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All Brands of Bottled in Bond Goods.
Private Stock Whiskies, S-year-old, 1 1 O
Proof, $1 .OO per Quart.
Bennie Weissberg
Your Falfi Shoes
Are Mere.
- , Publisher
Entered at Postoffice at Paris, Ky.,
as mail matter of the second class
Established 188130 Years of Con
tinuous Publication
Published Every Tuesday and Friday
One Year. . . .$2.00 Six Months. .$1.00
Payable in Advance
Display advertisements, $1.00 per
inch for first time ; 50 cerits per inch
each subsequent insertion.
Reading notices, 10 cents per line
each issue ; reading notices in black
type, 20 cents per line, each issue. '
Cards of thanks, calls on candidates,
obituaries and resolutions, and simi
lar matl er, 10 cents per line,
Special rates for large advertise
ments and yearly contracts.
They are new, seasonable and rea
sonable. The assortment is made up
of the best styles of the world's best
Shoe makers. The scope is so broad
and the size ranges so complete you
will find your size in any make you
We have also a full line of Misses',
Children's and Boys' School Shoes in
Gun Metal, Patents and Tans.
The right o? publisher is reserved
to decline any advertisement or other
matter offered for publication.
Space is a newspaper's stock in
trade, its source of revenue.
For President,
of New Jersey.
For Vice-President,
of Indiana.
For Congress,
of Scott county.
Both are Right.
Theodore Roosevelt, candidate for
a third term aa President, said recent
ly : "Taft now represent the bosses,
and the Republican Darty is composed
of them and the vested interests of
the country."
And Presidnent Taft said "Roose
velt is not a Republican, but repre
sents a one-man party whose chief ad
visers are the harvester and steel trust
Senator LaFolette, of Wisconsin.also
a Republican, says thatlboth Taft and
Roosevlat are telling the truth about
the other. And LaFollette has had
enough experience with both Messrs.
T?ft and Roosvelt to know what he is
talking about. ' The answer is: WIN
Phones 301 The Shoo. !Vln
465 Acres of Well-Improved Bourbon
County Land
For Sale at Auction!
Desiring to return to Europe to reside permanently, have " decided to
'dispose of all my real estate in America, and have theretore placed my farm
lying m Bourbon county in the hands of Harris & Speakes to be sold at pub
lic outcry at the court house door in Paris, Ky., on
Thursday, October 10, 1912,
at 2 O'Clock p. m.
The farm is situated about six miles east of Paris, on the Iron Works
pikp, and contains 465.81 acres, and is perhaps better known as a part ox the
Ford farm. It will be offered in three tracts, then as a whole, and the best
jaia accept" a.
Tract No. 1 Contains 210 acres, more or less, of the best land in Bour
bon county, 200 acres being virgin soil, with an abundance of timber, such
as walnut, oak, ash, hickory, etc. It is well watered with ponds and never
failing springs.
The improvements consists of a handsome two-story brick residence
with, all modern conveniences. The first floor has six rooms, 20 ft. square
double hall 12x20 feet, large, well-lighted kitchen, pantry, back hall, both
complete and porch around entire rear of house. Four rooms and hall on
second floor, good dry cellar under entire house, up-to-date furnace and
-cistern at door. It is handsomely finished, convenient and comfortable. It
lias a stone barn 120x60 feet, with 14 box stalls, concrete floor and toiigue
-and grooved loft. This barn was built at a cost ?9,400, and is without doubt
the best in the country. Artisian well at bara ; servents' house ; splendid
meat4house; ice house and framefarm barn 72x44 feet, cistern at same.
Tract No 2 Contains 150 acre's, lying on the east side of the Iron Works
pike; all in blue grass for eight years; residence of five rooms; large barn;
ice house, meat house, cistern, never-failing springs, good fencing.
Tract No. 3 Contains 1H5 acres, more or less, in cultivation, broken
'from old blue grass sod two years ago; unimproved; plenty of water; fenc-
ing first-class. Good frontage on pike and splendid building site.
This farm is without do-ibt one of the best in the county, being well sit
uated and very fertile. It will produce anything that can be grown in this
climate. It is in an excellent neighborhood, convenient to churches and
schools. Any one in the market for a fine Blue Grass farm should attend
this sale.
Positive sale. Sold subject to survey. Possession March 1, 1913, with
usual seeding privileges this Fall.
TERMS (Jne-tbird cash, balance in two equal payments, in one and
.wo.years, deferred notes bearing interest at 6 per cent, from date until paid.
For further information address Ed. Turner or Harris & Speakes, Paris.
Hy. , who will take pleasure in showing the farm to prospective purchasers
COL. GEO. SPEAKES. Auctioneer.
Don't be Over Confident.
From all parts of the country come
reports of the overwhelming senti
ment for Wilson and Marshall and
supreme ("confidence of the election.
That there are solid grounds for this
confidence cannot be denied, but it is
i honed that it will not relapse
into apathy. Elections cannot be I. won
unlessevery man does his duty and
the scared fight is usually the winning
fight. Confidence is a good thing, but
do not let it cause you to relax any
effort to make Democratic success dou
bly sure.
The International Harvester Trust
was fined S2.250 in the Nicholas Coun
ty Circuit Court for an alleged vio
lation ot the anti-trust law
It is reported that a number of to
bacco growers in the vicinity of Mid
way. Woodford county, have been off
ered 10 and 12 cents for their tobacco
It is said that many crops of to
bacco in Robertson county, aggregat
ing 200,000 pounds have been sold to
buyers at the price of 12 1-2 cents per
W. 0. Brock, sheriff of Clark coun
ty, to Charley Railey of Lexington, a
gelding for $500. This gelding was
sired by Gano Johnson's great show
stallion, Golden King.
Farmers should take better care
of their lands than many of them have
done in the years past. There reallv
should not be anything in this coun
try such; as a worn out farm. Intelli
gent farming means that the farmers
is better this year than last and should
be better next than this. The scien
tific way is to utilize everything and
not let anything go to waste that will
fertilize the land, and that every wash
or gully be stopped at once.
The liquids and the digested foods in the alimentary canal pass through the
wall of the canal into ths blood This process is called absorption and takes place
chiefly from the small intestine. After-absorption the blood carries the food
through the body, and each cell takes from the blood the food it needs. A pure
glyceric extract made from bloodroot, mandrake, stone, queen's root and golden
seal and sold by druggists for the past forty years untbr the name of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, gives uniformly excellent results as a tonic to help
in the assimilation of the food and in the absorption by the blood of the food
it requires. Eradicate the poisons from the blood with this alterative extract
which docs not shrink the white blood corpuscles, because containing no alcohol cr
other injurious ingredients, xaus the body can be budt
up strong to resist disease. This is a onic taken from
Nature's garden that builds up those weakened by disease.'
Dr. Pierce, founder of the Invalids' Hotel at Buffalo,
N.Y., has received many letters similar to the following s
Lla. T3ZD R. Uuno, of Paradise. N. S., -vrriccs: "I taka great
pleasure in writlri jou as rards ir.y cac2 ard its euro. In Septem
ber I wa3 taken wiih Tyhoi FeiT, which put ins in a dreadful con
dition. I va3 weak, run dmtrn, nervous and teas reduced to a mera
shclctor. I had tried moat everything I could fret but nothing did ire
any good until, at last, I was advised to try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery, and 'Pleasant Pe!lct3, vrhich I did. Before I had used one
bottle I saw a great improvement and when I had used this treatment
two montns. U3:n? oriy a few viate of Pleasant Pellets,' I returned to
rerfect health. 1 cannot f nd word3 to express my thankfulness for
this wonderful medicine. I advise all suifsrera to write to Dr. R. Vr
F. K. Iui;eo, Esq. Pierce, 33 hi curca w-a others fail."
Eg Storm-proof, too, because they interlock and overlap in such a way that the H
H finest drjving snow or rain cannot sift under them. . M
Best roof for country buildings, because they're 3afe from all the elements.
7 They'll last as long as the building, and never need repairs. J" m
Senator Moses E. Clapp, of M inne
sota, says: "You will hear it said
constantly, with reference n some
thing on which the'price has beeen ad
vanced, 'Oh, that isn't in the tariff at
all. That increase has nothing to do
with the tariff.' But the fact is that
the tariff reaches all along the line.
You can't raise hte cost of Iivingto a
man who is producing something to
Here is a woman who sneaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz., Mrs. P. H. Brogan, of Wil
son, Pa., who savs, "I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is far superior to anv other.
For croup there is nothing that excels
it." For sale by all dralers.
Difficult Lesson.
Motormaniac "AVhat do you think
is the most difficult thing for a begin
ner to learn about an automobile?"
Frankenstein "To keep from talking
about it all the time." Toledo
Valuation of Corn Bread.
Doctors say that eating corn bread
is good for the teeth. It might be
added that it is also good for the en
tire system. Pittsburg Post.
For Sale by Miller & Best, Millersburg, Ky.
j That You Try Our B
I - - AA f
Clapp Testifies.
If our protective system is not the
"substantial" explanation of the ab
normal increase in the cost of living in
the United States .how does it come
that British prices, under freee trade,
increased but 7.7 per cent in ten years,
while American prices, under protec
tion, increased 34.3 per cent.
J. W. Copeland. ot Davton. Ohio.
purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for his boy who had a
cold, and before the bottle was all us
ed the boy's cold was gone. Is that
not better than to Day a five dollar
doctor bill. For sale by all dealers.
Some Women.
Some women can't bear the odor of
gasoline until tney get an auto.
It will give satisraction from the start.
Why not begin to-day burning it?
Dodson & Denton
(339(9lX3gi)c(&cBS9fe M&22&sbi
Public Sale of City Property!
Having dissolved partnership, we will, on
Wednesday, October 16, 19123
at 2 p. m.9
on the premises, sell to the highest bidder, our cottage situated on the south
side of 10th street, in Paris, Ky.
The house centains four rooms, hall, pantry, two porches, water in
kitchen. Lot 40 ft. front, 45 ft. in rear and 150 ft. deep.
The property is in good repair and very desirable, being close to cai line
and railrdad yards, and is a comfortable and convenient little home, or
-would make a splendid investment for any one, being located in a neighbor
hood where rental property is in demand
TERMS: Liberal and made known on day of sale.
For farther information, address Harris & Speakes, Pari?, Ky.
GEO. D. SPEAKES, Auctioneer.
Notice To Stockholders.
A call is hereby issued for the re
maining ninety per cent of the stock
subscribed to the People's Bank pay
able to the undersigned on or before
.Saturday. October 12, 1912. All
stockholders are requested to comply l
Yaccuum Cleaner For Kent.
Electric Vacuum Cleaner for rent at
bl per day. An excellent
which will do everything claimed
it. da 1 or telephone
4 3t Seventh street.
Kentucky's Situation.
-The vote in Kentucky in the Presi
dential election isimerely a matter of
majority, as no sane man questions
the fact of Wilson and Marshall carry
ing the State. Under normal condi
tions there 'are 280.000 Democratic
votes in the State and 228.000 Republi
can votes. There is a probability, ow
ing to the fact that the race is one
sided, that theDemcorats will not poll
over 225,000. but the Republicans will
poll much less a per cent of their vote.
There is great disgust among the Re
publicans, and there will be the largest
stay-at-home vote among them in
many years. We think that the maxi
mum vote polled by the Taft and
Roosevelt ticKets will not exceed 200,
000. It is more likely to be less than
j this. It is not likely that there will
oe any .Democrats who will vote the
tfuIJ Moose ticket, but for every Dem
ocratic vote not lost in this way them
will be a dozen Republicans who will
vote for Wilson.
The question is how will the Repub
lican vote be divided between Taft and
Roosevelt. Recently we had opportu
nity to get a full and fair expression
from every Congressional district in j
the State. In the Third, Ninth and!
Tenth Districts Taft will get more I
votes than Roosevelt. In the Second,
Seventh and Eighth District ther,e will
be a practically stand-off between the
two. In the other Districts Roosevelt
will lead Taft coonsiderably, especially
in the Eleventh. It looks now like
Roosevelt will get 110,000 votes and
Taft 90,000. If these figures are borne
out and there is no material change
between now and election, Wilson will
have a plurality over Roosevelt of
115.000 and a majority over both of
Varieties of Feed for Horses.
Figs are fed to horses in Turkey,
dates are given them In Arabia and
currants in Egypt.
Rare Brotherly Affection.
In willing the residue of his estate
to his brother, the late R. W. Peebles,
solicitor, of Dublin, expressed thanks
for the undying brotherly love which
had existed between them, and regret
ted that he had not always followed
his brother's advice.
I have just secured a new barber
from Chicago and am prepared to give
the public first class service. Give me
a call. Shop is equipped with electric
fans to keep you cool. Three first
class barbers. My' bath tubs are al
wavs"ready. aug2tf BUCK FREEMAN.
Cumberland telephone ana telegraph omp,.ny
For reliable telephone service, both local ' and
LONG DISTANCE, use the Cumberland.Bour
bon County Exchanges at
Paris, MillersburgNorth Middletown, Little Rock and
Ruddles Mills.
swu ,,-. "u n.,,u..i j
yr iicu yuu iiavc uuxuuciiaiiu
JHAVE telephone service
service you
Stock, Crop, Farming
Implements, Etc.
Having rented my farm I will, at ten
o7clockfam., on
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 30, 1912
offer at public sale on the premises,
on the Cynthiana pike, about three and
one-half miles from Paris, the follow
ing stock, crop and implements:
About 200 young breeding ewes,
bred October 1 ;
2 milch cows :
3 spayed yearling heifers and two
steer calves;
1 nice chestnut filly, 3 years old, by
Forest Denmark153:
1 nice bay filly, 3 years old, by Ger
man coach stallion ;
1 bay oolt, 2 years old, by Mv Star;
1 bay fillv 3 years old, by Sir Dixon;
1 thoroughbred driving mare;
About 60 acres of corn in shocks.
If purchaser desires, will, furnish
without .charge about 70 acres of grass
to feed on until March 1. 1913 ;
1 manure spreader; 1 seed drill ;
" 1 2 horse power with circular saw
and pumping attachment ;
l iucuormicK ninder l cultivator; 1
mower ;
1 dump cart; 1 hay baler; 1 "cutting
1 potato digger; 1 potato planter.
TERMS All amounts of 20 or less,
cash ; above this amount, 6 months
credit,with negotiable note, bearing
6 per cent interest ner annum.
Geo. D.rSpeakes Auctioneer.
27 4 11 18 22 25.29.
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph
Special attention given to
parties desiring to hire auto
mobiles. Call on us for
Best equipped transfer line
in the city. Special atten
tion given to all kinds of
hauling. Moving is our
Livery, Feed and Sales Stable.
Eighth Street Both Phones.
Modern Equipment,
4 Barbers,
Hot and Cold Baths,1,
Polite Service.
Some Good Advice
To the People.
m Don't sell your old feathers un
til you find out the prices, You
can call us and we will look at
yvu.L xtsatuer, or n you live m
the counrry send us a samnle. T
will let you know what thev are
worth. Some old feathers if "they
have been well cared for are as
gopd as new. We pay market
price for new feathers.
8th Street, PARIS, KY.
Call East Term, Phone 374
Everything Sanitary.
Children's Work a Specialty. '
Professional Cards
itoom 1 Elks Buildine.
Dr. Wm. Kenney,
Office 514 Main Street.
Office Phones j 3 T
( E. T. 334.
I Home 334.
Practicing Physician,
4j and 5, Elk's Bld'g?
u? '- -J -- - A iiS t -i j flu T" - 1"V
Offices, Rooms

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