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TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1922.
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I Brownie
V V With 3
Gillttti Mrtss HI
Everywhere! For$la I
genuine Gillette using I
f ie same ine Gillette Now at I -
Baces aff I "
Dealers I
The "Brownie" made by . I
HI Gillette guaranteed by ff I -
1 Gillette " i N I
I J Complete with 3 blades-$l. jjS i Q I
Si Boston, U.S.A. f ?C (IO I
( No blades like if gvi I
II e genuine V I iOS I
I Gillette Blades sjj I
Buttercup Seeds as Food.
. The seeds of the buttercup are so
raw 11 that we would scarcely think of
them as a source of food for human
belnjrs; yet It is said that the Indians
formerly gathered them for that pur
pose At first thought, collecting them
in sufficient quantity would seem like
an almost endless task. But after
one has seen them growing as thickly
as srain as in the cases above re
ferrod to, for instance the situation
takes on a new light Los Angeles
Eminent Violinist
- Artists Coming
Irene Stolofsky and
Irene Stolofsky, eminent violinist, who, with two assisting artists, will ap-.
jear here at the coming Redpath Chautauqua, has captivated audiences In all
parts of the United States. Metropolitan newspapers and music journals
throughout the country accord most enthusiastic praise to her musicianship.
'Hugh Dimond, former concert master of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
proclaims her one of the musical sensations of the present generation. In
addition to her concert work she has made numerous phonograph records.
1 Assisting Miss Stolofsky will be George Imbrle, noted baritone, together
with an accomplished pianist The program will be one of unusual variety,
selections of worth, bothj vocal and Instrumental, being Interspersed with favor
ite lighter numbers.
Well-Known Collegian Male Quartet
Here af Chaufaequa
wLmmmMLmTBatiLmW '? iHt ' mW&s- iMBmUmmmmmmmWLmmmmWWW9ff?vlmf iz PWtmmm
BBBHBJsBr-'''B BBBBSB ' Wf: ,yHBJBjEflBBMB5ri IwwWTBMr. ..fjliMffBl
wESsnA ssHuvli
' iBfBBBBBuf BBBBriirBlftHfcwlfi
' 9BC4''BBBBH LWrnWrmmT '"'' !SsSSmir9BBulK mnlSISmtM
' VIbbbT KF'WJ'BSwKfmSiWK isl
I The well-known Collegian Male Quartet will be one of the popular attrac
Bttot at the coming Redpath Chaatauqua here. The .members of this notablt
(offanlxatioo are exceptional singers, but they are also splendidly .accomplished
a brass amartet. TMsy Jaave naa
a4 pUytaff are exceptional. They are capital entertain
Less Costly Dealing.
"The portrait painter charged me
$1,000 to do me in oil," said the man
who had just cleaned up in the stock
market "You get off cheap," replied,
the man who had been on the losing
side. "In the future I think I'll have
my dealings with a painter instead of
a broker."
Apparatus Aerates Water.
Motor-driven apparatus has been in
vented to aerate the water in a bath
tub or fill it with medicjirod tramps;.
and Assisting
at the Chautauqua
Assisting Artists.
long experience together and- thtir s
Group of F. .opfccrs Live in
Bamboo Forest and Teaoh
Lore of Far East.
But a forslffw Language May Also Bs
Lfjrnftd by Dancing Head Phil-
osophsr Finds Corns "Prom
Famous Family.
New York. Not many people know
that among the many interesting
things which develop In New York
city Is a group of Chinese philosophers
who dwell in a bamboo forest. Know
ing that the forest Is on Macdougal
street helps, for many interesting
things qpme out of Macdougal street
The head of the philosophic group is
Dr. Liu Tien Tao, who received de
grees both in China and. at Columbia,
and who, once & week, may be, foimd
imparting knowledge of Chinese lan
guage, philosophy and poetry to a
group of students. These include art
ists, writers and Chinese students.
The Chinese in themselves are inter
esting, for they come f rom different
parts of the world, where they have
lived since leaving their native land.
One speaks French and does not un
derstand English ; another speaks Rus
sian. Teach Chinese.
Chinese is taught by Doctor Liu in a
semi-popular way, much as the Euro
pean languages are taught. It is com
paratively simple to obtain a slight
working knowledge of the language,
the students find. The delight of writ
ing mysterious characters such as
those which grow on tea chests is
one of which the pupils never tire. In
time they expect to a certain extent
to read Chinese poetry and philosophy.
In the meantime they imbibe It from
Doctor Liu, who later is to arrange
special courses in Chinese poetry and
philosophy, with the aid of lecturers
from Columbia.
Doctor Liu believes that his work is
valuable In promoting mutual under
standing between Chinese and Ameri
cans. He thinks each country can ob
tain of the other something of value
which it needsr that China can get
practical business methods from Amer
ica and America can feel the quieting
influence of Chinese philosophy.
In the meantime, the American stu
dents of Chinese are absorbing knowl
edge literally In a bamboo forest. It
is something like Shakespeare's
"tongues in trees, books in running
brooks." At the Bamboo Forest the
students read if they can make It out
Chinese poetry written on lacquered
tables, some of it by great national
poets and other verses contributed by
Doctor Liu himself. Big decorative
Chinese characters signifying "happi
ness" or "wisdom" cover the walls or
the bamboo poles which form the forest.
In Bamboo Forest.
This forest Is a Chinese tea garden
which, with American business vision,
Doctor Liu saw would have to pay
overhead charges while he was carry
ing on his chosen work and gathering
around him as applicants for Chinese
wisdom little coteries of Interested
philosophers and friends. The tables
covered with Chinese characters were
all decorated by the head philosopher
The Bamboo Forest Is Indoors In a
basement of the little old Macdougal
street house In winter, but in fair
weather extends to a more real bam
boo forest in the open at the rear.
Doctor Liu is a philosophic philoso
pher. He takes the American world as
he finds It and adopts its customs and
habits. He attended the recent ball
of the Independent Artists at the Wal
dorf dressed as a prince of the old
Tang period. But he danced American
dances with the rest of the American
world, an accomplishment he learned
while at Columbia.
The head philosopher of the Bamboo
Forest comes from a family of both
students and warriors. His father was
president of a Chinese college, and an
uncle, the famous Gen. Hwang Hsing,
led the republican forces in the revo
lution in China in 1912.
Young Hog's Great Weight.
Green Bay, Wis. 3". Gabriel Town
of Brazeau, exhibited at the Farmers'
Institute in Klondike a 'strip of flesh
from a twenty-month-old hog raised
on his farm that tipped the scales when
alive at 1,017 pounds and when dressed
at 717 pounds. The strip was cut
from the back of the porker and was
eight Inches thick without the bone.
The hog was a cross between a Po
land China and a Chester White. The
hog was fed only corn the last two
months it was alive.
."UtmtiiiMiiiuMnMMHiimiMiimiiiiin ttmiiiiiitmimiiiiiitiniimmiiiiiiiilitmitiiittiiiiiillimit M,
I Lightning Kills Trout
in New York State Pond
Washington. An interesting
letter was received by the fish
eries bureau the other day from
B. H. Norton of Syracuse, whose
ponds were stocked with trout
fry by he bureau a wfclle ago.
It reads: 4 -
"We have been very successful
In raising the trout allotted to I
us. Th oaly losawe have had I
was onetroal that was stnrck
by Ugtitnlnl"' ; "-
The following iniei erring facts
about the Kentucky teachers
enrolled at -org Peabod- .ot3
for Teachers, Nasa.,.., . .lessee,
have recently been prepared for
Of the one hundred and six teach
ers in attendance from the State of
Kentucky, fifty eight are college
graduates. Representing Berea Col
lege is one graduate; Bethel Col
lege, Mopkinsville, Ky., one; Bowl
ing Green State Normal School,
twenty-one; Carson-Newman Col
lege, -Tennessee, one; Chicago, H.,
Kindergarten School, one; Danville,
Ky., College for Women, one;
Frenso Cal., Normal School, one;
Georgetown University , three; Ken
tucky State University, one; Lanier
University, Ga., one; Livingston,
Ala., State Normal School, two; Lo
gan College, three; Louisville Kin
dergarten Training School, one; The
Middle Tennessee State Normal
School, one; Millersburg, Ky., Col
lege, one; George Peabody College
for Teachers, two; Richmond, Ky.,
State Normal School, five; Vander
bilt University, two; Wesleyan Col
lege, one; Western, College, Ohio,
The majority of the students en
rolled from the State of Kentucky
are experienced teachers. During
the school year twenty-eight of
these men and women are adminis
trators of public education; five are
college instructors; thirty-four are
teachers of high school subjects, and
seventeen are teachers of primary
and grammar grades. Seven did not
mention the type of work they are
doing; and fifteen failed to indi
cate that they are teaching.
Twenty-six of the 120 counties in
Kentucky, either have not sent in
their tax returns for ths year, or
have failed to meet increases order
ed by the State Tax Commission, it
was announced at the office of the
commission, in Frankfort. Recapi
tulations from 11 others have not
been approved, pending the outcome
of appeals from the assessments
made by the tax supervisors.
It is regarded here as probable
that some of the counties which
have not yet made their returns to
the Commission were awaiting the
recent decision" of the Court of Ap
peals in which it was held that the
counties must meet increases order
ed by the Commission. All of the
counties which "revolted" against
the commission and backed the Fay
ette county suit, are among those
still out.
The counties from which returns
have not yet been received are:
Adair) Anderson, Ballard, Bath,
Bourbon, Boyle, Carlisle, Clark, Crit
tenden, Fayette, Graves, Hardin,
Knott, Larue, Madison, Marion,
Marshal, McCracken, Mercer, Mont
gomery Owen, Pike, Powell, Scott,
Union and Webster.
Circuit Judge William C. Halbert
filed suit at Catlettsburg, Saturday,
against the Lexington Herald Com
pany and Desha Breckinridge, pres
ident of the company and editor of
The Herald, for $50,000.
The suit is based upon an edito
rial in The Herald of June 28, head
ed, "Let the Judge Answer at the
Bar of Justice." Attorneys for
Judge Halbert are George B. Mar
tin, of Catlettsburg, and S. S. Willis,
of Ashland.
The editorial was in regard to the
trial of the Clayhole' election cases.
The cases were transferred from
Breathitt county to the Boyd coun
ty Circuit Court and Judge Hal
bert presided over the trial of the
election cases.
The Kentucky State Racing Com
mission Saturday allotted fifty one
days for the fall Kentucky race
meetings to be held at Louisville,
Lexington and Latonia. ,
Ten days were allotted to Louis
ville, opening August 30, continu
ing until September 9.
Lexington with ten days will start
Saturday, September 16, and close
September 27.
Latonia is given thirty-one days,
the opening day being September
30, closing' November 4.
We have in stock for the conven
ience of users of adding machines, a
big stock of paper rolls. These rolls
are made of -the best bond paper and
are absolutely free from lint. You
can buy from one to a case. Let us
have a trial order.
How Halifax Got Its Name.
Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia,
founded by Lord Cornwallis in 1749,
is named after the earl of Halifax, the
English statesman who served his
country in the house of commons and
house of lords from 1688 until his
death in 1715. In England, the, city of
Halifax is -of coasiderable Importance
as a market town.
. Besr Car-ritr MgMr
Tim oaaticarrssr pigomisd--s
fly 600 nilea la 12 sours ixum wvaw
We Handle
ElectrfcjWashing Machines, Irons, Toasters,
Broilers, Chafing Dishes, Electroliers, All
Kindt of Bulbs, Etc.
Gas Heaters.
All Sizes' and Prices. Gas Logs Tand Grate
That are Very Practical and Ornamental.
illMIMIII I1IIIII1IIM Iltllllllllllllfi
The Quickest Way
Save time and energy during the warm weather
by installing a HOME TELEPHONE in your resi
dence. Just remove the receiver from the hook
and you will find our courteous operators at your
Paris Home Telephone & Telegraph Cq.
Bourbon Laundry
DAVIS & FUNK, Proprietors
Telephone No. 4 , West Fifh Street
fefcK j4&l . (&
ii'jBlSSKsKfc: U
1 IT -issaw SmWz?&'jS1mm?
AirsVMsVK 5l-ttiTi
ill I I I VAbIbW I BTWfcs(W
alsKHH V J &m&M ll
--. s
( 7 v
sVsVm l t3-3
tvR: - JBBsTTfSSft?
f 1 Jk. '8S
Tl A I
The Bourbon Laundry
IN the judgment of
those who know,
we are equipped by
our experince to
serve cofrectly in our
professional caprcity.
People are impressed
by the dignified qual
ity of our assistance.
Two -Year -Old Rose Plants
On Sale From July 1 to July 15
Second Crop Seed Irish Potatoes
St, NaSr Mai.
All Kinds of
: s a :
'. i With all the latest imnrove-
'Tf ments in laundry appliances
r and expert helpers we are
5,1 Y11iT-l-'l;l fry Ar Trrfinlr im-Ca
ror to none an solicit
your patronage.
XothPUis i
1 I
rtass,art,sai?t,tt,be;a-Jnwlral-,tnd stsftali-:
Mr-.au-&. .tWf. '-..;-
t,citai5rittmtiaBV'v v : y
?r- 'xSV-5srfp: J,;
-. tJ&-&lJIH
liWWiwiaiajjiMWinouL j a h.

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