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yz Si
pitiUisked 18PI 41 Years of Con
tinuous Publication
Kbliihed Every Tuesday and Friday
er, Year $2.006 Honths $1.00
T f Payable Cash in Advance.
'IWIFT CHAMP, Editor and Owner.
Satered at the Paris, Kentucky,
Portoffle as Mail Matter of the
Second Class.)
the cheap, thoughtless gossip that
causes so many heartaches in the
world. Certainly there could be no j
more wortny tasK man. to increase -- ,Wo no..-.-- jrarmnmii T
,i f TIVES.
ITeW York American Press Asso-
'Chicago lord & Thomas.
Phikdelphia N. W. Ayers & Son.
Aitanta Massengale Adv. Agency
CuLGinnati Blaine Thompson Co
Louisville Lowman-Mullican Co.
the number of those who guard
their tongues against unkindness.
You make your ills all double
If over them you fret;
The, one who borrows trouble
Takes on a heavy debt.
The village philosopher says:
"One sure sign of the emancipation
of women is that they've abandoned
the smoothing iron and taken up
the shooting iron."
Display Advertisements, 5 1.00 per
inch for first time; 50 cents per inch
.ach subsequent insertion.
Reading Netices,, 10 cents per line
ach issue; reading notices in black
type, 20 cents per line, each issue.
Cards of thanks, calls on candi
dates, obituaries and resolutions and
imilar matter, 10 cents per line.
Special rates for large advertise
ments and yearly contracts.
The right of publisher is reserved
to decline any advertisement or
ther matter for publication,
Announcements for political' offices
must invariably be accompanied by
he cash.
Fashion experts
If it is true that Henry Ford is
losing $300,000 a month on his
railroad, he might as well have
tried showing old publishers how
to run a newspaper.
Paris, As Told in THE
NEWS' Files?
They are as yellow and bright as a
field full of sunflowers or dande
lions. Tom is too utterly happy to
be living on this mundane sphere.
If all the new enterprises were
to be suddenly consumated, which
are set affoat by the. Lexington
newspapers, Paris would have to
draw up, or Lexington would soon
crowd her over into Stoner.
Any erroneous reflection upon the
Character, standing or reputation of
any person, firm - or corporation
which may appear in the columns
fcladly corrected if brought to the
attention of the editor.
Remember the time when a Paris
beau thought he wasn't dressed up
unless he had about fifty cents'
worth of perfume slaverred over
his coat?
Advertisers may comment on the
importance of "getting the goods in
the front' window," but the best
thing is to be sure that you have
the real goods to go in the front
Did you ever stop to wonder
why a railroad train on which there
is no sleeper, no diner, no smoker,
no water, no ventilation, no porter
and no news butcher is termed an
"accommodation train?"
Lingerie and liquor are inter
woven in a lawsuit filed in a New
York court to oust one of the part
ners of a lingerie shop who is al-
There's no denying that to most
of us there is a certain satisfaction !
in reviewing the events of long ago, The True Kentuckian says that
as they are presented to us, either Ray Honey lives in Paris, and Jake
casually or by force of some remin- Vinegar, "in Frankfort. . We would!
iscent strain of the moment. And like to know what of that? Jake
to' those who lived here in -the long crabtree lives in Breathitt county;
ago the recalling of events in the;Jake Mitchelltree, in Nicholas coun
old days of Paris affords a peculiar it and Jake Roundtree in Robert
satisfaction all its own. They, per-! x . .. - .
Predict that hntlB nr than w who hRVA!BOB WUUl3r' WJ111B "" jaKe flM
hoopskirts "will come back. Hor-1 grown used to the old place, will Snapped himself away frqp Head
rors! Traffic is congested badly ! aDnreciate these items, taken at quarters-to Illinois.
enough as it is. random from a copy of THE BOUR-1 Mr. Burt Scully, of Lexington,
BON NEWS, of Tuesday, April 11, has moved to the Ogden farm near
1882: this city, and opened a training
stable for race horses. He has, 15
Born, on April 7, to the wife of head now in training. The pink
A. J. Dudley, a daughter. eye hag been &mQng his h6rses
Felix Lowry is delivering his to- and Ballard, one of the favorites
bacco here at 20 cents per pound for J0?7' has ad ad
sold to Keller & McGraw, of Shaw- attack' but i8 now wel1 and takins
hie wrvrlr
Vinn I
Growing wheat and corn may stop
Hay may be unfit to mow;
But politicians form a crop
That never fails to grow.
Eight millions Russians are said
to be in need of aid. There are
fully as many Americans as that
who are not prosperous, but they
still shuffle along just the same.
A really progressive metropoli
tan newspaper these days is one
which furnishes its readers with a
card index to help them keep up
with all the murder mysteries in
their columns. .
The members of the American
Bankers' Association believe in
wetting their whisles. After their
recent meeting held in New York
City where they wrestled over great
financial questions, the janitors car
ried out forty-three empty cases.
Let's see, who attended from Paris?
No paper that is a live wire and
has the, interest and the welfare of
the community at heart, can af
ford to oppose public improvements.
But at the same time, it is its duty
to see that the; people's money is
handled in a business and economi
cal way, and to the best interest of
the tax-payers, no difference who it
Uncle Sammy seems to be a little
slow at times, but have patience
and he will get there. It only took
him twelve years to deliver a postal
card from Evansville, Indiana, to
Vincennes, a distance of fifty miles,
and no women clerks on the route.
The card was not even moth-eaten.
And we recall that it once took two
days for THE NEWS to get abetter
that wns mnilprl nt Millprshurp-. nnlv
leged to be a "lady bootlegger.". ... .. OTTro.
m i cigub mntki anaj .
wen, naven c liquor ana lingerie
always spelled trouble?
You can safely bet your last cent
that 'the fellow the kids and the
dogs like" and are not afraid of is
all right at heart. It doesn't take
either very long to know whether
a man is all right with them, and
These October weddings have
caused the following wild thoughts
to surge through the brain of the
engineer of this column: The bride
blushing and beautiful she repre
sents the wisdom of the ages, r and
the hope of the future years. In
her is bound up the promise of ex-
they do not hesitate to show that Penence. bhe is lovely m her m-
nocence. ane is a monarcn in ner
Ihey kaow it, either.
Age brings us nothing better
thaM the growing understanding of
"how' utterly" useless and senseless it
is to fuss and flime and fret over
trifles that could be blown away in
a breath: And all the fussing, fret
ting and fuming hurts the fusser
.more than anyone else.
-3 .
News dispatch says: "Fashion-
u.e u. iu. .m. -i. n The wcddIng would be a flat flzzle
aoanaommg cisweu.es ana bmoinB , without him. hiit vmi wnnlri npver
... - w . -.r WV ,, W .. W -, V , V
potentialities. She is queen of the
year, and she wears her crown
with becoming dignity. There is
no possibility of mistaking her
prime impqrtance to the ceremony,
and why should there be, is she not
the bride? And the groom, well, he
is comparatively unimportant, hut
it is necessary that he should be
there to say the responses. He is
neat and nervous, or if he isn't, neat
he will hear about it afterward
probably from dear mother-in-law.
There were 75 excursionists from
this place who went on the special J
train to Cynthiana to attend the
Barnes meeting Sunday.
Louisville & Nashville Railroad
For detailed information apply to local ticket agent
n,f T
T, , VI
-f 9 .
Mir TreGiT
r f
::i jjw'i"1 -.'-an - TnrzHn7
J i
We are displaying the most complete assortment we
'have, ever. had. The same high grade we use for our
own cut flower growing. Don't fail to investigate be
fore buying. r n ? ,
Nineteenth St., Near Main Both Phones
The Louisa Kleizer
At the Western High School, a
nronertv sold ring. Owner can obtain same
where Mrs. Turney keeps a notion b proving Pperty and paying all
store, was sold at' public sale Sat- j
urday, to Roger O'Conner, for $3,-800.
In future, our Railroad Commis
sioner, F. L. McChesney, will make .
We will sell at public sale Thurs-
his headquarters in Frankfort, and day, November 16, at 2:30 p. m.,
Jimmie will be the guiding light of for Mrs. D. G. Taylor her vacant
The Citizen.
Tice Hall, an aged and wealthy
citizen of Scott county, died Satur
day at Georgetown. He was a
son-in-law of Ben Harris, of this
place, and left an estate valued at
Charlie White, an ex-editor at
lot 62xl71, located on Fifteenth
at THE NEWS office and receive reward.
Dipes." It looks as if emancipa
tion is in sight for the married
man whose wife his held in abey
ance his earnest desire to smoke
his favorite pipe at? dinner parties.
"The King Will Hold a Council
To-day" is the complete announce
ment made in a London paper of an
important event in English royal
-circlefi. Many Americans 'who shout
their devotion to democracy and
their contempt of kings will find it
hard to understand how a newspa
per can dispose of such an event in
.seven words.
Sheriff's fees in the collection of
'school taxes must be paid out of the
school fund and not out of the gen
eral fund, and the amount receiv
ed cannot in any case exceed l per
cent of the total school fund, the
Court of Appeals at Frankfort held.
The question was presented to
the High Court on an appeal and
m A , , , cross appeal from the Jefferson
Two Kentucky preachers recent-. Circuit Cour(. ,n caseg brought by
ly indulged in a street scrap m william K RosSf former Sheriff of
-which hsts we,re used freely ana Jefferson county.
each called the other names out of
guess that from the way the other
rams push him around. He isn't
even the best man, he's only the
the Bible. Somehow or other there
always seems to be something pe
culiarly inconsistent and incongru
ous jin the spectacle of men attempt
ing to inculcate the precepts of the
iBible by the use of fists.
An organization to be known as
the "Padlock Society" is soon to be
started in Paris. Those joining it
-unlock a padlock, make a pledge,
then lock the padlock. This is the
pledge they make: "I promise to
try my utmost never to say an un
kind thing about anyone, whether
true or. untrue." JEvery New Year's
Bay the pledge must be renewed.
The Padlock Society is a' world
league of sealed iips to stop
At Paris High School, or on the
streets of Paris, a diamond ring,
Maysville, cut Dr. John Mitchell a'tb smali set. Finder please leave
severe gash in the neck with a pen
knife, last week, in way of punctu
ating a little argument.
Capt. Dan Turney will add con
siderably more in way of improve
ments to the Bluq Licks Hotel this
season, in way of making room for
his rapidly increasing trade. The
Captain also proposes to put his
shoulder to the wheels of a new en
terprise in way of a railroad from
the hotel to the Licking River
bridge on the K. C, and in order
to give the scheme a boost, will
subscribe $15,000 in stocks. He
only wants $20,000 more, and he
will call it a "go."
Ed Fothergill, for many years
the foreman of the True Kentuckian
office, died of galloping consump
tion last Friday, at 11:30 a. m.
He was in the 35th year of his age,
and by dint of hard strokes, day and
night, he accumulated a snug little
start in life, which was invested in
city property. His life was insur
ed in the Ancient Order of United
Workmen, for $6,200. This, with
his other property, will be heired
by his brother, Charlie, and his
sister, Mrs. Eph. January.
The remains of John Cronin,
who committed suicide in Mt. Ster
ling, were buried in the stranger's
lot of the Catholic Cemetery here,
on Monday of last week. Cronin's
brother, of Cynthiana, claimed that
-he had a right to bury the remains
on his father's lot in the conse
crated grounds, but being barred
from" that privilege, owingto it be
ing -in strict violation of the rules
of the Catholic church, he appealed
to Bishop -Toebbe, of Covington, who
confirmed ther action of the church
authorities here.'
Last Friday, Mayor Hinton and
Col. John Caldwell prepared two
nice buckets of minnows, at an ex
travagant outlay of time and du
cats and hied away five miles in
the country, to have a big fishing
spree" with Will Ferguson. On ar
riving at the pond, they were over
whelmed with surprise, to find that
they had left their two minnow
buckets in town, and but for their
happy streak of luck in finding a
little willow-covered lunch basket
with a cork stopper, they would
have been all broken up with grief
and sorrow. Moral: Always carry
a little supply of grief-killer when
you go fishing.
The Rev. Geo. O. Barnes will be
invited by Capt. Turney, to spend
two weeks at his Blue Licks hotel,
to recreate the coming season.
Bro. Barnes has adjourned from
Paris to Cynthiana, where the sin
ners believe the road to glory is
hedged with -- still-houses, and
Heaven itself is one huge bonded j
whisky warehouse.
Bro. Barnes and Miss Marie j
gladly greet some of their many
Bourbon friends every day at Cyn-!
thiana. They appear like old home)
folks to them. Instead of finding!
fHWHtH (inilMIIIIII W&h,"fi'Mt&h
We Handle All Kinds of
Electrical Novelties
Electric Washing Machines, Irons, Toasters,
Broilers, Chafing Dishes, Electroliers, All
Kinds of Bulbs, Etc. .
das Heaters
All Sizes and Prices. Gas Logs and Grates
That are Very Practical and Ornamental.
Job Printing of All Kinds is Our Specialty
The Biiick They Judge By
The Model "45" Si Cylinder Touring-1195
Better Body Construction
Brace in the body frames of Buick
open models are bolted through the
wooden frame work instead of being;
merely screwed into it Bolting these
braces prevents the joints from loosening
under driving strains. Note how the
seven places, making it absolutely rigid.
In mounting the bodies on the chassis
more bolts are used to secure the body.
The famoas"Haick five-passenger, six cylinder
open model today, as in past years, sets the
standard of automobile value.
It is the motor car by which others are judged
because it represents the best of each year's
developments in mechanical refinements, ap
pearance and riding comfort.
The Buick Model "45" combines the charac
teristic Buick qualities of performance and
stability with distinctive beauty and a com
pleteness of appointments not to be found,
Well be pleased to give you a demonstration
any time.
The Buick Line for 1923 Comprises Fourteen Models:
Foots 2 Past. Roadster. $865; 5 Pass. Touring. $885; 3 Pan.
Coupe, $1175; 5 Pass. Sedan. $1395; 5 Paw. Touring Sedan.
$1325. , Sixea 2 Paa. Roadster, $1175; 5 Pas. Touring. $1195;
5 Paes. Touring Sedan, $1935; 5 Pass. Sedan, $1985; 4 Pass.
Coupe, $1895; 7 Pass. Touring. $1435; 7 Paa. Sedan, $2195;
Sport Roadster, $1625; Sport Touring, $1675. Prices f. o. b.
Buick factories. Ask about the Q. M. A. C Purchase Plan.
which provides for Deferred Payments.
(Carlisle Mercury)
At a sharp curve on the Mays
ville and Lexington pike near the
Bourbon Nicholas line, a wrecked
automobile was found, practically
all of the belongings having been
removed. In the bottom of the car
was a picture post card of a young
man in the act of leaning over to
kiss a young girl and underneath
the printed statement, "Oh, this is
so sudden. Bourbon folks proud and haughty.
The windshield, left fender and they find them just the reverse. i
Doth wheels of the car were broken. Conductor Tom McLaughlin, of - qJ"nH-""""" r" , '
It is not known who owned the th tt n Ii'kb . 0 .!. iJ J ' r- '"" -- " '-. - N '
mile at having full control over a viiijcvt" iil l.-.ji ' " ' " ' "" "
whole line of new. Oscar Wilde cars. WHEN Bt.1 lfcH AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT, BUICK WILL BUILD. THEM .
Fourth and Pleasant Streets
car as the license plate had been
-- . i
' - hi

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