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Attended By Many Accidents and Fatalltlae
at Zanesville O
Zastesville 0M Sept 7 Labor day
was attended by many accidents and
several fatalities here A train of sia
electric cars got beyond control and
dashed down the Y bridge incline
and side wiped an approaching train
Two people were fatally injured and
several others seriously Mrs J B Alex
ander wife of a traveling salesman
was thrown between the cars and ter
ribly crushed She is at the hospital
and can not live Just McGrath dis
trict organizer of the federation of
labor was probably fatally injured
The others injured are
Miss Holmes of Newark Mr Yoder
of Canton Miss Bathbun of Evans
An hour later a car jumped the track
and Mrs Charles Rodgers of Zanes
ville and Miss Ivy Brigham of New
ark were thrown under the wheels
Physicians say they can not recover
Mr and Mrs Beston variety show peo
ple were also badly injured
While attempting to alight from a
freight train William O Berne who
was leaving the city for a hunting trip
was thrown under the wheels and bad
ly injured With superhuman pluck
he walked a distance of two miles and
died shortly after leaving the city
There were 15000 visitors in the city
Taken From the Officers and Lynched Near
Friends Mission Va
Raleigh N G Sept 7 A special
from Mt Airy N C to the News and
Observer says that Sunday afternoon
near Friends Mission Va Miss Sadie
Cook a young white girl was outraged
by Henry Wall white aged about 21
After accomplishing his purpose Wall
dealt his victim several blows over the
head with a hoe rendering her uncon
scious and then placing her head
on a log crushed it with a stone which
was left lying bloody nearby Wall
then cut the girls throat severing the
windpipe and dragged the body some
50 yards up a ravine threw it into a
branch where it was afterwards found
Meantime he went to a spring and was
found washing the stains from his
The excitement became so intense
that Monday afternoon Wall was taken
from the officers and lynched near the
scene of the crime
To Enforce a Rigid Quarantine Against
Biloxi and Ocean Springs Miss
New Orleans La Sept 7 The
state board of health has decided to en
force a rigid quarantine against Biloxi
and Ocean Springs Quarantine will
also be enforced against the other wa
tering places on the gulf coast until
President Oliphant returns and
more light is obtained on the
situation Guards are to be
put on the trains and at the
stations all baggage is to be fumigated
and every precaution is to be taken to
keep the disease out of the city The
Lbuisville Nashville trains have
been ordered not to stop at either
JBiloxi or Ocean Springs The houses
of all people who have returned to New
Orleans in the past two days are to be
thoroughly fumigated
Sunk the Schooner Agnes I Grace She
Lies in Ten Fathoms of Water
Savannah Ga Sept 7 Capt C D
Farrar and crew of the schooner Agnes
I Grace which sunk 20 miles off Ty
bee Sunday arrived at the city Mon
day night Capt Farrar states that
the 16 ton guns for the coast defenses
suddenly broke from their fastenings
and rolled to the lee of the vessel
smashing everything in their way
The waterways were opened by the
crush and the vessel sunk in about
twenty minutes She lies in ten fath
oms of water with her top mast out of
the water It is possible that the guns
can be recovered The wreck is in the
path of the coastwise vessels and is
dangerous to navigation
A S100000 Fire in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Sept 7 Shortly after
4 oclock Monday afternoon fire broke
out in the basket and wickerware f ac
of John M Eowe Sons Co 123
N Water street and in a short time
extended to several adjoining buildings
on Water street and several fronting
on Delaware avenue Before the flames
were got under control an estimated
damage of over 100000 had resulted
all of which is fully covered by insur
ance The origin is unknown
Shot and Killed by His Son
Baltimore Sept 7 Edward B
Bishop aged 19 years shot and mortal
ly wounded his father Edward A
Bishop at their home 2022 Boyd street
Monday afternoon The parents of
the youthful patricide had lived apart
for some weeks past and Monday aft
ernoon the elder Bishop came to the
house and attempted to force an en
trance from the rear He was shot by
his son as hejbroke through the lritchen
A Bull Derails a Train
Foristell Minn Sept 7 Train No
5 on the Wrabash railroad west bound
struck a bull a quarter of a mile west
of this place Sunday night Ten cars
were derailed The passengers in the
rear cars were thrown to the floors by
the shock but none of them were hurt
An unknown tramp was instantly
killed Engineer John Egan was fatal
ly hurt being injured internally and
badly scalded Fireman Greasa was
badly scalded on the back and legs
Pronounced Yellow Fever
Jackson Miss Sept 7 Gov Mc
Laurin has received the following tele
gram from the two members of the
state board of health who went to
Ocean Springs Miss Sunday to inves
tigate the yellow fever scare After a
most thorough investigation in every
conceivable light it is the unanimous
opinion of representatives of Louisi
ana Alabama and Mississippi state
boards of health and the Marine hos
pital service that the fever now pre
vailing in Ocean Springs is yellow fe
ver Signed JI H Harralson J F
f s
t V
At the Rate of 4300 Words a Minut
By the Syncronograph
The Speed at Which Messages Can Be Sen
By This New and Wonderful System Is
Limited Only By the Revolutions
of the Electrical Dynamo
Omaha Neb Sept 8 The Bee Wed
nesday morning prints a letter from
Lieut George C Squier U S A to
Hon E Eosewater giving the results
of a test of the Squier Crehore syn
cronograph system of telegraphing
In the letter Lieut Squier says
On August 22 over a line from Lon
don via York to Aberdeen and return
to London a distance of over 1100
miles -including over eighty miles
of underground cable we sent
messages at the rate of
4300 words per minute and this speed
was only limited by the particular dyn
amo available We have also tried a
cable representing the German cable
of 120 knots from here to Germany and
sent over it the rate of 1300 words per
minute Our apparatus is mounted in
the general post office London from
which point the experiments thus far
have been made
Commenting on this the Bee says
By the employment of the syncrono
graph 500 words a minute can be easily
sent across the Atlantic cable The
inventors claim that their very suc
cessful trials in England demonstrate
the possibility of sending press mes
sages between New York and Chicago
at such a speed that the entire contents
of a newspaper could be transmitted in
an hour and the statement does not
appear unreasonable in the light of
their recent success The speed at
which messages under this new and
wonderful system may be sent is limit
ed only by the speed at which an elec
trical dynamo can be made to revolve
The messages are both sent and re
ceived by the aid of a dynamo It is
believed that with the successful oper
ation of the system letters up to the
length of 500 words can be transmitted
by the telegraph at no greater cost
than by the postal rates now in effect
Terrible Nitro Glycerine Explosion at Cyg
net O The Country for Miles Around
Trembled From the Shock
Cygnet 0 Sept 8 A terrible ex
plosion of nitro glycerine occurred
here Tuesday afternoon at 3 oclock
which resulted in the death of six peo
ple whose names are known and others
at present unknown
The killed Sam Barber Allen Fallis
John Thompson Charles Bartel Henry
Lansdale Havens a boy
The explosion occurred at the Grant
well located at the rear of the National
Supply Cos office building in the vil
lage limits The well had just been
shot by Samuel Barber the shooter for
the Ohio and Indiana Torpedo Co The
well was a gasser and when the 120
quarts of glycerine in the well ex
ploded the gas ignited and with a ter
rific roar the flames shot high above the
derrick As soon as the drillers saw
the flames several climbed into the der
rick to shut off the gas but they had
hardly gotten there when there was a
terrific explosion The burning gas
had started the remaining glycerine in
the empty cans standing in a wagon near
the derrick In another wagon nearby
were some cans containing another
120 quarts of the stuff and this was
started by the force of the first explo
The second was blended with the first
in a mighty roar and the town and sur
rounding country for miles trembled
from the shock
The National Supply Cors building
was completely demolished and noth
ing remains but a big hole where the
wagons stood There is not a whole
pane of glass in any window in town
and every house and store was shaken
to its foundations There was awful
excitement over the affair and all the
remaining population of the town
rushed to the spot Who the men are
who were in the derrick and who were
killed can not now be learned owing ta
the excitement
The damage to the Ohio Oil Co will
amount to 3000 Eight buildings are
a total wreck and others are damaged
The town has a population of about
1200 Many bystanders were wounded
Yellow Fever Scare in New Orleans
New Orleans Sept 8 It was con
siderably after midnight Tuesday
morning when the board of health of
fice was closed for a few hours and the
tired physicians went home to snatch a
few hours of rest Up to that hour al
though the widest publicity had been
given to the Gelpi case and the desire
of the board was known that every sus
picious case should be promptly report
ed no news was received at the office
to lead to the belief that there existed
a single case of yellow fever in New
Orleans The office was reopened early
Tuesday morning but up to 9 oclock no
report was made of any suspicious
To Quarantine Suspected Yellow Fever
Springfield 111 Sept 8 Secretary
Egan of the state board of health
Tuesday night secured the services of
ex Commissioner John R Neely of Chi
cago and Dr Edward Bartlett of this
city to proceed to Cairo HL with in
structions to thoroughly inspect all
northbound trains and steamers and
quarantine all suspected yellow fever
Slept 108 Hours Continuously
Philadelphia Sept 8 Lawrence
Ledwiett a Philadelphia teamster
who was picked up intoxicated at
Gloucester and who went to sleep in
the Camden county jail last Thursday
night died in the Cooper hospital
Tuesday He had slept 108 hours con
tinuously when life became extinct
Employs 1500 Hands w
Biddeford Me Sept 8 The York
cotton mills in
Sago resumed opera
tions in fulL Tuesday morning The
mills have been closed for the last six
weeks Employment will be give to
bout 1500 hands
v 0
Miners Convention Adjoarn UatU qcharg
day Without Taking a Vote Acceptance
of tho Operators Offer Doubtful v
Columbus O Sept 9 -The inter
state miners convention adjourned
Wednesday evening until Thursday
morning without having taken a vote
on the question of accepting ofeject
ing the proposed settlement bf the
The prospects for the acceptance of
the settlement are somewhat doubtful
in fact a canvass of the situation shows
a majority of the votes unless some
change should be brought about will
be cast against it The greater part
of the afternoon session of the
convention was secret the delegates
listening to speeches from- National
President Eatchford and State Presi
dents Farms of Ohio Knight of Indi
ana Carson of Illinois and Dolan of
Pittsburgh All of the officials with
the exception of Mr Carson argued in
favor of the acceptance of the Pitts
burgh operators proposition They
told the delegates very plainly that if
the proposition was rejected the strike
would fail utterly that the contest
could not be continued as all re
sources had been exhausted They
advised- that inasmuch as tha
strike had been precipitated ra
the Pittsburgh district it was
very proper that it should be settled
there President Carson of Illinois
told the delegates just as plainly why
he could not support the proposition
for a settlement He said the Illinois
miners were practically ignored by it
The operators of his state had notified
him that they would not abide by any
settlement made with the Pittsburgh
operators In many of the Hlinois dis
tricts moreover the miners had
signed ironclad contracts which run
until next May Should the Pitts
burgh Ohio and Indiana miners resume
operation the Illinois operators would
be compelled to open their mines also
and the only recourse the miners of the
state would have would be a local
strike for which they were unprepared
The best they could do would be to ac
cept the operators terms and- that
would eventually force a reduction
again in the other states
The most important action of the
convention Wednesday was in deter
mining the basis of representation
Some of the delegates wanted a rule
that no delegate be allowed to cast
more than six votes This if adopt
ed it is claimed would have
settled the question of the acceptance
of the strike settlement very quicky
It was the sentiment of the convention
however that representation should
be fixed so that all miners should have
a voice in the settlement Accordingly
it was decided that one vote should be
cast for every 100 miners represented
This makes the votes to be cast by
each state about as follows
Western Pennsylvania 230 Ohio 280
West Virginia 110 Indiana GO Illi
nois 200
The Hlinois vote which will be cast
against the acceptance of the operators
proposition will about offset the tvote
of western PennsylvaniaPittsMrgh
district The vote of Ohio isabut
equally divided on the proposition also
the West Virginia This practically
leaves the balance of power in the
hands of the Indiana delegates Should
they vote with Illinois which some
of the delegates say they have
instructions to do by inference if
not by direct language the proposed
settlement will undoubtedly be
defeated The Indiana delegates say
they are instructed not to vote in favor
of the operators proposition unless a
general settlement will be effected by
it In view of the position of the
Illinois miners they do not see their
way clear to vote to accept the propo
sition It develops Wednesday night
that the vote of the Pittsburgh district
will not be unanimous in favor of ac
cepting the settlement as some of the
delegates have stated openly they
would not vote for it The leaders of
the miners were doing some quiet
missionary work Wednesday night
Well Known Georgian Falls From His
Porch and Receives Fatal Injuries
Atlanta Ga Sept 9 CoL Isaac W
Avery at one time editor of the Atlan
ta Constitution and foreign commis
sioner to Mexico and the South Amer
ican republics for the Cotton States
and international exposition of 1895
fell from the porch of his residence in
Kirkwood a suburb of this city Tues
day night and is now dying from the
effects of the fall
Col Avery was one of the best known
Georgians of his day He was a dash
ing cavalry colonel in the confederate
army and commanded a brigade the
last year of the war He was editor of
the Atlanta Constitution for several
years and started Henry W Grady in
his career on that paper He wrote a
History of Georgia which holds high
rank and was a prolific contributor to
periodicals and newspapers His last
work was the originating of a move
ment for direct trade between southern
and European ports which has since
grown to considerable proportions
Col Avery died at noon Wednesday
Tobacco Company Assigns
Detroit Sept 9 The American Ea
gle Tobacco Co successors to K C
Barker Co assigned Wednesday
without preferences to the Union
Trust Co The assets are 109000 lia
bilities 115000 There are no pre
ferred creditors The gradual inroads
of the tobacco trust is given as the
principal cause of failure
Six Young Men Drowned
Detroit Mich Sept 9 Six young
men were drowned in a yacht near
Windmill Point in Lake St Clair late
Wednesday afternoon A party of ten
chartered ihe yacht Blanche B and
went up the lake on a sail When near
the mouth of Fox creek and nearly off
Windmill Point three of the party
climbed out on the boom and com
menced to rock the craft which being
heavily ballasted lurched over and
capsized going to the bottom Six
men who were in the cockpit were
drowned The three youngsters who
caused the disaster and one otfier were
saved by a boat -
iU -
Armed Deputies Receive Rough Treat
ment and Were Forced to Retreat
At Gastonville They Took Refuge in the
Companys Office TVhere They Were
Bombarded All Night With Stones
and Bricks Several Were Injured
Pittsburgh Pa Sept 8 The efforts
to evict the striking miners of the
Pittsburgh and Chicago Gas Coal Co
at Orangeville one and a half miles
from Gastonville resulted in a riot of
no mean proportions and the utter
failure on the part of the company to
accomplish its object
When the news was received that
the eviction were to be attempted
the whole vicinity about Finley
ville Gastonville and Orangeville
became wildly excited About 7
oclock Monday night 20 dep
uties from Washington Pa in charge
of Chief Deputy Joseph Hemphill
reached Finleyville where they were
met by a large crowd of strikers and
their friends Each deputy was armed
with a Winchester rifle and a revolver
but in spite of this the strikers headed
by 100 Polish women closed in on them
and the deputies received rough treat
ment They were forced back and
finally retreated to Gastonville where
they were followed by a crowd of
about 200 men and women At Gaston
ville the deputies took refuge in the
office of the company where they were
kept all night during which the build
ing was bombarded with stones and
bricks and an occasional shot was fired
At 7 oclock Tuesday morning the trou
ble of the night reached a climax when
the deputies sallied out from their be
sieged quarters and started to march to
Orangeville Each one carried his Win
chester in his hands and his revolver
was exposed but these had no ter
rors for the besiegers Headed by the
same women the strikers rushed on
the deputies with stones clubs and
pickhandles and blows fell thick and
fast One of the big women wrested
the rifle from a deputys hands and
struck him on the head inflicting ser
ious injury By this time 1000 men
women and children had joined the
crowd They came from Venetia
Snowden Calamity and Finleyville
The deputies slowly made their way to
Orangeville taking all of the above in
sults and injuries but never firing a
shot finally took refuge in a vacant
house closely followed by the mob
which quickly surrounded the building
and threatened to burn it Finally one
of the strikers approached the house
with a flag of truce and a conference
was held The deputies were ordered
to leave town and after a short parley
decided to do so They emerged from
the house a badly scared lot of men
and walking between the opened ranks
of the strikers started for Gastonville
Almost every man in the posse was cut
and bleeding and several were serious
ly hurt One had his right hand
almost severed by a sharp stone As
the defeated deputies ran the gauntlet
thevwere greeted -with hisses nurses
pand ridicule The strikers then3 closed
behind them and marched them to the
station where they took the train for
After their departure the mob dis
persed and everything is quiet now
The officials of the company say no
furthur attempt will be made to evict
the miners for the present
Taking Every Precaution to Guard Against
the Introduction of Yellow Fever
Mobile Ala Sept 8 Every precau
tion has been taken to guard against
the introduction of fever into Mobile
Rigid quarantine has been established
by land and water and half a dozen
persons who got in before quarantine
arrangements were completed have
been sent out of the city to the deten
tion camp located 15 miles west on the
Louisville Nashville railroad A1
this camp also are detained all travel
ers who came from coast points or
from New Orleans They must remai n
ten days in quarantine There are sev
eral there in detention now
No train crews are allowed to come
into town
A close examination by the phy
sicians here enable the board of health
to say positively that there is no case
of a suspicious nature here in Mobile
Marine Hospital Surgeon Murray was
here Tuesday night and has arranged
to leave Wednesday morning with 50
trusty men for Ocean Springs to form
a cordon around the place and to con
fine and stamp out the disease there as
the marine hospital service did to the
fever at Brunswick Ga
There is no fever at Scranton nor as
far as can be learned at no coast point
except Ocean Springs
Two Boys and a Man Killed
Beading Pa Sept 8 A Philadel
phia Reading wrecking engine
crashed into a wagon at a grade cross
ing at Frush Valley a few miles above
Reading Tuesday night and three
lives were lost All were instantly
killed The boys were sons of Allen
Faust a miller of Berkley this county
and Hiester who was in his employ
was driving them in a covered wagon
with a load of flour The presumption
is that he did not hear the approaching
Tliree Yellow Fever Cases at Biloxi
Biloxi Miss Sept S At 1030 p m
Tuesday night three well defined cases
of yellow fever were reported here
They are under guard and no fear is
A St Louis Girl the First Victim
St Louis Sept S The first victim
of the yellow fever plague that has
made its reappearance at Oceau
Springs Miss was a St Louis girl
Miss Penelope Emma F Schutze
daughter of F C G Schutze a well-to-do
retired merchant of this city
Saturday came a dispatch spying she
was ill with fever The family were
greatly alarmed as from her letters
they knew that dengue or breakbone
fever had attacked hundreds at the re
sort Monday they were horrified by a
brief telegram from the hotel people
say in g 4 Your daughter died Sunday
of yellow fever
In the History of the Santa Fe Koad Near
Emporia Kan Ten or Eleven Persons
Killed and Fully as Many Injured
Kansas City Mo Sept 9 A spe
cial to the Times from Emporia Kan
One of the worst wrecks in the his
tory of the Santa Fe railroad occurred
three miles east of here at about 730
oclock Wednesday night Ten or
twelve persons were killed and as
many more were badly hurt The fast
mail train going east and the Mex
ico California express west
bound collided head on The Mex
ico California express was pulled
by two locomotives and when they
struck the engine drawing the fast
mail the boilers of all three engines
exploded and tore a hold in the ground
so deep that the smoking cars of the
westbound train went in on top ol
three engines and two mail cars and
balanced there without turning over
The passengers in the smoking car es
caped through the windows The
frond end of this car was
enveloped in a volume of stifling
smoke and steam belching up from the
wreck below and the rear door was
jammed tight in the wreck of the car
behind The wreck caught fire from
the engines The cars in the hole and
the smoking car burned to ashes in no
time In climbing out of the smoking
car several men fell through the
rifts in the wreck below and
it is impossible to tell whether
they escaped or were burned to
death The west bound train carried
seven or eight coaches and its pas
sengers included many excursionists
who had been to hear HonW J Bryan
speak at the county fair at Burlingame
Mr Bryan himself was on the train
but was riding in the rear Pullman
some 400 feet from the cars which were
wrecked He states that nothing but
a heavy jolt was experienced by the
passengers in his coach
Mr Bryan was one of the noblest
men in the crowd of rescuers He
helped to carry out the dead and
wounded and gave the greatest atten
tion to their care One poor fellow
who was badly maimed called to Mr
Bryan and said
I went to hear you to day I am dy
ing now and want to shake your hand
and say God bless you If you pos
sibly can Mr Bryan get me a drink of
Mr Bryan went into the fast mail
car one end of which was burning and
came out with the drink of water
which he gave to the suffering passen
ger He brought out cushions for oth
ers of the injured and was every
where present to minister to the wants
of the suffering
The engineer of the westbound train
had received orders to meet the fast
mail at Emporia and w2s making up
lost time These two are the fastest
trains in the Sante Fe system and the
westbound train must have been run
ning at a speed of at least 40 miles an
hour The westbound express was go
ing around a slight curve and met the
fast mail probably within 200 feet
Of the seven or eight cars making up
the Mexico and California express only
the mail baggage express and smok
ing cars were destroyed The coach
following the smoker was badly splint
There were not more than a dozen
passengers on the fast mail all in one
coach and while none of them were
seriously injured their shaking up was
texrible Every seat in the coach was
torn from the floor and many floor
planks came up with the seats
One man John Sweeney was thrown
oyer three seats and through a win
dow but escaped with only scratches
and bruises The other cars of the
fast mail train a baggage and an ex
press were totally wrecked
It is stated that the wreck was caus
ed by a miscarriage of oders from the
trainmaster At Emporia the oast
bound fast mail train received orders
to pass the California express at Lang
seven miles east Another order was
sent to Lang for the California express
to take the siding there
But this order was not delivered and
the westbound train passed on the
trainmen expecting to pass the fast
mail at Emporia
At midnight it becomes apparent
that the earlier estimates of the
ber of dead were exaggerated and it is
now apparent that the number of dead
will not exceed ten or eleven During
the excitement early in the evening it
was reported that nearly all of the six
postal clerks on the two trains were
killed or missing Two of the clerks
were killed All of the others save
one are more or less seriously in
The mail clerks who are hurt are Wr
F Jones R O McGee and Claud Hol
liday The latter may die as both his
legs are broken and he is otherwise
badly hurt Clerk E C Letcher es
caped serious injury
The dead were brought to Emporia
At midnight a special train left Em
poria bearing 17 of the injured to To
peka where they will be cared for in
the railroad hospital
Massachusetts Prohibition Ticket
Boston Sept 9 The following tick
et for state officers was chosen by the
prohibition convention Wednesday
Governor Prof J Bascom Williams
town lieutenant governor Willard O
Wylie Beverly secretary of state Ed
win Sawtelle Brockton treasurer
Robert C Habborly Hyde Park audi
tor Herbert M Small Temple ton at
torney general Wolcott Hamlin Am
Police Stoppbd the Fight
Syracuse N Y Sept 9 Police
interference put an end to the Tommv
Ryan Kid McCoy fight in the fifth
round here Wednesday night when
Ryan was doing the majority of the
work and chasing McCoy all over the
ring inflicting a series of wicked in
side upper cuts Although by no means
going McCoy was having the worse of
the contest
Head Sawed Off
Murphysboro 111 Sept 9 James
Stephenson a saw mill employe fell
onto the circular saw and his head was 1
severed from his body I
Mere Bdlej of IWrves
Some peevish querulous people iei
mer bundles of nerves The least sound
agitates their sensoriums and ruffles their
tempers No doubt they are born so But
may not their nervousness be ameliorated
if not entirely relieved Unquestionably
and with Hostetters Stomach Bitters By
cultivating their digestion Rnd insuring
more complete assimilation of the food with
this admirable corrective they will experi
ence a speedy and very perceptible gam in
nerve quietude Dyspepsia biliousness
constipation and rheumatism yield to the-
More Terrible
Hewitt My wife was looking for a dry
goods store yesterday and by mistake she
walked into a saloon next door
Jewett That was terrible
Yes she found me inside N Y
Via Barlinglington Route
One fare plus 200 for the round trip to
Nebraska Kansas St Paul Minneapolis
Black Hills certain portions of Iowa Col
orado and Utah September 7th 21st Octo
ber 5th and 19th Ask your ticket agent for
additional information L W Wakeleyv
General Passenger Agent St Louis Mo
A Sundayschool Interruption Clergy
man St Paul made one error my dear
children Juvenile Did it let m a run
Fits stopped free and permanently cured
No fits after first days use of Dr Klines
Great Nerve Restorer Free 2 trial bottle
treatise Dr Kline 933 Arch st Phila Pa
When a woman takes off her coat at
church it is not necessarily a sign that she is
too warm Washington Democrat
m m
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure 25c
Great minds may run in the same chan
nel but there is plenty of room for more
Washington Democrat
I use Pisos Cure for Consumption both in
my family and practice Dr G W Patter
son Inkster Mich Nov 5 1894
tTe never value money as much as we do
right after having spent it foolishly Wash
mgton Democrat
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is a Constitutional Cure Price 75c
Nobody is too poor to have lace curtains
-Washington Democrat
flteport of Decree Tbe Famous 50
OOO Trade mark Case Decided C F
Simmons Medicine Company St
flouts Defeats J H Zeilin Co
From St Louis Republic July 4 18S3
The Supremo Court of Tennessee on June SO de
elded the most important trade mark cme that has
ever been tried in that State and ono of tho largest
ever tried in the Union affirming and enlarging the
opinion of the court below The court he d
1 That Dr II A Simmons the predecessor of
complainant by extensive advertising of his cele
brated remedy known aa Simmons Liver Medi
cine11 made it a standard remedy for liver diseases
long prior to the acquisition by J H Zeilin Co of
any rights
2 That the assignor of 3 H Zeilin Co through
whom they claimed the right to make the fraudulent
packages enjoined never derived any title from A Q
Simmons to make the medicine nor to use his nams
or picture and that such use by Zeilin Co is a
fraud upon the public and is therefore enjoined
8 That Zeilin Co purposely fraudulently la
beled their medicine in imitation of complainants
medicine to unfairly appropriate the trade of tho
Simmons Medicine Company and the execution of
this fraudulent purpose and act is enjoined
4 Enjoined Zeilin Co from using their com
petitors trade name trade marks or symbols or
Imitations thereof to deceive the public and unfairly
appropriate to themselves the trade of the C F
Simmons Medicine Co fs
5 Enjoined Zeilin Co from deceiving and
practicing a fraud upon the public by labeling their
packages in imitation of the tvrappers and trade
marks of the complainant
6 Enjoined Zeilin Co from the manufacture
and sale of the medicine under the name of Sim
mons Liver Modicine or Dr Simmons Liver
Medicine or Liver Medi cine by A Q Simmons1
and from nsing the picture of A Q Simmons ia
connection therewith
7 Enjoined Zeilin Co their assignees agents
and employes from deceiving and practicing a frad
upon the public by the sale of packages thus falsely
labeled either upon orders or calls for the genuine
Simmons Liver Medicine11 of complainant or
In any package thus falsely labeled
8 The court stated that it wa3 the purpose of the
oourt to entirely destroy the fraudulently labeled
packages above described and cause their removal
from the market and ordered Zeilin Co to dliver
to the clerk to be destroyed all cuts dies electro-
types engravings and other paraphernalia nsed in
impressing either of the above names or the picture
of A Q Simmons
9 Decreed that Zeilin Co pay all tho damages
which have accrued to complainant by the sale of
these fraudulently labeled packages The damages
claimed by complainant were 50030
10 Decreed that Zeilin Co pay all tho cost
which amount to several thousand dollars the recrd
being one of tho largest ever filed in tho Supreme
Cheap Medicine
As a rule cheap medicine is inert worthless of
dangerous In Zeilin Cos answer to our bill they
said the packages enjoined were designed as cheap
aegro medicine for the negroes of the Mississippi
Valley Now as Zeilin Co 1s advertisements say
and their manager swore that all the liver medicine
which they make is made by the same formula is this
not conclusive evidence from their sworn testimony
and advertisements that all the liver medicine eman
ating from them is Cheap Negro Medicine1 Ques
tion Do the sick of America desire Cheap Negro
Medicine Let the afflicted answer by their
future purchases Dr M A Simmons Liver
Medicine established in 1840 is not cheap medi
cine1 It is no cure all and Is only recom
mended for those indispositi ona caused by Inactivity
ef the liver
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