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No. 127
WlH be Mde Plain to Them That Further Interference
With Neatral Shipping Will Not be Tolerated.
Action Taken at Request of Russia.
London, August 25. rrlmo Minister
Balfour nnnounend (his evening that
the British government had ordered
two emitters from tho utpindron at
tho Cnpe of Good Hope without delay
to locate the Ruslnn volunteer licet
stenmers Smolensk and St. Peters
burg and to convey to them the or
ders of tho Russian government that
they must not further Interfere with
neutral shipping. The premier stated
that this action was taken at tho
request of the Russian government.
Extraordinary Statement.
This extraordinary statement was
made when the premier by appoint
ment elected a deputation of tho Lon
don Chamber of Commerce. 1'he de
putation was appointed at a meeting
held earlier In the day at the China
and Bust India section, which was at
tended by representatives, shipowners
and others Interested in tho trade of
the far east nnd at which the follow
ing resolution was passed:
"This meeting of the London Cham
ber of Commerce concerned In trade
with the far east views with appre
hension tho continued uncertainty of
the position of British trade and ship
ping with regard to what constitutes
contraband of war as Interpreted by
the Russian government."
Disastrous Effects.
Tho meeting prepared a letter ad
dressed to Lord Lansdownc the for
eign minister, In which it was stated
that the continuance of the present
sit nation wrtrftavlng a disastrous ef
ect on shipping and was causing Ir
reparable damage to the whole
course of trade with Japan and the
far east. The letter further said that
the commercial community could wel
come any measures that might be
necessary to place British commerce
on the same footing with that of other
non-belligerent treatment of so called
contraband of war.
Trior to receiving the deputation,
Mr. Balfour during the day had been
busily engaged In connection with the
quo;-. I Ion which had been raised with
regard to Russian treatment of Brit
ish shipping. The premier held an
important meeting of the foreign of
fice to which representatives of the
Intelligence department of tno war
ofllre, the admiralty, the foreign of
ficers nnd the bonrd of trade was
Wanted Evidence.
"The premier afterwards received
denization from the chamber of
London, August 2(1. News has
reached England that tho Russian aux
iliary cruiser Ural stopped and exam-
Supposed That Caps Were Thrown on
Floor With Idea of Robbing
Bookmakers When the Ex
plosion Came Off.
St. Petersburg, August 20, CI a.
hi. Crime Minister llnlfoura
statement to a deputation rep. )
resenting the I-ondon Chamber
of Commerce regarding the vol-
unleer fleet steuinors Smolensk
and St. Petersburg merely agreed 4
with the prior Information recelv-
ed by the Associated I'resn and
conveyed lu these dispatches
that Russia and Creat Britain are
mutually anxious for an amicable
conclusion of the career of tnese
vessels of tho high seas. The
statement, however, alluys an ap-
prehension that the overhauling
of the British steamer Comedian
might causo fresh complications.
Chicago, August 25. By tho explo-
slon of some dynamite caps and the
Ined the British Collier Pen ea! en Ik on ! Panic wlph followed It, three persons
August 12. were Injured today. It Is supposed
Tho Pencalenlk wn bound from ,1,at "'e caps wero thrown on the
Cardiff to Mnlta with coal for tho floor of beHIng ring at Hawthorne
British navy.
with tho Idea of creating a panic, dnr-
i : Ing whirh the ensh boxes of book
London, August 2fl Tho Anchor makers might bo robbed. An attempt
liner Asia, has arrived at Port Said
and reports having been detained
two hours while her papers and cargo
were examined by the Hussian
cruiser Ural. The search took place
sixty miles east of Capo St. Vincent,
Russian Admiral Wanted to go Out
and Fight Superior Force but
He Wr Ordered to
Shanghai, Aug. 25. The Russian
crui.-er Askold and tho destroyer
Grosovol have gone out of commis
sion, but the work of repairing them
is being continued.- There was no
formal ceremony when the vessels
went out of commission. Their
flags were not raised today.
A simple announcement was made
by tho commanders of the two war
ships that the vessels would remain
In port until tho war Is over. The
work of dismantling them which be
gan on Friday. The Askold has been
authorized to remain in dock until
September 11 in order to complete
her repairs.
The crews of tho two vessels with
the exception of tho necessary guard.
will be paroled and allowed . to re
turn to Rns'ia.
The Shanghai newspapers unanl
ly regard tho outcome of the recent
was made to rob ono of tho book
makers but It failed.
Tho Injured: Frank Williams;
Mitchell Bruno, right foot lacerated.
A. M. McGill received a severe scalp
wound and was badly bruised in tho
panic in the ring. None of the In
jured are seriously hurt.
Stepped on Cap.
The first explosion was caused by
Williams, who while walking through
the east side of the ring, stepped on
a cap. It exploded tearing off his
shoe and lacerating his foot severely.
He fell to the floor with a cry and In
stantly there was a shout that some
Insane man was discharging his re
volver at random. Immediately there
was a wild panic and while the book
les seizing their cash boxes bent low
In their booths, the crowd rus'hoj
across to the south side o the rlntr
in the effort to escape. Just as the
thick of the throng reached this side
of the ring, somebody stepped on
another cap and the crowd started
back to the place from which they
had started on their first run. Mc
Gill was knocked down during this
rush and was tramped upon.
' Third Explosion.
A third explosion took place some
minutes after the panic had been I
allayed. It occurred just beneath a
chair upon which Bruno was sitting,
threw him to the floor and a portion
of the chair striking his foot tore
It badly. While excitement was at
Its height, a man attempted to grab
a cash box from a bookmaker doing
business under the name of the Chi
cago club. He was knocked down by
a clerk and ran away befofe he could
be arrested.
Declares Race Problem .Which Now
Confronts Southern People Will
Takes Their Highest Wisdom
In Its Solution.
New York, Aug. 25 The campaign
In Brooklyn was opened tonight by a
meeting held under the auspices of
the Kings County Democratic Club,
at which Senator J. W. Bailey of
Texas was the principal speaker. Re
solutions endorsing the nomination
of Parker and Davis were read and
after an introductory addess In which
Former Senator Delivers Address In
Which he Touches on Tariff,
Money and Other Party
Rlnghampton. N. Y., August 2.
Former Senntor David II. Hill opened
the democratic campnlgn In Broome
county todny, In a speech at tho agri
cultural fair at Deposit. In tho courso
of his address Senator Hill touched
upon tho tariff question, saying he
UoLcvod In an honest revision iff tho
nrlff laws so that vast corporate In-
ercsu should not be subserved to
ho detriment of the people.
Referring to the financial Interests
if the country the senator said :
The gold standard hus been Irrevo-
?ably established so that there Is no
lecesslty for a change. The dem
ocratic party which established the
.iresent currency system can safely
be trusted whenever tlie necessity
man arrive to make such changes for
no interest of the people."
Party Differences.
Speaking of the differences between
the democratic nnd the republican
parties, the speaker said the republl-
on party stands for private purposes-
"ineodore Roosevelt, the republi
can candidate for the presidency." de
Advices to Chee Foo Indicate That Only Two Fotti at
Port Arthur Remain in Handf of Defenders. Japs
Said to Have Suffered More Heary Losses
Toklo, August 25. Five s tea mors
and flvo torpedo boat destroyers em
erged from Port Arthur yesterday
morning and began tho work of clear
ing awny the flouting mines. At 20
minutes past six In the evening a
two-funnel torpedo boat destroyer
struck a mine two miles off Llaotl
promltory and sunk Immediately.
Five minutes luler a second destroyer
with four funnel ran against another
flouting mine which exploded. Tho
second vessel wus at onco surrounded
by Russian ships and towed Into Port
Arthur, the entire flotilla accom
panylng her. These occurrences were
seen from various Japanese watch
towers. The Japanese cruiser Ilushl-
date alsowltncssed the explosion.
Tho action of the Russians In at
tempting to clear the channel of
mines Indicates the Intention of the
fleet again to sally from Port Arthur.
I ntit i-it 1 1 n I inn n . 1 1 1 11 1 ti ,111 cm nil ii m a.
.latitittna from tho pliniiihor of com- i
. , . . , . , , ,1 lire to the diplomacy and tact of
hiercft.Mr. uaiiour saw ueiore man-. Jo,m 0oO(lnow the American colI
Ing a general statement he desired B1,i goneral here.
lo bar evidence tending to show the
prejudicial treatment by Hussian
which was a most Important phase or
Created no Surprise.
ot. Petersburg, Aug. 25. Tho
the situnilon and concerning which nolincement that the Askold and Gro
the government had no conclusive i
information and to learn of any con- J 80Vo1 nad "'-armed at Shanghai
rrete example of differential treatmen j mously regard the outcome of the re
by Russian officers nnd Russian prize sponsible authorities decided a week
courts, which he paid, were being care ago, as stated In Hie Associated
fully considered.
Reviews Cases Mentioned.
Members of the deputation quoted
the rase of the Portland and Asiatic
line steamer Arabia and t-e British
m earner Catenas. The former was
allowed to proceed while the latter
wax nt ill at Vladivostok and the
incmlieiK pointed out that both cases
were equal no far a" the nature of
the raws were considered. The rases
f the peninsular and the Oriental
comtiany s steamer Malacca ann ine
Hamburg-American Ine
Seandia were also quoted.
t . Ye?V' ammunition, ion
lxisrdlKwrd. bet the Sandia was allow
ed to rrrxwl. The deputation next
referred " the sinking o the British
tesmr Knight Comnu.nd.-r and the
German steamer Tbea. by the Vladi
vostok squadron and pointed out that
riiirpiiiin had tTi paid in the
nv of the Thea hile it hid not even
lieea firomned in th c-f of ihe
Kn tlit ("omniandi-r. Vemtem o the
! rtita'ion a'ed that It ma notorious
Press despatches, to follow I his
course. RiiHsia was only waiting for
a definite agreement between l'hti.
and Japan which would insure the
protection of the ships against a tip
it it Ion of the Kyeshitelni incident a'
Che Foo. After the flags of th
Askold and Gro.-ovol had been
hauled down their guns were disman
Cant. Reltzensteln onlv reported
the hauling down nf the Russian
flag last night. The rnrrespondenl
- . .V 1.. I .1-.. 1 Ik...
I ill I ill- rtswn lait-u until m-miii iir.i
nt earner rapt. Reitwn tein asked the al
Kach of in ii a Mr to lie allowed to take out
his f:hln even In the fare of Hi"
superior Janancsc forre. but mh'-n
the admiralty ascertained th condl
tion of the Askold and the time .
quired for repair, her disarmament
wan odlered and the I.id.-nt is con
aidercd closed.
he reviewed the political situation,
Edward M. Shepard, chairman, of thelclared Mr. Hill, "Is a fraud. At the
meeting Introduced Senator Bailey, I time he took his oath of office In
who wna crpetPH with nrniiinirn,t Bn. I Buffalo after the assassination of M6
lause . Klnley he declared In public that be
1 -I. il u . i. r.w would simply fill Mr. McKinley's place.
cai,i th o0ot,., "0,1 i. ...in i,i,.m I fat he would not look for renomlna-
i.nn.Q humnft,,. hf -c., 1 1 "n. Later on the same train with
nninu.no on,i mn'.inirf ,.p nH tna I McKlnley 's dead body, he gave out;
have determined or wi.ll determine I iuieiueui 10 me press mac ne Hiieiiipi 01 me Japanese to capture
the RiifVrniro nf n mnnv vntpra an In
I thought he had been misunderstood fort No. 1 enst 1 horn in nnfl mnn ami
thia rnmnnlirn." He would not iittprl,,)r the public which meant practically that tho nttnek on Vnrt TCtiw.hln rn.
one syllable of the habits or theLllat ne wa the candidate for re- suited In their, losing 3,000 men killed
character of Resident Roosevelt. loininauon. i ne repuuncans na mm .or wounded.
Taking up the tariff question, Sen-1 " tnetr nands and could do nothing
ator BaileV said: "t remonstrate with him.
Tariff OiiHtlnn.
r ,.,! ,.,.. . FIRE AT JENNINGS
oignant surprise at our declaration I Portion of the Field la Burned
of the tariff question and their cam-1 Over.
paign committee have done us tho I Jennings, La., August 25. One of
f,0"0rnH. corpora e near.y the worst flrefJ n the hlstory of t)e
that subject In their camnaittn book. Jennings field occurred here today
They did not however have the candl-1 Many derricks and tanks In the bust
dates to repeat it In full and did not I 'st purt of the field wero swept away
even print the complete sentence I iy tno names and the losses will run
which they pretended to quote. They I up Into the thousands,
seem to be fiercely aroused because I The tire originated In Morse Well
we have dared to say that protection No. 8. at 11 o'clock this mornlnir
is a robbery of the many to enrich sparks emlnatlng from an over-heated
ine few.
Race Equality,
Over Ten Thousand Japa 8aid to be
Che Foo, August 25. Russian ad
vices received here say that the Jap
aneso assault on Port Arthur August
21 and 22 were repulsed with tre
mentions losses. It Is added that the
Port Oalny Is said to be filled with
wounded men.
The Japanese are hiring laborers
here for service on tho Llao Tung
It Is said the Japanese are re
ceiving provisions through tho. port of
Wei Hal Wei.
Cho Koo, Aug. 25. (Noon.) A Junk
which left Port Arthur Aug. 22 r
porU that tho Russian wounded at
that ditto are Immense. It la reported
that boys aro fighting In (ne Rus
rnnks now. ,
Japs Opened up a Fierce Bombardment
on Port Arthur.
8t. Petersburg, August 25. The em
peror hus received a dlspatcn from
Viceroy Alcxlcff dated August 24, say-
Russia Asks England to Send War
ships After Offenders.
St. Petersburg, August 25. Great
Britain has formally called the at
tloa of the Russian government to
the renewed activity of the volun
teer steamer Smolensk and has asked
for explanations. Russia has not yet
formally replied being without defi
nite information.
Orders sent to the Smolensk not to
siop any more m nirui nsncm i.uvw- i... ,..,..,. .:,.lc. ., , ,,,. i,.,,H .... t...
a t ... f Im fAtiroa.klilnllfin AAnlnln utnluul " " v 1 r " iiinimimi inn tws
t ..-. i n AuUni f- r.nifa trxn 1 in rntiiTrcMR mill in I ho a-lfitfirn 1 nl. I " " "l,nl"
iiunnia ua annuii .u u iauu - - - - ' - rr i. i .. . i . s a
T..... . !,. Lv,,n.i I ha ,,1 t 1 hiutA I ' u1, "O IHIH"' KBI liereil HBd
oi urrai uniuiii in KeiuiiK oiuli ... ... . rnnilnn.wl I.. ..n oil
.A ulalPH will not nnnunnr to tin r.n.m. I - ' - - ' " im't
..... ...... v ....... i.. .... , . I,.... .., rt ..!! 1, . . ...
II, III Ill.T IlllUIV.IIttlf? VIUIII1IJ UI llltt
Indications ar That Thia Year Beau
mont Will Have on of Greatest
Labor Day Demonstrations
In Its History.
Further plana for the Labor Day
celebration to be held In Beaumont
Septemberr 5 were adopted at a meet
ing of the Labor Day committee of
the Trades and Labor Assembly at
Carpenter's Hall last evening. It wag
the regular meeting .. night. It was
Trudes and Labor Assembly but that
body adjourned early out of consider
ation for the committee.
The Labor Day committee was call
ed to order at the close of the assem
bly meeting, with a good attendance
of ilelegates from various locals In
the city. The various committees re
ported progress. 1 A full report was
not brought In, but this will be done
next week and published.
It Is stated that everything la work
ing smoothly reduced rates have been
secured from all railroads entering
Beuumont on the convention basis.
which is one and one-third fare for
the round trip. Many from out of
town will take advantage of the cheap
rate offered and visit Beaumont on
Labor Day. The advertising commit-
Inic that Hen. KfonHxid rennrts from
pulley was tno cause. J nis well Came Port Arthur AuloikI IS thai at 4::i0
n Wednesday a huge gusher and the in thu ninrninir of that' .iu th Jan- tee has hud several thousand large
i X' 1 ...... .u , , i I , I. .. ..... i . i ... .1 J ' I 111 .. . .. JM .11. ..!..... I -.
iui i-uuiem wiui nuvuis noun- miuuie iiik hiibi ih luiinti ine on names anran lu'irun nn nHunnll on tlirlovol inns niruun on nuu uim i iouiirii in nil
nateii a ramllilatp who Im.i tan?bt iivsh"t up In tho air for hundreds of mil ami oi.nnni n tii.rrn i.omi.nriimpnt the towns within a radius of fifty
hi. m.rw.t.ai n.io iu nnmi-in... lm' ' "e """uunneBH ot me oiiliiroau on the fortiflcutloiiH of tho north and .mues oi ueaumoni, m wen as in iu
doctrine of social eaualitv between !S the irttXm com"le,ely "y ur- forts f, their batteries on
.1... A 10 -.. ...l-.. t"'"C
tiiv: siiiKiu-ouAMii nuu llltj Allliraii
Wolfs Hill.
w ii n 1 1 af n i ninv hup ron n tv tun tl. t i i i .
races, the Repub can party has gone iin,n, ,j , u '" Kn "', m' , "i'" i'kk'"k irniiwien
still further and as if bent unon the ?nn," BPrea" to Me No. C and No. n front of Sulysen and along the en
sun runner and as ir oeni upon ine 7 and . nearby tanks and Ick- n, i nkho (Timri vallev
mischievous design of aggravating ,, .,,m ,,, t,,,; .," ,,,ro i.unKnc tngerj vauey.
racial antagonism, it has deliberately eVm,J- ..I .. T i.h
.....lii,... i.. Kfforts to Hiibduo tho flames with CLOSING IN.
the Smolensk. This was agreed
and the British government will try "tnted y Ignorance and the Inferior ' "J ,mnK-'
ZvTu m, Cai)e ( oli)ny Russia adoi'ited that plaform know If the ' '-," " n-rnoon before
..'T--"1 . '' I:. IL iht.-a. Kb.,.-ld L rarri n.o exerii h" ronflasratlon was finally H.ib.I..ed.
t-l-RlllK 111 tuny uui .... . ....... , - . ,,.,,1,iH ,k, . nn,nnri .,u , ' ,.. ..... ,
n iroo.1 f-illh nn.l no romnnntR are l"v tuniiu i"'i no me tuny I : .,' " - " ne "1117 111a.11 k.hh m-i:iut-ij
r .... .... - , r .1 . 1 1 u unit 111 ninifiiii to niim 11
1 muit-riT z ijii int-Mi ini'n n 1 hu w -
vt...iii. .1 - .... .. - l.i
Only Two Forts Left In Control of
Che Koo. AugiiBt 25. (5 p. m.) -flol-den
Hill. White Marble Mountain and
Llao Mountain, according to Chinese
adv ces dated the night of August 22,
t la
that this country Is so rloselv and 's'lmated lhat lonse, on derricks
so firmly knitted together lhat the'a"kM. oil. buildings, etc., will reach
whole must suffer from every injury approximately IJ...0011.
Inflicted on any part 7 The millions I No lives were lost but many person
Invested in Southern railnwda are! were burned In the Hcorrhlng heat.
practically all, except the foreign
holdings, the property of Northern I
and Lantern men.
Sectional Difference.
"But there Is another (standpoint
This attempt to resurrect RTtionalj
Excursion rotnoned.
J difference la in painful eontraM ith I eurn-d lunlKhl
,the teachings of that great and kind
Arr-tt'd t Ro e.
AnrnMa. Oa . Aur ;.r. A uprlal
Pillage Murder and Other Atrocities
in Philippines.
Manila. Aug. 23. A detail of na
tive constabulary ha Ini'n ambushed
on the Inland of Leyte by a superior
force of bandits. Captain H. Bar
rel, of Constabulary was killed in
the fighting.
There ha leen trouble in
1 111 I. I .. 1 .. n .1 .. UfM
IMl.l.i.c- .. ..iiraiii.n, in. .. ........ ..
, . , . , ..... , . r 1 a ii , win, ii.i.. . 1 . mi . i. . i 1 1 1
"". mere lamun imt- i'"i .. 1.. w,i,. .n
era. town The native auttiontle. Brldeni As this nation hat neeKitlwi , .hange of
were ne nen ana . """ UtofKl with unmvered head ar.un
nis family were kidnapped. Mertano MrKinleV. arare. men of v
wa aeruwd of IK-Ing Urn fn.-nliy w-um I.I.hmhI hla name and l r hn d.mW thai II mint and
with the American. i memory Ix-eatix he had restored pdill mirlr.-"-d. If however ther
inrr- niiii-M- ii..m nv .. . j m III tx-twrnn the l.rrnhirii ho hadiare amonEM 11 tn-n nn )ntlfr the
nt natives mere muriler-ii me rem ' (.tranced l.r a civil war. I le t-pirit hih nomet I men e-i
of them being buried alive f 'H . -p, wrTTtw over hU untimelr I le lt lf In a iml.lle Irnihlng
Hartford f the r-iinstalmlary v owrt,h wt fl nnj,. ant a' t-n 'hr eonld n fin la all the ran re
on Ihe trail of the bandit. .'nine In MiKul!il as It wa In Was I'd Knellfh ll'.-ratnre a more pointed
fca. hu-tt. And hl n.-reiir. I and conipl-te o tt of iw h
'Ine of the Mvrlrk boats was In
have le.n iiaed. bill some difflrnlty
city. If the day Is clear a good sized
crowd will be in attendance. , -
As stated In the Enterprise the
other morning' amusements galore
havo been provided for the day and
will be pulled off at the Drllng Park.
The line of march for the labor
day parado has been outlined as fol
lows: Forming at'Tradea and I n'tor
Hull, corner Washington and Main
thence to Pearl, down Pearl to frank
lin, lo Orleans, to Bonham to Pearl,
to Washington. The route chosen Is
over paved streets. This waa done so
as not to take the fire department,
whlrh will take pnrt In the parade,
outside of the fire limit.
A contest la on for the grand mar
shalshlp of Labor Day. It cost one
cent to vote with the privilege of
voting as often as one like. The can
didates are as follows: P. 3. Davler.
P nter; H. Kehl, carpenter: Cbaa.
Weber, bartender. The voting boxes
ve been placed at the postofllce
Drug Store, opposite the postofflce, the
I'nion Club l.ar on fannln and the
Ijtlxir News office, corner Washington
and Pearl. The contest closes Fri
day morning, Sept. 2, at S o'clock.
fenses of Kobe. Nagasaki and Yoko-lThe contett pro;s to become In
teresting as tlif-g rils oi escn oi ion
held by the Russians at Port Arthur.
Others arc occupied by them but they
are subjected to artillery tire which
renders their tenure uncertain. Fort
Number 5. which has frequently been
reported taken by the Japanese anil
retaken by (he Russians i being
again declared In the hands of the
The excursion on the Neches Japanese. A rumor having some
ivin by the ladle of lb- First pointa indicating authenticity say
M.lhodlsl .h.irrh for (he benefit of nmt ,ne new -,roP,an house Is in
the building fund, which was in have
h Ix-en Pm1-
I The Japanese, It Is said, are mount'
Ing guns taken from the harbor de-
hama. The guns numbering 3"0 are of
heavy calibre.
ho ttfimlsed lo
Russians Feel that Jas Cannot Take
th City.
St. Petcrtbiirg. ug. !; IJ a. m.
The latest Information from th
front is nmmed up In today's die
lt. h from Che Fon In the A"orlal-?
I rtm showing that the Jaoanese in
ibt the sMnmenis .a citi'ral.snd bad
n ale frm AntwTp and Him
Imre bi!e lntiranee ra'es from
H.t-- and from Frtifh por er
mwb Iow.t ttn frmi Fj)cii-h s.n
In the ra'i.m of sbillitig to i'i fbil
fisitsteps. baa
Are Wewnded in a Fierce polir-y and is tiow
Tornado. here M'Kinl.-y bad
Jamef-iown. X. Y, Auc. 25 Fonr fieace.
:prwiiit l.st the1' I'res aro several Refers ! ivntii".
. in tii ivum unn n.mi.-. - lo'DTH mere wotmni-n in a i'ima'i-i "Tle ra. tir)etn I i' h tio
' I in i ilia. L mm ' ii.i... r rr nff i a
1 . . , , . . , . . . . . . .... -. . . . fc . . i I nui snowins inn ine jaiiariese in
follow In V'Klnlev Mni than has l"-n fnmish.-d by the' , . .h. , ., ,
ver M.Kinl.T R'tmbf aa ndidate for the nresl-h" ' " rw Arbir
r f.rm.ntina nls.-. c n hi. wo- R.-rh UV and!" " "f r:""'"""
l,r.rrbt us Hunting Tral" In mbfti there I. th- h"r I-Ie 'b' assenLm
Mlolt,g: 'lmr;n( 'be last two .ir "" " " "ess
that wijit tbroneh Oiantanrjia cem-
M r vears. the so-1 men hare nnJ'ei 'r " fortress hits iiei-n
i put Howfi a'l rtririTiis harr-'-rey fireliminary to a grand as-
.r. oT'i hy the mi"t stimniary - """. T -nng grows n-n- inn n-
tH rf lynh law-Laml. f hon- f'wfy repeated a''Vs and
anl n'iif 1 1, -ve hare Imh regti- he ! mi"t l rrsl'iail- ll
l-!r liuti'M (Inai nd Attann-A In niln the eoi-gry if the l-si-ri-r
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the Wim I'nion Teli-trat eo-n iiMinand i"ot'te wer. .m the rronml rinw aramx 'be m'm-tt .if imr land I e- 1-t. and. as -mse,,.M-Te.. n,t fi-r all that 'lb, nave broke fheir
imnr a' !n.Ma niaek" tamfTr i !b-n t.-T fn- it-d fo-m teit il is no tlioiirh'f n tuan 'n a'l til' mr 'i-rritory is f i f la atiid- e.'h i tb tms of fort Ar
one cif tbe l-st l.nown In Rome. .'hrourh the jihve. At fouh. bu d'-s U'A ire(j,.jre lrti'-h i 'H " ,tbnr."
Jos leaner. Jr.. tn srr-uied tt'
t'sl3r. Utict who t lmt 10 ri-a-s
o'd. i nn'ler arrest at 1an'a.
front the R'nebera mm e w 11 ai I
y to av
' tn.i k..ru r .v.... . , i.i.t. tbeir bithest w isdom atid n-ir most
tow. n'.-nlr a ln-inc be d was di- ttnue'flt-h ttrlmim in l so'ti'i'in
candidatea aire ctermlned to have
ijirtr man win.
The program rommlttee la bard at
work on i&e program lor tne day and
as oon as the committee's labors are)
eompleted, the program to be carried
out will be printed.
Highest In 0 Years.
MempMs. A nr. 2S. A bale of new
cotton, shipped by Mas and Harris
of Junction. Ark, brought cents
isnind In aa auctioei sale la front of
the c it ion enhance th's afternoon.
Thia is the highest Trice paid for
cotton b Memiihis for 10 years.
Me I vement.
M'orciicter. Masa.. Ana. 2. Tbe
fotlowifsg b'-ll-tla was Isnawd frnm
tlie home of ftenator Hoar tonigbt:
"Pi-ra'or Hoar baa liaised a mm
fortahle ear He baa take eonide
eral-le ttonrisl nw-t but tnere la bo
maej Inipro-ienjeot la hi neaadl-

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