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Bulletin 8aya Raw Material EkIU to
Supply Hundreds of Concerns
For Many Year.
"Tim Kniil Ixirfy of ti rl wood H"i
Imt In KhkI Ti-xiih remains i I-''
Iliiu; inalcrlul wifllcleiil i fuilllHll
liuiilrcln of fiiciiiili-H fur many year
lu nl lifinil."
ThoKo ur Hoinit of I'1'1 HtnicmcntM
corilitiuiMl in tin- last government bul
letin on I lie hard wood l'r'M "'
Hunt Ti-xuh. For hcvciiiI ycara the
UnterrlHO luui claimed Mint "here
In contributory lo llcauiuoiit an incx
hnimtlble hiipply of valuable hard
wood, and Hi"' ly r"iin:m or I In;
fan, of Hi" pioxlinliy or Hcniiinont p
i:..lf iiml hecailHe of I In- liialiy
trunk line rallioiulK which give H "
reel connection with a law conmim
...Miiiiiiltm. Ilcutimoiit olTi'rs mi
1 1. .1., I nilviintHL'l' for the I'Hl'-lle
nui ,.i i.r fninlliiie faclorieH, colll:i
liniiiiM - " .
li.mellt. Rliokc anu
handle and hox factories cic.
Subiect Taken Up.
The Chamber of Commerce of this
n v i.i.h actively taken up thla Him
Ject and hau sent letters U hundreds
..r fiirnltiiro manufacturer poiuiuih
out the advantages. In Hpile r tills
many plno lumlier men have cliUim-J
lhat there In little hard wood timber
of u commercial (iiallty m ea.
It ih pleasing to note, therefore, inai
Ihu last Ijiillelln of I lie Department or
the Hulled States on forest resources
of Texiis fully lirs "i"1 lllu I'M"'
lirlse'H couleiition.
This bulletin !s compiled by .Mi.
,m. I.. Dray of the llureau f "'
estry and Is complete and exhaustive
in Its handling of the subject. It is
impossible to review 1" any Mrt or
completeness the bulletin just s
sued but si.me extracts from -
same are given to show the extent
of the hard wood timber of hast i x
,,s. lu dealing with the har.l wood
of East Tcxus the bulletin says:
The Trinity Section.
"For at least Kill miles of H"
course from Liberty northward lb'
heavily timbered valley of the Trin
ity will average live miles In width.
This would mean Ciil'.iMMl mimic
miles of chiefly hard wood fores s.
Slmi'ar forests are found along the
"lied river, Hubine ami Neelies, lie
sldeH many more or less extent. A
HoclaK'd in these forests are nearly
all (he well known valualde hnr.l
woods of the Atlantic Slates, many
of them in Krcat abundance and pel
,f iim i.irUt iii oiiaiitily, vkiio'y
value stand the oau-. iw-t.
white oaks are the cow oak, bur
Texas oak, willow oak aim
Next In Importance- comes ash nn'l
hlekory. There Is nn enuiess m
lily or gum and mueh cot Ion wood,
scycamote and elm. with a f; r
amount of H. "' ""' '' m'' '
magnolia, iron wood, corn beam and
"oinV usage orange. Hlnrk wa .. . .
which wus formerly very common.
been largely rut om.
Timber Grows Large.
the rich bottom soil the ""i-
lmows verv largo .oaks reaching
.Ihiinctcr of three to six feet, nsh
three to four feel and hickory two
to three feel. One -pecle Is often
predominant in spots. For instance,
hte bur oak in the Ited river valle
near Tevarkana. Is so thick n ti i'
nembcl a pure pine forest. From the
lower Trinity and the San Jacinto
the while oaks are especially nhnicl
On the lied river cotniuo"
very heavy anil on me
black oak forms ainio-i P"'
'Considerable timber has .'ecu
ahum the older lines of ran
Her grades of oak have gun" t.r
no and nl av tie and turn. . p.
torieB are nrklnc np some him
...... ii,.. unit minion nrneps
.f furniture. In spile of H'e e dralt
UIH.U II the creat b-.lv ef bald o...
timber In Ka-l T"as i.tualns to I"
harvesled. Note the sinule vamp
Hlrea.lv tn.'lilioiK'd f MMai"
mi!, h 'alone the Tritutv ;,!.., I. !
i iii lu !l;iv is at tiaiii".
,ii I v are linal fanon.
1ml iinrthi'in eiic. ni
consumed the litni r -n
territory, at.- Inrinnm- t"
the Im-iiit TiA.t- nri H". H-n
t.-.n.l iiflli-ii ttf l eiHti l .'I 1
ert v
rni ted
In .ii ;
I" I'
I li
luiiie iioiio loo noon. fr rn-n
the noil that leaniiK for clllcuiciil
Ih outHltippliiK the liunlM riiiiiii. a'i
He'd f'r Held of UlihiirMt.ei for
ft is Itelliir Himleiliil ll'l ue'n-j
cl merely in K t rid of ih" ini-. "'
iinlesN there Is a rapid devel .pineiil
In market in ! alable irMiiu i i
is likcvl to he laruely wasleil."
Woodhead en Queation.
The Texas Almanac of ton
tains an article on Hie hard wood
re-oiirccK of Texn hv Mr. D. Wsd
head. Secretary or the ClininlH-r of
Commerce her. In hl'h Mr. Woo.l
hind sava:
"Wlille export business In l non
hard woods should he d-. loped so
as lo Klvo n reliable and suady mar
ket to the saw mills ! Is l-r value
for ninnufiuiurliiK purisiMH which
hhould appeal to the Investor. '"'
present price or timber Sands and
siuiiipiiKo In Kt Texas nuikeii H
INis-ll.le In deliver lumber nt aurii
ravorable points Ur liianufacliirlnJ
as lleiiumont. Ilonsion mid DalliM,
reiisonal.lv close lo I lie mills and to
a law coiiKiimliiK population, at i;
cost whlc.i should result in lunsc
furiiltiire mid oilier w's.d work iik
plant beln erected In iUw rill';
"Millions or reel or Hie best while
. . .. ... ..... u. .,, ill lu vearlv fill b.V
oiih oi .... ,
...,.l...r- In rrceiit years llie.o
devastators of the r-iresl have en
. , n...i luinilrei U of acres
of nne while and bur oak lands have
been culled. This business U ex-
cechUKlV wasterul. If s w m ...
were eslabllshed In collection with
Mave inaklnu so that Ih- balance "I
the tree unfit for pipe v 'oub.
he nlllled It would not he so bad.
but as at present conducted Hie very
Lest trees are cut and only Dear los
taken from Ihem.
"Ninctv per ccnl or th-so stn-cs
are'exiioried and th only wnnlm
.rented for Texas Is a 1'iire llvln
r..r pisirlv paid slave cullers and n
mere pittance Tor the owner or the
ninl If the trees are not cut with
out his knowledKe or consent, a
Ireipiently lumpen. These forests
are loo valuable lo be sacrificed n
this manner, and (he limber should
be put to its proper uses."
HJffl fill HP
Digest of Texas Statutes Covering
Killing and Ensnaring of Birds
and Animals Possession of
for tnativ . ar .il-l : -mi" -
.. ,. Hi.. f..r.-i itO'i f'irt''
tnre. ac.'i iimtM-r. in.il. m-I-.' t-"
!!. and manner nf l'e"t- """
liipd in'" 'he fate from m ' 't'
tMn.' Vi-i tiinmihu 'nr. r
Our store will close
at lO a. m. Sept. 5th
for Labor Day Cele
brations. Orders
for delivery that day
will be taken 'till
closing hour, and a
special breakfast de
livery will be made
the following morn
ing at six o'clock.
ti... i, mil in.- KcaHon Is now near
i iiu ........ r-i
hand and sportsmen nte enjoined
i. .1 ...IikII'iiI of the new mime law.
this city many liave pledged them
selves to prosecute all violations that
I hey ran learn of. A digest of the la
In as follows:
Section 1 Unlawful to kill, catch,
ensnare or have in possession for live
years. IIvIiir r dead, any wild bird
oilier I han Kiime birds.
Section 2 Unlawful to purchase,
oiler for purchase, transpirtt within
or without the slate for purchase,
wild turkeys, ducks. Keese, grouse,
prairie chickens, pheasants, part ridg
es, (piail, doves, pigeons, plovers,
snipe, jacksnlpe or curlews.
Section 3 Unlawful to destroy
nests or lake ciius of any wild lord.
Section 4 Fine not less than 10
nor more (han 10i. or imprisonment
not less than five nor more than ibir
Iv days, or both, for vtolathfli. hvcry
bird ii separate offense.
Section 5 Unlawful to sell, offer
for purchase deer, antelope, Itocky
Mountain sheep, hides or antlers
Section 0--Nell In? or trapping of
wild birds prohibited.
Seel ion 7-Unlawful lo shoot wild
r. wl oilier than by ordinary shot Rim
placed lo tdiouldcr.
Section S-Utilawful to kill, catch
or ensnare Mongolian pheasants, an
le epes or Uocky Mountain sheep for
!ie vears from passage of this act.
S.'iti.n ! Open seaons: lccr. No
vember 1st to January 1st: turkeys
prairie chickens. partridges and
.ii.iil November 1st lo February 1st;
,i,es September 1 si to February 1st
Unlawful to kill inoro than :i birds
per dav.
Limit, six bniks a season
Fue hunting at night proiuiniea.
S.i lion 1" -Unlawful for common
In (rnrik.mrt rnil.C WltllOIlt .if-
ir,':.nil made by party killing a:.d
iiii ..iiU- tiaiisport Mini' b it -om .il
Ni.l.u l thai tame Is fur personal u-e
i I lint fur f.l'e
, S.vii.m II ITnclish nr l.'irepcan
i s.!.ri...i. h:.ks. ir-.. buz-
;;..d. I.lai I turds, tie.- Iiinls and o s
. mi tx t.i'1. .1 at anv time.
l',...,..ini, .f mme out of ricrn
.r ma frir leneo of cu':t. and.
mm ,.: in-tain-e ..f vdfla'ion every!
i'H ..r sii. in.i'i is.iisti'u:. a ni-aiaTj
Greeted at Station by Local Frundt
Who Wished Them Good Luck
and a Fine
Three special trains, or rather, three
Meet I. .lis of one special train, bearing
the two Texas rcKliitcnts si hc.luled for
Maniisas. Va., to participate In the
army innnoiiverit nt thai plaeo, passed
through lleauiiiont over the Southern
I'aclllc eiironlo Kust vln that line yea
terday. On hoard ono train was a
number of Henunumt Isiys, who tiro
going lo Manasas as members of the
Houston and Jasper companies, the
lleauiiiont Light (Juards having been
cui out of the trip as a company.
The hoya wero greeted ui ine sin
Him uhiii'ii Hliorl sloiis were made, bv
a large number of their home irietidsi
who wislied them luck and a Rood
lime. The boys making the trip are
Saigeauts Harry Jlrou, Hal I. Oreer
and Sam Levi, Corporals J. C. Mow,
Jr., T. K. Linn and .1. It. Synolt and
I'rlvaies (5. L. .loneH. W. W. White,
Nealy Hallard, .lames Hoek. Jesse
Shook. Hoduey W'akelleld and Hubert
(', Oxford.
Make up of Traina.
Tho first section carried the com
panies from Iaredo, Houston, Jasper
and Orange and tho llicnham band.
The section was made up as follows:
Two haggago ears, seven tourist
cars, one standard sleeper for offi
cers." Major J. S. Hoover, f irst in:
lanlry is designated train commander
and will be accompanied by ("apt. W.
It. Hoslcy, (iiartermester; Captain W.
I'. Ilryan, comniiHiiry; Lieiitanant H.
F. Slerling, asslslant surgeon, and
Lieutenant W. (). Selkirk, battalion
quartermaster, and such non-comrnis-sinned
staff officers us are in Hous
ton. The Second Section.
The second section carried the com
panies from New Itraimflels, Austin
and Taylor. Il was made up as fol
lows: One box car, two baggage cars, sev
en tourist cars, one slandard sleeper
for olllcers. Lieutenant Colonel H. F.
Delamanter, First infantry, Is desifi;
nated train commander and will he
accompanied by Major A. V. llloor.
First infantry; Lieutenants J. W.
Hawkins ami H. K. McKie, haltalion
ajutants .and Lieutenant AVI. I.
Ilrady, battalion quartermaster. Cap
tain Joseph Gilbert, First inufntry
will act us surgeon on this section,
and such non-commissioned staff offi
cers and hospital corps men as are
in Austin or join this section enroute,
will travel through vvjth it.
The Last Train.
The last section of the train car
ried the companies from Hillsboro,
Waco, Hremond and r.ryan. The sec
lion was made up as follows:
One stock car, one box car, two
bnirnage cars, seven tourists cars, one
standard sleeper for officers, Major
Webb llearn, Second Infantry will as
sume command nt. Valley Junction,
and will be accompanied from Hous
ton by Captain J. M. Loving, assistant
uiiii'inin nn. I ,nw. i.r the liiisnilnl corns
men. Colonel Henry Hutchings, Cap-
lain .1. S. Wheeler. Adjutant anil
Lieutenant Colonel J. O. Newton,
Secoiiil infantry, will travel on this
Class Program.
The following class program will
be rendered Saturday afternoon at
:!:::tl o'clock by the pupils of Mias
Lallie Ilryan, nt her Btlldio 1209
Part I.
La Uriemier Zitterbart
Mrs. Will Norvell. Miss Ilirdie llerg.
Song The King of the Sea Allon
Mr. E. Mabry.
Callop Streabog
Misses Lay, Vauclielet and Lee.
Song Maybe llo.soy
Miss Margaret Houston.
C:irb.inl i.f Itoses.. ...Miss Irene Ie
Part II.
Huet-I.es Svlidis Kessler
Misses Iterdie llerg and Isabel Smart.
Snug 'llecause I love You Dear
. t law ley
Mrs n. H. IVtmock. Jr.
Song "Dreaming I K Koveli
Miss llatistine Ivts.
Fair U.lUn Maurka C. llohn
Miss lhrtie llerg.
S.Mm-A lay lriam Strelezkl
Miss Adiida Wells.
IViin ing KlncT Host
Misses Mabry and Ijiy.
1. v.
4 I
. V I
' HI
4' K
-. Sale.
i I " c nr
..ft nt
. r.!..v
I t-:. '
.r . '
II -. ft. ;l -
h .T 1
i .. r c'-i
. H
V - 1! !
II -
. . i. n
i in
1 V
I t -
' t:
.lt V. M C ' M !
I '
llii-'ain. 'Ii
rai.lK r in lt,e i.fliec i-f
.f iti. Sh'is.i. ill n-icn
. . mi r 1. to aci-ept a
:.h1 t"i- in s hi'I.-c
';i n a f'Tii'.i-r a ''tio
r !,. .."-. .'f ih"
ri.ft' and d-ir:n ti r r
i.. S inx' ' 'is made tiia'iv
t . i T"I ty j"n
.. r f. ..rki-rs - S.iti
W I: ';
"V !; fl
r v
f -1.
"f "a1!"''' a i
-. . e "ii 1 rrt-
'.vt' rf 'Kr
Full blast.
. Inf, offered at this sale.
Hundreds of articles lat .real 1 b-in prk Sri profits. Come tc
..ninvmi to iaKe A.dvantaiie oi our wu w -
W if w w -
Men's Clothing
Choice of any Men's two-piece
Suits io the store worth up to
12.50, for - 5-49
Men's Shoes
The celebrated W. L. Douglas
and M. A. PacKard Union Made
Shoes for men, "best in the
world", 20 styles, every pair
guaranteed the world over,
Special 3.29
Men's Suspenders
Sample line of Men's Fine Sus
penders, worth 35c and 25c
for Mc
Men's Shirts
Men's fine Woven Madras Neg
ligee Shirts, all good colors and
pretty patterns, 1.00 values,
for - 48c
Men's fine Silk Bows
In a variety of pretty patterns,
25c value, for 10c
Half Hose
Men's fine Imported Half Hose,
fancy lace and embroidered,
50c and 75c values for 39c
3 pair for 1.00.
Men's Handkerchiefs
In plain white and fancy colored borders, 10c
and 15c values for 5c
Ladies' Waiting Skirts
In blacK, gry and brown, made from fine all
wool material, worth up to 6.00, for 2.98
Ladies' Waists
White and colored, odd lots, worth up to 1.50,
Ladies9 LaWn Waists
Ladies' white Waists, all nicely made and hand
somely trimmed, worth up to 2.50, for 89c
Ladies9 Hosiers;
Ladies' fine fast blacK lisle thread Hose, full
fashioned; double heel and toe. 35 value for 19c
Ladies9 Muslin Under
Wear Shirts, Drawers and Corset Covers, nicely made
and lace trimmed, 1.00 value for 48c
Ladies' H'dKerch'fs
In plain white and fancy bor
der. 7 l-2c and 10c values,
for 2,'2c
Ladies' Supporters
Black and colors, 25c values,
for 10c
Ladies' Fans
Japanese folding1 Fans, nicely
decorated, worth up to 25c;
for- - IOc
Garter Web
SilK Elastic blacK, white and
color, 35c value for 10c
Ladies' Collars
Fancy turn-over and fancy
stocK collars worth 2sc, for .-5c
Shirt Waist Sets
Gilt and Gun Metal,
for 5c
Ladies' Bags and
Odd lots worth up to 1.2."),
for 48c
For Particulars of our
great Mill End Sale see
large circular.
Monday beirm Labor Day the Big' Store will remain closed all day.
Louis Betts, Accused of Murder of
Charles Walters is Confined
in the Hospital Ward.
.Tiulse Watts in the sixtieth dis
trict court yesterday made a spe
cial announcement regarding cases
which linvo been set lor Monday.
September 5. When the cases were
net I lie fact that that day is Labor
liny was overlooked. Judge 'Walls
wishes to ftate' that all eases which
were to have been heard on that
date will be heard Tuesday, Sep;,
ti. One Is a sepeial venire case and
the jurorse for it are reqiiestt'd to re
port at ! o'clock Tuesday morning
instead of -Monday morning.
The case of Paul Hernandez, the
switchman who is accused of killing
a negro in Cleveland's saloon in Him
city Knie time ago, will be one or
those called. Another is the case of
Hie state against Hrooks Andrews,
also accused of murder. This will be
a new trial for a killing which took
place in Carter's saloon nearly two
yearn ago. The first trial resulted in
an appeal, from which a new trial l.l
the district court was ordered.
The third case set fur Monday, lull
which will be called Tuesday at i
o'clock is thai of the slate against
K.lw. .1. McCullen. formerly a Jus
tice of lh peace, who is licensed ol
misappropriation of public funds. II
s allege.1 that the Justice fail-,1 to
turn over to the county certain funds
rightfully due It.
Jndire Wheat t'l the count v court
Hurl nf Pori Arthur. T
man who accidentally tiot himself
a few davs nst by Miaking a revol
ver off bis bed and cabins it "
strike on Hie Iricger ..d c o!T.
The application for an administrator
m made by Vrc.1 Miller, who
Mated that the dect a-cd left proiv
Miy. including bouse, ami a .alon.
10 i ho :iluo of 1. r.'iu.
Miller auiwiicil administra
tor and in-tnitel v the curt to
cor.v,-rt the t.inciblo l'""ltiy of
S;aaiili" t, into c.-i-l. bv public sa'e.
I io.it the Tcouev tbu mi i.r.- ! 'o
t in ! :t a a!m'n'-irar and r
p.rt tl, re el! of r cti..u t.-. 'h -r
,-i II . t.on 1. -ulnih "re iT.-r-.1
..w'v f -trii.: d. a fivd
1 1 ,
. , , f v t:V1 in t "
ff: t icb-': "-- ct roil v r.'n
I- fn, !;. ri ti-t tie-
.,...n.o r.r. . n't . n f"- '
he has been damaged to the extent
of t:;u n month since the dale of the
alleged dis-possession and asks I lie
court for a jjiidgment lor that
Judge Watts ha granted an in
junction in favor of Mrs. N. C- Op
pert, restraining John 1'iitrick et ul
I rom interfering willi or molest ing
plaint lit in I he possession and own
ership of acres of land near
Nome. The application for I he in
junction alleged Unit tin- defendants
were endeavoring to sel up claim ' '
litle and were tearing down fences,
culling trees and performing oilier
acts to the detriment of the property.
Alleged Illegal Liquor Sellers Arrest
ed an Released.
Deputy United States Marshal
Wilson came, to l!ea;inumf yesterday
with two negroes, Miu'.i Cauley and
Tom Scott, accused of violating the
internal revenue laws by illegal sell
ing of liquor. The men were ai
raigncd before fulled States Com
missioner Haley, waived a prelimi
nary hearing ami were admitted to
bond, which they furnished, in the
sum of ?5l each. They were
Alonzo Williams
of violating the
laws by illegal liquor selling, aim
who has been confined in the county
Jail here, was arraigned before Com
missioner Haley yesterday and ad
mitted to bond in the sum of $:!."
and released.
Receiver of Citizens' National Bank
Files Suit.
C. L. Williams, a-i receiver for I he
Cili.en's National bank of this cltv.
I, as filed an ex-parte mil in the
Cuitod States Circuit court, askln-r
authority to comnromiso the il-bis r
Scott Mi others & Bryant and J. T.
Spires and K. Scott, i be hearing wa
had an order graining (he authority
requested was entered.
aslicil to remember Uliat the consensu s of the Best Medical Authorities
(based on investigation anu results j uuuuiiuousiy lavors me unrivuieu
Coo! Colorado Offers
as a resort for Individuals or those 1 u need of Physical Upbuilding bo-
cau-o of Over-work, Hedenlury Habits or oilier Causes; this having par
ticular reference to those res. dins in the I uiver Altitudes or Malarial dis
This Land of High Elevation
Invigorating Atmosphere Piul Magnificent Scenic Grandeur, presenting
uneqita ed ipportunil ies for Out -Don r Life and affording all the Oomfortd
of Civilization at Minimum lixpenso , is but one day's journey J.'rtiui Tex
as via
which Is the Only Line offeriiit; Solid Through Trains from the Southwest.
"The Denver" saves you ,!'J0 miles p or- round-trip and many hour3 time,
and provides Double-Daily Through Trains with Palace Drawing Itoom
Sleepers and Magnilieeiilly Appointed Cafo Ca"s serving till meals at city
Keinembe- five weeks session, "TH E COLORADO
Boulder, began JaJy 4th.
Ask your Homo Ticket Aueul or write us for Information relative the
new "Tri-Anglo Tickets" to Colorado via St. Louis . ,
'One Way Via the Denver Road"
N. S. Davis, T.P.A. . R.
W. Tinton. C.T.A. A.
Fort Wo'th. Texas.
A. CltBSon, C. P. A.
.i I .. .. .1 ... : ., .I t-. ' nc
omepiny ni'i'mi'-'i
or the e state of the late Alois S. aw-1 Remove . t0 County Jail IFrom Si3-
Thi- is the Mosoital.
ten' Hosoital
lmis Trf'tts. who is accrsiil of the
teiiribT of i'liarlcf Wallers at Spin
die Top thri-c weeks go. was taki ti
into custody bv Sheriff .andiy yes
terday and confined in the hospital
ward of the county jail. IVtt- n'
tcmi'ted rtiicide immediate 1 after
Walters was killed kpI ii. fo yctrr
.'iiv was at the Sixers os-.i'al .in
ibis citv. niffiT:iic fr.-'n a bulb t
wound in h' breasi. II- ha pra'ii
rally r,,,v rd. h-iweT. ."til !
rr.inl Jury ha. r.iime.l ;iti iieliri
re tit of miirdi r acatti:-' him ! e a
t routht lo tie .'ail.
The Col l on Belt lias put on the
very low rate of $11.70 for the round
J t rip. Shrcvert to St. Louis. I nese
tickets will ha sold September 3. 4,
il. 12. IS. M and 27. These tickets
allow sewn days In St. IxiK and
ill be honored on our "St. lfuis
Tiain" in it Chair Carn ami Hand
m me lmy Coaihes. !n't forget the
datcft. and that tickitg t-hould lc by
the Cotton Ilel; from ShreveiHirt.
The St. loiii Train have- Shreve
pxrt al 4: IT. p. tti and arrive at St.
IMits 11:'i nest tnortiie.
Write L. I". Stn th T. P. A .
il Milam St, Shrcvi r'. Ij.
i:i ::t
Will Entertain Maecabeet.
frm T K. Bvn"l' f"t.n
., Wn'.rlit. find ljl'l!C of tho Mic
,Hlre at h'f h"'r-. 1".Tr. Cba-V'n
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17 Gilbert Building. BeawmonL
CorreaponiJtrnta in New York.
St. Lou-. Chicago, Etc
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You buy Hardware We jell It
l.ave In n t"t years. Come and tali
it fiver liin in Heed of anytfiif g i
tl.f Hardware line. It iil ly you.
E. L. Wilson Hardware Co
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T. C. Taylor
Atr-fr;-: ai La
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r'-t'ju. i.t, 7 ex.

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