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conon market
New York li Steady With August
Net Unchanged and Other Po-
VANCE OF 16 TO 38 t
Points Higher.
Now Orlonns, An. 25. Spot rot
ton tlrm nt a fair iloniund. Suit's
.750 bah'H Including :!)0 to nrrlv-'
IVllvercil m contract 1100. 1 Quoin
tlona higher.
Futures oncnoil Irregular with
prices from 4 points lower to 7
points higher. Liverpool opened low
er, hut cloHod higher. Now York
opened decidedly lower.
Tho local murket however, paid
lit I lo attent ion to tho early condi
tion of either New York or Liver
pool, hut promptly sent prices up.
1'rlvato dispatches reported that
prollt-taUIng by "onus wan tho euine
for the declines In Now York and
l.'verpool. There was "second day
story"- attached to yesterday's sus
pension or II. A. Page and company
and tho general impression wa
that the firm was In a position to
enter Into notlvc business again
shortly on ns favorable a footing as
ever Tho coming bureau report Is
a feature of which will in a few days,
overshadow overy other factor In
Hie markqt. It: will bo full a? Im
niiriniir. as anv report is. ny th5
.loiiirtmi-nt of aerlculluro this sen-
son and the market will probably
i.n in n' nervous state for the next
few days. IMay bulls claim tbnt. tho
report has deteriorated at least thir
ty per cent, since me iai r'-i1"11'
wMp hours claim that the detorior.v
ti.ni 1ms not amounted to ten per
cpnt.- . ,
The decidedly mixed crop ac
counts coming from the country are
rocmiimihin for the wide d!IToonoe in
nninion. In the trading September
oppned l points lower at 1050 and
finally sold up to -1088: December
opened 1 points lilgber at. 1042.
sold up to 1078 and flnady declined
to 1070.
The market wa active fliroucn
out the session today. Net. gain?
were August 10 points, September "1
and the other positions 3S points.
New York Cotton Review.
New York, Aug. 2S Sentiment in
cotton hero was very feverish and
while the south seemed to be selling
more or less freely through wire
bouses, there was a renewal of bull
support and soon after the opening
tie initial losses were regained
Around mid-day, tho market was
quiet but showed a pretty steady
undertone wit bin a point or two of
last nielli's figures, when one or two
people, who had been heavy Kell
ers started in to break market,
offered several substantial
blocks and tho room becoming con
vineed that the flurry of covering
find run its course also became free
rpIIpi-s. Tho cotton was easily ah-
sorbed and the bull support again be
came evident leading to a ruh of
' covering Hint carried the list up to
n new h eh level for 1 Ho movement
with Soiilt'iiilier sell 1 11 tr at 11(11: Oct.
nt 100L': December at 10S5 and Jan
1(tsr. gains of about 20 to 20 points.
This represented an advance rrom
tlie low iioint. of last Friday of about
six dollars a bale or C00 a trad
ing contract. Townrd the closing
the market rencted nliout steady with
August net unchanged and other po
sitions from 10 to 18 points hla
er. Sales were estimated Vat C50,0U(I
A Boy and t Girl.
I MW thm on Any In li aun'lilna.
Out lhiit where the i-hiyvr bluwg-
A r III tie tiny towhtninV.I air I
A'ltl ty with rrei-kleil nn'
Wttlt an-oM iraw hat wtiliout anV brim
' Atid nllii- HuIiIIiik hU vlmhec
A wo Utile irtil witli a ilif lull lirHtil
- And boy Kith two alubl4 Iwa.'"!
I mw them mi ava In tha twlllstit,
thiwn llmra li-r the river ilu-vs:
Tlie llHll hrnlil la a III liriild iihw
How a lad or a inula ri
The. old atraw hnl la a naw hut now
And nuvur a frwkla atiowa
On (lie fare of a youth' whs, bonding
til head, . -
(Uvea n fHlr-hai4 trmlden a roia.
I ci them nan In" In the uiutilne,
An. I whatever do yon UnoeeT
Divin tlmm and about thein than!
And rnti and i-lnna to tliolr elothoa.
A woe i little tiny towhetidi-d alii
And n hoy with two ntulihed oa
A writ limn (hi with a' plKlutl bratit
AnJ boy with frei-kleil nnmi.
CoMlvi's Weekly
Significance In Fact That Shamrock
III. la Not for Sale.
It may or may not ho significant of
Sir Thomas J. Upton's Intentions regarding-
a fourth challenge for the
America' cup that Shamrock Id. hua
been withdrawn from the market.
When the first and second Bhamrockr
wore Sold last November it wua gee
orally understood that the third
Shamrock was for sale also. About ,
ten days ago a yacht broker mndo an
Inquiry concerning the Shamrock of
J. Keithly Crowiher; Sir Thomas' man
ager In this country, and was unheal
tatirtgly Informed thnt sho was not
for sale. Mr; Crowthcr succeeded
Mr. Davis as tho Llpton agent short
ly after the conclusion of tho lust
match for the America's cup. Sli
Thomas Is c:.puctcd In tho first wool,
of September.
A UIFT. ' , .
Toward Session's Close Market Weak'
ened on a Heavy Lint of Profit
Taking Net Gains ,
It Was Good Money.
An illustration of how thoroughly
some coins go out of circulation was
furnished by an incident In a street
car yesterday. A sedato mm sat
reading h.3 newspaper when the con
ductor torched his arm for his fare.
Without looking up he han;ied over
four coins. After scrutinizing them
the conductor Kald: "Can't lalio 'em."
The man simply loo!:ed up.
"Your fare, please," said the con
ductor. "I offered you my full faro," said
the man.
Then the conductor began to get
"You mustn't attempt to put off any
foreign coins on me," he replied pick
ing out oiio of the pieces and shaking
It at the man.
Then the passenger said to his
neighbor nt hl3 elbow: "Is thnt a
good coin?"
"A good United States coin," said
the man addresKcd.
The conductor took tho pioco, look
ed It over carefully, and said: "Well,
I'll be darned. That's one on me. 1
never saw ono before."
It was a 2 cent piece. New York
Kansas City.
Kansas Citv. Aug. 25. Cat tie
lteceipts T.500 including 1,000 south
erns; steady to 10 c higher; closed
easy; choice export and dressed
beef steers 5251 finQ: fair to coo I
37.riffiTnn; western fed steers ZtMt
550: Blockers and feeder?. 225W410;
southern steers 250f425; southern
cows 175? 300; native cows and
heifers 150ffH75; bulls 2Tnn(l;
rnlves 6U0.
Ilns Receipts RtOO; market .". to
10 c higher. Hulk of falos, ClSffiCOO;
pigs and liBhtsr.onff snr,.
Sheep Receipts 5.000: steady.
Native lambs 45ifi500: native weth
ers. .l.'iOfl 400; western lambs 4? 450;
nestem yearlings, SSnffMnn; western
fheep 325W370; stockers and feed
rs r.20ffi3C0.
Moro Forts Strengihcnei by All Sorts
of Devices.
Gen. Wood's campaign In Mindanao
against tho Moros required some stifl
fighting. Many of the co'tas, or Moro
forts, were wonderfully strong and in
geniouj in their defenses, especially
that occupied by tho sultan of Maclu
They were surrounded for quite f
distance with hidden traps largi
deep, holes covered over with ltvlnf
fchrubbtry and filled with water, wltf
sharpened bamboo spearu In the but
torn pointing upward, almost as 1m r
and as sharp as steel. ' A man 'allin;
into one of t:to30 would hav. beet
pierced through. Then came a ditel
filled with water, from twenty t
tfty feet wide and eight to twelve fee!
deep, and more bamboo spears. Some
times there wore two lines of ditches
Then a sod parapet, loop-holed, tot
to twelve feet high, six to eight feet
thick at the bane nd two to thi'03 a
the top, surmounted by be m boo pull
sades and abatis. On the top at inter
vols they all had mounted Rucleot
cannon of little efficiency.
Chicago, August 2(1 The market ex
perU'ticcd a frost srnrn today while It
lasted, lifting prices 3 1-8 to 1-4 over
yesterday's close. Final quotations,
however, showed net gains of but 3-8
to 3 4c.
Corn is off 3-4 to 1 1-8 ami prrovls
ions 2 1-2 to 10c.
At tho start the bulls In wheat
enmlngly maneuvered for another
break and under their manipulation,
prices dropped below those of yes
terday. September closed 1-8 to 1-2
lower at 103 1-8 to 103 1-2 and De
cember 1-4 off, 104 1-4.
The weakness was only temporary
and buying at tho lower prices soon
rallied the marrket and set It on an
advance that carried September to lUti
3-4 and December to 107 7-8.
Toward the end of the season, the
market weakened on heavy profit tak
Ing. I.nte weather reports Indicated
a rise in tho temperature for Friday.
Tho break in corn reacted upon the
wheat market. All operated to re
(luce tho advance. September closing
at 104 and December nt 105 1-4
.Corn was easy at the start under
tho influence of favorable conditions
and lower cables. September started
unchanged to 1-8 higher at 53 3-4 lo
53 3-8 and December off 1-8 to 3-8
it 52 1-4 1-2.
Tho market closed weak. Septem
ber closed at 53 and December 51 3-4
7-8c. Receipts 107 curs.
Oats did not seem to catch tho bull
spiprit which prevailed In tho other
grains, lloth deliveries mnde a small
fractional advance but closed at the
bottom, September at 32 1-2 and Dec
ember at 33 1-2.
Provisions were active without ma
erial changes. September pork clos
ed down 7 1-2 (ft) 10c nt. 11.00; lard oft
2 1-2 (fD uc at O.fM at fi.92 1-2 and ribs
lown 2 1-2 7.35.
Oil City Statement.
Oil City, August 20. Credit balan
ces 150; certificate no bid; shipments
18,234; average 74,122; runs 107,717;
iverage 78,795. Shipments Lima
70,838; average 85.189; runs, Lima
70,777; average 2,324.
A 4
Port Eads.
Tort Ead. Ane. 25 Arrived
Ttramer r.M.i'irs. IV-arrflona, Citu
Pf Jli'viu Itif fm. Ceiha: Mount
Vm..n. IV.it Unon: Kl Cid. Nc
Sailed Kramer Harold. Tort lim
it!. Tara valla. Havre via New York;
Anlm. PiMTtn Cortea.
Vtnethtt Cotton Oil.
M.refhK Ai- 2S- ear V
l-r ralhm .rinie rrnd 23 off erttd
t 1 "l I'l : fwlme nimm'f J" l'"r
ff mmflH r-ll.w, nominal:
r-.oiee eookine tmnn-r rllow
thit car l1 nominal.
M-af prime 21""- 1
Chinese- Compelled to Wear It by
Their Manchu Conqucrore.
The celestial' pigtail, in which hr
takes great pride, and over tho plait
Ing of which he takes any amount of
trouble, Is really the badge of slavery.
Before the rise of the Manchu suprem
acy. Chinamen wore no tans or
queues, but tho cotiqtierors from the
north gradually enforced this out
ward and visible sign of China's hu-
milintlon, and each province, one af
ter the other, adopted the practice of
wearing; long hair and plaiting It up
In a coll with cotton or silk. One
clan at least, to tM day. Indirectly
repudiates the degradation by ww
Ing- at tfirea a turban in which the
pletail Is hidden away. Chinamen,
while at work or la the house, may.
for the sake of convenJtmct, .oll tln-lr
queue round their head, tot It Is a
alga of much dlstespeet whenever
thoy do ao In the pi-nre tf a vlaltof
nr aapertor or In public.
War Tir Censorship.
The late Archibald Korbea one
said of nnsorsUp In war times:
"Wire I a e;enral and had I an lni
pendent command offered me. I would
ace4 It only, tm condition that I
snould have tha thartT lo hor
pvery ar correa jiond est found ith
In fifty miles of my h'-adqmrtera. The
most earcful eorretond nt -anfwt
rtte a er t'-w-e Mti the tti-t--t
r-nrr. If be la ti a ari-tl.itu at
aTl. rannot refrain from earirt;oTilne.
that may tot d a tint to the aiie
:ctn:geiic officials of tbe otti
New Orleans Sugar.
New Orleans, Aug. 25. Sugar
strong; open kettle, 2 3-i(?j3 310;
open kettle centrifugal 3ff)3 3-1; cen
lrifug.il whites, 4 3-4: yellows 3
3-4 (fi 4 5-8; seconds, 2 rH6tA 5-S.
Molas?es nominal; open kettle 20ifi
la ctitrlfngal lOifDiri; syrup nomi
nal 20025.
- Grain and Hay.
Quotations for eartoad lots delivered
on tracka Beaumoat-or other points
taking same rate. Dealers charifs
from store 6Cl0o per 10 pound mure
on bran, 203oVer Bushel on oata and
corn. 10if16o per loo on bav. -
Oats Teiaa. AOOMes No, I rolled,
40o; white, 61 C 63a .
Iiran 1'er 10U pounds ll.JOff 3S. -Corn
chops, pure 91.30(1.4(1.
Outs Texas 43 450,
Corn 7074e.
Hay Choice alfalfa, $15.00; choice
timothy, 117.00: Bouto Texaa prairie,
I7.60dp8.50; Johnson Rras. .60
Feed.producta-Tery aUff, with ad
vancing tendency.
Maiket barely steady, with a declin
ing tendoncy.
Hides and WooL
Dry flint butchers, 18 pounds and
ud. 13e. ..
Dry flint klpa, under It pounds, 10
Dry salt hides, nrer 18 pounds, 10o;
under 18 pounds, 3c.
W. 8. hides, 8 1-2T.
Sheep polta, IS to 40a
Goat skins, 10 to lBo.
HorBe lialr IS to tho.
Wool, free spring. 13 1-1 to Ha.
Wool, free fall, 10c.
Wool, hfcrd burry, f.J.
Butter ana Cheeaa.
nutter Klue Star, iirr. dulry
butter 1Hu20: Kljrin, 2Hal!7: Hei'iiiee
Fancy Creamory,28: Meadow Cold, 30;
t'ttiiey renovuUl creamery. 23a24.
Allison's I'ure pasteurlr.ad cream
butter, tlnglo pound 35c; 2 pounds
for 05c.
Cheese Full cream flats, 141; daisies
141; prints. 13; full cream Lonirliorns,
Parisian Information f&ueau.
An information bureau has recently
V evn Inaugurated in connection witl
ho University of Paris, and Is cwi
k!o.ed an excellent innovation. Tlie
'itireau will afford information on all
matters t.'onnected with higher educa
tion In Paris, whether In government
r private institutions. Those who,
In this country or elsewhere, are con
teiuplating entering tho university
md who have spent hours In trying to
lerive some tangible Idea from calen
lr.rs and class syllabuses will appre
ciate the useful purpose which would
he served by a bureau of this char-ictcr.
Consoling a Friend.
A man was ljing In bed, very iil
with pneumonia. To bim entered a
"Ah," said the friend, "the doctor
says you're going to die to-night,
ot pneumonia, eb? Do you remem
ber PeedesT"
"He died of pneumonia yesterday.
Do you remember R.wterV
"He died of pneumonia too. Well.
t muff go now, but Ml come and
cheer you tip again toniornw."--lon-
(on Tlt-R'ts.
Oak Trees of Queens.
Many English queens have chosen
oak treea In Windsor forest win rcon
their respective names, with the
dtites of their choice, have been com
memorated by means of brass plates.
In different parts of tbe forest, with
ai round them, are oaks bearing
'ns names of Qm en rcilxatx th.
Queen Caroline, Queen Charlotte and
Qu'-en Victoria. "H'-me's Oak." men
tinned in the "Mirry Wives of Wind
mar aa being In Windsor nark, wn
Jeatroyed by a pale on An. II, 1;S
Pearls Liable to Deteriorate.
Pearls are perlt-hable. They can
not V-e considered a flret-rat Inveft-
ment. like diamonds. Aft.T a time
thry eeay. Sometimes a flne aperl-
D win loae Ha lnt-r and beauty
ml'blB a few months, ao that Ihe r"-
fiir of mtrb treasupm well
k-t p hi-m vut aa ay la a all 1ace
Tlier ermst of thla films o-rlaM
tri- njifrti anh'. Hh more l-as
trlmal Mer twweeti tie layer;
n H It W wrmi-r flat tfcey 4-erl
Flour and Srsadsturfs.
Flour Hnsis 48.lt. sacks. Fanev
high patent $5.30; fancy half patent.
$$5.00; third grndo $-1.80; 211b sacks
10 per barrel hilier: Hour In wood, 30
per barroi hlL'hercar lots Ilk; less.
f arluaceoiis uootis t.rns. nominy
and creum meal, in 40-11) sacks, per
satik. 75 pearl meal In .'t.Vlli sneks,
$1.95 jier barrel of four sucks: SeoMi
oats 2.li5a..0(); Friends' outs 2.t.rja
3.00- Columbia oats. $2.8.5: llawkeye
oats, 2.85; Ilecker's buckwheat,- H-lb
paskagos, $4.80.
Cro:kers A U C soda bulk, boxes,
1-1 b cartons. er dor.on.100: cinder
snaps, 71: creams, 8, slatro iilunks, 01
cukes and jumblos, II'
' MIscelianeoiM.
Rope Sisal. 7-10 basis 01, Manila
cotton, XXX, 14 3-4.
Salt llock, 0.0' per ton: Louisiana
coarse, 85: Texas and Kansas, per libl.
G0-5s, $2.(i(); 100-38, $2.75: 140-2, $2.85
i'lokles- rints, uo: quarts, $1.0.14;
eallon, $3.25: 1-srallon, $4; 5-callon
kefjs, $2; 10-gallon kegs, $3.50; Cross
and lilackwcll's pints, $.(.05.
Candy Stick, wrapped, stantiard
6Ja7; fancy mixed, in pails, Gju9;
fancy In cases. 1 1 ai"' roo naiz.
Starcn I'earl. 40-lb noxes, 4: gloss
bulk, 4i; Nickel, $3.00; 1 to 3 pound
packages, 5a51.
Molasses centrifugal, tair, z.j;
prime, 2(la28: choice 23a,,0.
CornSy-'UD 30a.11. ,
Canned Good,
California Extra Standard (21-1 b.
tins) Hluck cherries, ,:.$2.25; white
cherries, $2.25; Y. C. peaches, $1.75;
L. C. peaches $1.85: apricots, $1.00;
Bartlett pears $1.85; grapes, $1.50;
standard, 10 per dozen less.
Eastern Canned Goods and Vege
tables No. 3 apples, 85: sliced pineap
ples, 81; rJ. and U. uineikppies, vi.no;
ex grated pineapples, -tl .75: uineapple
chunks, 1-lb cans, $1,35. pineapple
chunks, 1-1I cans, $1.(10: Singapore
ex-irrated i)Ineauiles. $1.85: 2-lb uears,
75; 2-lb strawber ies. DO: 2-lb black
berries, 85; 2-lb peaehss, none; 2-lb
fui'-weight tomatoes, 75n80: 3-lb full
weight tomatoes, 1.00; 2-lb light-weight
tomatoes. 80a85: 3-lb light-weight. 05:
3-lb kraut 1.25: 2-lb Petit Pots ex sifted
June peas, 1.00; 2-lb standard Marrow
fat p-as, 1.00: 2-lb light-weight Mar
rtvf -t peas, 00: 3-lb pumpkin, 05: 2-lh
Hi t Kidge corn, 1.25: 2-lb Al
corn, . 25al. 35: 3-ib Cupid hulled corn,
Tsxas nd Nsw Orisans R. R. Co..
fast Bound,
No. !.acal Arrtvea. ;.';,;', T:00 pm.
No, local ,.1eavea a m.
No, 10 .Sunset I4mlted Ariires I a. m
1 leaves rt)6 L rs '
No. 4. 6rlol' to) IScho Artivei II; U
p. iu. Leaves M:'6 p. in.
No. Texaa Eiprena Arrives I'lT p.
m., 1cavea 10:05 p. m.
No, Ittl From Sour Lk Arrives ai
7:05 p. m.
West Bound. '
No. 7 Teias Express to Ban Antonio
Arrive Villi a. m., Loavea 7:21
a. m.
N 3 The "Oriole" Arrirei S:67 p
m., Leaves 4:07 p. ra.
Na S Locfl Arrives 7: JS p. u., Lean
at 7:33 p. m.
No. 9 "8unset Limited" Arrives 9:11
p. ra., Leaves 9:3 p. m.
No. 1L To 8our Lake Leave 7:01
a. m.
... North Boui'O.
No. 155. To Dallas Leavea 9'W p. nt
No. 1C. From Dal la Arrive 8:40 am.
South Bound.
To Sabine Leaves 9:4f a. tn
From Sabine Arrive 5.10 p
No. 1S1
No. 1G2
No. 153. Local to Ktcaiand Leave
9:30 a. m
No. ' Local from Rockland arrive
6:30 p. m.
Kanaas City Southern.
North Bound.
No. 2 for St. Louis, Kansas City,
Shreveport, Toxarkana and Fort
Smith leaves.. .. ,.7:50 s. m.
No. 4 for Kansas City, Jnplln, Fort
Smith, Texarkana and Shrevo
port leaves 7:50 p. m.
South Bound.
No. 1 from St. Louis, Kansns City,
Fort Smith, Texarkana and
Shreveport arrives.. ,.3: id p. m.
Leaves for Port Arthur..!): 15 p. m.
No. 3 from Kansas City, Jopl!n, Fort
Smith, Texarkana and Shreve
port arrives 8:41 a. m.
Leaves for Port Arthur. 8: 45 am
Fort Arthur Service. ' ,;'
To Port Arthur.
No. 3 floparts 8:40 a. m. ''
No. C departs 10.30 a. m. '
No. 7 departs 4:15 p. tn. (Sunday on
No. 45 Local Freight departs 3:00 p
m. (except Sunday.-
No. I departs 9:15 p. ru.
From Port Arthur.
No. 2 arrives 7:45 a. m.
No. G arrives 12:20 p. m.
No. 8 arrives 9:35 a. m. (Sunday on
ly) No. 4(5 arrives 10:05 a. m. (except
No. 4 arrives 7:46 p. m.
Gulf, Colorado A Santa Fe.
Kansas City Mall and Express.
No. 218 Leaves k 5:00 p. m.
No. 217 Arrives.!. 12:25 p. m.
Saratoga Express.
No. 204. Leaven 7:00 a.m.
No. 203. Arrive ......... 7:00 p. m
Center Mall and Express.
No. 202 Leaves 10:15 a. m.
No. 201 Arrives 6:00 d. m
Leave Beaumont 9 A. M
Arrive Galveston 12.50 P. M.
Leave Galveston 3.30 P. M.
Arrive Beaumont 7.20 P. M.
Beaumont, Sour Lake and Western.
West Hound East Hound
Head (lown Read up
No.l No. 3 ... -No.. 2,. No.. 4
a. m. p. m. STATIONS a. m. p. m.
4:10 Beaumont 9:20
4:13 0 C & S F Hy 9:17
4:1S S & E T Con. 9:12
4:20 T & N O June 9:05
4:20 S & E T Ctn 9:10
Drue ana Chemicals.
Quinino, 31a40c per ounce bottl
morphine, 2.35a2C0 per ounce: cocain
4.25ero7.: borax 9-10c kt pound in
100-lb packages: coperas 2.0(1 In bar
rels: castor oil, 1.20 per gullon i'a fi
gallon packages: epsom salts, 2.25 per
100 lbs, in barrels: alcohol, 2.70a3.O0
tier gallon: sulphur, 3.2.) per .'00 lbs, in
harrels: a'um .tie per II), in barrels
calcium carbide, 4.00 per 100 lbs; salt-
ter, lo ti ir larr a
Canned Molasses.
Georgia ('ane: gallons, 3.10, half
gallons, 3.50, quarts 3.75: ('ero de
Hatterie, gallons. 3.10, half gal. 3.50
quarts 3.75: Kairomel .Svrun. 10 lbs.
2,00, 5 lb. 2.20. 21b. 1.90.
Dried Fruits and Nuta,
10 oa. cleai.ed current, 30 in case,
per lb. 81: 12 or. cleaned currents, 4 in
case, ier lb. "1:3 Crown Smyrna Im-
iMirted tigs, 10-II1 boxe cr pound,
12: 0 Crown Smyrna Imported tigs, 10
lb. boxes, per lb, 15; 2 crown Califor
nia figs. 1-lb bricks, 10 lb ImiXcs, per
box, I.L: i crown Cahtornia Iil's, 1-lb
cartons, 10-11) boxes. ier iii. 1.25: 12 ox
pai-Kag'-t seeded raisins, 4. In case,
wr .kg. 9; 10 ox packages aecd'-d
raisins. 3d in case, per iia'kage, 81;
2 crown tj. L. raisins, 20 lb boxes, per
box, 2.00: 3 crown U L. Haiaina, 20-lb
boxes, tier Ihx, 2.15; 2 crown L. L.
raiaina, i-lb lxixes. tier box. "0; Amer.
Ciraiean citron, 10-lb In.xea, tier lb,
la: Amer. orange jl, 10 In boxea, tx-r
lh. 14; Amer. lemon fe-l, :o lb 1-KiXes,
per lb. 14: N;. I t.'alifornia almond.
soft abell, inn oontainln- a Unit MO
pounde, er lb. lb less qualities per
ih: 11.
Pecos Sail net lb.
4 : :t:t . Sand Pit f8:57
4:i(l McLnln's f8:54
4:47 Keating f8:43
4:51 Mocker s 8:3'i
5-00 West's f 8:. 10
5:15 Hrasier f 8:15
5::!0 T&NO Crsnff 8:00
G:57 '
6:19 '
To Eastern and
Northern Summer
Tno Louisville & Nashville Roll
road affords the Fastest Time and
Finest Service from New Orleans
and Memphis to ail the noted Sum-'
mer Resorts In the Enst and North.
Tickets will be on sale after Jup.e
1st at vrry low rates to Nltfgara
Falls, Mammoth Cave, Put-In Bay,
Uld I'olnt Comfort, Waukesha, St.
Fiul and Minneapolis, French Lick,
Petoskey, Oconomowoc, Mountain
Park, tnd to the Mountain Resorts In
Tenncsscb and Kentucky, tickets be
ing limited for return until October
31, 1904. The Louisville & Nashville
operates Double Dally Trnlna out of
New Orleans and Memphis for all
resorts mentioned. Trains are wide-'
vestibulr-d and carry modern Pullman
Qlonmira F.lop't rln.l Airh tnrt nintnirl
Cars and Coaches and Free Reclln
Ins: Chair Cars. For ratea, the tables
and further information, address be
low-named representBtlvea of the,
Louisville a Nashville R. R
P. W. MORROW, T. P. A., Houston.
T. H. KINGSLET, T. P. A, Dallas,
J K. R IDG ELY, D. P. A, New Or
loom Ia
a )i
Copyright, Rurr Mclutoth Art SluMei.
Each New Subscriber Can
Get an Art Picture With
The First Month's
.Mil I 2 ..s 8ubo-l..loii.
o yJ TPM affile
am nnukk
MAT BE PtTlirtficrn
"vMniicw I( , I
to Su laolt via Colorado and (o Colorado via Si, lavJ.
,H ll , 1 II-'
Tula arrantrcment aoolle tmm Bu ; 4u- c ju..
- " fHa aim liiu aJUUtlf rrvvn
ana includes 'Stop-over' privileges, that you may enjoy
your reai vacation ana Kest In "COOL COLORADO" J
A. A. CLISSON, Cen-CPass, Ageht.
Graduate of Boston
Experienced Teacher (Er.iertonian
System). Reader and Impersonator.
659 Cartwright Avow
Take Park car. Old 'phone M9.
Wood and Coal.
Dry risk and p;ne w.d fplit readr
t'tr o-e. Prk-e and J'.hnwm, N. h
phones 1 05.
!' a d'i.r' 1..I- M- ,
h'-at'h. Iv-iora pwifideti'T r-.m
TTKtid Har-r Whitk'-j-. Fj14 by J.
I. Oos etl
"W. IvI. Crook:
Corporation and
Commercial Law.
Roema 1-17. Bianchette EHate Bldf.
Associated R. C. Harria, I. W. Lawhoti
BcaamoDt, Tetat.
You can't afford
to miss the great
World's Fair
s The greatest show ever held, an education
within itself, equal to a journey 'round the
Why not go now thia month
Rates are very low, accomodations are easily
had at reasonable prices. If you are in doubt
about the cost of a visit you can purchase a
complete round trip including railroad ticket,
, hotel accomodations with meals, admissions
to the Fair and all necessary expense for any
number of days at a certain fixed price, with
arrangements all made in advance. Write us.
about this at once to-day. The Cotton Belt ,'. ,.
Route operates
Through Daily Trains to St. Louis
carrying lcrrr, clininp rar, chair' ran, cnsrlira-'
Write lor illii.tratcd WorKI'i Fair folder containing
map of grounds, train aclicdulcs, etc. . . 1
St. I.ouii, Mo.
'or call oil Cotton licit Route Ticket Agent'
'Pabm la
4t - fcs - v
We are "IT" for
Golf Goods
Spaulding's Sporting
Goods, Wricht and
Ditson's Tennis
Coods, also Ham
mocks and Cro tiet
Dr. A. C. Stafford. Dentist
Is preperel 61 tj vins f dental
work. Prlee rea'inslle. Eiamlna
tlna trtm f . m w m 1 t rr-t I t.
be rnn-f-4 Romns 14 and 1. I
oer Treach Market New vh'c
Mall orders promptly eiecuted
Write for prlrea.
imwrs book mil
Home Killed Meats Only.
Treadway Bld'fl. 'Phone E59.
1 '.4 i
How are Your Eyes
Tfm te It tn four ;f ft f n4 otrt
at eiee iir v e r--' M -f
TIIK l:y K ir.Vi KI.HT '!.
Saratoga B Batson Transfer
Il"avy baul nt; ami general traniif
and livery buKiness. TIkidc Na i;
Kara toe a, T(ia.
In Old Beaumont Iron WerVa Stand,
corner Bowl and Orleans.
() I f) witmi. jtirtt-
V',N T. I Itif lit.
U trtLi
Pearl St.

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