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I'M K c I IX r : x
<OTE—AiI advert!-.- Intending to make
iuw kin tie ir - I'd notify "of
intention ' tt-r Moil
lay morales.
Statement of tbe Farmer's Nat. Bank.
Statement of the Batler County Nat.
Moral] s watch repairing.
Estray Notice.
Johns'ton s Beef. Iron'and Wine.
Bedick & Grohman's Window Glass.
C. & T's furniture.
A Jininlsii.ii*>rs au<J Executor* of estate
:■ utmtMrreceipt hooks at the ci ri
>BX office, ami pernios tß*king»aallC>a.es
inilr note books.
Ob, yon who search to find a creed
Here end the foolish quest;
This little line is all you need;
' Do what you know is best/'
—All the Batler people are getting
home from Buffalo.
—B itler is to have a new 5 & 10 cent
store on Sonth Main St
—Tbe Columbia and tbe First Wards
ttke everything in sight.
The railroads of this country are.
at present, 'overwhelmed with traffic.
—There r.re iota of tramps hanging
around Butler which accounts for the
frequent petty larcenies.
—Please shut off that nuisance -of a
whistle which breaks loose like a fire
alarm »t .VSO each morning.
—The Bessemer railroad has a track
gang and steam shovel at work excavat
ing for a double track west of Walter s
—The Pittsbnrg & Western railroad
was sold at auction. Wednesday, in
Pittsbnrg th - rf silt of years of litiga
—The pressure of the big Beanmont.
T-xi", gushers u rapidly declining and
the wells spout for bat a few minutes
when turned on now.
—Jack Frost put in his first appear
a nee last Thursday night, and next day
was a "Black Friday' for the plants and
poj-ie* left uncovered.
—E. H. Lova of Aspinwall, Pa., lost
a 2-year-old red. heifer in Butler, on
Wednesday evening, Oct. 2nd: the finder
of which is requested to notify him.
—Statistics of fire losses in the Unit
ed States for last year show that, next
to incendiarism, defective flues were the
largest factor in the destruction of 4101.-
008,000 worth of property.
Pittsburg's temple of justice will
soon be so surronndeid with sky scrapers
that the goddess can remove the blind
fold from her eyes shy will be in the
dirk without it
- In the cadet batallion at Grove City
College Walter Lowry of W. Pearl St.
has been made coniissiry sergeant. A.
B. Chesbro, adjutant; and Clyde Green,
first lieutenant of Co. B.
- A force of a thousand men elevated
and relaid the double, railroad tracks
between the Union station and the Fort
Wayne bridge, last Sunday. The new
station is nearly completed.
There is not a more wild or pictur
esque valley witnin fifty miles of Pitts
burg than that of the Little Buffalo, be
tween Harver Station and Freeport. If
the Penn'a R. R would establish a pic
nic park there it would be a winner.
—This is the proper season for clean
ing the drains and culverts of the roads
and streets, tod also for repairing side
walks. A good board or plank walk is
the best thing to walk on in the Winter
time also Spring time, Summer time
and Fall time.
- Butchers say lard will be fifty per
cent higher in price this winter than
last. The reason iriven is the corn crop
was short, the pigs are poor and there
is no fat with which to make lard Pork
is also scarcer than last year and tnr
keys are scarcest of all.
—The list of names of those killed in
the massacre of Co C, Ninth Reg. Inf.,
in the island of Samar. does not contain
that of Aloysins Schinoker, formerly of
this place. The name of Floyd II
Shoemaker does appear though and
may be a cable mistake for that of the
Butler boy.
—The Fourteenth Pennsylvania Cav
alry Association will hold its annual re
union in Union Veteran Legion Hall,
No. 220 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, on
Tbuwlay, Oct. 17. The business ses
sion will he held at 2 p.m. All railroads
will sell excursion tickets at one fare
for the round trip plus 25 cents, which
includes admission to the Expo.
-The registration of voters for this
year shows the five wards of Butler to
have 888, (Ml), 451, 444 and 557, making
a total of "Zfb'iO. Evans City and Zelie
nople come next in the list of l<orotj«hs
with 271 and 2«t Bruin and Eau
Claire, the new boroughs, have 140 and
78 Middlesex twp. has 350 voters reg
istered, and the total of the county is
i:i.7o<> ,
- Friday the 25th has been selected as
Day. when everybody should
plant a tree of some kind. At the birth
of every baby in Japan, it is claimed, a
tr«e is bound to be planted and must be I
allowed to grow until the marriage of
the individual for whom It was planted.
It is then cut down and transformed in
to household goods, thu • furnishing a
kind of Jap commentary on the some
times-used American saying that its
easier to get married than to get the
fnrniture *
- The First Ward running team cap
tured all the races and $375 in prizes at
the Philadelphia State Firemen's Con
vention lsst Friday. The races were
run of Broad St , a mile south of City
Hall, The course was 250 yards long.
The time made in the hose race was 40J
seconds, Independents of Redbank, N.
J., second in 43|; service race 41 seconds,
Independents second 43j; hook and
ladder race, 37j seconds, Friendship of
Boyertown, Pa second in W4. The
coarse was up grade and the day cold,
which made the time slow. The First
Wards arrived iu Philadelphia Wednes
day evening and were quartered at the
Bingham House along with HOO other
gu'-'t*. Thursday morning they saw a
$2 10.000 lire which destroyed a big stor
age home and th<* fnrniture of veral
. kindred families In the afternoon,
along with B<si() other firemen they
marched five miles on Broad St. Sat
urday some of the ls>ys went to Wash
ton and spent a day in the Capital, while
others journeyed to New York before
starting home.
the heat, Hives the gas, at
W Hr^KHlLfj'H.
New selection of Picture Mouldings
just arrived at Brown &( "o's. Now is
the time to get your fall work done
neatly and at a low price.
We're jndged by what the head contains
And °o we oft inquire with care.
"Is it employed to carry brains
Or just a place for growing ha:r:
—The Butler Poor Board received
SIOOO from Harvey Miller, the former
Overseer, a few days ago in settlement
of all claims against him: and the
Board now has enough money on hands
to pay all the outstanding warrants.
—Old oil men sav that the price paid
iiO.tr* last week, to the Home Gas Co.
and Danbensj-eck for their2"2o acre leases
and one 12-harrel well »n the Ezra
Campbell farm wa« the highest price
ever paid for prodaction in the history
of oildom.
—Th- buriting of a rubber hose con
nection to a gas stove caused a £>,ooo
fire at Millerstown, Tuesday. The
dwelling houses of George Palmer, Mrs.
Lewis and Plnminer Smith were totally
destroyed. With the exception of Lew
is, the losses are covered by insurance.
—At the last .--ession of the State con
vention of County Commissioners at
Bellefonte. after a thorough examina
tion of voting machines, resolutions
were adopted favoring voting for the
amendment to the State Constitution
enabling the Legislature to enact laws
providing for tbe use of voting ma
chines in Pennsylvania.
—' Well, well," said an old lady,
after returning from the Pan-Ameri< an
"I never thought Id live to see the
sights I saw at that ar show. Why,
just think of it, they're actually raising
babies in incubators up there. And
now I suppose the country will be over
run with orphan yonng'uns. They re
a runnin of this science business a
leetle too far "
—Some people who go to the theatre
make nuisances of themselves, and an
noy both the audience and players, by
running in and out. Nothing could be
more provoking than to have to stand
up a few times to allow some fellows to
go out and come in and as the
managers cannot have refreshments
served in the ?eats. it would not be a
bad idea to refuse any 'nan more than
one "check" during the evening.
—On Monday, Mrs. Thomas H. Hays
received a Washington draft for SSOO
the am nnt of the policy held by her
son, Harry Hays, dee'd, in the Prudent
Patricians of Pompeii. The policy was
paid within ten days after proofs of
death had been submitted and would
have been paid the first of September
had it not l>een necessary to wecure
proofs in Denver. Col. the place of
death Patri'-ian E. O. Shaw of Toledo,
O. is now canvavung for the Three I'-.
in Butler.
—During the past summer season ap-
I roximately 42,'SSI people rode to Ala
meda Park on the street cars. At fifteen
cents each the farf s amounted to *O3OO,
which is less than what the improve
ments af the Park coat, and is bnt a
small part of the cost of laying track to
it Neither the car line nor Park have
begnn to pay for themselves yet but
both are in first clas» running order and
the management are preparing to make
the Park more attractive than ever next
summer and should make some money.
A new class of shows will be put on at
the summer theatre. The past season
the theatre cost SI7OO while its entire
recipts were S7OO.
When the curtain rises on the scenes
of this old play the theatre seems to sul>-
merge itself in the atmosphere of the
bills of New Hampshire. It is the real
thing Dan Darleigh as "Old Si" is pos
sibly the greatest bit of natural acting
known to the stage and will lie so re
garded in the years to come. It is life
itself. That is why it never grows
stale and worries the scenes. Don't
fail to see the magnificent and novel
parade at noon the day of the perform
The famous comedy "Finnigan'sßall"
which will be seen at the Park, 011 the
IHth, is really a phenomenal farce
comely Murray and Mack's come
dians gave the first performance of this
piece in November, 1802, and with the
exception of the usual summer respite,
it has been before the public contin
uously ever since; for three seasons two
companies presenting it in different
parts of the country at the same time.
This is its eighth year, and since it
first saw the footlights, it has entertain
ed over three million of peojile.
Tm. DKKM.STKI: Oct. li>.
The Deemster is announced for pro
duction at the Park on Satnrday even
ing, the li» inst. As the novel, from
which the play has been made, is from
the pen of Hall Caine, the author of
The Christian, somethiog really excel
lent ought to be anticipated, and as the
company is said to be a good one there
is some likelihood that a pleasing per
formance will be given.
Hrumi Opera HOIIMC, Pittsburg.
Manager Davis takes especial pride in
announcing his success in securing the
Julia Marlow version of Clyde Fitch's
romantic historical drama, Barbara
Frletche Negotiations for this pro
duction have been pending for some
time. Stage Director Huffman has
just returned from New York City,
where he perfected the details attendant
upon this most important contract,
which involved a tremendous outlay of
money UJIOU Manager Davis' nart, but
he is determined to give the Pittsburg
theatre going public the very bent [days
to be had in the theatrical market and
to this end he does not hesitate to offer
extraordinary inducements to secure a
novelty such as Barbara Frietche.
Orowling about not being able to at
tend a good live convention.
And see the treat that is yours by the
20th Annual Convention of the Young
Mens Christian Association coming
here the public being cordially invited
to attend all sessions on Saturday and
Sunday. Oct. 10 and 20 come and
to the following good, solid inspiring,
soul feeling papers.
Saturday Oct, 1!», Robert F. Oraham,
McKeeKport, presiding. 0:80 a m. De
votional Song Service; Paper, The Men
of To Morrow, Samuel Gortnley, Se
wickley; Paper, The True Purpose of
the Gymnasium, Joseph II- Thompson,
Geneva College; Paper, Weak Sj>ots in
Association Busin<t>s Management,
George \V. Ryan, Fast Liberty, Ad
dress, Value and Increasing Importance
of Educational Classes, Samuel Groves,
200 Joseph R I'atill, East Liberty,
presiding: Pajsr, How shall the Asso
nation Meet its Opportunity as a Social
Factor iu the Lives of Young Men?
James M. Hamilton, New Castle: Paper
I low may we develop if'iod Leaders for
Gospel Meetings? Arthur 11. Koch,
Sharpsburg; I'apcr, Our Obligation to
Influence Spiritually the Asuociate
Member; with Practical Suggestions for
doing it. Minor H. Day, Washington;
Address, Who Wrote trie Bible? W. K.
Jennings, Esq., Pittsburg: Paper, In
centives and Aids to Bible Study, John
L. Moore, East. Liberty
8:00 p. 111. A W. Duff, Wilkinsburg,
presiding; Illustrated Addrcus 011 As
socintion Work, William T. Lyon, Pitts
New goods of all kinds rapidly arriv
ing at Br iwn <fc Co s. Anything in the
line of Furniture or Carj»ets you want.
We soheit a share of your patronage.
Pensions- Minor of H. B. Beighley.
Zelienople. 810.00.
Congressman Showalter spent Mon
day night in Butler.
li. Fisher and wife went on to Buf
' falo, Tuesday, to see the Expo.
Miss E. C Seaman of Cincinnati has
i moved to Zelienople.
Neyman Chrirtiey of Slipperyrock
twp. is seriously ill.
Miss Marion Thompson is visiting
triends in Emlenton.
■ Dr J. R-.denbaugh of Allegheny vis
-1 ited friends in Butler. Tuesday.
Rev. J. S. McKee attended a clerpical
! meeting at Youngstown. 0., Tuesday.
Mrs. Robert McCntcbeon of E. Clay
-treet is seriously ill with inflammatory
Mrs Geo. Miller and family of Clin
ton township did some shopping in But
ler, Saturday.
Mrs. Nelson D ivis of Allegheny is the
guest of Harlan Book and family of
Franklin twp.
Attorney Al. C. Troutman is now
connected with the Ferguson Law firm
in Pittsburg.
John Murphy, s >n of J. B. Murphy,
and wife of Allegheny, are visiting
friends here.
Mis- Harah McFadden of Philadelphia
visited Miss Alice Collins of S, Main
St., last week.
C. T. Walters and John Hempstead
of Clinton attended to some business in
Butler, yesterday.
John Cruikshank. atjed *l. and Mrs.
Robt. Smith Pged T:J. of Winfield twp.,
are both seriously ill.
James T. Quigley of Gresham Neb.,
s visiting his brother D. D. Quigley,
now with Brown & Co.
J. S. Bovard of Mercer twp who
recently returned from California is ill
with typhoid pneumonia.
Howard Pyle of Muddycreek twp. in
tends removing to Beaver Falls, and
will have a sale on Thursday, the 24th
Harry Godwin now has a s studio in
Philadelphia. He had two pages of the
colored supplement of the Press, .Sun
Mrs. A. L. Shrader and her daughter.
Mrs. Lantz, and Mrs Dawson returned
last week from a pleasant trip to Buffa
lo. the Falls and Canada.
Win. Marshall, clerk in the Oil Well
Supply Co s store at Harmony.and Miss
Mary E. Clark of Allegheny were mar
ried at Youngstown. a few days ago.
'ihonias Henderson, a farmer of near
Harrisville, was lately sand bagged and
robbed of while on his way home
from Grove City, where he had sold a
load of peaches.
Sir Thomas Lipton, who has been
spending a million a year, for fome
years, in vain efforts to "lift" the
America cup, made his money in Caylon
tea and he calls it "tay."
Mrs. Dr. Bricker killed a six-foot
black make in their back yard, a few
flays ago, and the Dr. celebrated her
victory by buying whit is the hand
somest carriage in Butler.
Mr■!. Susan Patter-on, .J H. Negley
and wife. Mrs. Minnie Flitter, Mrs
Kittie Crane and J.N.Patterson attended
the funeral of the late Maj. Felix C
Negley in Pittsburg, Tuesday.
Mrs. McCormick, wile of Rev. Mc-
Cormick, who thirty years ago was pas
tor of the Butler C. I*. church, and is
now located in California, is visiting
friends in Butler accompanied by her
Beth drain H. McQuistion of the
Centre Ave. drug -tore of Hedick &
Grohman and Miss Mollie, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Bates Ralph of
Oil City, were married, Wednesday, at
the bride's home. After . a week's
wedding trip the happy couple will
commence house keeping over Mr. Mc-
Qnistiou's place of business on Centre
Ave. The groom is a son ot Health of
ficer B. 11. McQuistion and a memlier
of one of Butler's old and respected
families Along with hosts of other
friends the CITIZMM extends congratu
letter to A. \V. McCollougli.
Butler, I'a
Dear Sir: There's a little bit of a state
down east a Rhode Island man was
fined SIOO the other day for selling pota
toes his bushel was like his state;short
It isn't fair to punish a man for short
bushel potatoes, and notforshort gallon
There is a short-gallon paint in many
stores in your section
If yon get sent to the legislature, will
you get the law fixed.
Devo • lead and zinc don't measure
short; and don't last short. It's full
measure both ways.
Yours truly.
F. W. DKVOE & Co.
P. S. -Patterson Bros, sell our paint
in your sectiou.
I wish to say to the public that I am
now emyloyed by Carl 11. Leighner,
Jeweler and Optician. .20!) South Main
street. Butler, Pa,, where with having
all the materials, tools and aparatus
combined with over 30 years experience
at watch making I am able to do all
kinds of fiue watch and jewelry repair
ing and would be pleased to have all my
friends and customers and others wish
ing first class work done to call. Prices
reasonable. Yours sincerely,
Colds That llang On,
• A cold taken at this time of the year
unless broken up may hang on all
Winter and is apt to run into Griti,
Catarrh or Bronchitis, and possibly
break tip the health of a life time.
Nothing can be more iuij>ortant than
the cure of a Fall cold. It means so
much, it should have prompt atention.
Twenty per cent of the deaths in the
I'mted Stat« -. are from colds, but no
one dies of a cold who takes Dr. Hum
phrey's Specific "77" in time. For sale
by all druggists Sent prepaid upon
receipt of price. Humphrey*' Honico.
Med. (Jo., N Y.
from 7 to H o'clock for the accommoda
tion of those who wish to ojxrn a savings
accouut and who do not find it conven
ient to come to our bank during uaual
hours. We j>ay 4 per c«Bt interest 011
deposits. Send for our liooklet, all
about banking by mail or in person
PANY, 6124 Penn Avenue, l'ittsburg
\Vhen tlw, Heart is Afl'ecteil
By rheumatism or any of the muscles
near that ort?an, It is like tampering
with an electric wire, for death may
come at any moment. If life is worth
it, do not hesitate, but get Dr. Drum
mond's Lightning Remedy. Send to
the Drnininond Medicine Co., New
York, and they will send you two large
bottle by express, enough for a months
treatment, with full special directions.
Agents Wanted.
The nicent little home in Butler Co.
50 acres of land, cottage house, with
slate roof , good barn, buildings all built
within the last year and a half, good
well water from drilled well, 2 acres of
young orchard of all kinds of fruit Lo
cater I on Butler and Kittauning pike IJ
mile from Fenelton Kta., on the li It.
<fc P R K.
A bargain for a quick buyer.
Inquire of W. S. MeCrea at Feed
Store on L. Jefferson, liutler, or S. E
Leech of Manuington, W. Va.
Sec the new designs in Sideboards at
Brown <fc < 'o's Prices $11! up
WANTED Farmers to bring their
last, year s pop corn to John Richey's,
I 112 South Main St , Butler, Pa.
See Kyle's Cotton Down Mattress
superior to any Felt or Hair Mattress
positively the Is-st Bed made at Brown
& Co s
Or<l<T your milk and cream from the
Creamery wajfon HM it paniteayour <l<»or,
or cull up I'eopl' i I'hone «MO, ami the
wagon will »toj) at your house.
An assumpsit suit has been com
menced by the First German Evangeli
cal Lutheran St. Peter s church of
Evans Citv against Herman Schilling
for a claim for which the church
ftates Mr. Shilling subscribed to a fnnd
for a new chnrch building and bonnd
himself in writing to pay, but has re
fnsed to do so. It is alleged Schilling's
subscription induced the church to con
trect large obligations which cannot be
met unless he pays.
The polling place for the First Ward
has been changed to No. 354 Centre
Ave. part of the Coi>eley property.
James Francis Burke has been ccm
mitted to jail for 30 days for vagrancy.
This is not the Allegheny politician.
John R\ an, a trauip. was arrested by
Detective' Jas. McMarlin last week,
charged with taking part in the Bow
man House robbery and for stealing a
workman's dinner pail near the West
Penn station and firing a revolver at the
crowd which pursued him. Friday
morning Ryan was sent to the Poor
Farm to work under guard with the
other prisoners While guard Graham
was absent from the workgang attend
ing to the wants of another prisoner and
boss Charley Kerr was directing the
work. Ryan quietly walked away anil
his departure was not noticed until he
had reached the edge of a big corn
field. Into this he dashed and has not
been seen since. Ryan is evidently a
a bad actor and the authorities would
like to lay hands on him again. Sheriff
Hoon had not intended to send Ryan
out to work and he left the jail with
the work ;jang by mistake.
A new law makes it a misdemeanor
to place free or trial szmples of medi
cines. dyes, ink. coloring or polishing
compounds where children can obtain
A Pittsburg grand jury ignored over
400 bills brought by the agents of the
pure food department against dealers in
Allegheny county, who were charged
with selling oleomargarine illegally.
The costs in the cases were placed upon
Agent T B Terry, which virtually
means that the responsibility lies with
the State.
—The time to be gained by convicts in
the prisons of this State under the Act
of May 11, 1901, is as follows: A person
sentenced for one year can save two
months; two years, five months: three
years, nine months; four years, one
year, one month: five years, one year,
six months; six years, one year,' eleven
months: seven years, two years, four
months, and so on. A ten year sentence
allows three years and seven months.
F. M. Swartzfager of Evans City is in
jail for costs.
Officers McMalin and Mathers placed
f'»ur tramps in the lockup. Wednefday,
accused of stealing dinner pails from B.
R. & P. workmen. They were dis
charged this morning.
Dunlap McLaughlin, a well known
farmer living south of Saxonburg, was
brought to Bntler and placed in jail,
Tuesday, suffering from insanity. In
jail he has refused to take food and told
Sheriff Hoon that people were imposing
upon hirn so he took his shot gun and
weut out on the road to prevent them
traveling past his house; also that they
had bound him and poured poison down
his throat.
The will of Mrs. Mary Ellen Leech of
Coylesville has been probated.no letters.
Oottlieb Heller heirs to Jennie Gib
son lot in Saxonburg for $550.
David J. Jamison to Elizabeth J. Jam
ison 14 acres in Venatfgo for $l5O.
John H. Cratty to A. R. Cratty quit
claim, 22 acres in Bntler twp. for $1250.
Elmer W. Moore to Jas. N. Moore 27
acres in Worth for SIOOO.
R. E. White to W. W. White lot in
Karns City for $1
W. W. White to R. E. Rodgers lot in
Karris City for SSOO.
Thos E. Stewart to Mabel E. McCall
lot in Bntler for $1412.50.
Mabel E. McCall to I. J. McCandless
lot in Butler for SIOOO.
Reed F. Wilhelm to 11. W. Lensner
lot at Haiiiiahstown for s*oo
Aaron B'-ighlev. Geo. C. Pillow and
T. M. Baker to Jacob A. Henninger 4
interest in a 25-acre lease on the Robert
Anderson farm in Penn two. for $2,0<(0.
Cath and Wm Schmoker to Paul
Hchmoker lot on Frauklin St., Butler,
for $825.
Geo A. Billingsly to Thou G. Lyon
lot on Fair view Ave , Butler for $925.
Martha A. Wick to J IJ. Unify leant*
in Concord for SsJOO.
Susan Pisor to same lease in Concord
for SIOO.
J. W. Toomy, U. D. Stewart, W. L.
Beal, T. A 1 ford and G. Tanker to the
Tyler County Bank 7!»-acre lease and 2
wells on the Covert farm in Cranberry
for $5500.
J. Q. A. Kennedy to John Kelly lot
in Bruin for S2OO.
George Dindinger to Henry Bloom
105 acres in Lancaster.
Sarah Walters to George Walters 02
acres in Clinton for S2OOO.
Wm. Walters to Sarah Walters 02
a'res in Clinton for S2WO.
J. It. Hindman to South Perm Oil
Co., 45 acre lease in Washington for
J. E. Campbell to same. 1H acie lease
in Concord for SIOOO.
Joseuh Beaton to same, 40 acro-t lease
in Washington for $250.
J. E. Campbell to same, 40 acres lease
in Concord tor siiooo.
J. M. Hazlett to same, 11 acres lease
in Washington for $1550.
Elizabeth Mnrtland to same, 81J acres
in Concord for $550.
.>liirriiigo Ijlcciimcm.
Wm. Pinch Coal town
Jennie A. Wolford "
T. J. Lytle Mercer
Mintie Swope Butler
Nicholas Hartung Adams twp
Dorothia Krishkorn lackson
Joseph F. Hildebrand Fenelton
Maggie Baldauf Clearfield twp
William E. Double Donegal twp
Amanda V. Baldauf Clearfield twp
Gilbert L. Schroth Saxonburg
Anna Smith Butler
At Woodville, ()., F. .1. Ititzert of
Butler and Ida llerron of Woodville.
A bay mare, about eight years old,
came to the residence of the undersign
ed in Adams twp., I mile weft of
Myoma, Saturday, October 5. The onwer
can have same by coining forward,
proving property and paving charges,
otherwise she will be disjiosed of ac
cording to law.
Mii.KM Cashdoixah,
Wheat, wholesale price OH 71
Kye, " >0
Oats, " 40
Corn, " 'II
Buckwheat. *' 00
Hay, " 12 00
Eggs, "
Butter, " 18-22
Potatoes, " . 90
Onions, per l»n 05
Beets, per bu 50
Cabbage, jwr lb 01
Chickens, dressed 10
Parsnips, per bn 50
Turnips ; !5
Tomatoes, per bu 75
Peaches 50 1.50
Apples 80 I"
Celery, doz hunches 25
Hickorynuts 1.50
Chestnuts "> 00
Walnuts 50
The Bessemer & Lake Erie Hailroa<l
Company has placed on sale at all s!a
tions, excursion tic kets to Buffalo, on
account of the Pan American Exposi
tion. With the improved passenger
train service now lieing arranged for,
making connections with three irnpor
tant Buffalo lines; viz, the Erie It. K.,
L. S. & M. S. and Nickel Plate, patrons
of the road will he given every opportu
nity to visit the Exposition at the lowest
available rates.
B. li. & P. GAS STOVES.
AC'C" 11 >ENTS.
A Bessemer engine struck anil de
molished J. W. Neyman's wagon. badly
injured one of his horses and smashed
up a load of tubing which he was haul
ing at the Kearns crossing northeast of
town some days ago. Mr. Neyman was
on the way to his home in Parker twp.
at the time. The tubing was for W. J.
Adams well on the Jas. Storey farm.
An Italian living at Forestville was
killed by a quantity of earth caving in
on him while at in the Pittsburg
Limestone Co's quarry at Harrisville
station. SatnrdOy.
Ira Critclilow of Butler twp . a son of
David, accideutly phot himself in the
arm. while out hunting last Friday.
_John Bruder of the Ist ward shot him
self in the left arm while out hunting,
While on her way to the P. A: \V.,
Saturday, Mrs Ernest Black of West
St., stepped on the end of a loose board
which Hew up and struck her on the
arm. breaking it. Mrs. Black continued
to the station and went to Chicora. not
learning of the serious nature of her
injury nnt'l in that place.
Daniel Miller and his daughter, Iva,
met with an accident last Thursday
morning. They started for Butler that
morning in a wagon and on top of the
Sheriff Thompson hill met nn automo
bile (likely that of Supt Leslie, late of
the Pittsburg police department, and
his brother and their shied at it
and thew them out of the wagon. Dan
was ran over and hurt, and Miss Iva
had her face badly cut, and her back
While gathering chestnuts last Sun
day William Manny, a young resident
of S. Washington St.. fell thirty feet
from a tree, striking several branches
in the descent, and landing on his feet.
He received internal injuries and a
serious bruise on the back and concus
sion caused an injury of the brain which
has rendered him helpless since the ac
cident. Manny is married and has a
family and was employed in Masseth's
blacksmith shop.
Itc-uniuii of TStli Kcfft.
The annual re-union of the survivors
of the 78th Regt. will be held at Kit
tanning on Friday. October IH, 1001,
and will be largely attended by the
veterans and their many triends. Dep't
Commander McCauley of the G. A R
and staff, will be present, together with
some of the must prominent veterans in
the State. The "Camp Fire ' in the
Court House will eclipse all previous
efforts of the kind. Butler members of
the Regt. will IK; accompanied by a
large delegation of their friends. Secre
tary Will Lowry has secured very low
excursion rates, the tickets good going
Oct. 17th and 18th returning 19th.
West Penn,B:o2 a. in, round trip
B R. & P.,7:45 a. m..round tripsl.4o.
Public Sales.
Oct. 9. Wednesday, 3 p m., real
estate of Patrick and Jas. A. Mcßride
in Clearfield twp., on the premises.
gow's in Clinton twp., stock, chickens,
hay, wagons etc.
When looking for Heating Stoves re
member our line will be the finest in
town. See onr B R. & P. Heating
Main St.
Real Estate Broker.
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, should call upon
Wm. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g,opposite
P, O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No. 519
Pan-American Exposition.
Low rates and quick time via the
Bessemer & Lake Erie R. R. and con
Following are the rates from Bntler:
$4.35 Tickets on sale Tuesdays and
Saturdays; good for six days.
sjtfi.Bo Tickets on sale daily; good for 15
$7.75 Tickets on sale daily; good for
20 dayu.
Proportionally low rates from other
stations. For time of trains and other
information, inquire of ascents, or ad
dress, E. I). Comstock, G. P. A., Pitts
burg, Pa.
Like a Great Kail way.
With its branches running in every
direction, are the arteries and veins that
convey the blood to every part of the
system. A cold, sudden < hanges and
exposure may cauw» poisonous acids to
clog the circulation and then comes
rheumatism, Beware! If you value
your life remove the obstruction with
Dr Drummond's Lightning Remedy.
Send $5 to Drummond Medicine Co,
New York, and theywill send you two
large bottles by express, enough for a
month'streatment, with foil special
directions Agents wanted.
Large Lolh for Hale.
,1. A. Sullivan Esq., has laid oIT
112 acres of his farm east of Butler,
nearly all woodland and high and level
ground, into 14 purparts running from
to 15 acres each, with a forty-foot
street around each purpart which he
will sell at reasonable prices and at
payments to suit the purchasers All
the purparts can ls> subdivided into
building lots and the plots and streets
are recorded and fixed for all time.
For further information call on Mr.
Stillivnn at the Central Hotel, Butler.
Ice Cream
At retail and wholesale at the Butler
excursions to IMttsburu Exposi
Via P. <& W. iiy. Tickets on sale
each Wednesday until Oct. lOth, good
returning three days including date of
sale. Fare from Butler $1.50 includiug
admission to the Exposition.
To Whom it May Concern
Walter's Best Flour is the "best".
Makes the finest bread we ever had.
Signed, Mrs. John Oka v.
The new ('ouches have arrived at
Brown &Co s. Guaranteed construc
tion and low price ijw up.
15. B. & P. GAS STOVES.
Combination Cases golden oak
nicely finished for $12.70. See Brown
& Co.
If you want a drink of fresh butter
milk stop at the Creamery. All you can
drink for 5 cents.
There is no food so healthy, nourish
ing, refreshing or an cheap as puritied
milk. Two glasses for 5 cents, or six
gallons for a dollar at The Ckkameky.
Music scholars wanted ut utt We t
Wavne St
A good, strong Rocker at Brown
(Jo's, for $1.50.
Purified milk 4cts a quart at the
For a dish of pure Ice Cream stop at
the Creamery. Ladies' Parlor up stairs
Try Johnston's Beef, Iron and Wine,
for your spring tonic.
I>i<l you get a five-cent cake of schmer
case at TllK CItKAMrfUY.
B. It. <fc P. OAS HTOVES
WANTED At (the Butler Business
College, a large number of bright, in
dustnous young men and women to
learn shorthand, typewriting and book
keeping. Positions are waiting. New
ad. on this page.
Get a New Koyal Sewing Machine
quick' Price $1(!.75 upwards at Brown
& Co's.
WANTKII Hum-si man or woman to truvo
for large liousr.; salary |ik> monthly und
itxiiensi'M. witli Increase; tiosltlon pertaan
•mUluclotie belf-udUresm <1 staiiipi'il «>u velou*
MA.NAUKM..WO U»xton bid*.. Unlesgc.
Free Methodist appointments —But-
ler, Rey. R. H. Bentley: Mars. Rev.
Ellis (iarrow; Mercer and Prospect. J.
K. Odell: Bruin, Petrolia and Parker,
F. J. Barber
Rev. S. C. Long of Jenm rstown. Pa
will preach in Bethany Reformed
church on West North St.. next .Sun
day, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.: also at
Petersville at 2:30 p m.
Two classes of the I". P. Sunday
School gave a successful supper, Tues
day evening. The proceeds go to the
fund for lifting the church debt.
The ladies of the Episcopal church
will serve supper in the V. M. C. A
building this evening, from 5 o'clock
on. All are invited. Supper 25 cents.
New Restaurant.
Moser & Storm wish the people of
Butler County, particularly the farmers
to know that they are fitting up a res
taurant in the Stein block on South
Main St., next door to Campbell 6c
Templeton's furniture store, that will
excel in beauty and completeness any
thing of the kind ever yet attempted in
Every convenience will be provided
for the ladies: the cooking will be i*>r
fect, the place nicely furnished, and the
restaurant will lie complete from the
lunch counter at the front end to the
kitchen at the rear.
Clerk's Notice in
In the District Court of the United States
for the Western District of Pennsylvania.
Jacob Reibold, of Zellenople, Butler
county. Pennsylvania, a bunk 111 pi under the
Act of Congress of July 1.1*98. having applied
for a full discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said Act. notice is
hereby given to all known creditors a-id
other persons In interest, to appear liefore
the said Court at Pittsburg, in said District,
on the 2sth day of October, Hill, at 1U o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the pruyer of the said petitioner
should not be granted.
By virtue of an order and decree of the
Orphan's Court of Ilntier county, Pa., made-
May 20. 1901, at No. ">2 Sept. Term, WOl, of said
Court, the undersig.ied. administrator of the
estate of Adam H. Gold, dee'd.. will olTcr for
sale at public outcry, at the Court House at
Butler. Pa., on
Saturday, October 26, 1901,
At 2 o'clock p. in., the following described
real estate, to-wit:
All that certain tract of land situate In the
township of Middlesex, county of Butler.
State of Penn'a, bounded north by land of
Hays heirs, east by land of W. I*. Criner and
J. N. Fulton, south by land of Henry Kilck
and west by land of David Lefevre, J. li.
I'llck and Hays heirs; containing about £1
acres, more or less, with dwelling house,
bank barn, wagon shed and other outbuild
ings thereon erected; also good orchard.
Convenient to school, church and postolHce.
Land mostly cleared. Two producing oil
wells thereon. Said land will lie sold subject
to oil and gas lease thereon, all royalties to
go to the purchaser.
TERMS OF SALE—Ten per cent, of bid
when property Is sold; one-half of balance
on confimatlon of sale by the Court and
balance, with interest, in one year there
after, to be secured by bond and mortgage
on the premises, in the usual form.
Adm'r of the estate of Adam H. Cold, dee'd.,
I'. O. Denny, Pa.
Administrator's Sale.
By virtue of an order and decree of the
Orphan's Court of Butler county, I'a„ at No.
OH, September Term, 1901, the undersigned
administrator of Henry It. Hlalr, late of
Slippery lock twp., Butler county, I'a , dee'd.,
will olTer for sale at public outcry, on the
premises, on
Saturday, October 19th, 1901,
at 1 o'clock p. m., the following described
real estate, late of said decedent, situate 111
Slippery rock township. Itutlcr county. State
of Pennsylvania. bounded north by land of
John Klester's heirs cast by Slippery ruck
creek, south by land of O. D. Kiester and
west by land of M. Humphrey, containing IK)
acres, more or less, about 40 acres of which
Is woodland, the remaindertlllable-.said land
is convenient to railroad, school and
churches. Good orchard, frame dwelling
house of 7 rooms, barn and other outbuild
ings thereon. Supposed to be oil and gas
TERMS Op SALE 1 : , of purchase money
when sale is confirmed i>y the Court and bal
ance, with Interest, In two equal, annual
payments thereafter, to be secured by bond
and mortgage In the usual form on the
Also at 2 o'clock of said Day,
on said premises, the following personal
property will be offered for salu, viz: One
team of work horses, I cow. 1 yearling heifer,
I set wagon harness. S sets single harness,
top buggy, iilrnost new; road wagon, spring
wagon, farm wagon, mowing machine, horse
rake, wind-mill, plow, spring harrow, and
other farming utensils, oats, rye, buckwheat,
potatoes, corn In the shock, hay and straw.
Tkums or Mali? ok Personal Property
All sales live dollars and under, cash. On
all sales over fit e dollars. li mont lis time l will
be given on purchaser giving note with good
I!. K. HLAI It. Adm'r.,
Of llk.vhv It. Hi.Ain. dee'd.
Kelster, Pa.
M.S. Ci.aiik. Auctioneer.
J. M. CiALIiHEATIi, Attorney.
Kuth (irace Christy | In tho Court of Com
mon l'li*as of Itutlcr
vs I-county, l'a.. A. !>. No.
] 27, May Term, 1901.
Victor R. Clirlnty. J Book VI, Page 149.
To Victor K. Chrl 4ty:
Two Subpoenas In almvn case having been
r«iurnc(i N. K. !., you tho »al<l Victor K.,
(hrlsty, atjovo named il«'fniidant, ar« hc?r.*by
required to appear In said court of Common
I'leas, to be held at Itutlcr, Pa.. on Monday,
the Uriel day of l)cci rnl»« r. WOI, the llrst
day of next term of said Court to answer the
said complaint, and show cause, If any you
have, wliy an absolute divorce from the
IM>JI<IS of matrimony should not be granted
to said Euth Grace Christy
You are also hereby notified that testi
mony will IMJ taken 111 the above case before
said court, on December 3rd, 1901, at which
time and place you an* not Hied to attend.
TIIOMAH K. MOON, Hhe riff.
Notice is hereby given that letters of
administration in the estate of Mrs. Marv
j. Royle, deceased, late of the Borough
of Butler, Butler county, Pa., have been
granted to Samuel M. Sen ton, resident
of said borough, to whom all persons in
debted to said estate arc requested to
make payment, and those having claims
or demands against said estate are re
quested to make known tue satne with
out delay.
SAMUKI. SkaTON, Adm'r..
Butler, Pa.
H/.ack & Stewart, Att'ys.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
David Park, dee'd., late of Middlesex
township, Butler Co., Pa., having b»en
granted to tlie undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment and any having claims against s:iid
estate will present them duly authenti
cated to
Mrs. Mary A. Park, Ex'x,
Bakcrstown, l'a.
K. 11. NKCI.KY. Att'v.
In re estate of John Day, dee'd., late
of Clay twp., Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary having been
granted to the undeisigned on above
estate all persons having claims will pre
sent them duly proved for payment and
all persons indebted to said estate will
make immediate payment t"
I'KTKR K. DAY, Executor,
West Sunbury, Pa.
W. C. PiNOLKV, Att'y.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Wi.liam D. Kcnick, dcc'M. , late of
Slipperyrock twp.,Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted t<> the undersigned, all
l>ersons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will picnic make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
mo id estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
MRS. Carounk RKNICK, Adm'x ,
Keister P. ()., Butler Co.,'l'a.
J. M. GAI.MRKATii, Att'y.
Funeral Director.
45 S. Mam St. Butler PA
( 1
< Hundred-year <
1 Neither time, moisture nor €
v mould can affect jellies that are \
t ■ sealed with paraffine wax. I'ill f
C | your glasses or jars, pour a film /
J of paraffiie over the surface, S
and the jelly will keep for a /
1 century if you want it to. V
V Paraffine is white, tasteless J
\ and odorless, and is proof \
( aganst moisture, acids, insects \
} and germs It prevents evapora- Q
tion, granulation or change of /
i any kind. A pound of paraffine \
% goes a long way and can be f
t used over and over again year /
C after \ ear. Just as good for /
J covering preserves, fruit butters 1
and jams \
\ Paraffine \
J Wax, . I
* especially refined for sealing 7
/ purposes. \
] C. V BOYD. \
j Pharmacist. {
r Butler, Pa. \
Bailer Count; National Bank,
Butler Penn,
Capital paid in - $200,000.00
Surplus and Profits - fi00, 000.00
Jos. Hartman, President; J. V. Ritts,
Vice President; John G. McMarlin,
Cashier, A. C. Krug, Ass't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted,
interest paid on time deposits.
Money loaned on approved security.
We invite you to open an account with this
b ink.
DIRECTORS—Hon. Joseph Hartman, Hon.
W. S. Waldron, Dr. IS. M. Hoover. H. Mc-
Sweeney, C. P. Collins I. G. Smith, Leslie P.
Hailett, M. Flnegan, W. H. Larkln, T. I'.
Ml Win, l)r. W. C. McCandless. Ben Mas
set.h. W. J. Marks. J. V. Ritts. A. L. Relber
Farmers' National Bank,
CAPITAL PAID IN, $100,000.00.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Special attention given to collections.
JOHN HUMPHREY Vice President
O. /». BAILEY Cashier
E. W. HI NO HAM Assistant Cashier
J. P. HUTZLER Teller
John Younklns. D. L. Cleeland, E. E-
Abrams, C. N. Boyd, W. F. Metzger, Henry
Miller, John Humphrey. Thos. llays, Lev'.
M. Wise and Francis Murphy.
1 nterest paid on time deposits.
We respectfully solicit vour business.
Butler Savings Bank
Capital - $60,000.00
Surplus and Profits - - 1225,000 00
JOS. L PURVIS President
J. HENRY TROUTMAN Vice-President
WM. CAMPBELL, Jr Oaibier
DIRECTORS—Joseph L. I'urvls, J. Henry
Troutraan, W. D. Brandon, W. A. Hteln. J 8.
The Butler Savings Hank Is the Oldest
Banking Instltutlonl n Butler County.
General banking business transacted.
We solicit accounts of ..11 producers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
All business entrusted to us will receive
prompt attent lon.
Interest paid on tlmn deposits.
$50,000 4 1-2 per cent.
Borough of Irwin,
Westmoreland County, l'enn'a.,
Street Improvement Bonds,
Dated August i 5, 1901,
Maturing 191 1 101930.
Denomination (500.
Interest payable February and August
Particulars and price 011 application.
A Safe Investment
Bank for Savings Bld'g.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
C. It. Wii.i.ia.ms. G eoroe Wei. hii
Real Estate Trust Co.
of Pittsburg,
311 Fourth Avenue
Pays 4 p. c. on Saving Accounts
2 p. c. on Check Accounts
Don't wait for a windfall- The
dollar in the bank is the dollar
that counts.
Write to-day for our book of
instructions, "How to Bank by
[ Window j
y AT $
(Redick & Grohman,)
J 109 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. \
School Books. School Eyes
School books was a leading question
for parents the past few weeks. At this
time we arc prone to think too much of
hooks and too lit»le of eves uud other
physical organs of the child. Your child
may have complained of his eyes all list
year. May have fallen behind in his
studies and school work without com
plaint. Yet you start him In school this
year without even a thought of his poor
ailing eyes which will soon put him in
misery or behind again in his studies.
I,ook to your children's eyes, let me ex
amine tbaa and tell yon ihe UouMc.
'i'ltoely attention can cause you no
/V /v//? V
To Our Patrons and the Public.
Our complete line of Fall and Winter Suits and Overcoats hav-~-
ing arrived, \vc are prepared to show you the best line of Clothing
you've ever had an opportunity to look at. The famous
Hamburger Make
finds its headquarters at this store. In quality, patterns, make and
style of cut these suits canr.ot be overlooked by the most exact
buyer of clothing. Every suit is padded heavily in the shoulders.
Rreast is quilted. Best linings, etc. In a word, they are made equal
to Merchant Tailor Clothing. Call and examine these suits before
you buy. Our Hoys' and Children's department has never been so
complete before. Give us a call and we will prove to be money
savers for you.
Your Future Clothiers,
Watch for window display.
Fall Suits, A Surpassing
The Fall Lines of the "Schaul & Nast Perfect Clothing" are
ready for your inspection. These up to-date Suits—teem with a
character and goodness which are rarely found in ready-to-wear
The designs are correct—every new fad i§ presented in original
effect. Note especially the new shaped collars, the smart sack styles
and latest cut of trousers.
"Schaul & Nast's" Suits are sold on their merits, and at prices
which are positively competition proof.
They are made to wear well, please the eye and satisfy the
careful dresser.
For Fall and Winter, 1901-2, this iine stands as in previous
seasons, at the top notch of ready-to-wear clorhing.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
j|| Heating Stoves, Cook Stoves# jp
H Iron Beds, jg
gj Wool Blankets, Comfortables# jg
3||| It matters not what class or kind of House jpjj*
;ga| Furnishings is demanded —from the plain and inex- leg
pensive to the elaborate—it is here, not only in vast B
jUI assortments, but at money-saving prices. JSC
jg!i| For Coal or Gas. The Gas Stoves cost — ISC
$5 00, $8 50 and $lO. j||
The Coal Stoves cost —
gj $3 50, $4, 54 75 and sll kg
3St (Quality and price both right. ®
jsyr Coal Ranges, with large, square oven anil nickle trimmings; Jdgg
extra heavy and guaranteed to bake. Price faC
s2l. gf
jSJ Qas Ranges at—
§ sl4 00 17 50 19 00 25 00 gg
The All-wool factory Blanket, soft and fleecy, in white, red
S3 and black or plain red. Price— Igag
JU $3 75 m
I Campbell ft Templetoni
Those two new openst:>ck patterns in
English Porcelain are going fast.
Tliey aie almost as <lelicate and thin as
French China. .
The one pattern in Delpt Blue with
beaded edge has attracted unusal atten
tion and has been a big seller.
The other is decorated with pink rose
in small design and with gold strin.
Come and see them and you will want
them. ~ ,
1 lave you see the latest Indian novel
ties in heads, plates, cups and tobacco
New goods arriving every week at
Eagle B'l'd. Near P. O.
241 South Main street
Fall term begins, Monday, Sept a, 1901
i Practical Book keepers. 2 —Expert
Accountants. 3— Amanuensis Shorthand,
4 Reporter's Shorthand. 5 —Practical
Short Course in Book-keeping, for those
who merely wish to understand the
simpler methods of keeping book*. 6
Our Teachers—We have four at present
always as many as we need, no more.
We fdled position last term and ex
pert to fill twice that many this term.
We Could place two or three times that
many every term if we had them. We
need an abundance of first class material.
All young men and young women having
a good English education should take
advantage of one orl>otli of our courses.
Many new and important improve
ments for next year. Call at the office
ami see us. If you are interested l>e sure
to get a copy of our new catalogue, also
A. F. REGAL, Prln.,
S Main St.. Butler. Pa.
■ Olrra a ■•read-winning eduna> K
H t inn, fitting voting tnrn foractual R
:f%l rintlenof lu*. for circular*, ad* ■
■ dr<-aa r. DUFF * hows, B I
B. B.
among the new goods
here in immense variety, is a re
markably choice line of 50
wool Mix Venetians—elegant,
sightly goods for suits and skirts.
The price
65c yard
for as fine quality, is ample evi
dence that we're a good deal more
concerned about extending this
business than we are about mak
ing a big profit.
They're in 3 shades of grey, 4
blues, 3 tans and a nice brown—
-1 1 different mixtures.
Another splendid wool Vene
tian—solid color—36 inches wide,
40c yard.
New Dress Goods and Suitings
25c to $3.50.
New Black Dress Goods 35c to
More of a variety, and sterling
worth in Dress Fabrics, than ever
brought to any store we know of
—your investigation by sample
will show you it's so.
Magnificent collection newest
suits, skirts, coats, capes, misses'
and girls' garments, men's and
boy's suits and overcoats —new
catalogue tells all about them —
styles representing smartest
fashion. Exposition visitors are
asked to visit the store, make
themselves right at home—and
let goods and prices prove where
the buying is to be done best.
Boggs & Buhl
Department X.
139 South Mxin.street.

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