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Efficient Will heat a good sized room
even in the coldest weather.
Economical. Burns nine hours on one
gallon of oil
Ornamental Nickel Iximmings; plain
steel or enameled tur
quoise-blue drums.
Portable. Easily car
ried from room to
room; weighs only
eleven pounds; han
dle doesn't get hot
Doesn't Smoke
Doesn't Leak
Easily Cleaned
and Re-wicked
Lasts for years
At Dealers
(Incorporated in Kentucky)
Lcmkv3Ie, Ky. Atlanta, Ga. Jackson, Mk.
Birmingham, Ala. Jacksonville, Fla.
hh mmmammt&i
I To Users of
Electric Light:
The new management of the Paris Gas and
Electric Co., having taken charge, they have de
cided to make the following prices on the lamps
that are being used. Tungsten lamps which we
have been selling at the following prices:
25 watt 20 candle power, 50c
40 watt 32 candle power, 55c
60 watt 48 candle power. 85c
100 watt 80 candle power, $1.10
We will until further notice sell at the reduced
I price of for
!20 caradle power. 40c
32 candle power 45c
48 candSe power 60c
SO candle power 90c
p Can you afford not to use electricity, the sanest,
M safest, cleanest and best known means of illum
gy mating?
1 Paris Gas & Electric Co.
L Incorporated
Dissolution Sale!
Desiring to dissolve partnership, we, the undersigned, will sell at public
outcry, on
Wednesday, November 27, 1912
at 11 o'clock, a. m., on the premises, our farm situated on the Offutt pike,
two miles from Leesburg, Ky. WMk
The farm, which was formerly and still is perhaps better known as the
David Allen farm, contains 183 acres, 100 acresjnow in grass, balance in high
state of cultivation. It is well watered and i the fencing is good, being
mostly new woven wire. The improvements consist of a two story frame
residence of 8 rooms, 2 tobacco barns, stock barns, double corn crib and
other outbuildings, all in good repair. It is convenient to churches and
Any one in the market for a good'farm, well improved, should attend
this sale. This is an opportunity to secure a desirable farm, as it must be
sold to close out a partnership business.
TERMS: Liberal and ..made known on day of sale.
Paris. Ky.
R, D. RENAKER, Agent,
Leesburg, Ky.
F or further information address either of above, or Harris & Speakes
3?&ris, Ky
Geo. D. Sfeaees, Auctioneer.
Small Tract of Well-Improved Land!
On Thursday, November 2 1 , ' 1 2,
at 11 a. m., on the premise?, I will sell to the highest bidder, my place of
about 10 acres of land with improvements, situated 5 miles from Paris, on
tha Redmon pike.
v The improvements consist of a frame residence of 6 rooms, cellar, No. 1
cistern, pool, tobacco barn 40x120, and all necessary outbuildings, all in
,good repair. It is well fenced and has some fruit trees.
The land is all deep, rich soil, very productive and admirably adapted
. for a market garden. It is on a good road, in a sp endid neighborhood and
an ideal little home.
Anyone in the market for a small place should not fail to see this one.
TERMS Made known on day of sale.
For further information address Harris & Speakes. Paris, Ky.
-12'3t ' - GEO D. SPEAKES, Auct.
' -
If i
O3il0 J
Sharp Advance in E&s and (
Two widely consumed commodities,
butter and eggs, have registered sharp
advances in the Dast few weeks. Re
tail dealers on the local maiket are re
ceiving 35 cents a dozen for eggs and
the best country butter meeting with
ready sale at 30 cents a pound, while
the creamery product is being retailed
at the high price of 40 cents.
There is likely to be a further ad
vance in either of the commodities as
local dealers state they are both scarce
and at this season the demand is great.
The consumer may not be surprised at
any time to be compelled to dig down
in his pocket and meet another ad
vance in eggs and butter. Prevailing
prices in the larger cities are consider
ably higher than here and it is predic
ted the consumers will be compelled to
pay SI per dozen for eggs before the
winter is over. Eggs have sold on the
Cincinnati market as high as 43 cents.
The price of turkeys will bo as high
as last year and possibly higher. The
price is being regulated by the supply
this year which will be short. The
crop of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky is
fairly good but reports from other sec
tions of the country are to the effect
that there is practically no crop at all.
Sixteen cents on loot was paid last
week in the local market and the
dressed fowls will go tu 28 cents pec
nound duiing the Thanksgiving week,
and there raav be another advance
from this. Tliose who figure on a
Thanksgiving turkey will be compelled
to Day dearly for the luxury or do
without and by the week of Thanks
giving there may be such an advance
as top ut the turkey out of reach of
the average family.
Local dealers are preparing fowls
for the Eastern market and the cool
dry weather is proving ideal for the
slaughtering. Turkeys are being dnv
en to the markets by hundreds. The
conditions are just to the liking of
shippers, who are taking advantage of
the clear, crisp days to prepare the
fowls for market. Pens at Carlisle
Millerbsurg and Paris are being run at
full capacity and will continue ao this
week and part of next.
"Murder" Among Animals.
Murder is not uncommon among
animals, "murder" in this sense being
applied to that kind of killing that has
nothing to do with the struggle for
existence, but which arises from mal
ice, pure and simple, or from down
right passion. Storks, it seems, fre
quently kill members of the flock
which, at the time of migration, eith
er refuse to follow them or are un
able to do so.
Wei! Expressed.
"That man is not a very good lo
gician, but he is a most impressive
talker." "Yes," replied Senator Sor
ghum; "he is what the musicians re
fer to as a performer with more tem
permanent than technique."
Low Altitude.
"Mr. Wombat, you ought to go in for
aviation. Many of our prominent peo
ple are taking it up." "I suppose I
ought. Have you got a machine that
will skim along nicely about seven
feet from the ground?" Judge.
Garrison's Philosophy.
The truth that we utter is impalp
able, yet real; it cannot bo thrust
down by brute force, nor pierced with
a dagger, nor bribed with gold. . . .
The cause that we espouse is the
cause of human liberty, formidable to
tyrants, and dear to the oppressed,
throughout the world. William Lloyd
Stock, Crop, Farming
Implements, House
hold Goods, Etc.
As administrators of the estate of
H. G. Hopkins, deceased, we will sell
at Dublic auction on the premises on
the Stnngtown pike, 10 miles east of
Paris on
Friday, Nov. 29, at 10 a. m.,
the following described property, to
wit: 1 6 year old mare,
1 weanling colt,
1 2 year old gelding,
1 brood mare,
1 pair 3 year old draft horses,
1 3 year old draft mare.
1 family mare,
20 yearling cattle,
1-2 interest in 9 hogs,
7 ftock shoats,
1 brood sow,
1 4 year old Jersey enw,
62 head stock ewes bred.
4 head heifer cows, dry,
1 heifer calf,
1 set break harness,
1 set buggy harness,
1 lot wagon gears,
1 saddle.
1 MeCormick binder.
1 riding cultivator,
1 walking cultivator,
2 sleds, 1 break cart,
1 hsrrow.l wheat drill.
1 buggy, 1 wagon,
1 hay frame, 1 hay rake,
1 MeCormick mower,
1 Stivers strinner and comh. 1 upto
Lot of other small farm tools.
Some milled oats.
1-2 of two ricks of hay,
1-2 interest 330 shocks corn in field.
1-2 interest in 4,000 sticks of un-
I nt nf hnncohnM onrl Lifnlinn -r....: 1
w. ,- ..wU.l.v...u,u auu nilLUCIl IUIUI-I
iure ann small iarm tools.
TERMS All sums $25 and under
cash ; all over payable March 1. 1913,
negotiable note payable at Agricultu
ral Bank.
. Speakes, Auctioneer.
Z II is announced by J. J. Hooper,
secretary of the Kentucky Dairy Cat
tle Club that a raeeing of the club will
be held January 10, during farmers
week at State University at Lexing
ton. The Mason county Fiscal Court
recently allowed sheep claims to the
amount of 850. This is the largest
award for loss of sheep in a number of
years. A number of the claims ex
ceeded $50 each.
Mr. Ed Turner, of near this city,
delivered to E. F. Spears & Sons in
this city last week 786 barrel of corn,
for which he received $2.25. Ihis is
the largest single delivery of corn
made in this county this season.
The Danville Advocate says: "Mr.
W. H. Thurmond brought to this office
an ear of corn that we believe tops all
the 1912 freaks. It is a large ear and
is surrounded by eight smaller ones,
all matured and most of them well
The report comes from Carlisle
that John Burham of that county, has
had three women shucking corn for
him, that men laborers were so scarce
and those not employed were so lazy
that he was compelled to employ wom
en to get his corn shucking finished.
The Ball Bros., of Versailles,
have sold to Charles Folds, of Chicago,
their champion three gaited chestnut
mare, Sibyl, seven years old, by Mont
gomery Chief, dam by Peacock for $3S
5U0 cash. Sibyl has been one of the
most successfulfshow horses of Indi
ana, Illinois and Missouri. She won
the blue ribbon every time she was
shown except once, when she was
placed second.
Tobacco sales are reported brisk
through Nicholas county and much of
the 1912 crop continues to be sold at
the barns of the growers. A new aver-
aee of $17 per hundred is reported on
some crops, the best prices thus far
this season. Uther sales are running
averages on crops of from $9 to 316.
according to quality, the crop being
reported the be3t raised there in years.
In order to keep the army supplied
with the best horsesthat can be secur
ed Government stallions are to be sent
to Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia
provided the farmers of those States
shows sufficient interest in the plan to
warrant it. The point where the stal
lions will be kept will be decided after
an inquiry by the agents of the gov
ernment who will talk with the farm
ers. At the request of the war depart
ments ongress at the last session ap
propriated $50,000 for this work.
Commissioner of Agriculture J.
W.Newman issued an order lifting the
quarantine in this state against the
shipment of Kansas and Nebraska
horses from St Louis, East St. Louis,
Kansas City. St. Joseph and Chicago
and Indianapolis stockyards. The
quarantine was put on October 15.
The Bureau of Animal Industry at
Washington notified him that the dis
ease which has been killing horses and
mules by the wholesale in those states,
is not communicable.
Tobacco buyers in Central Ken
tucky have been unusually active in
the past week closing contracts with
the growers before the opening of the
loose leaf market in the various cities
inJCentral Kentucky. Thousands of
pounds ot the weed have changed
hands atlrom 9 to 15 cents, a few ex
tra good crops being purchased at the
latter price.
Tobacco stripping in Bourbon
county within the next twoweeks will
be almost completed. The" work has
been retarded to a great extent owing
to the lack of seasonable weather.
The rains of last week together with
several days of damp atmosphere
brought the tobacco in case, and the
strippers taking advantage of this
rushed their work with all haste. A
number of crops yet remain to be
stripped but these will likely be pre
pared for market in the next two
weeks, and before the opening ot the
sales warehouse in this ciy.
The Demons o! ths Swamp
are mosquitoes. As they sting they
put deadly malaria germs in the blood.
Then follow the icy chills and the fires
of fever. The appetite flies and the
strength fails; "also malaria often
paves the way for deadly typhoid. But
Electric Bitters kill and cast out the
malaria germs from the blood; give
you a fine appetite and renew your
strength. "After long suffering,"
wrote Wm..Fretwell, of Lucama, N.
C. "three bottles drove all the mala
ria from my system, and I've had good
health ever since." Best for all stom
ach, liver and kidney ills. 50 cents at
Left HJm Thinking.
"That's arrant nonsense," said Mr.
Henpeck, "about there always being
room at the top." "Oh,' his wife sar
castically replied, "when were you up
there to see?"
Don't waste your money buying
strengthening pasters. Chamberlain's
Liniment is cheaper and better. Dam
pen a piece of flannel with it and bind
it over the affected parts and it will
relieve the pain and screness. For
sale by all dealers.
Keeping Them Off.
"Do you consider such a marriage
as that of a man so confirmed a
drunkard as Jaggs to a circus per
former, a fitting one?" "A perfectly
fit marriage. She's a snake charmer."
Insure with W. O. Hinton.
Prompt paying non - union
companies. tf
Shipp-s Liniment
Quickly relieves rheumatism, neural
gia, backache, headathe and other
pains. A reward.of $100. will be paid
if it fails and the purchase price is not
refunded. Try it and see. 50 cents at
all druggists. ,..
'" fl Escapf s an Awful Fite.
A thousand 'tongues could not ex
press the gratitude. of Mrs. J. E. Cox,
of Joliet, 111., tor her wonderful deliv
erance from an awful fate. "Tyuhoid
pneumonia had left me with a dreadful
cough," she writes. "Some times
hud such awful coughing spells I
thought I would die. I could get no
help from doctor's treatment or other
medicines till used Dr. King's New
Discovery. But I owe my life tG this
wonderful remedy for I scarcely cough
at all now." Quick and safe, its the
most reliable of all throat and lung
medicines. Every bottle guaranteed.
50centa and $1. Trial bottle freee.
Her Diagnosis.
Betsey, an old colored cook, was
moaning around the kitchen one day,
when her mistress asked her if she
was ill. "No, ma'am, not "zactly,"
said Betsey. "But the fac' is, I don't
feel ambition 'nough to git outer my
own way." Exchange.
Man's Work and Woman's.
Now the man's work for his own
home is, as has been said, to secure its
maintenance, progress and defense;
the woman's to secure its order, com
fort and loveliness.
Gift That Is Divine.
If Instead of a gem, or even a
flower, we could cast the gift of a
lovely thought into the heart of a
friend, that would be giving as the
angels must give. George MacDon
aid. Really Hard Luck.
"Did youse git anything?" whis
pered the burglar on guard as his pal
emerged from the window. "Naw, de
bloke wot lives here is a lawyer," re
plied the other in disgust. "Dat's
hard luck," said the first; "did youse
lose anyt'ing?" Ohio State Journal.
Special Prices For
Beef Hides Until
Further Notice
We pay 12 l-2c for green
beef hides. Call us up
or bring it to our place.
8th Street, PARI3, KY
Call East Tenn. Phone 374
Hog Killing Time.
Let us kill your hogs and render your
lard. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Lexington miitarg Band
end Orchestra.
112 West Main St.
185 and 63S; Old,
Only such music will
foe supplied as will be
a pleasure to our pat
rons and a credit to
the organization.
I IWIfm !! !! I III Ml HUM
"It Makes the Hens Lay,"
Screen Dnnl
round DOHc.
Ground Daily by
Our Electric
Bone Grinder.
Ask Us About It!
The Butcher.
Music For
125 Cheapslde, Lexington, Ky..
$100 Reward.
Will be-paid to ,rany person having
any kind of pain or ache if Shipp's
Liniment fails to give instant relief
and the purchase price is not refund
ed. Try it and see. 50c at all drug
gists. The
Manufacturers of
Harness, Horse Boots and
Leather Novelties of
All Kinds,
All Orders Promptly Executed And
Work Guaranteed.
No. 304 Main Street'
Repairing of All Kind Done
While You Wait.
Opp. Court House
Sam'l Kerslake
& Son,
Paris, - Kentucky-
Horse Shoeing,
Machine Shoo.
Automobile Repairing
a Specialty.
Business Men's Barber Shop,
(Next to Bourbon Bank)
3 - CHAIRS - 3
Expert Barbers
Polite Attention
hot and Cold Baths at All
No Long Waits.
A Share of the Public Pat
ronage Solicited.
Stop That Ache.
Any ache or pain in anyfDart of the
body can be relieved with ShioD's
Quick Relief Liniment. 5100 reward
if it fails and the purchaseprice is not
reufnded. Try Jt.and see. 50 cents at
all druggists.
A lot containing two houses. Ap
Dly to
8 3t t1302 Cypress Street.
Hot and Cold
Hot and cold" baths.
Everything neat and clean. Polite
barbers always ready to wait on the
trade. No long waits. You are next
New Shoe Shine
Ed. Parker
The popular Elevator Boy and
Janitor at the Agricultural
Bank, has opened a Shoe-Shining
Parlor in the hallway of the
Bank and will be glad to wait
on the public in this sec tioa of
the city.
Your Patronage Is olicitedi

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