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fOTE— AII advertisers Intent n? to make
sin tin 'r : • n '
MtrtntoßtSon to''' -<■ i ' 'ban JJon
*.y morntne.
Administratrix n >tiee, estate cf Perry
J. Brown.
Jury Lists for Sept. Term.
Sheriff's Sale for Sep:. 7.
Brown & Cos locals.
Cooper A: Co's Suits.
C & T's Furniture.
Engine for sale.
Admlnl-»u«iors aad Kxecctor • of ■ >:aton
Mn s«:nre their receipt bit use cii i
fJLN office, and persons mak»n* public sales
hair uote books.
—Butler Fair—Sept. 4-7.
—List X to the seashore today.
—Fix up your board-walks before the
If its the Shanghai hen that's cack
lin don't Vie too sure of vonr egg.
When a man stumbles on a defec
tive board-walk he has that bored feel
—The dog-days are not so called be
cause they com- towards the tail end of
—Bntler Fair—Sept. 4-7.
—Boy,l 6c McDearitt's saw-mill pass
ed through Bntler. Tuesday, bonnd for
Coopers town.
—Mercury, the planet, is nearest the
Sun, and its thermometer namesake has
lately highly inclined that way.
—The.- best antidote hot-air-waves are
the " sad sea waves", but you most have
the price, and know where to go to.
Butler Fair—Sept. 4 7.
—The coolest man in Butler, the oth
er night, was the one who dreamed be
was plowing home through a snow
—Talking about shirt waists for men
is a waste of time. The real thing for
all during the ho: weather is a "Mother
—Old Fitz astonished the sporting
element last Friday night by, knocking
out Ruhlin the Akron giant, in the
sixth round.
—The builders of the street car line
have wended their weary way up to In
stitute Hill, and the pole grin-,' are fol
lowing with wood poles.
—Bntler Fair—Sept. 4
—Every once !r. a while a genius in
vents a 'itove, a washing machine or a
furnace that "a child can run," bat we
notice that the old f>lks continue to run
—West Wayne St is being graded,
lowering it aboat four feet ; D front of
Seibert's black.inaith shop and raising it
the same 1> tween Water and Washing
ton street?.
Ziu>- and grinding double the wear.
—lf the girls who own the two thou
sand pianos sold in Kansas, this season,
all play a rag-time inarch at the same
time the calamity howler will have a
poor show.
Zinc and grinding double the wear
-Bntler is to have another oil well
machine shop, to be located o* the Mc-
Crea lot on Centre Ave. near the bridge
and J. E. Franklin late foreman of the
Evan't shop is the promoter.
Zin • and grinding double the wear.
—The Rough Run baseball club drove
to Slate Lick Saturday, and defeated
the clnb at that place 12 to 8. Me-
Bride and Flick were the battery for
the Winfield township boys.
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
—lt's a poor wind that blows nobody
any good. The rice growers of Louis
ana and South Carolina are pleased
with the Chinese situation, because it
will insure a sale of their entire crop.
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
—The "Mother Hubbar i" is the cor
rect solution of the hot-weather dressing
problem; and as the tailors now pnt 15
pockets in a man's suit, the men will
have to wear a belt with the 15 jackets'
Zinc and grinding double the wear
-This pleasant item is taken from an
exchange. "A number of English au
thorities say that kissing, instead of be
ing a menace to health, is an excellent
method of administering a microbe ton
ic of great valne in aiding digestion.
The theory is that the act of kissing in
volves only an exchange of microbes
that are health giving."
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
—Attention of farmers and all others
who make cider or other vinegars is
called to the fact before offering the
same for sale that they are compelled
by law to mark on each head of cask,
barrel or keg, or if sold in other pack
ages, each package containg such vine
gar. the name and residence of the man
nfacturer together with the brand, "ci
der vinegar."
Zinc end grinding double the wear
—The show-window of C. N. Boyd's
drng store was an especial centre of in
terest last week. A "Queen of the
Night'' cactus, which blooms but once
a year, had been placed there by its
owner G. H. Walter, and the plant had
several long buds, one of which blossom
ed on Sunday night. Th<> interior of
the Ho ver was pure white with a mass
of fine petals.
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
Talk abont your bar stories the
barest story is th<* one told by Jim
Scott. When Jim was out in Montana
some years ago, lie took a walk (me
morning through a deep and lonely can
y >ll and met a tremendous grizzly.
The bear came right at him; Jim saw
that bis time had come and so jn*t said
his prayers and Jet the bear eat bini up,
and that was the end of it end of the
P. S. There'n a littb- Chinese blood
in Jim.
Zinc and grinding double the wear.
—During the stori.i of lost Sunday
afternoon three tanks of oil on the John
Irwin place near Evans City were struck
by lightning and destroyed by fire; Win.
Graham of Cranberry twp. lestcows,
that were standing under a tree that
was struck, and number of derricks
were blown over in in Mid'llesex and
Adams townships. At New Kensing
ton|a large, brick, three-story building,
near the river, was struck by a tornado,
about U p.m. of that day, and complete
ly demolished It was used for the
manufacture of aluminum and was
owned by. the Pittsburg Reduction Co.
The b-.iler house and other buildings of
the plant were also destroyed, and one
man was badly hnrt.
—Butler Fair—Sept. 4-7.
Mr- F. J. Huff is at Cambridge.
L. G. Linn is here from Colorado.
Hiram Sanrer is home ftom Colorado.
W. H. DeAraie and wife are back
from Conneant.
Wm. J. Gravatt of Bntler twp. was
in Bntler, Friday.
A. W. Boyer and son of Evan? City
were in town. Friday.
Miss Lulu McCafferty of Freeport is
visiting friends in Butler.
E. L. McCleary of Prospect did some
shopping in Butler, Friday.
Marcus Reichert of Jacksville visited
friends in Butler, Tuesday.
James Thompson is now living in the
John Ekas house on West Pearl street.
Mr. and Mrs J. F. Lowry attended
the Boggs reunion in Evans City, today.
Adam Klink of Cherry twp. drove to
Eutler. Saturday, and did some shop
John R. McJunkin and daughter of
Clay twp. did some shopping in Butler.
Wesley Monks and wife of Middlesex
twp. did some shopping in Butler,
Frank Tinker is home from Michigan,
and down with typhoid, at his home on
Walnut street.
Theodore Vogeley and wife and Miss
Ada Gunipper visited friends in Kittsin
ning last week.
Miss Lida Armstrong of Fairview
Ave. is visiting relatives at Hanover.
Beaver county.
Solomon Mays passed Thursday night
in Bntler with his cousin. Geo. D. High
on Monroe St.
S. S. Scott of Butler twp. and Lon
Russell went on a fishing trip to Cana
da. last week.
Clerk of Courts Turner is improving
in health. His wife has had him out in
their buggy, this week.
W. J. Allen of Mercer street returned,
Tuesday, from a trip to Buffalo, Xiara
ra Falls and Cleveland.
D. L. Aiken has purchased the Hol
mati, formerly Aiken & Campbell,
grocery on Centre Ave.
Ex-U. S. Senator John J. Ingalls of
Kansas i? dyins: of throat and lung
trouble in New Mexico.
Rev. David Cuppa assisted at Com
munion services at Salem M. E. church
in Adams twp., last Sunday.
Miss Jamison of Mifflin street has re
turned from visiting her cousins Ada
and Fannie Seaton of Eau Claire.
J. G. Kennedy was down town. Mon
thly. Mr. Kennedy's arms have been
partially paralyzed for some months
Miss Margaret Mechling has return
rd to Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg, after
an extended visit at her home. Breeze
Miss Jennie Mechling has returned
from Boston. Mass., where she ha» "oeen
a music student in the New England
Mrs. Jas. Brown of Cairo, W. Va.,
visited her daughter. Mrs. Al. Walter,
last week. She want- to sell her house
on V,*. Penn St.
Rev. Asa Walters of the Jnmonville
Pa. < )rphans Home stopped a few days,
on hi. way home from Erie, with his
nephew Geo Stewart. Esq.
John r.'oic picked up » j>ocket book
belonging to Mrs. J. C. Gordon in front
of the Post offi :••. Wednesday afternoon,
and l"ft it at tbe Home Gas office.
George Sheiring. Jr. and family re
turn d, Wednesday, to Marion, Ind. af
ter spending their summer vacation
with Mr. Shiring's parents on West
Wayne St.
Harry Godwin now lias a good posi
tion on the Pittsburg Chronicle-Tele
graph. ( He end his wife, a daughter of
Alex Russell, visited friends in Bntler
over Sunday.
A. L. Findley. the photographer, re
turned. last Thursday, from a visit to
friends in Kansas City and Milwaukee.
At ?«lilwaukee he attended the Photo
graphers National Convention.
Charles Korn. the blacksmith, and
James W. Thompson, two well known
"itizens of Middletown were in Bntler
last Thursday. Mr. Korn has been un
well with throat trouble for some
Wm. J. Mitchell, the only canal boat
man, left in the county, went to Blairs
ville this morning, to attend the 15th
rennion of the old boatman there. Mr.
Mitchell rode and drove canal horses
from 1848 to 1854, when he was yet a
Mrs. Funnyfrock of Evans City has a
ballet in her possession which was firwl
into her young son's head three years
ago and which was recovered in a pecu
liar manuer. The boy was accidently
shot just above the month by a 82-cali
bre revolver in 1*97. The bnllet at that
time could not be located by the attend
ing physician and as no bad results
seemed to follow its presence in the
child's head it was allowed to remain.
Recently while the boy was eating the
bnllet dropped into his mouth, having
made its way through the roof of the
mouth without canning any pain. In
fact, its presence was not noticed until
it broke through.—Ex.
-James—Are you going to the picnic?
.Tohu I suppose yon mean the Butler
Fair, it's the picnic of all picnics. You
are right I am going; I never miss it.
Butler Fair—Sept. 4 7.
Oh. where! Oh, where is Ellen f And
where! Oh, where is Jane
1 They've run away with shirt waist men,
and will never be seen again.
Everybody gofs to Hutler Fair.
—lintlfr Fair, September 4, 5, 6 and
-The seven days of last week were
the hottest consecutive seven days in
the memory of our oldest citizen.
J. V. Stewart was. in Pittsburg
Tue.sday attending a sale of horses, and
bonght four good drivers for his livery,
which he lately purchased from Henry
Bickel. He will keep from eighteen to
twenty good drivers, all the time, all
kinds of rigs and an up-to-date livery in
every" respect. See card.
"Ma Jays, bow ninch will you
charge to write a bitnary on the death
of my dad ? "
"Three dollars an inch." replied the
editor, gruffly.
The messenger departed, but in a
little while he returned and said:
'"Ma says dad wuzsix-foot two inches,
but he wuzn't wuth three dollars!"
Brown & Co. are still selling iron beds
at reduced price*. Only a few left. The
new ones are now arriving. Take ail
vantage of the "drop"in prices quick.
The gentlemanly agent of the North
west Yeast Company is around again
with the little yellow samile of Yeast
Foam This Company is the largest
yeast manufacturer in the world
Yeast Foam has been on the market
over twenty years without an equal as
a healthful bread raiser, and is exten
sively used in all parts of the United
States. Every body is familiar with
the good qualities of Foain.
Uak Side-board with double doors,
long linen drawer and two small draw
<TH. pattern top 14 inches wide at brown
& (Jo's. Price *ls.
—Bntler Fair—Sept. 4 7.
Savon vs Herman.
Saxonhurg presented a crippled team
in the field at Herman, last Thursday,
bnt won easily. Saxonburg has won
| two straights from Herman.
Saxonburg 2 0 4 0 3 o » 2 4—34
Herman 1 0 2 8 0 1 0 2 3—12
Batteries Crawshaw and King;
Schehl, Steighner, O'Donnell and
Smith. K
Mrs Sue M. Qnistion h.nl H temporary
kijunction is.- i<xl Monday.ou applicntir>n
bv bill in equity to the Court. against
the People's Telephone Co. anil Ererett
Forsythe, it.- agent. to restrain then,
from" erecting a telephone pole in front
of her premirt-b on West Cunningham
street. Butler. Th«- bill states that the
pole. 4-5 feet In height :Hid 20 inches in
diameter, was to be set near her shade
trees nee jsitating theirdestrnction. A
final hearing will be held Saturday
Letters of administration on the estate
■f Perry Brown dee d, of Summit twp.
hare been granted to Clara B. Brown:
also on the estate of B Nolan of
Fairview twp. to Mary J. Xolaa: also
on the estate of Lewis Shiever of Lan
caster twp. to Sidney Shiever.
Letters of administration on the est ate
oi Thomas F. Christley of Cherry twp.
have been granted to A. M. Christley,
James Beebe of Zelienople has been
committed to jail for desertion charged
bv his wife.
Charles Barnes, a 16-year-old colored
boy, was arrested Saturday on the in
formation of F. J. Garwick that the boy
had stolen S2O from his clothes while in
bathing in the creek above Reiber's
mill. Barnes implicated Luchian
Chenot, a French boy, and both were
held by Esq. Gilghrist for trial for
larceny. Chenot's father bailed him
out. Over $lB of the money was found
on Barnes' person.
Motion Court will be held Saturday.
Sept. 1.
The two-dozen guests of the county
are enjoying themselves, these days,
grading around the Poor Farm build
ing; and at night they hare music and
song. Crawford, lately brought here
from the pen. is an excellent violinist
The county jail is well ventilated, and
its thick, stone walls make it one of the
coolest buildings in the town.
On Monday Dr. Frank G. Leslie, of
Pittsburg, physician, and Dr. Wm. J.
Hindman, of Branchton. dentist, regis
tered in the prothonotary's office in this
Dewey Bowser of the West End was
fined $5 and costs by Esq. Gilghrist,
Tuesday evening, for calling A 1 Carrie,
a member of the Salvation Army,names
on the street.
The contract for the building of the
barn for the County Poor Farm was let
Tuesday. Cooper Bros, of Velencia got
the contract for the superstructure at
$2395 and Fred Winter of Per.n got the
masonry at $2.85 per perch.
On Monday the masonry of the
Dudley Furnace in Parker twp. and
Seaton Mill bridges on line of Mercer
and Marion were let to Harvey N.
A dispatch from Erie, dated last
Thursday,said that "Mrs. Frank Woods
of Harrisville, Butler county, was ar
rested here and is wanted by Ashtabula.
0., authorities as a accomplice of "Dr.'
J. B. Brown, under arrest there on
charges of passing forged checks and
horse stealing. H« has been traveling
through Western Pennsylvania selling
spectacles and patent medicines. Fif
teen days ago the couple were here and
hired a livery rig, which was not re
turned. The woman claims Brown exer
cises a hypnotic influence over her. It
is alleged she left hor home, husband
and two children 3ix weeks ago with
Brown and went to Butler. Her hus
band is engaged in oil operations in
West Virgina. She admits writing the
checks on Erie banks on which the
"doctor" raised money.
Thomas J. Mcßride to Batts Canal
Coal Co. 10 acres in Venango twp. for
Robert A. Brown to Perry Brown 40
acres in Cherry twp. for SBSO.
E. A. Kregar to Bessie M. Tarno 1 acre
at Greece City for SSO.
Hon. E. McJunkin to John M. Lyon
lot in Bntler for SOOO
Harvey H. Boyd to Thos. V. Cochran
lot in Butler twp. for $215.
E. E. A brums to John M. Day oil
lenses in Fairview twp. for fc'ttOi.B6.
John Kaufman to F. M. Taylor 50
acres in Worth for $2200.
I). S. Clark executor to F. A. Clark
110 acres in Franklin for 1550.
D. S. Clark to F. A. Clark 110 acres
in Franklin for $1550.
Daniel Kennedy to John M. Miller lot
in Butler for $225.
Richard Vensel to S. M. Wiles lot in
Milleratown for S7OO.
S. M. Wiles trustee to John C. Wiles
lot in Millers town for SSOO.
Wm. Wonderly to Chas. M. Huselton
2 acres in liutler twp. for $125.
Same to Maggie M. Hnselton 2 acres
in Butler twp. for $125.
Vogeley heirs to Julias Kaufman lot
on W. Jefferson St, Butler for $
Frank Dill to Carl Bntzer 2 lots in Pe
trolia for $225.
Sue Eshenbaugh, ex'r to Breaden <fc
Conway 15 acres in Clay for SBOO.
Howard M. Bentle to Geo. Househol
der lot in Zelienople for S2OOO.
.Marriage Licenses.
Charles Cnning Allegheny City
Adda Warden....
T>. E. Dowling Braddock
Ella Hurlie .Allegheny City
Alonzo Green Butler
Maud Keefer Harmony
Sidney Hnddleson Oliver. Pa
Mary Dodds Mars
William P. Welshonce Butler
Emma L. Krisinger Berlin, Pa
At Mercer—John Firster of New
Lebanon, Pa*, and Tressa Hein of Hil
Butler Fair —Sept. 1 7.
The 10th Annual Convention of the
Butler County Christian Endeavor
union will be held at Slipperyrock,
August 22 and 28.
The l'!!)th Reg. will reune at Oak
wood Park. Moadville, on Tuesday,
August 28th. Take the Ponce de Leon
Springs car at the Erie depot. Meals
will be furnished at the Park hotel at
25 cts.
The annual reunion of Co. B 184 th
Reg. will be held at W. J. Stoner's, one
and a half miles South of Euclid, on
Friday, Aug. :ilst. All soldiers and
friends are invited to-attend, with full
The reunion of the Gallagher family
will be held, August JJf.in Wm. Shield's
grove, near Jeff Cooper's.
Tin' fifteenth annual reunion of the
MeNeese family will be held at the
home of I. C, MeNeese at West Liberty,
Thursday, August 28.
The annual reunion of the White Oak
Springs U. P. congregation will be held
in church grove on Thursday, August
28, 1900. Come and bring your basket
and spend a day and meet old acquant
ences and form new ones.
M nrketK.
Wheat, old, wholesale price K7-70
Wheat, new, " «4-«7
Rye. " 45
Oate, " 24
Corn, " . i'i
Hay, " .... i.» ijo
Egg*, " t •
Butter, " l">
Potatoes, new " 40
Onions, per bu fio
Beets, per doz bunches 25 80
Apples, per bu.. 40
Canbage, per lb 2
Roasting ears, per d< s~ H
Tomatoes, per bu 90
Spring chickens are high and in de
Get a nice pictnnj in latest style from
Brown & (Jo. All pictures at cost dur
ing August.
Our New Features. Two Grammar
Classes. Three Arithmetic Classes.
Several taking the Kxpert Accountant' ■
Course Five teachers —Three Profes
sional, Two assistants. Introduction o
the best books published on Grammar
Commercial I,aw and Shorthand. Cal
at the office and examine them. Fall
term logins Monday, Sept. 3d.
Btm.sn Business Cor.r.gr.K
New, four-rooui hoa.se for gale In
quirt at this office
Host- lt;ices On.
The Rescue and First Ward hoso rac
ing teams left at 8 this morning over
the West Penn road for New Kensing
ton t" take part in the Western Penn "a
Firemen's I'onvention. Both teams
took their running carts with them.
This afternoon the firemen will parade,
and after which both the Butler compa
nies will enter the service race.in which
thev are to run 265 yards in street
clothes, lay 50 yards of hose and the
team that does it quickest to get
Friday they race in the hose, hub and
hook and ladder races.
The Rescue runner? are Kirk Jone?
John Avers. Alf Watters. Clarence
Wattere, Joe Elliott, Will Jennings,
Gilbert Lester. John Bayer*. Wallace
Rimer. Paul R<ckenstein. Pete* Wi ; «
cr.stelu. Will Bell. Hugh Fowser, Mel
Clark, John Mitchell, Sam Fisher. Joe
Weisenstein, coupler and Frank Ger
rard. pipeman. Wesley Johnston ;«
their delegate in the official meetings^
The First Wards are Manager. John
[ Cole. Harry Worth. Fred Harper. Rob't
McCutcheon. Earl Clinton. Earl Clec
| land. Theo Leedom. Holly Wilson. W ill
i Heineinan. Floyd Bonner. Claries Lar
kin. Charles Hock. Edward Campbell.
Edgar Neglev. Eugene Morrison. John
Feigel, Joe Heineman. coupler, and
Charles Dongla>. Wiley Morrison is
the delegate.
Butler's Big Fair.
It only comes once a year but when it
does come it is great and all Bntl»r
county rejoices, for it is the picnic of
all picnics: everybody goes they can
take their baskets along and eat their
dinner under the beautiful shade trees:
the grounds are the finest in the State:
the show is the best: the races most ex
citing: the cavalcade the grandest: the
stock the choicest: the crowd the larg
est; the people the handsomest: the
order the best: and a feeling of cheer
fulness is seen everywhere.
The Butler Fair is one Fair that is
conducted in the interest of the people;
it it not managed to make money then*
are no dividends declared. If the stock
holders can have a Fair such as to be
the pride of Butler county they are sat
isfied without making money, they
want the people pleased and this year
they are making preparations to hold
the largest Fair in the history of Butler
county: every one can go easily; besides
the usual ways:there will be a street car
line to the grounds and also there Is
another way to drive to the grounds
without coming in contact with the
street cars.
The North Bntler, West Sunbury,
Pleasant Vall-y, New Salem. North
Washington. Fairview and Concord
Presbyterian congregations held a re
union at the latter church in Concord
fwp. last Thursday. All of these
churches are offsprings of the Concord
church, which is one of the oldest in
the country, and this is the first reunion
they have held. The Concord church
had its inception in the summer of 1799,
when Rev. John McPherrin, of West
moreland county, preached to the pion
eers beneath the spreading branches of
a large oak tree near the site of the
present church. The first church build
ing was a log cabin, with earthen floor,
split log seats and an old-fashioned fire
place. In 1838 the present brick build
ing was erected. Rev. R. L. Alter has
been pastor at Concord for the past six
years A history of the chnrch will be
found in this paper.
Rev. John A. Douthett of Greensburg
preached in the U. P. chnrch. Sunday.
No services Sunday, the 19th
The Young People's Christian Union
of the U. P. church holds its annnnl
county convention at W. Sunbury.
Thursday and Friday, Aug. 29-30.
C E Convention
The Tenth Annual Convention of the
Butler County Christian Endeavor
Union will be held at Slipperyrock,
August 22 find 23. Preparations have
ton carefully made and everything in
dicates a good and profitable meeting.
Singing will be a special feature of
the convention Sacred Songs No. 1,
will be used.
Excursion rates have been granted
(one and r. third fare) from all Htations
on the P. & W. and P. B & L. E. R. R.
gointf the 22d and 23d, good to return
the 24th.
We know Endeavorers throughout
the county are interested in this annual
meeting and many will come to enjoy
and carry home a blessing.
A Wholesale Grocery.
Rumberger and McCoy, the whole
sale grocers of Liberty street, Pitts
burg, have established a branch store
room in Butler with their well known
salesman, J. G. Runkle in charge. "It is
located in the old Boos warehouse be
tween the Kesselman machineshop and
the Oil Well Supply sucker rod shop on
the P. & W. tracks. Home grocers
find it an immense advantage over by
iair from foreign houses, as there are no
freight charges and all they need to do is
send their wagon around and get what
they want. A large amount of trade
for the branch house comes from towns
along the B. R. &P. railroad. A whole
sale grocery house has long l>een needed
in Butler and under Mr. Runkle it is
sure to be a big success.
Grand Opera House, I'ittsburg.
The season at the Pittsburg Grand
Opera House will open Monday after
noon, September 3rd. While a good
many members of last season's stock
company will return, there will be
several new faces in the organization,
and they have all been engaged with a
view of making the company the best
that has yet been employed in stock
work in Pittsburg. The old members
who came back are Thomas W. Ross,
Marion Ballou, Lida McMillen, Edward
Poland, Joseph Woodburn, Willis Mar
tin, and Lorle Palmer. Mr. William
Ingersoll, who was the leading man the
last four weeks last Season, and who
made such a tremendous success in the
principal parts, is also in this year's
company, while the new leading
woman is Miss Frances Drake, an ac
tress of great ability, who has been
identified with some of the best, travel
ing and stock companies in America,
during the past six or eight years
Another important new engagement is
that of Benjamin Johnson, who will
play the comedy old men, formerly
played by Robert Ransom. Mr. John
son is universally admitted to be the
best man in this line of work in the
country. Another newcomer will be
Miss Alice Gale, who plays the mother
ly old woman and such parts, and from
this actress' past record it is expected
that patrons of the Grand will find in
her one of the best women that has been
seen upon the Orand Opera House
stage. J. C. Huffman, who has been
the stage director at the Grand for so
long, will also be fit his old post of duty,
which insures the same magnificence in
the piatter of productions that has
always characterized the Grand Opera
Old patrons of this theatre will hard
ly know it when they return in the Fall.
The honse is practically now from the
street to the rear wall on the stage. All
of the furnishings are new, including
the draperies and chairs. The audito
rium and the vast lobbies have all been
newly painted and decorated, and the
main lobby from the street up to where
the ticket taker stands has been laid
with a very rich and expensive mosaic
''linr of fanciful design and beautiful
> 1 ;-ir. Tt is the determination of
' i- '.;<•■ iov of the Grand to make
11 i e..-,'i anything that has
in ti way of big produc
.l];, of -,'n a; ;>lays.
Notice to the Public-
I desire to inform my customers and
public generally that I have removed
my marble shop from East Cunningham
street to room 3, second floor, No. 213
S ':lli Main street, where I am prepared
to give estimates on all kinds of marble
and granite monuments at the best
rates and lowest prices. Reports that I
am no longer in the business are untrue.
M. C. Rockenstein has removed into
Duffy Block 3 doors south of his old
stand where he can be found with a full
line of stoves, hardware, sewer pipe etc.
We still do roofing, spouting and job
bing, will be glad to see all my old cus
tomers at the new stand.
Music scholars wanted at 128 West
Wayne St.
vex IIM:NTS.
George E. McCsrthey. joint agent for
the B. H A:. P. and P. B. <ic L E. R
li s *t the junction east of Butler was
strut It by lightning *>" l instantly killed
daring the storm of Wednesday even
ing. He and some others took refuge
from the storm in the little restaurant
at the Karns crossing, bnt none of the
others were seriously injured. Ho was
about :$5 years of age. was single, and
h!s home is in Rochester, X. Y.
James Rutter who lives in Worth
twp. a mile south of Jacksrille was
struck by a falling tree on the Stude
baker farm Saturday morning and his
right arm broken above the elbow and
received severe cuts across the nose and
forehead. Rutter and Stndebaker were
felling the tree and it caught on a
stump which gave way so quickly that
Rutter. who was trying to dislodge the
tree, could not get from under it. The
injured man was taken to his hom ■ and
is expected to recover safely.
Geo. Belknap of near Cooperstown
was hurt in Butler, last Thursday night,
by his wagon tumbling oyer the E.
Cunningham street embankment.
John Tack, a son of Philip Tack, had
bis left foot badly crushed, last Friday,
by some street-car rails falling upon it,
while he was helping to unload them
from his wagon.
A terrible accident in rei*Tt»u from
West Sunbury, where a child of Plum
mer Wick fell into a bucket of scalding
water, and was scalded to death.
Railroad Note*.
The statement of earnings of the
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg just
issued for the fiscal year shows increase
in earnings note worthy even in these
days of improved railroad revenues.
The gain in gross is (1,210.166, or 30 per
cent, and in net *762.040, or 56 per cent.
Part of these large gains is due. how
ever, to the fact that since July 1 the
earnings of the Allegheny Jfc Western,
the extension in Western Pennsylvania,
have been included in the returns. The
record would seem to indicate that the
operation of this line accounts for even
more of the improvement in revenue
than mitrht be expected to come from a
new road. 60 miles in lenKth.
It is considered very doubtful if the
Pennsylvania Railroad will adopt nickel
steel fails for the points of severe ser
vice. At the famous Horseshoe Curve
the nickel steel rails have been replaced
by those of the ordinary steel type, for
it was found that the rails diminished
the tractive power of the engines on ac
count Qf their hardness.
—Butler Fair—Sept. 4-7.
The market is now (1.25.
MCCALMONT— PhiIIips is drilling a
new well among a lot of old ones.
PENN TWP- The Producers Oil Co.
has a good well from the third sand on
the old Marshall farm at Mcßride.
ClaVF'nv P—John Tebay ia drilling a
well on the Amos Young.
SLIPPERYROCK The McFarland well
on the Roenigk is reported dry.
J F.FFERSON —Phillips is drilling on
the Wilson Graham. The Forest's well
on Win. Patterson is doing about 5 bbls.
The Bachman on the Campbell is doing
six bbls. natural.
FAIRVIEW TUT Gibson & Co., are
drilling on the J. J. McGarvey; Craig &
Dunlap Bros, on the Chas. Miller; Davis
Bros, on the S. S. Mays.
BEAVER CO —On Cow run. the Camp
bell, Miller & Co. well on the Wallace
farm, is holding up at 10 bbls. an hour.
Snyder & Co. will drill in their test on
the Baehm farm. 200 feet north of the
Wallace gnsher, next Thursday. There
are three wells drilling and fonr rigs
building in the vicinity of the Wallace
farm well.
CLEARFIELD—ShowaIters well on
the Green was shot Monday, and is rej
ported at five barrels; the Mannington
well on the A. Mcßride the same :
Young has a big gasser on the Gillespie
near the Ilk-key Pnmp station. Rab
bitt is building a rig on the C Duffy,
I Showalter has another rig up on the
Green to the east, of his producer, and
I Steighner has a rig np at the church
| west of Coylesville.
VENANGO Co.—Three miles east of
Ballion, in the Big Bend district, Smiley
& Wilson have completed a well on the
A. Jacobs farm which is showing for 55
bbls. They got the regular Bullion
sand. The well will no doubt open np
considerable of a field heretofore unde
veloped. The well and a large tract of
leases are owned by Smiley & Wilson
Bros., of Foxburg.
THE STANDARD The announcement
of a Standard Oil company dividend of
eight per cent., payable September 15,
has caused another howl from the yel
low journals and the professional kickers
of the oil country. The other dividends
the present year have been, one of 20
per cent, on March 1, and one of 10 per
cent, on June 15. This will make a
total of 43 per cent, and another diyi
dend of five per cent, is expected before
the close of the year. A net dividend
of 48 per cent, is certainly something
handsome, but it must be borne in
mind that while the capital stock of the
corporation is nominally $100.000,000,
the actual property valnation of all its
pipe lines and refinTTies, gas plants, gas
and oil wells,, terminal facilities at the
seaboard, its tugs, tank steamers, and
oil barges, etc., is upward of $500,000,-
000. A profit of 4H per cent, on SIOO,-
000, 000 is only !) 8-5 per cent, on $500,-
0(H),000. Some of the previous large
dividends of the Standard were not
derived from profits of the manufactur
ing business, but by moneys received
and paid out by the liquidating trustees
in the process of converting the trust
back into its constituent companies.—
Park Theatre Opening
It is only three weeks now until the
Park theatre will open for the regular
season and the opening attraction is one
that has always proven a favorite in
Butler, the Macanley-Patton company,
which comes here for Fair week, and is
certain to play to standing room only,
as is usually the case during the week
of the big fair.
The company this season apj>ears
with new people, new scenery and a
repertoire of new plays, though of
course "The Minister's Son', is still on
the list, and well it deserves to be.
Among the new ones is Sol Smith
Russell's "Peaceful Valley," one of the
finest plays that has yet been staged in
any theatre. "Inside Track," "Lost
Paradise," "A Wasted Life," "Royal
Rags" and "The Other Fellow" complete
an exceptionally good repertoire that the
publi6 will appreciate Popular prices
will prevail and a bright line of special
ties will be introduced each evening.
Programof'Rari's at Rutler Fair.
No. 1. 3:40 Pace Purse, S2OO
No. 2. 2:19 Pacers and 2:17 Trotters
Pnrse. S2OO
No. 8. Roadsters owned in Butler Co.
prior to Aug. Ist, owners to drive to 4
wheel vehicle, purse 200 bushels of oats
usual division entrance fee $5 00.
No. 1 Running Race, half mile and re-
peat Purse, $75
No. 5. 2:15 Pacers and 2:12 Trotteri
Purse, S3OO
No. »>. 2:30 Trot Purse, S2OO
No. 7. 2:24 Pace Purse, S2OO
No. H. 2:80 Pace Purse, S2OO
No. i). 2:40 Trot. Parse, S2OO
No. 10. 2:22 Trot Purse, S2OO
No. 11. Running Knee, half mile anil re
peat Purse, SIOO
Address all entries to W. P ROESS
ING, Sec'y,
Butler, Penn'a.
Attend the State Normal School at
Slipperyrock. Butler county. Expenses
for board, tuition, furnished room, heat,
light, and use of text-books will be s*i9.
for sixteen weeks. A new model school
building has been erected. Methods
unsurpassed. Fall term opens Septem
ber 8, 1000. Students may board and
room in town under permission from
the principal. Send for Catalogue.
| Principal
—Butler Fair—Sept. 4-7
The Shelby tool works at Beaver
Falls were burned last week. The loss
is put at $400,000.
In New York city last Saturday. th«
mercury ran up to 101 in the shade
Thirty-seven fatalities from heat were
rej>orted. and hundreds of prostrations.
Auditor Edgars has finished his audit
of the accounts of the late John Blevins.
treasurer of the city of New Castle, after
a continuous labor of over one year and
finds a shortage of (42,234.76. There is
also a shortage in the school funds of
(44.2«5.*ft, malting a total shortage of
(82,503.65. It is conceded that the late
treasurer did not spend this money for
his own use, and what became of it is
the question to be solved.
.A rather unusual sight witnessed
on the streets of Oil City, lately, was a
wagon witn a Winchester rifle strapped
in a holster at its side, the gun to be
used to protect the cargo and it was not
gold nuggets either but simply beer
brewed in Oil City and consigned to a
hotel in Fryburg. The driver goes
through a considerable portion of un
settled country and woods and has upon
several occasions been held up by thirs
ty wayfarers, not always tramps, and
has suffered so many losses that he h. s
equipped his wagon with its present
Three men mounted on bicycles rob
bed eleven laborers in Westmoreland
Co., Tuesday, and shot one of them.
The recent developments on the Great
Lakes have shown that the effort of
John D. Rockefeller to govern the lake
freights has failed utterly. Two things
indicate the end of tb fight and the
acknowledgment by .Mr. Rockefeller
that he is defeated. One is the constant
falling of lake rates, despite every effort
of the oil king to keep them up. and the
other is the announcement that Mr.
Rockefeller had sold all of his mining
property, in the Lake Superior district
to Carnegie, whom Rockefelier was
lighting when he started to control the
lake freights.
Everybody Goes to Butler Fair.
People will appreciate the good drive
to the Fair grounds without coming in
contact with the street car line, which
is being prepared by the Fair manage
ment and Town Council.
Notice to Nohool Teachers.
The school teachers of Bntler county
are requested to meet in the Court
House, at 1:30 p. m , Thursday. Aug.
:{()th, 1900, at which time and place they
will be addressed by County Superin
tendents Painter of Butler Co. and
Fruit of Mercer county.
On# 13 Horae Peerless traction engine
and one Gelscr sawmill in good repair;
also one New Peerless separator, for in
formation write or see
Butler, Pa.
Some new Bedroom Suits arrived
recently. More will follow in a few
davs. See them at Brown & Co's.
Ask your Grocer for Cnrrie's ' Milk-
Bread," made only by the Palace Bak
ery, 370 Centre Ave. Phone 269.
fj.oo a day guaranteed agents (men or
worn n) selling our high grade laundry
and toilet aoapa, For exclusive territory
write Millen Soap Co.. 612 P, Adams
street, Chicago.
Six months drilling lease on about
one thousand acres of land and seven
eights interest in well will be given to
party drilling test well near Sheakiey
ville, Mercer Co., Pa. Particulars from
M. M Prescott, Elizabeth, Allegheny-
Co.. Pa.
Commencement and wedding prt**-
ents at bargain prices.
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, should call upon
WM. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g.opposite
P, O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No. 174.
Excuntiou to Niagara.
The Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburg
R. R. will run an excursion to Niagara
on Saturday, August 25th, at $4.00 for
the round trip, Trains leave Bntler at
10:12 a. m. and 11:28 p. m. Tickets
good for 5 days.
The I*uuxkutikwney Fair.
For the Punxsy Fair, next week,
August 21 24, the B. R. & P. will ran a
special train each day of the Fair, leav
ing Butler at 7:15 a. m., Fenelton at
7:40 and arriving at Pnnxs'y at 10 a. m.
Returning leave Punxs'y at 6. p. m.
Fare from Butler for round trip $1.85.
Fenelton $1.55.
Account Knights ol Pythias,
Biennial Conclave.
For the Biennial Conclave,, Knlghtsl
of Pythias, at Detroit, August 27 to
September 1, the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company will sell excursion tickets
from all stations on Its line to Detroit,
at rate of single fare for the round trip
Tickets will be sold on August 25. 26,
and 27, good to return between August
28 and September 5, inclusive; but by
depositing ticket with joint agent at
Detroit not later than September 1, and
the payment of 50 cents, return limit
may l»e extended to September I*l,
Niagara Falls and Toronto Fx
cnrslon via tbe P. u. U. F
it. 11.
On Thursday, Atignst 23d, a special
train will leave Butler at 5:00 a.m.,
Central time, stopping at all stations to
and including Greenville. After leav
ing Greenville the train will run on fast
time via the "Nickel Plate" and the
New York Central to the Falls. Toron
to tickets going via the Gorge route and
the Niagara River line will be sold at
$1.50 in addition to advertised rates to
the Falls. Tickets will be good for re
turn within 5 days. For further par
ticulars inquire of P. B. & L. E. agents.
G. A. K. at Chicago.
34tb Annual National Encampment
Grand Army of the Republic, Chicago,
111., Ann 27th toßlst 1900.
For this occasion, ticket agents of
Pittsburg & Western Ry. will sell on
Aug. 25 to 29 inclusive,special excursion
tickets to Chicago and return until Aug.
■list without validation and subject to
an extension of time, to Sept. 30th upon
payment of 50 cents to joint agent.
Rate from Butler $8.25 and correspond
ing low rates from all stations.
Account G. A. It. Encampment.
On account of the Thirty-fourth
Annual Encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic, to be held at
Chicago, August 27 31. inclusive, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets from points on
its line to Chicago, at rate of single fare
for the round trip.
Tickets will be sold on August 25, 2(i,
and 27, good to return until August 31,
inclusive; but by d»<j>ositing ticket with
joint agent at Chicago prior to noon of
September 2, and the payment of fifty
ceuts, return limit may be extended to
September 30. inclusive.
For this occasion agents of Pittsburg
<fc Western Ry. will sell excursion
tickets at very low rates, August 25 to
29, inclusive, good to return until
August 31st without validation in
Chicago. Upon deposit of the ticket
with the Joint Agent Central Passenger
Association, Chicago, before noon Sept
2d, and the payment of a fee of 50 cents,
an extension of the return limit to
September 30. may be obtained. Fare
froui Butler $8.25.
,• General Pasaenger Agent,
Allegheny, Pa.
The Gbiy Way
Of getting what you * aut u
to purchase from reliable
•ources. You may rot need
our poods often, hut when want
ed >ou want them prompt
ly ami want the best. The
sickroom is no place for ex
periments. Our prescription
department is the most im
pottant one with us and we
leave nothing undone to
secure only the best. A drug
may be pure but not up to
the standard in strength.
Nothing short of the best is
thought of with us.
Our trade is large enough to
keep goods moving so that
we have no old stock. Our
methods of doing business
ve think will warrant you in
coming back. Every article
bearing our name is guaran
teed to be just as represented
or your money back.
C. N. Boyd,
On the Diamond.
Near the Court House.
The Handsomest and Most t'on
renient Trains From Bntler to
Buffalo and Rochester.
The handsome new vestlbnled trains
on the Buffalo. Rochester and Pittsburg
Railway are becoming very popular
These trains are the only solid vestlbnl
ed trains operated between Bntler, Buf
falo and Rochester and are composed of
elegant high back seat day coaches,
cafe and free reclining chair cars, mak
ing fast time and affording superior
Train leaves Butler dally at 10:12 A.
M., arriving in Buffalo 5:45 P. M. and
Rochester 6:35 P. M. Corresponding
trains leave Rochester 9 A. M. and
Buffalo 9:45 A. M., arriving in Bntler
5:34 P. M
Atlantic City Excursion via P. &
W. and B AO. Ky.
.Inne 28th, July Pith. 26th, August 9th
and 23rd, 1900, are the dates for the
Pittabnrg Western Excursion to At
lantic City via B. <$ O. Ry. All B. &
O. trains run via Washington D. C.
Rate from Butler SIO.OO. Tickets good
returning 16 days from date of Kile.
Excursion to Allegheny.
Commencing Sunday, May 6th. the
Sunday excursion fare from Bntler to
Allegheny will be one dollar for tickets
good going on train leaving Bntler at
8.05 a. m., City time, returning on train
leaving Allegheny at 5.30 p. m. city
Farm of 6i acres, two miles north of
West Sunbury, good house, good water.
Will sell cheap or exchange for small
form near Butler. See W. J. BLACK,
Estate of Perry J, Brown, late of Sum
mit township, Butler county, Pa., dee'd.
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the above,
mentioned estate, notice is hereby given
*.o all persons knowing themselves in
debted to said estate to make immediate
payment and those having claims against
the same to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
FRANK H. MURPHY, Butler, Pa.
Whereas letter# of adminstration have
this day been duly granted by the Regis
ter of Butler Co., Pa., to Oscar Keister
on the estate of Paul Keister, late of
Slipperyrock township, Mid county and
State, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate to make speedy payment, and
those having claims against said estate
will please present them properly authen
ticated for settlement to
Aug. 3, 1900. Administrator,
Keister P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
Att'y for Adtn'r and estate.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Simon Barickman, dee'rt., late of But
ler township, Butler county, Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
j>ersons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Butler, Pa.
MATES & YotJWG, Attorneys.
letters of administration on the estate
of William J. Cleland, dee'd., late of
Muddycreck township, Butler county,
Pa., having been granted to the under
signed, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement to
Wimerton, Pa.
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership) heretofore subsisting between
Alvy Turner, C. E. Turner and Charles
A. Clark under the firm name of Turner
& Clark, has been dissolved by mutual
All debts owing to said partnership
are receivable by the said Alvy Turner,
to whom also all claims and demands
against the same are to be presented for
payment, the said Alvy Turner hereby
agreeing and does hereby agree to and
does assume all outstanding indebted
ness against said partnership as hereto
fore known.
June 12, 1000.
Notice Is liereliy Klven that Jacob C.
Brown, guardian of thi> estate of Rosanna
Brown, lias filed tils first and nnlll account
at No. ;|M. March T.. tm and that, the same
will be presented to Court for confirmation
at Sept. T.. lUUO.
J. M. McCoi.LOUOB. I'ro.
J. V- Stewart,
(Successor to H. Bickel)
Sale and Boarding Stable.
W. Jcflcrson St., Butler, Pa.
Firat class equipment—eighteen
good drivers—rigs of all kinds—
cool, roomy and clean stables.
People's Phone 125.
Insurance and Real Estate
It's a story that's being well read these days. A'tale of high
gTadr garments and small prices. Everyone is interested in it and
crowds gather before it daily. Its in our Show Window. If you
haven't seen it we invite you to read carefully and thoughtfully. If
you're not already one of our customers it will mean that we can
count you among them in the future. It will show you conclusively
that for
* *-* *JfHe »t *■* ********-"-t T :!* ? tt. *
we can sell you a suit which no other house will match for double
the money.
We place on sale today 360 pair of Men's and Youth's Cassimere
Pants that would be considered cheap at $2.00 for a pair.
Come quick for these. *7OO
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
j The Surprise Store!
I 108 South Main street, Butler, Pa. i
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The New-York Tribune
date, and always a stanch advocate and supporter of Republican principles, will
contain the most reliable news of
including discussions, correspondence and speeches of the ablest political leaders,
brilliant editorials, reports from all sections of the land showing progress of the
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New York Tri«Weekly Tribune
Published Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, is in reality a fine, fre»h, every
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Regular subscription price, $1.50 per
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Mill and Mining SuppllM.
A Word To Piano Owners.
I wish to state to pianos own
ers and the public in general that
1 have became a perniment fixture
in this city and am prepared to
do all kinds of repairing 'on all
kinds of instruments.
Piano Tuning a Speciality.
J. C CANER at Newton's
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