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Are Merc.
They are new, seasonable and rea
sonable. The assortment is made up
of the best styles of the world's best
Shoe makers. The scope is so broad
and the size ranges so complete you
will find your size in any make you
We have also a full line-of Misses', ,
Children's and Boys' School Shoes in
GunMetal, Patents and Tans.
Phones 301
The Shoe Man
Bourbon Laundry g
DWIS & FUNK, Props.
Telephone No. 4. West 5 Street W
We Take Pleasure.
in '-oing up the finest shirt
waists or anything in the
laundry line. That is whay
made ihe Bourbon Laundrt
famous f o fine work and it
dever goes heck on its repu
tation. If you are particular
about how your linen is
laundered, your custom is the
kind we want as we like to
Bourbcm Laundry,
Paris Kentucky.
Agricultural Bank I
of Paris.
We wish to thank our
friends and patrons for
the liberal patronage ex
tended to us during the
past year, and wish them
a happy and prosperous
New Year.
Entered at Postoffice at Paris, Ky.,
as mail matter of the second class
Established 181 30 Tears of Con
tinuous Publication
Published Every Tuesday and Friday
One Year. . . .2.00 Six Months. .1.00
Payable in Advance
We are authorized to announce J. C.
Elgin, Sr., as a candidate for the
Democratic nomination for Chief of
Police of the city of Paris, subject to
the Democratic prinury. August 2,
We are authorized to announce W. F.
Link as a candidate for Democratic
nomination for Chief- of Police of the
city of Paris, subject to the Demo
cratic primary August 2.
We are authorized to announce J.
Walter Payne as a candidate4 for the
nomination for che office of County
Clerk of Bourbon county, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary
August 2, 1913.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
Pearce Paton as a candidate for the
Democratic nomination for Clerk of
Bourbon county, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary August 2.
We are authorized to announce Thos.
J. HolJiday as a candidate for the nom
ination for'rhe office of Police Judge
of the city ot Paris, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic primary, Aug
ust 2, 1913.
Indian Uprisings,
The action of fitty Ute Indians in
entrenching themselves in a mountain
ous locality in Colorado and there de
fying a'large posse seeking to arrest
one ot their number can not be digni
fied by the name of an Indian uprising.
. These fifty warriors have not indulg
ed in any of the preliminaries that in
the old days marked the beginning of
an uprising. They have danced no war
dances orghost dances, nor have they
daubed themselves with war paint.
They have not even taken the warpath
in the sense of inaugurating an offen
sive campaign. Nor has their action
awakened any particular m anxiety
among their white neighbors. Instead
ot being looked upon as hostiles to be'
seriously areaded, they are only ordi
nary lawbreakers, acting upon the de
fensive and likely soon 10 recret their
At the most such an incident merely
serves to show how far we have trav
eled from the old frontier days, whe'n
the Indian uprising was a very real
and terrible menace to "the white peo
ple'of a sparsely settled country. A
rpal Indian .uprising would not be ac
tuallyJmpoasibletoday, but its occur
ence can safely be recarded as entire
ly improbable. This has come about
not so much because of a marked
change in the Indian's charcter, as be
cause his opportunities for that kind
of mischief have been greatly lestric
ted. Once upon a time he had the
power to make trouble for Uncle
Sam's cavalrymen ; today if he shows
symptoms of turbulence the police are
likely to run him in with promptness
and disnatch.
Parental Problems.
Where a whipping may improve
one boy it will create a grudge and a
thirst for revenge in another. Parents
have several problems besides making
a living. Atchison Globe.
Refuses to Grant Franchise.
The Fiscal Court of Clark county
has refused to grant a franchise to the
Kentucky "Utilities Company to erect
J poles and string electric wires in Clark
county for the purpoap of furnishing
electric light and power to the rural
residents. The vote stood five to two.
Mrs. Justwed Just think of it, dear
est one! Twenty-five years from day
before yesterday will be our silver an
niversary ! Judge. i &,
$- X
t- if t.?
V , r
We, offer
every convenience
3 per cent, interest paidon
I the Agricultural Bank of Paris
Would. Perpetuate Road.
A concerted movement has been put
on foot'to'secure an appropriation of
3400,000 from the United States Gov
ernment to be utilized in modernizing
the hisoric "Old Wilderness Koad,"
which was blazed through the pioneer
country in 1775 by Daniel Boone and
his intreDia followers. The Danville
Commercial Ciub, the Middlesboro
Commercial Club and the Mt. Vernon
Club will join hands in the effort. The
original, wilderness road extended from
the Tennessee border via Cumberland
Gap, Middlesboro, Mt. Vernon and
Danville to Lexington, thence to Cin
cinnati and Frankfort and Louisville.
The proposition is to rebuild the "Old
Wilderness Road" and modernize it to
such a degree as will prepare it for all
kinds ofjtraffic.1 Much of the territory
is without railroad facilities and auto
mobile lines may be put into oDeration
( thus giving the people an outlet that
! is needed.
Landlords and tenants are now
contracting in all parts of Nicholas
county for record breaking acrepges of
tobacco for 1913. The landlords and
tenants are both anxious to grow a
great crop of the weed this year, and
all available tobacco ground will be
broken and put in the weed.
The live stock market at Mt. Ster
ling reached the highest price in 25
years whenfyearling and feeding steers
brought $7 a hundred. There were
1,500 on the market with the demand
strong and Dlenty of buyers. Mules
were also high selling reacJily at $250
per head.
Stockholders of the Kentucky
Trotting Horse Breeders Association
held the annual meeting in Lexington
Tuesday and reelected the old officers
for the ensuing year. They nassed a
resolution resuming the three in five
method for deciding the Kentucky Fu
turity. A resolution for prohibiting
the starting of yearlings for standard
records failed.
A special from Maysville says
farmers of Mason county predict that
stock feed will be much higher the
coming spring than was counted on
last fall. The rains and high waters
have washed away thousands of shocks
o fodder, beside" large quantities of
corn and some hay, which in many in
stances was the entire supply held by
many people.
It now seems an assured fact that
the pooled tobacco of the Bowling
Green.One Sucker district is not only
sold but that the growers of this diu
trict will acceDt the price offered by
J. H. Brown, of Louisville. While no
authentic figures have been given
out as to the price offered it is under
stood from reliable sources that the
prices rangedjirom!'$3.50 to $10.
All cows which furnish milk used
in the various institutions of the Statu
are to be subjected to the tuberculin
testes a 'result of a conference Tues
day in Louisville between representa
tives of the State and Federal fgovern
mtntsjand the city, county and State
Boards of Healthat the offices of the
Kentucky Livestock Exchange in the
Jnter-Southern building.
A similar test will be made without
charge by theagents of animal hus
bandry of the United States Depart
mentof;Agriculture upon the herds of
11 dairvmen of the State whon request
it. The diseased animals will be seg
recated and no animalssuffering from
tuberculosis will be "allowed to be
brought into the State. A general
cleaning and disinfecting will be maae
further to guard against the disease
the State and National governments
co-operating as far as possible.
Clover Seed. .
Sweet clover seed for winter sowing,
white and yellow varieties. Greatest
legume fertilizer, good pasture ard
hay. Prices and circular how to grow
it free
Falamouth. Ky.. K. F. D. No. 4.
Cave Dwellers Abroad.
Southern Tunis boasts of a house
less town having a population of 5,000
people. They are troglodytes, whose
fathers before them lived in similar
Too Good to Lose.
Jack "Now that your engagement
is broken, are you going to make
Blanche send back your letters?"
Harry "You bet I am. I worked hard
thinking out those letters; they're
worth using again."
Office Hours.
Living in a very friendly neighbor
hood, I found that often during the
week I was' delayed in my work by a
"back-door" visit or a lengthy tele
phone call. Accordingly I proposed
to several that we adopt "office hours"
for our work and permit no interrup
tion during those hours, writes a con
tributor to Harper's Bazar. The
neighbors saw the wisdom of this plan
and we have followed it with very
gratifying economy of strength and
Horse Trades Must be Honest.
An indictment for "obtaining money
b y false pretenses" in a horse deal is
not defective because the fcword "get"
is used instead of "obtained" in the
indictment, and that it names the ani
mal sold a "horse" when it was a
"mare," declared the Court of Ap
peals this week in affirming the sen
tence of one to five years imposed on
Oni Hale by the Calloway circuit
Court for obtaining by false pretenses
from Isaac Woodall $75 for a worthless
ilitu Is
Tona Vita Builds Up Rundown
People Very Quickly.
If you have a worn out miserable
feeling from morningtill night; if'your
food does not nourish you properly ; if
you have little ambition and tire very
easjly, you are debilitated and run
down, and need something to build you
This Tona Vita will do in a few
weeks time. It is a remarkable medi
cine and is nronouncedjjby most phvsic
ians the best tonic now being sold to
the public.
Give this great tonic a trial. No
matter how badly you are run down
you will notice an improvement at
once. In a few weeks you will feel as
though you had been made over.
If you have lost flesh get on the
scales after taking Tona Vita a week
and see how your "weight has increas
ed. Tona Vita is sold by Chas.'E. Butler
& Co.
This is the reason why women have "nerves' When thoughts begin to itovr
cloudy and uncertain, impulses lag and the .warnmS of pam and distress are se
like flying messages throughout limbs and frame, straightway, nine times in ten, a
womanwill lay the cause of the trouble to some defect at the point where ihe fits t
Mt it. Is it a headache, a backache, a sensation of irritability or touching and
uncontrollable nervousness, something must be wrong with the nead or bassk.a
woman naturally says, but all the tina the real trouble very often centers injtha
womanly organs. la ninD cases out of ten the scat of the difficulty is here, and c
woman should take rational treatment for its cure. The local disorder and inflam
mation of the delicate special organs of the sex should be treated steadily and
Dr. Pierce, during a long period of practice, found that a prescription made
(from medicinal extracts of native roots.withoutthsuseof alcohol, relieved over 90
per cent, of such cases. After using this remedy for many years in his private prac
tice he put it up in form of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, that would make it
easily procurable, and it can be had at any store where medicines are handled.
Mrs. Ltla B. Hawkins, of Zeus, Va.t writes: " I had been failing in health
for two years most of tho time was not able to attend to my household dnties.
Female weakness was my troublo and I was getting very bad but, thanks to Doctor
Pierce's medicines, I am well and strong aain. I took only three bottles of Favor
ite Prescription,' and used the 'Lotion Tablets.' I have nothing but praise for
Doctor Pierce's wonderful medicines."
U Need it in Your
Dodson & Denton
QkxSfegStiXfe)C(g2fe teaag3S3g
who has one, what wonders the Cumberland Telephone works for
him. He will reply:
1. Sells My Products 4. Protects the Home
2. Gets Best Prices 5. Helps the Housewife
3. Brings Supplies 6. Increases Profits
7. Pays For Itself Over and Over
Seven cardinal reasons why YOU should be interested and send
to-day for booklet.
For information, call manager.
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph
Twin Bios. Depanmeni stoie
Corner Seventh and Main Sts.
Now Going On
Great Bargains in All Departments?
Dressgoods, Drygoods, Silks,
Ladtes' and Misses' Suits," Skirts, Cloaks "
Shirt Waists and Millinery. ' "'
Call In and See Us.
The Great .Germ Destroyer and
Blood Purifier
Pure Blood Means Health and Happiness.
There are many Blood Purifiers to choose from, bat there is
only one Oxy-Tonic, which the manufacturers guarantee to give
to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded,
If you have a cough, cold, sore threat, cataarh, or lagrippe,
use Oxy-Tomc.
If you are bilious and malaria is in your system, take Oxy
Tonic. Write to-day for a free booklet, or call at your drueeisb
aud get a free sample. W. T. BROOKS, Paris, Ky.
Oxy-Tonic is sold under a positive guarantee.
OXY-TONIC CO., Incorporated.
446 So. Second St., Louisville, Ky.

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