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f !ck Iteadaehoaivi n-Ueve all the troubles inci
to a bilious state of th*» system, such as
Dioinees, Nausea. Drowsiuess. Distress &ft»*r
eatinfr* Pain in the Side. Ac. While th<Hr most
remarkable success has been shown in curing
Headache, yet Cabtstc's Lrrnx Lrvcn Pru*
we eouallv valuable ta Constfpation. c«r:
arid preventing this amoving cmnnlaint. wlm«
thev also coiT* i <'t all di ' rtlt-rx of trie Rfj -ma' .
stimulate tho liver and regular-.- tii bowels.
Even If they only cured
Aef-e tfcw would " * r r- ' V
who suffer from <hi« distn-ssiDfr complaint,
but fortunately their c<»j<tness (! ■ * r'-'r
here and thorn who onoe try them will find
little piil* valuaMe in so manv wayß that
not be willing to do v.ithout them.
But after all sick bead
<a the banc of so many lives that i ,< re U whero
we mike our great boast. Our f ills cure it
while others do not.
Cxbteb u hn-TLZ r.rvEii Pillr are verv small
and very easj- to take One or two pills make
a dose. They are strictly vr-cretal.le and do
not trripe or purge, but by their p-nt!e action
please all who use them, la vials at - cent=>;
Eve for ft. Sold ever} wh< r»-. tby cuuL
CA2TI2 tz:::r.rr v-.i T-i.
Soil fit SmiH Eau'ii
Poor, Foolish Men.
TVU la only tin second tiic<i in eight J'xlai that
I have bad to poUsb «r bo-.t«- ar.d yet I I"" 1 hu-o
work r"i»i my hmband to clvo np his eldbl v t r . •
brash, and the Mmnyanno-.ina the paste black
ing rU> ofl on his pints, and adopt
WolffsflCM [Blacking
A iwgnl&cmt Deep Ular-k I'oll-b. which IhjU
onMeß'»bootlawreli,»ndor.i7ozita »amoalß.
It is used and endorsed by I'hy
ticianH because it in the best.
It is Palatable as IGllr.
Zt is three times as efficacious as
plain Cod Liver Oil.
It is far superior to all clher co
called Emulsions.
It is a perfect Emulsion, dees not
separate cr change.
It is wonderful as a fle:h prcaucer.
It is the beet remedy for Csrcump
tion, Scrofula, Bronchitis, Wast
ing Diseases, Chronic Cough and
Sold by all Dru(iftists.
•COTT 4. OCWUE, Chcmistb. N. Y.
i$ not a liquid, snuff" or powder. Applied info
nostrils in quickly absorbed. It <i causes the
head. Allays inflammation. 11 rah the sores.
Restores the sense* of taste and smell.
50c«ntHat J>r»iKftlHts; by mall, r i«tered*O d*
Ely Brothers,
All forina of IMlf.aU m. l Cotn.
pUcuUxl Ulwiuni rrqqlritiK O '-n
--mciiiai. nod tviEitTirH! >I« :i a
lion aro treatc] at thla Dh| <-rnnrjr with a »u". ■»
imrelr attatDed. Dr. H. K.
RojraJ Ojlleito of ItyrtellM uI f ■ ■•nr., mud l«
Ibeoldeatand moat aperleDcvd HP; < 1*1.1.--' In tlin
tit jr. Hpccial attention glvri to Ncr Tour U'l.llitf
from czccaalro mental exertion, Jodlorctlona ol
firatb, 4c., causing physical arid mental <l> n»r, lank
of eneT|ty, deapon Jencjr.etc.; alio Cancer*,''ld Hon «,
Flu, I'ilra, Jlneumatlam and all dlx-aaea of tho hkln,
Blood, Lunn, Urinary Aft CW«nWrtlOß
(too and atrhnly confidential. Ottico bourn 'J to 4 nnd
7lnß p. m.; Suudayn 2to Ip. tu. only. ( all at >.Ulce
or ad'lrtn
S.K.LAKK.M. D..M.R.C.P.8. or K.J. I.akk. M. 1>
TliounauOa li.iv I i-' ■' , '
l't 111. AI 'Kl.l-il IA. I'A. I.1( it oil,, . IK, 1 :i! lon
or liwa of time from liu iim--. ' m r0.11,-
eurmlduhy otlv-rn wmud. I ■> ... 1.
1 On thi fotnftU fa<;a,
I hair ou tb« r«r«>-
' ' A"« : o**
■ liAfidA, urmn.tu t:,
' •• " y
bttrd line and »>«;- / 3P "* jw'
twn«ulh#>''y«l)r«iwn / ) yP' l^ :
<l*mtrwy»<l forovor S % .JiT
by tho Kleclrlc > * 7 J&
' N«!fl<ll<i Operation l.'-.V*'
; by Dr. Van Uyck, \
t Elictro Huri(«<in, \
| HOl Penn suana*, /p *
I'atabargii. nirth
mark*. Mo log.
I Wart., M..,,', * 'M
, .None, f.u larked r.JTrf, . ,lJ*
Voln iof Iho X'.bo, 1 "jNr&.-r
, l'luplea, Mla<». /f\\ >
1 hcaJn, I,lyer Hpota
I au.l all dln«;tn.rf aud hi* i,:l«h«n of thn ekln,
t compiill'iD, balr and ncall» mierflnnfully
! treated by I>r. V>. u lijrck, Tbn lloetor ha«
I bad M yvam 1 na|..,ri. i,cn 111 11praetlro of
tlnaln our lll',«t [-r imut f.'iinlll- . If y<,o
ar«ami' t' .| wlHtany of thu :il,i,*«b|. ii.i.i(i...,
avoid patent and eoi,..iU I'r Van
Dyekatuun s,.«i»| i.. rm n«o*H who :..*k«
enKaK<JUi>'Uta;tlila ni.,iitb li., ,k frno. Ei, K aK«.
nieiitt rau b- made by 11, nil. I'all on or a■< ir.-«»
Mr J. Van Myrk, 40 M llth iii.m, I'hlladel
nhla, or 002 I'enn ii'al", Pltt«l,nr, 1,, Pa.
noura 'j to I and Z to 7; Musday 1, In t .
on ad«fli»ing ip. wt.«n in -• -oi Hi< J . .f • t
La Grippe.
Yon have waked and called me early, call- !
ed me early, brother dear;
I thought dead jure I'd die la-t night. anil
yet you sec I'm here
Not since the bles-ed New ear have I had
a bite to eat —
Please put some mustard to my bu-k .nd
a hot brick to my feet.
I sneezed until too weak to sneeze, Ite i
wished that I were dcad
l'ut hot clothes ou my heaving chest aim
cold ones to my head.
I feel like some one held me and was tak
iug up the tilack—
Won't you gently ~lij> a pillow neath t!»o
middle of my back/
1 wl.-h you'd call the doctor. Ah-woo-osh!
It hurls to sneeze —
Won't yoa kindly rub some uruica upon
my aching knees.'
Pleas lay a little chunk of ice upon my
fevered lip,
Then wander forth and flay the fiend who
laughs at Kussian giip.
Baptist Cravens and the Elec
tric Car.
••Ef I plead guilty, Squire, kiu I explain
the circumstances?'"
'•The law allows you to make any f-tate
inent you wish in your own delense, with
out pleading guilty."
"Thank ye. Well, Squire, I'm Xahuin
Cravens to home, an' I Lev bin a township
trustee for nigh onto seven year. I'm a
Baptist, too. Squire.
"Yon arc cbnrgoil with disorderly con
duct, Mr. Cravens."
"So the old gentleman down stairs sez
before I come up. ,Twas this a-way: I
wanted to see them things an animals a.
the 8100 or Zoo place, an' a policeman
told me to take a red ear at Fifth and the
postoffice. I sees a car thar
without no mules or bosses to it. and I sez.
" 'Be this the garden's car?"
" 'Yes, sir; step abroad.'
" Wbar's your bosses, friend?" sez I
thinkin' I should hev ter wait.
" 'Don't have bosses, friend? sez the
fellow in blue clothes.
" 'Mules. I reckon?' sez I, thinkin' he
was jokin'.
" 'Xo mules, neither. Hurry np; its a
goin' to start, sez he.
"S'pose you work oxen on this line, eh?
sez I, because I was gittin' riled.
" »Xo. you old jay, we ain't got no o.\-
en.' sez he, snappish like. 'You ve got
one second to get on.'
" 'I got aboard, 'Squire, an' had hardly
time to look about when the consarned
thing gave a jump and went flyin along.
"Byjude, I didn't know what ter think.
Wbiz-z! whirr! ding-ding! I staggers out
and sez to the feller:
" 'For land's sake, how do she go?'
" 'Electricity,' sez he.
" 'Wliar is it," sez J.
" M.'p on the hill,' sez he.
" 'How on airth does she get down
hyarf I.
" 'Oh, rat-! Go set down!' sez he.
" thin I ketched sight of a pole
rearhin' from tho top of the car to a
clothes line utretched along, and I sees In
to the trick. They were pullin' the dinged
thing along with a -team windla-*. Then,
sez I:
"Young man, I am Xahum Craven*, a
township trustee for seven year, an' 1 don't
allow no city whipper-snapper to-fool with
me, an'—"
"Mr. Cravens, I know tho rest. You
fought like a pugilist, and bowled 'Mur
der!' Yon are behind the march of civil
ization, and, I'm afraid, hopelessly so.
Pay the man with the largo diamond tl-,
and cultivate cabbage. Xext!"
Frog Farming.
A now industry has sprung up latterly,
which promises, we are told, profitable re
sults. It is frog raising. A farm for this
purpose at Mettasha, Wis., is in full opera
lion and stocked with 2,01)0 females, which
arc capable of producing from 000 to 1,000
eggs at a time. The owner of the farm
gives some other iritere ling facts relative
to the frog's habits which are not gene
rally known. lie says:
In ninety-one days the eggs hatch. Tin
thirty ninth day the little animals In-girt to
have motion. In a few days they assume
the tadpole lorui. When ninety-two day ■
old, two small feet are seen beginning to
sprout near the tail, and the head appear
to be separate from the body. In five da)
after this they reform all vegetable food.
Soon thereafter the animal assumes a per
fect form. Next spring li.">, 000, at 20 cents
per dozen, will be my reward. Figure it
yourself, savs the enthusiastic frog farmer,
anil see if there is any money iu batraehia,
alias frogs.
—N'cnralgic pain in nmially of an in
tnotely aharji cutlin« or hiirninKeharaeler.
To effect a upeeily and pennameiit cure rulj
tboroughly with Salvation Oil, the n r ' "'
e.-.t pain cure on earth. 25 cenln.
When a tnan i« ill he ahoulil ne'irl for a
doctor at once; Imt v. hen he ha.-> a cou>rli
orjt aoro throat hts ueedn only l»r. HUH'H
Coujtb Syrup. 25 cent,'.
—The warm weather made the fruit,
treea hud, but it didn't make the time for
them tipe.
—At any rate, the mortality from inflii
cu/a ir< not as ureal mh that from the elixir
of life a few inontbn ago.
"O to in* ilea l anil done with the trouble
That filli- each 'lay with a dreary pain."'
Thin in the moan of many a woman
Who thinks a lie can never bo well again.
"It were better foruieand bcticr forothi rn
If I were dead," and their tcnrn fall la I.
Not MO, not (i, t) wives and mothers,
There - u bow of hope in the sky at la-:,
and it tells you that the atorm of disc a e
which has spread it shadow over you will
give way to the sunshine of renewed
health, ifyoti are v. i .ic, and try I»r. Tierce's
Favorite I're eription. It can aud will
oTectually cure all female wcaknc.-'es and
d■; angeinent . and no woman who ha
not tried it nod desnair, fur a trial will
convince her that it is tho very thing she
needs to restore her to the health she fears
forever lout.
—To dentine the stomach, liver and
system generally, use l)r. Tierce's I'cllcts.
25 cent .
—Wrong brings regret, right brings eon
ii nt.
lJehin I anticipation links disappoint
in -nl.
—"Kather strange'' mused a doctor ye.
terday as lie hold a patient's pulse, "that
a draught should give a fellow a cold, cure
a cold aud pay the doctor's bill. Isn't il
—Note the clear, licit color of Hood'*
.3maparilta and the muddy, gritty make
up of • thcr liicdiciiic
—ln ("liina, when it rains longer than > -i
convenient, the official- o-t the image of
the native gods out in the rain as a meth
od of inducing I belli to stop the down
pour. Whether a similar use ol the .Sig
nal Service officials would be useful in
America is doubtful.
—A Washington count)', Kan., man
named Steers mortgaged "four white
-tcers" to a loan company. The forcclos
lire proceedings developed tbe fact that
the man mnrtgnged his four children.
The I/oau Company bail Steer arretted
as one of the children wax a girl.
"Special Prices in Footwear."
Grand Sample & Mid-Winter
Having ju?t received a lurtfo line of sample Boots aud fenoes frotn
several first class factories, I take great pleasure in informing you of this
great sacrifice sale. Among these samples are some very fine shoes for
Men, Ladies and Misses—something suitable for dress and which will he
sold at a very small margin. I have also on hand a big lot of \\ inter Goods
which will be sold during this sale at a groat redaction. Among these ne
75 cases Men's, Hoys' and Youths' Kip IJoots A big line of Arctics and
Alaskas atd woolen goods of all descriptions. Slippers, felt wool
shoes, with or without leather foxing, an I also a big iine of Holiday (ior.ds.
But it can't be helped, considering the sort of weather we have been having,
no snow, but a constant mud, and these circumstances wool good*
and beavv boots can't be sold at a margin, but we will will take it as it
j comes if the season is against us We will not hold these goods, rut sen
! them for whatever they wi 1 bring—this is the method we have mapped < lit
i with the anti-backward season sale. I also intend starting hast in a few
jdavs and will put mv whole attention to lowering the stock preparatory to
i starting on my Eastern trip—so read carefully each item—note the price and
I the first time you visit lJutler call around and see me. whether you wish to
I hny or not. Bat after you examine my prices you are sure to buy, for you
cannot resist the bargains. lam offering
cases Men's Kip Hoots at $1.50 and upwards; 25 cases Hoys Kip
Boots at $1.25 and upwards; 15 cases Youths' Kip Boots at $1 00 and up
wards; Ladies' fiae sample shoes, ranging in prices from $1 25 to $3 00; 8
dozen Woman's calf shoes, warranted waterproof, at $1 25; 7!) pairs child's
calf shoes, solid leather tip, at 90c. and $1; 300 pairs Men's calf and buff
shoes, in button, lace and Cong ,atsl2sto $2 00 Any of these shoes fully
worth from $1.75 to $2.00. Child's school shoes, heel or spring heel, tips or
plain toe, at <',sc. to 75c. Call ar:d examine, whether you wish to buy or
not. 25 cases Men's llubber Boots at reduced prices. Men's working shoes
in a good Brogan, Creemors or a good Buff Balmoral, with solid taps, and
for the glass house trade we have a solid brogau, hob nails, clinket heels,
which cannot be beat for wear and comfort. Call ahd see these shoes Ihe
price will be a great indncement for you to buy. Shoemakers' supplies of
all kinds. Three brands of leather A full stock ShefGel sole leather.
Charles Simon's French kips. Levan calf, etc , etc Zinc, rubber soling,iron
Swede iron, and all nails suitable for shoemaking Shoemakers tools of all
kind. Send for our price list and see our prices.
Rubber Goods of all Kinds,
Boston, Woonsocket, Candee nnd Colchester IJoots and Shoes- at low
prices. Medium, knee and hip rubber boots. A large line of Men s fine
drees shoes, manufactured by the leading factorien of the Kastern market,
cut from anv material desir« d Kangaroo, Cordovan, I'orpoise, 1' n nch calf,
etc, Machine, Acme aud hand welts
When visiting Butler, drop in and examine the well-known makes of
shoes which I will show you. Should you not desire a pair of these at
present, don't stay away but call and select for yourself a fine pair of shoes
for future footwear. I have aiso on hands 4 dozen of my o.vn make.box toe,
pegged, and fine dress shoes which will el so be sold dyriqg this tnle, very
cheap At nil times a lull stock of my own make, bo* toe boots, lone leg,
hand sided aud hand pegged. Also the celebrated (Jokey boot, in bo* or
plain toe.
This sale will last for six weeks, as about that time or two weeks pre
vious our Spring stock will begin to arrive and the above method we
mapped out for this special clearance sale.
Trustiug you will all visit my store and secure a share of the bargains
I am offering." Boots and Shoes mad'! to order.
Repairing, either in leather or rubber goods, done on very sboit notice.
Mail orderrf will receive same attention a* if brought iu person.
A box of fine leather pomade free on application,
Yours truly,
22 S. Main St. - Butler, Pa
Law as She is.
Lawyor —You -ay you saw the pri::<mer,
my client, commit the murdcrt Remem
ber you are-oil your oatb. Ilow do you
saw It i in t
Witnfi/'.-i —! iw liiui with my own eyes,
you have on your ipeclaelcs;"
'•I never wear bpietacli'*."
"You don'tT Hour do you know yot|
don't ii' '>l them? How do yon know you
don't incorrectly? Answer that. I>id
you over have your eyes ciiiniitied."
"Only once. I applied for u position on
u railroad and was rel'u cd beoau*e I could
not tell an olive green zepher from a >ea
green one "
'•Ah, ha! Gentleman of the jury, the .
witn> -s admits that be is color-blind, and
yet he stood tip here and perjured his ,-oul
t<> injure my client, w hen bin own tcsiimo
uy shows that he ean'l tell a white man
from a negro."
Drunkenness— Liquor Habit -
In All the World There is but
One Cure, Dr. Haines' Golden
It c;iii lie fflvn In a cup of lea or nifTi ■ wllh-
O'll t lie l.iio-.vl'-<li;c 'I I lie pci-oh Inkiiitf It,
elioetint: a speedy aod |« rin;iii'-iit eurc.whetli' r I
tic |>:ill< lit 1 a inod' liif drinker or an ai'o
h"li'* wr'-i 11111■ <!-. <>l ilrunk arils liave
li en uin-d who 111* V I k* II the < #«j!'I»-li Si■
I!, ,11.1 lr Ciiltec without llieir kliotvlh'ltfi .
alio t' day Ixdleie they quit drinking «>r tle-ir
i,a i, in . will, No I aimtul meet* rcHnllH Horn j
Its niliiiiuMratliiii. ruie,' Ku.iranteed. H"nd i
ror circular and lull jnutlciilarH. Address, lu
<■ iilMciii • onus Si M int, • >,, l-"> Kate ht.
Cincinnati, O.
Christinas (ioods for
A • pl'-t.iiiil lilt*- ol fancy and iiKe
ful art c!hk of ev ry de-crip:i')tJ
Match f>llft. H—ia lirnKH, nickel, et l
luloid, oxidized silver untl rubber.
T<• i 1 et <*«h<;h.intiiii<?ur«* »> !-, (shaving
Hctn, gluycb ami handkerchief lioxch 1
in leather nnd plu-h.
Odor cane:-, in leather, pluhli and
celluloid. Smoker'a boih, vae.ca, per
fume hiuii'lh, aud tin eridleiSH variety
of fine good*. which niont he hccu tt> :
be appreciated. All finer, nicer utid i
cheaper than ever before. Tbe pub- {
lie U invited to eall at iiKDICK'n j
I Drugstore, r.ext to L.owry lloijfo. ,
Examine our goods and g'" "tir
! price*.
Sanitary l'lumbers
j A i'l r ,«)» inorr lining) )' urn fXJX'ti
! en. i- ■ ..I- ei:» i| ihelr v.ore In llie <leo. Hcllr r i
j 1.,. ■ ..1 Jettto MM Ht. oppoatM tta 1.-iwry
|ii,e - ttlib * lull hne <H nuilMriMffDHi
(iAH II Villil.S.A i' l M:l.«.
NA'II |: A:. t.A 111 ItM.CS, /.'• j
j .l"ii i'l-oif.pt!> itten i'-'J to. nwt yo'ir
I of).i Mil/ h illc!t»d«
ff you arc in Doubt
What to get for Christmas
presents, you should come to
our opening of HOLIDAY
GOODS, tliiH week. We have
j such an immense line of beau
tiful things, suitsihle fur all
ajjt h. you cnnnot fail to lie
Prices the lowest, quality
the best.
J. H. Douglass.
The prize winning Berkshire
i Hoar, TOM DODDS, 18.11):}.
Reason fur selling, cannot use
longei in herd. Also, extra
j pood fall pigs, either sex. sired
by Tom IJodds. Pedigrees
given with every sale and guar-
I iinteed sis represented or money
relunded Address,
J. I'auk II A VS.
I'rospect, I'a.
:vj wJiVi Tx'- jD
d i: ._vgm K m
' to cf»to :.hm lor Ihi- k ijr •>! Nuof'i v so rk. A full
i 111 •• <<l .«! ill u » J«« lull ti . Nflfit V HI. J
j H':* |.;.||| f«» m.Mil It .' 11. Su |- XjMTk'lHM'
i<. < .■ \ ti(t* for tcfii ?011 i
! IM. i 1...,; n I I ..j •r i • i. imo'lJils'i
!« i.r- •i; if>.ir*. I ;i»' I'urK
h" hr N \
TH!> < iIOJI t. M IIOOI.h
For Girls and Young Ladies.
Short lidge Media
For Boys and Young Men.
MKDIA, I'A., (Nt-iir I'liiliuli lplihi )
■ P ( I f (•• II ( in k t I. Ais v
;®I l ; scl ' ION Ml NSI O N
All <li»t I- ici|tilr«(l 1h k<"»li| j,• ti ti
• .*• iiln '»•'"< •"JSI 1 M II ii
k..ii . I.,kii>T«" & Fiu i rii
icrr .'. Itarrjr, I, in lir .li : \ V." Wsl I«. K*
Ml llup" Nur ' ili'H. IVlalillhlii'il IWll.
U' AMtli Afc'-i.St •«> not Iris nnl'-M tor our
"cb S'i'ii 11 i* * \ mim i) Mock.
iMmlt Hurl ! m linmi lli' l< ni|n ml- Mi it
H.t'trv till "■ *1» i «•'* '.i ini* il'm If I|IO In'-
it. V. i i|i- .41 mi - 11 1 • A VI lr • i:*.
Ik. i-i. Chase & t;o. 1 '..''v:: 1 '•
A. J. KKANK (X).
-I)f.At.KM« IN
AMI < 111'. MIC U.S«
KiM V AM. Toil.l I A UTIi'KM,
itKI -HKS, I'l.RFl MKItY. Ac*
ff I'bjKiriMi. I'r< rlptluUM curoliilly toui
5 S. Main Street, Huller. Pa.
J , ',«'(# j< . >;»
» I A
, t . • «./
A «..ir *• 'lt«»ri«iil -*• i-
ZttMIIS ij what our sale means in allowing Twenty Per
] Cent Cash Discount from regular prices ot All Over
coats. We are determined to dispose of them, and
therefore offer this extraordinary inducement:
8")0 Overcoats now $24 $lO Overcoats now sl2
$25 Overcoats now S2O $lO Overcoats now $8
S2O Overcoats now $lO §0 Overcoats now $1
All intermediate prices comparatively the same, txtra good
values in Men's. Boys' and Children's Suits, Hats and Caps;
also Knit Jackets, Gloves, Underwear, Silk Mufflers, &e.
igeSr»lJig reduction in Fur and Plush Caps.
161-163 FEPEit.-lL .■fLLEGHF.YY.
The Great American HOG is Coming.
The Great American HOG
is Coming.
■ ■ c __
A Merry Christinas to All.
Merry Christmas! comes again,
IVace on earth, good will to men!
Hound the world the chorus ring,
Let all hearts rejoice uui! sing.
Which you will certainly do if you are wise enough to
buy your ('hiistujas (Jilts of m \ My stock was never HO com
plete before. I have added more room and show cases in or
der to display the most elegant line of Holiday Goods. C'omo
j and see the liest of everything in
i Watches, (locks,
J(nvelry, Silverware,
etc, Aic
At the very lowest prices.
,i.=le t; \\ i:in,
TV<». !(} South Mflin Ht., 'Sign of ELKCTHIC BELL),
"g>„ "^HT".b." I JU&s*
Special Mouraing Hats and Bonnets, Crapes
and Nuns Veiling always ready for use.
Xo- 18. Hoxitli Alain Street* - - - BUTLER? FA.
m* A SOLID——
GARDENS Gate* Arbors, Window Gourds,
Kire-prnof PI. ISTKIiIXi I.ITH, POOR J! tT-l,
Ac. Write for Illustrated Catalogue: mailed free
_ lltt Water St., Pit tsbnrj;!*. P:».
wdware Men keep it. Give name of this paver
STEEL \ ■ j
The cheapest an-! 12*».«t• ■' Fence f«-r around
Lawurt, School L t*. P *altry \ rjn, (tardea*, |
Farm*, etc. \l*o manufacture. - of Ll<ht and Heavy
Iron Fencing, Crestlap, s '.Able Fittings, Fi-e ;
Shatters, Fire Escape* of <li!l>rrnt aad&i* ;
203 and 205 Market Street. - PITTSBURGH. PA. j
■HIT B KIIC 9N - One «f the FitPP
rwnu«'O n at\l' I'H KKS I Ti l blip P"
fy J H Hilr L loONB in •arh loraliljr.
Tljt. W W HBfcS the* h*ncr AU you have to do In
thow who aeijrhher* J
Ihnwn the I>roail end of the trl«»-
£?££. £m *•-» '■>• »" • HrJEvtn
«et«T I'-HUM., M».«
Miffiin Street Livery.
W. G. BIEIIL, l'rop'r.
One square west of Main St., ou
Mifilin St. All good, safe horses;
new busies anil carriages. Lan'laus
for weddings und funerals. Open
day and night. Telephone No. 24.
Hotels and Depots,
\V. S. Gregg is now running a fine
of carriages between the hotels and
depots ol the town.
Charges reasonable. Telephone
No. If, or Jeuve orders at Hotel
Good Livery in Connection.
New Livery Stable, j
New Slock,
rtevv Rigs.
Horses fed and boarded
39. W. .Jefferson St, l'utler, l'a.
WE F. Miller.
Manutadnrer of
Stair Hails,
and Newel~post3.
All kinds of wood turning done to order, also
Decorated ami Carved wood-work. sncli a*
Caslnif. eonicr blocks, Panels and all kliuli of
fancy wood-work for Inside decoration of
SoractliliiK new and attractive. Also
at iow«st'uash prices.
Store at No. 40, N. Mala street,
factory at No. 59, N, WasliinK't'n Mreci,
East Diamond - - Butler, Pa.
Spun A LTV. AI.NO, Cl.i:\N
Goods collected und delivered
in nil parts of the town.
1,, curivn for the sale of Niiiserv Hl«.ck! Steady
cmpl"\ inenl ciiariinleed. Salary and excuses
paid lomic' cMful linn. Apply at once Mating
uiie. Mention tills paper.
Ho' licstcr. N. V.
V J 1111 |>-t v this t» our •...!<•-iic-ii. ill i ill'
\1 ||||l'°l!i:i: i HI Kliirt you at on • . • ••iel
(J I UI/mi' tcniis lo
.1. AI'HTIN SII.VM Niiisrryinun, Itochi-iilrr, > V
"i-wirii-mri nrrr-mTVi»-aiiii innnn
|jy.; | -
... r.| .1 , :• • v r • . - •
f»l. i. I-.. ! '
K' • • •
Ad••.■'line it' 'ho CITIZEN
I. % IT"! inn Hi.- 01.1e.-t ,h.ie I ) | 1f 11
\\ I i .house in liutlt-r. We I-C I | We know our business
»» J -Jare probably the young--"-* -"
IL A 17T7 iiro not thc rit ' hl!it Bboe I) I TrilWe've got enough to avoid
1 1 fi house in Butler, |-f I j I the necessity of doing bn«i
* V ncss on the''hand to-uiontli"
IIL \ \7" T? hav^ u ' t P ,(t ,he lar .-' psl IJ FT f n We have a bra n«l n«tr one
\ \ may 1,0 th '"' 13 X lhat ig right up 10 datl '-
lv \\ 7 1,1 haven't got the largest T "T a«luiit that the lenutli of
\ \ p .store room of any shoe Iv I ■ I the room hears no relation
T T -■—• house in Butler; ours is-"-' KJ J- to the quality of the shoes*
rather short, sold in it.
\ ll r 1,1 haven't pot the biggest a\ ¥ mean to sell our share o.
\V M.fchoe trade in the world, |-v I 1 I the line shoos haudled by us..
" * -■—■" and wo never expect to-*—"
VI. "¥ T7" sell cheaper than T~\ TTf | We claim that tU*goods ana
% \ M .anybody else; on the r"C I J I fully worth th© price.
' " —contrary our prices are-"—' V_> J_
the highest ruling.
VII. 1» J~ give credit. We |)T TTI e try to deal with onr
% 1 H .must have the money r"{ I j I customers so as to uiako
" * -■ the goods. -L ™ .l them our friends.
V 111. I 1 want to see you all | \ * wish you to reincuiber
\% M .eo lie and give us a trial, h( I I where we are located. l»u
T t .I—J, nd if goods are not just -■ * V "- not forget the number,
n< represented we will
cheerfully refund you
vour money,
95 S. MAIN ST.
The Great American
HOG is Coming.
| • •
The Great
Is Coming.

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