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Many Measures Are Report
ed By Committees in Both
New Organization to Enter
War On the Dreaded
White Plague
Fiscal Court Makes Appro
priation to Sustain sl Vis
iting Nurse
Commission Ordered to Pro
ceed With Probe Into
Benton's Death
Mexican Situation Likely to
Provoke Debate in Senate
This Week.
" ' third meeting of, the Public
Pf u '. and Welfare League, held at
t p jblic Library building yesterday
ai-oon was largely attended and
iLLr enthusiasm manifested by the
n-- rs of the organization, which
tj rrfected three weeks ago with a
-,.p- of providing a visiting nurse for
B- u' v.n county and combat the dread
ed v"te plague.
1 addition to the large number en-rc.i.-3
is membeis at the meeting held
la-t "eek one hundred and tweity
e'zhz were admitted to the member
ship yesterday afternoon and it is the
opinion of those foremost in the move
ment there will bge an increase in the
membership with each succeeding
Tljch encouraged ojr the success at
tained so far the work of looking af
ter tne health of the community will
be entirely upon a systematic manner
and through the medium of a visiting
nurse which is to be provided by the
league as soon as all arrangements
are made for the poyment of the sal
ary and meet the other expenses of
the undertaking.
As an evidence of the interest that
s being taken in the movement, the
Fiscal Court at its regular meeting
yesterday afternoon made a hand
some appropriation to assist in meet
ing the expenses, and the City Council
a ill be asked to contribute a liberal
sum to the furtherance of the cause.
Miss Hunt, who has been here for
sepral weeks looking into vthe con
dn ms, and who was sent to Paris by
State Tubercuosis Association was
V'c-v the Fiscal Court yesterday and
f-1 address before that bodypre
errcd it with many interesting facts
r-rding the health of Nthe county
End city and pointed to the urgent
nef a of a visiting nurse keep in touch
" 'th the conditions, to attend the
vfi.y in their illness ana to worK m
cc ruction with the Welfare League
in Its war on tuberculosis.
T.ie court was very generous in its
appropriation, an order being enterew
for the payment of the sum of $450
anruallv, in monthly installments, to
aid "n the work. At the last meeting
of the City Council, which will be
held next Thudsday night. Miss
Hunt will endeavor to have that body
Tote an appropriation of a sum equal
to this amount and the remainder of
the expense which is likely to be in
curred will be met by popular sub
scriptions. Neer in the history of the city
Las there been a more interested and
enthusiastic organization as that
hich will take up the fight on disease
in Paris and Bourbon County. ,
EL PASO, TEXAS, March 5. In
vestigation into the execution by Gen.
Villa of Wm. S. Benton, the British
subject, and into the disappearance of
Gustav Bauch, the German-American
was begun at Juraez to-day by the
Mexican commission appointed by
Gen. Carranza.
The commission will endeavor to
ascertain whether the arrest and con
viction of Benton was according to
due form of law and justice. It is not
expected that an examination will be
made of Brion's body."
An attempt will be made by the
Mexican commissioners to learn
whether Bauch was executed or
whether he is till alive. If alive an
attempt will be made to learn his
The Anglo-American commission
was still awaiting instructions from
May Lose Life.
EL PASO, TEXAS, March 5. Luis
Terre7as, Jr., who for many months
has been held prisoner at Chihua
hua Tjy rebels pending negotiations
for ransom, has until to-morrow to pay
$500,000 to Gen. Villa under pain of
death. This information reached here
to-day. Terazas has many Kentucky
Situation at Washington.
Appropriation Is Made For
Panama-Paciffc Exposition
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Does President Wilson in His
Brief Message
V1THINGTON, March 5. Presi
dent Wilson personally appealed to
Egress, assembled in joint session
lHlay to sustain the national honor
Df te United States in upholding
treaty obligations by repealing the
Pajiama tolls exemption- against
ta Great 'Britain protests.
He asked Congress to do that "in
Ppcrt of the foreign policy of the
admiristration" and added that an
exemption for American ships not
onlv was a mistaken economic pol
Jjy hut was in contravention of the
"I shall not know how to deal with
Oi'ifcT inuUer- oi even greater aelicacy
and nnrrer consequences if you do not
srart it to me in ungrudging meas
ure," said the President.
"The large thing to do is the only
thins we can affora to do; a volun
tary withdrawal from a position
envhero questioned and misunder
stood. We ought to reverse odr ac
"o without raising n Question wheth
er "fce were right or wrong, and so
" more deserve our rpiritation for
Sfiifrosity and the redemption of
every obligation without quibble or
President Wilson's addrs he
shortest he has vet delivered to Confess-exactly
420 words.
though Great Britain's reluctance to
press the Benton case at this time has
made the American situation less
acute, there are several aspects of it
which it now is practically certain
will occasion spirited debate in the
Senate in a few days.
It has became known that facts and
data concerning the numbers of for
eigners killed in Mexico since armed
revolution began there are being gath
ered by the State Department for
Senator Shively, ranking member of
the Foreign Relations Committee, who
is expected to present official records
about conditions in the Southern Re
public. 4
It was reported that Senator Fall,
of New Mexico, would open the de
bate with a speech pointing to condi
tions in Mexico past and present, and
ursine: a change of policy-.
The New Mexico Senator presented
to the Foreign Relations Committee
Pedro Del Vilar and Cecelio Ocon,
representing the political interests of
Felix Diaz.
Members of the committee -were
franklv amazed when the Mexicans
sought moral support by the United
States of a movement to bring about
peace in Mexico by another revolu
tion headed by Diaz.
The committee had no idea, x it is
said, of the purpose of their visit
niioT- tvum thpv wished to nresent in
formation about the situation in Mex
ico! Members of the committee flatly
stated that the United States could
not recognize any such movement.
Vilar and Ocon severely arraigned
Huerta as corrupt and Carranza and
Villa as bandits, and argued that Fe
lix Diaz had a host of loyal Mexican
citizens behind him who would rush
to his support to establish a real gov-
fernnient in Mexico.
I They want to get a promise, if pos
sible, from the American Govern
ment that it would uphold Diaz ana
recognize him if the counter-revolution
succeeded. Several members of
the committee characterized the prop
osition as preposterous.
The committee is taking a most ac
tive interest in the Mexican imbroglio
pnd intends to get all the information
possible so that it may be prepared
for afnv situation that may arise, es
pecially if the Administration should
determine upon any change of policy.
FRANKFORT, KY., March 5. Five
new measures were introduced and
three resolutions were offered when
the House convened this morning, af
ter which the House went into com-
"mittee of the whole to continue con
sideration of the tax measure.
The section of the tax bill abolish
ing the office of county assessor and
creating a county tax commissioner
was amended by Myers to provide a
fine and imprisonment and forfeiture
of office for the county commisscioner
willfully or knowingly making im
proper assessment returns?
Frazier's amendemnt providing for
the tax commissioner to have been a
resident of the county three years
prior to his election, also was adopted.
The Committee on Propositions and
Grievances reported favorably an an
the penalty for minors visiting sa
loons. The Committee on Appropriations
reported without expression of opin
ion the good roads bill, passed by the
House. It went into the calendar.
The bill granting appeals in all
criminal cases in county magistrals,
police courts, except in cities of the
first class, were reported favorably.
The House resolution approving of
the Federaol movement to take over
the Lincoln farm was reported favor
ably. The bill providing for two more
mine inspectors got a favorable re
port. The Committee on Banks and Bank
ing reported without expression of
opinion the bill providing for the rural
building system. It was placed on the
The House bill, prohibiting free
power as required by the constitution
was reported favorably by the Com
mittee on Common Carriers.
July 1, 1914, is fixed as the date
for putting this bill into forec.
The Committee on Common Car
riers reported unfavorably the full
crew bill. Senators Zimmerman and
Williams made eloquent speeches for
the bill on the motion to put the
bill in the calendar. Themotion car
ried. The Kentucky State Senate Wed
nesday passed the Glenn bill raising
the salary of the Coufederate Pension
Commissioner and giving him clerical
help. In the House the Tax Reform
bill was debated all day. Nearly
every member presented an amend
ment to the substitute for the Soecial
Commission bill. An appropriation of
$0,000 for the Panama-Pacific Expo
sition passed the Senate.
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Themany interested people in Bour
bon county will be glad to know that
the second installment on the Y. M.
,C. A. fund is coming in now. Already
about one-third of the amount to be
collected this time has been received.
Revised plans are on the way from
the office of the architects and should
be here to-day. If these are found
to be satisfactory, the next step will
be to advertise for bids and let the
contra rt so as to begin work at an
early date.
Former Parisian Gives Account of Ex
perience on the Mexican Border.
Charles Flinchem , a discharged
soldier, formerly a switchman in the
Louisville & Nasliville railroad yards
in this city, passed through Paris
Wednesday, en route to Hamilton, O.,
where he will spend several weeks.
Flinchem enlisted in the regular aamy
three years ago, and since the estab
lishment of the border patrol be
tween Mexico and the United States
has been stationed within a short dis
tance of El Paso, where he has been
doing duty.
Flinchem gave many interesting ac
counts of the incidents that occurred
during: his prolonged stay on the bor
der, and expressed the opinion that his guards at
intervention on the part of the united Juarez.
States in Mexico will be the only:
means of restoring pace to the repub
lic. According to Flinchem, soldiers of
the United States army are not al
lowed to cross the river from El Paso
into Juarez, but they frequently do so
in citizens' clothes and much informa
tion has been gained in this way re
garding the movements of the Mexi
can rebels wlio occupy the city. On
several occasions, he said, he had
seen the Mexican leader, General
"General Villa," he said, " is not a
man who would impress one as the
leader of an army. During his stay in
Juarez he wore no uniform other than
a light khaki suit with a broad brim
med hat. He was always heavily
armed, carrying a rifle with oeits or i
cartridges strung over each shoulder I
and heavy, revolvers. He bears a
strong resemblance to the American '
npgro rather than to the Mexican, and
it is fhe general opinion that he is of!
that blood. Among the. rebels hi '
word is law, and they fear his wrath "
Regarding the execution of Briton, I
the English subject, pjid of Araeri-,
p"Tis at the hands of the rebel leader.
FUnchpm lclared thnt there was a ,
general belief that th Englishman
was never gien a trial, but was shot
to death by Gererai Villa or one vf
the headquarters in
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Paris, Kentucky
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