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1 1 Owe My Life toDC-Dll M I
Mr. McKinTeva laftA.
brings cheer to all who
may be sufferers as he
was. Read it:
"I can honestly say that I otre
fX i ji V"1". -a-iter some of
the best doctors in tho r...
Grave xne up and told me I could
not live another month, Peruna
saved me. Travelling from town
to town., throughout the country
and; te Into all kinds
of badly heated stores and build
ings, sometimes standing: up for
hours at a time while plying my
trade as auctioneer, It is only
natural that I had colds fre
Hently; so when this would
occur I paid little attention to it,
until last December when I con
tracted a severe case, which,
through neglect on my part
settled on my lungs. Wfcea al-
P0"1 .ISit.1! aoctoriH.
butj vrithourt avail, uatil I heard
ex Feruaa. It cared me; so I
cannot praise it too highly."
Mr. Samuel McKIaley, 2504 B.
22nd St, Kansas City, Mo., Mem
ber of the Society of U. S. Jewelry
Sold Everywhere.
Tablet or Liquid Form
SjUEROADS say coal dealers
Announcement has been made by
the Louisville & Nashville officials to
the coal dealers of Paris, that a peri
od of twenty-four hours only would
be granted them in which to unload
cars of coal. If the car is not un
loaded in that time they assume the
risk of having it confiscated bythe
i ail road.
Also, if a merchant receives a
car of coal, and it is not unloaded
within .a period of twenty-four
hours, and another car consigned to
them arrives, it will also be confis
cated by the railroad.
Many Timea
Haven't you observed that most of
the world's mistakes are due to the
circumstances that it refrains from
doing things as you would have them
done? Houston Post.
Hthtv! .Let " Danderine " Save
Your Hair and Double
Its Beauty.
Landen Templin, of Paris, gradu
ate of the 1915 Paris High School
class and the 1919 class at the Uni
versity of Kentucky, has been pro
moted to the position of manager of
the draughting department of
Hersch & Bro., manufacturing engi
neers, at Allentown, Pa., where he
has been stationed only a few
months. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
T. T. Templin, of Paris.
The promotion came to Mr. Tem
plin after he had landed a $75,000
contract for his firm for heating
and ventilating a large branch fac
tory for the Bethlehem Steel Cor
poration, in Pittsburg, Pa., over the
competition of several other bidders.
George M. Kiser, formerly an at
tache of THE NEWS, who has been
in charge of the Bowling &reen
office of the Frick & Lindsay Oil &
Gas Supplies Co., of Pittsburg, Pa.,
has been promoted to the position of
Assistant Credit manager for the
Kentucky dsitrict, effective Novem
ber 1. About January 1 Mr. Kiser
will be advanced to full charge of
the credit department, and will make
his headquarters in Louisville, in
charge of the work in the Eastern
and Western Kentucky oil fields.
Comings and. Goings of Oar
People Here, There and
Stop falling hair at once and rid
the scalp of every particle of dand
ruff, get a small bottle of delightful
"Danderine" at any drug or toilet
counter for a few cents, pour a little
in your hand and rub it into the
scalp. After several applications the
hair usually stops coming out and
you can't find any dandruff. Help
your hair grow long, thick and
strong and become soft, glossy and
abundant. (adv)
At the meeting of the City Coun
cil permission was granted the Paris
Home Telephone Company to con
tinue its present rate of charges for
another year. While the rates may
seem to be a little high, there is no
good reason why they should not be
maintained until normal conditions
Material has advanced greatly
and salaries are higher, hence, in
order that the company may make
a reasonable profit it is necessary to
charge more for the services given
now than was charged a few years
ago. It is hoped that within an
other year we may be back where we
were, and that it will not be neces
sary to continue the high price of
everything, as is the case now. The
laborer is worthy of his hire. Let's
register no kick on a continuation
for a year of the advanced rates,
but hope for and expect a service
commensurate with the price
Education Through Parties.
The average man's initials are fa
miliar to the people of his community.
But nobody ever knows his full name
until his wife gives a party. Topeka
Miss Luna Duffey has gone to
Wellington, Kansas, to visit rela
tives. Mrs. J. T. Brown has gone to
Martinsville, Indiana, to remain
some time.
Col. and Mrs. E. F. Clay left
Sunday for Eustis, Florida, to spend
the winter months.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jefferson, of
near Paris, are visiting relatives in
Jacksonville, 111.
Miss Edna Smith has returned
from a visit to her sister, Mrs. John
Taylor, in Cynthiana.
Andrew J. Gorey, of Covington,
spent the week-end as guest of his
brother, Edward H. Gorey.
Mrs. L. H. Mulfinger has recov
ered from a recent serious illness,
and is able to be out again.
Mrs. E. R. Herrin, of Washing
ton, D. C, is a guest of her sister,
Mrs. A. J. Fee, on Fifth street.
Mr. and Mrs, L. D. Baldwin have
taken rooms with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
W. Redmon, on Pleasant street.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wills
have returned from a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. Wills, in Cynthiana.
Mrs. Serelda Chambers, of Boul
der, Colorado, is a guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Baldyin, in
this city.
Mrs. J. Frank Clay, who has
been quite ill at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. Harry B. Clay, on Duncan
avenue, is improving.
Mrs. Charles Monson has re
turned from St. Joseph Hospital, in
Lexington, where she has been a pa
tient for some time.
Edgar Vansant has gone to St.
Louis, where he has taken a position
in the employ of a large chemical
manufacturing concern.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carr have
returned to their home in Cynthiana
after a visit to Mr." and Mrs. Stanley
Richards, in this city.
Mrs. Muse and Mrs. Granger,
who have been guests of Mrs. Oscar
T. Hinton, have returned to their
homes in Baltimore. They were ac
companied as far as Cincinnati by
Mrs. Hinton, who spent several
days there as guest of her sister,
Miss Mary Wilson.
Ned Brent entertained a num
ber of his young friends with a Hal
lowe'en party Friday night at the
home of his father N. Ford Brent, on
Pleasant street. Another enjoyable
Hallowe'en event for the same night
was the one given by Miss Elizabeth
Grimes, at her home on Duncan ave
nue, for her young nephews, the sons
of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gaitskill.
Miss Eleanor Plummer and Miss
Helen Speakes entertained with a
Hallowe'en party at the home of the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blan
ton Speakes, on Nineteenth street.
About fifty guests were present.
The hosts were assisted in entertain
ing by Misses Lela and Nell Speakes
and Lucy Plummer. The decoration
scheme of Hallowe'en was cariied
out in the rooms.
(Other Personals on Page 5)
At a meeting of the Y. M. C. A.
Campaign Committee, last week, the
following workers were chosen:
W. B. Ardery, Sid- Ardery, Jr.,
George Batterton, H. L. Baldwin,
Silas Bedford, Matt Bedford; Duncan
Bell, J. Elmer Boardman, N. Ford
Brent, John M. Brennan, Jas. Car
roll Bryan, Aylette Buckner, Wood
Buckner, Ben Buckner, E. J. Burris,
S. R. Burris, Tilford Burnett, G. R.
Burberry, Jas. M. Caldwell, Dr. F.
P.- Campbell, H. S. Caywood, Swift
Champ, John Christman, C. C.
Clarke, Edsell Clarke, Charlton A.
Clay, J. Frank Clay, Douglas Clay,
John M. Clay, Sam Clay, Roy Clen
denin, E. C. Cleveland, John T. Col
lins, M. P. Collier, C. P. Cook, J. H.
Comer, J. W. Connell, Geo. Current,
Current Cunningham, Dr. M. H.
Dailey, Joe Davis, Jr., John Davis,
0. L. Davis, Dr. C. G. Dougherty, Ru
dolph Davis, James L. Dodge, Denis
Dundon, Hugh Ferguson, James H.
Ferguson, Volney Ferguson, Jim
Fisher, Fred Fister, R. M. Gilkey,
Joe Grosche, A. B. Hancock, Sam P.
Harding, L. D. Harris, John T.
Hedges, Dr. D. S. Henry, E. T. Hin
ton, W. O. Hinton, Harry Holt, O. E.
Hurst, H. O. James, E. B. January,
J. W. Jones, Geo. K. Jones, Walter
Kenney, Harry Kerslake, Homer
Kiser, M. J. Lavin, Joe Leach, Lewis
Lilleston, F. P. Lowry, W. G. Mc
Clintock, Raymond McMillan, W. D.
Mclntyre, James McClure, John
Marr, J. O. Marshall, T. L Marshall,
Walter Meng, Robert Meteer, Bruce
Miller, C. B. Mitchell, Lawrence
Mitchell, Wallace Mitchell, A. T.
Moffett, D. C. Parrish, Sr., D. C. Par
rish, Jr., Pearce Paton, H. A. Power,
Edw. Prichard, Geo. K. Redmon,
Joe Penn Redmon, T. J. Redmon,
Wm. Remington, Julian Rogers, Hi
ram Roseberry, W. M. Rogers, R. C.
Ruggles, Bernard Santen, J. M.
Scott, Wm. Shire, Joe B. Smith, Geo.
Speakes. Catesbv Snears. Chas.
Spears, T. W. Spicer, A. L. Stephen
son, M. J. Stern, Geo. Stuart, Billy
Taylor, H. L. Terrill, E. A. Thoma
son, W. A. Thomason, Ed. Tucker,
Amos Turney, White Varden, Hope
Wiedemann, Geo. Wilder, John J.
Williams, Wade Whitley, Sam
Weathers, Catesby Woodford, J. S.
Wilson, John Woodfoul, Chas. R.
White, Wm. Wornall, J. Miller
Ward, Geo. Wyatt, Jr.. Chas. Web
ber, Wm. Whaley, Ben Woodford,
Sr., Tollie Young, John Yerkes, Dr. j
J. A. Orr, Sherman Stivers, Ernest
Darnaby, C. C. Gieen.
The workers will meet at the "Y"
Gymnasium immediately after the
gym exhibition Thmsday evening.
All workers aie requested to bi present.
Wolf, Wile
A Complete New
Display of Tailored
and Fur Trimmed
Save Time and Monet
By Using a
Home Telephone
Residence rate ranging from 25 to
3.00 per month for Botarbon County
Place yotar order now and av.oid the
fall rush on installs.
Paris Home Telephone & Telegraph
J. J. Veatch, District Manager W. H. Cannon, Local Manager.
Detroit Jewel Stoves, Ranges
and Furnaces
Mr, S, E. Guinn, of the Detroit Stove
Works, is with us for a few days.
Come in and let him explain to you
the remarkable performances of the
Jewel Pipeless Eurnace and Combi
nation Coal and Gas Ranges.
At a meeting of the American Le
gion representatives in this city an
entertainment committee, composed
of Hiram Roseberry, Roy Ogden, Dr.
Avonia Kiser, Finnell Galloway and
Jos. Letcher, was appointed, and
clothed with authority to make ar
rangements for a banquet to be-given
in this city on the night of Tues
day, Nov. 11, that being the first an
niversary of the signing of the arm
istice. All the ex-service men in the
county will be invited to attend as
guests of the Bourbon Post.
The committee was also instructed
to make arrangements for the ap
pearance in Paris at an early date of.
the famous Million Dollar Band,
which is giving concerts through
the country under the auspices of
the American Legion. This band is
to furnish, the music at the meeting
of the National Convention, to be
held in Minneapolis, Minn., in No
At the meeting the case of a young
Paris boy, who had returned from a
long service in domestic camps in
France, and was not given his former
position, was brought to the atten
tion of the Post Commander, who
was instructed to look into the mat
ter and to take action in accord with
the piinciples of the American Le
gion. o
Olieka Temple, Lexington Shiin
ers, will hold a fall ceremonial on
Thanksgiving Day. A' large class is
expected to cross the'scorching sands
on that date, and while complete
plans have not been perfected for
the ceremonial it is expected to be
on.e of the largest ever held by the
For Young Women
developed along the latest
straight line and rippled coat,
effects. Very clinging materials
only are used.
New Coat Models
with large fur collars that can
be fastened close and comforta
ble to the neck or lay flat and
comfortable over the shoulders.
Rich, soft Bolivias,Evora Cloths,
Duvetyn's, Velours and Peach
New Ideas in Dresses
Charming models in street, af
ternoon and formal evening
gowns, fashioned from satin
oharmeuse, duvet superior, silk
velvets and crepe meteor in the
latest bouffant effects. All
moderately priced.
Wolf, Wile C& Co.
WeiWd wdmtmKifi
Lexington, Ky.
The News Job Department is Always Busy.
'There's a Reason." Work Done Right i
T. W-
314 Main St.
Paris, Kentucky
111 the stillness of the early morn
ing Wednesday, while a NEWS
Rp.Hhft was -vainlv endeavoring: to
solve the problem of condensing a
liolf.nnlnmn of "cfiiff" into OTlfi Tiara-
graph. there came an insistent jan
gle of the telephone. There was no
denying the hates demanded in an
swering. Prom the other end of the line
came the query, in a decidedly ag
gressive feminine voice: "uan you
tell me what time the airships will
arrive here?" Allowing time in
which to recover, the scribe manag
(A to r.onvev the information that
he had no knowledge of the matter,
and could give no information that
would be of value. In an injured
tnnp p.amfi the reDlv over the tele
phone: "Why, I just read in the
Paris papers where they would be
here some time to-day." The scribe
consulted his notebook for several
pages, and despairingly informed the
woman that as far. .as he could as
certain there was no event of that
Trini cMioHnTpd for Paris. After the
aggrieved woman had slammed the'
receiver in place it. aawnea uyuu u
benighted mind that the woman
rr,Qt flip visit of "The Flyins
cmiodrnn ' to Paris in the interest
!of the prohibition campaign. But thet
damage was done, and as it wasp .tj
. . -ra : T nranf Aon IV
tiift flfl.v ior nym, uc wcm, wvw,j
r MOTOie CAWS ' r;. " '
v C
The Buick Built Rear Axle
Is another mechanical unit thai bears the indelible Buick
Stamp. Because of Buick patents that make it unique
in design, manufacture and serviceability. No other
automobile company can build an axle like it.
I back to his work.
It is of the full floating type,
insuring double factors of safety
and the maximum of accessibility
for adjustment or repair.
Housing, differential, pinions,
shafts, universal joints and bear
ings are uniformly stronger than
the demands of service can re
quire, and the standards set by
Buick designers are maintained
in a factory equipped with the
most modern machinery.
. An elaborate inspection system
keeps an infallible check on all
heat treating and mechanical op
erations, and the factory organ
ization is backed by experience
covering nearly twenty years.
When Better Automobiles Are Built BUICK Will Build Them
, :
il. -
fourth and Pleasant Streets, :M
i -
3 -j,
2f .

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