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I .
II i
pftaUithed 18P-I-41 Years of Con
tinuous Publication
Pabliihed Every Tuesday and Friday
?er Tear $2.006 Months $1.00
Payable Cash in Advance.
IWIfT CHAMP, Editor and Owner.
(Entered at the Paris, Kentucky,
Poetoffle as Mall Matter of the
Second Class.)
JTew York American Press Asso
Chicago Lord & Thomas.
Philadelphia Nk W. Ayers & Son.
Atianta-r-XassengalQ Adv. Agency
Cincinnati Blaine Thompson Co
Lauisville Lowman-Mullican Co.
Display Advertisements, $1.00 per
Inch for first time; 50 cents per inch
each subsequent insertion.
Reading Netices,, 10 cents per line
Mch Issue; reading notices in black
type, 20 cents per line, each issue.
Cards of thanks, calls on candi
dates, obituaries and resolutions and
similar matter, 10 cents per line.
Special rates for large advertise
ments and yearly contracts.
The right of publisher is reserved
to decline .any advertisement or
other matter for publication.
Announcements for political offices
must invariably be accompanied by
the cash.
- Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of
any person, firm or corporation
which may appear in the columns
of. THE BOURBON NEWS will be
gladly corrected if brought to the
attention of the editor.
When indigestion grips a man
And brngs from a wail,
On thoughts of Jonah he puts ban
And gives them to the whale.
By marrying again the former
Kaiser Wilhelm is assured of hav
ing someone around the place to
hear him talk about himself.
Of course, it is none of our bus
iness, but sometimes we wonder if a
girl -has to remove her wrist watch
-when the doctor wants to feel her,
There is -a woman in Frankfort
.-who for religious reasons has not
spoken a word in three years. How
many miserable married men there
are in Paris who would encourage
the promotions of such a religion.
The old-fashioned wife used to
fetch her husband's slippers after
supper. The up-o-date wife de
mands that her husband fetch her
automobile, for be it ever so bang
up there's no place so dull as
""home, sweet home."
A Danish lieutenant is to become
a cousin of four kings by marrying
Princess Dagmar. But being a
cousin of four kings in these .days
of toppling thrones is like holding
kings in a game in which you doubt
the depth of the other players'
"Uncle Joe" Pitman, of Rockcas
tle county, who at ninety-six marri-
a sixteen-year-old girl, was a
hravk man when the Civil War be
jgan, according to his military rec
ord, and he is a brave man, too,
as the record will show in 1922, to
brave the unknown.
,A Philadelphia divorcee who gave
her age as thirty when license for
vher second marriage was applied for
5n 1920 gives her age as thirty
when a third license is applied for,
in Octeber, 1922. The mental res
ervation in each instance must
have been "and then some."
Henry L. Mencken, critic, is
quoted as saying the American peo
ple are the most timorous, snivel
ing, ignominious m(ob of polt
roons ever assembled under one
flag. Oh, there are lots of us so
brave that we don't mind admitting
that we never read a book or an
article by. this fellow, Mencken, for
construction and reconstruction.
T People on the streets Monday
saw a most unusual sight, in the
maay that can always be seen on
"Court Day." An old woman,
poorly clad, a long-stemmed pipe
in her mouth, came down the mid
dle' of Main street, leading a slab
sided "cow, by a long patched rope.
Behind the cow trailed a thin,
scrawny old man, who occasionally
gave a twist to the cow's tail as if
to encourage her to make better
time through the crowded street.
Behiad the "whole outfit trailed a
troop of disconsolate-looking dogs,
ia siagle file, followed by two
vrokisjs in tattered overalls. They
faaaaged to Teach the public square,
where they were lost' in the surg
ing crowd.
If it is true that Henry Ford has
bought $10,000,000 worth of coal
mines it cannot be much of a bunch
of mines, as $10,000,000 wouldn't
buy much coal anywhere nowadays.
A woman coaching women stump
speakers says: "When you have
nothing to say, sit down." Obedi
ence to the rule by masculine
stumpers would give many a man
who wants a seat in Congress a seat
in the campaign.'
p When I go nutting
In the wood,
The nutting there 1?
Not so good;
And so I leave the
Forest floor
And patronize the
Grocer's store.
A good many Christians pray
that the world may be converted,
and then sit down to wait for God
to answer their prayers. But if
they are farmers, they never pray
that God will plough their corn
fields, and then get up on the fence
and wait to see the dirt fly."
We hear complaints from Paris
motorists regarding autoinjobiles
and other vehicles not turning to
the right in passing another one.
Surely everyone- is familiar with
this simplest of traffic rules and it
must be pure carelessness or pure
cussedness that makes anyone per
sist in violating the rule.
A pile of junked automobiles is
not yet so common a sight as it is
likely to be in a few years. Most
automobiles are not yet worn out,
and many of the first million cars
are still running, though they may
have been rebuilt and made over
with new parts several times. It
it said that at current prices the
scrap from an automobile is hardly
worth the labor of making it. What
will be'come of the used cars when
there are two million or more a
year to get rid of?
Surely, the most carping critic
could find little to complain of in
the brand of weather Kentucky is
having just now. Beautiful, clear,
sunshiny, just enough of the au
tumn tang in air to make one step
lively, just enough frost in the air
to make life worth living, and there
you are in God's country. Our
friends who are hastening to-Florida
for their winter stay may be
missing something great, after all,
by not deferring their departure
until real winter comes.
The query department of this
great family journal has received
the following: "Should a gentle
man who is sitting next to you at a
formal dinner be intoxicated, is it
proper to take any notice of his
condition?" Our etiquette editor
tells us to inform this querist:
"According to the observance of the
proprieties required by good breed
ing, you should ignore the fact. On
the other hand, should he attempt
to blow powder from your should
ers, or try to undo your coiffure or
headdress with a knife, it is proper
to stand up, and pointing at him,
say: 'This bum has insulted me.
I am a lady, even if I am in soci
ety.' "
Joe Lavin, who is sojourning at
Hot Springs, has heard many good
things there. He says one of the
best heard there recently was this:
"A little boy from Canada, who had
never seen a negro, was riding in
Hot Springs with his uncle, one of
the old-timers, when he spied a
sleek colored woman crossing the
street near one of the busy cor
ners. He asked his uncle why that
woman blacked her face, and was
astonished when nunkie told him
she didn't black her face, that it
was her natural color. But the kid
was inquisitive and would not be
denied, and came back at him with
the question, "Well, nunkie, is she
black all over like that?' Of course,
nunkiesaid she was, and then
kiddie spoiled the whole afternoon
by sweetly but mischievously re
marking, 'Gee, nunkie, you know
everything, don't you? "
So Easy To Drop Cigarette, Cigar or
Chewing Hatot
No-To-Bac has helped thousands
to break the habit. Whenever you
have a longing for a smoke or chew,
just place a harmless No-To-Bac
tablet in your mouth instead. All
desire stops. Shortly the habit is
completely broken, and you are bet
ter off mentally, 'physically, finan
cially. It's so easy, so simple. Get
a box of No-To-Bac and if it doesn't
release you from all craving for to
bacco in any form, your druggist
wilUrefund your money without
question. v (tf)
lib lflllTI I fill IIHUy
When These Things Happened In
NEWS' Files?
There's no denying that to most
of us there is a certain satisfaction
in reviewing the events of long ago,
as they are presented to us, either . with oldest and largest company of
casually or by force of some remin- ( its kind. Our hustlers average in
iscent strain of the moment. And come is $1.10 an hour. Are you do
to those who lived here in the long ing as well? If not, write to-day
ago the recalling of events in the
old days of Paris affords a peculiar
satisfaction air its own. They, per
haps, more than we who have
grown used to the old place, will
annroobto thPKA ltATTIR. tftlrfiTl Jlf
random from a copy of THE BOUR-' If you cant hit a home rnn' may
BON NEWS, of Wednesday, March be yu can sacrifice and games are
30, 1881:
Dr. Noah Moore, of this county,
through his friend Blaine, gets the
Marshalship of Kentucky.
Joseph C. McClure, of Winches
ter, was married at the Christian
church in Paris, yesterday, to Miss I
Lizzie Allison, of this county.
Josh Barton sold to Owens & Goff.
of North Middletown, a yearling
bull, Knight Duke, for $250, and to
Harmon D. Ayers, of Missouri, the
yearling bull Barrington, for $350.
Gen. Dan Lindsay, Hon. Alvin
Duvall and S. F. Trabue, of Frank
fort, will speak here on Saturday
afternoon, in the interest of the
Frankfort, Paris and Mt. Sterling
Geo. White's representative from
his cooper-shop, near Paris, made a
corner on 'all available seasoned
barrel stuff 'in Lewis county, last
week, by buying all good timber at
$35 per thousand.
The house belonging to Mrs. Kel
ley, which was destroyed by fire, is
being rebuilt.
Thomas Clay, who was cut by Jas.
Off utt, is lying at the Bourbon
House. His wounds though seri
ous, we learn will not prove fatal.
Col. R. G. Stoner, of this county,
sold yesterday to J. W. Wissor,
Prescott, Canada, four of his Strath
more colts; two for $1,000 each and
two for $800 each.
James Henderson, who shot twice
at James Offutt, has been arrested
on the charge of shooting with in
tent to kill, and will have a trial
before Judge Turney to-day.
Joseph Davis, recently salesman
with G. Tucker, is in Cincinnati
purchasing a stock of merchant
tailoring goods, and on his return
will open out in the boot and shoe
store of -Rowland & McClure.
' The election Saturday ended in
a "wow, wumpus and wiot" as is
generally the case here in primary
elections. About one hundred and
fifty drunk on election whisky,
(which means fighting whisky.)
Several knock downs during the
day and some shooting and cutting
after night.
The election for mayor and "city
dads," will be held next Wednes
day. No one has yet signified his
intention of becoming a candidate.
although we have heard it whisper
ed that should George G. White be
come a candidate for mayor, he
would be elected by a sweeping ma
jority. Such a man would be an
honor to the mayor's bench, and we
hope he will condescend to become a
The majorities for sheriff and
representative are as follows:
Offutt Paris 70, Flat Rock 11,
Ruddles Mills y57, Clintonville 25.
Total 163. Hill Millersburg 57,
North Middletown 35, Centervllle
32, Hutchison 16. Total 140.
Offutt's majority23.
Sheriff Holladay Millersburg
33, Flat Rock 61, North Middle
town 18, Ruddles Mills '64, Clinton
ville 9, Hutchison 8. Total 193.
Northcutt Paris ,53, Centerville 23.
Total 76. Holladay's majority 117.
The new brakeman's call on '
conductor Johnnie Martin's train at
the Paris junction every afternoon,
is "change cars for Covington and
all intervening points between
Paris and Covington." The fast
line, as will be remembered, with
which this train used to connect,
stopped only at Cynthiana.
Wm. Tarr has rented his Bishop
farm on Cane Ridge, to Wm. Bark
ley, of Lewis county, who will raise
a crop of tobacco and corn on the
The Frakes Bros., butchers, of
Paris, two very enterprising young
men, are going to establish a ferti
lizing manufactory near this city,
and will be on the market buying
bones and carcasses of horses,
cows, etc.
Burl Higgins, who lives on Wm.
Howse's farm in Nicholas county,
has a dog which meets all men vis
itors at the stile, takes them by the
coat tail, leads them to the house
and holds on till the man is identi
fied and invited in the house. He
who doubts this, assails the verac
ity of Dr. G. D. Judy.
The long litigation over the Six
teenth street Presbyterian church
property in St. Louis has ended by
the agreement of the Northern and
Southern Presbyterians, to divide
and cal1 "sluare-" The difficulty
grew out of the division in the
Presbyterian churcheB occasioned
by the war, and both sides claimed
th Dr0DePt '
Industrious men and women
wanted to retail the genuine Wat-
kins Products
in city territories.
j Exceptional opportunity to tie up
, for free samples and particulars.
Dept. 82, Memphis, Tenn.
won by both.
Just received direct from Holland,
Tulips, Hayacinths. Narcissus, Jon
quils and Crocus. ' Come and get
yours to-day.
'aCumb. Phone 915 Second Street.
Plant This Fall
Fruit and Shade Trees
Blooming Shrubs
Small Fruits
Grape Vines
In fact, everything for Orchard,
Lawn and Garden. Our illustrated
catalog this year is the most com
plete nursery book ever issued In
the South. It is free for the asking.
H. F. Hillenmeyer & Sons
Lexington, Kentucky.
The Road to Prosperity
Leads Through the Turnstiles
Campbell's Pork and Beans ....- lUC
Domino Golden Syrup 7I
No. 2 Can v.. I ?C
Borden's Evaporated Milk C
- TalHOc; small '...S..w- DC
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 19c
'G,nijeS,S.:.Soup' , : 1 ! 10c
Scott County. Tomato Catsup v 1 A
S-oz. Bottle.... 1 UC
Wiiite Star White Meat Tuira Fish 1 A
Lar,e39c; Medium 24c; Small ...1. 1'fC
Samaral Imported Sardines 101
In Pure Olive Oil 7. -........:..:.:..'...". 1 tVL
Von AHmen's Pure Preserves 9Q
16-oz. Glass Jar (Assorted Flavors) .."...!.. C
Pure Hog Lard ' ' v 14
po- ...-- 14C
Wisconsin Full Cream Cheese o7
Pound : .!.......: t C
Callahan's Flour ol
24-Pound Bag .x OtIC
We Don't Meet Prices We Make Them
707 Main Street
Somewhere on the streets of
Paris, a cameo pin. Finder leave at
NEWS office. Suitable Teward.
" P T3 T T7T,
At Paris High School, or on the
streets of Paris, a diamond ring,
with small set. Finder please leave
at THE NEWS office and receive re
ward. PARIS, KY,
Began Business Jan. 3, 1916
Frank P. Klser, President
9. L. Weathers, Vice President
W. W.fMitehell, Cashier
Jno. W. Terkes, Ass't Cashier
Dam Peed, Jr., Bookkeefar. . .
JUNE 30, 1921
; ii -
wfef Vfc
Just History
I 7t
Tie Colonial Dua
Span , ken cletk
By Candle flamt.
In I860
In Crinoline bright,
She.grjeettd iexguefti
By Coal Oil light
And later on,
How time doet pais
Her home was lit
By flickering Gas.
But. the girl of to-day
Who wants her home bright,
Just presses a button
And has Electric light
Paris Gas & Electric Co.
Modern Equipment
Expert and Polite Service
Paris, Kentucky
, -

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