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If some fellows would stand on a
dime they would remind -us of the
Woolworth stores nothing over ten
If it were not for parting, there
would be no joy in meeting.
Our cordial relations prompts
us to extend to you a sincere
wish for a Happy and Pros
perous New Year.
Col. Jim Mart's "Old-time Notes"
contains the following regarding a
well-known pioneer citizen of Paris:
"Death, at Paris, aged 76, of
Noah Spears, a native of Bour.bon
county. He developed so early in
manly appearance, that at the age
of thirteen he voted, being suppos
ed to be a man. When a young man
he traded produce to New Orleans,
in flatboats, and walked back."
- is
Our idea of a busy man is the
Recording Angel taking notes of the
actions of delegates to a convention.
The pressers, cleaners and reno
vators have small use for the man
who never says "Dye."
Appreciating our pleasant
business relations during the
past, we wish you the com
pliments of the season, and
trust that the coming New
Year will bring the best you
have ever known in Happi
ness and Prosperity
w. H.
& CO.
May the sunshine of the
Christmas cheer enter into
your heart and dwell therein
all the days of the New
The Holiday Season affords
an opportunity to express to
you the pleasure we derive
from the cordial relations ex
isting between us.
I wish you and yours a
Happy New Year filled with
Peace and Prosperity.
Drug Store
Retrospecting, we feel it would
be ungrateful not to thank
every one of our friends for
their patronage and the Good
Will they have given us during
the year 1922. Realizing many
material accomplishments, this
store cannot help being joyful '
for the appreciation shown by
its patrons. May the New Year
be one of unprecedented pros
perity and success for all of us.
I. L. GLASS, Manager
Heartiest Greetings and
Best Wishes
j Prom
Eugene Roberts, of Shelbyville,
is visiting his parents in this city,
during the holidays.
Miss Tillie Jaynes has returned
to her home in Lexington after a
visit to friends in Paris.
' Mrs. William S. Arnsparger has
returned from a visit to her mother,
Mrs. Mattie Baldwin, in Winches
ter. Miss Annabelle Harp is spend
ing her holiday vacation with her
grandmother, Mrs. Allen Jones, in
Mt. Sterling.
Mrs. J. Henry Puhrman left
Wednesday for her winter home in
Wauchula, Florida, to spend the re
mainder of the winter.
Rev. and Mrs. O. B. Crockett
and children have returned from a
holiday visit to Mrs. Crockett's
mother, Mrs. Campbell", in Nicholas
ville. Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Clendenin
are spending the holidays in Emi
nence as guests of the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Clen
denin. Miss Mary Katherine Doyle is
at home for the holidays from St.
Mary of The Woods College, with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Mrs. E. K. Lovell, formerly of
Paris, is seriously ill in a Winches
ter hospital. Mrs. Lovell is a sister-in-law
of A. B. Lovell, Eighth
street grocer.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Clement
and son, Miss Roberta Lee Croxton
and Mr. Jos. Croxton, of near Win
chester, were recent guests of rela
tives near Paris.
Mrs. Wm. Burchfield, of Vin
cennes, Indiana, formerly Miss
Louise Bashford, of Paris, is a guest
of her sisters, Mrs. H. A. Power and
Miss Mary Bashford, in this city.
J. W. Juett and R. D. Juett
have returned to their homes in
Cincinnati after a visit to their sis
ter, Mrs. Lee McMillan, and Mr.
McMillan, at their home on Second
Miss Louise Collier is at home
from Oxford, Ohio, where she is at
tending school, to spend the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Peale Collier, on South Main
' Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hop
kins and son, Robert M. Hopkins,
Jr., of St. Louis, Mo., are spending
the holidays with Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Helm Clay, at their home on
Eighth street.
Miss Nettie Pullen and Miss
Lilly, members of the Science Hill
College faculty, in Shelbyville,' are
spending the holiday vacation in
Paris as guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James McClure, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Buffington,
of Columbus, Ohio, are visiting rel
atives in Paris and Millersburg.
Mrs. Buffington was formerly Miss
Sadie Hart, of Paris, sister of Mrs.
W. M. Miller, of Millersburg.
During the intermission at the
Elks Club Dance, given in Winches
ter, Monday evening, Miss Lucy
Hunter gave a lovely supper at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Hunter. Among the guests
was Harry Turney Clay, of Paris.
Misses Sara and Helen Ded
man, daughters of Judge Jas. Ded
han, of Cynthiana, are spending the
week-end in Paris as guests of Mr.
and Mrs. R. B. Hutchcraft and fam
ily, at their home on Second street.
Miss Eunice Brown, of West
Union, Ohio, and Miss Grace Crook,
of Sharpsburg, are guests of Miss
Ann Rutherford Duncan, at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles A. Duncan, on Second
Miss Hallie Frank is entertain
ing the following guests at her home
on High street: Misses Margaret
Thompson and Hallie Hunter, of
Winchester; Beatrice Carr, of Ashe
ville, N. C, and Pauline Prather, of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spears
were' hosts with a delightful six
o'clock dinner at their home on Cy
press street, Tuesday evening. Cov
ers were laid for twelve guests.
This was the first of a series of en
tertainments to be given through
the coming season.
One of the delightful entertain
ments of the holiday season was the
dance given in Winchester Monday
night by the Elks Club of that city.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with Christmas emblems. Among
those, who attended were Misses
Elmeta Hinton and Nannette Ar
kle, and Mr. Fithian Arkle, of Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Weathers
entertained Christmas Day with a
family reunion at their home near
Clintonville, the hospitality includ
ing Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Weath
ers, W. H. Clark, Misses Hattie,
Lelia and Mary Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
John Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Thornwell
Tadlock, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Wood
ford and daughter, Miss Betsy
Woodford, Mrs. Mary Haley and
son, William Haley, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Weathers.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Spencer en
tertained at their home on South
Main street in honor of Miss Mar
tha Bedford and Marion Bedford.
A delightful luncheon was served,
and dancing and cards were enjoy
ed throughout the evening. The
guests were: Misses Anna Jones,
Lucy Gardner, Alice Quisenberry,
Nancy V. Woodford, Grace Alver
son, Martha Bedford; 'Messrs. Zack
Brown William Jones, Lisle Wood
ford, Marion Bedford;' -Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Young. '
The way we are heading, it won't
be long before some company will
even put a meter on "the love light
in her eyes."
If Jaunary is not too cold, some
of the New Year resolutions that
will be made may have a chance to
last until February.
If you would garner from life's store
And find your basket full,
A little push will get you more
Than trusting to a pull.
Ddn't say you have nothing to be
be thankful for. How would you
like to wear vknee pants and a pow
dered wig and stay fussed up all
Things are happening so rapidly
in the world to-day that we would
not be surprised to hear that some
aviator had skimmed the cream off
the Milky Way.
A man who gave the name "Ben
jamin Franklin" has been arrested
in a raid on an alleged dope ring.
But then you see,, even great men's
names are not protected by copy
right. In the midst of a hard, grinding
day, no matter what your station in
life may be, it is awfully satisfying
and comforting to think suddenly
that some pal somewhere is loving
The worst pest we know of to-day
is the fellow who grabs you by the
collar, and gleefully chirps into your
ear how his old boat gets .twenty
five miles an hour out of 'a gallon
of gasoline.
It was said that Fatty Arbuckle's
Christmas stocking contained the
following: ' When you were bad you
were horrid, but now you're good,
oh, so very good, our welcome's
really torrid. Will S. Hays."
If Henry Ford should use in Ken
tucky for manufacturing, the coal
he is buying, Kentucky would real
ize handsomely on the coal, but
shipping coal out does not increase
Kentucky earnings.
m m
When farm labor be.comes or
ganized the agricultural producers
will begin talking about the good
old days when there was no union
scale, and when the San Jose scale
was the only thing a fruit grower
had to contend with.
When the, old year 1922 is ended
and the newvyear 1923 is begun we
shall wish to remember only' such
abiding things as love and faith
and gladness and beauty. Let us
therefore put things into the new
year right at the beginning.
The headline in the daily "papers,
"264 Republicans Released From
Prison," caused irritation and alarm
among many Kentucky Democrats
until they looked again and saw
that it occurred in Dublin, Ireland,
and that Governor Morrow had no
hand in it.
If it were no,t for the gossips the
country newspapers would have a
better chance to spread abroad the
happening of the hour, the day or
the week. What kind of a chance
has the newspaper to get "an ex
clusive" when the gossips get hold.
of a choice piece of news?
A very ordinary Paris man made
the following .very wise observa
tion to me the other day: "I have
lived nearly sixty years now, and I
have made up my mind that in
the thousands of times I got mad at
somebody else I did not change the
other fellow's belief one iota, nor
enlarge my own faith a bit."
A pretty Paris girl came storming
out of a certain shoe store the otiher
day. Curiosity got the better of me,
and I asked the grinning clerk who
stood at the counter;-" What's the
matter?" The clerk replied: "Well,
old man, I've got revenge at last.
That was a telephone girl, and when
she got her shoes I got my revenge,
for I gave her the wrong number,
just like she's handed me many
The children . were gathered
around a towering Christmas tree in
Paris, the other night, aglow with
happiness, the tree aglow with tin
sel, lights and ornaments, and old
Santa Claus was just distributing
presents. One of the assistants was
attracted by the countenance of a
street urchin, none too warmly
clad, and not being able to place
him as one of those expected to be
present, she sought to draw him
out, so asked him: "Are you glad
you came, little fellow?" To which
the youngster replied vociferously:
"Hell, yes! Whatcher think. I'm
here fer." He got all he wanted in
With the deepest appreciation
to all who have contributed so
materially to our success we
extend our heartiest greetings
and sincerely wish all our
friends and patrons
A Prosperous and
Happy New Year
Paton Beauty Shop
A Prosperous and Happy
We heartily thank you for
the good will you have
.shown us, and extend our
most cordial greetings and
best wishes for your
peace, prosperity and hap
piness in the coming year.
Farmers and
Traders Bank
This bank of the Christmas
spirit sends hearty Yuletide
greetings to its depositors and
friends. May the "back-log"
in the fireplace keep life's fire
burning brightly on that sacred
holiday. The steady progress
we have scored is, we think,
good cause for our gratitude
toward those who have not
found their confidence in us
misplaced. To them greetings.
To those whose acquaintance we
have yet to make, greetings
also, and a cordial invitation to
come in and enroll their names
upon .our. books books, that
stand for safety, service and a
sincere desire to please.
Think of your future happi1
ness. Start a savings account
for old age ahead.
Farmers and
Traders Bank
(Otfctr Personal oa Fzt g) a, hurry.
- - v r

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