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Xhandle' V y y
Makes it easy to clean and polish your floors
woodwork and fumikire. Reaches the hard-to
jef-at places.
Woodland Stock Farm
Headquarters For Draft Horses
Buster B.
; Dark. Bay Horse, Weight 1,700.
Sired by Imported Glitter 58803.
Dam by Imported Queen 41490.
$10.00 TO INSURE.
BUSTER B. is a coming four-year-old
and a young stallion of marked
.size and condition. He is the kind
that will appeal to your fancy and you
will make no mistake in breeding to
The Above Horses Will Make the Season of 1914 at Woodland Stock Farm.
About 7 miles north of Paris on the Cynthiana pike. Money due when
colt is foaled, mare transferred or bred to other stock without my consent.
JAen retained on all colts until season money is paid. Care taken to prevent
accidents, but no responsibility assumed 'should any occur.
ft 1 M 1 Mi ;i IjUMtHI 1
mB . TTO A A 1 I . L T ne aPP''cat,on soothes and heals a rough v
. mom HH HbJHKI I A I IA fe A M pimplyskin.and.vlienrepL'ated.quicklyefTectK v)
J K EK f m RhK'I m B T H m acure Ec7ema, Erysipelas, Tetter, Ulcers and H
I" I 1 I I I I IIB.J 12 II all II Hal V. all skin diseases yield to its curative properties. I
Ll li Ul IXlwBiQRll 11 I ill llll 1 SOcabox. At all Druggists. j
SS UK3 SS Wiaifmtr " ' i I I EHH M Send for frro -sample ind lKK)k. "Ilcilth and Beauty." A
r w ww mi BlaHW rnXXm BOP lllvli joknston, holloway & co., a
JT JEfSKJ mr WMM'VriW 1730 spring Garden t., Pha Pa.
For Men and
Best Hats at Lowest
L. Wolistein, Proprietor.
We will have in Paris a Full Stock all Models: We Sell
Pope, Flying Marshall and Day ton.
The Joseph Candioto Co. ,
151-153-155 North Broadway, Lexington, Ky.
Supptces of aJi kiruds.. ,
Black Percheron; Weight 1760.
$10.00 TO INSURE.
BURLEY is a splendid specimen of
the dratt horse and his get have
proved to be of the very best. There Dr. King's New Life Pills keep the fended the parcel post Tuesday in an
is a steadily growing demand for the stomach, liver and kidneys in a 0pen letter, characterizing it as an
class of horses produced by Burley, healthy condition. Rid the body of - accelerator of trade between cities
both upon the farm and in the cities, poisons and waste. Improve your I and farms, and declaring its rates
They can stand more work than the , complexion by flushing the liver and were based on operating costs in 'both
average horse He is 8 years old, a kidneys. "I got more relief from one I the profitable territory,which is de
beautiful black, well formed, and of ; box of Dr. King's New Life Pills than fined by the extent of the systems of
the class that catches the eye. In se-.any, medicine I ever tried," savs C. E.iprivate express companies, and the
lecting a horse to breed to
pick one
the best
whose produce commands
I air. Iontnlrw '
miii iw i.uvnri
Was Able to Sleep and Eat
Mrs. Mueller
says: "J keep
Feruna in the
house constant
; ly. When I am
' not feeling well
I take a few
, doses. It always
I Mrs. Mueller's
1 story of her; ex
; perience with
Peruna fully ex
' plains why she
i always keeps
Peruna on hand.
I A few years ago
I she was very
P.O. Box 321, Hawley,
Wayne Co., Penn.
1 sick. The trouble seemed to be the
j stomach and liver. She suffered
' great pain. "Was unable to get any
thing toslielp her. She was -growing
weaker and weaker. She became
tired of life.
Somebody suggested that she write
to the Peruna Co. She did so.
r Through their advice she began to
use Peruna. In a letter from her at
this time she says: "Through the
use of Peruna I have regained my
health. I took only a bottle and a
half when I was able to sleep and
eat again and my nervousness disap
peared." No wonder Mrs. Mueller
keeps Peruna in the house. Under
similar circumstances Peruna would
be in every house in the land.
Any one laKing reruna ougnr, zo
have a free copy of the "Ills of Life."
Address Peruna Co., Columbus, Ohio.
People who object to liquid medi
cines can now obtain Peruna Tablets.
A man doesn't worry much about a
drink on Sunday until helearns that
his wife forgot to order any beer and
there isn't a bottle in the house. Then I
he develops a $900,000,000.00 thirst j
ana wants to go out and throw rocks
! at the Gevernment.
Hatfield, of Chicago,
111. 25c, at
your druggist's.
Tlie man who refrains frm osyiag
what he thinks about other men dbes
more tor the cause of peace than all
the Palaces you could build at The
The most economical, cleansing and
germicidal of all antiseptics is
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic for douches
in treating catarrh, inflammation or
ulceration of nose, throat, and that
caused by feminine ills it has no equal.
For ten years the Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co. has recommended Paxtine
in their private correspondence with
women, which proves its superiority.
Women who have been cured say
it is "worth its weight in gold." At
druggists. 50c. large box, or by mail.
Tho Paxton Toilet Co., Boston, Mass.
- ' IN T03ACC0 BEDS.
Complaints are reaching 'the Station
jf injuries by cutworms and flea beet
les in tobacco beds. These pests can
je controlled very largely by care,
first, in preparing the beds, secondly,
in keeping them covered and destroy
ing weeds and grass about them, and
finally, when vror3t comes to worst, by
spraying the- young plants with arse
nate of lead or Paris green.
The cutworms are the young of sev
eral species of night flying moths, and
have spent the winter in grasses, or
weeds, about the beds. The burning
of the beds destroys those within the
area burned over, but others lurk
among any vegetation that may be
left immediately about the frames. A
bare strip of five feet or more should
therefore be left outside the beds, and
if muslin covers must be removed
this strip and wooden frames can be
treated with creosote, the odor of
which will afford some protection
from worms disposed to travel across
the bare area.
If gnawing insects have been allow
ed to get in the beds, the only thing
to do is spray with arsenate of lead,
three or four pounds in fifty gallons of
water, or else use Paris green, one
fourth pound in thirty gallons of wa
ter, with about a pound of slacked
lime added to prevent burning. The
arsenate of lead in the proportion rec
ommended does no harm at all to the
plants and requires no lime.
The above treatment is to be recom
mended also for the small brown flea
beetles which sometimes infest the
beds and gnaw numerous round holes
in the leaves.
The arsenate of lead adheres to the
leaves for some time, and should
serve to protect them from these in
sects after the plants are set out in
the field, though a second application
may be necessary after they are well
Entomologist and Botanist, Kentucky
Experiment Station.
Postmaster General Burleson de
unprofitable territory into which the
private express companies never go.
Mr. Burleson was replying 10 uie
Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, which
ro4lDnr1v ndnnfpd rp.soliitions onnos -
ing an increase in the weight limit,
on the ground that it would drive ex
press companies .out of business. Mr.
Burleson asserted that the companies
would not be driven out of "profitable
territory," unless they were relative -
"I have used Chamberlain's Tablets
off and on for the past six years
whenever my liver shows signs of be-
ing in a disordered condition. 1 ney , sidering the geographical envvron
havo always acted quickly and given ment. "Between weakness and
me the desired relief," writes Mrs.
F. H. Trubus, Springville, N. Y. For
sale by all dealers.
The National and Ohio Associations
of Mexican War Veterans will be held
at Chillecothe, Ohio, June 9-10, 1914.
By special invitation of the citizens
headquarters will be at the Mayor's
office, where the veterans will regis
ter on arrival. '
All veterans of the Mexican war,
their wives, sons and daughters, and
widows of veterans are cordially re
quested to attend this reunion.
The National Association will con
tinue to meet the Ohio Association
annually until invited to some other
The important work of the conven
tion will be the. election of officers
and the appointment of a committee
to place the records in the National
capital for safe keeping for future
To Teach Tobacco Growing
Lexington Benjamin F. Scherffius,
who for several years has been one of
the fobaccov experts of the Kentucky
Experiment Station and College of Ag
riculture of State University, accom
panied by his wife and little daugh
ter, left here on a journey of 16,000
miles to Colombo, Ceylon, where h
has been appointed to a lucrative posi
tion by theBritish Government to supervise,-the
culture of tobacco. The
ttle party started from here for New
York and will stop over for a couple
of days ii WVairgton. From New
York the pirtv will sail for South
hampton. England. The"? it will take
one of the fast Eart Indian steamers
for fi'e lon ocean voyage. It will be
abc V,n middle of June when they
rerh fV,Mr destination. The selec
tion of Prof. Scherffius for this post
is "notir feather in the cap of State
University, and this is the second to
bacco expert trained at this institu
ion whose ability for this class of
work has been recognized by the Brit-
isb Government, his brother. W. H.
Scherffius, having some time ago
heen selected to go to South Africa on
a similar mission.
Is Sickness
A Sin ? a s,n (
" mmm m Commission
or a Sin of Omission? Or Both?
We transgress Nature's laws, the Liver
Btrikes, tneu we omit or neglect until
we ache or sicken.
Loosen the dammed-up bile. Keep it
loose with the old time-tried May Apple
Root, (Podopnyllin.) PodOphyllin with
the gripe taken out is called
Mexico," by
E. Reginald
"Hlri iirtli
There are two main-traveled ways
;frt TVTvi Tho fire- Hoc oooc tT,
stormy waters of the Mexican Gulf
to the yellow strands of Vera Cruz,
beyond which the "star mountain" of
the Azecs, Citlaltepeta, (Orizaba, 18.- j
250 feet high) rears jts gleaming
snow-cap in the mid-heavens above
the clouds. It was here that Cortes
landed four centuries ago, and it is
elers to-day. Here stands Ulloa. the
promontory fortress where more than
one of Mexico's short-lived rulers Ian-
guished and died of yellow fever, and
...l.j.l- ....i- i- ! n Inof ptln VI rrl "il rt rT
WlllUll vvcta Liic iaai 011U115UUIU ui
opum. .Dcyuiiu il auoc tuc wjiuc
Beyond it arise the white
buildings and towers of Vera Cruz, a
aream city, as ueaeiu liuiu cue 5un, vertised a medicine known as
of interest and beauty, and to the Brown's Snake Oil Liniment and left
west are the broad castal deserts. . it for sale with Chas. E. Butler & Co
Piled up to the horizon are the wood-! druggists of Paris, Ky. Since then
ed slopes and canyons of the great Mr Butler has sold hundreds of bot
Sierra Madre, topped by the gleaming ties of this wonderful medicine and
Orizaba, towering upward in solitary makes the broad statement that it
majesty. We stand upon a torrid has produced more cures than anv
strand, yet gaze upon an icy moun- medicine that was ever sold through
tain. his drug store.
One of the most remarkable rail- j
ways in the world ascends this steep Last Court Day Mr. Brown intro
zone, and serpentines among sheer duced on the streets, through Mr."
descents to gain the summit of abrupt Butler's drug store, a medicine known
escarpments from which a remarka- as Brown's Native Herbs in Liquid
ble feature of the eastern" slope of Form, and a great many bottles were
Mexico the traveler looks down into sold under a positive guarantee that
another coluntry and climate, upon it would cure all forms of Stomach
those tropical valleys and which he Trouble, Constipation, Catarrh, Indi
has left below. This is the Mexican gestion, Dyspepsia, Water Brash,
Vera Cruz railway. Rising from the Rheumatism, Kidney and Bladder
tierra caliente, or hot land, a tropical Chills and Fever, Diseases common
region of dense vegetation, of jungle to Women,
and lagoon, where there are the
shores woods and groves teeming Jts introduction into every commu
with animal and vegetable life, the nity has been followed by some of
road enters the more temperate zone, the most remarkable cures. Brown's
tierra templada, extending upward to- Native Herbs in Liquid Form is
ward the Great Plateau. The limit of guaranteed to cure Constipation. In
this climate zone is at nn eleva'"" " digestion, and to set the stomach
6,000 feet above sea level. Rising right. It matters not of how long
rnniriiv tiiP.np.fi uD to and over the e&- standing the disease may be. Ir at
i narnments of the Sierra Madre and
i the high plains, we enter upon the
I tierra fria, or cold lands, ranging
i nnn i. o Ann . K,r !-, coo
irom D,UUU to c,uuu leet iiuuvc liic au.
level Above this rise the mgn sum-
mits of the Mexican Cordilleras, with
their culminating peaks, some few of
which penetrate the atmosphere
above the limit of perpetual snow. , can go back to Mr. Butler and he will
The earliest railway of Mexico, give you your dollar just as cheer
that from Vera Cruz to the City of fully as he takes it. Brown's Native
Mexico, traverses the country in the Herbs in Liquid Form and Brown's
most difficult direction, transversely, Snake Oil Liniment, remember, are
rising from tide u ater and the Atlan- sold under a positive guarantee. Try
?o Httnmi find useendinir the steep it today.
MnnrnmmL nt the Eastern Sierra '
; ,. , .. , , t n lnk val
j . . .n :nfrnrr m,tidP r.ivili
. '. . .' . , r , .x 1,1
zation to that isolated interior world.
But Mexico's singular topographicel
nnsiHnn has not secured her from in
vasion. Three times the city on the
lnUp has fallen to foreign invaders
J SDaniards of the Conquest, the
1 Fren( of Napoleon and tne Ameri-
. . T-r .i.T r-.j.i. t !l !--.
cans 01 tne umiea sLauea. muccu, uic
, flat and arid table-land stretcning
awayto tlie north was formerly a
more noint natural aeiense man tne
Cordilleran heights which front on
the Atlantic seas, and the axiom 01
j Lerdo in well brought to mind in con-
strength, the desert!"
Old Coins Found.
Princeton While plowing in a'
pld on the farm of Joseph Scott in
the Scottsburg vicinity of this coun- SULPHUR DRfES UP ECZEMA
ty, Nelson Darnall, aged about twenty- AND STOPS ITCHING
four years, unearthed nearly 200 in '
silver coin, besides some foreign coins This Old Time Skin Healer is Used
of varying denominations. The mon-j Just Like Any Cold Cream
ey consisted of an number of pieces,
ranging in denomination from a dime t With the first application of bold
to a dollar, but consisted mostly of sulphur cream the angry "itching at
half dollars. The dates on the coins tending any eczema eruption ceases
ranged from 1796 to 1830. It is said and its remarkable healing powers
that several of the coins have a pre-. begin. Sulphnr, saj-s a renowned
mium value, and that one of them, a j dermatologist, just common bold-sul-half
dollar, is worth $50. An inter-1 phur, made into a thick cream, will
esting feathre of the case is that j soothe and heal the skin when irri
ten years ago another man, plowing in jtated and broken out with Eczema
the "same field, unearthed about $400 j or any form of eruption. The mo
in silver coins. ment it is- applied all itching ceases.
Many a- good woman spends an
hour rigging on her trotting harness
and compressing a 48-inch waist into
a 36-inch straight-jacket so she can
attend a meeting and indignate about
the foolish heathens who wear rings
in their noses.
Sit down and figure it out and yon
will find that if you had left unsaid
two thirds of what you said during
the day the world would have been
just as well off.
We do not claim to be an oracle
As a rule you will find that the
sort of men who know nothing of
mathematics are the greatest success
u multiplying the census.
mKr Vw
m Year DtiTHwyfirfMf
m " Tomr Graai-Dfti. HBBZVtt
m . w- -- wmTmyAZjm m
P All used May -Apple MmWVJM M
Root to release the WmTJjYM m
bile from tne liver. wWJ&f &n w
m It enped those days" mSV Kill
but in the PODOLAX TtSL Jl M
. formula the. gripe has QifiyT k
V,. been taken out. Onr k
Buy It and try It. jy
The Man Who
Pii lie "pf"h lAJi-l-r
1 " AAi TT J. ll.lv
is ringers.
' ''LrS ? Bnnv?! the man who used
:inS" ,o?,i Wltn is. niJfeis n
k sales d ays at Pans, Ky., and
v 0rk was the talk of the ole
jast iaii this Saitifi TUr T
came to Paris on Court Day and ad-
the same time tones up the entire
nervous system, gives strength and
vigor to those who are weak, sick and
nprvniis To nrnvp nil this wc qoI-
-- - - . -.w ..- .. k,.
)ou to 50 uuu nave a iuik wun lur.
Butler at his store, buy a bottle of the
Native Herbs, and if it is not just asr
we recommenci ana aaveruse it. you
Mrs. A. L. Luckie, East Rochester,
N. Y., was a victim of sick headache-
and despondency, caused by a badly
weakened1 and debilitated condition of
her stomach, when she began taking
Chamberlain's Tablets. She says: "I
fniinrl Tiom nloeonf In 4oI-q oln mtlrl
-.- w lu t., av umu
"" eueuuve. 111 a iev weess ume 1
was restored to my fprmer good
"coim. rUt saic uy a.11 ueaieit.
(May) (adv)
If all those who have sworn off as-
buyers when it is their turn, would
swear off as drinkers, the Prohibition
ists would elect the next President.''
Lots of men remind you of some
cigars. You can see the Domestic,
filler under the imported wrapper.
and after two or three applications
the Eczema disappears, leaving the
skin clear and smooth.
He tells Eczema sufferers to get
from any good pharmacy an ounce of
bold-sulphur cream, and apply .it to
the irritated, inflamed skin, the same
as you would any cold cream.
"For many years this soothing, heal
ing sulphur has occupied a secure po
sition in the treatment of cutaneous
affections by reason of its parasite-destroying
property. It is not only par
asinoidal, but also antipruritic, anti
septic and remarkably healing in all
irritable and inflammatory conditions
of the skin. While not always estab
lishing a permanent cure it never
fails to instantly subdue the irrita
tion and heal the Eczema right up
and it is often years later before any
eruption again appears on the skin.
Quickly relieve "Rhnnmatlna. Sore 3Inn-
Cles. Keuraliria. Backache. Headache znr
an pains. Jtour money back ii it laiia :...
heva anr ache in anv uart of the .j1
fifteen minutes time.
jrnce DVc. JLt All Druggists.
Free iixople and circular lent on reque:.
342 East Main St., Lexington.
fr$3 -
I ?
or saja by ftM Druggists.
.4 r
-" t-
t .
, J. Atft.
Tf Jlttftki 0,
. ,-iati
r;l--T-.irMllt-MTail lii'f.nTr. iirnJ

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