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Salesman and BooK-Keopcr
Must have experience and first-class reference,
ry Salary but a smi berth for a WORKER.
No fan-
The Trail of the Knights Templar
The Grand Master's Special Train passes Reaumont Auij
28th at 3 a. m., en route to San Francisco.
This Palatial train will be composed of the following
cquipmcntrBaiipiaee Car. Composite Car, Compartment
Car, Pullman Sleepers, Observation Car and Dining Car.
Secure Reservation in this Train soon as possible,
Remember, no smoKe, no dust, no cinders alonjj the route.
Call For Attractive Illustrated Itineiary.
A. R. ATKINSON, D. P. A. J. K. TOOKE, C. P. and T. A.
t e
Heavy Casting, Farginj: and Structural Work, Saw Hill
Work a Specialty. Well Machinery Kuilt and Ht paired.
iana. Brick & Tile Co., Ltd.
Correct Clothes for Men
Cwr-titilMI. A. S tOa.
the measure of
the man M also
of the man's ap
parel when it
bears this label
" Character ! " is the watchword
of all their workers. The high
est exposition of the tailoring
art is represented in the produc
tions of these clever craftsmen.
Equal to fine cuitom-midc In all but
price. The maktri guirintcc, and
ourt, with every garment. Wt ir
Extluilve Distributors In this city.
Petri St.
Landing a Big Fish.
mil n iin'lly Klrl
Mv ia hip lilu mill liliie.
I walk an IT I inn iifraiil
I 'ml I will lin'iiH In two;
Vv viilro U HUi't'l linil low.
I It. I'll III V I'VI'M llllllll tti KI'Olin6.
Ami when I clear my llirunt 1 uct
As II It hull mi! hu.
(iiii'O I wnlkcil mi n nillrnnd brides
Ami miule h cvn that l
Wiih Hiait-'l In ho iibuvu the crock
Hu wry. oiy I.IkIi.
1 limit I III' ctlll'Ht ilillf R'eps,
I HhiiihliTi") at tile Hlri'ain.
Ami cli.niin'il my lirau hy i;nsilnf out
, irhannliiK lit t It Hcrciiln.
Whene'er I hcp a horrid rnw.
I uiinii anil llulit for tiri-atli
Anil cwldlo iiii In ( hurley una
11 I li k 'H hl:n In Ui-nlll.
Tin' lliiiui:lil nf how I need Ills strength
And I'll Jolly him iiIuiik
lid lunil him uicrr a wiiiip.
Indianapolis Hun.
NaKers of Common
"Universal Peace."
The czar's attempt at tho establish.
mcnt of universal peace la not tha
Hist of the kind that lias been made
by u Kuropean monarch. The French
King Henry IV. of Navarro proponed
nomtthlnt; Klr.iilar In the sixteenth
century. Ills Idea was to form the
European nations Into a confederation
of id ut es, and each state to be even
ly balanced In military and naval
power. The confederation was to be
a supreme court of arbitration to lie'
elde all disputes that might arise,
There was one flaw in this peace pro
posal the Turk was to be excluded,
iirul the states were to wage a war cf
xlermlnation against him. Tiio
project was discussed ana dropped
The Best BricK in the World
Address: LOEB, TEXAS
Higgins Oil & Fuel Co.
Beaumont Texas.
t'r .i u rr nii.l 5hipperjMl Ckimn PHTKOLRUH from Sinr l ake
iuI Heaiimont. 5 torn p;e lanky Beaumont, SuM.ie.
Morgan City and Sour Lake.
Ur-xri'llcil tncililm fur making prompt sliipmo it, y rail or
wu'jt. W( iso Bolidt towing on tlio Gulf for now tugs
'( IillxM't" am1 "lliggins " Oorrospondonra solicited-
irrrs.rajinramsaii i
I)itcct from
It?firery to
CotiMim: r!
No Jobber;
Write for Trices
so: iitNtt Bint.
1 i? ii jl
Overworked Man Carried Out Bluff
to the Last.
Two brothers, both active, young
business men of this city, went lately
to visit an uncle, a short, stout, light-
hearted man of (10, who owns a farm
up state. They found him loading
hay into a cart. Wishing to Improsa
his nephews with his ngility, he de-
clared he could stack hay as fast as
the, could pitch It. The nephews
accented the chiillanco, threw off
their coats and when ho had mounted
the ruck, fork In hand, work com
The hoys lifted large forkfuls rap
Idly and nil went well while the body
of the rnek was being filled, but when
the load began to nettle above and be
yond the stakes and It became neces
sary to place each forkful In the prop
er place foe binding the mass below
tilings becMvo a little mixed up on
top of the load. Still their uncle
yelled out at the top of his voice:
"More hay! More hoy! Prat It,
bios, you don't keep me half busy!"
Tin- li'iys tos:cd the hay up faster,
and the old man's pulling as he strus
ul.'.l to keep Ms head above the flood
.'nil,! be plainly heard. At length.
wliiV with his struggling and his
cl.iining ii" 1 Ms being blinded under
the tlii. l. coming mass, mid the clum
sy, ill I isl loiied manner in which he
1 ; lie.! the b" half ': forkful.
e t 'i i f tlie mad slid off upon the
I i it .: a, 1. 1 the old man Willi It.
I' i' i. I'm le Sam. what are yon
(, i li.re f.ir?" asked one of the
iic;: . v.
j "I una ier for." gasped the old
i ,n:. stiu . li.ig up from th choking
'.Il.i liiig pi! . "why. eiinsnrn yer lay.
i .;.... f. r notaini: pletuie. I've come
! ion afui inert lay!" New -York
i !Y...
Teach LarWt to Cmg.
Yorl.sVie !.. at 1 In. lib ri.fi. Id a
M l i:ni.l.sh iivm'i iat on. wlncli pro
, ir . I he Miit'tiB t larl. 'ptive
! 'l .1
' 'iMl Sit Ul 1(1 I -
are It itr.
!t.t,. :he l
I l.i i-'. l. up ' '
I . I V. ..
- 1 .. .'1 I
. . .., 1 ..-.
i l.v I'l'int tal. n in
, ,!. In r, Mi, y re
. :.i ..f fii-'- lui Is
i iiii i" ! ions lor
. , -i (i. lii a! ano-'S
. ...rct-.i: t"r t n
i v lie. ! a .it. .ik. In
. T !u ri. .
'. sii i Vt- c- r
: !.i . r In I ' . Ii:
t.. .hi
i ;. ri-i' s
Otto Sktnner la Chliif la the Molt
Mlt Julia Mailowa U rwtlnir at her
UiuBier lilac. llluhmouuL Ut U
Itora Olaen of the Woodland" corn
pa uy la aa eiwrt yaehtuwoumu, tha
alia knockabout alatukt every fte
uouu lu lUmton liurbur.
Hie Wliard of Oi" will make tn
x tended tuur of thlH country nvxt nu
ou. Kverjr dty of luiHirtance ou the
l'aclllc count will alittt be vUltcd.
Grace Kins of In "Woodlaixl" com
pany lit a dautfhti-r of Allan KIhk of
Jackitonvllle, Ma., who vim one of the
luoat faiuoua niusiclaua of the nouth.
hed Ixiuiioi ban retired from the
cast of 'The lluld and the Muiumy"i
and liui becu nuectHtded In the rulu of
the bankrupt curio dealer by Ulehurd
niutuhe MorrlHon of the "IloHtou
tana" baa made one of ber ercnt sue-
ct-saea thla aeuaou wherever alio haa
played Maid Marian In "Itobln Hood."
She took up the part of lolore la
niit Bcreiiudi!" at lesn than tweuty
four boura notice.
Mlaa MurcUi Vun Drettser la In Nia
Diouutalua of tho Tyrol, but keeping
up her vocal atudlo even In that re
mote region. Though aho will uot Hint
In public for two years, ahe la a nal-
arled member of Ueliirlch Coiiiied;
Metropolitan Opera House forces.
Knap McCarthy worked old Tnlia
Leaf. 2:10,4. lu 2:UVi at the Indlaunpo
11a track recently.
William Almln of Siirlnglleld, O.. baa
Huzelwood Hal, 2:15, by Hal Dlllard.
2:04);, und alx others lu his atable.
l' E. Schooley of l'ort Dover. Out.,
will race the pacer J. 11. t, 2:1SV4. ud
aeveral green pnmpecU this summer.
UeorRO Md'herson of Moutreal la
racing the Chamber of Commerce can
didate, Angus l'oluter, ou the Canudlau
W. P. Harrison la at tho Indlnuopotla
track with Vyzole, 2:H'i. by Vyznut,
and aeveral head of grevu horses by
Courad, a sou of Electioneer.
II. M. Heaves of Athens. Ga., will
race Gold Call, 2:1114. iud n four-year-
old green trotter by Grattuu ou the
great western circuit this summer.
E. D. Hcdford of Brooklyn recently
purchased from Hugh Milam of Head-
ville, Mass., u yearling colt by Directum
Miller, 2:0S,si. dam Staretta. by Sweep
aiaKes. i . 0,,,.,,i.. i.- ,i.,.
Dr. Strong. SflO'i. stepped the last , "
half of a work out mile over the Tole
do liulf mile track In 1:05', j. His tirst
start will be in the 2:00 trot at the Co
lumbus early meeting.
IP I Iffliil HOURS
The DOCTOR is extremely wise,
His health means much to him ;
Good beer's the only kind he buys
It gives him strength and vim.
You may be very, very sure
That he selects a brew that's pure
Good Beer, thoroughly aged, contains a great many
health-giving qualities. Poor beer, improperly aged,
means biliousness, headaches and indigestion. You
owe it to your health to buy the best. Ask for the
world-famous brews of
Trade Supplied by J. T. GULLAHORN, Beaumont, Texas
Natural Lar.tr rno.
In Tuba, In the rural districts, tin
natives sometimes catch the great
"light nlng buss" "Cucujof-" they cal!
tin. in and place several et tin m !n
side a paper lantern to sec by when
Cing about ut niht.
Napoleonic Relics.
In tho library of Ilinehclero eastla.
Lord Camnnon's residence in Hamp
shire, England, are the table and
chairs which Napoleon used when hi
Tho cost cf the English navy amounts
to $22 a your for every family lu Great
A bbnbblly dressed man wearing a
pnlr of uruiy trousers wus arrested and
fined in S'tmtfiml, England, ror "Wing
ing dljcivait on his mujesty's uniform."
In future,' ull vans lu London must
have a window on each side of the
driver, so that ho can see whut Is be
side bim as well us what Is in front of
Only one person in Ave uses the tun
nel built in London for crossing the
street near tho Bank of England. The
others prefer to take their chances
among the horses und vehicles.
A new defense wus sprung lately lu
an English criminal trial. It was pleud
cd ou behalf of tlie defendant that he
had once received an electrical shock
of 2,000 volts und that it had impaired
bis u-.lud.
Widening London bridge from fifty-
three feet live inches to sixty-live feet
has cost $3,500 a running Inch. But Its
roadway, thirty-five feet wide, and Its
footwulks of fifteen feet width ou ei
ther side ure worth $."i00,(00 mure In
Increased facility for its enormous
Waste Sugar Cane.
It Is suggested that tho waste susar
cane in Hawaii more thnn Z.Oimi.imic
tens a year which In now consumed
ss fuel, could be more profitably icioii
for the manufacture of paper.
Far Behind the Times.
A doctor writes in the London Lr.n
tot thut as regards sanitation and veil
tilation the English churches retain
the customs of the middle agos.
Rats Sink Battleship.
Owing to the ravages of rats, the
old French battleship Mars, ui!ed as a
barracks, suddenly sauk in Toulon
French Capital's Immense Debt.
Paris has tho biggest debt of any
elty In tho world. It amounts to
asked to remember t.liat tho consensu s of the Best Medical Authorities
(based on invesl igal ion and results) imanjiuomdy favors tlie unrivaled
advantages ' : j ? ' ,
Cool. Colorado Offers
as a resort for individuals or those In need of Physical Upbuilding bo
can e of Over-wnrlf, Sedentary Habits or Oilier Causes; this having par
ticular rel'ereiici) to Ihoso rex ding in the Lower Altitudes or Malarial dis
tricts. This Land of High Elevation
Invigorating Atmosphere rnil Magnificent Scenic, f! rand en r, presenting
iiiieiliia.ed Opportunities fur Out-Don r Life and affording all the ComfonJ
of Civilization nt Minimum Expense s, is but one day's journey from Tex
as via
which is the Only Lino offering Solid Through Trains from the Southwest.
"Tho Denver" saves you ;5'.'n miles per round-trip ami many houra time,
and provides Double-Daily Through 'i'r:iiii;i with I'alaco Drawing Kooui
Kleepers and Magiiillcently Appointed Cafe (i". serving all ineais m city
Hemeinbe' live weeks; session,
llouliler, began July 1th.
Asl: ynur TJotne Ticket A.eiit or write us
now "Tri-Anglo Tickets" to Colorado via HI,
for informal ion relative
"One Way Via the Denver Road'
Davis, T.P.A. . R. W.
Linens In checked put terns are the
latest weave.
8ea green Is one of the prettiest of
the season's colors in lawns.
Vessiilliie, taffeta nioiisseline and
louislne ore the silks generally em
ployed for the frilly gowns of the day.
White, green mid yellow, the last
shading to orange, are the colors that
take precedence for trimming purposes.
A pleasing effect of color Is Intro
duced by using a slip of organdie lu
floml pattern under gowns of white
Fichus of embroidered lawn or soft
Australian Kangaroo Farming.
Kankaroo farming Is to become an
established Institution in Auslr:il!n.
For tho Telephone.
In the hoiixe of a woman physlclnn
was observed a very Intelligent
uanitary device, says the Philadelphia
Press. The mouthpiece of the tele
phone was lilted with a cover, some
thing like the felt piece with which
a photographer shields his lens. This
cover was always kept on the mouth
piece when the telephone was not In
use, the object being to keep out
dust, which in a doctor's office might
be Infected with an unusual allowance
of germs. The example is worth fol
lowing in any house.
Trlcke of Russian Traders.
To ferret out the thousand auJ one
irtiiil tricks of Russian trader is co
Misy task for the government It has j
1'itely been found necessary to give
,:ibt ructions to all the railway oS
ciais to rub out any chalk marks they
might notice on tho carriages. This
mcaMire was rendered necessary by
N. S.
Tipton, C. T.A. A.
Fort Wo th. Texas.
Glisson, G. P. A.
ianta Fe and
Splendid c
Harvey Dining Halls. Stop-over at
Eurem Sprinys. W. A. TULEY, Gen
rrai Ha'.iunur Agt.. Fort Worth, Tex.
inuidin ore frequently seen on
tun' the fact that In numerous cas Ris
budhve In nrefercuce to the more stiff! slnn merchants carried on their lust
druperiee of silk.
lihiusos of tusi-an and fish net In
white and ecru tdindcs ure exceedingly
popular. They are worn over self color
r contrasting llulngs. Hrooklyn Llagle.
nes correspondence by tr.eaL"
short hieroglyphic Inscriptions cc
cairlac of railway trains.
Strike the Happy Medium.
The ureat : rouble wlta tnt cf is v
is that we do not live senpUiy. V
either tike life ton sortoiutv
plunge into cur work with ss r..-7 i a
that n tdls on its erther 3K-sy
r pnyidcallv. or e l-'lttr aov. r "
Indolently, faking life iS. " N. "
there I a tlrre fur ork aa.1 a t.e
I t us, then, te:t-
-ii.ii !'
t t;.i-n
C. T. Hrii 9. T. V. Seiker.
n, .-!.- i l - fw-auu A In.
'sges paid street car men In the
t'nlii-t 8tntee annunlly amount to
niore than Sss.OOXU'"".
The tusttmum load on the Trnl-bert-in
rnllrond I only U0 tons. la
America 2,000 tons cviuprlse the aver for ror ivat leu.
a-r li-ad. full all of the time nor pity i-it-
Japnn has only bslf as nisny miles ij- it Is the wli-e man or .-rr. v-0
tt mllruaJ as New York atate. el- Mril( tie ta'anre of U liSf
though It U Uiree tlmm aa large and me.l;nm it; llvitf
; Las f ttmo its population. 1
I Tie tVllmlncton and Wrldnn rail- pcr
. rood, tviw a part of tlie Atbuitk Coast lf ,(,i
Iit nyfum, iwnm or an otiumusi ji r,
torr. It la K-vtity-one -rears old and 2 ),u
I n tM-ver kliied a per;er. It Is 1'3 V';i !! a'' n- 1 1
n.:i.- m and at ttie time of Its ro- t"ir-'--r Th. ti
- TDt't miTDC nrrnnnrvttirnT
'y-ft ,' mwL, L.vt)t,rij w 1 uuuubiEjiuiii
'jfr'r&'r'' are seniible peojile. That wise maxim.
r . . -e- , - w: at m r t .
fwk t a siiicn in isme saves nine , is very ap-
'"y.'yj propriate uhen applied to the eyes,
f ' PR0r?7NF.cS it important, bat SKILL
v Y7 FULL ISL . IMEVT is essential.
No Ch F'kr Kftminticn. Consult
ARTHUR L. FINS, Lpert Fye Specialist at the
BecK Jewelry Company
: - - i
Sale at '
! -f m v..
I First National Binkof Beaumont 1 y
ru waa the louct rsllruad
tte ot Id.
la nii It
It!. "
7 r.'
... TAOon
.... "O "C
.-'1. r-.ond Asst. Cashier.
.. Dire.tt-r.
t.i'bert. D -rctcr.
' P. Ifvjr, D'ttor.
C. V ti. DircttoT.
r i-ti t '.ii a nan mi?, lit tat
J II!' I'l J' I: Mil l.nil.1-.

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