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Lexington Military Band
and Orchestra.
112 West Main St.
Music For Ml Occasions
185 and G3S; OGd,
Only such music will
be supplied as will be
a pleasure to our pat
rons and a credit to
the organization.
not only keeps cold out, but
conservesbody-warmth; body
fat serves the same purpose,
it enables us to resist unsettled
elements and serves as the
great source of our body-heat.
Greater body-warmth means
richer blood, more fat, not
obesity but fat which the body
consumes for warmth, vitality,
resistance-power as a furnace
consumes coal for heat
Scott's Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful after each
meal makes body-warmth
healthy, active blood
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good.
It drives out and keeps out colds
by raising endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject substitutes for SCOTT S.
Scott & Bowse, Bloomficld, N. J. 12-61
SUNDAY, oot. 15
7 He JMSl!iili Z3c.
Round a 8ISyiSftXx!AJS -MJ1B
g See (he Famous High Drifge BAND CONCERT, High Bridge Park, (Popular Airs.)
K 7id:cfs sold ai G EO RG ETOWN 2ood only ca Special Train leaving at 10.50 am.
H fit
to For ruir Inforirvatlon Call On AnyTicket Agent, Or Address
H. C. KING Passenger and Ticket Agent,
101 E. Main St. Phone49 LEXINGTON; KY.
HIMI 1 1
Department Store Cor. 7th and Main
Pries This Week
Extra Fine
1 Sizes
All Lengths 98c
Call in and
Examine Them.
n Thinglinl Stoves j
BX C .'TnTnVtf- eitmvr. for nv other meal at anvf
wB I 111 x 1UIU1UKIU - J -
other time, the very latest thing in stove the
that stove-artists can do u a
It Burns Oil
It Concen
trates Heat
No Waste
It Is Handy
No Dirt
It'is Ready
No Delay
Oil Cook-stove
It concentrates the beat whem you want k
I and where you want it It km quick asp,
steadier and handier thanTcoal, cheaper thaa
I The New Perfectioa Store .! leaf. eaMBelei
eijr tmuaeq
- - - ii- IT,..., ... It ta hMOBBie
k picket, v&i cabinet too. drop shelve, towel
rack, etc Madetntk I.ZcObaraen.
AH dealers carry lb New Perfects? Stare.
PrroV.RVwltlsMrpnratoTe- Cook-Book sJ
grvea to anyone aeadiaa 5 ceafc to cover Baailisg co
(Iacerperaied la Keattecky)
Cerfestcm. Ky.; Lowrffle. Km Atl.aU, Gjl; BkiaktB. Ala.; aad JacfcwTffl. Fla.
Lexington, Ky.
Enclosed find photo of hogr that was cured of
cholera "with your Bourbon Hog Cholera Rem
edy. This hog was almost dead before using
the medicine, and then was entirely cured, ex
cept loss of ears, tail, etc. Thehogris owned by
Mr. Skiles Ewingr, of Bowling" Green, Ky. He
will be elad to give you a testimonial, and wo
can get several more if you want them.
Bowling Green, Ky,
Ask Your Druggist for It,
for Sale dy W. T. Brooks.
Carlisle Happenings Always In
terest Our Readers.
Reduced Rates
TAiter reading of ko many people in
our town who have been cured by
Doan's Kidney Pills the question natu
rally arises: "Is this medicine equal
ly as successful in our neighboring
towns." The generous statement of
this Carlisle resident leaves no room
for doubt on this point.
R. L. Curtis, policeman, Chestnut
street, Carlisle, Ky., says: "I tell
everyone I know about the merits Jof
Doan's Kidney Pills. I am glad lo
confirm the statement I made in 1908
in their praise. Any person who fol
lows blacksmithing for any length of
time is likely to have kidney trouble,
as this work weakens the back and
kidneys. I had a bad case of backache
and my bladder became inflamed. I
I finally began using Doan's Kidney
! Pills, and they acted splendidly, soon
giving me relief."
j For sale by all dealers. Price 50
j cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
(New York, sole aeents for the United
! States.
Remember the name Doan a and
take?iio other.
-"- -.ant
Curtis Henry & Co.,
Groceries, Drygoods, Fresh and Cured
MeatsVesretables, Fruits, fotci
Both Phones 442
We Want Your Trade on the Merits of Our Goods.
Everything We Sell is Guaranteed.
Our accommodations are the best in town 7-A
new Auto Delivery, Polite Attention and
Always a Special Effort to Please : : : :
A Few Things Others Hayen't Might Interest Vou:
Cream Flour, French Bread, Golden Sun
Coffee, Sweet-Orr Overalls, American Beauty
Corsets, Royal Tailoring and many others too
numerous to mention. Give us a trial.
Yours for more business.
Low One-Way
Colonist Fares to
British Columbia,
Arizona, Alberta,
Montana, Oregon,
New Mexico,
Utah and Texas.
Tickets on Sale Sept. 25
to Oct. 10, Inclusive.
For further information, call on or
W. H. HARRIS, Agent.
or J. K. SMITH, T. A.
-..-.-T-,...., .1 .,-
Sam'l Kerslake
& Son,
Paris, - Kentucky.
Horse ShoeingJ
Machine Shop.
Automobile Repairing
a Specialty.
None of the Pensions Approved.
The 3,300 applicants for Confederate
pensions are clamoring for their mon
ey, and Capt. W. J. Stone, State Pen.
sion Agent, who has been working
early and lato in an effort to wade
through the proof submitted by them,
has siven out a statement, in which
he declares in substance that many of
the applicants apparently have an idea
that all that was necessary was for
them to produce an affidavit prov ng
that they were in the Confederate
army, forward if to the deoartment
and receive a check.
Of the 3,300 applicati ns a majority
have been investigated by Capt. Stone,
and of these approximately 55 per cent
have been found to come within the
law. Another 20 per cent, by their
own proof and by that secured from
the War Department at Washington,
do not come within the law, while
proof in 25 per cent is not complete.
The Pension Board, composeq of the
Governor, Auditor and Secretary of
State, has not approved any of them
finally. The Board will meet as soon
as it can, said Capt. Stone. The Gov
ernor is on seven boards, including the
Capitol Commission, and the other two
officials have been engaged on asses
sing franchises of corporations, and
the pending iltigation, which, he said,
have prevented their taking up the
pension cases for final adjudication.
Cor. 1 4th and Main
The Dry Fall Outing to Ken
tucky's Great Subteranean
Wonder, or 200 Miles Un
der Ground Wed. Oct. 1 6.
Arranged for private and select
parties and their visitors. River tow,
echo grand, cave dry. The time to
see Mammoth Cave when at its best.
Round trip railroad fare 5.65 from
Paris and all way stations on regular
train 7:38 a. m. Board at Cave Hotel
from arrival for supper until after
breakfast morning third day, also in
cluding the two trips through the
cave for $6.50. Limit on tickets 10
Write or phone L. &N. Agent.
Puts End to Had Habit.
Things never look bright to one with
the blues. Ten to one the trouble is a
sluggish liver, filling the system with
billious poison, that Dr. King's New
Lifee Pills would expel. Try them.
Let the joy of better feelings end the
blues. Best for stomach, liver and
kidneys. 25 cents at Oberdorfer's.
Jltink Langbom
Manicuring 35 Cents,
Shampooing 25 Cents.
Work done promptly and satisfaction
East Tenn. Phoe 669
Bourbon Horse Goods
Manufacturers of
Harness, Horse Boots and
Leather Novelties of
All Kinds,
All Orders Promptly Executed And
"Work Guaranteed.
No. 304 Main Street-
Repairing of All Kind Done
While You Wait
Opp. Court House.
The pear crop in Trimble county
is probably the largest on record.
Mule colts are selling high in
Boyle county, a number heing pur
chased as high as $115.
A tobacco storage warehouse is to
be erected in Carlisle and the promot
ers are looking for a puitable site for
the structure.
Suckling mules are selling in
Montgomery county at prices rangirg
from S70 to $110 per headk with a few
extra ones going as high as $125.
Tobacco buyers have, been in Mont
gomery county and growers have re
fused 12 1-2 cents for their product,
preferring to hold it for higher prices.
Mr. Edsell Clark, of North Middle
town, delivered this week to J. E.
Boardman, of Little Rock, a drove of
exnort cattle for which he received
Trigg county has established the
j record recently of producing the hicrh
i est pt iced beef cattle that was ever
sold through the Bourbon Stock Yards
at Louisville. The cattle, fifteen in
number, were raised by M. F. Hopson,
of Cerulean bprings, but were recently
sold to S.L. Cowherd, of Hopkinsville,
who shipped them direct from Cerule
an to Louisville and sold them for 9
cents a pound.
The turkey crop of this section
will be fully up to the average this
year, judging from reports that have
been returned from the various coun
ties. In some localities therehaa been
a!!decided falling off in the production
of turkeys, but in other sections an in
crease will bring the crop up to the
average. Nicholas and Bourbon coun
ties are probably the largest turkey
produeingcountiea in Central Kentucky
and annually thousands are r slaughter
ed in Paris and Millerbsurg and Car
lisle and shipped to the markets in the
At the first meeting of the new di
rectors of the Burley Tobacco Society
which was held in Lexington Tuesday
night all of the old officers of the Bur
ley Tobacco Society which are also the
officers of the Burley Tobacco Compa
ny were re-elected without opposition
and all of the members of the Execu
tive Committee or the Society which
composes the Board of Directors of the
company were also re-elected. Presi
dent Lebue in accepting- his re-election
to the office which carries an annual
salary of $15,000, said that he bad sac
rificed his health in the cause of the
society, but if it wanted him to contin
ue at its head he would do so. A res
olution was adopted that the members
of the Executive Committee should
receive salaries of 52,000 each for their
srevices during the last year. The
question of whether the Burley Tobac
co Company should declare a dividend
was discussed at great length, and it
was decided not to do'so in view of the
fact that the company had been in ex
istence only one year.
New Fall Suits Arriving
SchCoss Bros., &Co.
Baltimore, IVtd.,
rf and IVfadc Suits
Are here Direct
From The Tailors
Hands. . .
We are showing the newPlum?
Carnation, Grey and Browns, the
prices very reasonable, 15 to 25.
All Wool Fall Suits, newest
shades at. . . .$10, 12.50 and SL5.
Our Fall Line of Haws Von
Gol Hats Douglass Shoes and
Tiwn Bros'., Special Shoes arelair
riving daily.
The showing we are making
for Fall is in every way up to the
highest class, our prices are more
reasonable than elsewhere, fc
L.WoUsein, Proprietor.
'.'.'.'.'y. '.'. !;.;y!K!vJLwvvffTr'W"v!Trf
K-tU't-PjIfcXlSCBLOSS 8H0S & CO. Ix-y'.-ii "
"'""-- '"""'" " ' ' "I ' I I
- .1
Why You Take No Chancer
The Studebaker name for sixty years "?
has been a guarantee of quality. It elimi- I
nates the slightest element of chance in- '
your purchase of an automobile.
Every part of a Studebaker car is
made in our own plants. We analyze and
absolutely know the materials which go
into our cars. Our guarantee is good.
75,000 Studebaker cars are on the
road and every owner will tell you that
a Studebaker car always makes good.
We know that the Studebaker
(Flanders) "20" at $800 is equal in mate
rial and workmanship to any car built I
ana rjie price is witnin your reach. '
V Ready for immediate' delivery
The $800 Studebaker (Flanders) "20" 1
! . Price, Standard Equipped, $800'f. o. h. Detroit.
, v Equipped as above, with Top, Windshield, Prest-O-Lite Tank
and Speedometer, $885.
Ak mar dealer 'for the new Studebaker art catalogue or send to us for it
The Studebaker Corporation . Detroit, Michigan .
Bourbon Garage & Supply Co., Agts,
- -rV
J '

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