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MA. 3. H. BATBS, Newapaper Adverting
Ajrent. 11 Park How (Time* Boildina), New
York, is authoriaed to contract for advertise
ments in the Oiniw.
Local and General.
—Albums, at J. F. T. Stehle's.
Go in. This is the last week of
the sweet buy and buy.
—Hobby-horses, at J. F. T. Steble's.
—California Canned Goods, at
A Clearfield county man recently
killed three bears in one day.
Toy-carriges, at J. F. T. Stehle's.
—Moody and Sankev are to go to
Ireland ; and Ben Butler, too f
—Toy-wash seta, at J. F. T.
—The latest styles in Hats and Caps
at Chas. B. Grieb's.
There will be some more cold
weather before spring.— Vennor.
—Handsome foot stools for ladies,'
for Christmas gifts, at Ketterer's.
—A fine selection of Confectionery
for the Holidays, at M. REIBEB, Sr.
Toy-bedsteads and willow cradles,
at J. F. T. Stehle's.
The smart boy has already entered
his name in several Sunday schools.
—Figs, Currants, Oranges, Lemons,
Malaga Grapes, at M BIIBEB, Sr.
—Handsome foot rests, with slipper
case, for Chriatmas /ifts, at Ketterer's
—A large line of men and boy's
Gloves at Chas. R. Grieb's.
The best time to buy Christmas
presents is when you have the money.
A splendid violin for one dollar,
at r J. F. T. Btehle's
A SOLID Silver Case and a Genuine
American Movement aa low as $lO, at
—Wool and Cotton Half Hose from
3c a pair up, at Chas. R. Grieb's.
—The amount now at risk in Amer
ican life insurance companies is $2,705,-
—Dolls, Toys, Wagons and Sleds,
at J. F. T. Btehle'a.
SPECIALTIES in woolens at William
Aland's Merchant Tailoring establishment not
to be had elsewhere in the county.
—Hon. John M. Greer will likely
be the next president, protem., of our
State Senate.
—Dry Raspberries, Blackberries,
Cnrrants, Raisins, Peaches and Ap
ples. at M. RXIBER, Sr
—WANTED.—Cherry and Poplar
lumber. Inquire of George Ketterer, Furni
ture dealer, Butler, Pa. tf
—Lesseps pays Thompson $25,000
per year. A pretty good salary for an
amateur mariner.
—Dr. Beaver's Lung Pad cures
Coughs, Colds and all effections of the Lung*.
Sola in Butler by D. H. Wuller. [aep22-3m
—Beautiful suits of parlor and bed
room furniture, for Christmas gifts, at
—A constable or policeman in Ire
land just now is certain to have a
steady run of business.
—The largest and finest line of Silk
Handkerchiefs in Butler at Chas. R.
—Fot the cure of Consumption,
Bronchitis, Catarrh and Asthma, nae Dr. Bea
ver's Lung Pad, sold by D. H. Waller, Butler,
Pa. sep22-3m
—The Jury Lists for the January
special Term have been drawn. We
publish them in another place.
—A lot of Heating Stoves suitable
for hard and soft coal, for aale very cheap, at
Jnaeph Rockenstein's Saddle and Harness es
tablishment. dcl-3w
—Do not forget the fine display of
silverware at E. Grieb's, if you intend
making a handsome christmas gift.
—Grain speculators in the West will
spend an unhappy Christmas. The
cereals are all shrinking in price.
—Beantifnlly cushioned and carved
patent rocking chairs, for Christmas
gifts, at Ketterer's.
—The largest stock of men and boy's
Underwear in Butler county, from 45c
a suit up, at Chas. R. Grieb's.
T —Beware of the man who pretends
to laugh when he comes down on an
icy pavement. He is a hypocrite.
—A lot of Heating Stoves suitable
for hard and aoft coal, for sale venr cheap, at
Joseph Rockenstein's Saddle and Harness es
tablishment. dcl-3w
WILLIAM ALAND, Merchant Tailor,
baa just opened the largest line of woolens for
men and DOTS wear ever offered in Butler.
—Clover seed is likely to be unusu
ally high-priced next year, as the crop
seems to have been short nearly every
—A lot of Heating Stoves suitable
for hard and soft coal, for sale very cheap, at
Joseph Rockenstein's Saddle and Harness es
tablishment. dcl-3w
—"Revive our commerce!" say rep
resentatives of various boards of trade
to Congress. It sounds like a battle
—The best selection and largest
stock of Foreign and Domestic canned
and bottled goods, at
—A man always abandons the
worse than foolish habit of walking on
the railroad track the first time he
dosn't hear the train.
—lf you want to make a handsome
and useful present stop in at Chas. R.
Grieb's and examine the largest line of
Neckwear in Butler.
—Dr. Beaver's Absorption Lung
Pad a positive and permanant cure for con
suniption'lironchites, Catarrh, Asthma and all
disease of the Lungs, Thmat and Heard. Sold
by D. H. Wuller agent for Butler county, Pa
—Trains out of Baltimore are carry
ing more than usual loads of bivalves,
notwithstanding the fact that election
bets are nearly all paid.
BKE a woman in another column, near Speer's
Vineyards with a bunch of grapea from which
Speer's Port Grape wine is made, that is so
highly esteemed by the medical profession for
the use of invalids, weakly pereons and the
aged.—Sold by all Druggists. 28aply
—When drilling at the bald-ridge
oil well last Saturday, gas commenced
issuing from it, which indicates that
there is oil in that vicinity.
Stop in at Chas. R. Grieb's and exam
ine his stock of Hats and Caps and
Gents Furnishing Goods.
—A good chance, if you want to
make a handsome Holiday Gift, a solid
gold ladies' watch, which was Helling
heretofore at . sls 00, can be hod at
A special Court for the trial of civil
cases has been appointed for the weeks
commencing with the 3rd, 4th and sth
Mondays of January next, and week
commencing with the 4th Monday of
February. The Jury Commissioners
and one of the Judges, will commence,
next Monday, to fill the wheel for next
The cases of the Commonwealth vs
the following persons were disposed of
last week.
W. H. Curran, false pretense. Set
tled and nolle pros, allowed in pay
ment of costs.
R. G. Thompson, larceny bv bailee.
Not guilty.
William Steiubrook, false pretense.
Not guilty, and prosecutor and defen
dant to each pay one-half the cost.
John Hockenberry, larceny. Nolle
pros, allowed in payment of costs by
William Wood, obstructing private
road. Not guilty, and prosacutor,
William Leckie to pay one-half the
cost, and defendant to pay the other
Same, distroying a bridge across a
private road. Same verdict.
Joseph Saylor, aggravated assault
and battery. Found guilty of assault
and battery.
Joseph Gre«n, larceny. Not guilty.
George Cummins, horse stealing.
Guilty, and sentenced to 3 years and 11
months in Penitentiary.
James D. Lewis, larceny from the
person. Guilty as indicted, and sen
tenced to the penitentiary for 2 years
and 11 months, or until November 15,
Crawford Rankin, FAB. Gliilty,
sentenced to pay 125 to Poor Board of
Fairview township, and $25 to prose
cutrix, and $1 per week from Septem
ber 1, 1880, to September 1, 1885, for
maintenance of child, and costs of pros
ecution. Security in SSOO.
Joseph Flick, assault and battery.-
Settled, and nolle pros, allowed on pay
ment of cost.
M. J. Miller, selling liquor without
license. Pleads guilty, sentence sus
pended for 3 months.
J. A. Milfser, assault and battery
with intent to kill. Defendant enters
a plea of nolle contendre, agrees to pay
prosecutor $25 and is sentenced to pay
a fine of $lO and costs.
Ellen Deeley, larceny. Guilty, and
sentenced to the work bouse for five
A. Vogan and J. Honeywell, keep
ing a bawdy house. Found guilty,
and A. Vogan sentenced to Work
House for f> months, and J. Honey
well to Work House for one year and
11 months.
Same, selling liquor without license.
Not guilty, and county to pay coßts.
The Court adjourned over on Sat
urday until Monday morning of this
week, when the following cases were
Commonwealth vs. William Schock
ey, indictment larceny of a shawl
Verdict, not guilty.
Same vs. Joakim Snyder, and same
vs. John Shoaff, cross bills, and both
for aggravated assault and battery,
and both tried together. Verdict, Sny
der guilty of simple assault and bat
tery, and pay the cost. Shoaff not
All the jurors except those on the
last above case were discharged on
Tuesday morning. Court rose on
Tuesday evening.
Some of the cases taied were of
more than usual interest, and the ver
dicts meet with very general approval.
Twenty-five or thirty men are be
lieved to have perished in a burning
wall paper factory in Buffalo, New
York, last Friday.
—A week old baby in this town is
afflicted with both the chickenpox and
and measles, an unusual circumstance
and an unusual combination of diseases.
— RING LOST—In the borough of
Butler on thankagiving day, a large sired gold
ring with cameo atone, representing the bust ot
• knight wearing a helmet, the same having a
mask, and the stone apparently having two
facet. The finder will be liberally rewarded
be returning the same to Grieb's Jewelry Store,
Butler Pa. tf
—The New York Commercial Ad
vertiser says that the popular tipples
among Chicago ladies are opium, arse
nic, strychnine and belladonna.
—Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound revives the drooping spirits;
invigorates and harmonizes the organic
functions; gives elasticity and firmness
to the step, restores the natural lustre
to the eye, and plants on the pale cheek
of beauty the fresh roses of life's spring
and early summer time.
—Complaint is made in many of
our exchanges that poison can be
bought too easily at drug stores, by
irresponsible parties.
—A factory has been discovered at
Milwaukee from which 12,000 pounds
of oleomargarine are sent out every
day, with no marks to distinguish it
from genuine butter.
—All the jury men of last week
were held over for this week, although
part of them were allowed to go to
their homes and report aeain on Mon
day afternoon at 2 o'clock.
—The imports of coffee for the year
ending June 30, 1880, were over s<so,-
000,000 in value. One-half of this
could have been saved at home by
growing and using chiccory instead.
—The Butler County Poultry Asso
ciation will hold its second annual
exhibition at this place, on the sth,
6th and 7th days of next month.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
—When a man walked out of the
grocery store of John Berg & Son,
last Saturday afternoon he closed the
door between himself and his dog, and
the dog jumped through a large pane
of glass.
Toll do, 0., is troubled with
chills -nd fever aDd an ordinance has
been introduced in the Common Coun
cil to provide for the hourly ringing of
the City Hall bell as a signal to the
population to take quinine.
—We are under obligations to
Charles A. Sullivan, Esq , for a fine fat
turkey for our Christmas dinner, and
hope that every poor man in the coun
ty will be the fortunate recipient of as
good a one, for his Cbristma3 dinner.
—The remarkable blockade of freight
on the New York Central Road, near
Albany, has never been equaled in the
past. It is being taken advantage of
by the promoters of new trunk lines,
and in a day or two announcements of
! new lines of railroad to tbe seaboard
UtitLer Ciiizett: Unties, P«.t fcleoimbct: IS SO.
Snnta <lau*.
The funny looking old man, who
travels through the air on bis reindeer
sled, who slips down the chimneys
and puts candies in the stockings
hanging by the fire place, and leaves
packages of toys and other nice things
Iving on the table, will be around
again next Friday night, and as he
has to collect all bis good things and
nice things before distributing them,
and as he will likely deem it his duty
to collect iu Butler" what he intends
distributing in and about the town,
we have made the following brief di
rectory for his use when on his collect
ing tour:
Dry Goods, Trimmings, etc., —Rit-
ter & Ralston, corner of Main and Jef
ferson streets, have made some special
preparations for the holiday trade.
There can be no more appropriate
Christmas gift for a lady than a good
dress, cloak, dollman, bat or set of
furs, and articles suitable for gifts can
be found in every corner and on every
shelf of a first-class dry goods store.
Dr. Redick is expecting some hand
some goods, in bis usual lines, that he
has ordered for the season.
Toy's jewelry, gents furnishing
goods, valises, sleds, hobby-horses, fur
caps, etc., at J. F. T. Stehle's.
Books, toys, fancy picture frames
and boxes, sleds and many other
things for Christmas gifts, at J.
Beautiful fur caps, buffalo and wild
cat robs, and gents furnishing goods
of all kinds can be had at Harvey
Jewelry, table and toilet silverware,
procured especially for the seasou,
silver thimbles, gold rings, necklaces,
watch chains, crosses, etc., at E.
Fine furnishing goods for gents,
underwear, newest patterns in hats
and neckties, fancy silk handkerchiefs,
fancy hosiery, etc., at Charles R.
Kalo Meda ware books, toys, sleds,
gold pens and pencils, fancy boxes and
picture frames, and thousands of other
pretty and useful things, at H. C. Hei
Messrs H. Beihl & Co., have receiv
ed a selection of Tin Toys for Christ
mas gifts for children. They have
also on bands some handsome coal
bods and other articles suitable for
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware,
etc., —A Troutman, corner of Main
and Mifflin streets, in a store contain
ing so great a variety of goods you
will have no trouble in finding some
thing suitable for a present.
Beautiful slippers can be had of
either of our three enterprising shoe
dealers, Sir Santa Claus, and when
selecting your gifts for the poor re
member that a pair of good boots or
shoes would be as acceptable as any
thing you could get for them.
Our three grocery firms have laid in
ample supplies of mixed and fancy
candies, dried and fresh fruits, nuts
and raisins, canned and bottled goods.
You know where these stores are and
you will have no trouble finding them.
Be sure to get enough here to go all
around, so that no human being need
go hungry on Christmas day.
At our hardware stores many things
suitable for Christmas presents can be
found, such as skates, sleigh-bells,
fancy fire sets and ,coal boxes, also
pen-knives, and there is no more useful
Christmas present than & goou pen
knife. Mr. J. S. Campbell, of the
firm of J. G. & William Campbell,
made us a present of one the other day
which we think is a little the best
pen-knife we have ever used. They
have a fine selection of them of the
best makes, in stock.
You will find that all these firms,
Sir Santa Claus, have made special
preparations for your approaching
visit, and you will be enabled to col
lect the novelties and luxuries for the
rich and the necessities for the poor.
And if when on your travels Sir Santa
Claus, you come across any men and
women who have enough and to spare
of this world's goods, and who having
Faith in the American nation, Hope
for the eternal liberty and equality of
its individual members, teach them
that "The greatest of these is Charity."
At lO Cents,
Best Lonesdale Blenched Muslin. Lan
caster Gingham. Fancy Dark Dress
Goods. You will find bargains in
everything, at
All kinds of grain for which I will pay the
highest market price iu cash at my mill.
Nov. 3, 1880. Butler, Pa.
The largest hop in the country is a
Poland China. 4 years old this spring,
lately on exhibition at Junction City,
Kas. His length is 7 feet; girth of
neck, feet; girth of chest, feet;
girth of centre, H feet; width across the
hips, 30 inches ; weight, 1,532 pounds.
Car pot Weavers
Furnished with chain at the lowest
wholesale price*, at
—The Nicaragua Canal project, hav
ing at last been fairly launched in Con
gress, the war of the rival canals will
be one of the features of the immediate
future It having long been doubted
whether one canal could be built and
made to pay, we thall begin by trying
two canals.
For (lie Holiday*.
A very full assortment of all kinds
of Fancy Goods, at
—The failure of the great New York
coffee houses was brought about by
speculation. They risked their fortunes
on a rising market, and the market
went the other way There is a lesson
in such reverses that is as old as the
hills, but if men were as old as the
hills they would not profit by it.
For Christmas Gifts,
Ladies' Misses and Children's Furs
at much less than city prices, at
For Ihe Holidays at E. Grieb's
A large selection of Ladies' and
Gents, Gold and Silver Watches, both
key and stem winding. Watch chains,
clocks, silverware, necklaces, medal
lions, lockets, crosses and chains of all
kinds, also rings iu great variety, con
sisting of cameos, amethysts, amethyst
encrusted, tnrkois, garnets rubys,
pearls, emeralds, plain gold
fancy engraved bands, children's rin^s.
—Mr. B. W. King, "who has been
a Professor of Elocution in the highest
colleges and academies of our State,"
will give an entertainment in the
Court House, to-morrow (Thursday)
evening. Tie entertainment will con
sist of recitations, reading, imitations,
ventriloquism, polyphonism, etc. Ad
mission 25 cents, children 15 cents.
American Winon.
But few persons are aware of the
great amount of grapes raised in New
Jersey. Alfred Speer is known to be
the largest wine grower east of the
Rocky Mountains. His Port Grape
wine is the best, and is considered by
physicians and chemists as the best
wine to be procured. For sale by D.
H. Wuller.
Cliiitlr- n'* ('OUIN
For all ages from 1 to 14 years, at
—The board of directors of the P.
N. C. & L. E. R. R. Co., have given a
first mortgage on its road to Conrad
X. Jordan, Trustee, to secure coupon
bonds to the amount of $!0,00u per
mile, which they propose issuing in
order to enable them to finish their
road. These bonds will be payable in
the year 1920, and the interest is fixed
at 6 per cent.
Handled He.
A Wokingman says: "Debt, poverty,
and suffering haunted me for years,
caused by a sick family and large bill
for doctoring, which did no good. I
was completely discouraged, until one
year ago, by the advice of my pastor,
I procured Hop Bit.ersand commenced
their use, and in one month we were
all well, and none of us have been sick
a day since; and I want to say to all
poor men, you can keep your families
well a year with Hop Bitters for less
than one doctor's visit will cost.''—
Christian Advocate.
—A Pittsburgh paper mill firm has
purchased several hundred acres of
timber land in the very heart of the
Allegheny mountains, on the Baltimore
<fc Ohio Railroad, the timber of which
is to be manufactured into pulp. They
had a number of workmen engaged in
clearing about ten acres, and will
shortly commence the erection of a
large and extensive pulp works.
living M iln esses.
The hundreds of strong, hearty, rug
ged and healthy looking men, women
and children that have been rescued
from beds of pain, silkness and well
nigh death by Parker's Ginger Tonic,
are the best evidences in the world of
its sterling merit and worth. You will
find such in almost every commuuity.
Read of it in another column.
Indies' « loakM,
At $1.50. $3,00, $3.50. $4.50, $5.00,
$6.50, $7,00, $7,50. SB,OO, $8,50, $9,00,
SIO.OO, $12,00, $15,0 J, SIB,OO, $20,00,
and $25,00, at
—Albert Stoughton, an aged gen
tleman, was attacked by highwaymen
near Petrolia on the night of the 14th,
inst., terribly beaten and robbed of
$1.50, all the monev he had about him.
Since writing above, another report
says it was Luke Stouphton who was
thus attacked, on his return home from
Court here, and after the case ajrainst
Jim Lewis was decided, in which he
was the prosecutor.
—There will be a mass meeting of the
citizens of this county, at the Court
House in Butler, at one o'clock, p. m.,
ot Wednesday, December 20, for the
purpose of discussing the propriety of
buying a farm and building a poor
house. in and for Butler county. All
are invited to attend and every dis
trict is requested to send at least two
delegates. MANY CITIZENS.
Great Clearance Sale of !><»!•
at $ fi.oo, former prices $ 8 50.
at 7.50, " " 10.50.
at 8.50, " " 12.50.
at 10 00, " " 15.00.
at 12 00, " " 18.00.
at 15 00, " " 20 00.
at 17.00, " " 25.00.
at 20.00, " " 30.00.
at 25.00, " " 35.00.
Now is the time to secure bargains,
—The opening of the Conservatory
of Music of this place, by Dr. Louis
Von Meyerboflf, last Saturday night
was a grand success. The audience
was greatly pleased with the Dr.'s
music, and his amusing and instructive
discourse on music was well received.
The Germnnia Orchestra, deserves the
thanks of the community for its efforts
to increase its knowledge of music.
They have rented the building used last
Saturday evening, and have purchased
three fine instruments, two pianos and
one organ.
—The price of rye in St. Petersburg
has fallen very considerably of late,
and a similar decline is expected in
Germany. In Russia the Government
it seems, following the advice of Jo
seph of old to Pharaoh, is accustomed
to purchase, in years of abundance,
large stocks of that cereal, so as, in
times of war or short crops, not to be
deficient in a commodity which is so
extensively used by the masses of the
people. To lower the high prices of
rve bread and thus alleviate the suffer
ings of the poorer classes, the Govern
ment has thrown a large supply on the
market, thus depressing prices, much,
no doubt, to the disappointment of
those who were speculating in public
numbers of the Living Age for the
weeks ending December 11th and 18th,
contain the following, among other in
teresting and valuable articles : Nature
and Law, by Dr. Win. B. Carpenter,
Modern Review ; Marie Antoniette and
Robespierre, translated for the Living
Age; The Procedure of Deliberative
Bodies, Contemporary Review ; A Re
ligious Poem of the Ninth Century,
Fraser ; Political Somnambulism, Mac
millan; Jomini.Moreau and Vandamme,
Fortnightly ; The Works of Sir Henry
Taylor, Nineteenth Century; Insect
Conservatism, Spectator; Science for
Babes, Saturday Review ; Erasmus
Darwin, Temple Bar; A Successful
African Expedition, Nature ; together
| with installments of two serials, and
j the usual amount of choice poetry, etc
I The new volume begins January Ist
and to new subscribers remitting be
fore then, for 1881, the intervening
numbers are 6ent gratis. For fifty-two
numbers of sixty-four large pages each
(or more than 3,300 pages a year), the
subscription price ($8) is low; while
j tor vtf ttfifer to sWU
any one of the American S4 monthlies
or weeklies with the Living Age for a
year, both postpaid. Littell it Co.,
Boston, are the publishers.
Philadelphia newspapers report
that the American Union Telegraph
Company are about to try in th t city
the experiment of putting their wires
| u iderground. The plan works well
! enough in European cities, and there
would seem to be no reason why it
should not succeed here, save the indis
position of the companies to bear the
first cost of making the change.
I These Prices are only up to
Jauu »r.v Ist. IWMI.
At 10 cts., Best Stair Oil Cloth,
at 18 cts Best Hemp Carpet,
at 25 cts., Best Cottage Carpet,
at 28 cts., Good Ingrain Carpet,
at 35 cts.. Better Ingrain Carpet,
at 45 cts., extra Heavy Ingrain Carpet
at 35 cts., Good Rag Carpet,
at 25 cts., Good Stair Carpet,
at 25 cts., Yard Wide Oil Cloth,
at 50 cts., Genuine Cocoa Matting,
at 50 cts.. Good Hall Carpet
at 75 cts., Extra Fine Hall Carpet,
at 00 cts.. Extra Super Carpet,
at sl, Higgan's Best Brussels Carpet,
at $1.25, Best 3 Ply Carpet.
Any person needing Carpet in the
near future, will save money buying
during this month at the above prices,
The committee appointed to prepare
a constitution for the "Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union" for Butler
county are ready to report, and the
ladies of the county interested in such
an organization are requested to meet
in Butler at the M. E. Church, on
Thursday the 30th day of Decern her,
1880, at 3 o'clock p. M , to hear the re
port, and permanently organize. Mary
E. Sullivan, President, N. D. Black,
Secretary. dec!s-2t
—lt is possible that may be a
sequel to the discovery of the skeleton
of a man in the woods in near Mil
lerstown last fall. A man named
Vaughan, a Frenchman, who was con
victed last week of keeping a house of
ill repute iu Petrolia says that on a
certain day last fall be and "Jim" Lew
is, who was convicted of larceny last
week, agreed to follow and rob a ped
dler, and that when the peddler left
town he and Lewis started out after
him ; that he got tired and returned to
his home or place of business, but that
Lewis continued the pursuit, and that
when he returned he had plenty of
mon y, an unusual thing for him.
There may be something iu the story
but the source of it must be takeu into
consideration. The peddler, it is said,
has never been heard of since.
—Mr. C. B. Porter, Druggist.
Towanda, Pa. For several years I have
been troubled with Catarrh ; have tried
many remedies, without mnch relief.
Eiy's Cream Balm has proved to be
the article desired, having wonderful
results in my case I believe it to be
the only cure. L. B. Coburn, Tow
anda, Pa. May 14 1870
Messrs. Ely Tiros. Druggists, Owego,
N Y.—The supply of Cream Balm 1
purchased of you sold rapidly. Such
is the demand I have had occasion to
duplicate my orders no less than five
times within three months My cus
tomers have found this is no humbug,
but a preparation of real merit and evi
dently a sovereign eatholicon for the
cure of Catarrh. An article that will
produce such results will prove a
blessing to any community. WM.
Tuck, Druggist. Wilkesparre, P., Jan.
28, 1880.
The case of the Commonwealth
versus George Cummins, for horse
stealing, tried in our county Court last
week, had some very curious features.
The facts of the case are about as
follows : Mr. Kellerman, of Venango
township, this county, had a horse
stolen from his premises on the night
of the 18th of August last. lie gave
a description of it to detectives who
found it in the possession of a man
named Burkey in Clearfield county,
who said he got it from Cummins.
The horse was returned to Mr. Keller
man and Cummins was arrested. Soon
after a man named McElwain, said to
be a respected citizen of Clarion coun
tv put in an appearance and claimed
that he had lost, on the night of the
30th of August, a hoise whose des
cription answered exactly to that of
the one stolen from Mr. Kellerman.
McElwain found the horse in the pos
session of Kellerman aud sued out a
writ of replevin. Kallcrman gave a
property bond and kept the horse.
At the trial Cummins' folks swore that
he was at home on the night of the
18th of August, bjt was away on the
night of the 30th of August, and he
himself acknowledged that he had
stolen McElwain's horse. McElwain
and a crowd of Clarion county men
were here at the trial aiding in the
defense of Cummins. The jury must
have regarded this action of theirs as
being suspicious, for thev found Cum
mins to be guilty as indicted, and he
was sent to the penitentiary. Mc-
Quistion and Vanderlin Esq's aided
the District Attorney in the prosecu
tion. A board of arbitrators next day,
awarded the horse to Kellerman.
ROCKENSTEIN—At her residence, in this
pi ce, on Tuesday, 21st inst., Mrs. Frances
iti ekensiein, widow of the late Anthony Rock
enstein sged <>'' years.
Police !«► Creditor- of Francis
< oni«-y.
In the e-tUe of Francis Conley Assignor. In
the Court of Common Pleas of Butler Cunity.
On petition of Perry Smith and J. C. Vander
lin to be discharged.
1880, Dec. 6th. The Court direct notice by
publication, on tbe creditors of Assignor, that
prayer of petitioners will be granted unless
cause be fhown to the contrary, on Monday Jan
uarv 3d. JBSI. BY THK COURT.
Now. Dee 9th. 1880, to the creditors of Fran
cis Cotiley. take notice that the Assignees in the
above case have made application to be dis
charged from their trust unless cause is shown
on or before Jan. 3d, 1881.
lMec tt Assignees.
l-'.xe«'iit«p , N Xolicp.
Notice is hereby given tlint letters testamen
tary have been granted to tbe unde'signed on
the estate of John Forsyth, Hr . l"'o of Ptuu
township. Butler county Pa., dee'd. all persons
therefore knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against the name, will present
them properly autlienticnted for settlement.
Executor, Browrisdale, Butler county, Pa.
Notice Hcgariliiij; Fox Scalp
Notice is berebv given that an application will
be made at the next meotiug ol the l.egislatura,
for the repeal of An Act, entitled "A further
supplement to an act giving a bounty on f >x
scalps in the county of Danpliin." approve 1 t ie
27th dav of March, 1869. extending tbe sara« to
the County of Butler, approved tbe Kith day of
April. 1873. J- C. D'.NA,, M>N,
1 MJ&'Wbr.
y Go to CHARLES R. GRIEB'S for 1=
£2 _ *
g! I I !_ CHIEFS, m
C I -r
i XliXXk^f
t-H « I 1 I <3
-' " >
>- COLLARS, CUFFS, . NECK WEAR, kc.,kc., 5
gi;, i ! *
To meet the demand for a reliable hard close shooting breech load- *
• r, at a moderate price, we now offer a line of FINE ENGLISH GUNS,
Greatly Jrfceclixoed Prices:
12-bore. 10-bore.
No. 845, C. 0. BONEHILL, Top lever, double bolt, bar rebounding locks, low set hammers, solid stri
kers, pistol grip stock, patent fore end, skeleton butt plate, fine Damascus barrels, choke
bored, finely engraved and finish d $45 00 j SSO 00
No. 850 ; do. " do. With extension rib fastening 50 00 |55 00
Xo. 855, do. do. Challenge brand with horn heel plate elaborately ensrrnvpd 55 00 | GO 00
All these eims have raided level ribs, and the 10 bore* are made extra heavy and wide at breech, ranging in weight from 9 to 10 Ih?., mak
ing an admirable gun for duck and trap shooting where heavy charges are necessary. Any of these guns will be sent C. O. D., with privilege of
examination and trial on receipt ot a remittance sufficient to cover express charges to your place and return. Xo deviation wll he made from
these prices under any circumstances. f2saue7m] J. PALMER O'N .11, & CO.
F° r Catarrh.
TTTfVv-r.hi irei Hay fever, cold tu the |
y VntAM RALWIf Head. Sc.. insert with ,
liu 'e Anger. a particle f
LATARRH POLOS 'liVrS of tne Balm into the i
■rf'vrjs nostrils; draw stroll* •
r'_ Itreaths through the;
✓ "jRC> nose. It will lie ab
•'EAL3 * sorbed, cleansing. and :
•ASi. i t»S v ', healing Hie diseased
Umm membrane. j
Srtf For Deafness, j
r- rf :;rtfci«)eeaM. nally apply a I
V.V-' particle into and back j
&KSS-." I
Is receiving the endorsement of the sufferer, the
druggist, and physician. Never has an article of so i
much merit been produced for the treatment of
memhranal diseases as this never-failing BAI.M.
and is universally acknowledged as being all that j
is claimed for ft. The application Is easy and I
pleasant, causing no pain, is soothing, and is fast )
superseding the use of powders, liquids and snuffs,
l'riee flu cents. On receipt of IKJ cents, will mail a
package free. Send for circular, with full infor- ,
illation. I
ELY'S CREAM BALM CO., owego. N. Y. |
At Wholesale by
NEW YORK—McKesson & Bobbins llall& Buck- ,
cI,C. N. Criltention, W. 11. Sclieiffelin & Co.. I>. I
M. Stiger .v Co.. I-azelle Marsh & Gardner, 'l'ar
r:'.nt & Co.. l'razer & Lee. and others.
PHILADELPHIA—Smith, Kline & Co., Johnston.
Ho'loway & Co. j
SCRANTON. PA.— Mathews Bros.
At Retail by all Druggists. oct 2T-61U
Butler Female College.]
Winter Term will open November 29th, 1880, i
closing March 4th, 1881.
Primary Department, Normal and Clas
sical, SB. Music, $lO. Boarding in College ;
very low. Rooms for self boarding can be had
free of eharge.
The course of study in this institution is ex
tensive and thorough, embracing all the valua
ble studies taught in any Female College.
ADVANTAGES : Ist. ' Cost is very low.
2nd. The building is well situated and well
3rd. Easy of access, good plank and board
4th. The manners and morals of the stu
dents are enrefully cared for.
MR. & Mas. A. T. DOUTHETT, Principal.
The most complete institution in the United
States for the thorough practical education of
young and middle aged men. Students admit
ted at any time.
For Circulars giving full particulars,
address J. C. SMITH, A. M„
sep27:3m Pittsburgh
Nos. 92 &, 94 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Steam Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills and
Wood-Working Madhinery, new and second
hand. " sep29:3m
Stock Speculation mid Investment.
Operations on Margin or by Privilege*. Spe
1 cial business iu Mining S-ocks. Full particulars
|on application. JAWE-t BHOWN', D> alf-r in
i stocks and Bonds, 61 & Broadway. New York,
mar 17-9 m.
PE nrsiows
Procured for all soldiers disabled in the U. 8.
i service from any cause, also for heirs of deceas
ed soldiers. Tie .ligh'o-t disability entitles to
pensions. I ! ENSlO\8 INCREASED Bounty
and new discharges piocnred Those in doubt
as to wbetber entitled to anything, should send
two S-cent ( tamps for our '•circular of informa
tion." Address, with stamps. NTODPABT A Co..
Solicitors of Claims and Patents, Room 8. St.
Cloud Building. Washington. D. C. (15dec3m
Said a man, whose woebegone counten
ance and broken-down constitution plain
ly showed traces of disease—a sufferer with
Nervous Dyspepsir. in whose stomach the
most delicate morsel lay like lead Re
freshing sleepaud quiet nerves were stran
gers to him. and lie despaired of ever being
well. We advised him to take
which he did. and ill a short time v.as not
only relieved but cured.
Reader, if you are suffering with Ilvspep
sia or l.iver Disease m any form, do not
wait until tile disease lias taken a fast hold
upon you, but use the Reguln or when the
symptoms Dial show themselves. si.M
MONS I.IVER RKdt J.ATOR is not an al
coholic stimulant, but a I'UREI.Y VEGE
TABLE REMEDY that will cure when
everything else fails. nis a faultless fam
ily medicine. Does not disarrange the
system. Is no violent drastic purge, but
nature's own remedy. The friend of eve
ryone. and will not disappoint you. A
single trial will convince vou that it is the
cheapest, purest and best l'amily Medicine
iu the world.
ASK the recovered dyspeptics, billions
sufferers, victims of fever and ague, the
mercurial diseased patient how tlieey re
covered their health, cheerful spirits and
good appeilte—they will tell you by taking
Simmons l.iver Regulator.
Liver Regulator!
Original and get uine p p ltd only by
11. #£lLl.\ tOs, Pllila.
j 'a
Jefferson St., Butler, Pa.
All the Flour made by the New Process and sold as low as $1.35 per
sack, and up to ssl 7J5 per sack. Also, Buckwheat Flour, Rye Flour, and
bolted and unbolted Corn Meal.
All kinds of Feed—Chop, Bran, Corn, Oats and all kinds of Mill Feed.
All kinds of grain bought at Store or Mill, and Highest Cash Price Paid.
Custom Work done at Mill by the New Process Machinery and grists
warranted to be equal in quantity and quality to those ground anywhere else.
George Reifoer, ©r.
DECEMBER Ist, 1880.
2,000 Yds. Genuine Silk Mixed
And placed on sale at the REMARKABLE price of 20 cents, about
one-third their value.
One lot Imported Handkerchief l'laids, at 37'ic,
I'oi mer price, 7".e.
One lot Handkerchief l'laids, fine goods. Tie,
former price. 91.25.
One lot Kiegant Handkerchief Plifids at #l, for- ,
nier price si.">o and upwards.
A portion of these recent purchases and stylish ■
One ease Elegant Satin Side 'land French Suit
ings Si.Tr>. former price. S2.r><). blacks and colors.
Superb qualities 44-nieh All-Wool French Dress
Goo.ls at (»>, xr>, .«t and $I:&>, and correct shades t<>
combine, with Satins. Plushes. Velvets and Satin |
Del.yon Brocades, now sold 111 such handsome de
signs at our silk counters at such low prices for
elegant qualities.
Magnilicent Silk Novelties, $1.50 to $2.35, some
of the former sold recently at 93.
American Dress Goods Departmelit—Cashmeres
best shades, at r»»c up.
Choice Double Width Armures. 20c up.
Plaids, (>'%, in. 12'4 ;>n<t 19c, the two latter in styl
ish effects. and all these well-known American
Fabrics, Riving consumers comfort and good ser
vice. iti many instances giving more service than
some go (I:; at several times their cost.
Choice Colored Satins and Brocade Velvets
Kxlra Wid" Black Satins and Velvets for Skirts
and Trimming '.
118 and 120 Federal Street, .Allegheny.
N. R —Flannels. Plai'ketß. ai d Winter I'ndrrwear and IT<:i«-ry, Domestic ant] Housekeeping
Goods. wholesale and retail, al prices sufficiently 'o-.v to attract tlin closest cash or short time buy
ers with approved credit. New Black and colored Silk flirdles, Spikes. Taideld, Beads, Bails, im
ported Buttons. in two sizis, to match for Costumes and Jacket*.
Has opened tfie laig«*t stock of
Cut Glass Novelties, Fancy Box
Paper, (iold Penis,
Photo, and Auto|raph Albums,
Picture Frames, Oil Paintings.
Call mid Examine.
limy, Sale, Feed and Exchange
Rear of Lowry Ilonse, - • BUTLER, FA.
Meet ion Sot ice.
The members of the Glade Mill Mutual Firt i
Insurance Co. will meet »t theUlade Mill School |
i House. Middlesex township. on lUKSDvY. Jan. j
! llth. 1881. being the 2nd Tuesday in January.]
i fyttiu) tmipuHfi uf electing oflicers for t>»e tun-i- I
1 in*/ir. H! OSTJGfiNET; >Wt.
Dally replenished with New Styles.
Kxqiilstte Fit and Stylish Materials.
A large lot Elegant New Shape Dolmans at S3O,
the best garment ever sold at this price.
At $3, 85, ■<('>., V). SB, sio and 813,
that are Special Bargains.
Dolmans and Jackets at $8.">0,510,512..*>0,#15, *lO
-'.>2 and $25, at these prices we invite special atten
Fine Wra- s and Garments at $35, *4O, SSO,
' ?65, 575. S9O and up to $1;"0, stately and Dobbv
Istyles. in Silk: Sa'in d'Lvon and Sicdieune. lined
with Satin in black, wine and old gold and for,
and trimmed with fur, beaded passementerie,
pirn-lies. Ac., to suit tiie fancy of almost any
Genuine London dye, $125, $l5O, $175, S2OO anil
Elegant Otter and Seal Dolmans *'265 to $350.
Extra largo assortment Fur-liced Circulars,
#35 to ?!H) each.
Clioico Line Circulars, made from new Ulster
ette Cloths, $5 to 410, extra full made to meas
ure within two days,
Has on hands a large stock of goods for
Christmas Presents,
consitting of
, Vases. Dolls, Toys of all kinds, purser, beida
Facer Cm s and Sanceis, and a variety of other
articles expressly got foe the holiday season.
> all an«l I'lxtintiiie llef'ore Pur
Aiuliiur'N .\oliee,
O. C., No 20, Sept. term. ISHtI In t!ie matter
of the final account of James Wilson, adra'r of
the esftte of Alien Thomjwon, dee'd. late ol the
borough of Ceutrovillo. Butler Co.. Pa. All par
ties interested will t ike notice that I will make
di tributiou of the funds in the hands of the ad
ministrator, *t my oiKce, in Butler, on THUBS
DAY, Deo. Sflth. at 1 o'clock. I* M.. of said dav.
Dec. 13th. 11-So—3t.
! \ T I? W ITPr Consumption and Astluaa.
; 11 Bill L l II Lt. Never yet failed. Addrow
with SLAINI'; "HOME," FROSTRVHO, Ml>. |j»7 iy

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