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NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
cnanc s in their ads. should notify us ol
their Intention to do so n.-t later than Mon
day morning.
Levy and Assessment for 1901.
Notice of Appeal Days,
Trustee's Sale, estate of Charles
Notices in Bankruptcy, estates of Elias
Beep and Alvin Carothers.
Sheriff's sale for March 8.
Hotel Nixon.
McCrea's Slaughter.
Notice to Farmers.
Mrs. Pape's closing out sale.
C. & T's furniture.
Brown & Co. 's locals.
Pape Bro. 's auction.
For sale or rent.
AdmlniMi.ti.irs and Kxecutors of estates
an secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sales
heir note books.
—This latest trust is as hard as steel.
—Ground-hog weather—below zero
—Wireless telegraphy may some day
connect the North and South poles.
—Soma of the pictures of Mrs. Nation
look like wood-cnts made with a hatch
—Don't forget the great horse sale at
Evans City, next Saturday, beginning
at 9 a.m.
—Lots of people have taken an extra
drop lately just to keep in style with
the mercury.
—Oar new army has a big head and
it will furnish a tale for the military
history of the country.
—B. O. Rumbangb has rented the
Hotel Nixon, on N. McKean St. for an
other year. See card.
—The Chicago Butter Co. has opened
a neat market at 113 S. Main St. —next
door to Dr. Bricker's office.
—For sale, anew "Ideal" cash regis
ter—total adder and up to date in every
respect. Call at the CITIZEN office.
—The Junior Young People's Society
of the U. P. church gave a very pleas
ant little valentine social
—A ten-cent show, in a store room on
N. Main St., has some deformed crea
tures on exhibition—a thing that the
law should prohibit.
—The morning train on the B. B. &
P. for Allegheny now leaves Bntler at
9:45 a.m. and returning leaves Alle
gheny at 4p. m. See corrected card.
—A 110 acre tract in Bntler twp.,
northeast of Butler, part of the Michael
McGinley estate, will be sold at public
sale in the Conrt House at 1 p.m . Fri
day, March 1.
—During the year 1900 the Butler
Public Library loaned 14,000 adult and
<5,000 juvenile books. They have lately
seenrred 150 new books, and are doing
a good work.
—The ladies of the Reformed church
were hosts at a reception held in the Y.
M C. A. rooms, last Thursday evening.
After a musical program tyid refresh
ments a basket ball game was played.
—Home talent showed itself on the
stage of our Opera nouse, this week, in
the Mascot, and made a very creditable
appearance. Miss Heloise Thompson
and Mr. L. Cornelius seemed to carry
off the honors of the occasion.
—Some evil-minded joker created a
panic in tho Milwaukee. Wis., postof
fice by sending a two-ounce glass bottle
filled with skunk oil through the mail.
Tho bottle was protected by only a sin
gle paper covering and of course was
broken and then there was a smell.
—After their regular meeting in the
lodge rooms last Thursday evening the
Maccabees, about 80 strong, repaired to
Kirk & Covert's restaurant and enjoyed
their annual banquet, an excellent re
past being set np by the restaurant men.
There are nearly 400 members in the lo
cal tent.
—A new lodge just organized in But
ler has among its officers a Prophet, a
Provost, a Pilot, a Pronatory.a Preserv
er. a Patrol, a Picket, a Percenter, a
Purser, a Premier, a Perfect and a Pro
momoter. It is a branch of the "Pru
dent Pratricians of Pompeii," and if
Vesuvius ever sends a fiery flood of lava
in Its direction—why, they'll just P
aralyze it.
—An annual membership contest has
been started in the Y. M. C. A. between
the Beds and Blues, the former being
Will J. Heineman, Henry Miller. Chas.
Steelsmith, Frank Troutman, George
Cronenwett, John F. Anderson, Gard
ner Lowry and Wells McJnnkin. The
Blues are Arthnr M. Flack, J. G. Rnn
kle, Horace Brown, H. M. Star, Wm.
Klingler, J. C. Aiken, Elias Ritts and
Ford Hayes.
—Ten young women of Binghamton,
N. Y. agreed to do penance during Lent
by not uttering a word for the entire
forty days. A code of signals and the
use of tablet and pencil will be permit
ted, but even at that the test will prove
a severe one,and if the proposed punish
ment fits the crime it would be interest
ing to know what awful wickedness
these dear girls have been guilty of.
-Some valuable properties have
changed hands in Butler, lately. Some
time ago B L. Kirkpatrick bought W.
A. Ralston's lot on Main street, near
John Bickel's shoe store for $8,500. The
lot is bnt 18 feet 1 inch in width, with
a very old building upon it, and it
brought $472 per foot front. Then Bal
ston sec ured the Mrs Pape property at
the corner of the alley, 25 feet 1 inch
frontage, and KW feet deep, for $12,200
or at the rate of about SSOO a foot front.
—A branch lodge- of the Prudent
Patricians of Pompeii was organized
last Friday evening by State Promoter
Hendenon of Erie at a meeting held in
the office of E. H. Negley. The officers
are, past premier, Harvey A. Evans;
premier, Harry Hays; prefect, Maude
Hamilton; prothonotary. E. H. Negley;
purser. Cameron G. Brandon; prophet,
Chattie Stoner; provost, M. L Gibson;
pilot, Percy E Keil; preserver, Ott. M. 1
Covert; patrol, John Sutliffe; preserver,
Guy B. Brown; picket John C. Thorne;
physician, Dr. J. C. Boyle; presenter,
Hershal A. Hays; trustees. Dr. J. C.
Boyle, M L. Gibson and John Sutliffe.
Another meeting will be held Thursday
evening at which a naou and meeting
place will t>e chosen. The three P'a
was organized four years ago in Wash
ington D. C., and bids fair to become
one of the strongest insurance lodges in
the U. S.
TAKE NOTICE —A good, cleanly wo
man desiring a place as house keeper
can learn particulars by calling at or
addressing B. CITIZEN office.
It's early for Go Carts, but people are
making selections already. See the 25
different designs at Brown & Co.'a
—Twenty men, masked and arm ad,
raided a saloon in Millwood, Kansas,
Monday, blew the top off the the head
of the wife of the bartender, killing her
instantly, and are now under arrest.
—Frank Vogle & Co., pickle manu
facturers of Allegheny, have promised
to take hold of our idle pickle factory,
if the farmers of the neighborhood
agree to raise the stuff. See notice to
farmers in another place.
—D. L. Cleeland. the jeweler, put n
tremendous fire and burglar proof safe,
with a time-lock, into his store room
last week. It weighs six tons, is six
feet high, five broad and four deep and
has enough room and shelving in it for
a large stock of valuable watches and
jewelry —which he will hereafter, sell
directly from it. Its a beauty and cost
big money. t
—lt is not often that girls are seen
fighting in the public way, but not long
ago, it is said, a party of four girls came
together on Main St., and after some
tongue skirmishing, two of the girls
doffed their jackets, went at .the others
in prize fighter style and chased them
down an alley. Wonder if they couldn t
find better employment helping their
mothers at home.
—A Grundy County (Kan ) physician
recently sent to the address of one of his
patients a bill for professional services'
and within ten days recieved the follow
ing letter written on the back of his
memorandum: "Deer Sur this noat was
put in my box by mystake I han't the
man hee's dead and aint any relation of
mine anyway. I don t see how your
conshens wiil let you dun the dead.
Why dont you live a better criston live
and let live and try to meat that man
who dide in heaven which is worth
moar than forty dollars to enny doctor.'
Hospital Committees.
The regular quartery meeting of the
Woman's Hospital Association was held
in Y. M. C. A. parlors on Tuesday,
February 19. The following commit
tees were appointed for the ensuing
Execntiye—Miss Bell Lowry, Mrs. R.
C. McAboy and Mrs, C. G. Christie.
Supplies—Mrs. R. C. McAboy, Mrs.
Hoover, Mrs. Brandon and Mrs. Lawall.
Needlework—Mrs. Lawall, Mrs. Bail
ey, Mrs. J. D. McJnnkin, Mrs. McCol
longh and Miss White.
Entertainments —Mrs. J. S. Camp
bell, Mrs. R. P. Scott and Mrs. Boyd
Flowers—Mrs. W. C. Thompson,
Mrs. Alf. Wick, Mrs. L. Stein, Mrs. C.
E. Herr, Mrs. F. Biedenbaugh, Mrs.
Special committee on repairs and im-
Srovement3 —Mrs. W. D. Brandom,
Irs B. C. Huselton, Mrs. Troutman.
Mrs. B. Black, Sec.
~Big pig»T~
One of the largest hogs in the county
was sold the other day by W. H. Mc-
Candless of Centre township to Martin
McNallin of El wood, Pa., a Berkshire 3
years old which weighed alive 660 and
dressed 575, he was one of the finest
hogs ever raised in the twp. Another
of the same stock 13 months and weigh
ing on foot 553 and dressing 480, was
sold not long since by H. C. Hindman,
the West Sunbury Druggist to Noah
Henry. The great weight of this pig
was due to International stock food.
Letter to Jolin Blckel.
Butler Pa.
Dear Sir: Yon know all abont shoes.
How many customers have yon who
know anything about 'em?
You have bought and sold shoes for
years, and have learned what you know
by your customers, liking one sort, and
not liking another. They find out by
wearing em.
So with paint; but we go deeper. We
are 145 years old in the business; and
we make, not buy—we make a good
deal of paint,
We paint a good share of the railroad
and steamer property in the United
States, and may as well paint the private
property. Yours as well I;B anybody
Devoe lead and zinc is your paint.
Costs half as much as lead and oil, be
cause it wears twice as long.
Yours truly.
33 F. W. DEVOK & Co.
P. S.—Patterson Bros, sells our paint
in your section.
W. 8. McCrea & CO'H Store.
Flour, Feed. Salt, &c., at reduced pric
es. As there were a great many of our
customers who could not take advant
age of our sale last week, we have de
cided to again continue this sale for 10
days longer, commencing Feb. 20 and
continuing until March 2. The follow
ing goods go at a sacrifice.
Queen of the West Fancy, spring
patent, reduced from 125 to 99 eta. per
White Elephant, straight winter, of
good quality, reduced from sl.lO to 89
cents per sack.
Fancy No. 2 Mids reduced from 95 to
85 cts. per lOOlt).
Common fine reduced from sl/25 to
sl.lO per bbl.
60-5 Packet Salt reduced from $2.25
to $1.75 per bbl.
of excellent quality reduced from 55 to
45 etc. per 100 It).
The above prices are for spot Piish at
our store. Flour customer* limited to
2 bbls. each. This sale will positively
close March 2. Avail yourselves if this
opportunity and load up with goods ad
vertised. W. S. McCKEA & Co.
P. S.- We are also headquarters for
Clover, Timothy and (iras* Seeds of all
kinds; also Lime. Cement, Plaster,
Plaster Paris, White and lliver Sands.
We are sole agents for the celebrated
Port Clinton Granite Wall Plaster. The
cheapest and most uniform on the
Oenothera prices. Then come to us
we can save you Money.
W. S. McCREA & Co.
Notice to Farmer*
There will be a meeting, Monday,
February 25th, at 2:30 p. m., in a Hall
in Reiber Building, corner Main and
Cunningham streets, Butler, Pa., of th<-
trmera of this vicinity and Frank
ogle & Co., the Picklers & Preservers
of Allegheny, Pa , to talk over tin*
pickle business and make contracts for
pickles, cabbage. onions, tomatoes,
beans, etc., to be delivered at the Pickle
Factory, Butler, Pa. All farmers are
invited to attend.
For Sale or Rent
The Nicholas Slupe farm of 93 acres
acres in Franklin township near Mt.
Chestnut. Inquire of Henry Martsolf
of Mt. Chestnut or at the CITIZEN
Real Estate Broker.
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, should call upon
Wm. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g, opposite
P, O. Butler l*a. Peoples Phone Mo. 174
Cimarron River Oil and Mining Com
p.any with lease of 50,000 acres of choice
oil and mineral lauds in the Indian
Territory—divided into 100,000 shares
of $1 each. Ten thousand shares only
will be sold at 50 cents per share, fully
paid up. Ample working capital ha*
been set aside for developing the prop
pertv. For stock or any informatiou
apply to J. A. fleydrick, Bntler.
No, no; it's i price and less for a Sew
ling Machine at Brown & Co. s all th<
time. When our competitors say {
price—it means I listed price and SOUK
of them get very near the right pric<
when tlmy offer such reductions. Buy
' the New Royal or New Home not at J
! price but ri»fht price. You don't havi
. to buy 10 —but, one only —110 club sale;
I at i price but right price all the tiniKi
Phil Schanl is visiting relations in New
Wm. Shonp and family have moved
to W. Ya.
Tatty Speer of Mariont twp was in
towD, yesterday.
Will and Mart Monks, of Flick, were
in town Saturday.
Enos McDonald, of Mt Chestnut,
was a CITIZEN* office caller Saturday.
R. L. Kirkpatrick will rent the Ral
stou building, and remain where he is.
W. A. Kettering and Geo. Froley, of
Middlesex twp., were in town Saturday.
S. P. Hays, of Middlesex, attended
to some legal business in Butler, 1-ist
Henry Milheim of Butler lately visit
ed friends and relatives in Chicora and
Richard Steele intends moving to
Great Belt, and will sell his property on
Cleveland St.
S. A. Leslie, Esq. of Middlesex twp
attended to some legal business in But
ler, Tuesday.
W. NY. Jamison of Salem. \V. Ya.
spent Sunday with his nephew, iV. M.
Sheriff Hoon spent all Monday and
Tuesday serving papers in the northern
part of the county.
Mrs. James Maizland and Mrc. Ritt
tnan of Clinton twp. did some shopping
in Bntler, Monday.
Charles A. Hartnng, of Middlesex
twp . teacher of the McFann school,
was in "town Saturday.
Robert Kidd and wife of Flick were
made happy by the arrival of a bright
little daughter on Sunday.
W. M McLaughlin, watchmaker for
li. L. Kirkpatrick. and wife are visiting
his mother in Warren, Pa.
W. W. Hill of Adam 3 twD. and W.
H. Smith of Yalencia attended to some
business in Butler, yesterday.
Miss Melda Dipner and Mrs. Maggie
Dipuer. of Clearfield twp., did some
shopping in Butler, Saturday.
M. Sullivan, Esq. of Bradford spent
Sunday with his mother, Mrs. C. C. Sul
livan, who has been seriously ill.
Paul Caldwell, son of Thomas Cald
well of Locust St. is attending school
again after a long siege of diphtheria
Wm. Walker, the real estate broker,
has been making some great deals
lately, see his card in another column.
Dr. L H. Stepp, of Coperstown, was
in town Saturday, and while here satis
fied the mortgage against his property.
Mrs. Evande McCandless, of Muddy
Creek, twp., and her brother K. O.
Dunn were shopping in Br. tier Satur
John Barr and Dr. S. O. Sterret, of
Downieville, and Esq. Barr, of Valencia
attended to legal business in Butler
McKinley has a great deal of ground
and several thousand miles of water to
cover in the inagural address he is now
Mrs. J. C. Moore, of Centre twp.,
suffered a slight stroke of paralysis two
weeks ago. She is now improving
Nicholas Slupe has left his farm west
of Mt. Chestnut and is living with his
daughter. Mrs. Henry Reith on the But
ler-Freeport pike.
Harry Godwin and wife of Allegheny
spent Sunday with their friends in But
ler. Harry is now the artist of the
J. L. Turner, of Ferris. J. O. Graham
and R. E. Royle, of Milliards, formed
a jolly party at the dinner table of the
Hotel Butler, Friday.
Hughes Christy has rented W. H.
Campbell's farm in Concord twp. and
Mr. Campbell has rented the Fisher
home on N McKean St.
F. E. Bracken, who has been in
Armour & Co'a Pittsburg, wholesale
house. has purchased Howard Hazlett's
Mifflin street meat market.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Schmertz. Mrs.
Clarence Walker, Mrs Herbert Phillips
and several other Bntlerites formed ;i
theatre party to Pittsburg Saturday
Three old residents of the vicinity
of Mt. Chestnut are on the sick list. R.
D Campbell. Mrs. Joseph Greene and
Frederick Pflugh. Grip and neuralgia
are the complaints.
The Misses Josie and Lilian Gel barb
are visiting Mrs. A. L. Brown, of N.
McKean St., for a few days. Miss Josie
is book-keeper in Gelbach Bros. bank.
Zelienople Pa.
Probably the oldest voter to cast his
ballot in Butler borough Tuesday was
Joseph Armstrong of the Third ward, a
staunch Republican since the party was
formed. Mr. Armstrong will be 85
years old next July. Jordan Eyth,
another Third Ward man, is 88 years
old. but did not vote.
Ed L. Rudert, a well known young
prim per of Jefferson twp., and Miss
Jessie, daughter of Samuel Mnlholland,
of Saxonbnrg, were married on St. Val
-1 entino'a day. Mr. Rudert has many
friends in Butler, having formerly been
an employe in Wm. Siebert's black
smith shop on W. Wayne St. Three
years ago a horse, while being shod,
1 fell on Rudert, breaking both lxmes in
i one of his legs. This injury has since
| prevented him from following his trade
as a blacksmith.
"You believe, then, after all. that
Shakespeare wrote the plays himself';"
She: Yes. But to make sure, the first
time I come across him in heaven I'll
ask him.
"But s'pose he is'nt there?"
"Then you can ask liiin."
Gath suggests Mr. Andrew Carnegie
for the United States Senate to succeed
Chauncy M. Depew or Boies Penrose.
Why not? Mr. Carnegie's business
ability is undoubted. His interest in
public affairs never fin as. He has prob
ably no ambition to go into the Senate,
but if sent to to that body there can be
no question he would be a useful and
interesting member.—Dispatch.
Max O'Rell says that people make a
great mistake in confounding happiness
with pleasure, which are not by any
means synonymous. Pleasure is a pass
ing sensation which oftener brings en
nui and disgust than anything else.
"Happiness," says Mr. O'Rell, "is found
in congenial work, in a regular and
well spent life, in obscurity and retire
ment, in sound and true friendship,
and especially in the love of a man and
a woman who thoroughly appreciate
each other."
King Edward VII. is likely to pardon
Mrs Florence Maybrick, an American
woman, who has been in prison in Lon
don since IHWD.
Mrs. Maybrick was convicted of poison
ing her husband. She soaked fly paper
in water to get the arsenic out of it
and, it is alleged, fed it to her husband.
She was at the same time intimate with
a man named Brierly. Victoria
was often appealed to in her behalf,
but was implacable.
Lecture To-night.
Robert Mclntyre in "Buttoned u{j
People." This will be the last number
, of the Star Course. Read what Sam
Joues has to say about the lecture.
Having heard the prominent orators
of our day, I am free to declare that 1
reckon Robert Mclntyre, of Chicago,
the linest popular speaker on this con
This evening in Park Theatre.
The U. P. church was dedicated on
( Washington's Birthday and the anni
versary of the occasion will be celebrat
( ed tomorrow evening by a reunion ol
the congregation and its friends. A
literary program has been prepared,
coffee and cake will be served, and ai
" offering of ST>OO will be lifted for th<
' Mission boards of the church.
New Bed Room Suites, Chiffoniers,
; Combination Cases, Diners, etc., arriv
I ing at Brown & Co.'s. See them.
» The question of the hour-r
» Have you seen Duffy's marked dowi
■ Cloaks. Cannot be beat i.
John A. Ricbey vs Alf B. and Samuel
D. Purvis, summons in assumpsit on a
bond for the payment of claimed
to la? due for ice sold to A. B Purvis.
Adam Miller, Isaac Andrews. J. C.
Hoch. Emma B. Crouch, .1 C. Desvell,
Jas. G. Ruukle, Daniel Larkin, G. D.
Kamerer, Samuel W. Crawford. S. W
Brown. C. E. Mclntyre, S. P. Fculk. J.
H. Coe. W. H. Tweedy, Mrs H. S.
! Evans, R. O. Quigly, <ieo. Spang. N. G.
; McGrochv D N. Harnish, F. B Sellers.
; and Nannie McCabe property holders
;on Walker Ave. Butler, D Weitzel,
j P. Daubenspeck, W. J. Armstrong and
iH. R. Nicholas, officers of Sr. Pauls
i Reformed Church and John P. Elkin,
j Atty. Gen. of Pa vs Sarah Mackey.
| bill in equity to compel the openinar of
' Walker Ave. through to Centre Ave.
; the bill alleging that Mrs Mackey
! j.-roinised to do so wheu she soli I them
j the Walkar Ave. lots. A 160 foot lot
' lays between Walker Ave and Centre
i Ave.
F. Emmernian was put in jail for be
ing drunk and disorderly but was dis
Letters of adtn'n on the estate of
1 Acre have been granted to John
The Commissioners have fixed the
levy for this year at 4jth mills for coun
ty purposes, one-fourth mill for the
county sinking-fund, three-fourths of a
mill for sinking fund of the poor dis
trict. and one mill for the poor district
—a total of 6|ths mills.
Jacob Gamble of Butler has been
committed to jail on a charge of surety
of the peace for abusing his wife
Latters of adin'n on the estate of Peter
A. Ratiigau dee'd has been granted to
Esther M. Rattigan.
The will of James Barr of Adams
twp. has been probated and letters
granted to John Barr and J. C. Barr.
March Criminal Court promises to be
the slimmest in many years, only nine
have been placed 011 the docket.
Letters of adm'n on the estate of John
Magee of Mars have been granted to
Sarah B. Magee.
A decision which has just been ren
dered by Judge Fursnian in the course
of the second trial of Dr Saniual J.
Kennedy, under indictment for the
murder of "Dolly' Reynolds, at the
Grand Hotel, New York, more than two
year* ago, is attracting an interested at
tention from the legal fraternity and is
said to be incompatible with the convic
tion of Roland B. Molinenx, who is now
in prison at Sing Sing, awating the de
termination of his appeal. The decision
rules out the testimony of experts ou
hand writing.
Judge Waterman, of Cnicago lately
granted a new trial to a case, mainly
because the witnesses upon who.* testi
mony the jury's verdict was based were
women. The Chicago judge in doing
this had said that woman upon the wit
ness stand is non-reliable.
The jury in a recent trial in Wales
comprised one man named Hughes and
eleven named Jones. Seven of the latter
bore the Christian name of John. The
prisoner's name was the same as that of
seven of the jurors—John Jones.
Mrs. Nation was put in jail at Tope
ka. Kansas, Monday, on a charge of dis
turbing the peace.
Two tracts of the Michael McGinley
estate were sold last Saturday. A four
ninths interest in 100 acres in Donegal
went to Johu Biedenbach for slw.7~> an
acre; the 4-s-acre "Reid farm'' in Oak
land also went to same at S7O an acre.
The sale of the 110 acres at the north
eastern edge of Butler was postponed
until 1 p. in., Friday, March 1, at the
Court House.
James Wallace to Jos. A. Frauenheim
2 acres in Jackson for SIOO.
Samuel Staples to C. B. Irvine lot in
Adams for S4OO.
Conrad Koenig to H. M. Henshaw lot
in Zelienople for S6OO.
D. T. Bennett to Geo. F. Fox leases in
Allegheny for $2,500.
G. D. Swnin to Sarah Swain property
in Lancaster for $2500.
A. Zeigler to John Barr, lot in Mars
for sllsO.
Peter Wimer to Purvis Wimer, 56
acres-in Muddycreek for S3OO.
Mary Pape to W. E. Ralston, lot in
Butler for $12,200.
Win. Bauer to Caroline Elliot, lot in
Butler for SSOO.
Laurence Denny to Flavins Denny,
lot in Winfiold for SISOO.
H. M. Shaw to Geo. A. Spang, lot on
Walker Ave. Butler for. $1750.
Harvey H. Boyd to Ella M. Dietrick
lot in Butler twp. for $:}00.
J. C. Wimer to Mary E. Porter, lot
in Portersville for S2OO.
Julia A Kelly to W. P. Kelly, lot in
Chicora for sl.
Wahl & Bishop to J. B. Fox, lease on
John P. Ripper farm in Jackson twp.
for |3200.
Marriage Licenses.
Samuel L. Irvine Butler
Florentine Gall "
Ed. L. Rubert Sitxonburg
Jessie Mnlholland "
Fred Stemerick Pittsburg
Amanda Moyer Knox, Pa
Wiiliam E. Clayton Callery
Mary Armelda Boggs Evans City
John N. Christy Bruin
Sadie E. Walley Armstrong Co
Frank P. Graham. .Mannington W. Va
Nettie M. Varner Callensburg Pa
D. M. Cjttrill Butler
Pearl Eleanor Snyder
Manager Buckhalter has just closed
a contract for the apjearance in this
city Thursday Feb. 26th of "Old Arkan
saw," one of the greatrst of scenic at
tractions, by Fred Raymond, author of
the "Missouri Girl," etc.. It is said to
be free from blood and thunder element
so prevelent in melo-dramas, the author
having studied the tastes of the occu
pants of orchestra rhairs as well as the
gallery gods, and has succeeded so well
that the greatest enthusiasm prevades
the entire audience. "Old Arkansaw"
is said to bring tbe audience at once in
sympathy with the actors, whose high
est emotional powers are developed by
the lines and action of the play, while i
the thrilling scenes and situations with j
which the peace abounds keep the au
dience in a suspense that is relieved by
the high comedy scenes that run
through the entire production with rare
But three more concerts remain to be
given to complete the sixth season of
the Pittsburg Orchestra, Victor Herbert
Conductor. Unusiial interest attaches
to the concerts next Friday evening and
Saturday afternoon because cf the per
formance of Stanford's "Irish'' sym
phony, for the first time in Pittsburg,
and because the management has dis
covered a real tenor, a tenor of the
Tamango type.
M. Chas. Gauthier who makes his
first appearance in Pittsburg this week,
will make a sensation, in Pittsburg.
He has a large splendid voice and has
the experience of years under the l>est
foreign auspices. He has made his
debut in America at the New Orleans
French Opera two years ago.
Grand Opera lloti.se, Pittsburg
Comedy of a pronounced type is what
"The Masked Ball" might be termed,
and in it the Grand Opera House, stock
company will 1m- seen the week of Feb
ruary 25th. This play, refined, artistic,
and funny, was the vehicle in which
John Drew first rode to success as a
star in the theatrical world. Mr. Drew
started out in his first venture in this
clever adaptation from the French, by
Clyde Fitch, and Mr. Drew has been a
particularly bright and whining star
ever since. And more, Maud Ad&ms
was with hini. and Maud Adams made
a hit in "The Masked Ball" that was
little short of tremendous. This clever
play, that brought these two clever
people into prominence, has many
merits, but the chief of them is that it
is funny beyond description. • No print
ed words could beijiu to tell what a com
bination of bright lines and funny busi
ness it is. Players call it a "busy play"
liecause there is so much to do in it.
Baby Boy Killed
One of the saddest accidents in the
history of Middlesex Township was
that in which little Lawrence the two
i year old baby boy of James Anderson
' of Flick, met his death, Wednesday,
Feb. 13. Iler husband being in Butler
that day Mrs. Anderson took her two
boys, Lawrence aud his brother, a year or
I two older, on a visit to Mrs. R. J. An
derson nearby, who has a little boy six
j years old. While the mothers \ere
talking in a front room after dinner the
' the little ones played about the house
and were in the kitchen when the acci
dent occured. In some way they climb
. Ed up and gjt a revolver which was
[ kept on a ?lielf or clipboard supposedly
| out of children's reach. In play inn
with tni> weapon it was discharged and
; the bullet struck Lawrence above the
I right eye. went through his head and
: loged under the scalp at the back of his
I head. Two hours later he died. ILL;
| mediately after the accident the boys
father and grand-father, County Com
missioner Gillespie were summoned by
telephone. They arrived just after the
little one's death.
Lawrence's remains were laid in the
Middlesex M. E. church burial ground
Friday afternoon.
Dr. Lasher of was thrown
rroin his sleigh and had a shoulder dis
located a few davs ago. His horse rau
William Kline of Butler, had a
narrow escape last Thursday night from
being frozen to death in Shaler town
ship. Allegheny Co. Kline has been
visiting friends on the Evergreen road,
and he went into Millvale to see some
i friends there. lie became tired when
! lie was half way home, and is said to
j have sat down alongside the road and
! gone to sleep, where he uas found un
I conscious.
Esq. J. Q. A. Kennedy had his hair :
and beard badly singed and his face and
hand slightly burned while finding the j
location of a nas leak last week.
John Smith of Jefferson twp. who i
was blown up, while in his coal mine j
on Thorn Creek a few days ago is re- |
covering. Dr. Stepp removed the
splintered pieces of his sknll and says
he is doing nicely. A. remarkable feat
ure of the accident was the breaking off
of the bone just above the left eye,
while the eye itself was but slightly in
A rig driven by Frank Purvis was
struck by a street car on W . Jefferson
St .Wednesday afternoon and the buggy
and harness badly used up.
A team ran off at the corner of Jeffer
son and Main streets, Wednesday even
ing and the driver was thrown out aDd
quite badly hurt.
A horse hitched in a sleigh and driven
by a man whose name we have not
learned scared at the street cars in front
of tbeCourt House Wednesday evening.
It ran around the Court House and the
sleigh struck the corner of the jail,
throwing him out,'but not seriously
injuring him.
Going to the election, Tuesday, cost
Joseph Manny of Butler twp. his life.
In stepping down from the New Castle
road to the election house he slipped
and fell heavily, fracturing two of his
ribs. He was hauled to Butler and a
physician was consulted, and then haul
ed back as far as John Leighner's, from
where he walked homo: but as soon as
he laid down he cried out for those
about him to raise him, as he was
smothering, and was in intense pain.
He began spitting blood, and died, prob
ably from hemorrhage, that night.
Joseph Sebell, aged 22 years, was kill
ed and George Balilauf crippled ior life
in a coasting accident at Herman about
7 p ni Saturday evening.
The Coylesville road runs eastward
past St. Fidelis' Catholic college, tlown
a hill into Herman, passes under the
West Penn railroad and up a hill east
ward of the track. The road was cover
ed with a sheet of ice Saturday evening
and coasters from the college and sur
rounding country were enjoying the
sport. They started from the hill in
front of the college and the speed at
tained in the descent carried them part
way up the oposite hill. Here they
would turn around and coast down
again or else let the sleds slide back
A pled load of college boys started
from the top of the hill, made the usual
run and let their sled start backwards
for the bottom. A party of Herman
boys had started their sled after them
and the sleds reached the bottom from
opposite directions about the same
time. The railroad bridge overhead
prevented them from seeing their
danger, and the two sleds crashed
together. None were seriously hurt
hut Schell and Baldauf. Schell was
strack in the abdomen by something
and sustained internal injuries which
caused his death, after suffering treat
pain, about spm Sunday. One of
Baldauf's legs was broken in three
places. After the accident the yountf
men were carried into the college and
medical aid was called from Batler.
Varnish Makes Devoe's Varnish
Floor Paint cost sc. more a quart:
makes it lock brighter and wear fully
twice as long as cheaper floor paints.
Sold by Patterson Bros.
My farm situate in Buffalo twp., near
Sarver Station, containing over 100
acres. To the right man a long- lease
and favorable terms will be given. For
further particulars call on or address
the undersigned.
Butler, Pa
A very desirable property at west end
of Pearl street, which is paved, proposed
street care line on two sides, containing
nine and one-quarter acres, with ten
roomed house, slate roof, all modern
improvements, drilled well of pure soft
water, wind wheel and fifty barrel tank,
barn with water and gas pipes, good
spring of water, improvements all new.
Inquire of SAMUEL D. PURVIS.
Duffy's w ndow is filled with bargains
1 in Cloaks.
FOIt SALE Interest in 40-acre lease
and one well near Butler. Inquire at
CITIZEN office.
Wheat, wholesale price 77
Eye. " -V)
Oats, " 29
Corn, " 44
Buckwheat " 55
Hay, " 10 00
Eggs, " 22
Butter, " 22
Potatoes, " 50
Onions, per bu 75
Beets, per bu 50
Apples, per bu 75-1.00
[Cabbage, per lb 01
Chickens, dressed 10
Turkey, " 13
Parsnips, per bu 50
Turnips 35
Two Week's Tour via Pennsylva
nia Itialroari.
The second Pennsylvania Railroad tour
of the Beason to Jacksonville, allowing
' two weeks in Florida, will leave New
' York, and Philadelphia, February l'.f
! Excursion tickets, including railway
j transportation, Pullman accommoda
i tions (one berth), and meals en route in
I both directions while traveling oil the
■ special train, will be sold at the follow
| ing rates: Pittsburg, $53.00, and at pro
! portionate rates from other points.
For tickets, itineraries, and other in
formstion apply to ticket agents, Tour
i ist Agent at 1 liW Broadway, New York
■ Tlios. E. Watt, Passenger Agent West
i em District, Pittsburg, Pa., or to Geo.
W. Boyd. Assistant General Passenget
• Agent, Broad Street Station. Philadel
Paint Your Buggy for 75c.
' with Devoe's Gloss Carriage Paint,readj
' for use; 10 colors. Gives a high glotr
equal to new. Sold by Patterson Bros.
MARKET— Both agencies are paying
$1.28 this morning
PENN TWP—Harry Shaffer. Harry
Bricker and others have a rig np on the
Graham heirs, near the Thorn Creek M.
E. church.
phy reached the sand at their well on
the C'has. Reilly, Thursday morning,
when the well began gushing at a 50-
barrel an hour gait, but soon settled
. down to 70 barrels a day.
There have been some small wells on
the west side of the Reilly for some
years, but this well is on the east side,
(■[•ens np some new territory.
AKANDALE- John Speer A' Co. of
Eau Claire struck a good well on the
John McDowell farm southwest of An
andale. It is said the drill went through
50 feet of sand.
VES'ANGO —Addleman & Co. have
"moved their boiler and engine from
hole on the Addleman farm aud are dril
ling on the McJnnkin.
J. H. Tebay is drilling on the John
ston and Anderson
BAKERSTOWN" —D.B. Campbell.Frank
Murphy, Cal Patterson and Wm. Eisler
struck a good well in the West Deer
twp field. Thursday night, estimated
.Ht 100 barrels a da} - , and may be better.
• This field is an extension of the old Gold
i field.
SUMMIT TWP—Ferd Reiber. Ben Jack
aud Geo. Stewart have a gasser on the
Thos. Lindsey.
CONCORD TWP—The South Penn Oil
Co. have a new well on the John H.
Campbell, a mill west of Tronttnan
With one bit in the Speecbly sand, it
filled with oil above the tools.
GLENSHAW—Carner & Johnston have
another good well near Glenshaw, Alle
gheny Co.
Zinc and Grinding make
Dtvor Lead and Zinc Paint wear twice
ss long as lead and oil mixed by haud.
Excursion to Washington, ac
count Inag'iirattoii.
Gu March 1. 2, and 3, the Pittsburg
& Western Ry. will sell excursion
tickets to Washington D. C. and return,
good for return until March 8, 1001, at
rate of one fare for round trip. For
further particulars call on agents.
Micl-AVinter Excursions to Wash
ington and Baltimore.
February Tth and April 11th.
On above dates, the Pittsburg &
Western Ry. will sell Round Trip
tickets, with return limit 10 days, in
cluding date of sale. Rate sit. 00. Stop
over permitted at Washington on Balti
more tickets.
See our Kitchen Cabinet. Brown &
FOR SALE —A centrally located lot
(50x60. Inquire at this office.
Music scho!ars|!|waiHed at 128 West
Wayne St
Mirrors all sizes and prices »t Brown
& Co. 's.
The Register hereby Rives notice that the
following accounts of executors, adminis
trators and guardians have been Hied In
this office according to law, and will be pre
sented to Court for confirmation and allow
ance on Saturday, the Uth day of March,
ISHtU at A. M.. of said dav:
1 Final account of Peter Landgraf, guar
dian of Celia ychoeny. minor child of Joseph
Schoeny. deceased, late of Donegal township.
Final and distribution account of Robert
McClung. executor of the last will and testa
ment of Mary Orvill, deceased, late of the
borough of Butler.
:( First and final account of Coleman B.
Miller, executor of John M. Sankey, deceas
ed. late of Cherry township.
I Final account of A 11 Barkley. executor
of Casper Moehler, deceased, late oi Worth
5 Final account of John Kll rumer, guardian
of John Kummer.mloor child of Adam Knm
mer. deceased, late of Butler liorougli.
fi First and final account of John 0 Easley
and Johr. Mlllhiser, executors of Daniel
Denny, deceased, late of Winfleld township.
7 First and final account of Andrew G Wil
liams. executor of the last will and testament
of Catharine Cain, deceased, late of Butler
8 Final account of Rosalia Snyder, admin -
istratrix of Frank J Snyder, deceased, late of
Butler township.
9 First and final account of Samuel Schafi
nerand W W Mushrush, executors of George
Mushrush,deceased, late of Centre township.
10 First and final account of J A Douthett.
administrator of Levi J Park, deceased, late
Adams township.
II Final account of Milton F Mayer, execu
tor of Eliza McConnel, deceased, late of
Brady townslilp.
12 Final account of 1' C Prugh, guardian of
Melvln It King, minor child of James L King,
dece ised.
13 Final account of S J Crowe and James M
Douthcit, executors of the last will of John
Crowe, deceased, late of Forward township.
14 Final acconnt of John Walters, executor
of Mary A Walters, deceased, late of Jeffer
son township.
15 Final account of W I" Benson, adminis
trator of James 11 Benson, deceased, late of
Donegal township.
1(1 I lnal account, of Maggie Kraft, adminis
tratrix of John C Kraft, deceased, late of
Butler borough.
17 Final account of James N Moore, guard
ian of Thomas Mcßride McKee, minor child
of George A Mcßride, deceased, late of But
ler liorougli.
18 Final account of John H Fetter and
George 11 Fetter, executors of Jacob Fetter,
deceased, late of Butler I>orough.
19 First and final account of J N Fulton,
administrator of Mary E Marshall, late of
• Union township.
20 n'inal account of Leslie I' Hazlett.guard
lan of Clara L Henry, minor child of James l
L Henry, deceased, late of Butler Ixirough
21 First and final account of Presley Dun
can and S W Ilazlett, administrators of the
estate of Robert Davison, deceased, late of
Adams township. •
22 Final account of Newton Black, trustee
of Edith C Wertz, as tiled by J B Black, ad
ministrator of Newton Black, deceased.late
of Butler borough.
Zt Final account of Ell Kcop. admlnlstrator
of Mary Keep, deceased, late of Falrvlew
IM Final account of Mary Elbel and Rosalie
Snyder, executors of George Lelbler, de
ceased, late of Butler township.
'£> First and llnal account of A D Sutton
and Laura Hartley, administrators of Wil
liam C Hartley, deceased, late of Penn town
Jii First and final account of John Caskey,
administrator of Annie J Caskey, deceased,
late of Marlon township, as tiled by his ad
ministrator. .1 T Black.
L'T Final account of Annie Shrader and
Verna Lantz, administratrix of Albert
Shrader, deceased, late of Butler borough.
2N First and liual account of <i F Easley.
executor of John Fleming, deceased. lat<; of
Ilulfalo township.
•J!i First and final account of George Rot tt.
administrator C T Aof Francis Keott, de
ceased, late of Summit township.
30 Final account of Harvey Hlcket, execu
tor of the estate of Matthew Blcket, deceas
ed, late of Clinton township.
ill Second partial and distribution account
of John C Moore, executor of Daniel Heck,
deceased, late of Centre township.
& I'artial account of James Cooper, admin
istrator C T A of John Amberson, deceased,
late of Forward townsliiu.
.'.:t Final account of Malinda S Rape, ad
ministratrix of Daniel Rape, deceaied, late
of Jackson township.
.14 First and final account of Frederick
/.ehner, E \V Ze liner, and Henry Zeliuer, ex
ecutors of the last, will and testament of
Henry Zehner, deceased, late of Jackson
W. J. ADAMS. Recorder.
Notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing roads and bridge nave been confirmed by
tin; ('ourt and will be; presented on the
first Saturday of March (-'ourt. 1901, being the
ttth day of said month, and If no exception
are filed they will be confirmed absolutely:
K. I). No. 2, December Sessions, 1900. In re I
petition of citizens of I'enn township for a
public road to lead from a point on Main
street, in the village of Renfrew, to a point
on the "McCalmont Road," near McCalmont
Stat ion. September 4, 1 MOO, viewers were ap
pointed by the Court. December 3, 1900, re
port of viewers tiled. In favor of proposed
road. No damages assessed. Now. Decem
ber H, approved and tlx width of road at
38 feet. Noucq to be given according to rules
of Court. BY THE COUBT.
K D. No. 4, Decemljer Sessions, UK*). In re
petitlou of citizens of Adams township for a
county bridge over Breakneck ('reek, on the
Beaver and Preeport road. September .1,
I'.KM', viewers were appointed by the Court.
No vembe r 30, 1900, report of viewers filed In
favor of the proposed bridge. No damages
assessed. Decern r>er M, 1000, approved. Notice
to be given according to rules of Court and
to be laid l>efore the grand Jury at next term.
R. D. No. 5. December Sessions, In re
petition of citizens of < 'onnoqucnessing town
ship to widen a public ro?id leading from the
Harmony and Butler Road tothe white Oak
Springs .4ii<l Whltestown Road. September
:{, viewers were appointed by the Court,
j November 30, l!mo, report of viewers filed In
\ favor of widening the road as desired by the
j petitioners. Damages assessed as follows:
i Harvey Kaseiy, s•*>; Peter Thomas. $10: James
Niblock, $7; Milton Cress, S3O; and John
S nod grass, &V Now. December 8. 1900. ap
| proved and fix width of road at .'CI feet,
t Notice to IK? gived according to rules of
' R. I). No. 0. December Sessions. WOO. In re
petition of citizens of Penn township for a
public road to lead from the Pittsburg and
Butler Plank Roan to a point on the State
road. September 12. 1900, viewers were ap
pointed by the Court. December 1, UN*>, re
port of viewers filed, in favor of the proposed
road. Damages In sum of §NO assessed to
Benj. Powell, ami £SO to W. S. Wtble Decem
ber s. |;MI. approved and tlx width of road at
33 feet. Notice to IHS given according to rules
of Court.
Certified from the record this 4th day of
February, 1901.
Clerk y. 9. Court.
[ LIVE |
? \
/ Drugs cannot hold their S
J virtues forever; they drv t
> up ai.d die like everything J
/ else. \
7 You get only fresh, act- ✓
S i e drugs here. Our trade /
f is large, we furnish sup- 3
f plies to many physicians, 7
\ a.id so goods are kept /
1 moving and have r.o ✓
l chance to get old. »
r We watch these things r
J carefully, for we make a v
v specialty of prescription C
j work ar.d the interests of i
C our patrons demand the ✓
/ finest and freshest drugs f
\ to be had. 3
\ Bring your prescription S
/ to us and then you can \
r feel sure about >t. N
J C. N. BOYD, j
; Pharmacist. \
Butler. Pa. I
In the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania, in
In the matter of )
Alvin Carothers, -No 1379, In Ban! .uptcy.
□ Bankrupt. )
To the creditors of Alvin Carothers. of
Sherwin. in the County of Butler, and dis
trict aforesaid, a bankrupt:
Notice is hereby given that on the 14th day
of February. A. I). 1801. the said Alvin
Cnrother* was duly adjudicated bankrupt
aniWhat the llrst meeting of his creditors
will he held at the office of J. W. Hutchison,
referee in bankruptcy. No. 114 N. W. Dia
mond. Butler. I'a.. on the 4th day of March.
A. I). 11101, at 10 o'clock in the forecoon. at
which time the said creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint a trustee, ex
amine the bankrupt and transact such other
business as may properly come l>efore said
February lstli. 1901.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
In the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania, in
In the matter of 1
Elias Keep, >No. 1375, in Bankruptcy.
Bankrupt. )
To the creditors of Elias Keep, of Donegal
township, in the county of Butler and
district aforesaid, a bankrupt:
Notice is hereby (riven that on the 12th day
of February. A. D. 1901. the said Elias
Keep was adjudicated bankrupt:
and that the first meeting of his creditors
will be held at the office of J. W. Hutchison,
referee in bankruptcy. No. 114 N. W. Dia
mond, Butler, i'a.. on the sth day of March,
A. I). 1901, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
at which time the said creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint a trustee, ex
amine the bankrupt ana transact such other
business as may properly come before said
February 18th, 1901.
Referee In Bankruptcy.
In the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania, in
In the matter of )
Albert William Reibold, -No. 1309, in Bank-
Bankrupt. ) ruptcy.
Tothe creditors of Albert William Keibold,
of Conu<K|uenessing in the county of Butler
and district aforesaid, a bankrupt:
Notice Is hereby given that on the Btli day
of February, A. D. 1101, the said Albert Wil
liam Keibold was duly adjudicated bankrupt;
and that the first meeting of Ills creditors
will be held at the office of J. W. Hutchison.
Referee In Bankruptcy, No. 114 N. W. Dia
mond. Butler. - Pa., on the 2f>th day of Feb..
A. D. 1901. at 40 o'clock In the forenoon, at
which time the said creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint a trustee, ex
amine the bankrupt, and transact such
other business as may properly come before
said meeting.
February 12th, 1901.
0 Referee in Bankruptcy.
Clerk's Notice in
In the District Oourt of the Fnlted States
■ for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
Catharine Elizabeth Elsenrath, of Avenue,
Allegheny Co.. I'a.. a bankrupt under the Act
of Congress of July 1. ISIIB. having applied
for a full discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said Act. notice Is
hereby given to all known creditors and
other persons in Interest, to appear before
the said Court at Pittsburg, in said District,
011 the Ist day of March, 1901, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause. If any they
have, why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted,
Clerk's Notice in
In the District Court of the United States
for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
Charles Wesley Elsenrath, of Avenue, Alle
gheny county, Penn'a. a bankrupt under the
Act of Congress of July 1.1898. having applied
for a full discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said Act. notice is
hereby given to all known creditors aad
other persons In Interest, to appear before
the said Court at Pittsburg, in said District
on the Ist day of March, 1901, at 10 o clock
In the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not 1m? granted.
Ily virtue of an order and decree Issued
out of the United States District /Court, for
the Western District of I'ennsylvanla.lu case
No. 1179, of Charles Thompson, of Ivy wood.
Butler county. In Bankruptcy, and to me di
rected, there will lie exposed to public sale
at the Court House, in Butler. Pa., on
Saturday, the 23rd day of March,
11101. at two o'clock p. m.
All that certain tract of land situate In
Middlesex township, in the County of Butler
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and de
scribed as follows: On the north by lands of
R. B. Mahon. on the east by lauds of John
Oulnn and Wesley Monks, on the south by
lands of Thomas Chantler. and on the west
by lands of Benjamin Stepp, containing fifty
acses, more or less, mostly cleared. In good
state of cultlavtlon, with frame house, barn
and on-hard thereon; being a part of the
land devised to Charles Thompson, said
Bankrupt by the last will and testament of
William Thompson, recorded in said county
In Will Book 1. pane 4NO, subject to the life es
tate of 11. Thompson; by said order and dec
reet he above mentioned lifty acres of land will
be sold subject to a mortgage given by said
Charles Thompson to W. J. flays, dated hell.
:Jiit h, IHU7,recorded In said county in Mortgage
Book .H, page 133, for debt SHOO with Interest
from 3!th Feb., HW7, payable annually, the
principal due March Ist. 11102. That the same
will be sold free, clear and discharge from
the lien of all Judgments.
ALSO At ML- same time and place all that
certain other piece, parcel and trait of land,
of said Charles Thompson, Bankrupt, situate
in Middlesex township. Butler county, in the
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and de
scribed as follows: On the north by lands of
Catharine Chantler and Edward Byruns, on
the east by lands of Samuel McCi.ll, on the
south by lands of John Qulnn, and on the
west by lauds of Shaffer Malum, containing
thirty acres, more or less, mostly cleared. In
a good slate of cultivation; beluga part of
tin- land devised to Charles Thompson, saiil
Bankrupt, by William Thompson by his last
will and testament. Recorded in said coun
ty, In Will Book I, page 400, subject to the
life estate of Robert Thompson, who Is still
living and aged alKiut til years. That by said
order and decree s tld described :to acres of
land will be sold subject to a mortgage given
by said Charles Thompson to Hannah 1,.
Slien, dated Dec. sth, itflW, recorded iu said
county In Mortgage Book lio, page 4:ti. debt
S.7MI, with lntest from Dec. oth, IHHX, payable
annually, the principal payable In ft years
from the date thereof; and the same will lie
sold free, clear and discharged froui the lien
of all Judgments, of whlcli sales all Judg
ment and lien cradltors are hereby personal
ly notified.
TERMS OK BALE- Purchase money all to
1M- paid on confirmation of said sales by the
W. J. MARKS. Trustee.
In case No. 1170. of Charles Thompson, a
Bankrupt. Feb. I9tb. 1801.
WANTED- Honest man or woman to trave
for large house , salary £•!.> monthly and
I ex |» uses, with increase; position perman
i cntilnclosc self-addressed stamped euvelope
| MAN AO h)U..&M,Cuxtou bldg.,.Chicago.
Of Conntv Commissioners showing asse*9d valuation of property taxt'n v
and levy for the several townships and bjr.»3i;hsof Batlerc junty for they.? i:: >
i ¥ 1 ~ !T~ W~' $ 9 ? k F
* 3 * I c 8 2 : 4.
- = £ E = g *
& : t I i 2 ? s>
DISTRICT. » „ o | SL £ « ~ In
It I? ! S I 5 * " P
: 3 1 ■" R • g. I
; I : § ; ! f-l!
:•!• : - i •
Adams 787 sl6 375 sls 0»W <413 0«7 *2065
Aleghenv 272 351 15 '.»*4 11 8051 200 650 1498 25 524 89 31 810 127 24
Butler " 360 510 13 114 14 90". «SS 6|<» 1943 10 680 03 74 028, 296 09
Buffalo :!67 755 12 680 (i 895] 387 19:t« 65 678 St 46 671 186 fiS
Brady 185 095 7 009 1 7<*» 198 804 969 02 239 16 20 821 83 28
Clinton 852 <"7B 21 464 4 830 377 872 1889 36 661 2* 58 220 23 ?88
Clnv 808 915 11 587 5 110 325 612 1628 Ofl 569 82 38 863 83 OS
rvntre 285 006 11 289 3 28-51 299 580 1497 90 524 26 #ls 536] 6» 14
Clearfield 280 675 9 665 5 925! 246 265 1231 32 431 «« 38 728 134 91
Cherry 266 133 13 46:! 5 080 284 626 1423 13 498 19 32 235! 128 94
Connoo's'e 278 010 10 571 4 425' 293 006. 1465 03 512 76 81 260 825 04
Cranberry 362 626 12 792 5 85o! 280 76s 1903 84 666 34 70 665 2K-_> c.6
Concord " 281 995 14 652 7 250 303 *97 1519 4* 531 82 23 975! 95 90
Donegal 265 230 10 015 12 800 288 045 1440 22 50 108 37 643' 140 57
Forward...!!!. 337 232 13 745 14 135 865 112 1825 56 638 *5 149 272j 597 09
Franklin 281 222 10 891 8 370 295 483 1477 41 517 10 28 419 113 68
Fairview 264 848 15 010 12 6151 292 473 1462 36 511 83 85 162 140 65
.T« fferson 352 509 17 924 9 435 379 868 IK<>9 84! 664 77 110 528 442 11
Jackson 403 (KM 12 590 9 705j 425 299 2126 50 744 27; 74 010; 296 04
Lancaster | 283 937 11 767 2 865 298 569 1492 84 522 50 41 220, 164 88
Marion ! 236 827 13 158 3 805 253 790 126 895 444 13 24 588; 98 15
Mercer • 143 979 9 818 4 945 158 742 793 71 277 80 30 024 i 120,10
Middlesex . . 388 720 2'4 820 14 800 428 340 2141 70 749 60 298 249 1198 00
Muddvc'r'k 239 921 13 458 1 265 254 644 1273 22] 445 63 10 114 40 46
Oakland 276 277 10 028 4 610; 290 915 1454 57 509 10 66 916 267 66
Parker .!!!!!! !| 26-5 998 13 716 17 380 297 094 1485 47 519 91 25 890 103 56
Penn !.! 333 601 23 526 17 495, 374 622 1873 11 655 58 170 6801 682 52
Pninniit 295 695 10 968 4 345 311 008 1555 04 544 26 89 557t 358 23
Slipperyrock!!! 325 96* 16 340 4 150| 346 458 1732 29 606 30 48 305 192 82
•Venango 238 981 14 6*l 7 9*.Y 261 (547 130* 23 457 88 11 932 47 73
Washington V. 285 587 11 191 12 430 819 208 1596 01 558 61 57 524 230 10
Winfield 267 192 15 847 10 100 293 139 146.) 70 512 99 87 970; 351 88
Worth 317 577 12 305 1 48o| 331 362 1656 SI 597 88 21 786 87 14
Bntler boro'l w 472 350 1 880 88 260 512 490 2562 45! 886 85 155 485 621 94
" 2 w 664 975 8 235 40 940 709 150 3545 75 1241 00 190 813 763 25
.. 3w ' 857 075 4 179 . 40 sir.| 701 769 350* 8411228 09 73 586 294 34
" 4 w 395 880 2 465 41 4301 439 775 2198 87 769 60 205 440 821 76
" 5 w 442 056 8 937 42 015 488 008 2440 04 854 01 276 991 1107 96
Connoq's'e boro 39 299 2 127 5 045 46 471 232 35 81 .12 24 038 96 15
Evansbnre " 180 210 4 117 21 930 207 257 10:!6 28 362 69 ill 23 . 444 95
Fairview " 30 001 1 525 4 375 35 901 1.9 50 62 83 8 325 33 30
Harmony " 114 829 2 180 12 275 129 2,84 646 42 ; 226 25| 26 262 105 05
Harrisville " 54 253 3 374 6 195 63 822 319 11 111 69 98 063 392 25
KarnsCity " 20 050 1 645 4 760 26 455 133 28 46 30 2 950 11 80
Millerst wn •« 96 757 4 810 22 310 123 877 619 38 216 78 131 351: 525 40
Mars " 80 990 3 29* 15 590 99 878 499 39 174 78 73 238 292 95
Prospect " 61 972, 3 255 7 480 . 2 707 363 58 12. 24 53 9.-) 215 90
Petrolia " 27 318 1 735 6 670 3". 728 178 61 62 52 27 942, 111 77
Portersville " 45 806 1 905 3 800 51 511 25 . 55 90 15 28 039 112 16
Slippery r'k " 123 502 2 274 12 870 138 646 693 23 242 63 124 034 496 14
Saxonb tr " 75 200 1 705 7 05.5 83 965 419 80 146 93 74 646 . 298 58
Snnbury " 49 885 2 045 4 130 66 060 2,80 30 9* 10 8 230 i 33 32
Valencia " I 23 151 795 3 095 27 041 135 20 47 32 14 241 i 56 96
Zelienople 196 0531 2 257] 18 625 216 935, 1084 67 379 64 115 350| 461 40
ȣan Claire borough inclnded in statement of Venango township.
NOTE: —The County Commissioners, acting as a board of tax revision, found
it necessary to add a certain per cent to the valuation of real estate in a number
of townships and boroughs in order to equalize assessments, as will be shown by
the records. , , ,
The appeals that may be made by taxables will probably make some changes
in the above statement. Commissioners' office, Butler, Pa., Feb, 19, 1901,
Attest:—J. C. KISKADDON, Clerk. TJ.Mc^GARVEY
You will always find eclipsing values. No matter
what your wants may be, you'll be compelled to
acknowledge that the prices we quote do not represent
the real values. A big bundle of goods for a smal
bundle of money.
78 Men's Suits selling at $4.50
43 Boys'long pant Suits selling at 3.75
67 Boys' knee pant Suits selling at 1.85
36 Men's Ulsters & Overcoats selling at 5. 00
51 Boys' Reefers & Overcoats selling at 2.50
89 pairs Men's Pants selling at 1.00
168 pairs Knee Pants selling at 22c
We have made deep cuts that will please shallow purses,
and a proper respect for your purses should lead yon at least
to investigate our claim.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
Grand Clean-up Sale.
We have just ended a very busy season and in looking through
our stock we find we have left too many heavy-weight goods.
Broken lots in Overcoats, Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits
that we will sell at a price that will make them go. We mean this,
every word of it. Douthett & Graham have the reputation, you know,
of living strictly up to their advertisement, no difference what it costs.
What's the use of paying big prices for goods when you can buy
them from us during this sale, which will last for 30 days, for nearly
one-half of what they are worth?
78 Men's Overcoats that Go at Two Prices:
38 Men's Overcoats at 40 Men's Overcoats at
•j- $7.00 « • s6-00
10.00 0.50
All the balance of our Overcoats will be sold at a reduced price
All the above goods have been taken from our regular stock and
put on separate counters. We have put on a new ticket containing
the sale price alongside the ticket containing the old price, both
marked in plain figures. Remember, this, sale lasts only 30 days, so
in order to please yourself with a choice at this remarkab.'e sale, you
had better take advantage of this opportunity at once. Come in and
see lor yourself. It is a pleasure for us to show these goods whether
you buy or not. Yours,
20th Century LJIICPI THM'Q 20th Century
Shoe Sale rIUoLL I Ull O Sboe Sale
Greatest of all Shoe Sales!
Begins January 17, at 9:30
After stock taking we find broken sizes and odd lots all through
this immense stock which must be sold.
Great Price Concessions Counteract
January lull in trade and made it one of our busy months. Just
think of it. Strictly high grade Footwear marked to sell at a Fourth,
a Third and a Half less than our regular prices. For instance, Shoes
hat we sell regularly for SI.OO and $1.25 now selling for w oc. Those
t $2.00 and $2.50, now $1.45 and $1.85. Others at $1.25 and.
1.50 now 75c and 95c.
Irresistible Values Compel Prudent People to Purchase
This price cutting reaches every line and these values are not
equaled in any shoe house in Butler.
Come before the lots are broken. Sale begins THURSDAY,
JANUARY 17, at 9:30. These goods sold only for cash.
Butler's Loading Shoe House. Opposite Hotel Lowrjr.

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