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A Wife
J 2 to 14 hours and had
the influence of chloroform
44 Ve have four children With the first
three I suffered almost unbearable pains from
bottles of Mothers Friend before our last
chiH ame which
is s strong fat and
healthy boy doing
ay housework up
to within two hours
of birth and suf
fered but a few hard
pains This lini
ment is the grand
est remedy ev
v W
Kim rr ro
ill r r
Sr BrM
7 1 3
will do for every woman what it did for the
Minnesota mother who writes the above let
ter Not to use it during pregnancy is a
mistake to be paid for in pain and suffering
Mothers Friend equips the patient with a
strong body and clear intellect which in
tern are imparted to the child It relaxes
the muscles and allows them to expand It
relieves morning sickness and nervousness
It r ts all the organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour so that the actual
labor is short and practically painless Dan
ger of rising or hard breasts is altogether
avoided and recovery is merely a matter of
a few days
Druggists sell Mothers Friend for 1 a bottle
The Bradfield Regulator Co Atlanta Ga
Send Cor our free illustrated book
Nw Notes Gathered In And About The
Dod Best is visiting bis brother at
Mrs Jen lie Lyle of Glennkenney
wan he gustof her sunt Mrs Sandusky
from Weuutsday to Saturuay
Mies Bertie Caldwell of Mason is the
guest of Mi M J Caldwell and family
x i Lillian Lavsjn of Hamilton
-pent from Wednesday to Mouday
tt home
Mr John Nesbitt Mrs John James
jBid two children were the guests of rel
atives htre several days last week
Mr John Thornton one of our clever
est young men bat secured a position
with Kauffman Co Main street Lex
ington would be glad to have his friend
call when lu the city
Mrs Lizzie Champ left yesteiday for
Huntington W Va where she will
mke her Intare iitiie with her daub
tei Mrs John Marr
Borv Thursday to the wife ol
George W Johusou a daughter first
L Griunan will be here again Friday
and Saturday Get vour orders in be
fore the Christmas rush 2t
Mr C L Hook of Bracken has been
the guest of his daughter Mrs Jas A
Butler for the past week
Mrs Alex McClintock Miss Patton
McUiutuck and Mrs b C 6tofVr ot
Lpxioorton were gnsts of Mrs C W
Howard an i other relatives last week
Dr A M Wallingford and wife ot
Flemiugstmrg have been guests ot Mrs
J E Hull for sevrral das
Thorn and John Marshall re
Friday from Atlanta where they
I ses and report a fair market
Anna Boone Hopkins of Cane
has b en the guest of thfl Misses
near town for several days
tyre McClintock shipped a car
1 18 to Atlanta Saturday
Steve Corringtcn
the gnest ot her sister Mrs
Denver it
Mrs Rule
wtfais Veek
Hon W C Owens of Georgetown
was in- guest of his mother and sister
fcere Saturday and Sunday
M Geo S Savags of Winchester
vr st of Mrs G W Bryan Sat
in nd Sunday and addressed the
I of the Worn ins Missionary
Society at the M E Church Sunday
Ma Harrv Bush of Stanford is the
guest ot her niece Mrs Sauford Allen
Rt J A Ta lor will preach Sunday
atIu iiin Creek and here Sunday uight
Mr Ali e Sutherland of Winchester
was the gnest of Mrs W M Miller from
Thursday to yesterday
The Training School foot ball team
beat ParM Saturday by a score of 58 to
ft The towu teaai beat Maysville
Xhnsday b a acoio ot 21 to 0
Miss Nora Fox of Winchester Miss
Octaia Cassilv Flemingsburg Mr
Pattereou ot u vinsville were guests ot
Jfesse Letto i aid sHter from Thursday
to yesterday
Mrs KtM Richardson and daughter
Am oida btvv bteu guests of Mrs Trot
ter for eevrrnl da vs
W M Cox hs commenced to drill on
toe town well again aud is now 2oU
feet and no water yet
Miss 111 Laqg the guest of Lula
rimes has returned toCyuthiaua
Turkeys are selling at five cents here
ior Eastern markets
Mis Pearl and Nancy Kennev Mar
guert i Wallace and Mattie Nichols of
Hutchison spent from Thursday to
Monday with Miss Julia Miller near
Mrs Dedie Taylor and daughter May
of Midway have been guests of relatives
her for sever d s
Mr C W rnpcr agent for the
National r a blushing Co ofj Boston
win ranva tois connv for a new map
of iv ntneky Ohio and Indiana It is
m of f most complete maps
Hsd Every family should have it
fLTorn i Marshall ofwvvon
Hunting In Arkansas
To Nicholaaville JmrnuL says Tht j
Jessamine Hnmiutf Clnb returned from
their auuual trip to Arkansas much
elated over their great success Aside
Simpson carried off the lanrals both
killiDg bears the latter shKrting one
that weighed over 3o0 pounds Wild
docks wre as thick almost a- the leaves
on the trees
Fine leather goods rare perfumes
ombs and brushes stationery koUI
peus Havaua cigrs all suitable holi
day presents at Clarke Keuoeya
Pick out yoar presents and have them
laid aside
Candidate For Enrolling Clerk
The Louisville Times of Fridav print
ed a splendid picture of Miss Margaret
Ingels of this city who is a candidate
for Eurolling Clerk of the Kentucky
House of Representatives Miss Ingels
announces that she will make speeches
for Mr Bryan again in 1900
Give your cow a little cotton seed
meal with her other feed It costs but
little and she will give you richer milk
in return For sale bv eo W Stuart
directly opposite L N freight depot
Dh Witts Little Earlv Risers purify
the blood clean the liver invigorate the
fvtem Famons liftlf pills for con
stipation and liver trouble
W T Brooks
Vice President Hobart
of 3000000
left a fortune
J B Clark Peoria 111 say Sm
freons wanted to operate on me for piles
bnt I cured them with DeWitts Wi nh
Hazl Salve It is infallible for piles
and skin diseases Beware of counter
feits W T Brooks
Hon Campbell Cantrill of Scott son
of Judge J E Cantrill has announced
a a candidate fir Sppakr of the Ken
tucky Legislature Hon South Trim
ble of Frankfort is also a candidate
Hane yon seen those mounted screens
J T Hinton is selling for 150 p
Solomon Watson of Reading Pa has
bet 10 that he can keep a quarter in bis
mouth for a year He has passed two
months of the time
It takes but a minute to overcome
tickling in the throat and to stop a cough
bv the use of One Minnte Cough Cure
This remedy quickly cures all forms of
throat and lung troubles Harmless
pleasant to taVe It prpvpnts rnnsnmn
ion A factions specific for p rippe and
its after effects W T Brooks
John McCormick of near Clirfon
TIN has a hronz turkey gobbler which
i five feet tall and weighs sixy riv
Miss Annie E Gunning Tyre Mich
says I suffered a long lime from dvs
Ppsia lost flsh and became verv weak
Kodol Dvsppsia Cure complatlv en red
n3 It digests what von eat ar enrs
W T Brooks
Surviving members of the old
firm ofDUHME CO
established over half a century
37 39 E Fourth St Cincinnati 0
Holiday and
Wedding Presents
When in Cincinnati you are cordially
invited to call and examine late arri
vals of the most exclusive patterns in
Sterling Silverware Watches
Jewelry Art Novelties
Diamonds Fine Stationery etc
Mail orders receive prompt and care
ful attention Choicest goods sent
on approval to patrons everywhere
Write and state your needs
37 39 E Fourth St Cincinnati 0
August Flower
It ie a snrprMog fact savs Prof
Hnton tnit in my travels in nil part
ot the world for the lawt ten yearn I
have met more people having used
Greens August Flower than any other
remedy for dyspHpnia derauged liver
and stomach and for constipation I
find for tourists and sal iainn or for
erwons tilling positions whrn
neadaches aud general bad feelinya from
irregular habits exit thnt Greeus
August Flower is a rand remedy It
does not injure the HKtein bv frequent
use and is excellent for sonr stomach
and indigestion Sample bottles free at
J A Wilson s Sold by dealers in all
civilized countries
Calls far AtnbuLuce Attended to
ay Ihone 137
Crippled by
Those who have Rheumatism find
rom de r and wild gwa6game
to bcpUd under ft J2J
I Zt three JWDuucanJr and Juo W JES fjVon of l
that there is only one
cure fur that painful dis
ease He say I was a
great sufferer from mus
cular Rheumatism for
two years I could get
no permanent relief
from any medicine pre
scribed by my physician
I took about a dozen bot
tles of your S S S and
now I am as well as I
ever was inmy life lam
lure that your medicine
cured me and I would
recommend it to anv one
If s up in iks k t i
worse all
this is that
the remedies prescribed by the doctors
eon tain mercury and potash which
timately intensify the disease by
ing the joints to swell and stiffen I
Sroducing a severe aching of the bones j
S 8 has been curing Rheumatism
for twenty years even the worst cases
which seemed almost incurable
Capt O E Hughes the popular railroad
conductor of Columbia S C had an expert- I
ence with Rheumatism which convinced him
suffering from any blood disease
Everybody knows that Rheumatism
is a diseased state of the blood and
only a blood remedy is the only proper
treatment but a remedy containing
potash and mercury only aggravates
the trouble
being Purely Vegetable goes direct to
the very cause of the disease and a per
manent cure always results It is the
only blood remedy guaranteed to con
tain no potash mercury or other dan
gerous minerals
Books mailed free by Swift Specifio
Company Atlanta Georgia
Superintendent Wolfe of the Kansas
City nblic achonla has i nd art order
barring golf skirts from th -no ls and
the 150 female teachers re angry
Mrs R Churchill IW rbn Vt says
Our baby was covered with running
sor DeWitts Witfh Hazel Salve
cured her A specific for pills and
skin diseas Beware of worthless
counterfeits W T Brooks
Hon E C Million Madison countys
Hrst Rebnblican judge since the war
has been swor in succeeding Judge
N B Turpi n
Almost any young ladv would like to
have one of those dressing tables J T
Hinton is showing Christmas is at
hand tf
Free of Charge
Anv adult suffering from a cold settled
on the breast bro chit I throxt or lun
trouble- of any nature who will call at
J A Wilsone will be p eseuted with a
sample bottle of Boscbee s German
Syrup free of charge Only one bottle
given to one person and none to chil
dren without order trom parents
No throat or lung remedy ever had
such a sale as Boschees G tiuhu Syrup
in all parts of the civilbed world
Tw nty years ago millions of bottles
were given away and your druggist will
tell you itssucces8 was marvelous It is
reallv the only Throat and Lnng Rem
edy generally endorsed by physician
all formes of stomach tronble It neer One 75 cent bottle will cure or prove its
fails to give immediate relief in the value Sold by dealers in all civilized
worst cases
oct 27 ly
Less than a year remaius i hv
to gather facts and informal on th
will influence your vote for ce ic
preMdent cf the United States
That grievous wrongs have beer
committed and grave errors allowo
to exist without effort at correction
evidenced by the speech writings an
comments of eminent statesmen an
jurists congressmen and leading mc
of business professors and clergyme
in every state
Party affiliations have been ignore
in the ontcry against thrusting aside
the safeguards of our fathers and rush
ing pell mell into the affairs of Europe
The situation is a deplorable opc i
not alarming as is also our domesti
affairs dominated by gigantic Trusts
The evils are not of spontaneous
growth They are the result of ear
of labor and expenditure of million
of dollars Beginning with the dis
placement of American silver fo
English gold the cunning of Eng
lands diplomacy in shaping the des
tiny of our Republic is apparent to
any ordinary observer seeking the
true inwardness of events
The Cincinnati Enquirer has fre
quently called attention to each and
every move as it was transpiring and
during the campaign of 1900 will
present its readers with a truthful
array of facts that will be extremely
interesting and startling
No fair minded American be he
Republican Democrat or of other
political faith can afford at this critical
time to ignore the truth Partisan
prejudice with the Trusts as dictators
is a far more degrading slavery than
that which existed previous to the Civil
War of 61 64
Trusts in the United States alone
have a representative capital greater
than all the gold and silver in the
world These will spend many more
millions of dollars to suppress truth
and facts and mislead all who fcil tc
look beyond their plausible decep
tions Read thelEnauirer and you
will be able to
combat falsel
Trusts and
tration ii
rem the truth and
A victory for
in enu me era 01
greatest number
The Empire of the South Is
sued By the Southern Railway
Toe Empire ot tbe South a 200
page book baudsoiuel illustrated with
most complete information ever com
piled regarding he South and its iudns
IrieF is a valuable addition to any li
This book is issued by tbe South ru
Railway having been compiled at large
expense and it in the handsomest pub
lication of the kind ever gotten out
opy will be forwarded promptly to
any address upon application to W A
Turk General Passenger Agent Wash
ington D C with 15 cents to cover
Hunting and fishing books Land or
the Sky pamphlets maps and otrur
illustrated literature mailed free to any
address by
Wm H Taylor
Asst Gen Pas Agt
Louisville Ky
Mr J Sheer Sedalia Mo saved his
childs life by One Minn e Conrh Cure
Doctors had given him up to die with
croup Its an infallible cure for rouge
colds grippe pneamonia bronchitis
and throat and lung troubles Relieves
at once W T Brocks
Persons who want engraved cards
or invitations of any description are
invited to call at The Bourbon News
office and look at the very latest styles in
these Hues Pricts as low as Ciucinati
Louisville Philadelphia or New York
bouses tf
One of the most distressing sights is
to see a child almost choking with
the dreadful whooping cough Give
the child Dr Bulls Cough Syrup the
greatest pulmonary remedy and re
lief will come at once the coughing
spells will re occur less frequently
and in a few days the sufferer will be
entirely cured No other remedy can
boast of so many cures
Cough Syrup
Cures Whooping Cough quickly
Doses are small and pleasant to take Doctors
recommend it Price 25 cts At all druggists
cure Hog Cholera The medicine can
he made at home for laa thun five enth
h pound Money refunded at any time
within sixty days it not patifdactorv
He of receipts f Call at Boukbon
Nkws office and ge1 Hh mu
L H Landman M D
Jf No 503 W Ninth ShCCl Cincinnati
Will be at tbe Windsor Hotel Paris
returning every neooud Tuesday in each
Reference Every leading pnysiciaLln j
Paris Kentucky
Of 544 Fourth Aveuue Lou
isville Ky
Will beat the Windsor Hotel Paris Ky
Ou Monday December 18 1899
Returning once every month Eyes ex
amined and glassts scientifically ad
justed sepl2 ly
Office over tbe Bourbon Bank
Office over Vardeus dmg store
Can be found it Hotel Fordham at
all sizes
all kinds
House and Sip Painting
C A Daugherty
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flatulence Sour Stomach Nausea
Sick Headache Gastralgia Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion
Prepared by E C DeWitt Co CqIcuqo
W T Bkocks
u nm
fo Cincinnati - u
Has arrived and is now ready
for inspection
liwvltr kMr iUKIIr NuJralkMr fcTiiy tBKr Wi Jisr VtVt l
rTT f r1 V r r r r mir r r y7 r V T
I have a complete line of the great
Majestic ranges
For gas fittinps house furnishings
plumbing metal rooting door and
window screens refrigerators etc I
jan give the best line for the least men-
Paris Ky
From Cincinnati 1058 a m 538 p
m 1010 p m
From Lexington 511 a m 743 a m
323 p n 627 p m
From Richmond 505 a m 740 a m
Hli p in
FrT Vhvfariiln 7 5 w m 815 p m
i3 p in
To Lexington 7 50 a m i m
545 p m 1014 p m
To Richmond 1110 a m 4H n m
1016 p m
To Mrtysville 750 a m 635 p ui
F B Carr Agent v
H l
Wish to announce that their large
and very complete stock of
w II I I Ii I f

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