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\OTE—AII advertiser Intending to make
changes In their ads. should notify us of
iheir Intention to do a* r>t later tfaan Mon
day morn ing.
Financial Statement of Butler Boro
Removal Notice. R O Rumbaugh. 1
Model Dairy and Poultry Farm
Humphrey 9 Home Med Co.
Douglass Kodacks. etc
RockensteiD s Millinerv.
Hnselton s Shoes.
Pape's Millinery.
Horses Wanted.
Estray Notice.
Celery King.
Clover Seed, G. Wilson Miller.
Administrators and Executors uf estates
ran secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public Mies
lh*ir note books.
—Our Mnrphy was a hot potato Mon
—Boos' grocery was robbed. Monday
—The Easter posies are both pretty
and cheap.
—J. S. Young, the merchant tailor,
intends quitting business next Satur
day, April Ist.
—At Greensbnrg last Satarday night
Jacob Funk shot and killed a man who
was robbing his store
—J. C. Dight and Zenas McMichael
have purchased Harry McKim's insur
ance business in Zelienople.
It is all very well to prate about its
being a long lane that has no turning
but there are a good many in life that
ran up against a blind wall.
—lt will soon be time to fix up for
summer, and if yon have any plastering
or cementing to do drop a line to James
A. McDowell, 439 First St.. Bntler.
—R. O. Rumbaugh proprietor of the
Wick bouse, has rented the Nixon
House on N. McKean St. and will take
possession April Ist. He invites you to
give bim a call when in town.
—lf some American sharpshooter
could just put Aguinaldo out of the
way Uncle Sam's troubles in the Philip
pines might coine to a sudden end.
-In the light of recent disclosures it
has become apparent that the Chi
cago canners can all the beef they can
and what they can't can they embalm.
—Next Saturday is "April Fool's day"
according to the almanac, but last Sat
urday was the real thing for men who
forgot that the bars of this county are
ordered closed that dav.
—Bntler may have an Industrial Pa
rade and Street Fair next summer. A
New York man with a lot of foreign
novelties has been in town lately bar
gaining for his attractions.
—That lamb-and-lion talk is all right
for the month of March, the gronnd
hoir may smile in ghoulish glee over his
vindication if he wants to. bnt most
people are now ready for all the "ether
eal mildness" that comes along.
—We call the attention of our read
ers to Rockenstein's announcement of
their spring and summer millinery
opening. Their large number of pa
trons know the invariable taste of their
selections, quality of their stock, and
reasonableness of their prices. See for
yourself at 328, South Alain St.
- Owing to the crowded condition of
onrcolnuinswe were compelled tocnrtail
some of onr communications this week.
We wonld be obliged to our correspon
dants if they would mail their items so
as to reach us not later than Tnesday
—We direct the attention of all in
terested in thoronghbred fowls to the
card of the Model Dairy and Poultry
Farm of Rahway, N. J., in this paper.
The Farm has some very desirable
breeds for farmers and fanciers, and is
highly recommended, Send for an il
lustrated catalogue, free.
—At the annual meeting of the
Board of Trustees, of Westminister col
lege held in Pittsbnrg Monday, it was
decided not to change the location of
the college as it is doing excellently
where it is at New Wilmington. Mer
cer sent a delegation of citizens headed
by Judge Miller, with tempting in
ducements to move to that town, but
they had no effect.
—At Hovtsville, Wood county, Ohio,
last Saturday two brothers named Zelt
ner shot an attorney who had sued them
for fees, then fled to their home in the
country near by, batricaded it and de
fied capture. Two farmers of the pur
suing party who ventured too near were
shot and killed; and the murderers held
their fort until the next day when
their honse was surrounded by a com
e»nv of militia Then they snrrender
> the Sheriff of the county, and were
taken to jail.
Dr. Bnll's Cough Syrup is nsed by
the best people of the land. It cures at
once hoarseness and throat affections.
Price 25c
Both Agencies are paying $1.13 for
oil this morning.
BUTLEK TWP Phillip's brought in
a twelve barrel well on the Liebler farm
in Butler township Monday.
Bert Young got another good well on
the Addleman, Friday. It is No. 2 and
he has the rig up for No. 8.
A I.LBCJIIKN V- Hteelsmith & Danben
soeck struck a good well on the Rosen
berrv field last week
Clover Heed Lower.
Right at the time when higher prices
are expected clover seed took an awful
tumble. We had only a light stock but
have since bought and are now offering
our patrons prices away below any
former ({notations.
We sell all kinds of garden seeds in
bnlk, by the ounce.pound, pint or quart.
Horses Wanted.
The Hnl»scribers will be at the follow
ing places to buy all kinds of maketable
horses and mares, from four years and
upwards, and weighing from 1,000 to
1,800 pounds:
Chrlstley & Wilson's Stables, Slip
penrrock, Monday, April H Livery
Stable in Snnbury, Pa., Tnesday, Aoril
4; Titley's Stables. Chieora, Pa., Wed
nesday, April ft; Hickel's Stables. Bnt
ler, Pa., 'I hnrsday, April 6. Will buy
some good, big three year olds.
Estra" Notice.
Came to the residence of the subscri
t>er, 111 Oakland Twp., on the 9th day of
March, 1X99, one dark-brown, dc-horned
cow, with star »n face, white on belly
and two white hind feet, and about 7 or
8 years old.
The owuer is requested to come for
ward, prove property, pay cliarvcs and
take her away, otherwise she will l>e dis
posed of according to law.
Butler P».
Onr grocers are paying 10 cents for
eggs, lft for butter, 60 for potatoes, $1
for apples, 35 for turnips, and 40 to 60
for parsnips and carrots
Onion setts are retailing two quarts
for 2ft cents.
Onr dealers are paying 'lft to 70 cts.
for wheat, 4ft for buckwheat, 48 for rye,
40 for corn and 82 for oats
Loose hay is bringing $7.50 per ton.
—For bargains in valuable and desir
able residences inquire of Walker & Mc-
AMY BROS, are Selling out to YUIT
BIISI.NKSS. Their entire stock of furniture
is for sale, including all goods en route,
nothing reserved, wonderful bargains,
TLKMS ST*ICTI,V CASH, Store open ev
ery evening.
August Schilling, of Reibold. was in
town. Friday.
Allen McC&ll. of Franklin twp , was
in town, Friday.
Ed Walter has bought the Ohu. X.
Barrickman house.
Thorua* Watson of Servers Station,
was in town Monday
Mrs E A. Trimble, of Middlesex
twp was in town. Monday.
J. P Klinger and wife, of Penn twp..
were shopping in Bntler, Tuesday.
Aaron E. Barnhart. of Millers town
carried an umbrella in Bntler Tnesday
Michael Flemings smiling counte
nance was seen by his Bntler friends
last Saturday.
Chas F. Walters, of Clinton twp ,
attended the meeting of the County
Convention. Monday.
Jnlian Clark, of Prospect, has rented
the John M Thompson farm in Bntler
twp , north of town
Frank Wright, of Lowell Mass.. was
the gnest of his brother S. M., of the
Water Co, last week.
Harry Godwin, who has been work
ing for the Pittsbnrg Dispatch, came
home Monday evening.
W. S. Weible, of Penn twp.. was in
town Monday. He has gre.it hopes for
the oil fields of Penn twp.
W. S. Morris of Mercer St. attended
the funeral of his brother. John, in
Allegheny, last Saturday.
Wesley Monks of Middlesex twp. has
sold 85 acres of the wjrth wide of his
farm to Wm. McKibben for #I6OO.
John L. Herr.of Harmony was in But
ler last Friday, buying his good wife
some presents for a birth-dav partv.
I. N. Dodds has movedg from the
Hamel farm in Summit tw-p., to the
Neithercoat farm in Adam* twp., near
F. A. Rhodes of Valencia a trended the
meeting of the County
Monday, as return judge from that
Mrs. Gertie Bnrkhonse and two
children of Pittsburg visited her
mother, Mrs. David Fiaher, of this
place, over Sunday.
Caleb B. Ruby and bis brother Wil
liam. left town Monday, with their
families for Bonny, MicJj.. where they
will engage in gardening.
Joseph Campbell and Her ry S. Rider,
both of Concord towbship, were in Bnt
ler, Tnesday. on business and to find
ont the election returns.
Peter Grnver, the old man who was
•eported drowned at Evans City last
jummer, is reported to be alive and
well and living at Beaver Falls.
Mrs. Isaac Andrrws and children,
haye-gone to Asheville N C., where
they will reside for a time in the hope
of bettering Mrs. Andrews health.
John Christy, late of Colorado, is visit
ing his brother Joseph, of Petrolia. .1 ohn
was totally blinded and had both hf.nds
mutilated by an explosion in a tJolo
rado mine.
Samuel Fisher, of this plac«, has se
cured work in a barbershop in Pitts
burg. and his brother Aadley, has been
working in a planing mill there, for
some time past.
John R. Grieb has returned from
New York where he was buying goods.
During his stay in the city the Windsor
Hotel burned and John helped the fire
men couple hose.
Horace G. Meals, who is to graduate
from the dental departments of the
Western University of Penn'a. next
Tnesday, came home from Pittsbnrg to
vote at the Republican Primaries.
Webb Conway, wife and boy of Clear
field county, Pa., after a short visit
with friends and relatives in this ooun
tv, have left for Hartford, Conn..where
they will hereafter make their home.
A. Flick of the Butler House, sold his
bay driving team to Dr. Wilson of
Evans City, yesterday. We do not
know the price but it was not far from
G. W Cramer, of Buffalo twp.. has
been appointed by the Supt of the Rail
way service to help make the quadren
nial weighing of the mails, in Ohio and
Indiana, and is to report at Cincinnati,
in the near future.
Dr. J V. Cowden of Middle Lancas
ter sold his practice there to Dr. Kellv,
and has gone into partnership with his
brother, Dr. W. R. Cowden at Renfrew.
The practice of Dr. W. R. at Renfrew
had increased beyond his limit of en
durance and so he induced his brother
to come to him.
The collection taken at the U. P.
social last Friday evening for missions
amonnted to S4OO.
Communion and special Easter ser
vices will be hc-ld in the Sonth Side Re
formed Church next Sunday Morning
and evening. Each evening this week
interesting services are being con
ducted at 7:30 also on Good Friday
morning at 10:30. Preparatory service
and reception of members, Saturday
afternoon at 2:80.
Communion services will bG held in
the United Presbyterian church, Sun
day April 11.
Resolutions in respect of the mem
ory of the late Orrin M. Russell, passed
by the M E. Sunday School, were han
ded us for publication, bnt we regret
to say that onr colnmns are so crowded
this issue, that we could not possibly
find space for them.
The Ministerial Asssciation will hold
its regnlar monthly meeting in the Y.
M. C. A. hall on Mondav. April 3, at 2
p. m. "The Higher Criticism, in its
Relation to Old Testament History."
Rev. E. S. White, principal, Rev I D,
Decker, alternate.
The Tommy Shearer Company all
next week.
When the popular comedian, Tom
my Shearer, and his cleyer company of
fifteen star artists commence their
weeks' engagement at the Park Theatre
Monday nignt April 3rd, the public can
rest assured that it will get value for
10, 20 and 30 cents. The magnificent
scenery and elaborate stage settings,
also the ex[iensive costumes and high
salaried artists carried by him this sea
son, is a topic of wonder in every city
he visits. The opening production will
be a society comedy drama, "Dangers
of a Great City," the story of which
points a moral that strikes home when
and where we least expect. Ladies'
tickets issued free, can be exchanged at
the reserved seat sale up to 6 p. 111
Monday. An early application for
seats should l>e made. Remember the
prices, 10, 20 and 30 cents Matinee
Saturday During the week this com
pany will produce Richard Mansfield's
great masterpiece, "Cyrano De Berger
Missionary Address.
Sunday, April 2nd, 1899, at 7 30 p. m.,
in the United Presbyterian church.
Miss Mary Mnllen.a returned Missionary
from the Soudan, Africa, will give her
thrilling experience and escape from
the Massacre of April, 1898, at which
time five of the Missionaries sent out by
her own church (The United Presby
terian) were murdered. Miss Mullen is
a very pleasing sneaker. Those who
are interested in Missions should hear
her. and those who are not should not
fail to hear her She will also speak at
the Men's meeting at 4 o'clock of the
same day in the Y. M C. A. Hall.
Young men are especialy reolisted to
come aud hear something of that dark
Seed Oats.
Choice White, recleaned seed oats, for
sale at
l'lour Mills, Butler, I'a.
It yon want a Bicycle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter & Co.
largest stock in County. Bicycles for
—Music scholars wanted, at 12H W
Wayne St.
Martin Thompson rs Chas and Cath
erine Elsenrath summons in trespass for
Anna Walker vs A. M. Cornelias.
Exr. of D. A. Renfrew, dee d, sum
inons in replvin for a piano valued at
J. S. Barrickman for use of F E. Mc
JJui-tion. now for nse of E E \\ eig-
Tind vs Chas N J. Barrickman sci fa
sur mortgage. The defendant apjiear
ed and confessed judgement for $529.
mortgage, commission, etc.
A mortgage of S4OOOO, from the Home
Natural Gas Co. to Wm Campbell
trustee, was recorded Monday.
Letters of administration on the es
tate of John McGarvey dee d of Done
gal twp. bave been granted to Mary M
McGarvey, also on the estate of Mary
E. Hamilton, dec d of Forward twp. to
Sarah B. Hamilton, also on the estate
of Clara J. Barrickman dee d of Bntler
to Chas N. J. Barrickman.
The will of L. D. Eshenbaugh, dec d,
of Clay twp. has been probated, no let
ters; also the will of Elizibeth A. Sny
djr, dec d. of Mars, no letters.
The will of Thomas Wilson, dec d of
Centreville has been probated, and let
ters granted to Margt. M. \\ ilson.
George W. Varnnm petitioned for a
commission in lunacy on Mary Ann and
Henrv Albert, both of Centre twp. and
J. M."Painter Esq. Dr .T. C. Barr and
William A. Christie were appointed
and found both the subjects insane.
The Court ordered that they be taken
to the Polk Institution.
Joseph Ferarre. a native of
has petitioned for naturalization papers
Wednesday the Court handed down
an opinion and order in the equity ease
J V. Patton vs Wm Canavan deciding
that a typewritten equity bill was print
ed and dissolving the partnership exist
ing between the parties and appointing
George Shaffner receiver of the part
nership effects. Canavan had a stone
quarry on the P. W. in Forward twp,
but had no money with which to oper
ate. Patton advanced him funds.
Canavan became indebted and was sold
out and Patton brought suit in equity
claiming that a partnership existed and
1 asking that the sale be set aside until
airh partnership be disolved. The
Court decided as Patton claimed.
Letters of Admn on the (. tateof Rob
be.*t McCall of Clinton twp, have been
gran tvd Elizabeth McCail.
Saturday April 15 is the last day for
filing accounts to next term.
W. C. McCandless to W B. and O.
G. McCandless. lot in Centre for S2O.
D G. Bastian to S. Lock wood, 1 acre
in Zelienople for $495.30.
F. V. Smith to A. A. Moore, 19 arres
in Allegheny for SI7OO.
Mutual Life In* Co. to Theo E. Smith
8 pieces in Marion for S2OOO.
Theo E Smith to Robt Buchanan,
46 acres in Marion for $575.
John Kelley to Jas A. Kelley lot in
Parker for $35.
Jas A. Kelley to Geo Baldwin lot la
Parker for $450.
Chas Duffy to John A. Knoll, 98 acres
in Donegal for SI3OO.
Nancy J. Davison to Charlotte Ven
dor. 14 acres in Adams for sl3fto.
Geo. A Fleming to H. H. Fleming,
18 acies in Buffalo for SISOO.
Henry Miller to W. F. Ekas, 231 acres
in Bntler twp. for ♦1562.ft0.
Joe E. White to John H. Kepple, lot
in Butler for s7o<».
E. O. Thompson to Wm. A. Turner,
60 acres in Clinton for ftsoo.
George F Meoder to Amos Rape, 7
acres in Jackson for $250.
R. D. Stevenson to A. & W. R. It.
Co. 3 acres in Summit for $895.
W. 11. Saryer to J. Guckenheimer,
lot in Buffalo for $1075.
A. E. Barnhart to Cath F. Barnhart.
102 acres Fairview twp. for $2500.
First National Bank of Greenville to
John A. Turner. 4 in Washington
for SSOO.
J. E. Conley to O. D. Thompson, 130
acres in Centre for S3OO.
(). D. Thompson to Geo Ketterer, 150
acres in (Centre for $4500.
Anna Billingsly to Addison Hamil
ton, 50 acres in Cherry for S9OO.
Anna B. Wallace to Wm. J. Kelley,
3 acres in Muddycreek for $175.
Geo A. Spang to Eva E. Osterling, lot
in Bntler twp, for $250.
W J. and Kate Mitchell to Caroline
Cluse, lot in Butler for $750.
(.'has D. Lusk to Nettie L. Wise, lot
hi Harmony for SI4OO.
J. C. Breaden to J. C. Smith, 100
acres in Cherry for $l6O.
Marriage Licenses.
C. E. Turner Greece City
Blanche A. Black "
A. E. Myers Hutler
Annie J. Currry "
At Kittanning- D. W McMiUen of
Butler Co. and Sarah E. Gaiser of Arm
strong Co<
A t Beaver W. C, Barr of Butler Co.
and Lille Hines of Beaver.
At Pittsbnrg John <i. Fritz of Gib
sonia and Sophia Bnrkert of Evans
City; Geo. Ebert and Lucy Carrol of
The Arlington liarber Shop.
In the Arlington Hotel in now con
ducted by Croft & Sumney, two popu
lar yonng barbers. They propose Keep
ing nothing bnt the very l>est toilet ar
ticles obtainable, and as both are good
barbers they will no doubt get a fair
share of the barber business of Butler.
A house and lot in a growing part of
Butler can be bought on easy terms.
Also several good building lots at low
| Enqu ire at CrriZKN office for particu
Seed Oats.
Choice White, recleaneil seed oats, for
sale at
Flour Mills, Butler, I's.
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gas fronts or any gas sav
ing appliance will find it a financial sav
ing to call at the store of H.
O'Brien <& Son, East Jefferson St.
anil get prices 011 the extensive line they
have on exhibition. They &re also
agents for the celebrated Welsbacli
Light, of which more than I2<XJ were
old in Butler, last year.
New, four-ioom house for sale In
quire at this office
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker & Wick for
location and outfit
Time to Buy a Bike.
This season we arc again selling
Ctevelands, Crescents, Hercules and
I'eatherstones. Prices f25 to $75.
We carry a full line of tires and bi
cycle sundries; also have some
good second-hand wheels at bar
gain prices. We sell Vive Cameras,
i I'hoto Supplies and Musical Instru
> nicnts.
Jeweler and Optician
Next to Court House.
Mrs. Elizalieth Krenzer. a crippled
woman, was fonnd dead. and burned
aliont the head, in her home in liar
niony last Friday afternoon.
On Monday, of last week, a serious
I accident hapjiened in Clinton twp
Samnel Hazelet SOJ of Henrv M.
while working with a circuit saw, had
| his skull fractnre<l by a sliver. thrown
by the saw I)r Lasher and Mershon
took several pieces of bone from the
' fracture, and lie is yet in a semi-con
scious state.
Monday mornirg. James \N ilkins. a
pumper, was knocked >ff the derrick of
the Gibson and Younkins well on the
.Johnston farm, in the Cooperstown
district, bv the breaking of a sucker-rod
line and fell fifty five feet, lighting on
his face and breast. He died in thirty
minntes. He leaves a wife and three
children, and was 42 years old. The
stricken family have the sympathy of a
large circle of friends.
William Bonner of Clarion a frieght
conductor on the narrow gauge was
killed by an accident near Paint Creek
trestle last Sunday night. The engine
jumped the track and turned over, tak
ing with it the tender and 10 freight
cars. Bonner was fin the engine when
the wreck occurred and was pinioned
under the tender. The accident hap
pened about »::K> o'clock, and at mid
night the trainmen had not got Bonner
from under the wreck. He ran the
Clarion accomodation from Clarion to
Bntler until that train was laid off and
he was then transferred to the freight.
He has a wife and several children liv
ing in Clarion. No one else was hurt
in the wreck.
M idilletou n.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Balsiger.
a son on the "24th in»t.
('. C. Kuhn is on the sick list.
The anti-Quays secured a signal vic
tory in the election of a return judge on
last Saturday.
Mrs. Margaret Campbell, nee Fowler
a highly respected lady died at the
home of her son .J. E. • 'ampbell, on last
Friday. She lacked a few days of be
ing sii years of age. Her life was a
living example of purity and love.
Her name will long be held in sacred
memory. SILEX.
Jlvaiis City.
W. P. Turner of Butler visited
friends here Wednesday and is feuling
very good over the election.
Kev. J. F Kerlin has returned from
burying hi* sister, Wednesday.
The 9th District S. S. Convention met
at Callery. Monday, was well attended
and the friends entertained thedelegates
in good style.
George and William Evans of Alle
gheny; Mrs. Thomas and ' 'sie Wilson
attended the funeral of Orant Evans
W. G. Reel of Bellevue visited his
uncle, David Spence, Wednesday.
■left'craHi Centre.
C. E. meetings every Sunday evening.
Born, March 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
u. Seiders, a daughter.
There will be an Oreter Sapper given
at the church, April !J and 4, Monday
and Tuesday evenings, all are cordially
Louis Hazlett, who has been ill at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Cal Logan
is al»out again.
M. C. Gnhagftn is moving to Han
Preaching services next I'rid ay even
ing at 7-45; also next Sunday morning
at 10:80, both English.
J. J. McGarrah is moving hi Imperi
al. Pa.
.ICU'CI-HOII Tow usiiip.
School closed at No. 4 yesterday Mar.
27th after a very successful term. The
scholars had a picnic dinner in r.he
school house, after which the closing
exercises were held consisting of recita
tions and dialogues by the scholars.
The teachers, Misses Campbell and
Byerly. each gave recitations which
were greatly appreciated by the audi
Several students at Groye City and
Slipperyrock from this vicinity, were
home over Sunday.
S. C. Arbuckle has purchased some
oil property at Peru Ind and intends
moving his family to that place soon.
The regular summer Sunday school
will begin at Summit Presbyterian
church next Sunday April 2nd.
The Primary Election of last Satur
day developed some surprises all of
which goes to show wedonotall think or
vote alike and still futher that politices
is mighty uncertain. ANON.
West Liln-rty.
Evangelistic meetings are being held
in the M. E. church by Rev. Drake.
Cyrus Badger has moved to Waynes
burg where he expects to attend college.
John Henry McDevitt has bought the
old homestead, and intends moving
there in the spring.
J. <}. Grossman is setting up his sam
ple binder. He will soon have it ready
for public inspection.
W. C. Hawn has moved into the Weit
zel house.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Mayer's
a son.
We are sorry the campaign is over we
will miss the smiling faces of the candi
On account of the bad weather our
Republican voters did not all get out.
Cor Kent or Sale.
Five roomed frame house on Lincoln
Way, water and gas. good stable on
lot. Inouire at CITIZEN office.
Butler Business College.
I —Practical Book-keepers. 2 Ivxpcrt
Accountants. 3- Amanuensis Shorthand.
4—Reporters Shorthand. 5- English.
Branches Taught.
Book-keeping, Single and Double
Entry, Commercial Arithmetic, Com
mercial Law, Lightning Calculations,
Business Penmanship, Business Corres
pondence, Detection of Counterfeit
Money anil i'radulent Notes, Banking,
Business Forms and Customs, Spelling,
Expert Accouuting -Joint Stock Com
pany anil Corporation—, Theory and
Practice of Shorthand, Grammar, Punc
-1 tuation. Typewriting, Dictation Drill,
Speed Exercises, Reporting Expedi-nts,
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography,
Grammar, History, Individual Instruc
tion. English Branches under Specialist.
All advanced work under the tuition
of I'rof. Regal. Work of the school
open for inspection at all times.
Our references: Hon. Judge Greer;
Hon. Joseph Ilartman, Pres. Butler
County National Bank, Win. Campbell,
Jr., Cashier Butler Sayings Bank; John
Berg, Berg Banking Co.; Andrew
Brymer, etc., etc.
Call on or address
A. F. REGAL, Prin.,
327 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Peoples' I'hone 271.
Bell i7d.
Now hs The Time to Have
If you want good and reliable
cleaning or dyeing done, there is
just one place in town where you
can get it, and that is at
The Butler Dye Works
Oentor avonuo,
We do fine work in out
door Photographs. This is the
time of year to have a picture of
your house. Give us a trial.
Agent for the Jamestown Sliding
Blind Co,—New York.
139 South Alain street
Over Shaul ft. Nut's Clothing Store
llariiMUiv inn! Zelicnople.
Mrs Fred Weaver of Harmony has
been critically ill for several weeks and
at this writing is very low.
Mrs. Snsan Fiedler, the newly elected
postmistress, is preparing a room in her
house in Harmony for the office which
1 she will take charge of in a few days.
Harry McKim of Zelienople sold his
stand to Dight & McMichaels. The
latter was elected justice of peace at the
last election.
Clint Adams. Ed Bnrkett and Jake
j Siggins canje back last week from the
Scio oil field, owing to the very bad
roads work generally is shut down.
The well drilled on the Harmony
Commons is a good gas well.
Rev. J. A. Lenzinger will preach his
first sermon in the Grace Reformed
; church at Harmony next Sunday morn
ing as pastor of that congregation.
John Peffer of Jackson township will
build a large barn on his farm where he
liyes this coming sprint?.
Zelienople failed in getting a glass
house, the .<."IIMHI bonus is subscribed:
when the would be representative of a
syndicate appeared they discovered the
company to tie fictitious The citizens
then organized a board of trade and
decided to keep the bonus and use it to
procure desirable works
On Friday, March 24th. Mrs. Libby
Krentzer, wife of August Krentzer.
was burned to death in her home in
Haimony. For a score of years she
was crippled with rheumatism and of
late at periods also bereft of reason.
Since the death of Susan Boyer, who
waited on her, Mr. Krentzer with the
assistance of neighbors took care of her.
and the day of her death her husband
was at work away from home. At 5 -M)
when the husband returned from work
for supper he found her sitting bent
over 111 the inside doi-r op the floor,
burned to death. Mrs. Krentzer has
the following brothers and sisters sur
viving 2«oah and Levi Ziejrler, Mrs.
Wm. Wild, Sr., and Mrs. Hans Sahli.
all of Harmony. Mrs. Krentzer was a
daughter of "Bush Andy Ziegler, was
married in 187'J and blessed with three
children, one sun was instantly killed
on the railroad, which weighed heavily
on her mind. She was 57 years old.
Her remains were laid to rest on Sunday
afternoon in the Mennonite cemetery
near Harmony. Rev. .T. W. Ebbing
house of Zelienople offiriating in the
absence of the mjular pastor. His re
marks were based on Ira. 45 I.*. "Veri
ly thou art a God that hidest thyself,
O <Joil of Israel, the Savior."
N:tr\ crs St;il lon.
Wedding bells are ringing in our
There will be another ring around a
rosy on the 2?ith of April, for the benefit
of the Sarvers Station select school
Miss Emma C. Drane is coming
home on Easter to spend a few days
with her parents.
Miss Lizzie Wilkewitz is home from
Natrona, where she hits been learning
the sewing trade. We wish her a sne
cfs:« in her work.
Mr. W. Drane i* going to town to
work for E. Shirley again.
There was a box social at the Hessel
gesser school last Friday night. The
report was a good time. Fred Wilke
witz played the Graphophone which
was enjoyed by one and all.
Some boys of oqr town are busy
flying kites these days.
Ttvo girls were very badly frightened
coming down the track about a week
ago. I don't think they'll undertake
the trip again if thev can help it
Mr. L. Smith has moved in with his
father in law, Mr" W Doerr.
The Misses Grimes are vi.alting their
sister Mrs. Heck of Jefferson Centre
this week.
A great m-tny of the farmers are
plowing now.
Miss Annie Drane was visiting her
sister Mrs Humes a few weeks ago.
Kenneth i* to Htart
*; wtor< 4 iti Homeateiwl.
j ....THE.... _ )
\ Encyclopffidia Britannica j
| The Torch
\of Knowledge
| burns brighter to-day than ever (
/ before, and yet there are many >
> people lower down in the scale S
< of life than (
> r "vt *hpy to >
be. Theprob
? lems of pro- ;
if ( —> gression can >
(v \ only be solv- <|
> j 1 VjL think- |
) s -J\ educated >
< y f/U rnL ' n a "d wo- >
\Mmen. A need !
11 ( ' therefore ex- v
\ >f' Ist s for a great
! educational ||
| C*- power which |!
is far reaching in its influence.
!; Such a need is supplied by the /
; world-renowned Encyclopaedia s
Britannica. It represents con- <
!; centrated thought from the be- >
ginning of the world to the S
\ present hour. No subject in the c
!; realm of reason is left out. The >
]' information is easily found, <
I and is clear, concise, authentic.
The Nc-w Werner Edition, the |
latest, the most complete, and
the best. \
for $1 Cash
]! and tfie balance in small monthly (
!' payments. The entire Thirty ( 30) \
<j Volumes with a < Julde and an ele- ( '
\) Oak Hook Case will be deliv- <|
!' ered when the first payment Is made. j>
!> Tho Complete Set (Thirty Largo
I Octavo Volumes): <,
I I No ». New Style Hu< kram Cloth, Marbled )
i 1 Ldge*. I-atra Quality Mat hlne Fin- )
(' 1.1,11 Irll< f 11 _ J
<' First payment. One Dollar ($l,OOl and rhree )
i 1 Dollar* ($ 1.00) per month thereafter. >
i' No i Half Morocco. M.irble I I dge*. I xtra )
1 1 Quality High Ma« hlne I lni*h Hook \
i 1 Paper, S6o.<x». S
I I'lrit payment. Two Dollars ($?.oo) and Four )
I I Dollar* ($4 00) per month thereafter. )
No. 1 Sheep, Tan Color. Marbled Ldge*. )
1 Extra Quality High Machine Finish Book i
I* I'aper. $75 00 /
i' first payment. Three Dollars (St.oo) and )
( l ive Dollar* ($5 00) per month thereafter. )
A reduction of to per cent. I* granted by 1
< paying < a*h within jo day* after the receipt )
1 of the work. )
J. H. Douglass,
Butler, Pa.
Practical Horse Shoer
Formerly Horse Shoer at the
Wick House haa opened tnmi
ne.HH in a shop in the rear of
the| Arlington Hotel, where
lie will <lo Horne.Shoeing ill
the most ap|>rove<l style.
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next Ooor to Court Hotute, Itutler, l'a.
Trusses for Rupture are
necessary. Tka OBIIT ij«e»-
tion to COILBL'T it "where
can I get th* b-»t trus> for
the least money?" \V« soil
trusses on the "uncharge for
fitting" plan. V* >• charge you
simply for tha irius. We go
further, we guarantae a tit
and guarantee satisfaction.
There are mcny different
kind of triwsec. and one
great thing is to know what
kind is l>est to tiae Wa
have had enough.truss sell
ing experience to find that
out. Our stuck oi trusses is
not excelled in thi« vicinity,
but that is ni«t tb» point tor
jou to consider Your con
sideration as we said before,
is stated above. Man w« fit
here. Wa give direatiou
for self measurement to
C. N. Boyd.
Diamond Block. Butler. Pa.
Financial Statement
of Butlt-r borough as nwuirwU by Ac! of
As»rinbly approved April 1~. .1-vi,
Total valuation of Hutler buro
for year S3 .~»tv oo
Actual of
Bonded debt (*)
Float ins debt •• \J¥ r*j «*»
amount due from
paving and sewer assess
nirnts considered c«»otl J 4'J
|)n»- from t 'ollertor Jack . ? »»
t'asli in hands of Treas. 1 .*»!*'> W 10 ?i
Actual IndelHedlH'ss hVI
Tlie Moating indebl«di,K oCi»tde '.U
Outstanding warrants .. 4 r.«
liu«- i'eter ?M*henck on K.
Clay St 1 *1
l»ue I'eter Hehenek on
Fairview Avenue XK7 7D
.1 no Mey Smith iudgment :>*>«)
Jennie c Wick judgment »i 111' 'O
The total assets of Bqtler l«Hi) are U iib 7i
Assets made up a-,
l>ue from paving and
sewer assessments
considered *:« MMI. i 4I
l)u< from Colle«*tor .lack. ♦»
< ash in hands of Treas. I Alt
Hose carts, hook and lad
der trucks, lire hose,
etc., estimated value, i sl4 'Ms 71
The bonded indbebtediicss of Butler
IM ■ »N l l iian Mi M
Bonds Income due .t* folli>wi»:
Jonel I¥'w
i, iwo , I
i. tflOd l uw>
i i 1 ■ rj j one 00
I, IMS l M M
1. |9M 1 nun IM
I. KM ... 1 600
1, HNHi 1 ♦«»
I. 11*>7 I (H*» 00
i. 11* is i 000
I. 1000 I <■*» 00
i, r.iin i <>u>
l, hill l <>*> nu
I. IMS l fv »■»
I. 191 : I ""w 00
M 1, 1014. 1 «*»
44 I. 1913 I OUO "0
I. MM l wm
July 1. tMO
I, I'M Ml I UNI 00
I. 1901 I
I. MS 1 009 00
I. VMI 1 (10
i. i &<.»()
*• Z:, IHIW 3 »v
'• i.', l!n*» ;i i**>
JlDUiff 1900 i 00
rj. lin'i l uuu "o
Hj K9OS 1 000 00
tMB 1 00
J in..- i. UNO l tff*
i October . 1906 i 000
December 1900 i 00
30, 1001 mm 00
" jn. lwrj. J 0IM) <io
30, 1908 9M
4 * hum .... 'J <"U
< »ctob< r ■ IM6 i i«i
July 10,1991 1 tui I«I
10. r.MRI J <IJ|I
September I. 1901 i Of
l. IMS i wi 00
I. IW-: i* 00
I. lIMH , A UN) <»N
I. 1906 - - * 00
I. 11NN>. 3um un
October !, WW i»000 6o
1. !«.«»> 4 W"' U«>
November M, 1009 00
:.r,, nmo.. ...... Aijo oo
1901 00
•jti, lotrj
Dei • I-.'" i 1908 M 0 ""
iikm »Hjn ifci
i«m.» «iu
• i - • too 00
: it*» 7 600 ««»
" *J, MNW. Wi) IN)
8, 1910.. 500 00
•«, |'i| | Wm
- 1912 mji» wit
H| 1919 .*•«"» (|
i k;toiler i. UW MO tx»
|«»>m) ..<■» 99
I 1001
; jgo2 MO o"
|9OB MO 00
I |9M <"»
I'« . «■»
:: 1900 .»<"• <ni
; 1903 MO
j \'*>- ;HHI (mI
March h, Isw.
( Jeweler and Optician, \
( 125 S. Main St., /
Butler, Pa.
Notice is hereby fjiven that the under
taking business carried on by Mrs. Minnie
Hunt, at West Sunbury, I'a., under the
supervi ion of her father, John Mechling,
lately ilec'd., will be continued by me.
All work will be done In first-class
style, at reasonable prices.
Mrs. Minnie Hunt.
over the Post Office is
Headquarters for Photographs
That artistic'posing nu»l
lighting seems to pl(*i«i'
the people.
Insurance and Real Estate
Funeral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler
Hubae ibit tor thn OfTlvntw
Cirri a tpeclallteJ llrcnil wiarU/ijf liduiHdlom.
Rom nmcuiAnt
f. DUFF & SONS, L'l t Filth A vcam,
Ai l lVi: sill.ll I I'liK.- SVAKTKI! f Vl.liV
win ! f«>r "Tli« >tory of t lit* I'lilUpi>liu* '
by Si 11 ran llalsli-ad, ronunlitiloiipll by the
(<ov<*r time lit at<Mllclal Historian to tlni War
I lepart in«*f 11 The lx»ok wrjitten lu iirinV
NTMPH 111 San L-'rani'lsco, on T !»• I'AOIIIC with
(ieiH'ral Merr.t I, In tin* bospHals at ll<nio
-111111. In I lon k Ko»i((,|n t In- AiimpJi'jbii t is'in'hes
nt Manila, In lie- liiHiiruent *IU:JJ»S with
A triilnaldo. on the deeU «.f the (ilyiiiHla Willi
|l«*wey. and in the r<iar of bnipl«« '»» the fall
of Manila Bonanza for atforijl » 11»1 in fill of
orlitlnal pictures taki-ii by cuvtmtiiMil plio
U'ttraphern on tin H|*«»l l.arKe t MM Low
prices ItiK pro Hi, M lr«'ltfht paid <n*dlt
giyen Drop sill tra-iby ear twMiks.
I int lit free Addrenn I T BH'IHT. H» «' A
hisnrance bid K, Chicago.
In the natter of llw f mil iu-.-oont «if A <
Kubli mill J. 11. Ki> ••• 11 ntce-., in tin- . NI ,t.
"f William-I TI <■ '• lat« of O.i Hind
twp.. o. < . v. 'i. m v Term. i***
h. reliy 1 .. .1 thai ilit- mdanltn
<<t hat-ins '•• • ' ippoinu-tl h* 1 hi> orpunv
Court ..f Hut 1.1 unity an au.llt. 1 t.i makr
<ilstritiatl.nl < tin- fuml- 'if tin- abovi
mim.-.l . ,t:n. in tin lianiU <if tin- ,t
--ants will itttcull t.i lln- > • f liis nppoint
•:.< nt at l.i~ offi in tla \r! .TV Hui1.11:..-.
Butler, I**.. on Wednesday. April 3th, IBW. U
10 n rn.. when anil wlirr. all persons Int.-r
--• ~t. il mat attcnil if they M I- |ir<i|x r
\V. 11. LCSK.
Letters t> stamentarv on the estate of
Daniel Heck, dee'd., late of Centre twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., having been granted to
the undersigned, ill persons knotting
themselves indebted to said estate tvill
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
JOHN C. MOORK, I-x'r.,
McCandless, Pa.
J. D. MCJvnSIN, Att'y.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Adam 11. Walters, dee'd,, late of
Adams tottnslip, Butler county, Pa.,
having been granted to the uudeisigned,
all persons knowing themselves indebted
to satd estate will please make immedi
ate payments, and any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
W. A. S I,OAN, Adm'r.,
Mars P. 0.,
Butlet Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Samuel 11. Fleming, dee'd., late of Buf
falo twp., Butler Co., Pq., having been
granted io the u inlet signed, all {>frsons
knowing themselves indebted t « said
estate tvill pltase make immediate pay
ments, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
Kx'rs ,
Kkastotvn, I'a,
RALSTON & P.RKKR, att'js.
| Dissolution j
/ P.ices make the selling of Reliable f
} Furniture an easy matter, as C
/ the shrewd buyer can quickly f
y see that he saves money by J
\ buying here. V
f 75c Brussels Carpet: f
\ Dark or medium colors; floral V
/ set patterns, suitable for par- f
} lor, sitting room or dining N
/ ro.ni; a variety of patterns to i
J select from a.id a carpet that >
/ will give you jierfect satisfac- /
J tion. /
/ $5 Smyrna Rugs; C
f Best values we know of in the /
r Rug line. Six feet long, jnst J
\ the size you want for the din- f
C ing room or sitting room }
J hearth, and the most beautiful f
f colorings you ever saw. \
C Rocking Chairs: I
/ This lot is composed of Rock- /
1 ing Chairs that are marked to \
/ sell at iffi.so, $7.50 and fin- /
3 ish light or dark. Choice N
/ $5.00. J
Dining Room Chairs: ?
V Oak, {Kilish finish, cane seat;V
/ sold for $2 each. Take six and f
\ the price will be \
/ $1.50 each. /
' Bed Room Suits: f
f Three-piece ash suit, consist- J
? ing of dresser, bed and wash \
/ stand, beveled mirror and a/
j first-class suit. Best fi6.oo\
C suit we know of; now we sell a
\ then at v
( $14.40. ?
y Decorated Dinner Sets: )
f In pink, blue or green decora- /
1 tims. They K»d i"i 1t2,j0 J
J anil $15.00, but now you can/
V have your choice at \
f Extension Tables.
/ Ten feet long, solid oak, well r
\ trade. They sold for •
% now they sell at Jio.oo Same ?
X table, .S feet long, was f lo.txt, S
/ now I
j Again wc say come /
j soon if yon expect a coni'C
yplctc assortment to select ?
/ from. /
t BUTLEP, fA. A: /
lty iiKuii.i uf the Kodnk
lins reached the perfect
So simple thnt n child
can operate it and the
prices within the reach
of everyone.
We keep the largest HIIII most
cnmpletf line in town of I'hoto
Supplies and the only genuine
Ivastmau Kodak, Dry
Plates, I'ilms, Develop
ing Powders, Chemicals,
Trays, Mounts, Piinting
l'tanivs. Printing Pa
pers, I'lasli Powders,
Albums, and all kinds
of supplies at
1 U X >K IS'l't )HK.
Mu P <>
Peoples Phone 162
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed andlSalelStable
Rear of
Wick House, Butler, Penn'a.
The In'st of liorni'H arid first claws rigs al
WIIVKOII han<l aud for hire.
ifi'st iiceoriiUKHlatioiiM In town fni \» rina
lient hounllntf and transient triM'le. HJM»CI
ul care Kuiirantrcd.
Stable Room For 65 Horses.
A K<KH| CIIISH of horses. IM»III drivers and
draft lior»<-H always on hand and for sale
under a full Kunnint« « , l and h«»rH«'S bouKht
upon projHT uoliliiratlon by
IVltiphoiie, N.i «iy.
i 1 1 1,. Ml ytMSTK»N,
Office near Court llousr.
A Few Plain Questions???
Are you going to buy a Spring Suit?
SEE OUR LINE AT $6. SB. $lO and sl2.
Want an Overcoat this Spring?
If you are going to wear the latest style Spring Hat?
Going to get a new Spring Shirt ?
Want th* Very Latest See Our Line.
Do you want the swellest thing in Neokwear?
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
- ■ -■ ■ ' =t
Open!ng of Spring and Summer Millinery.
We call your attention to our large and well selected stock of Choice Millinery.
We have endeavored to make our stock surpass all previous years in style, desir
ability, quality and prices. We feel sure we have mire than maintained our
reputation in the selection of CHOICE MILLIXEKY GOODS. We can show you
an immense variety of Hats, Flowers, Ribbons, ttrakls and ChiiTons and all that
goes to make up an UP-TO-DATK MILLINERY STOCK, and at prices that will
surprise you. We would call especial attention to our Ladies', Misses' aDd Chi'-
dren's TRI MM HI) HATS, in which we have always excelled. Yon can always
Ret the rij>ht goods at the right prices at
32S South Main St.. _____ _ _" Rutler, Pa.
Latest Spring Shapes in 00TWEAR
You've Every Reason to Wateb Our Shoe Ads.
Tliis Shoe House is in pritre shajie for spring business. Whether it's a shoe
at a dollar or five, it has to be the best t? t!wt particular grade.
(>n that 1> asis we're bidding for nud getting the jfioe ttade of Butler county.
Men s Spring Shoes. Threß oew spring styles
The "Princeton" at $3 00. in women's black and
The "Regent ' at #3.50.
A shoe for men who want the liest to fcin QflflPQ
be had, for <3.00 and #3.50. OIIUOO.
These allocs fill all the reouireineuts All Kigns point to a strong "Tan"
for style, durability and comfort. Side Staison. Yuu'll find special interest in
by side with the best #3.50 and f,4.00 these porticuUir lots of lllack and Tan
shoes goiiiß, they arc WINNERS' Shoes. Correct Spring shapes that get
EVERY TIME. their iutrodjoctory showing here.
Your favorite shape in the new Spriug The k'ainuas "yueen yuality" at $3.00.
Styles is here in Hlack.Vici Kid and Calf The "Wellesley" at $2.50,
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See our Men's Tan Shoes at ji.3o, All the toes—narrow to full— round kid
#2.00 and #2.50. or vesting tops. See our line—Bsc, SI.OO,
Black, 90c to $1.50. *1.25 ttud #t^o.
SHOES EOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS. Same style as the men's and women's.
We sell The Famous Mrs. Jennees Miller Shoes They fit the feet
as nature intended. Only to l>e h«l of us.
llutler'a LeiKltiiK Shoe House. Opposite Hotel l-owry.
; pS^rp. 0 j
( / The We wish to Announce to the Publio 1
7 Leading p The Arrival of our ' *
< J of ty, AN are invited to call and inspect* >
<1 Butler the finest line of millinery ever< k
7 County. brought to our city. < '
i if Complete Line of Mourning Goods Always on Hand (
7122 S. Main St D. T. Pape. BUTLER, PA. 5
. I . , " ' , 1 1.1 - M mmm .
Every Day
sold by
us, only
Kings wear
the gold article
an< I they very
rarely. Our lints
lire fit for a King or
anybody else. We cnti
suit all classes of trade.
We study your style and
sel 1 accordingly. Prices are
low considering quality.
lv very thing new in Men's I'jir
uisiilngs. Beautiful Ncgh'fles
Shirts, two Collars and Cuffs 50
cents, finer ones too. Come and
see the new things for Spruig.
Ed. Colbert,
Colbert & Dale.
242 S. Main St., Butler, l'a.
Model Hairy $ Poultry Farm, '
Breeder of High Class Poultry. I
Marred Rocks, Buff Cocliii*.
I.ight Utah in as Black Minorca#,
S C. Brown Leghorns, 8. I, ,
White and Oohlen Wyandottes,
Illustrated Catalogue I UEE. '
B. & B.
lace curtains
by mail
--Make a future of a large variety of
pretty here—getting the busi
ness l)i>jni.M- evciyouc who invest!- ■
gates iu»l looks to their own self in
tent sees it pays to send here—
jw»j« theiji Rs to variety, style and
Send for picture hook of new Ivace
CtutaiiM (*sc to $5.00 pair—note the
choice |Nitlurns at SI.OO, #2.50, J3.50
J twt the time o' year now when
nif»nt every household has new
curtain* K> buy—and if they're to be
lxipght where you can buy l>eat.
we've ft .strong claim" for the pre
Book w ftee— scud your nnuic and
Wash Goods
aiwl itovwlkes top notch assort
ments He to f 1.25. 100 styles choice
I'eruolgtt isjic yard, splendid ging
hwus «jc yard.
White Madras for shirt waists aoc.
I'iue colored madras 15 and 20c,
ltifl>orUil madras and corded ef
fects '.if*. Asc handsome styles in
pinks, TiylvtH and wedgewood blues.
Send wiuiw and address now for
new illu.'4rHtvd catalogue —over 200
pUgeS- pictures of the new suits,
shirt wiAsts, skirts, etc. Us free.
Will be rftadv sjon after first of
Bo#gs& Buhl
Department X.
VI. C. l'rytir, of W. Sunbury, hereby
gives nothx- to the public that owing to
Nn- death of his father in-law, John
Mi rhling, he will not leave his husiuesa
as Intd l«.vn intended, hut will continue
to csriy i«n tin- livery business at the old
stand. Ok»l figs furnished at uitnlerate
price. H. C PRYOR.

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