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All Brands of Bottled in Bond Goods.
Private stock Whiskies, S-year-old, 1 1 0
Proof, $1.00 per Quart.
Bermie Weissberg
uauics anu
h vhbmme'
ran n
Are Here
They are new, seasonable and rea
sonable. The assortment is made up
of the best styles of the world's best
Shoe makers. The scope is so broad
and the size ranges so complete you
will find your size in any make you
We have also a full line of Misses',
Children's and Boys' School Shoes in
Gun Metal, Patents and Tans.
Phones 301
9 IUVIS & FUNK. Prnns.
DAVIS & FUNK, Props.
SXJf Telephone No. 4.
Sir pi i .-il i .11 i
Paris Kentucky.
.r.....str.r...r..Hnr. r. . . . .. . . . ., .- r.
&&BH3Mi&K&&-&- f3 mills f illfHPsa
V-'SUMVasS'- . " "" ' ' A rwl'r-r-nT6,UV-tri:f:.
vsiaB3iIlJi'jIt yi t fi?iai! j - -S. ,,-- -b t-v E-"l:i
m Agricultural
hi m m m m n m m m m n m m
The Shoe Man
West 5 Street
We Take Pleasure. yfi
in noing up the finest shirt- fjff
waists or anything in the i
laundry line. That is whay y'
made ihe Bourbon Laundrt l
famous fo fine work and it A'a
dever goes beck on its repu- jjf
tation. If you are particular f
about how your linen is A'j
laundered, your custom is the !'
kind we want as we like to f
Bank of Paris.
Entered at Postofiice at Paris, Ky.,
as mail matter of the second class
Established 188130 Years of Con
tinuous Publication
Published Every Tuesday and Priday
One Year 2.00 Six Months. .1.00
Payable in Advance
Display advertisements, $1.00 per
inch for first time ; 50 cents per inch
each subsequent insertion.
Reading notices, 10 cents per line
each issue ; reading notices in black
type, 20 cents per line, each issue.
Cards of thanks, calls on candidates,
obituaries and resolutions, and simi
lar matl er, 10 cents per line,
Special rates for large advertise
ments and yearly contracts.
The right o publisher is reserved
to decline any advertisement or other
matter offered for publication.
Space is a newspaper's stock in
trade, its source of revenue.
For President,
of New Jersey.
For Vice-President,
of Indiana.
For Congress,
of Scott county.
Taft Against Farmers.
As Governor Wilson says, the farm
erjfeeds the country, while Congress
has been feeding the trusts. He is
forced to sell in the cheapest market
and buy in the greatest monopoly
market in the world Wnen Mr. Taft
vetoed the bills passed by Congress to
relieve the farmer of some ot his bur
den, he struck a blow at the founda
tion of wealth at the country and
showed how firmly he is held in the
grasp of the interests. Thejnatchless
leader on the flour of the House, Hon.
Oscar Underwood, says that had the
bills passed, been permitted to become
laws without the interference of the
President, the people of this country
would have saved $650,000,000. The
House passed some of the bills over
Mr. Taft's veto but the senate was
like Taft. bound to his idols. Mr.
Taft admitted that his party had not
kept faith with the people in some of
the schedules of the tariff, but when
given the opportunity to correct them
he failed to do so, giving the flimsiest
of pretexts. Such a course could only
result in thafailure of his administra
tion. The people have lost confidence
in him and he will.soon into merited
retirement. A glorious day is dawn
ing for Democracy and next March,
please God, a man who believes that
platforms are to stand on, and not us
ed solely to get in on, will use every
endeavor to restore to thejpeople their
control of the government.
Wilson a Leader.
Mr. Taft "may have more girth than
Governor Wilson, but the Democratic
candidate has the most backbone. Un
like Mr. Taft he will do what he
thinks right regardless cf consequen
ces. Mr. Taft's record on the tariff
question shows that party considera
tions count more with fchim than right
and justice. Governor Wilson has less
egotism but betterjjudgment than Col
onel Roosevelt. In fact, he is safe,
sane, conservative and reliable and
the.best intellectually equipped candi
date for the presidency in fifty years.
Not all of us got our choice when he
was'nominated at Baltimore, but all of
j us agree now that the nomination of
Wilson was little less than inspiration.
"S If you "have young children you
have perhaps noticed that disorders of
the stomach are their most common
ailment. To correct this you will find
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets excellent. They are easy and
pleasant to take, and mild and gentle
inh effect. For sale by all dealers.
Winchester News Out for Wil
The Winchester Daily News has an
nounced its allegiance to the Demo
cratic party, and the policy of the
paper has been changed from Inde
pendent to Democratic. The change
of the policy is the result of the recent
purchase of the interest of Mr. Lucien
Beckner by Mr. Carl C. . Robbing, who
has always been a staunch supporter
Of the Democratic party. Mr. Rob
bins, who is formerly of this county is
a son of Mrs. D. L. Robbins, of Little
Here is a woman who sneaks from
nersonal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz., Mrs. P. H. Brogan, .of Wil
son, Pa., who says, "I know from ex
perience that Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is far superior to any other.
For croup there is nothing that excels
it." For sale by all qpalers.i
Hilles' Hallucination.
Chairman Hilles of the'National Re
publican Committee has issued an ad
dress in whic hhe declares that it is a
personality and not a principle which
is opposing Mr. Taft in his own party
in this campaign, ana it is doomedto
unmistakable censure. EThe race, he
asserts, is between the President and
Mr. Wilson, and every vote cast for
Roosevelt is "a vote for Wilson, which
means danger. A vote forTaft is a
vote for safety. " Then he rings in
the old adage "It is better to be safe
than sorry." all of which is apparent
ly intended for the marines. It is
hardly to be expected that the old
sailors will accept a feed of such mud
dy rations. They know that the pros
perity which the country is enjoying is
because the earth and the mines have
vied in producing unriaraielled wealth
and that it is in sDite of the Republi
can orinciple of a high protective tar
iff which would have plunged the coun
try into most irrevocable disaster but
for the national conditions vouchsafed
by a kind providence. The prosperity
of which the document prates could
not come Irom taxing the people to
death on food and othe1 necessities and
the man who really believes that they
can should be confined in the institu
tion for the simples.
The high protective tariff for which
Mr. Taft and Mr. Roosevelt stand has
got to go. People are in earnest on
that question and know that in order
to secure their demands they must
vote for Wilson and the Democratic
nominees for Congress. Let every
Democrat do so and send the calamity
howlers to grass.
Americans Drinking More
The American people are drinking
more whisky and beer and smoking
more cigars and cigarettes than ever
before in history according to the re
port of Koyal W. Cabell, Commission
er of Internal Revenue at Washing
From July
more than
1 to October 1, 1912,
3,800,000.000 cigarettes
an increase of one bil-
were smoked.
lion over the corresponding
the previous year, which
period of
broke all
The nation consumed 33,150.000 gal
lons of whisky during July, August
and September, an increase of450,000
gallons aB compared with that quarter
of 1911, while nearly 1,950.000,000
cigars were smoked during that time.
The cigar consumption promises to es
tablish a new record. S",
A total of 19,800,000 barrels of beer
were consumed during the three
months, which was 320,000 barrels
more than in the same period of 1911.
Ihis somewhat surprised revenue
omcials, as beer rdinking fell out con
siderably during the fiscal year ending
June 30 last. That decrease was part
ly accounted for by Commissioner Ca
bell by the increased popularity of but
termilk as a summer drink.
The growing consumption of these
articles has greatly augmented the
government's revenue. The internal
revenue receipts for October, already
more than $2,000,000 greater than Oc
tober 1911, will eclipse all records for
any October in the judgment of Mr.
Puts End to Bad Habit.
Things'never look bright to one witn
the blues. Ten to one the trouble is a
sluggish liver, filling the system with
billious poison, that Dr. King's New
Lifge Pills would expel. Try them.
Let the joy of better feeilngs end the
blues. Best for stomach, liver and
kidneys, 25 cents at Oberdorfer's.
Almost a Miracle.
"One of the most startling changes
evre seen in anv man, according to W.
B . Holsclaw, Clarendon, Texas, was
effected years Ego in his brother. "He
had such a dreadful cough," he writes.
"that all our family thought he was
going into consumption, but he began
to use Dr. King s New Discovery, and
was completely cured by ten bottles.
Now he is sound and well and weighs
217 pounds. For many years our fam
ily has used this wonderful remedy for
coughs and colds witn excellent re
suits." It's quick, safe, reliable
guaranteed. Price 50 cents and
Trial bottle free at Oberdorfer's.
Worn-Oul, Nervous,
Tired end Depressed
Tona Vita Builds up Mind and
Body in a Few Weeks.
Are you tired all the time? Are you
weak, nervous and depressed Is your
ambition gone and your mind dull?
Do you know what to do? Go
(straight to your druggist and get a
bottle of.Tona Vita, the national tonic.
Physicians are recommending it every
where. It is building up run down
people by the thousands in all parts of
the country.
After you have taken Tona Vita one
week, weigh yourself, then you will
know why it is recognized as the best
tonic and flesh builder ever sold to the
You can get Tona Vita at Chas. E.
Butler & Co.'s drug store.
Shipp's Liniment
Quickly relieves rheumatism, neural
gia, backache, headache and other
pains. A rewardof $100 will be paid
if it.failsa ndthe purchase price is'not
refunded. Try it and see. 50 cents at
all druggists. jfc
Wonderful Cures Reported in Germanya
The use of simple herbs as remedies instead of the more concentrated and
usually more dangerous inorganic substances, has been revived very widely of late.
In Germany a new school of physicians has arisen which throws out almost a
whole of the pharmacopeia and relies on an adaptation of the method of w:ld
animals in curing themselves N. Y. Vorld.
It was Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician to the Invalids Hotel and
Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., who first advocated the extended use of son.
of our native roots, such as : Gclden seal and Oregon grape root, mandrake
and queen's root, black cherryhark. These are the chief ingredients in Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which has been so well and favorably known
I 'it P
x WhW
Peilets,' and can
T will nut
n tTa- rrrs:, Ecq. country iu-uaj.
x 4. ,lnnr
good wood shingle, and in some places
Roofs put on 26 years ago are as good as
For Sale by Miller &
i? a fail MM-- Piwvv1J
l I ,f . (!- -j - J J.tl
No Clinkers. 1 per cent ash.
Lots of Heat.
Dodson & Denton
Qg&?Zt&3&ZZC&tg2iZ&SS&2t &Z
Cumberland Celepbone ana Celegrapb Company
For reliable telephone service, both local and
LONG DISTANCE, use the Cumberland JBour
bon County Exchanges at
Paris, Millersburg, North Middletown, Little" Rock and
Ruddles Mills.
"When you have Cumberland service you
HAVE telephone service."
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph
Hot and Cold
Hot and cold baths.
Everything neat and clean. Polite
barbers always ready to wait on the
trade. No long waits You are next.
Some Good Advice
To the People.
Don't sell your old feathers un
til you find out the prices, You
can call us and we will look at
your feather, or if you live in
the counrry send us a sample. I
will let you know what they are
worth. Some old feathers if they
have been well cared for are as
good as new. We pay market
price for new feathers.
8fch Street, 'PARI3, KY.
Call East Tenn. Phone 374
Insure with W. O. Hinton.
Prompt paying non - union
companies. v tf
for nearly hait a century. v iw"'"" ""'auift" u
stomach tonic that nature has provided.
.1. Donate Mathssox of Opining, K Y. says: I suf
fered for over fivo years with what the doctors told mo was
diluted conditio), of the stomach, associated icith a catar
rhal condition of same, and nervous heart. I hart tried
enough mix, bismuth, gentian, rhubarb, etc., to float a shn
and naturally thought there was no cure for me, but after
roadin what eminent doctors said oi the curative qualities
of the Ingredients of ' Golden Medical Discovery I gave it
r!4.:i nv0-v.n, ''niipnvnrv' and also tho 'Pleasnn4-
truthfully say I am feeling better novv
2. No dirt no bother, and when once
bid they make a thoroughly storm-proof
and fire-proof roof, neither of which can
be claimed for the wood shingle.
As to price they cost no more than a
they cost much less.
new today, and have never needed repairs.
Best, Millersburg, Ky.
Windsor Hotel.
Modern Equipment,
Polite Service.
Everything Sanitary.
Children's Work a Specialty. ""
Professional Cards
itoom 1 Elks Bnildine.
Dr. Wm. Kenney,
Office 514 Main Street.
Oftioe PlionPQ 5 E. T 136.
umce rnones j Home 136
E. T. 334.
Home 334.
Practicing Physician,
Offices, Rooms 4j and 5, Elk's Bid g
Paris - Keitu.ki
1 have m years, jl cneenuuy kivu ijeiuiwaiuu iu yim
estimoniaf, and if any 'doubting Thomas' writes me
him vIcc' to ilia best aii-arouna meaicine m tno

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