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J. WEAVER k CO., No. 116
Smithfield street, Pittsburgh, are our agents m
the two cities for the soliciting of advertise
ments for this paper.
New Advertiaamanta To-Day.
Merchant Tailors —J. A G. F. Keck.
Meeting—North Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
Dissolution of Partnership—Miller Bros.
Heard, Biber k Easton—Dry Goods, etc.
Election Notice —Butler Mutual Fire Ins.
Prospectii—Harper's Publications, Philadel
phia Weekly Times, Rural New Yorker, Lit
tell's Living Age.
T/wi and General.
CHEW Jackson's Best Sweet Navy Tobacco.
THIS is likely to be an "off-year"
for "Smull's Legislative Hand Books.
"THE Little Blind Match Seller,"
new music by W. L. Thompson, can be had at
THE Superintendent of the Butler
k Parker Railroad has had telephones put in
at all the important stations along the route.
ASK for the So So Hat, at
HARVY OSBORNE went to Zelienople
last week to superintend the laying of the
narrow-gauge railroad track from that place to
ANY person intending buying either
a Victor, White or Davis Sewing Machine
goon, can learn something to their advantage
by calling at this office.
REPORT has it thet one of the Nevins
intends starting an eight-page daily in Pitts
burgh, and that the will soon be
made an eight-page paper.
WE direct attention to the card of
Heard, Biber k Fasten, in this paper. They
are offering Dolmans, Cloaks, Jackets and
Dress Goods, at very low prices.
PEIIRY county has a genius who
thinks he has discovered perpetual motion. He
belongs to a large family of persons who have
discovered the same thing, but—
SILK Handkerchiefs, cheap, at
A FIRE occurred at the residence
and tannery of Mr. C. Mardorf near Freeport,
on Huudav morning last, by which there was a
loss of about #750, with $450 insurance.
GRATE tile, flue rings and fire brick,
at J. Niggle & Bro.'s
A. M. CUNNINGHAM, Esq., now has
his office in the Brady Building with Eugene
Miller, Esq., where be will be pleased to attend
to all business his friends entrust to him.
WHEN out buying Holiday presents
drop in Charles R. Grieb's Hat and Cap Store.
IP Congress would make the laws
and let the people make the Presidents perhaps
it would be as well, all things considered. It
may be remarked in passing that Congress will
never consent to do this.
Go TO J. F. T. Stehle's for Satchels,
at 25 cents.
THE wedding dress of the Queen of
Spain was of white baccarat covered with a
court mantle of excessively fine lace. And
now the Butler girls need no longer worry
about what they shall wear.
WORKING and Dress Shirts of all
kinds, from 20 cents up, at Charles R. Grieb's.
A COAT of gum copal varnish ap
plied to the soles of boo Li and shoes, and re
peated as it dries until the pores are filled and
the surface shine* like polished mahogany,
makes them last thrse times longer.
WILLIAM ALAND, Merchant Tailor,
has just opened the largest line of woolens for
men and boys wear ever offered in Butler.
MESSRS. WALTER k Boos will have
their machine, for making wheat flour by the
new process, in their mill and ready for grind
ing in a few days. This method is said to be
superior to any in use in this section.
UNDERWEAR of all kinds, from 25
cents up, at Charles It. Grieb's.
TUESDAY was entry day at the
Poultry Fair. The entries are numerous, in
fact, too numerous, for the space allowed. The
display is magnificent. No one who can spare
the small admission fee should miss seeing it.
SLEIGH and Bob runners can be had
at the J. Niggle k Bro.'s Hardware Store, Jef
ferson street.
GEN. T. J. LOOAN, of Ohio, formerly
of St. Louis will lecture on Temperance in
the Court House, on Monday evening, Dec.
15th. Doors open at 7 o'clock, p. m. All
friendly to the cause are respectfully invited to
A SOLID Silver Case and a Genuine
American Movement a* low as $lO, at
THE shortest days of the year are
gradually crawling upon us. Though short
now, daylight will be curtailed still further
until the 21stof this month ( when after a stand
still of a few days It will again begin to
IF you want good Winter Caps at
19c., go to J. F. T. Stehle's.
WHAT a splendid county this must
be. According to the Constables' returns made
last week, the roads are all in good condition.,
sign or index board* all up, and bridges all
safe, and there lias lately been no liquor sold
illegally, gambling done, etc.
LADIES' Solid Gold Watches at sls
and upwards, at E. Grieb's.
THE size of the oil trade in New
York may be gathered from the fact that there
is now a tankage capacity there, aggregating
five millions barrels, which is daily increasing.
An average of three car loads of iron per day
are now being shipped from Pittsburgh for
new tanks.
SPECIALTIES in woolens at William
Aland's Merchant Tailoring establishment not
to lie had elsewhere in the county.
REV. BISHOP GILMOCR, of Cleveland,
Ohio, has used the Great German Remedy,
ST. JACOBS OIL, and endorses it highly, lie
writes about it as follows: lam pleased to
•ay that the use of Sr. JACOBB On. has bene
fited me greatly, and I have no hesitation to
recommend it to all as an excellent curative.
Go TO J. F. T. Stehle's for the latest
styles of Hats.
IT was a high school graduate
Who biscuits tried to make,
Already having tried her hand
At a batch of pig-lead cake.
She stirred away ijuitc faithfully
Until did tt'-he her booes,
Bnt the product of the long day's toil
Was sold for paving-stones.
THE latest styles in Neckwear, at
Charles R. Grieb's.
A SCIENTIFIC professor of Princeton
Col lege has discovered a remarkable resem
blance between house-Hies and lobsters. This
is of great importance. Lobster* cannot al
ways lie obtained for salads, whilst iu the sum
mer season at least there is a superabundance
of flies, and (ly salads can be had to supply the
most voracious demands. We can never be too
thankful for the benefits science confers upon
ALL kinds of Stove and Flue pipe
to be had at the Hardware Store of
J. NIGGLE k Buo.
EVERYBODY should at once pre
pare for the coming holidays, as they are
swiftly approaching, and what is nicer or more
appropriate than a fancy piece of Silverware
or a nice piece of Jewelry to give to your
friends as a present. E. Grieb has a fine selec
tion of the above named articles, which will
be sold at very low prices, and will be en
graved free of charge, if purchased during the
ALL kinds of Gloves, at
AN exchange remarks that the man
who reads a well conducted newspaper is not
likely to be imposed upon by sharpers, who
are travelling through the county for the pur
pose of swindling farmers. And the farmer
who does not take at least one good county
paper is not to be greatly pitied if he it oc
casionally bitten by these unprincipled sharks.
It is every man's duty to keep himself posted
iu regard to the world's doings.
"I OAVE the child a dose of Dr. Sel
lers' Cough Syrup,' and it was all right in an
hour." Sold by druggist* at 25 cents per bot
IF you want Dress Gloves, if you
want Street Gloves, if you want Driving Gloves
or Mittens, if you want Working Gloves or
Mittens, you can boy them at Charles R.
WHAT now constitutes the Tenth
Census District of this State—Armstrong, But
ler, Clarion, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest,
Jefferson, Mercer, Venango and Warren coun
ties—contained, in 1870, an aggregate popula
tion of 319,187, or more than one-tentli the
population of the entire State, the latter having
Deen 3,421,791. It is estimated that the census
of next year will swell the showing of the
district to" over 500,000 inhabitants.
MEN'S and Boys' Winter Caps from
17c. up, at Charles R. Gr.eb's.
To prevent their road getting into
the hands of speculators, the Pennsylvania
Company are having all stock in their road
offered for sale. Last Wednesday 59,148 shares
of Pennsylvania railroad stock held by the
Commissioners of the Sinking I" und for the
city of Philadelphia were sold to the Pennsyl
vania railroad company. The price, $2,957,450,
was banded over and was converted into the
city's own four per cent. loan. The price paid
was SSO per share, the JKW value.
LATEST styles in Men's, Youths'and
Children's Caps, at Charles R. Grieb's.
A PROFESSOR of the lowa University
is charged with placing eighty kegs of beer
where they would do the most good iu electing
him to the State Senate.— lCr. This is certainly
a clear ease of "trouble brewing." The peculiar
difficulties of placing eighty kegs of beer
where they would work to the best advantage,
politically, is and must have been a novel
study for the ambitious savant, and one of those
problems which the oldest brewer in the land
could not help him one single step toward sat
isfactory solution.
IF you have pimples, boils, salt
rheum, rough skin, kc., try "Lindsey's Blood
Searcher." Sold by all druggists.
IT has come at last. Sitting Bull,
as a prominent slaughterer at large, has un
doubtedly been neglected, for he has never
been invited to take the lecture platform ; but
virtue is its own reward, and the ferocious
chief is now in demand by a gentleman who
wishes to make him the leading feature of a
travelling show. There can be no doubt that
Sitting Bull would succeed as a popular attrac
tion if he could draw audiences as steadily as
he drew rations and raise the hair of his hear
ers as effectively as he has raised that of scores
of white men.
SHAFTS, finished and rough, at the
J. Niggle & Bro.'s Hardware Store, Jefferson
street, Hutler, Pa.
THE inevitable bill for the transfer
of the Indian Bureau to the War Department
turned up in the House at \V ashington, last
Wednesday. Of the other bills put in that
day, the "most remarkable is that of Mr.
Weaver, of lowa, who wants the Treasury to
pay to the soldiers and sailors of the late war,
or their legal representatives, the difference
between the currency which they received and
the gold win which they should have received,
with six per cent, interest, and for this pur
pose to issue new greenbacks up to the limit of
1300,(XX),000. These greenbacks Mr. Weaver of
lowa would have made legal tender for all
dues, public and private. Bills for the refund
ing of the National debt were introduced by
Garfield and Fernando Wood.
THE largest Stock of Half Hose
ever offered in Butler, you can find at
THERE has been one church fair too
many. The Oxford Presbyterian congregation
of Philadelphia, having a six thousand dollar
organ to pav for, resorted to the everlasting
church fair and held it in the church building.
Too much fire was left in the stove used for
cooking oysters and such things necessary to a
church fair, and the society, to use worldly
language, last Wednesday morning found it
sely out a two hundred thousand dollar church
a six thousand dollar organ, which it still owes
some monev on, and eight thousand dollars'
worth of fair goods, on all of which there was
little more than forty thousand dollars of in
surance. The net loss is considerably more
than a hundred thousand dollars, and all be
cause the church had bought an expensive
musical instrument before it had the money to
pay for it.
THE Winter Term of the Wither
spoon Institute will open Dec. Ist, 1870. The
Institution is in a flourishing condition. Ex
cellent advantages are offered to students of
both sexes.
AT last General Grant has been
heard from on the Presidency question. A
friend of the General's—name not given—met
him at the Governor's reception in Nevada and
asked what fie thought concerning his nomina
tion. General Grant answered without hesita
tion and with emphasis, "I sincerely hope no
necessity will arise calling for my nomination."
Come to look at it, forward anil backward,
from above and below, standing up and lying
down, and finally ending it up to take a more
thorough view, tfiere is a sort of indefinitness.
as it were, about this answer when considered
as a refusal. — Ex. We d > not believe that
Grant ever made the conceited answer here
credited to him, for he must well knoar that it
is impossible for any contingency to arise in
this country necessitating the calling of any
one particular citizen to the Presidential chair.
ONE of the largest stocks of Ameri
can Movements and American Cases, both Gold
and Silver, ever offered in Butler, is to be seen
at E. Grieb's, which were all purchased before
the late rise in Watches, ana will lie sold at
the old rates.
SINCE the addition has been built to
the Carbon Black factory at the station on the
Branch road, B,(MM) gas jets have been burning
day and night. The gas is conducted from the
well to a large tank or meter and from it in
parallel lengths, of 2 inch g;is pipe, through
the building. Along the sides of these are
fitted short branches of A gas pipe, terminating
in a slight upward curve and tip|>ed with or
dinary gas burners of 0 foot per hour capacity.
Above these burners, at a distance of 10 inches,
are placed a series of (Mist iron plates, contigu
ous and forming a smooth surface whereon the
carbon black is deposited. A small car travel
ing on rails laid between burners and plates,
and furnished with a scraping device, plies
forward and back every ten minutes during
the twenty-four hours. This earrage is pro
pelled by steam power, operating through
wire rope and suitable gearing, drums, etc.
The smoke or carbon black is scraped into pans
hung upon the car, and these are dumped at
each end of the route into receptacles, which
are in turn emptied and deposited in tne puri
fying and packing house. After limply re
moving cinders, etc., by passing through sieves,
the soot is ready for the market. It is
then packed in bust-wood barrels mode*especi
ally for the purpose, ami then shipped to New
V'ork. Two qualities of the black arc made,
the finest for use in manufacturing job ink,
and the other for news Ink. We do not know
what the production of the works is, though
we see it stated in the Scientific Ami-riant, that
each burner will produce 4 pound daily. What
(he black is worth also, we do not know, and
we can sec no quotations in our daily ex
changes, but if the price of the finer article
correspond* in any degree with that of job ink
for which we pay from $1 to $2 per pound, the
manufacture of Carbon Black is undoubtedly a
very profitable business. A new works is be
ing built at Murravsville, Westmoreland
county ( and Captain llazlett's works at Den
ny's mills will soon be in operation.
Wkent I Wheat!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter k Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER <fc Boos.
The Young Men
Of our town should not fail to order
one of Mr. Charles Gardner's sls suits
of Winter Clothing. 10 Federal street,
Allegheny City.
10,000 bushels of Bye wanted at
Walter & Boos' Mill, to be ground
into flour. 75 cents paid per bushel.
WALTER «V 8008.
For the Holidays.
Fancy Necklaces mid Chains, Cameo, Ame
thyst, and other Stone set Kings, also Lockets.
Pendants, Crosses and ( 'barms of all kinds, and
a fine stock of Silverware, at E. Grieb's.
Gentlemen's Overcoats
Made to order at short notice, at 11.
H. Niemann's, 101 Smithfield street,
Pittsburgh. Prices reasonable at all
A Photograph,
Made by Dabbs, the celebrated Pitts
burgh Photographer, will make an
acceptable Christmas present.
When You Oo to Pittsburgh
To take part in the reception of (Jen.
Grant," you will have plenty of time
to call on Mr. John Ommert, 141 Fed
eral street, Allegheny City, and order
one of those superior suits, $lB, which
are made up in the finest style.
: Haiti**, P«. t HccemkeMi; MJ» 18 T3.
Court Proceedings Last Week.
W. Storey, forging judgment note and pub
lishing the same.
J. C. Lenehan, selling liquor without license.
Win. Hav, F. 48.
Frank Chase, selling liquor without license.
D, Alworth and A. Robertson, malicious mis
Wm. Strutt, assault and battery.
Caroline Strutt, same. *
S. H. Wallace, same.
S. H. selling liquor without license.
S. G. W. Brown, Ist eoi nt, embezzlement by
broker; 2nd count, embezzlement by trustee.
Wm. Storv, Ist eonnt, forging a judgment
note; 2nd co'nut, uttering and publishing the
same as true.
John Miles Davis, Ist count, seduction ; 2nd
count, F. &B. Ignoramus as to Ist count, true
bill as. to 2nd count.
Wm. Storey, Ist count, forging a judgment
note; 2nd count, uttering and publishing the
tame as true.
J. T. Perdue, perjury. G. S. Long. pros.
John Conley, obtaining signatures to a writ
ten agreement by false pretence.
J. M. Perdue, perjurv.
Thomas McCamey, Ist count, larceny; 2nd
count, larceny by bailee.
Henry Tim'blin, aggravated assault and bat
Charles P. Ilewins, assault and battery.
Allen Wilson, Ist count, embezzlement by
broker; 2nd count, embezzlement by trustee;
3rd count, larceny by employe; 4th count,
lareeny by bailee; sth count, obtaining money
by false pretenses.
D. Calvin Cook, selling liquor without
E. J. Salt, obtaining property by false pre
Lula Christy, F. & B.; held over.
Griffith, Sheppard, Foy, Boyle, Moran and
Leeky, on information of t'o. Commissioners;
ignoramus and county to pay costs.
Isaac Jones and Joseph Jones, forcible entry
and detainer; settled.
J. 8. Badger, obtaining property by false
pretense; settled.
O. D. Pisor, obtaining mc.iey by false pre
tense; ignoramus and prosecutor to pay costs.
W. D. Crawford, false pretense, 2 cases ; rec
ognizance taken.
R. Huggins, no return from justice; recog
nizance forfeited..
Corn. vs. John Cress; settled.
Same vs. Jacob Shields ; settled.
Overseers of the Poor of Parker township vs.
Overseers of Butler borough. Rule on the
latter to repay money expended for support of
John A. Black and family. Rule made abso
Commonwealth vs. Griffith and Shepherd,
convicted for horse stealing. This was a rule
on the Countv Commissioners to pay the reward
allowed by faw to officer apprehending and
convicting horse thieves. There appeared to
be some doubt in this case who was entitled to
the money, but on hearing the matter the
Court ordered the reward to be paid to L. E.
The Overseers of the Poor of Clearfield
apj>ealed from an order of removal made by
the borough of Millerstown, of Mrs. (jumper.
In this case, by consent, the appeal was dis
missed at the costs of the appellant.
X. A. Grossman, of Franklin township,
wanted to have his farm attached to the bor
ough of Prospect for school purposes. The
Court, on argument of the case, held that under
the decisions of the Supreme Court, the report
was defective, because the proper notice had
not been given.
Exceptions to the sale of real estate of Ann
Logue, dee'd. The sale was set aside because
the petition was defective.
Citizens of Summit township for a new road.
Viewers appointed.
Citizens of Butler township and ethers, to
view, locate, change and supply a road leading
from the 3 degree road to the liutlcr and Alle
gheny plank road, near residence of Kirk.
Order to view issued.
S. 11. Dufford and other citizens of Butler
township, for public road in said township.
Order to view issued.
Citizens of Washington and Cherry town
ship, for public road in said township. Order
to view issued.
J. W. McGinnis, for private road or drain
from coal bank in Allegheny township. Order
to view issued to Vanderlin, attorney for peti
David Stewart anil X. McElwain, of Wash
in. ;ton and Cherry townships, for viewers to
review a public road in Washington and Cherry
townships. Order to view issued.
The report made in ease of road in Hutler
township leading from 3 degree road to the
Butler and Allegheny Plank Road, was set
aside, the order to view being defective.
Report for road in Summit township was
also set aside, the order to view not conforming
to the special Act of Assembly applicable to
Butler county, in regard to giving notice by
the viewers of the time and place of meeting.
To the Honorable the .fudge* of the Court of
Quarter Sauious of liutlcr County :
We, the Grand Jury now in session for the
county of Butler, through our Foreman, do
present that we have visited the county jail in
a body and inspected the snrne, ami have sum
moned In-tore us a number of witnesses and
examined them in relation to said jail. And
we find raid building very defective for want
of proper ventilation. We, therefore, recom
mend that steps be taken immediately by the
County Commissioners to have said building
properly ventilated. And do further recom
mend that some change be made with regard
to the separation between the male and female
apartments, to prevent the immoral conversa
tion and improper conduct that we find is
carried on and practiced between the sexes.
And do further recommend that the Super
visors of the different townships be specially
ordered by the Court to repair all bridges and
dangerous places ; erect barriers on bridges or
embankments not having the same.
And would especially call the attention of !
the Court to that particular point in Summit I
township, on the Kittanning road, known as
Stevenson's l>am, and have the projier parties
erect a barrier between the railroad and
the public road ; and also that hand boards be
placed at all railroad crossings by the proper
And also that we have visited the Court
Room and different offices, and find them in
good condition. FRANK MARKWKLL,
Dec. 4, 1879. Foreman.
Dec. 4, 1879. Directed t•> be certified to the
Commissioners. And rule on Supervisors of!
Summit township to erect barriers at points
mentioned in Presentment, returnable to 22nd '
The following properties advertised by the
Sheriff were sold last week to the parties men
tioned and deeds made to them :
All the right, title, interest, etc., of Robert
McCaudless in lot in Butler borough, on l'carl
street, to A. Russell for £llO.
All the right, etc., of same in hit on Pearl
street, to A. Russell for »dOt).
All the right, etc., of same in two acres in
Pen n township, with dwelling houses, stable,
etc., to A. Blakely for K).
All the right, etc., of same in acres in
Penri township, with buildings, to J, Berg &
Co. for 1,110.
All the right, etc., of C. MeCandless in 100
acres in Washington township, to 11. U. Cul
lum. Receiver, for 100.
All the right, etc., of Charles Me< amlless in
23 acres In Butler borough, with buildings, to
11. IS. Cullum for £lls.
All the right, etc., of Charlus MeCandless in
5 acres in Butler borough, to £l. B. Cullum
for *SO.
All the right, etc., of Charles MeCandless in
12 aeres in Butler, with buildings, to 11. B.
Cullum for SIOO.
All the right, etc., of Charles Me( andless iu
13(1 acres in Penn township, with buildings, to
11. B. Cullum for SIOO.
All the right, etc., of Charles MeCandless in
tin aeres in I enn township, #ith buildings, to
11. B. Cullutu for SIOO.
All the right, etc., of James Milliard in 100
acres iu Washington township, to Isaiah N.
Meals for $1,555.
All the right, etc., of James Wilson, Jr., in
100 aeres, more or less, iu Jefferson township,
to It. P. Scott for -1.
All the right, etc., of same iu 100 aeres iu
Oakland township, to It. I'. Scott for $2.
All the right, etc., of same in 50 acres iu
Summit township, to It. I*. Scott fur *l.
All the right, etc., of Klizabeth Allison in 30
acres in Winfield township, with buildings, to
Win. Geiscr and 11. Bicker for S4OO
All the right, etc., of Fred Rauschcr in house
and lot In Butler, to A. G. Williams for .jwli.
All the right, etc., of J. M. Sprogle in 75
aeres iu Fairview township, with buildings, to
C. Walker for £IOO.
All the right, etc., of James S. Craig in 12
aeres in Concord.
All the right, etc., of J. W. Christy in 90
acres in Cherry township, with buildings, to
George 11. Graham for sl,l*lo.
All the etc., of same iu 175 acres in
('lay township, with buildings, to George 11.
Graham for .£<1,050.
All the right, etc., of Andrew Campbell iu
350 acres iu Allegheny township, with build
ings and two coal banks, to R. I'. Scott, $1,420.
All the right, etc., of Samuel Walker iu
house and lot in Butler, to C. Walker for .*SOO.
All the right, etc., of same iu 8 acres in But
ler, to same.
All the right, etc., of James Thomas and
Win. McCurdy in 117 acres in Jackson town
ship. to L. McCurdy for *25.
All the right, etc., of H. Sengelob in 38 acres
in Lancaster town-ship, with buildings, to New
ton A Baily for $450.
All the right, etc., of Christian Lepold in
house and lots in Millerstown, to C. Hoch for
All the right, etc., of Hugh McLaughlin in
200 acres in Slipperyrock township, with budd
ings, to W. G. McLaughlin for
All the right, etc., of Hiram Baker in 110
acres in Centre township, with buildings, to
C. Carson for £2,760.
All the right, etc., of P. X. C. & 1- E. R. R.
in one-half acre in Zelienopie, tbJ.N.Pur
viance for $275.
All the right, etc., of same in lot in Har
mony, to J. X. Purviauee for .•• Lit'.
All the right, etc., of same in lot in Jackson
township, to P. & W. R. I!. Co. fir >ln l.
All the right, etc., of same in lot iu Adams
township, to J. N". l'urvianee for
Exception were filed to the acknowledging
of the deeds in the Charles MeCandless and
James Wilson properties.
All advertised pieces not in this list were
either returned, stayed, settled or assigned.
Some pieces bid in by attorneys were bid in
for others to whom the deeds will be made.
Rye! Kye!
10,000 bushels of Rye wanted at
Walter Si Boos' Mill, to be ground
into flour. 75 cents paid per bushel.
WALTER & Boos.
General Grant
Has sent a telegraph to Mr. John
Ommert, 141 Federal street, Allegheny
City, to have one of those celebrated
suits ready for him when he arrives
in that city. The General is an old
customer of Mr. Ommert.
Literary Notes.
The Atlantic Monthly in to contain more
good things than ever, and in more inviting
form. Beginning with the January number,
it is to be printed from larger type on a page
considerably larger than the former, and will
be increased to 144 pages.
A new Serial Storv, by Mr. Howells, be
gins in the January number, and will run
through six months or more. This is prolmbly
the most gratifying announcement that could
IK* made to American magazine readers.
The fine lite-fize portrait of Dr. Holmes,
which Messrs. Houghton, Osgood & Co., offer
for a dollar to the subscribers for the Atlantic,
can hardly fail to have a very large circula
tion ; certainly not, if the American people
remember how much the wise and witty "Au
tocrat of the Breakfast Table" has contributed
to the brightest and best, and most entertaining
partion of American Literature.
Wheal ! Wlioal!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter & Boos'
Mill, Butler, Fa. WALTER & Boos.
H. H. Niemann,
101 Smithfield street, Pittsburgh, has
the finest stock of Boys' Clothing,
Kilt Shirts, Ulster Overcoats, &c., in
that city. lie makes them to order at
very low prices, and uses nothing but
the best materials. This latter is an
important item.
A Journal of Unequalcd Merit.
stands pre-eminent in Western Pennsylvania
as a newspaper.
As a Republican organ it is outspoken, fear
less arid conscientious, and is prepared to strike
vigorous and telling blows in defense of the
party during the approaching Presidential can
The coming session of Congress, and the
debates which will follow between the Repub
lican ami Democratic leaders, will be interest
ing and exciting, and those who wish to be
fully informed on the question of the day
should subscribe at once.
The daily issue contains the most reliable
financial and market reports, and is the lead
ing authority among business men. Terms, $8
per year.
The Weekly is a large thirty-six column
paper, full of general and miscellaneous news,
market quotations, etc. Terms, $1.50 per year.
Sample copies sent free. Address CoMMKB
CIAi. GAZETTE, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Itye! Kye!
10,000 bushels of Rye wanted at
Walter it Boos' Mill, to be ground
into flour. 75 cents paid per bushel.
WALTER & Boos.
Charles Gardner
lias an excellent assortment of Boys'
Clothing at extremely low prices. Call
and see for yourself, I'J Federal street,
Allegheny City.
An Apolosry and Big Business.
[From the Pittsburgh Sunday Leader, Nov .'so.]
Thanksgiving day was so bright
and beautiful that many persons hav
ing leisure took advantage of it and came
to the Studio of Sperber, in Allegheny,
in such numbers that all the resources
of this model establishment were not
able to meet the demands and many
had to go away without having their
Photographs taken. This could not
be prevented, though partly foreseen
and supposed to he provided for; but
when patrons come so fast that it is
impossible to serve then all, it is to be
hoped that this explanation will show
how sorry .Mr. Sperber is that some
were disappointed in not being served.
Hut he wishes us to state that lie will
treat all alike, and invite those who
have been at his Studio and those who
have never been there, to call on him
and examine his work, and, if he is
thronged with work, to make engage
ments for sittings, which will be faith
fully adhered to. .Mr. Sperber is ac
knowledged by all artists to be a first
class workman, and t he best test of all is
that his pictures always please and
are much sought for. Remember the
place, NOB. 90 and 02 Federal street,
Allegheny City.
IV heat! Miical!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter & BOOS'
Mill, Butler, I'a. WALTER <FC Boos.
For a Fashionable
Suit of clothing, we advise our readers
who desire to have their clothing to
suit, to leave their orders with 11. 11.
Niemann, Merchant Tailor, 101 Smith
lield street, Pittsburgh, lie is profi
cient iu the art of cutting.
Sick Yolks Save Money
by buying the medicine known as Kidney-
Wort. It is u dry vegetable compound of' won
derful efficacy in all diseases of the liver and
kidneys. One paekiige makes six i|liarts of
medicine which eontuins no poisonous liquor,
being prepared iu pure water.
Llttell's Living Ago for 1800.
The fact that this standard weekly magazine
has had a successful career of over thirty-five
years against luueh competition, is proof suffi
cient that it meets On undoubted want of the
public. It furnishes what is essential to Amer
ican readers in A great and itidcHpenitable cur
rent literature a literature which embraces
more and more every year the work of the
ablest thinkers and writers of the day. As the
only satisfactorily complete and fresh com
pendium of this literature, its iuiportanee and
value have steadily increased. It enables the
reader, at trilling expense considering the
quantity and quality id' the reading furnished,
t<i keep pace with the best thought and literary
work of our time ; and its great convenience
to every intelligent person or family can there
fore hardly be over-rated.
The extra offer to new subscribers fur IMKO,
and the reduced clubbing rates, lire worthy of
note in tin- prospectus published iu another
column. The magazine is well worth the at
tention of those who are selecting their read
ing for the new year. As the multitude of
periodicals increases more and more beyond
the means and leisure of readers, the value of
such a comprehensive one us this become more
and more apparent.
Urutii Wanted.
I will pay the highest market price
for wheat, rye and buckwheat, at my
mill, south end of town, Butler, Pa.
Grand Holiday
Ritter & Ralston's.
DRESS SILKS at 75c., Si, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2,00 and 2.50 per yard.
ALL-WOOL CASHMERES at 45c., 50c., 55c, Goc., 65c., 70c., 75c., 80c., 85c., 90c., sl, 1.10, 1.15 and 1.25 per yard.
LADIES' CLOAKS at $2 50, 3.50, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, G. 50, 7.50, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 12.50, 13.50, 15.00, 17.00, 18.00,
20,00, 22.50, 25.00, 30,00 and 35.00.
CHILDREN'S CLOAKS, all styles and prices.
LADIES', Misses' and Children's Felt Hats, at 15 cents.
LADIES' FURS, Misses' Furs, Children's Furs.
CARPETS, all Styles and Prices. Very Heavy Stock, and No Advance. Now is the Time to Buy.
At G1 cents, good dark Calicoes, unbleached Canton Flannel, Bourctte Dress Goods,
At 10 cents, Columbian Cheviots, heavy dark Dress Goods in all the new shades.
At 20 cents, double-fold Alpacas ; at 25 cents, double-fold Cashmeres, all colors.
At 35 cents, yard-wide Cashmeres, black and colors.
TXWe h :ive now the largest and best assortment of Goods we have ever shown, and we invite you to call early and secure
bargains. Although Goods have advanced thirty to fifty per cent,, we are still SELLING AT OLD PRICES.
ejC r. Having leased the Livery Stable
'""formerly occupied by George
Walter, in the rear of the Vo
gcley House, Butlor, Pi., and
to it. including Horses. Carriages. Buggies, Ac.,
the public are solicited to give me a call.
All my stock is in first-class order, and per
sons wishing to hire will lie accommodated on
the most reasonable terms and at the sliortoat
notice. [oc22-!bnJ (JKORCHC BAUEIt.
Till-: OI.I> SIAUD
The public are respect fully informed that I
have now taken the entiro possession of the
Old Stand
formerly known as llieUel it Co., on West Cun
ningham street, Butler, Pa.
ICorfceN a«i«l Vehicle*
are all first-class and in good order. Punctual
attendance given to customers and others at all
The books of the firm of Bickel A Bauer are
with mo for settlement.
oct22-2m HENBY BICKEL.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Cunningham St., near Helneiuuu's Bookstore,
A large number of tlrst-cl.ms rigs and safe
bore CM always oi. hunt. Horses fed at reasona
ble rates. Horses bought und sold.
Perrons desiring conveyance by the Buss
can lc ive their orders at this stable.
Livery, Sale, Feed and Exchange
Rear oft,owry House, - - BUTLER, PA.
A good little farm of acres of land in
Penn township, Butler county, Pa., is hereby
offered for sale. A pood house, with four
looms, cellar, etc.; good stabling and outbuild
ings ; a good young orchard : well watered, nnd
everything hi good order on Llic farm : about 111
acres of good timber. Bays on the Plank road.
l-'or further particulars inquire of Andrew
Barclay; owner, on the premises, or of his
agent, JOHN H. NEOLEY,
dcc.'t-.'Jt Butler; Pa.
L. ,) A WEEK, il2 it day nt. home easily made.
7'" (Jostlv Outfit free. Address TUIIK A Co.,
Augusta, Mmne. dec,:l-ly
For Sale Iron Furnace.
The greatnHt hnrgaiu ever offured in a Cold
Blast Ohar Coal Iron Furnace, with (loisl Ma
chinery, about Thirty Buildingx mid 8,000 Acres
of Band covered with Good Timber, plenty of
Ore and I,nno Ktone. near Cumberland River, in
Kentucky, 60 miles from the Ohio lUvcr. The
Metal is No. 1 for Boiler Plates or Car Wheels,
and most of the land exeeliunt for farming, and
430,000 will buy the whole property. Address
nov26-ltn 110 Kmithlleld St., Pittsburgh, Pi.
KierutorN" Not lee.
Letters testamentary on the estate of Jacob
Snyder, dee'd, late of Middlesex township,
Butler county, I'a., having I ecu granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
Indebted to said estate will please make pay
ment, and any having claims against the lame
will present them duly authenticated for settle
ROBERT TRIM HI. K, Haxonburg,
WM. SNYDER, Bukcrstown,
novlO Executors.
uiyai-ly] BUTLER, PA.
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Office Cor, Main and Cunningham Sts.
Q. C. ROESSING, President.
WM. CAMPBELL, Treasurer.
11. C. IIEINEMAN, Secretary.
J. L. Purvis, j E. A. Ilelmboldt,
William Campbell, J. VV. Buikhart,
A. Trout man, j Jacoli Sehoene,
G. O. Roeaaing, John Caldwell,
I)r. VV. lrvln, I Samuel Marshall,
J.W.Christy j H. C. Heineman.
JAS. T» M'JUNKIN, Gen, A«'t-
For teale.
The well-improved farm of Rev. W. H. Hutch
ison,in the northeast corner of Middlesex town
ship, Butler county, Pa . is now offered for sale
low. Inquire of \V. I(. FRISBKE, on tlio prem
ises. apttltf
2.500,880 ACRES LAND
Situated in mid near the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe B. R.
11 Years' Credit. 7 per cent. Interest.
Tl e first puymrnt at date of purchase Is one
tenth of the principal and seven percent. Inter
est on the remainder. At the end of the Urst
and second year, only the Intercut at tcven per
cent, is paid ; slid tin: third year, and each year
thereafter, one tenth ot the principal, with
seven per cent. Interest on the lialai.ee, Is paid
annually until Hie whole is paid.
She years' credit, 20 per cent, discount.
Two years' credit, 30 per cent, discount.
Cash purchase, !i:t 1-3 per cent, discount.
The valley of the Upper Arkansas is justly
celebrated lor Its adaptability to WHEAT
RAISING mid the superior <|iiality ot its grain.
country, it idlers advantage* that cannot he ex
celled. Good soil, abundance of pure water, a
mild and remarkably healthy climate, with low
prices and easy terms, make up a total of In
ducements greater than hollered anywhere else
on the confluent of America.
For lull particulars, lutiuire of or address
General Eastern Passenger Agent,
my2l-Iyl 41!' Broadway. N. Y.
190 Main St, Buffalo, N. Y.
\ifl IJXXV X 00Nlntb.»ort4
o>*y fITTTV?
WtttKKKKtM 4# JL% • **!**• Tvlst, wltli
MJamk. Brll. Mlojr »»«<!». Uojt fnpm n> i«l
l» . ..I I'unrH. Al"0 our < UrntucUu
I Itl/lr < 1010. U'nrmnf'rf«r n»««'<•• f-iuj
I iui IlluatriUt <1 ami I'ric* Li»U to
Enlsrprlia Gun Works, f.l<l «*• VV'oodf /If.,
&»TA»l.l»ffjej> 1SI». M'tTThUM BiJti, I'A.
Ki* .v r r <it l m
For mending Tin. Brass, Copper, Lead
* •% or Iron without acid or soldering iron. .
i J ] Any lady or child can mend with it. HI
■■ Will send olio sample Plate hy mail I
- (Willi directions) thiit ivill Ml 163 VW,
ft inch square patches on receipt of 2t>
■M cents, H for 41, inn fur i|tlO. (Postage k
stamps received as cash.) AOKNI'S
A WANTED. (!an carry one day's Stock r
LU in your pocket. Sales will yield 4>-l to
«IB per day. Our 01 page Illustrated
£k, Catalogue of Chromos, Jewelry, Nov- »■(
CJ cities. Stationery, <fco., FREE.
ll!t South Hth St., Plu>a<lelpliia, Pa. nj
Mention thin paper. W J
The Time Has Come
When Every One in Need of Dry Goods Goes Direct to
Having' Made Very Large Purchases in the Eastern Cities Before the Late
Advance in Prices Took Place, We are Able to Offer
Our (loods as Low as Ever.
A very large and full line of Cashmeres nt Don't l>e alarmed about the late advance in
12' c. 15c. and 25c. Domestic Dry (ioods, we are selling everything
Cashmeres, very wide, fine quality, we offer a*'"* as heretofore. ,
in all colors and shades, at 2oe. ltleachJdandVnbVeacfecd Mulling at 5c., o{c.
We offer an All-wool i ash mere, good quality, a||( j
at 40c., 4>c. and ;iOc. (iray Twilled Flannel at 10,15. and 20c.
At 00c., 72c. and 85c., we are selling an All- All-wool Country Flannel, only 28c.
wool French Cashmere, superior in quality to Canton Hannel 01, 84, 10 and I2jc.
any offered elsewhere, at even higher prices. Good Crash (»1, 8 and 10c.
3 . Table Damask 18, 20 and 25c.
Extra fine All-wool French Cashmere, which Turkey lied Table Damask, fast colors, only
we are selling at sl, is generally acknowledged JJQ
to be equal to any offered elsewhere at $1,35. \y e have an extra bargain in White Bed
Black and Colored Silks, 55, 65, 75c. and sl. Quilts, which wc are selling at 50 75c and si.
.... iiii • . ..I Blankets, Colored and white, sl, $2 and $3.
We have a decidedbargain in lack («ro* All-wool country Blankets cheaper than ever.
Grain Silk, at sl, $1.50 and ?J. . , J , ;\
, . ' , , c i-i Our st*ek in Ladies and Gents Underwear is
Our stock in < loaks and » hawls u larger ||loro e otn]*let«? than ever, and will be sold at
than ever and embraces everything i magma >Je. w h) C h will astonish the purchaser. We
Cloaks from $2.50 to S2O. Imve also very decided bargains in Gloves and
Shall* from $1 to $lO. Hosiery.
would call special attention to our very large stock of Plaids
and low-priced Dress Goods, which we are selling at
They are of a very beautiful design, and some of these goods would bo cheap
at twice their cost.
100 Jk 102 Federal Street, Allegheny.
74 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Special Donlgrih made to harmoni/.e with Hiir- i
rounding" of every apartment of your home
for Window Decorations, the richest neleclionn
and latent designs in Haw Kill.n, Satins, .lutes,
Crepetn, tM. I,ace Curtains. from tho chea|>ent
to the very tlnest of all grades at very low ,
priori*; I.ace Lambrequins made to orilnr to At
anv nixed window, in the very latent designs ;
Cornices and Cornice I'oloit, Dado Itottoin Shades
in varioiiH designs, Ueddings, Comforts, Plllown,
Mosquito ItarM, etc. 0c22-3m
Ntray Marc,
fame to the premises of the subscriber, liv
ing in Siiiiiinit towimhip, Itutlcr county, Pa.,
on or about November 10, 1 H7i', a small dark
dun mare, hlnek mane and tail, little white on
left hind foot, very small spot in forehead, sup
jnisisl to he eleven or twelve yearn old. The
owner in requested to eome forward, prove
property, pay expenses, ami lake her avvav
otherwfie she will he mild according to law.
novl!>-.it JAMES MITCHELL.
call he cured by the oontinned nne of Ohmijn'h
Con Liven On. AND Lai'TO Piiosphat* or
I,IMB, a cure for Consumption, Coughs, Colds.
Asthma, Bronchitis, and all Scrofulous diseases.
Aak yotir druggist for Ohmiin's and take no
other. If he ha* not got it, I will send nix bot
tle*) anywhore on receipt of 46. Send for Cir
cular. CHAH. A. OHMUN,
nov2(!-*im 13 Seventh Ave.. New Yoik.
Send for a freo specimen copy of the
(Established IH4B )
The Oldest, Largent, Mont Enterprising, In
structive and Valuable Agricultural, Lire
Stock and Family Journal in America.
It is a 64-Column Weekly Paper,
Acknowledged authority on all agricnltnral top
ice, and lendn the van of American Agricultural
Journalism. Han the Urgent and ablest corps
of regular Contribntom ever omployed on an
agricultural *pa)>er, under an ahlo and experi
enced Kditorial Management who spare no ex
pense or labor to add everything posuible to Ita
Subscription Terms Reduced for 1880.
One Year, 52 Issues, - $1.50,
Making it the choa|Mnt first-class Agricultural
Woekly in the country.
1,1 tier* I Premiums or Cash Commissions to
Club Agents. Kiiccimnu comes sent free.
~ilec:)-2t Cleveland, Ohio.
« (k C: AA l»° r day at home. Samples worth
7') I" *" #5 free. Addreee Stinmon A Co.,
Portland. Maine. dec3-ly

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