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fARY 14, 1913
- ''Publisher
Entered at Postoffice at Paris, Ky.,
as mail matter of the second class
Established 188130 Years of Con
tinuous Publication
Published Every Tuesday and Friday
w - n r -mrm mm Mmwm m m ui c-a
iauica aiiu uciiu&iuwii
Your Fall
Are Merc.
One Year. . . .2.00 Six Months. .1.00
Payable in Advance
Display advertisements, $1.00 per
inch for first time ; 50 cents per inch
each subsequent insertion.
Reading notices, 10 cents per line
each issue ; reading notices in black
type, 20 cents per line, each issue.
Cards of thanks, calls on candidates,
! obituaries and resolutions, and simi
lar matl er, 10 cents per line,
Special rates for large advertise
ments and yearly contracts.
Checking of- Supply of Lawyers.
The means of checking the great
oversupply of lawyers 'in the United
States are to be carefully studied
with a view of .legislative changes and
more' restrictive college courses
through a gift of S2b0.000 ,from An
drew Carnegie to the Carnegie "foun
dation. This huge fund, which has been des
ignated as the endowment foe the di
vision of educational inquiry by Mr.
Carnegie, is supplementary to the or
iginal endowment of $15,000,000 com
monly known as the College Pension
Tlie,scoDe of the new department is
the broadest After the legal inquiry
there will be a theological inquiry, an
argicuiturai inquiry wita tne purpose
of raising the standards, as the fund
did in the inquiry into medical schools,
which succeeded in closing 24 medical
colleges which did not come ut) to the
It is intended to focus all the ener
gies of the trained corps of investiga
tors and all the accrued' income to a
study of law, in an effort not only to
cut down the number of law students,
but also to wipe out the larger number
of ignorant and incapable attorneys
who onlv serve tc clutter up.the couits
and increase litigations.
WoimeworJs. Ifcradgery I .
is on her feet M day attending to the .many -'' o painp05sibly dizzy
ing, her temples .'h"bb'f .'Xdlt ?riwnbeeale the poor tired nerves do
feelings. Sometimes res , ' "-'? vomen j, s.fsficd
:oe permit ui i,.gi& -- ryr A , Mr- Rr,tfdS and others testuy :
Hnvorue rre5CIPLIUii- " a . -aT r
asid &3CK women wb
. -rr, Mose af women's weaknesses,
ulceration. It tranvuilizes cue mrv.
bv Dr. Pierce's
It Makes Wqa? Women Stress.
This "Proscription
----- . -m - -7 fryin'irifi77
Iisair, sniiammaijuujf. z-'-- -,fy sicer?.
courages sao uppzutv c.ju j-.w-,
- ? i :v:- rx t
They are new, seasonable, and rea
sonable. The assortment is made up
of the best styles of the world's best
Shoe makers. The scope is so broad
and the size ranges so complete you
will find your size in any make you
We have also a full line of Misses',
Children's and Boys' School Shoes in
GunJMctal, Patents' and Tans.
Dr. Picrcelsperfectly willing to let XSSS
h " 57aVonts rreocnption contain, ,... --- ,
ged:e;S on the bottle-wrapper. Do not . let
persuade you that his unknown composition is just as booa
ia order that he nay make p. bigger profit. -
s of 520 N. Washington tot.. JJeip,
:Ir3. IJRAZIIJ. liriGG
Ohio, writes: i living
for a bad care ol intestinal disease ana cotoiipawuu x
v-om-r-'s ill- for which I was almost unable to do aijj
tol?gfi tblfe I am e in saying rthat .there arco remedies
in t.hP wm r lice ur. fierce s ravunic j--v
Purifying Lotion Tablets.'
t otyi nnu- pmnvinir xue oest. oi
Looith nnH thank Dr. P erce for his wonderful mcaiciau
which 'have done me a world of good."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Peilets regulate liver and bowels.
I m
Phones 301
The Shoe Man
Bourbon Laundry j
D4VIS & FUNK, Props.
Telephone No. 4.
West 5 Street
We Take Pleasure.
ir oing up the finest shirt
waists or anything in the
laundry line. That is whay
made ihe Bourbon Laundrt
famous fo fine work and it
dever goes brack on its repu
tation. If you are particular
about how your linen is
laundered, your custom is the
kind we want as we like to
k Paris Kentucky. T
Bourboi5 Laundry,
A ymS tfll-tf Mrl C3rakl
of Paris.
We wish to thank our
friends and patrons for
the liberal patronage ex
tended to us during the
past year, and wish them
a happy and prosperous
New Year.
offer every convenience to'.our
3 percent, interest paid'on
I m JigriculturaljBanK of Paris
The right o' publisher is reserved
to decline any advertisement or other
matter offered for publication.
Space is a newspaper's stock in
trade, its source of revenue.
At Auction Friday, 18th.
You can pay for the Main street
house with tha rent you are now pay
ing. Try it on February 18 at the auc
tion sale at twou o'clock p. m. Easy
We are authorized to announce J. C.
Elgin, Sr., as a candidate for the
Democratic nomination for Chief of
Police of the city of Paris, subject to
the Democratic primrry. August 2,
We are authorized to announce W. F.
Link as a candidate for Democratic
nomination for Chief of Police of the
city of Paris, subject to the Demo
cratic primary August 2.
We are authorized to announce Ben
Bishop as a candidate for the Demo
cratic nomination for Chief of Police
of the city of Paris, subject to the
Democratic primary August 2.
We are authorized to announce Geo.
M. Hill as a candidate for the nomina
tion for the office of Chief of Police of
the'Cily of Paris, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary, August 2,
We are'authorized to announce Geo.
W. Judy as a candidate for the nom
ination of the office of Chief of Police
of the city of Paris, subject to the
action of the Democratic primary,
August 2, 1913.
We are authorized to announce Jo
seph Farris as. a candidate for the
nomination of ' Jailer of Bourbon
county, subject to the action of the
Democratic primary August 2, 1913.
We are authorized to announce J.
Walter Payne as a candidate for the
nomination for the office of County
Clerk of Bourbon county, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary
August 2, 1913.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
Pearce Paton as a candidate for the
Democratic nomination for Clerk of
Bourbon county, subject to the action
of the Democratic primary August 2,
We are authorized to announce Thos.
J. Holliday as a candidate for the nom
ination for the office of Police Judge
of the citv or Paris, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic primary, Aug-1
ust 2, 1913.
Water Power.
In a recent message to the Legisla
ture of West VirginiaJGov. Glasscock
said :
"I deem this an opportune time to
call your attention to the undeveloped
water power of West Virginia and the
possibilities in this direction for reve
nue and for the establishment within
our borders of great manufacturing
plants. When we think of such rivers
aa the New, the two Kanawhas, Po
tomac, Cheat, Greenbrier, Mononga
hela, Elk, Gauley and Tug, the waters
from some of which come down from
an altitude of three or four thousand
feet, it is easv to understand that
these rivers are capable of producing
electric energy by the cheapest of all
forces and make these streams a
source of inestimable wealth to our
This advice is applicable to Ken
tucky. No state in the Union, per
haps isbetter supplied with water
ways, and in these waterways are tre
mendous possibilities of water power
development. The utilization uf thi3
power would mean enormous industrial
expansions and activity. It stands to
reason that the opportunities that are
offered in Kentuky will not always be
neglected. When the time eomes that
our water power is in demand the
State should be in position to profit
bv it.
The Hodgkins --heirs, of Clark
county, sold a farm of 112J acres of
land toJohn Greening at $100 per acre.
The land is situated on Muddy" Creek.
The stockholders of the Perrvviile
Fair Association met last week, reor
ganized and selected officers for the
ensuing year. H. C. Mullins was
chosen secretary and Joseph McDow
ell, president, and tne dates for the
next exhibition are August 13, 14 and
We'are receiving"a carload of Per
cheron mares every two weeks, from
one to four yearsold.j Phone or write
H. T. BROWN & CO.,
Lexington Ky.
Union Stock Yards.
Articles incorporating the Penny
Royal Fair, were filed at Hopkinsville
and officers were elected, thus putting
the countyfair project on a firm loot
ing and insuring the holding of a fair
next fall. S. L. Cowherd was elected
president, Dr. M. W. Williams sere
tary. George M. Romemell, Chief of the
United States Bureau ot Animal Hus
bandry, and WalterPalmer, of Otta
wa, 111., a member ot the United
States Commission .for he establish
ment of a government bureau of hdrse
breeding, arrived in Kentuky Tuesday,
and bought from John B. Stewart the
four year old bay registered saddle
stallion, Captain Perry, by Highland
Flower, dam by Monte Cristo.
Dr. W. E. Hastings, the'Posey
county, Ind., stockman who last year
imported two fine zebras from Ger
many for a cross breeding experiment
that is expected to cover a number ot
years, says the zebras, though origi
iiFlly from tropic lands, are standing
the winter well on his farm. They are
getting lat and becoming thoroughly i
tamed. The male is almost a pet and
is daily curried without offering to
kick. The zebras have been separated
and the male placed with a young filly.
Dr. Hastings is engaged ih an experi
ment bv which he hopes to see a new
and very hardy race of domestic
mals produced.
U Need it in Your
Dodson Denton
who has one, what wonders the Cumberland Telephone works for
him. He will reply:
Sells My Products 4. Protects the Home
Gets Best Prices 5. Helps the Housewife )
Brings Supplies 6. Increases Profits .
7. Pays For Itself Over and Over
Seven cardinal reasons why YOU should be interested and send-to-day
for booklet.
For information, call manager.
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph
Six persons Mere iniured and sixty
five injured' in political riots at Tokio,
Japan. Monday night. The mob at
tacked and wrecked newspaper offices
and police stations, Btoned Premier
Katsura and the police guarding the
Diet. Troops patrol the streets.
Democrats of the House Judiciary
Committee were informed Mondav by
close associates of President-elect Wil
son, it is stated, that he desires to be
free to run for a second term four
vears hence, and reached an agrepment
to seek a modification of ihe Works one
term resolution.
Twin Bios. Depanmeni Si
Corner Seventh and Main Sts.
Four Classes of People.
The world may be divided into peo
ple that read, people that write, peo
ple that think, and fox hunters, Will
iam Shenstone.
Here is a message of hope and. good
cheer from Mrs. G. J. Martin, Boone
Mill, Va., who is the mother of eight
een children. Mrs. Martin was cured
jof stomach trouble and constipation by
Chamberlain'SiTablets after five yearn
ot suffering, and now recommends
these tablets to the public. Sold by
all dealers
Now Going ;On
Great Bargains in All Departments.
Dressgoods, , Drygoods, Silks,
is probably due to uric
acid in the system the
blood must be purified
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be improved.
Thousands testify that
Scott's Emulsion rids the
system of poisonous acid'
by enriching the impover
ished blood, and its; con
centrated nourishment is
converted into red blood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist on
Scott & Howhe. Bloomfield.N.J. 12-60
Ladies' and Misses' Suits, Skirts,
Shirt Waists and Millinery.
Gall In and See
F m Jr Flwi A.
S Will Freve It t Yeu Free
J. C, Hutxtll. R. P.
You -who are suffering the tortures of Eczema. Itch. Salt Rheum or other
skin diseases ouwhoic days are miseraule. whose niahts are made sleep
less by the terrible uchwp. burning pains, let me send you a trial of a sooth
ing, hedlinji treatment which has cured hundreds, which 1 believe will cure
you 1 Will send It iree, postage paiu, wicuuui, any uuiigatiou on your part.
Just fill the coupon below and mail it to me. Or write me. giving your name, age and address.
I will send the treatment free of cost to jou.
J. C. HUTZELL, 123 WesfMain St., Fort Wayne, Ind.
Please send -without cost or.obligatlon to me your Free Proof Treatment.
Name I Aee.
Post Office
State , ....Street and No.
(Fri-tf) , -

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