should be absolute agreement
among themselves on the rates of this
schedule before entering upon its dis
cussion in the senate and it is realized
that this may be difficult of attainment
without a further exchange of opin
ions than has yet been permitted
There is no doubt in any
event of a postponement un
til Senator Aldrichs return to the
senate He is still confined to his
room but is expected to be out early
in the week That the Hawaiian
treaty will be protected by the finance
committee is considered settled but a
caucus may be necessary to determine
whether other changes should be
made Senator Pettigrew has decided
definitely to offer his anti trust amend
ment in connection with this schedule
but beyond the fact that it will lead
to a number of speeches there is no
certainty as to its course or its fate
The tobacco schedule immediately
follows the sugar schedule but if it
should be reached on Monday it would
be necessary also temporarily to pass
it over as the committee has promised
the tobacco men a hearing on Monday
night They will ask for two dollars
on wrapper and 35 cents on filler to
bacco There is also an inclination to
return to the language of the Wilson
law on this subject This is under
stood to be the wish of both the im
porters and the tobacco growers
There are many sharp contests ahead
on the paragraphs of the agricultural
schedule which is next after tobacco
including those on rice on which there
will be an effort to secure a return to
the house rates on cattle on which it
will be claimed there should be an ad
valorem rather than a specific duty
and on fish fruits chicory and salt
The innovation of a duty on tea is also
proposed on this schedule but it is
practically certain that this provision
will be withdrawn by the committee
Thus what would have been one of the
severest contests over the bill will be
avoided The cotton and spirit sched
ules will it is now thought excite
comparatively little debate
The house has no work ahead of it
this week and it isHhe intention of the
majority leaders to adjourn Monday
until Thursday and from Thursday un
til Monday Mr Simpson and other
members of the minority doubtless will
essay the usual manouvers with the
purpose of embarrassing the republic
ans but in the present condition of
the house their latitude is narrow and
they easHly can be overborne by their
Almost Certain to Be Recalled From Cu
ba Campos in Madrid
New Yokk June 7 A special to the
Journal from Madrid says
The recall of Capt Gen Weyler
from Cuba is almost certain as the
liberals have decided to take this step
if Sagasta assumes office Senor Pidal
president of the cortes Saturday ad
vised the queen regent to reform the
conservative cabinet in the direction
of honestly implanting reforms in Cu
ba recalling Weyler and sending Cam
pos to the island
Campos himself advised the queen
not to form an intermediate cabinet
but to trust the government to the
party which offers the best and most
definite solution for Cuba and one
which is most calculated to insure
good relations with the United States
while being consistent with national
In additiou according to the Cor
respondencia de Espana he advised
the queen to recall Weyler
Miss Margaret Craven to Wed
San Fbancisco June 7 Miss Mar
garet Craven daughter of Mrs Nettie
Craven who claims to have been mar
ried to James G Fair and is now su
ing for his vast wealth is to
be married as soon as her mothers
suit is settled or possibly before Her
fortune is estimated at over a million
Miss Craven is an actress and was for
merly a member of the Frawley com
Joshua Harvey Taken to the Asylum
Wilmington O June 7 Joshua
Harvey was taken to the A thens asy
lum Saturday Harvey is a brother of
James Harvey who is in jail under
an indictment for murdering his wife
Harveys hallucination cpnsists in the
belief that his father mother and
brother have conspired to rob him of
his property
p Tvrenty three of the Crevr Lost
London June 7 A special dispatch
from Dieppe says that the French
Trawler Liberte recently engaged in
the Iceland fisheries has been lost
with 23 members of her crew
- - -
- - L -
il i ---- I
j s
InRejpard to Terms of Fourth Clas Tms
masters Modified Wholesale Appoiut
m ts to JPost offices to Be Made Soon
Washington June 5 The rule ai
nounced shortly after the administra
tion assumed charge that postmasters
would be allowed to serve out their
full terms unless removed for cause
has been modified and it is expected
that wholesale appointments to post
offices will be made soon It was offi
cially announced Friday that the pres
ident and postmaster general will con
sider as having expired all post
offices which are due to expire
between now and July 15 It
is understood that the matter
was discussed and the decision reached
at Fridays cabinet meeting The rea
son assigned for the modification of
the announced nolicv of the adminis
tration is that it is the desire of the
post office department to fill as many
offices as possible before the expira
tion of the fiscal year July 1 in order
that accounts may be begun with a
new quarter
Secretaries Long and Alger were
the absentees at Fridays cabinet
meeting The case of the Valencia
the Ward line steamer which was
compelled to haul to by a shot fired
across her bows from a Spanish cruiser
as she was coming- out of the port of
Guantanoma was briefly discusssed
The incident occurred May 2S
Secretary of State Sherman ex
plained that the act of the
Spanish vessel could not be regarded
as an offense against the United States
as the Valencia was showing no colors
and the purpose of the Spaniard was
simply to compel her to show her flag
As soon as the stars and stripes were
run up she was allowed to proceed
No other important matters were con
sidered by the cabinet
It is the prevailing belief at the
white house that President McKinley
will nominate the new minister to
Madrid in the course of a week Six
names have been under consideration
iso it is stated semi officially Three of
them are believed to be Gen B F
Tracey of New York ex Senator John
B Henderson of Missouri and Con
gressman Hitt of Illinois The
last named it is said has been
tendered the post but does not
desire it Special Commissioner Cal
houn will reach Washington from Ha
vana next Monday or Tuesday It is
understood that ex Representative Al
drich is to be appointed consul general
at Havana and that his appointment
will be made in the near future Con
sul General Lee has practically closed
up the present work upon which he
has been engaged and the way is now
open for the appointment of his suc
Senator Tillman from the commit
tee on inter state commerce Friday
reported the bill introduced by him
self giving states the same control of
liquors imported into a state which
they exercise over liquors of domestic
manufacture The bill is intended to
meet in part the defects in the state
dispensary law pointed out in the re
cent decision of Jiudge Simonton
Senator Allison who in the absence
of Senator Aldrich has charge of the
tariff bill expressed the opinion Fri
day that the sugar schedule would be
reached in its order on Monday and
that it would be taken up then if Sen
ator Aldrich by that time should
have so far recovered as to be able to
take charge of the schedule on behalf
of the republicans If Mr Aldrich
finds it impossible to be in the cham
ber when the schedule is reached re
publicans will ask that it be passed
temporarily because of his generally
conceded superior information on the
subject Senator Allison says how
ever that it is his desire that this
schedule should be disposed of as
promptly as possible
There is a possibility that the to
bacco schedule may also be passed
over in case Senator Aldrich is not
The advocates of a higher duty on
wool are quite confident from assur
ances received from members of the
finance committee Friday that they
will secure an increase over the rates
originally reported by the committee
of an average of a cent a pound
Washington June 5 Vice Presi
dent Hobart entertained a large com
pany of gentlemen Friday night at his
home on Lafayette square The house
was elaborately decorated with roses
sweet peas and ferns A buffet supper
was served in the flower decked dining
Theorlore Durraut Granted Permission
to Appeal to the United States Su
preme Court
Sax Fkancisco June 5 Theodore
Durrant will not be hanged on next
Friday His attorneys have gained
for him a new lease of life for four
months at least and the condemned
man made merry in his cell Thursday
niq ht when he heard the cheerful
news He had become resigned to his
fae and his tearful eyes had turnedto
the Bible as his only soTace when in
formation was received at the prison
that Judge Gilbert of the United
States circuit court had granted his
attorne3rs permission to appeal to the
United States supreme court from his
order made on Wednesday denying
the application for a writ of habeas
Acquitted or the Charge of Murder
JACKSOXViiivFla June 5 Eddie
Pitzer who hay been on trial here for
the past eight days for the murder of
Louise Gato was acquitted at noon
JEar th quake in New York State
New York June 5 An earthquake
shock the third that has been felt in
the United States within a short time
ran through the Mohawk and Hudson
river valleys early Fridajr morning- It
ws distinctly felt throughout the
whole central portion of the state
shaking houses throwing down pic
tures breaking furniture in some
places and causing people to flee from
their homes in their night clothes
Died or Chbleriu
Paris June 5 M llanchot the
French minister to Siam has died of
holerin at Bagkok
T - jy
V -A
v ir
- i
Wt- -
4 v
A Blind Man
A storvTvatf fold the other day byauifr
experience that a brother of his
yer Mind of a nan had a few days since while he
was in the city from a small town m
sec where he resides On the day men
Honed the blind man was without a guide
and stood on the corner of Twenty-third-street
and Broadway wishing to cross the
street While debating with himself as to-
whether he would try it alone or call a policeman
came up and addressed
liceman a
would be kmd
him saying Mister you
enough to help me across the street There
is such a jam of trucks and carts that I ant
afraid to try to cross alpne Certamlv
with pleasure madam he responded and
offering her his arm they started across
Broadwav crossing m safety Thank jou
verv much said the woman No
madam It is I who am thankful for I am
blind and you helped me to avoid that
dangerous crossing very nicely said tne
man Oh said the woman in reproach
ful tones You horrid man Why I might
have been run over N Y Times
Are Particular Buyers
The leading steel men agree that the most
particular buyers in the country are the
Winchester Repeating Arms Jev
Haven Ct This company wil only accept
lots Such information
the most perfect of selected
formation is not surprising to any one who
for its strength nd
owns a Winchester gun
The Winches
fine finish is very apparent
ters are just as particular about everything
that is used in making guns and ammuni
tion as they are about steel For this rea
Winchester goods you
son when you buy
can be sure of getting the best in the world
They cost no more than poor makes bena
illustrated catalogue free
for a large
A Misnnaerstandingr
Customer looking in mirror Great scis
sors barber Youve gone to work and
peeled my head of every dern hair there was
on it
Barber Isnt that just what you toia me
Told you to do Whv man I told you
I wanted it cut a la mode
Beg pardon I thought you said you
wanted it all mowed Boston Courier
State of Ohio City of Toledo
ifci jt
Frank J Cheney makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the firm of F J Cheney
Co doing business in the city of Toledo
Countv and State aforesaid and that said
Grm will pay the sum of One Hundred Dol
lars for each and every case of catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Halls Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence this 6th dav of December A D
Seal Notary Public
Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the svstem Send for testimonials
free F J CHENEY CO Toledo 0
Sold by druggists 75c
Halls Family Pills are the best
Tlie Report Sufficient
Well little chap said the stranger in
the family picking up one of the children
Avhat are you going to be when youre a
Nuffin said the child
Nothing Why so asked the stran
Because said the child I Cm a little
girl Fun
m m
A Stout Backbone
Is as essential to physical health as to polit
ical consistency For weakness of the back
rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys
the tonic and dietetic action of Hostetteru
Stomach Bitters is the one thing needfnl
The stomach is the mainstay of every other
organ and by invigorating the digestion
with this preparation the spinal column -
and all its dependencies are sympathetically
strengthened The dyspeptic and bilious
will find it a pure vegetable stimulant and
His aiisfortune
1 -1 T 4- lZ
JW 111Z BUIU x am up LVJ 111 lltUtv III
debt but it is mv misfortune not fay
fault -
Your misfortune
Yes You see 1 have a faculty for mak
ing such an excellent impression upon peo
ple that they still persist in trusting me
Chicago Post
m m
Snmmer Vacations
Interesting illustrated booklets pertain
ing to Massachusetts Seashore Ocean Island
and Inland Resorts are issued by the pas
senger department of the Fall lliver Line
the famous route between New York and
Boston Newport Cape Cod Marthas Yine7
yard Nantucket Bar Harbor the White
Mountains etc etc etc List of the book
lets will be mailed upon receipt o one
cent stamp Address O H Tayldr GenT
Passr Agent Fall Biver Line New York
is v
An Obstruction
Telescope Proprietor Step up ladies and
gents and view the planet Mars One pen-
ny mum
Old Lady Oh law Haint it round and
Will the bald headed gent pledse step t
away from in front of the instrument --
London Tit Bits
Shalce Into Your Shoes
Allens Foot Ease a powder for the feet
It cures painful swollen smarting feet and
instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions Its the greatest comfort discov
ery of the age Allens Foot Ease make3
tight or new shoes feel easy It is a certain
cure for sweating callous hot tired adh
ing feet Try it to day Sold by all drug
gists and shoe stores 25c Trial package
FREE Write AllenS Olmsted LeRoyNY
Not His Iieer
Five dollars please said the fashion
able dentist after extracting the tooth
But doctor protested the victim I
only came here to have my tooth pulled
Philadelphia North American
Star Tobacco
As you cheAv tobacco for pleasure use
Star It is not only the best -but the mosfc
lasting and therefore the cheapest
The unhappy Aian who is enabled to give
to his fellow beings has at his command
the source of great happiness N Y Weekly-
Duopst treated free bv Dr H H Greens
Sons of Atlanta Ga The greatest dropsy
specialists in the world Read their adver
tisement in another column of this paper
Nothing makes a woman madder than
to have her husband hurry her when she
is late Washington Democrat
Pisos Cure is the medicine to break up
childrens Coughs and Colds Mrs M G
Blunt Sprague Wasn March 8 1894
In this world there is nothing except
and lying N Y Weekly
Weak Tired
NAmmi le
15 1 f UUO Thousands are in
this condition
They are despondent and gloomyr cannot
sleep have no appetite no energy no
ambition Hoods Savsaparilla soon rings
nelp to such people It gives them pure
rich blood cures nervousness creates an
appetite tones and strengthens the
stomach and imparts new life and in
creased vigor to all the organs of the body-
rlOOCl S parHIa
Is the best in fact the One True Blood Purifier
Soldby all druggists 1 six for 5
HnnrPc Exilic cure Liver Ills easy to
livruvi z i take easy to operate
S -
I wH
It H

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