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A new Star in a play based on i
a stirring ovel of the Canadian 10
Northwest : ^
WILLIAM FOtfVresents I
!N?i ..
Story by Arthur Goodrich o)
Direction by Jack Dillon ' <
A Rolin Con^Qfdy
IN *!
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Barbers: J. F. Johns, J. Ci. Dike..jj
J. C. Deadniond. I ,
Barbecue at Buffalo i <
A barbecue at ButTalo, S. C., in th
interest of the $.'<200 school building '
for colored boys and girls. The build- ;
.iVr must cv st $.'11200 in order that we
nay use the $1,000 given by Rosen- J
world Fund. We have succeeded m j
rnis:ng $2,100. We need a sufficient
amount to complete the building, of
which we have the pledge of $800
more of this, which haves $300 more
to raise. Come one, come all; there
will be four base ball teams to cross i
bats. Buffalo Outlaws, under Cap-|
tain Joe Smith with Kelton and Cross
twgnnsvrrrp ana others.11
Hash and all refreshments will he
on the ground. Manager, James Murl.y.
Let the colored people turn out
in full, rain or shine. A shelter is
close by. John D. Norris, 1
Adv. Prin. 1
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Union, South
rlliart Grafters Wojn't - (
Quit WtjKput ? Fight
E'ort Au Prince, Haiti, Aug. 21.?
c recent attempt to shoot Edouanl j
ingones, the mayor of this city of ,
0.000 people, followed within 24 ,
urs by either the suicide or murr
of the city receiver, have created
sensation unusual for Haiti. The
sort to firearms, together with
les of a mystery car with three
inmen operating at night, are new
mptoms for Haitian politics. In
e past crimes of violence were
nially accomplished by the secret
?e of poison or other methods,
nee the occupation there have not
en more than six murders, and
hat may prove to be a crime wave is
i unusual manifestation.
Absolutely unknown in a century
f Italian local government is the
L'termined campaign of Mayor Manones.
backed by the influence of
resident Burni and the Americanflioered
gendarmerie, to prosecute
1.cnl officials charged with shortage
f funds, falsification of tax receipts,
nd graft. Mangones, a man of
leans, an aristocrat and a business
ian, has created consternation
niong the politicians.
Last May he forced the resignation
f the communale receiver for a
hortace of $5,000 in his accounts,
lir receiver claiming that his safe
ad been robbed of that amount
hree months .before, Jilthough -ho had
ot reported it. hollowing that three
tlicials were arrested for alleged falideation
of tax receipts to the exent
of several thousand dollars,
'hen came an investigation of Ludoic
Monplaisir, Director of Cemeeries,
who had long been a partisan
idhercnt of Mangones. In the course
f it Monplaisir tried to shoot Manrones,
seriously wounding one of his
icrsonal cabinet, Edmond Millet.
The following morning the dead
*ody of the new receiver, Clement
>enizc, was found. Whether his
leath was due to murder or suicide
ns not been established. Reports
>f a mysterious automobile complicated
the situation, and gave rise to
he theory of murder as part of a
ilanned campaign of intimidation by
he mayor's enemies. On the other
land an investigation of Denize'*-,
iffioe had been ordered for the followng
day by Mangonese.
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U-t-ilJ UK I 1
(Continued from page one). <J
jigger and better as a result. Ke- f
tninds voters that he is in the racfl t
to win and will appreciate their vote, t
House of Representatives. (
John K. Hamblin: Candidate for 1
re-election. Fourth appearance be- <
fore voters of Union county for thia i
office. Very thankful of past sup*. '
port. Ambition to serve people as i
best representative they ever had, ;
Selected chairman of important judiciary
committee and has held position
for past two years. Gives qualifications.
No perfect men. lias m ide
mistakes and profited by them. Explains
hospital bond tickets' mists ke.
Taxation the main issue. Present tax
system is unfair. Real estate pa>s
more than proportionate p^rt of p esent
taxes. Produces chart io show
intended method of iclief. Burden of
taxation should be shifted to other
cnnrrna n tr inr?r?*vm tnv trnanl no
ovwtvvwi *. C-y-p V.WI..V
tax, corporation tax, hydro-elec'ric,
etc. Not in favor of luxury tax in
its present form. Discusses hydroelectric
tax proposition. Doesn't believe
consumer will have to ray this
tax. In favor of constitutional amendment
for classification of property
and tax reform. Believe with h.s experience
better qualifies him for the
A. G. Kennedy: Candidate for reelection
to the house of representatives.
Glad to see so many ladies
present. Pays tribute to womanhood
of the country. Thanks voters of
Carlisle for their past support. Will
profit because of past mistakes. He
voted for all the proposed tux reforms
including the submission to the
people of a constitutional amendment,
except the luxury tax. He believes
the luxury tav fundamentally
wrong. He thinks the Income and
inheritance taxes were just and right
Income tax places the burden upon
the ones who are able to pay. Tangible
property no longer the basis of
ability to pay taxes. Believes in proposed
tax reform with some modifications.
Is in favor of economy
State levy has been reduced from 12
to 7 mills. Does not favor going
backward with our schools and roads.
We must move forward to keep pace
with the times.
R. W. Beaty: No stranger to the
people of Carlisle as a large portion
of his life has been spent among
them. Thanks the people for thenprevious
support. The agricultural
interests have been bearing the bur-l
den of taxation. He believes in shifting
this burden from tangible to intangible
property. Believes that
taxes can be reduced without retard:ng
the progress already made. Is if
favor of constitutional amendment
for tho purpose of tax reform. Ask?
people if they are satisfied with their
form of county government, The advisory
board snould have the county
supervisor as its chairman. Says side!
roads are in deplorable condition. Ho,
thinks the primary grades in our
schools should have the best teachers. I
Will work in the interest of all the
people if elected. Will appreciate
W. R. Jolly: Thanks people of Cuilisle
for suport of two years ago.
Says taxes will continue until death
Is no lawyer but believes in just
iaxes. Believes in reducing taxes by
cutting out useless offices in Soutl
Carolina. Believes in reduction of appropriations
but not at the sacrifice
of good roads and schools. Says side
roads of the county have not been
worked enough. Says residents along
side roads are not exempted from
taxation but they do not enjoy goon
roads. Believes that supervisor should
have some power and not be elected
by the people to sit in his office and
be powerless. Says taxes should havel
ben reduced long ago. No need of'
revenue taxes unless other levies are:
r?_i: ...
icuuicu. Dcueves in reduction of appropriations
in county or else better
management. Favors education.
T. C. Duncan: Tell ladies present
they have never had a more ardent
champion in this state as regards
their rights and privileges. The women
know they ean depend on him.
Nonsense to talk of reduction of taxes
in this state without a reduction of
expenses. The legislature should abolish
the numerous commissions. Says
commission form of government originated
in great states of New York
and Massachusetts. The form too expensive
for this state. Favored Con
rcuerate veteran appropriation and
fought reduction of it. Secured an '
appropriation of $40,000 for Dtel '
Howe Industrial School in McCormick
county. Has supported every
measure for the uplift of the state.
Favors farm demonstration agency.
Is not in favor of reducing the salaries
of county officers. The people
want a man who .they can put their 1
f.r.ger on and they can on Duncan.
Has always endeavored to represent <
the best interest in Union county.
Voted against the inheritance tax
l>ecause its principle is wrong. Taxes
i man because he dies and takes the
rnoney away from his wife and chillren
who helped him to make it. Dunan
opposes the luxury tax because it
.? a tax on the poor man. Has given
In ion county his best efforts during
he past 40 years.
Dr. J. T. Jet<r: Feels at home beftlicn
nno**!" ^
.... v- ..ua> ,< -Tvciyuiie in r isn uam C
cnows him. Women are interested in 1
iroperty and taxation. Contends <
"hincan has supported commissioner i
ravor* the tomato cluh as much as. t
>uncan. Does not favor cutting out t
iny appropriation which would keep <
he county from maintaining the t
oads. Favors gasoline tax, inheri- f
ance tax, etc., because it h?s reduced t
axes on those who heretofore have 1
. r' . ,
re cut dowpwc mupt all get to glowng.-"
Lapp^j^sejNnoMtnta may Be.cut
owo si frtgas those of the state.
E. B, qiad to appear. beqre
the ||t?ple of Carlisle, Believe?
hat woman are gp'ipg to purity poii.
ic^ *nj$ campaign meetings. Dis,
uasep the Inheritance tax, .Smith
avors tpg tax. Wealth is accumulated
iup to prnlaiitipn, of the lew. Says i:
s a tax Oh the living, not oil ti e dead,
rhe right of inherMpnpe is oot an
inherent North Caroli.ia last
year reaeivod $800,000 from inheritance
tax, Discusses hydro-electric
lax. Favors the hydro -electric tax.
Says the county needs an attorney to
meet the opposing corporation lawyers
in the senate. ' Directs attention
tp his OirctDar. Favors constitutional
amendment. Attacks purpose ot those
opposing this ineasurej * Believes in
a new classification of properly. Ask
people to <4enve to principles nnd not
to individuals Stands for the best
interest of Fish Dam townsl ip and
Union cqUQty. Stands for progress
Asks people not to be tooled about
commission. Praises the tax commission
and -cite? instances where this
commission has helped the st .te.
Macbeth Young: Appreciates -the
magnificent support given him here
toiore Dy-tfcc voters 01 risii Dam
township. We are facing the most
unparalleled ctisis in our country's
history. Stands flat-footed upon the
Democratic "platform. Calls attention
To the assessed value of visible prop
erty in Union county during 1921.
dso the State tax levy. Says county
and state levies in 1921 amounted to
27 mills while levies for schools and
other purposes carried it well over 40
mills. Same motives actuated him in
volunteering services to the State of
South Carolina as it did in 1896 and
1917, when he wired his services to
the President of the United States at
Washington The burden of taxation
must be shifted from tangible to intangible
property. Says intangible
property should support state tax
ievies while tangible property may be
taxed to support county mstitutions
Discusses the times now as compared
with affairs two years ago. Says thi
boll weevil must be conquered or dis
aster will resuit. Election means a
sacrifice hut he is glad to be able to
render service to his people. Says
boll weevil appropriation was inadequate
an<| fl500 might as well hav<
been thrown away. Says the county
government'law could be amended for
the better. Says the supervisor is no
more than a clerk under the present
system. Pays tribute to Confederate
Veterans and their widows. Favorsupkeep
of "Appropriations for their
support. V
I want td tank the * Viv Taa
Buffalo, arbithe hosjfe *oinK
being aorhShgX m* v-/ r.
the hcspital,['anci I ahut a joao u
if they will 'jive me aOJam
will show the pood peoj^;. ft. ** ^. N
eiation in a larger' w^^Vi ^?e '
Those that have stood by ' > Wilf always
have a warm place in my heart
and I have resolved to do my best to
be a desirable citizen, and render
some service to my fel'ow man.
J. H. York.
Egyptians Commit 16th
Murderoi^s Assault in Cairo
Alexandria,. Egypt, Aug. 21.?The
recent attack in this city on Lieutenant
Colonel Arthur Frederick Hamilton
Pigott was the 16th case in the
series of murderous assaults upon
British subjects in Egypt. It called
again to mind the threat of the nationalists
that an Englishman would
be shot daily until the return of Said
Zagloul Pasha, the Nationalist leader
who was deported by the British
last december, and it is the latest addition
to^the extended chain of antiBritish
political outrages.
Lieutenant Colonel Pigott, of th J
Royal Army Pay Corps, was shot
and gravely wounded in Kadi el Fadl
Street by unknown assailants while
walking to hia-.office. lie was taken
immediately into the house of an
Egyptian doctor, M. Abdel Meguid.
at No. 1 Kadi el Fadl Slr*et and was
given first aid, being afterwards
transported to the Officers' Hospital
at Abbassieh where one of the three
bullets which had hit him was ex
Hopes are entertained of his recovery,
but this crime has aroused
great indignation among the European
population in Egypt.
J. W. Tate, a ^Colored evangelist, of
Augusta, Ga., Is conducting a pro
tracted meeting at Woodson Chapel.
He urges all the pe'lple to come out
to hear him. Services continue
throughout the week. ltpd
subscriptions to
$20,000 CANNERY
NOTICE: All Whose names appear
aelow with five stars may call upon
?'aul E. Wilbmrn, Secrefnry-Treasurer,
and get their atock certificate.
Tho certificates arc ready for do*
On Monday, .Itfly- 24, we put into
peration our canning factory. W'o
tave a capacity of 20,000 cans, 833
ases, a day. TfajLb&ve growing and
ipening in the'lipids a fine crop of
omatoes. There is but one factor
iow that hindeiwjan assured success:
)ur capital is i<w'$irnited. This leads
o two additionapltatementg. Every
uipscription shodwVe paid up at once
ind new ?ub*crl)^ppii should conte in.
iVil! yon not b^p
Jm *Wk
yfi Lfd every dollar ?"?jiw,ir?'?
make the "ftrst turnover. Remember;.
We must ceo for SO or 40 days before
we will be able to re. lize o.i oar fir it!
return from tale*
Help us to help Union county to a
new and better way.
Uwia M. Rice 200.00
.0- K. Htwhes , 50.00
R.'k|. White ....... 60.00
F. H. Garner 50.00
J. BJ. Minter ....... 50.00
Dr. Russell Jeter * 60.00
R. W. Beaty . *50.00
J..F. MeLure * 50.00
W. D. Wood * 50.00
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.E. M. Garner **50.0o
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J. Mobley Jeter, Jr. ... . * * *50.00
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percent?" & Fuel Co. *****50.00 j
le death rate inVi^.'idi.toLrvars -wtuV-ig*"*A
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hold expenses, put her
will seldom fail to make
ong Enough to Protect All"
E? ANK-~
d Electric Fixtures
e. Expert workmanship,
A 11 *
.1 reosunaoie prices, uei
ur order.
Charles * 50.00
I. Browning (addit'nal) *****50.00
rti *****60.00
Lee Kelly (additional . *****50.00
H. Wilburn *****50.00
\. Smith . . ? . . . . *****50.00
Z. Cudd **? **50.00
A. Littlejohn ..... **50.00
B. Kelly *****50.00
W. Wood ? 50.00
iben Lindsay *** *50.00
V. Lipscomb ...... ** * 50.00
B. Free . *****50.00
art Little ***1**50.00
* Calvert * *****50.00
. Gamer 50.00
Total ........... $11,160.00
.mount subscribed >n proluce
......... 1,160.00
Grand total $12,300.00 .
Te want more subscriptions. Will
not take one or more shares t
Jnion Canning A Products Co.,.
* Qvii M. Bice. Pres.

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