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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 191.
ICcdiciiial Virtues Retained and Im
.proved Unpleasant and Salivat-
ing dualities Removed
New Variety Called
U "Calotabs."
0 all the medicines in the world,
doctors prescribe calomel most often
and depend upon it most universally.
g2jre must be a good and sumcie-nt
xefison what is it?
JC you will study the doctors books
you -will find that the medical au
thorities prescribe calomel for almost
vry disease. The reason is that
calomel is the greatest and only
thorough system-purifier. It makes
tbo liver active, drives out the pois
ons from the stomach, bowels and
kidneys and thereby purifies the
blood. Calomel puts the entire sys
tems, in the most favorable condition
far nature to exercise her recupera
tive power. That is why he pre
scribes calomel so often.
t (Fhe new kind of calomel, called
VCalotabs," is refined and purified
from all of the nauseating and dan
gerous qualities of the old style cal
omel and is rapidly taking its place,
for it is more effective than the old
etyie calomel as a liver-cleanser and
sytftem-purifier. One Calotab at bed
time, with a swallow of water
that's all. No salts, no nausea, nor
tho slightest unpleasantness. Next
BLorning you awake feeling fine
"With, -a hearty appetite for breakfast.
3tft what you please. No restrictions
of habit or diet.
-Calotabs are sold only in original,
sealed packages, price thirty-five
cents. Recommended and guaran
teed' by druggists everywhere. Your
money back" if you are not delighted.
Dd You Want
To Save
I " T 1
: $10 to $15?
fbr ten days we are
r offering
. I
- yalue $30.00 to $35.00.
SeeWindow and then come
You want some of those 10 c sox
at Caldwell's.
Mr. W. M. Layson continues
about the same.
Lexington Maid Four at Cald
well's, 24 pounds $1.75.
Miss Headley, of Monticello, is
the (guest of Miss Aleta Wilson.
Mrs. Mattie Hawes will return
to-day, after a week's visit to rela
tives at Cincinnati.
Miss Aleta Wilson and guest,
Miss Headley, visited friends at Win
chester, Wednesday.
Squire and Mrs. A. C. Ball are
visiting their son and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Ball, at Louisville.
We can fit you in. nice shoes that
can be purchased cheapr than else
where. Examine our stock and you
will buy. R. M. CALDWELL.
Mr. and Mrs. William Letton, of
Atlanta, Ga., arrived Wednesday as
guests of his mother and sister, Mrs.
Jennie Letton, and daughter, Miss
Leona Letton.
Colonel and Mrs. C. M. Best and
nephew, Major Harry Roche, will
leave Saturday for Atlantic City,
Philadelphia, Washington, D. C,
New York and Virginia, on their
summer vacation. They will return
about August 1st.
have just purchased a new Landers
stitching machine, and am prepared
to do all kinds of shoe repairing at
reasonable prices.
(6may-8t) JOE. GREEN.
Miss Mary Boston and children,
of Midland, Texas, arrived Tuesday
at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. B.
Smith. They have come to make
their home in IMillersburg, and will
occupy a part of the residence of Mrs.
Mary L. Hoffman. Mrs. Boston was
formerly Miss Mary Smedley, the
youngest daughter of the late J. G.
Smedley. Her early life was spent
in Millersburg, and her many friends
here welcome her return.
Mr. A. J. Butter, in the seventy
fourth year of his age, died Thursday
at 9:00 p. m., after a lingering ill
ness at his home on Vine street. He
had been in failing health for sev
eral months, and for some time his
family has realized the end was near.
The cause of his death was general
He had spent the greater part of
his long and useful life in and
around Millersburg. He was a car
penter ,by--profession, which trade he
followed, f ram young manhood almost
to death. He was a devout member
of the Methodist church, and had
been for many years attentive to all
his church duties, and always in. his
accustomed place, in the church at
every service. He was a life-long
attendant of Sunday School, and in
his later years reported to his Sun
day School the number of minutes
spent each day in Bible and Sunday
School work.
When a young man he was united
in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Hamm.
Their married life was happy and
their union was blest with eight
children; three sons, W. A. Butler
and Rufus Butler, of Millersburg,
and Richard Butler, train dispatcher
for the L. & N. R. R. at Ravenna;
five daughters, Misses Sue, Nannie,
Lydia, Bessie and Bruce Butler. His
wife and his youngest daughter, Miss
Bruce Butler, preceeded him to the
grave. He is also survived by one
sister, Mrs. Stevens, of New Albany,
The funeral was held Wednesday
at 2:30 p. m., at his late residence.
Services were conducted by his pas
tor, Rev. J. W. Gardner, of the Meth
odist church, assisted by Dr. C. C.
Fisher, of the M. C, after which the
remains were laid to rest by the side
of his wife and daughter in the Mil
lersburg Cemetery. The floral trib
utes weie numerous and beautiful,
which partly attested the high es
tPPm in which the deceased were
held. Pall-bearers were as follows:
H. D. Jones, A. S. Miller, D. P. Jones,
J. F. McDaniel, A. S Best and R. C.
tendance. After a ood musical pro
gram, which had ,been one of the
characteristic features of the occa
sion since its opening and a little
miscellaneous business, Hon. George
W. Bain, of Lexington, the renowne'd
temperance orator, delivered a forc
ible address along the line of W. C.
T. U. work. He was at his best and
though older than he once was, he
possesses all the magnetism of former
years. His address was full of
thought and all who heard him were
repaid for being present. At 10:00 p.
m. the convention adjourned, the
delegates leaving for their respective
homes Thursday morning.
Owing to the acute shortage of
tungsten for making high speed steel
one of the developments of the war
was the manufacture and successful
use of an alloy for this purpose,
which is without tungsten. This
steel, high in chrome and cobalt, is
now being used for the fabrication
of dies and tools, being offered as a
substitute for both carbon and
tungsten high speed tool steel. The
pig metal brought from England is
melted at a Cleveland plant in a
crucible and cast in molds in the
form desired. The pattern makers
make the same allowances for
shrinkage as they do for soft steel.
The alloy is being cast into blanking,
drawing and forming dies, hot and
cold trimmers for forge work, mil
ling cutters, counter sinks, slotting
saws and bending rolls.
Rheumatism causes more pain and
suffering than any other disease, for
the reason that it is the most com
mon of all ills, and it is certainly
gratifying to sufferers to know that
there is a remedy that will afford re
lief, and make rest and sleep possi
ble. It is called Chamberlain's Lin
iment. (may-adv)
The historic battle of Waterloo
was begun and finished in eight
For Rent.
Newly remodeled brick cottage on
Sixth street. Possession June 1st.
(27-2t) D. FELD.
Alfalfa and Stock Farms
In the famous black paririe belt of
Nortkeast Mississippi, ranging from
50 to 200 acres.
Write for literature and prices.
Columbus, Miss.
;L Wollstein
6$ Main St. Paris, Ky.
' VPorfc
' S -
It's the Best
"To Be Had
Salutary Meat Market
The W. C. T. U. convention of
the Seventh District, convened at
Millersburg, Tuesday night A small
number of delegates came in Tuesday
evening, while quite a large num
ber were in attendance on Wednes
day, most of them coming and return
ing the same day. The convention
was called to order Tuesday at 8:15
p m with Mrs. Julia Gunn in the
chair. Several short addresses were
made, after the address of welcome,,
by Rev. J. W. Gardner, of the Mil
lersburg Methodist church, after
which the convention adjoruned until
9:30 a. m. Wednesday, at which time
it was again called to order, with
Mrs. Gunn in the chair. The morn
ing session was taken up with the
regular routine of business, the hear
ing of reports, and of standing and
special committees. Several impor
tant features concerning W. C. T. U.
work dere discussed. At noon an ad
jounrment was taken until 2:00 p.
m. A delightful and bountiful lunch
was served by the local chapter to
the visitors and its own members.
The early part of the afternoon ses
sion was taken up by the regular
routine of business. At 3:30 Miss
Sweeney addressed the convention,
subject "With Our Boys in France."
She was greeted with a good audi
ence, and delivered a beautiful ad
dress, giving an insight into French
living and customs, and a beautiful
comparison between the American
soldier boy and those of the other
Allies, closing with a beautiful trib
ute to the American soldier. At the
close of her address the Committee on
Resolutions made its report. Among
other things reported it asked Con
gress to not repeal the war measure
on wine and beer, as recommended
by President Wilson. A copy of the
resolutions were ordered sent to Con
gressman Cantrill, of the Seventh
District Then followed the election
of officers. Owing to the lateness of
the hour there could be no nomina
tions and the old officers were re
elected, by the depositing of one bal
lot At 4:55 p. m.t the convention
adjourned until 8:i5, at. which time
u wc ae-ain called to order byJtfrs.
G'inn. A large audience was in at-J (may23-27-30)
Notice to Contractors.
May 20, 1919.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of Pearce Paton, County Clerk,
Court House, Paris, Bourbon County,
Kentucky, until 11 o'clock a. m.,
JUNE 5, 1919,
by the Fiscal Court of Bourbon
County, Ky., for the improvement of
the Paris-Mt. Sterling Road; Paris
Cynthiana Road and Paris-Lexington.
Road number, 9D1, 9E1, 9H1
9D1 From the City limits of
Paris, Ky.
9E1 From the Junction of Paris
and Georgetown Road, approximately
1 mile from City limits of Paris, Ky.
9H1 From the City Limits of
Paris, Ky.
9D1 Towards North Middletown, a
distance of 10 miles.
9E1 Towards Cynthiana, a distance
of 5.5 miles.
9H1 To Fayette County line, a
distance of 7.1 miles a distance of
approximately 9D1, 10 miles; 9E1,
approximaely 9D1, 10 miles; 9E1,
5.5 miles; 9H1, 7.1 miles. The im
provement will consist of cleaning
the road, furnishing and applying all
materials and surfacing it to a width
of 9D1, 14 feet; 9E1, 12 feet;9Hl, 16
feet; with Bituminous surface treat
ment, approximate -gal. per square
This work is a State Aid Project
Plans may be seen and instruc
tions to bidders, specifications and
form of proposal secured at the office
of the County Clerk at Paris, Ken
tucky, and at the office of the Depart
ment of Public Roads, Old Capitol
Building, Frankfort, Kentucky.
A certified check payable to the
Sheriff of Bourbon County, Ky.,
equal in round numbers to 5 of the
bid, must accompany each proposal.
The right to reject any and all
bids is reserved.
County Clerk, Bourbon County.
Commissioner Public Roads.
-. - . - " J- A M
-" r i: 17 x
? .
This is the package
with the moisture-proof
jacket -
that keeps Chesterfield's original flavor and
freshness intact Your Chesterfields never
become either soggy or dry. They always reach
you in prime shape for smoking.
And, Chesterfields do something for your
smoke-hunger that you've always wished a
cigarette would do they "touch the smoke
spot" they let you know you're smoking
they satisfy" right down to tho ground!
If s the blend that does it, and the blend
can't be copied.
rrlirriHT C
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blended
9 mmmmmmmmmm
NO. 9D1.
82,130 square yards in job.
16,425 squaie yards with gallon
application; 65,705 square yards
with 1-3 gal. application.
1,980 tons of stone chips;
30,114 gallons of Bituminous ma
terial. 82,130 square yards of surface
NO -9E1.
38,720 square yards in job.
775 tons of Stone chips;
19,360 gallons of Bituminous ma
terial ;
38,720 square yards of surface
No. 9H1.
66,641 square yards in job.
1,604 tons of stone chip;
33,321 gallons of Bituminous ma-,
terial; - s tK
66.641 square yards of surface
cleaning. Wrf'
' .
Executor's Sale
The undersigned Executor of Wm.
H. Hughes, deceased, will on
Saturday, May 31, 1919
beginning at 2 o'clock, p. m., on the
premises, on Thomas avenue, expose
to public sale the following real and
personal property:
FIRST A certain lot of ground with
a store house thereon, situ
ated in the City of aris,
Kentucky, on Eighth, street
and described as follows:
Beginning with James Mc
. In tyre's line (on the west)
at a margin of the Paris
and Georgetown Turnpike
(now Eighth Street) ;
thence along his line north
195 feet to Lilleston's line:
thence along said Lilies
ton's line 40 feet west to a
corner with Mary Mangen
and then with her line
south 195 feet to the mar
gin of said turnpike; thence
along the margin of said
.turnpike 40 feet to the be
ginning, being the same
property conveyed to Wm.
H. Hughes by Louisa Price
and others "by deed of rec
ord in the office of the
Bourbon County Court, in
Deed Book 65 page 537.
SECOND (Lot A) Also a certain lot
of ground with a four-room
house and store-room, there-1
on, fronting on Thomas
avenue 60 feet, more or
less, and extending back 78
feet, v more or less, on either
side to the line of small lot
in rear, and being 47 feet,
5 inches, more or less in
the rear.
- vJLot B) Also a cenrtain lot
with house thereon front
ing on Hanson street 34
feet, and extending back 47
feet, 5 inches, more or less
on one side, and 45 feet,
i more or less, on the other
side to Hawkins' lot in the'
' J rear, and being 40 feet, 9
inches, more or less, in the
rear. ,
The above two lotsv is the same
property conveyed to Wm. H. Hughes
by Sherman Coleman by deed of rec
ord in said office in Deed Book 99,
page 373.
Lots A and B last above described
will first be offered separately and
then as a whole, and the bid or bids
aggregating the most money will be
The undersigned will, at the same
time and place, expose to public sale
a lot of household and kitchen fur
niture and other personal property.
TERMS The sale of the real es
tate will be made upon the following
terms: One-third cash, one-third in
six months and the remaining one
third in twelve months from date of
sale, the purchaser to give bond with
good surety to be approved of by the
Executor, and lien to be reserved in
deed; said bonds to bear interest
from date of sale at the rate of 6
per annum.
The personal property will be sold
for casfa.
The Executor reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
Executor of Wm. H. Hughes.
Talbott & Whitley, Attorneys.
M. F. Kenney, Auctioneer.
Master's Sale!
Hattie Hill Dudley, &c. . .Plaintiffs
Vs. Notice of Sale,
Frances Hedges Dudley, &c
Auto For Sale
Three-passenger Studebaker roads
ter, good as new. Will demonstrate
it. Call Cumberland Phone 552.
(13-tf) S. E. McCLANAHAN.
The J. W. Brown
Realty Co.
Masonic Temnle. 211 Main Street,
Paris. Kentucky.
List your Farms and City Property
with us.Call on us if you have any
thing to dispose oil at Public Auction.
E. f. Phone 831. (vtp
Under and by virtue of a judgment
and order of sale rendered at the
March term. 1918. of the "Ronrhon
I Circuit Court, in the above styled
action therein pending, the under
signed Master Commissioner on
Monday, June 2, 1919,
will sell at public auction to the
highest and best bidder at the front
door of the Court House in Paris,
Kentucky, at about the hour of 11
. o'clock a. m., the following described
A certain parcel of land sit
uated on Seventh street, in
Paris, Bourbon County, Ken
tucky, beginning at a stone five
feet east of the set-off in the line
of Mary F. Hedges; and running
with Seventh street, towards
Pleasant street, seventy-five feet
to a stone; then, at right angles
with Seventh street eight poles
to the lot of George Alexander
(now Hancock) ; then with his
line towards the Louisville &
Nashville Railroad seventy-five
feet; then at right angles with,
the said Alexander lot eight
poles to the beginning, and be
ing a house and lot in the City
of Paris, Kentucky.
Said sale will be made upon the
credits of six and tyelve months, the
purchaser or purchasers being requir
ed to execute two bonds with good
and approved surety for equal parts
of the purchase money due six and
twelve months from date of sale re
spectively and hearing interest at
the rate of six per cent, per annum
from date of sale until paid, said
bonds to have the force and effect of
Said sale is made for the purpose
of reinvestment.
Master Commissioner.
(maylS-23-30) -

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