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fivatjr subsequent Insertion b*
Obituary notices, Church and Imilg.
notice* and notice* of public meeting*, en'ertainment*
and Curd* of Thanks will b
barged for at the rate of one cent a wor.
. .icioii.panying the order. Count it. g
onli. and you ?i I know whm the en
The Associated Pre#* 1* exclusive!) 2
tilted to the use fur republication of ne ispatene
credited to it or not j
redited in thla paper, and al*" - -* news
published therein
If we thought it would do any good
we shouldn't r-ird calling up all of
the Philadelphia .awyers and asking
them to please help us over some taxation
shoh's. Not that we do not r.
know when our own pockets are picked,
but former Senator Beverldge ?
who should know better?, in an ef- '
fort to stage a political comeback in
Indiana is wobbling fearfully.
For example the aspirant for foil
oral senatorship honors and emolu- ^
Zerits from the Wabash Is quoted as *
ying in a speech at Evansville, that:
Socalled "excess profit" taxes. ^
exorbitant taxes, surtaxes (which *
mean double, triple, quadruple,
quintuple and sextuple taxes^
and corporation taxes had the in- e
evitable effect of exhausting investment
capital or driving it into
hiding. Thus enterprise was ^
asphyxiated, markets reduced.
These excessive taxes on business
were secretly added to prices, often
multiplied and passed on to 1
the consumers who felt the effect
in the high cost of living * * *
While there ought to be an ample
and honest income tax, there
must not be confiscation under
vh" use cf tavat'on. The pur
cs- of an'- tax is to ra;se revenue
for the government, and not "
to destroy capital. 0
The which, ns Bret Ilarte might
have put it, would be mostly accept.
hie to ine Keeord, if i\ir. Bevendgo ~
hadn't forthwith engaged in a strenu- v
ous defense of the Fordney-McCumb^r 11
f riff act which imposes grossly excessive
taxes on the necessaries, and .
th? unnecessaries of life, and taxes ;j
which will be "secretly added
prices, often multiplied and passed o;to
the consumer who will feel th' J
sting in the high cost of living."
In rebuking Mr. Beverldge for nis
attempt to play the role of Tweedledeo i
and Tweedledum on the stump the In -i
dianapolig News calls attention to Mr c
Beveridge's record where it was shown ?
that he did not vote as he talked, when
le supported a tax measure based on 1c
the products of child lofbor enterin" ^
'(ran"rce. That was a ta r
no*, mprs'd for revenue, but for tn ^
s!!ppress:on of an evil, or at least a
al'eged evil, o
This taxation question is a fearful d
thing, when it is conducted on a wig- ^
gling end wobbling basis, by a slip<1
pery-footed politician. And, alas,
that it about the only way that tax- j
ation programs are handled now
days, whether they concern state .?r
feder 'l governments. We are sorry j
to see Mr. Beveridge so Tar at sea ^
rn the leading question now before
the people, and which is causing con.- i
plaints from all parts of the nation, H
yea the earth. (11
Not long ago a leading official of
the federal treasury department called
attention to a great embarrass- e
ment resulting from a deficit of some
$672,000,000 the federal treasury was rf
facing, which was due to the appio- ^
priations of the congress in excess
of the estimates of the budget bureau th
nd its excessive cutting down of taxaticn
This tremendous deficit can be '?
' "rcor e only by the most evtraordi- 01
nary economical system on the par' q,
of the government. but the chances r
are new and higher taxes will be r??
sorted to.
We had been in hopes of getting ->
new congress of men who would pro . e
of the Dawes type of manhood--con-'
ceding that a government cannot af- fc
ford spendthrift methods any more w
than individuals, but if the candidates P'
for the places lately vacated by stand- ?/
nflftpra fnr J 1
r ... ??? |foviunaKc niiy nxe-Knnu-!
ing graft, are to be replaced by cnn-j
didntes like Mr. Revrrid"e we ipii'hf i
as well Veep on driving reward fc !
iumping off place. It is n^w pr-ci '
r lly a ^O-BO Rp'it between the citir.*.! '
and the tax ferrit. The end :s not ha'f '
t n
as far away as the end of the rainbow. ca
Columbia Record. th
A vote wart recently taken on the In
wet and dry question amon?? the in- ex
mates of the prisons in the United Ai
States. More than 138.000 voted dry
and only 909 voted wet, which shows Pr
that even the lawbreaker is capable cei
of right thinking and dreads the re. in<
suits of drink. I m<
\ J
iK/y?p^^y^L w
iBy% ?J?,: Ml C
MBEffljJj *
Our cat says a light load carried t
rng grows heavy. r
m m c
Our cat says wisdom puts preven- ?
or. above cure. ^
* * ' I
Our cat says caution Is a virtue if B
ot carried too far.
Our Cat says it takes men of vision
) build a town.
ri 11 v iinf aoipn nil fKn In nt nf/. fy my ?& _
VUJ vav onva an tnc wiuaw v"
rs are asked to return the empty ?
askets they have on hand, or bring p
fie money for them. o
Our cat says Union will look fine F
ressed in new, paved streets.
Our cat says pluck has often turn- ^
d defeat into victory. j,
Our cat says work more and com- ilain
less. t
* * s
Our cat says crises often develop
rom insignificant events.
________________ 1!
Jew Academy q
To House Latest
Scientific Discoveries b
Washington, Sept. 30.?Have you
.er seen the sun's spots? Have y.u ::
ver seen demonstrated Foucault'a
elebrated pendulum experiment to 1
>rove the rotation of the earth? '
lave you ever watched the anti s
f minute infusorians swimming in
/ater? With the completion of the
ew home of the National Academy
f Sciences at Washington, thess *'
hings will be a regular part of the ^
nteresting exhibits open to the pub- 11
It is hoped to have the building f
ompleted by the fall of 1923. It will '3
e located near the recently dedicat- r
d Lincoln Memorial and will b* r
hree stories hieh. The first floor ^
ill be given over to public and mu- r
eum purposes where many icien- 1
ific facts will be demonstrated. The u
wo upper floors will be devoted to
The main demonstration feature c
ill be under a dome in the central ?
)bby, where the sun-spot phenomena
rill be demonstrated. A coelostat ^
jlescope mounted in th^ dome, will I1
orm a large image of the sun of 'he 1
hite surface of a circular table in *
lie middle of the room. Here visit- v
rs will see the spots on the sun's e
isc, changing in number and form, ^
rom day to day and moving across 1
lie disc as the sun revolves on its v
Foucault's experiment demonstraion
will be embodied in a 60-foot
endulum swinging in a wide arc.
he swinging pendulum will mark an
variable direction in space, and as *
le earth revolves beneath it, rota- 11
on will be plainly shown by the
toady change in dirteetion of the
sndulum's swing over a divided arc. *
ere the pressure of light, earth- ^
uake action, magnetic storma, the
ravitational pull of small masses, v
le growth of plants, living bacteria
id other phenomena will be the sub ct
of other exhibits.
In the seven exhibition rooms sur>unding
the central rotunda, the latst
results of scientific and industrial
search will be demonstrated.
One week there may be displayed
le latest formB of radio telephony
id the next perhaps a set of paychogical
tests or a new find of fossile
r a series of synthetic compounds.
The building, designed to cost $5,'>0,000,
was 'lie gift of the Caregie
Corporation, provided the
cademy of Sciences secured a suitVe
si r. The ground was bought
fV> a fund of $200,000 collected by
t o th ou rhout the country. ,
his method was followed in ordc*
lat every section of the nation might
iel it owned a share. The building
ill be of marble in classic simieity.
lodern Farming Methods
May Trible Armenia's Crops
Alexnndropol, Armenia, Oct. 2.?
v nt> -two Ajne'ican tract rs, Jm*
' <1 by ;ho N'c ir East Re i -f Com
- > h iv.' ploughed 2,000 acrej
i -iO<!u cd 20 bush Is of barb, jr
; acre, nguins! 10 bu h Is per acr>i
e result of native methods which
lied for 500 men and 1,600 oxen on
e same job."
Professor Hartill, of the New York
stitute of Agriculture, directed thi?
periment in order to prove to the j
ireniap agriculturists the advant'o
of * me'H'-nn farm machinery,
ofessor Hartill estimates that the
real production of Armenia can be
reased 300 percent by the use of.
xlern methods. I ]
u.ted Officers Become
Chiefs of Villages
Tokio, Oat. 1.?Fats Bspma to he
ailing on. ths military -ofllcsra who
in bsMa discharged in enqfteetjflfl
ith ths military reforms, many of
ism being appointed chiefs of viliges,
towns and some of them even
f cities. Ths latss appointment reorted
of a general officer Is the nom*
lation of Lieut.-General Shimbamex
tiief of the military affairs bureau
1 the War Office, as mayor of Mito
i Ibaragi prefecture.
The general's appointment to th^
osition however has given rise to a
erious controversy between the gen- (
ral and the local governor. Acording
to the papers, the general
'as first approached by the governor
nth an offer of the mayoralty but he
xpressed his intention of declining
he portfolio and the governor reported
to the Home Department acordingly.
Later, the general chan~d
his mind and accepted the nominaion.
The local governor thus thinks
limself insulted and the home de
>artment has been called upon to
ettle the matter.
British League Pleads for
Good Will Among Men
London, Sept. 30.?"Good will
^niong men is the one thing that can
ave civilization,'" declares the Inlustrial
League and Council in a
>lea it has just issued for harmoniius
relations between employers end
mployed. It is signed by many peo>le
of prominence representing vari
>us shades of political opinion, including
I'remier Lloyd George, Lord
tobert Cecil, Lord Burnham, Lady
'.stor and several representatives of
"The real rulr of the world today
4 commerce," says the League. Only ,
he wroker can build up what the
olditt* has destroyed. '
'"uiere was never a time in the <
/hole history of the world when the <
ndustrialist had so much to offer or
he world at large had so great a need
f his services. '
"Europe has received a staggering
>low. Millions of it^ best citizens
lave been lost. The foundations of
ts commercial life have been shaken
s though by an earthquake.
"We in Great Britain have the facories,
the works, the skilled men,
he able direction. One of the most
ital things lacking is real motive
"If we are to obtain it every class,
mployer and employed alike, must
dmit the theofry of personal respon-'
ibility and must endeavor to fulfill
ts obligations.
"Men in every political path look j
orward to the time when there shall
>e a real settlement in Europe, but
lot until we aehieve unity at home
an we hope to achieve unity abroad,
lot until all classes of the community j
eeognize, not only their rights but
heir obligations, shall we achieve
inity at home."
What i* believed to be the largest
amera in the world is owned by a
icientist in Chicago. The oamera c
>ody is 9 feet, 4 inches wide, 20 feet
ong, when fuily extended, and 6 feet
tigh. The lens cost $1,500 and is 12
nches in diameter. All moving parts
un on roller bearings. The plats
weighs nearly 500 pounds when loadd
and a derrick is used to put it into'
ho camera. Tha plates are 8 feetj
ong by 4 feet,* 8 inehep wicje and
ieigh more than 200 pounds. A map
nters the camera to dust the plates.
A special communication of Union '
iOdge No. 75, A. F. M., will be held
o the Masonic Temple Tuesday, Ocober
3rd, at 7:80 p. m.
This communication is called for
he purpose of dispatching speci il
AH duly qualified brothers' pre inited.
By order of
J, Gordon Hughes,
.ttested: W* MWm.
Cl Lake,
Secretary. 1498-lit
S. S. S.FiBs Oat
Hollow Cheeks,
Thin Limbs! ;
Mro womctv?>wtietti?r yg?jriU
frtf bu?4 ypyrMlf vp to your ww4ml. >
luai-nght weight depends on ths number
of Blood-cell* la your Wood. _Th*ff
In? right, jo\| wW ba run-down, tblnu
your Flood WW bs In dlsorde?, and
perhaps your (?o? yrffl be broken out y
with plmplaa, blackhead* and onto;
tlona. 8. H. a Keep* your tHOOdrtpV
factory working fun tlnvnj' IflMI
build new blood-oella. That'* umy
ft S..-8. builds up thin, run-down jwpie,
It puts firm flMion your wdnm/H ~
Etitfwnn ?
plump, your Ok In eruptions. pfmPM,
blackheads. acne, rheumatism, JWi
tetter, Motches are being removed.
The medicinal ingredients of. A. JL JU
are guaranteed purely Vegetable.
8. 8. 8. lb sold at all Anfe uterse, W two 01
Mixes. The larger *m m the MM ti
economical I 11
? \ HI
AhIRT -111! ||aHH
' J
PaJm Beach Suits
We can clean and preas your
Palm Beach suit very quickly
these day a. We have the
equipment end the know how. 1
Give me a trial- Will appro- ,
iafe it aa much or more than
any one elfO.
Phone 167 and we will call
lomptly end return your su?
ttj5 like ne%?.
Hames Pressing &
Repair Shop
Nicholson Bank Bldg. 1
phone 169 and iotor cycle
WW call
- -ILL Ui- .? ?
Taxi From Lockhart to Union
Leave Lockhart at 8;S0 a, m.
Leave Lodkhsrt at ljSOp, m*
J .eavc Uniomat-UiOO. a. nu v
Leave Union at 4:30 p. en.
Leave from monument at Union.
496-4tpd jr L. Hames.
A regular meeting of the Union
Shrine Olub will
he held in the Ma^dfiM'
sonic Temple
Tuesday, October
3rd, at 8 o'clock |
/ .Business of importance
is to be brought before the
Every Shriner in (Jnion Goqnfy is
fratprn^ily invited and urged to be
present. By order,
0, 0, S*nd??l,
Attested president.
Wm. C. Lake. ]
Sec'y & Trees. 1491 5t
Shivar Srings Bankrupt Sale
Shivar Springe located on the Southern
Railway between Columbia and
Union, S. C., wfll bo sold under an
Order of Bankruptcy pourt October <
18, 1922, 10 oclopk a. m., Union, S. C.
TftPlYlo onch
The curative and Wbdfrtnal value of
these Springs have beep widely advertised
and thougahd? of dollars have
been spent in a|vtrtijling. The water j
and ale bottled by tye eopipany are
known from Maine to Mexico. The
plant under Receiver ship and Trusteeship
operated at a profit. The location f
Is desirable jwnj{|^? -hipping
arrangements at a minimum #ost. The
tale of this property effort fine opportunity.
For further information apply to
Fno. K. Hamblin,?ft.ttbfney for Trns-'
ees, or W. S. Nicholson, Trdstee, Un- on>
S. C. rfr418rIfr-8-6-10-13-lC H
Red May adr|lrtpi Pyoli^c
Fulghum, ^ppbr and Rtd N
\truzzi and flMrth Caroling
'.rimeon (in roM?At)r Crimean, ?
(cleaned) an&Qkanr Clover i
Winter Hairy Rape and
Beard 14
Looks like d'tfl W^l *> no
xcum for grain
ii? fall. MifNfilfeh and Oat* ^
>r line tor agar cyop- _
jONEsyfiirr > C- |
The produrtkSBanota than 6,000,00
bales of eaHFnnb frermtad by I
lie boil L
? JR'
e gaso
t is
? ?(yv*.
- ? ' S'
?OR SALE?Several small farms?
well improved. Bargains. There
never was a better time fo the investor
to make good, safe investments,
Easy terms. See P. D.
Barron, Union, S. C. 1499-5t
woman to take orders for 100 absolute
necessities, and remit our share
to us, A special proposition make3
prices lower tnan "cut rate" stores.
Our representatives clearing from
$25.00 to $6Q.00 weekly everywhere.
This is the ipost extraordinary direct
selling proposition ever offer,
ed. Write today for particulars.
* A. Rasmussen, Dept. 10, Herrg Island,
Pittsburgh, Pa,
9-19-21-26; 10-3pd
V NICE four room cottage on Sardis
road, and near City cemetery. This
is an attractive house and a vary
large lot, nearly acre, wired in, and
running water. This is the Kohn
place. This nice and attractive little
heme can he purchased for
$1,800. Suitable terms can be arranged
on both these pieces of
property 8- E. Barron, selling
'. agent. / , 1470-tf
It pays to advertise in The Times.
I HAVE a small- quantity of good
b'-uu wneai ior saie. u. J. uregory.
Union, Route 3.
'OR SALE?Several new and second
hand automobiles at bargaia
prjcqa, Nicholson Bank & Trust
Co. 9-0 Wed.-Sat.tf
POR RENT?Large, commodious ga
rage located on Gadberry street
equipped with lights and sewerage
connection. Has lathe machine with
electric motor. Surrounded by
streets except on one side. Gas
tank and pump, also stand for
washing cars. For terms an<| rental
See W. S. McLure. 1427-SaATu-tf
FOR SALE?Several desirable city.
latt plncn 1 r> nont? ^ '
? j xcvuv iii) canjr tcrin.9* OCC IT, L7. 1
Barron, Union, S. C. -1499-3t.
COAL?$13.50 per ten delivered.
Phone your orders early to 103.
Consolidated Ice & Fuel Co.' 1495-flt
row Hoosier drill, latest improvements;
used only three (lays; uncler
ehelter all the time when not in use.
Price reasonable. Bernard Fant,
Santuc, S. C. 1490-Otpd'
?OR RENT?Several desirable farms,
negr Un}op, R, D. Barron, Union,
S. G. 1499-3t
ilONEY TO LOAN on city or country
property in lftrge amounts on easy
terms. 8. E. Bitrron. 1406-tf
> ATS?Fnlghnm, appler, red and
abrussi rye. Peoples Supply Co. *
OME FOR SALE?A six room
house, ^practically new, and attractive,
sewerage, water and lights, on
Blassengam* street in West Union,
a nice locality and desirable place
to live, price ntoly f},SOO. S. E.
Barron, selling agent. 1478-tf
OUR LAST CHANCE to hav<? mattresses
made over; am leaving town
Saturday. Do not delay giving us
your work. F. L. Crawford.
teaawiti i * i
J mop Mftrfel# # Granite Co
If* .* c.
I )
' ?. W R0OAR "1
Undartdtt*g Tgrlaro
Calls aaoworod day and Bight
Prompt end llilnt Bocrlca
>ay Phono 1? KM* Rom ti l
fiiiferii ~ ...
i jp i I B ill
ays all
line p;
< -Ft vrtii -?vi *a ' >" -Ft i . *^
for fui
Each time
- *. , -fT
down your
echo the
'Coed ted
| * ?. U.S.
I -J ? ?
in "jJJJJ 1 **" i
Contain Irnnna of
ing feature of the Sparks Circ
performances on Thursday, Oct
leave the circus grounds at 10:3<
and Ba
No rule is superior to the d
policy is better than the sdjuf
sonal opinions to conditions as
Ans so we would put com
sense a banker could have. A
Aur rn] oti/\na tuUk
tin- tv?Mv*vMO " 4V44 /UVI Ufl VIII
d at ion, N
"Large Enough to Serve Any?8
- - 1 1 . ...
| All tomato growers
| baskets by as, and wb<
il -
Imem, are requesieu ?
onc?. These baskets w
and you will be Wjuirt
you fail to bring back. ]
hets at your earliest coo
Ithe union canning
1 ' ' ttWB M.
# ^
/ ; v#> ' -'A?
-ADER. .
*: v
V \ ? .
m W
If E M
"' "
you put
!--?. J "
U?Hrai?UX?p I
at; off.
trained wild animals, a thrill:us,
coining to Union for two
t. 12. The street parade will
I) a. m, ,
1 Sense
ictum of common sense; no
itment of theories and peri
each passing day presents
man sense as the highest
nd we promUfe you to base
la kind of solid rock fountrong
Enough to Protect* All."
^ O 1^1 JTV??
i ????
I ? .
who were furnished Y
> have not returned i
> bring them in at x
ere charged to you,
sd to pay for those i
Let us have the has- i
RICE, President, j

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