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Equipment Will B Porehated n St.
Loul and an Instructor Will
Alto ba Procured. A
Change In Houra.
Tho long doluyed Important mml
lug of thu Hcnniiiont hcIuhiI liourd
waH l""ll In tho Tcuipcruncu bull'llu--at
2:30 o'clock ycHti-rduy nfii-rnnon
nml much uiihIiicbh wbh truiiHaclcd.
Ail tint iiii-uibLTS (if tho bonnl wen-
present except 8. (I. Uurnntl, ImiIh
jiliiycr nml C. U Nunn. lim mum
imiHiriunt acton liilcu won rt-BurdliiK
tho manual IraliiliiB In HcuuiimnfH
m lnxilH. Homo IIiiki ua I ho hcIiooI
lioiird received UHHiirunci-H from the
Hlnlo of UHKlKiance In cHialilishlmr a
manual training dipurtniint. Tho
ah) wan tendered on condition a
infenHr of manual IralnliiK. who was
a Kradnato of a reputahlo hcIiooI and
a iiiTKon of three yeara experience
he olitainvd.
Queition of Profeisor.
Tho question of (i professor was
taken up yesterday afternoon und
after considerable, discussion. It wnn
decided to have President. Millard of
tho board employ a teacher whin he
I'oi'H to St. Uiiils next week, lln coll
lebiplates taking a trip to the exposi
tion and will probably leave lieru to
iiiwfrow. The, bourd bus received
iiifllleatlonn for tho position from
four HI. Uuln people who meet tin;
re(iilremenlH as to training and ex
perience. Mr. Millard was authorized
lntmlow these four applicants mid
l.ila. ,1... ...... Ur1.l..ll In 111, Illfllillll'Ilt.
IIIIA- lug .mi ...in.. j-.
wai best' Buitcd to tho needs of the
boanl. I
Tho Htate also atlpulated that ade
quate and proper manual training
supplies hn put In and this Is iinolli
cr matter that-Mr. Millard will lake
up. lie has been authorized by tho
board to purchase these supplies
from dealers In St. Louis. He will
probably first employ tho manual
training teacher and have tho latter
go with him to select anil purchase
tho supplies. It it the Intention of
tho board to have the manual Iriiin
iiK department In complete operation
within a short time alter tho opening
of school this fall.
Length of School Hours.
At tho meeting yesterday a num
ber of inlHcolliineoun accounts wore
allowed, after which the report of the
superintendent was received. He
Stated that this year all children
above tho fourth grade should attend
school In the high school building,
and that all children In the first
tour grades should attend school at
, the school houses in their various
wards. Tho length of school hours
was also touched on by the superin
tendent, whoso recommendations
were adopted. This year t ho school
day In tho primary grades will bo
our and one half hours. In the inter
mediate grades it will lie live hours,
iiiKl lu the higher grades it, will be
tlve and one half hours. These will
he (ho number of houra of actual
work, exclusive of recesses, etc.
This schedule of days make (lie
hours shorter than they have been
heretofore. Tho decision regarding
tho hours' was reached bv Ihe super
intendent, after a very thorough In
vestigation of tho needs in the cases
and after making niuny inquiries as
to tho wishes of parents. I Aim year
n great, many complaints that Ihe
school days were too long were receiv
ed. It. Is thought the schedule this
year will meet with approval.
The superintendent reported that
tho three new buildings, received lor
school purposcH, had been Insured by
him. The board approved his action
Iniibis regard, although he bad boon
authorized at a previous meeting to
c tho insurance. The board yes
terday reemployed all colored teach
er who had filed their cert i Ileal es.
A bw have not Hied but will be re
employed at soon as they have.
Elect Ward Principals.
Tho hoard yesterday elected two
ward principals and filial three va
cancies In the staff of grade teach
its. Prof. Kinnear of Ileautnont was
elected principal of the South Knd.
and Prof. Ilhinketibn kler of Texar
kin of the North Knd. The three
Bndo teacher elected were the Miss
Walking of Ti-chuaraiia. Koiigh of
Houston and Sundeli or Shelby. The
ward principals wort elected at III"1
a month nud the slide t(;ieliirs at
Tb hoard authorised the bui'dmi:
committee to make null repair a
are nwennary on the city's mIwIh
It also employed a Janttur t'T the
high echoed at I., a itntitti the jani
tor to hire his own M-tntit
It wan d'-cdcl to hold tho tea. h
cm' rtaminm i c-eptetnW " Mid
3. and a cotmniY.-r omviMinc of ihe
iiwTinleni1ent fcnd lTiii'i:i, K;n
rear and Ileevi-i appointed i.i
conduct the i.mi Th f)M :h
-tT tni-oiinr of tlx pr lia Iw n
rli.-1 fur Keinen.bor 7.
SU-li will ht Sent. ii-Vf r
ttoctoldrr rt IndutVia! Lumber
Cewoaxy Ho'd Wfftj.
A tne"t!re if Hi" ti '! - of
1ntnt-Tial Lutt 't "ip-ti. '
lilii d1i'.m1 ,il-- r- t,r
timed it to Pc -i''' m S-n Vt'V.
a b. ld In Mr. Pf I f in tt,.
l jKitilit ( iem In- !
rf ihe -"rtri".' .t. M' t.
ftM ) f i . w- , .Imi.:'" I
?e T' K"- in -I"- 1. ''
I'atl At w-ti Mr I'm I
-.. Ol'l't of III. -itl ,.T Imi
i a prl l.-l 4 In !
tho detuiln of tho work of lh en
vtu i.tllci lore. Ill lh fuiure h
will give I'-o alleliiloii In lheo do
laiU and will dcw-io iho major l"-
lii.ll of III- Hllio tl diVelopllIK "be
company'. Iimn-d alons liiidr
Hues. Ilia dul lea from now on will
he more general and hl work will
huvo greater hco-h-. This will ir
l , do Ihlllgi l I'lomole III'-
company'K welfare thin ho hint bci n
linaldo to .In heretofi.re.
The details otidtbo whUh Mr.
Park formerly looked afier will In
tho future bo handled by Mr. It. M-llull.i-v.il.
ihe m-d-mmi trea-nrer
Mr. Ilalloweli In ih m-i lias ;hkIi -d
Mr Park In ih conduct of lh
omio Now ho will havo practically
entlro rharKo of II. In ndd'Mo.i to
bis title of nshlsianl treasurer h"
will have lln tlle of j-oiiernl men
Tho following papers were filed
Kale Ilarrlngion and wife to Joseph
Heldel. conslderallon t'-. 'I'1""1
August i, l!Hil: properly conveyed
being acres oil, of the north part
ol 13 acres sold to said Harrington
by Kdward ll.rwlck. mid ti acres Is
of survey 2LM of the T. and N.
Hiillway Company survey.
II 10. Cray and wife to llohlonholm.
Levy and Wless. conslderal Ion $!"';
.h.ted August SI. PWIM-ri y com
veyed being a pb co of land ixt-H
feet out of David llrown headtiglH
survey, said land begins at the south
east corner of Ihe Tevls grave yard.
Kdwurd lterlcl and wife to hate
Ilarrlngion. conslderallon !"'". 'lut
ed September I. !!'; properly ion
veved being 1". acres out of seel Ion
No. SIS of ihe T. and N. Hallway
Company survey.
Chattel Mortgages.
K. Tl. Ilebert to Ihe Aultmnn and
Taylor Machine Company, to secure
the pnyment f U'm s evidenced
by 11 vo notes due, first, two January
1st, 1!l0.", for tV'T, and $.r.:i.ri, second
for' $1 yr. and $.r,:i5 and due January
1. Hint;, the III Hi tor ?i uiki cue .inn-1
nary 1, 1 ;07 : property mortgaged j
being one separator won iiiuif,
horsepower engine, also one pump
und hose.
Itav Wilcox to Swirt-CalTiii L,nr-
rlage Company, lo secure the pay
ment "f $'''f. dated August 1:104
and due October 211, 1!'4 : property
mortgaged being one running gear
and double trees, also two mules.
Suits in the County Court.
(leo. C. (ireer and I. I. I'"H vs. F.
I,, liul'ord, suit on nccotinl for
Klrby Lumber Company vs. Max
Vleweger, suit on account for $.100.
King Mantel Company vs. W. II.
Turner, suit, on note for $-lJS.57.
Sample cuna Handed Out at Cham
ber of Commerce.
Itepresenlallves of Iho Uoyal Col
f . company of Vc:co are :ii
lleaumonl nl rodiiclng Ibeir firm's
"New Process CofTeo, which comes
all bottled up, ready lo use by
pouring Into a cup of hot waier or
milk. Yesterday aftenoon the agents
or the company held forth in (lie
Chamber of Commerce, where sam
ple flips of the linlshed product we'.'"
served any of lleaiimont's business
men who happened to drop In. Hvery
one declared the colTee to be exc' l
li.nl The comnaliv claims thi't
1y. its new process or preparation all
of the iniiirions element suppowvl
to be contained in coffee made in
the usual way are limited.' Speak'ng
of I lie new process ColTee one of III"
agents said:
"Willi reference to Iho many
methods of preparing colTee, (In
most, ellliient doctors and chemist;!
have come to the conclusion that
(lie boiling of colTee should h' en
tirely avoided and thai the pouring
of boiling water over the coffee not
only carries with it Ihe llavor of the
coffee but also Ihe comparatively
insoluble constituent-' such as the
ciifTeine and Tamils arid whl.'il
have such a decidedly injurious inllM
ence on the digestion and the ner
vous system.
"if the same be extracted from
the coffee by the boiling or nitration
methods they not only neutralize
the wholesome act Ion of ihe bever
age but render it detrimental to th"
"Kquallv Injurious Is too weal
colTee. which instead of promoting
digestion debilitaies the stomach
anil digestive organs.
"We commenced vears ago exnet!
mclititti; on the best mode and
mentis to produce a true wholesome
extract having Ihe aroma and llavor
of tin- eoffee out in tin- same hum
j excluding the injurious const it te-iit
j so dctiin-etital to C'd health,
t ' The ill-event ieiilt of our ""w
Patent Sle:im I-iih-ss prmo con
clusively Hint Hicre l no oMi.Tj
, nietlnwl so eonil-b te or 1 I feel
I Mir."
1 Mi- Lulu iln-er U sp-mliii"
f. - nl ll cti lslaii'1.
M... Ti- '- !! -''is Wi rt ;miip
t.i v, iii'iav. .n a xisit to fur
:i'ii '. Mr. S S' hwsiiir
Mr ni. lia M.vi-r nn l 1i r d.-"
i.t. Mr. Motmlian. I-ft f"r a xi-'
N". i- i' an. i
Dus,,'r Bof"- )
A dnitb'.T I-.mi f.'a 1"
V Hf Vt IMliii 1 tl'-lit
i i l rit'i" V' i: -t ' k
-t.,..i(.t, .) t-h il.. i;..-t '
ttfr'tini' W.li Ci!l.
t t tiom I.' i ' . :i 1 '
..- --twl I. ... I !l "
-d I" - - ' ' t
'..f , !!-.-- t ' - 1
. .1 lf . I A i
suFremiNo humanity said
Perspiration Ran off Horses Limbs
and Formed Puddles of Water
on tha Pavements Re
lief In Eiening.
"Whew! My, bill ICs hoi."
"Cheer up. It might be worse."
"lr It ever gels worse iliuii I his
I don't want lo bo here,"
"Warm enough lor you'?"
"Oil, Ibis is what I like. This Is
good corn weather."
These and other remarks of a
similar character havo been the dom
inant factor lu all conversai ion on
the sheets of lleaiimoiit lor the
pa t tli tee days. Hulling, sixling.
Mistering, depressing, collar-inciting
heat il bus been. Holler heul than
(bo city has experienced at any pre
vious lime this summer. "So hot It
made your hloomln' eyebrows crawl. '
That's ihe kind of heal It bus
been. The kind of heal thai makes
the blood boll and fume and cha.ic
up and down l bo veins, and I lieu
dually accumulate In the lop of tho
head and struggle madly lo buivi
nut. Sticky, miserable, per--pi ring,
panting weather, when the under
wear feels like sticky fly paper and
looks, when peeled off. like water
soaked rags. This Is the kind r
heat ISeatimont. has hen experi
encing. No Weather Bureau.
As I'ncle Sam does not see 111
to send one of his little boys down
hero lo the oil comer to tell us jv
ery day how hot It Is wo have
uo ilelinlte and absolutely accurate
record of Just how hot il has been
In Henumont this week. However,
as a mailer of fuel It is lots belter
not. to have any government woollier
bu lean to refer to. We simply have
to accept the Federal expert's slant
incuts as lo heat, because it would
approach le.-o majesty not to, but
we know just as well as wo know
our name that he always lies. After
we have sweat y.nd fumed and 1'reiiod
and willed down half a dozen col
lars and lost about all the religion
we over had cussing the weather it
is very aggravating to get up the
next morning and read the weather
man's calmly peaceful statement
that "a slightly higher tempera
ture prevailed in this community,
all hough it was not excessively
warm, as such and such a day had
been in such and such a year fifteen
or twenty years ago."
Hot Yesterday.
Here we have no weather man lo
rebuke us and we propose lo cusb
the weal her with Impunity. Yester
day It was hot. Il was the hot lost
dav we ever experienced. We don't
know positively but we think (bo
t h'-rmoinclor was somewhere in the
neighborhood of lS.'t In the shad
Wo know it. was hot enough to fry
eggs on the sidewmk, to roast the
ears otT a brass monkey and to do
nnv other thiiiir I hut grout heat 'S
supposed to do. If you don't lu
neve this you simply didn't go out
yesterday, but spent the day In a
iub of ice water under a lemonade
: niiret. with an elect r:e fan hiizv.ln-J
i. hove you. (everybody that was on
Ihe streets of the city believes it
ami will swear to It.
liesldes being horribly, suffering
Iv. unbearably hot It was humid.
It Is estimated thai n test of the
mobturc in the atmosphere early
yesterday morning would have show
ed a relative humidity of about 07
per cent, dreat waves of torrid, eu-
veloninir Ileal surired across the
city and wrapped themselves abou'
everything with which they came in
contact. Man suffered most but Ihe
dumb bruliM came m t I llu-ir idiar
or agony. An instance or bow hot
and humid it win .onld have been
found in Hie case ' a horse,
hitched on Main street in the shad.-.
AH or standing an hour, and without
llil villi; been driven two blocks. I il"
i-oor heasl spread out his legs, as if
it reared il would fall if It stood
naturally, lowered iti head, drooped
it. tail and panted, panted, panted.
It breathed like a horse with lh
heaves and the sweat ran off it
limbs in si reams and formed puddles
on the pavement. And that liorst
va.- standing. In th- shade.
Sudden Change.
In- sudden change from a clear.
Idaiiig -ky to a cloudy atmospber
tin- marshalling of rain clouds on
tin- hori.on. tin- ipiick brr-eze from
the scuiheaat and the shower of
tain, nil of which occurred about
I ..'dock, bronchi untold relief lo
thousands of MtnVriiii men. women I
and cinllven People who had r I
ma in d in tbeir offices under "-lee-tin-
fan. la. Mnc the moral couras
to wtii ii.- torih into the liea.
walled i.p an! down On- sidewalk . I
their co,-o. itid Kits off. inhaling and,
Jt.-tsl'T-e ! l-'v "Isn't this good'-!
tlu v icti.irk.-l. over to total 'ran3 1
or. and -tie T S replied wiitl vigor, j
Y-'i I" ' 't i "
To f. r ,,. n 'o ra i' j
li.,;' ho' IT! P -iltnoTlt vested IT I
...in. ....lav and Tim s.Ikv. l-it
lu-. i,,:u -,ct-".; nd the .It h I
tore On W.-.liicsdnv tt. m, r urr a!
Till !'
.-, W Tl? to
WT.ll th.iTlt"
re tti in h'
r ,-f Th -i
! Tl I i'tld
... Tl"---
....- w.
;...T1 of el
a'i The
o d-i-ro-s.
nit Y
i im,, -tor- r ,
ne if t
TI-rM-T--TI- :
lo ' 1 -iff.r-1
fr-.tti '' i
W '
ktiiiioiis taku ihelr record wiih an
liilruiiu nl In u vniillaied. black
box, hfiy or 'Uiy feet Ujv uij
pmi n iii,
Thla Is all very nlrtt hut jsople
who work for a living can't fcpon l
their iiiiih In vennluiid bbiclt boxe
that high In the air. Thy wallt and
talk and em and work mid hMVe
uieir Im in it cIoko to tin- ground,
where tho effect of iho radlutioii
of heal front kldewnlks ami ""
Hill be fell. Ill CKlll iug iow hot
It In, II strike, us Hun thn kind or
lo-ai we havo lo be in Is Mm kind
wo want lo know about. That kind
yesterdav was handed out by l I
Kol til !' degreea.
Nixtr.eia of Lira,
Bn-in -Infl ill " In (. ioi and kr.
'Hi i-lmi lH mil lln- a'' ion! '' Jni.
la.-r B lr :
All N Ko-xtly tliat iilpa iho ).
All n ul w-ll It i wurld b fulr
hlulli.w tlnlr liujrt and dull ilmr
i i arc.
r.n.i w.lli lln- catll Hu-li- wllb-a wny
Wluti-r Hi Hint-! bminli will tsr;
T iiiiirrw will noon In- .'"-rd.i.
Iitl .TH iirimi ul Iho 4itVliK lin y "I'Y,
J.-wtU nl lumto lh-- .cli.:!i.-N n.'iir.
I'la-y uoulil riant wlmli-.r liny lldiik
nry ...
Ami ill a c-.Mlliel In illt n hull'!
Ami cirry an Atlim Innd of rnre.
AliliouKh tho world nnl a wlilrl will
And lh tiir pr'iclaliii with riiiiU- Ml.iru.
"To-morrow will mxvn It ynnli-nl-iy."
Other ttrt- arc would im down l il'.,
Wc'potnlna p'.y for all Ih'-'r Mharu.
rot'li.l In a c'.ioiuny K'uvt I" I
If mil)- honor i-tmll I' ml llu-m llnr.
Itrlr.Kl'iK t In- worm hi ruddy fan
As It II iiuiiimI In IimIiI or v'.ny,
Whi-n i-vcn tlit- luiltle-liusli' blur.
"To-uiorrow will oin h y.nuriiay."
rHbnlst. bent not to laugh or sni-ur.
Tnut Ihl lite a a frolh; or tray:
Th' l!n- doom Hint th Iihuviim deel im,
To-morrow will .'!ion t.n yi sienlny.
l'ortl-inil I in K'Milun.
Wonderful "Creation."
nurlne the reign of King Cenrgo I.
Lord Hervey, a cultured man, gavo
this description of tho flno dress of a
distinguished woman: "Tho duchess
of (Jueensberry's clothes pleased me
most; they wero whito satin embroid
ered, the bottom of the petticoat
brown hills, covered with all sorts "f
weeds, and every breidth had An old
stump of a tree that ran up almost tr,
the top of the petticoat, broken and
ragged and worked with brown che
nille, round which twine nasturtiums,
ivy, honeysuckles, periwinkles, conv.i'.
vuluses and all bo its of twtulug vlncj
which spread and covered the petti
coat. .Many of tho leaves were finished
in gold, and part of the stumps of tho
trees lookod '.ike the gliding of thw
Gov. Chamberlain Relates Clever
Story to the Filipinos.
flov. Chamberlain of Connecticut, at
a dinner in Bridgeport to tho Philip
pine commissioners, condemned the
practice of extricating one's self from
a trouble by casting the trouble upon
unother's shoulders.
"Don't be liUo the man with the
ram," he said. And then, as no oun
seemed to understand tho allusion, ho
went on:
"The man I refer to stood In tho
middle of a lonely road, holding by
its massive, crooked horns a huge
" 'Will you oblige me.' he sr.ld to a
passing youth, 'by holding this mm
til! I open the saio behind me? It Is
fastened on the Inside, and I find 1
must climb over it,'
" Sartin, stranger,' said the youth,
and he took a Arm grip on the ram's
enormous horns.
"The man backed off, smiling
"'Thank you,' he said. 'You will
perhaps be surprised 'o hear that I
never saw that ram till to-day. The
brute attacked me an hour ngo, and
we havo been strugtillng ! cro eve?
plnce. As long as jou stund In front
of him, holding his horns firmly, ho
can't hurt you. Cood-hy. I hepo you'll
he as lucky as I have been in gctti:is
rid of him.'
"Then the man vaulted the fence
and disappeared. The youth, clutch
ing the rain's horns desperately, look
ed up and down the road. Ho had
never seen a spot sr desolate and
At Mercy of Infuriated Buffalo When
Gun Was Fired.
A hunter in South Africa tells the
following rtory of an adventure with
a buffalo: "I was in the act of de
scending the bank when Prlnsloo, a
Dutih hunter, who was lower down
the slope, saw the dark outline of the
buffalo Htnndlrf- at bay behind h
screen of reeds. Next instant, seeing
it aboiit to charge, he shouted, 'Daar
kom hlj" ('There ho comes'), and
dred. rather at random. I am afraid.
Then, rushing down the path by
which ho had ad-.anocd, he threw
limself headlong Into the reeds on
he left. This all happened In a few
moments, but t had snfTic'.er.t time
to raise niy rifle to my fhotilder and
flro as the enraged bull rushed
straight at r.ic through the reeds with
nose thrown forwarJ ami horn back.
A I fired I endeavr.red to Jump at-1 If
to escape the charge, lint niy feet g
entangled In th matted gtas and I
fell on my bai k luckily, however, re
tiilnlnjt my .d on the jtink of tn
rifle. My ft. t idiot -t-H-nied '3 f-heek
l.im for a tnomtit. but the next he
was nishlna tip the -doiio at me. I
shall tiever f .rpel the look in Ms
icrco cs. It but a moment'
woik to draw t-k the N.lt rf my
Vsm-r and to rh-- It acnin. th'i
pn-nire anmli.T irt-ii!i: into the
bre.-ch. I ta1 no tlm" to rsiw 'b
rifle to mt IiihiM,-. Tbrr wa bare
'r t!n-. Jiit K f-r he wis wttbiB
Triltre 1i-'-c:r ti ftill tbe tritf-T
with tl itiH-lt nie -T try lrrr; it
Li;,- 1 lay on try l-rirk on the lo;- ol
Vp l,.dte trid. V.'.tt -:t
n n.-h a L-T' in !' !I In 1 --1
at. J ro't.-1 i i t t't , l , t '' n. r
t j a-- Im I tr ' t a i-ti'Tit "i!--.?
yr4 tbrtTitt tb biui." SIuo:jv
Two Bible students wero dlscusslns
:he number of quotations often attrib
uted to the scriptures which really aro
taken from secular works. One of
them had Just related the story of the
wash woman who found so much com
fort in the verse, "Grin and bear It,"
which she declared was from tho
Bible, when the other replied:
"Well, there aro other people that
are supposed to know more about the
Bible than the wash woman did who
make just as ridiculous mistakes.
Just last week I heard a missionary
from the Italian quarters of ibis city
address a woman's homo mission so
ciety. After relating some of ha"
trials, she said that she could not
see that the situation Is growing much
" But,' she concluded, 'the Bihlo
tells us that "They also serve who
only stand and walf'-and that's what
I'm doing.'
"Now, those words are not In tho
New Testament at all. Tl-ey aro a
dlicct quotation from Milton's sonnet,
'On His Blindness.' "Philadelphia
Left Money for Lighthouse.
M. Charles l'olron, a Parisian phil
anthropist, ha.i bequeathed $80,000 for
the construction on u rock In a daser
ous part of the Atlantic sea coast,
preferably the Isle of I'shnnt, of a
lighthouse of the best materials ob
tainable and with the latest and most
Improved lighting apparatus.
Unique Autograph Fan.
A fan on which are written the
names of all the members of the Ber
lin congress Ik-Iocks to the Baronesa
von Iani;eii tree Von Prlllivt. ). Tho
posjiessor obtained thi" signatures at
seveial Mil lees niven In honor f the
congress at the Kmllsli tml;usi-y and
the Austrian embassy.
Facts vt. Fiction.
The pod '.it at his desk one day
and dashed oflf a beautiful rhi:ie if
pild and Jewel in siu h a way th.ut
It made fclks think his time was oc
cupied hanillli.ff Reins to rale; but
mot of Ids time wan k; c; t In wo-i
derinff If he'd dire 0:1 tir fur the
poet hedu't a cent.
Old Forrester Whiskey
Strictly pore and of
the finrst flavor. . . .
Bottled at the DUtillrry
and guaranteed by the
Sold over the coun
ter or by tht bottle by
P. G. Furey,
446 - Main - Street
ntw rnoE 79s. j
We arc anxious to extend tho cir
culation of the Enterprise In the
territory surrounding Beaumont
without employing solicitors, 5 and
for the next sixty days we will give
a handsome Art Picture, worth 25
cents to each new subscriber, and
we will give one of the pictures to
any old subscriber who will get us
a new subsrer. Remember that
the Enterprise is published seven
days in the week for only 50 cents
per month, while other Associated
Press Morning Papers cost you seventy-five
cents per month. Re
member that you get the Picture
Free. It is suitably mounted for
framing, or looks well without
frame. Try the Enterprise a month
and you will be glad of it. j& &
Beaumont, Texas
Texarkana and
odd's Fair Route
Through Sleepers
Via. ShreVeport and
...Dining Car Service...
This Train.; Ltives 7:45 A. M. Daily
Arriving; in St. Louis Next Morning.
Double Daily Service to Kansas Ctty.
Through Huff et Sleepers
Ceal. Passsager Ajjt.
Kansas City Southern
St. Louis and Return $15.95
Kansas City and Return $15.00
TicKcts on sale Au. 27
For Further Information Write or
rbt.e I. - - - t. av
City Tirk fWli ci' Pearl a TViW
Attorney - at - Law.
17 Gilbert Building Beaumont,
Correspondents in KewYorK.
Chicago, St. Louis, Ltc.
r;i:o c enrxn. r. o minor
K!th Hnll.llne
Fori Smi.h Ry.
Wi.hout Change
Cotton Belt Route
City Pass, a Tichet Agt
t an Ik. turm-d 'n a r'-enlir ir us
rile vn ct nr pricii .m jour
11ARI. .VA1JK ORlirR.1-!. hive
n-Jinr n-m r-;i itic fiiN,rt unit i-i
liirh the j.ri , tit at, 'I ja.. ;,n-
j ti't af'-rd tn nii.
E. L. Wilson Hard ware Co
T. X. M-'Itow-vl T. ". T)lor
M. K. Ii;n,e
Att-ff-tyi at Lw
A'' st. i-r I;', '
IV lut 'tit, Tf L

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