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An Ominous Veil Hangs Over
the Movements of Gens
White and Yule
It is Believed However That the Two
British Forces Have Effected a
Junction Near Ladvsmith
Squadron of Hussars Cut Off By the
Boers But They Brilliantly Fought
Iheir V ay Through Three
of Them Are Missing
London Oct 20 With unconscious
humor a Cape Town correspondent
telegraphed Wednesday The censor
ship which is aiwas a delicate mat
ter is working- smoothly and without
a hitch
This exactlr hits off the state of af
fairs at present An ominous veil is
still drawn over the movements of
Gen Sir George Stewart White and
Gen Yule Keyond belated Ladysmith
dispatches concerning the Elandslaagte
fight which are still filtering in the
British public is left in complete dark
ness and to conjecture over cooked
war office dispatches The officials of
the war office Wednesday evening said
that very few dispatches have arrived
and that nothing further was to be ex
pected until morning
Since it is practically cei tain that
Gen Yule has now effected a junction
with Gen White although tuis was
not brought about Tuesday night as
announced by the Daily Mai out some
time on Wednesday and as both are
now in a position of safety conjecture
concerns itself chiefly with t te man
ner of Gen Yules retreat That it
was hasty is evident Was it disorder
ly Was any considerable camp equip
ment abandoned Was there any fight
ing on the way Such ques
tions and like them the puu
is anxiously asking Since the receiot
of Gen Whites curious first descrip
tion of the Ladysmith fight in which
the British lost a hundred men iittie
reliance can be placed on the official
dispatches While the concealment of
the facts regarding1 Gen Yules retreat
can be amply justified on the ground
of keeping the intelligence from the
Boers the hiding of the news respect
ing the Hussars and Fusiliers who
were apparently captured in the battle
of- Glencoe is severely criticised no in
timation even having been given that
the officers were missing
London Oct 26 A squadron of hus
sars usually consists of three troops of
28 men each or about 83 officers and
men of the ISth Hussars are supposed
to have been captured
A dispatch to the Daily Telegraph
from Ladysmith dated Monday says
Thirty of the ISth Hussars who
were sent from Glencoe to intercept
the retreat of the Boers jrora Elands
laagte were cut off by the enemy Un
der Sergt Baldrey they brilliantly
fought their way across the Biggars
berg the enemy pursuing and firing
at them at a range of 300 vards along
the passes They arrived here at 10
oclock this morning Three of the
troop are missing- owing to the break
down of their horses The Boers used
a Maxim A lieutenant of the Hussars
with a party was driven back to Glen
coe The Hussars were fired at as iar
down as Modersprujt
The war office returns show that the
total British casualties since the be
ginning of hostilities reach 597 IS of
ficers having been killed and 55 wound
ed and 70 men killed and 4S5 wounded
There are 13 unaccounted for
This total however does not include
the squadron of the 18th Huzzars
which went astray near Dundee and
the officers of the Dublin Fusiliers
The report of heav3 losses sent from
Rietfontein came as an unpleasant sur
prise as Gen Whites telegram to the
ware office Wednesday gave the im
pression that there was merely a
Gen Sir Redvers Buller is expected
to arrive at the Cape early next week
and the indications are that some
troops have already arrived at the
front and been in the fighting whose
arrival has not yet been announced
Death From Lockjaw
Fort Dodge la Oct 26 William
Henry Daniels a farmer living below
Lehigh a member of a well known
pioneer Webster county family died
Wednesday morning with lockjaw
Last Friday his foot caught in the
loosened wire of an old broom and he
gave it an energetic kick In some
way the wfre penetrated his leg be
tween the ankle and knee inflicting
a painful wound The wound grew
-worse lockjaw resulting and death
count of ill health
Miss Sinan K Anthony to Retire
C hief Engineer of the Navy Fails to See
Any 1eneflt to the Department
Electricity Steam
Washington Oct 26 The three
leading features of the annual report
of Adm Melville engineer-in-chief
of the navy are the chapters devoted
to personnel to the merits of electric
versus steam machinery and to the
proposition to consolidate the naval
construction bureau The general les
sons of the war it is said were in no
way indicative of any desirable change
in the machinery of our ships with
the exception of increasing the evapor
ating plants and the adoption with all
practical and economical promptness
of the water tube xyve of boilers
Adm Melville expresses his inability
to see indications of the benefit to the
navy which was expected to result
from the operations of the personnel
bill lie said that his hope was to see
a vast addition to the number of offi
cers who would give attention to en
gineering matters and he still hopes
that a comprehensive union of the line
and engineering vocations Will result
and that no department regulations
may be permitted to exist which will
prevent this consummation Depart
mental regulations insisting upon
service of the line officers alternately
in the engine rooms as well as upon
deck are necessary he sa3s to give
them practice
An important chapter in the report
deals with the scope of the work now
executed by the bureati of steam en
gineering which is set out in order to
combat the propositionlo amalgamate
the constructive bureaus of the navy
department a matter which the ad
mral regrets has even been speculated
on He says that not only is the trend
of modern mechanical work in all
branches towards increased specializa
tion but the wisdom of such a trend
is not questioned by the leading talent
in the outside world of constructive
The steam engineering bureau has
1 finaliv arrived at the conclusion that
it is a mistaken policy to carry so far
along the practice of driving the aux
iliary machinery of ships by electrici
ty and the present reporl presents a
strong line of reasoning to support it
The Annual Ileport of Auditor Henry C
Castle for the Fiscal Year Ended
June Ji 189J Made Public
Washington Oct 26 The annual
report of Auditor Henry A Castle of
the post office department for the fis
cal year ended June o0 1S99 has been
transmitted to the secretary of the
treasury and postmaster general This
bureau has the largest accounting of
fice in the government or perhaps in
the world since it is the clearing
house of the entire postal service
The report hows a volume of transac
tions aggregating about 5040000000
for the fiscal jear The revenues
Df the postal service were 95021
ZS4 expenditures of the postal service
101632161 volume of money order
transaction 442483864 There has
been an increase in both of these items
and in each one of the various sub
divisions thereof showing the auditor
says that the postal service is increas
ing in all of its parts even keeping in
advance of the development of the
country in other respects
The deficit in postal revenues was
16610776 the smallest since 1802 and
Duly hall that of 1S97
The number of post offices in the
United States on June oO was 74o4
and 1J1 of these were doing a money
order business The money order serv
ice of the government was conducted
last year at a loss of considerably over
He V as Given a 1ubiic Reception and
Presented it ha Sword From the Peo
ple of Georgia by Gov Candler
Atlanta Ga Oct 26 The arrival
oi Lieut of the Olympia
Wednesday night to receive his formal
welcome into the city and his native
state was the signal for a noisy and
mthusidstic demonstration A special
train on the Western Atlantic
brought him from his home at Mari
etta Ga 20 miles from Atlanta
where he went Tuesday to spend
at short time with his mother and
relatives Wednesday night he was
riven a reception at the Capital City
2lub and Thursday the presentation of
the sword from the people of Georgia
took place The ceremony occurred in
front of the state capitoi and the
iword was presented by Gov Candler
Brumby and the reception committee
hen went to the reviewing stand on
Peachtree street where the military
parade made up of troops from all
parts of Georgia and many adjoining
itates was witnessed The lieuteu
ints family are guests of the city dur
ng his stav here
No yore lielief Supplies Needed
Consul John K Pollard Dead NY ASHIXGTOX Oct 26 Gen Davis at
Cincinnati Oct 24 lion John K Porto Kico ecnesuay cabled the war
Pollard United States consul general ienartment that no more relief sup-
to Monterey Mex died at his home ohes are needed there before the trans
in Carthage O Sunday night He port scheduled to leave for Porto llioo
came north some months ago on November 8
Number of Students at Harvard
Cambridge Mass Oct 26 A
Rochester N Y Oct 24 Susan iation 0f the students in the Harvard
B Anthony Sunday night aniversity shows that this year there
ted the statement that she would re- ftre i Q7 students attending the
tire from the presidency of the brarjChes of the universit an increase
tional Suffrage association at the of 167 over last yean
Washington convention in February
Used in Millions of Homes
Accept no substitute
Insist on LION COFFEE in 1 lb pkgs
These articles mailed FREE in
exchange for lion heads cut from
front of i lb LION COFFEE pkgs
Gold Collar Button
Mailed free for 5 lion heads cut from Lion
Cofiee v rappers nntl a 2 cent stamp Made
of rolled gold uil with mother-of-pearl
Lack suitable alike for ladies and gentle
men This shape Lb handy and iopular
Ei riii irrium ju Tar
Daisy Neck Pin
Genuine HardEnamel
and Gold
For 1 8 lion heads and
a 2Cent stamp 1 lie
illustrator isonlv two thirds actual size
Color a delicate pink with jewel setting
and gold trimmings Bet enamel finish
stylish uck durable
The Lions Bride
55 1 lt If ifj3S8S i e
lit B
Mailed frc for 12 lion heads cut from
Lion Coffee wrapper- ni a 2tent stamp
An unusually line picture from the brush
of the noted German artist Gabriel Max
It is rounded on hamissos poem The
Lions Bride The story is interesting
and we send with each picture a hand
some folder containing copy of the poem
and teliing all about it Size 15x26 inches
Bcrothy and Her Friends
A bright
cheery picture
For 8 lion heads
and a 2c stamp
A bright cheery
picture represent
ing a little girl play
ing with her chick
ens and her rabbits
The predominating
colors are rich reds
and greens Size
14x28 inches
For 10 lion heads
and J cent stamp we
will mail it tinned
ready lor hanging
The Iny of uiiy in Scotland Is So
High urn to Cause Sur
The lists have been formally opened
for candidates to the chair of physiol
ogy in the University of Edinburgh left
vacant by the deatli of Prof Ruther
ford A number of quite distinguished
names have already been presented
The emoluments of the chair are oili
cially announced at 7C0U per annum
says the Medical Record
Not a few of the Scotch chairs are
surprisingly well paid The chair of
anatomy in Edinburgh by dint of va
rious hereditary grants and dues
which have been accumulated is re
ported to be worth 20000 per annum
Several chairs in both Edinburgh and
Glasgow draw from 8000 to 12000
and even in Aberdeen far north as it is
a number of the chairs both scientific
and medical run about 5000
In spite of our huge donations and
legacies to universities and colleges
we are really falling behind in America
in the matter of salaries for much to
my surprise I find that the class of
teachers who with US are getting 2500
to 4000 and there are few enough of
any class at the latter figure receive
in England from 4000 to 0000 Even
the German universities are becoming
more liberal for when in Perlin this
summer several privat doeents inquired
as to the supposed large salaries in
America and were greatly disappoint
ed when they learned their real figure
The leading chairs in the University
of Berlin are worth from 10000 to
15000 a year chiefly from a share in
students fees
Spending- It Had no Intoxicating-
feet Upon Till Cnre Free
The spending of her first allowance
has an intoxicating effect on the aver
age maiden says the New York Com
meroial Advertiser Power and free
dom and extravagance are hers to use
Fruit Picture
I 5 j
T i
Stylish Bet Buckle
gold plated
with Roman
finish and set
with ruby
colored jewel
in the center
This will be
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the ladies who like to wear different
colored sashes The gold finish goes well
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heads and a 2 cent stamp
Made of good
quality lawn with
alternate revering
and tucks broad
hem at bottom and
is neatly gathered
at waist a very
superior and stylish
article Size 30 x 10
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Size 16x24 inches Given for 8 Hon
heads and a 2 cent stamp
50 Foot Clothes Line
Given for IS
lion heads and
a 2 cent stamp
Made of closely
braided cotton
threads strong and will give the best of
You always know LION COFFEE by the wrapper It is a sealed pack
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i3 unbroken LION COFFEE is roasted the day it leaves the factory
and abuse and she indulges herself in
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a day according to her own account
Rode in an automobile for the first
1 time in my life 150 Stopped at
D sto buy a duck of a white stitched
hat 5 Saw the loveliest ties in the
world with red heels and was crazy for
them Bought them for 7 Never had
a kimona like other girls but bound to
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the sweetest pink one I ever saw
Thought I needed two or three new ties
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cream soda each bought a box of choco
late caramels and was dumfounded to
find I had just five cents left to pay my
fare in the bus home But oh what
a lot of things I bought and what fun
Ill surprise papa He always said I
could shop as well as anyone if I had
the chance
An Inipeennlons Artist Who Went
Cleopatra Serpent of the Nile
One Better
When the engagement was in its first
quarter Wagers painted the portrait of
his mother-in-law-elect says the New
York World He had never done any
thing better in an artistic sense and
his friends gave him credit for unex
pected diplomacy The course of true
love seemed strewn with roses and the
picture had the plac of honor in his
studio Then all at once the bride-to-be
was whisked off to Europe and Wa
gers found lijimself a jilted man
For a littlejwhile he was inconsolable
Then he rallied his spirits and spread
a feast for Hie boys in the old den
When the champagne sparkled in the
glasses the speeches began but with
rare delicacy the subject of his rec
masterpiece was not nieutit
Best Coffee for the Money
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flantel Clock
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Game India
fil3M r
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chesi which has
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ern countries since
before the dawu of
history The illus
tration shows plan
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game which people
Given for 20 lion
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though everybody noticed that the
1 place it had occupied knew it no more
Then Wagers rose and his smile was
I mellow as the moon
Gentlemen he said when Cleo
patra lovely sorceress of the Nile gave
a banquet to her frens she dissolved a
pearl in wine But I gentlemen go th
fair serpent one better Ive dissolved
my mother-in-law
And so he had by the aid of the pawn
broker around the corner to raise funds
for the feast
la This Instance It Waa Itongh and
Not Overnlce Bat It Won
the Victoria Cross
Maybe it was at Isandula with Lord
Chelmsfords army or it may have been
during the Zulu war says Colliers
Weekly after an engagement in which
the British troops were defeated by
Cetewayos black warriors and were
compelled to fly for their lives an Eng
lish cavalr3man whose scraggy little
pony limped from an assegai slash de
tached himself from the retreat and
galloped back upon the charging
Zulus A glance ver his shoulder had
shown him a dismounted comrade
stumbling painfully along trjing to
jam some cartridges into his clogged re
volver When the troopers pony
trotted up the Zulus were almost upon
the two soldiers fortunatelj they had
discarded their spears and were mis
handling captured carbines Now in a
melodrama or in a realistic novel edify
ing to schoolgirls the language of these
two gallant soldiers one to the other
there amid the squealing Zulu bul
lets would Ik ve been noble lofty in
spiring and godlike This is what they
really said
Get out o this Bill ye bloomin
ijit the black beggarsJJ skewer you
gasped the wounded man
You climb up on thisorse or Ill
punch your d n head off was the re
ply from the trooper
And it is delightful to be able to say
that he did climb up andboy both
eapeimAp and
Music lias an Inspiring Effect mid
Aids in Dispelling Weari
ness on the March
The utility of music in matters per
taining to war is probably one of the
greatest forces At the present day in
all the armies of the world musical war
signals are considered not only use
ful but absolutely indispensable The
infantry drill regulations of many
countries give the music and signifi
cance of more than 60 trumpet signals
calls of naming of assembling of
alarm of service and so on besides a
dozen or more drum and fife signals
all of which is a definite language to
But its use is net merely confined to
signaling for music Js used in other
ways for purposes of war In the way
of dispelling weariness on the march
nothing is equal to the music of a brass
band Lord Wolseley says Pearsons
has remarked that troops that sing as
they march will not only reach their
destination more quickly and in better
fighting condition than those ho
march in silence but inspired b the
music and words of the national sog
will feel that self confidence which is
the mother of victory
Probably savages are the most sus
ceptible to the warlike feeling inspired
by a certain class of musi It arouses
their anger incites their fanaticism
and by accompanying their war dances
in time of peace it arouses their lust
of war For this reason it is among
warlike nations that early music was
most developed
The German armv includes more than
j 10000 military musicians Other power-
I ri
iui iirtiumh uh me coniinem employ
rather less numbers in military bands
Lakes of Killarney
The Irish land court will soon offer
the most admired portion of the Lakes
of Killarney for sale The Muckrcss
estate has already been sold to the
tenants and the mansion deer park
etc will be offered with the lakes The
sum mentioned as likely to be asked ia
V -

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