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JPttbiUliwl Evtry Mon.ln t
tnterprlss Building, tumont, Tt
Ratered t the Pwtnfflp In Dcauinuat
The III.U uilllsl i' MI'ko " I "'"
of iIim lint iiiiitloual ,iiiI l-''i;il No.-ll.
Inn railroad, which h.n linn .'ii lor
;i !mii? li;:.o, lie men declitrcil
l.y Mil- vi --ni I iuitt rl nf lli- I it l
i,loll,ll A.-"H illliKII of MllHlllllflH.
i in, i t I. l.iiiii il atmosphere nf I'ikc's
l-i-sli. Coin., imparl ihw limit ocr
and fresh viiahiy.
Handsome illustrated publications,
Mill free mi application In tiw. W.
Vnux. A ti I'. and T. A.. .M-irlmiiu
,i.iiu and Tiii"! MM-. Chicago.
Tsrmt of ttubtcrlptlon.
On year
t'br moot hi
Kundsy, per year
MlDgle copy
The Enterprise Publishing company
le not responsible for eny debts con
tracted by Its employees, of eny char
acter whatever.
The editorial poiKli of tin- Kill'"
Mini, nil the Mro iniivtl seems lo
luivc been very Him ly JmUini; ly
tile expressions l cclvoll ycldcida.t.
ami there scciiih t' !" n tu n i nuni :
opinion llnil llcuuinont tlxoi ll have ii
carnival mill Unit H hould I"1 "
aged hy the liuTfiuiUh- interests for
IMo general hcnclll f I he chy. That
IScllUIIIOIll ought tn have a Kin? Chi
nival rniinot bo aiKiicd against nml
II ci tit lie denied Hint i Is high
fliiii' t gin work along ihm lino.
There an- many things to In? con
sidered mill an effort hIioiiM bo put
forth to get tho rice farmers Inter
estcd In u display of rice ami I ho
Dice Association or America would
mi doubt flml It convenient In nssisl
In innkiiiK the carnival an practical
uh piiHHlble. It must ' I'lul" lo "v-i-ry
one that audi a carnival cannot
(.lily lie mailt; of great heiielil. lo the
Kity Imt It can he of vast Inlliieneo
in tho raising, tnllliiiK ami miirkcl
fiiK of rice. Let our business jiicm
Kd busy til. once ami net a ilale ami
then let a committee wait on the dlf
ferent railroads ami gel I hem inter
ested In advertising It In their liter
name uml through Inelr agencies in
the north and II will he Hie means
lit atlinellng many people lo IScau
mont aL that time.
I T. .1. Smiih, ii liudiiiK prom "I
Niicnijdi.i I.'-, iiirrylna u -l h nt
t-t-.il iluusiiml dollars, fh...-d hn
i i." r i. Iiaviiiir tiled paper:! of in ;o!vc:i-
' .ii l.ulhin. No iur n muiloin I. r,l'--
. o'it at lo liabilities.
'? Ti e two men Kl.ul at Klinoii.lo'.'
1 00 ' S'nel.iy i.lchl while n pitly Sh'TiH
(C .'l.illlll''. siiui'ht lo liiii'.ie nil line-t
' .ii. ,i , i ni h hour Momliiv morn
' ini;. i'licy wi re l.vMiin.li r i. I'h"
i em-. J. hus Ciiiini, :n hiiot In Hi"
ui..in; t lie oi her. .limn -M' rale..
' ll,r...lh the howl. H. Th I'H'y
! In I'.ff MH plliceil III Jail.
Ill- C, I'. WnnMn. d;nr "f lite Tex-
mi fiirlslii.n Adovmlc, Ht lu.lla. n
pninriillv hill not daiiM.croiiKly iujai'd
l.y n fail d iwil lh"Hi. psleii.llli; IoIiIh
!i ill. e al Krvnv ami ack-o,, sire. M
i Sal unlaw nml II In reported 'hal n'"
Hi ill culilllied to IHH lieu n
fall. iniinrie.i ...
ii..i- le
! Slieliff l.aciiKle of iJifayelle arresl
e. ll. iii v Karri iK'T. a yinniK tleiiiiaii
liecil.M il of M Velill herioilH chaiMeN
JlruiiMdi, Tcxu. ne humlied
hirs n v.iird Iiiih heen offered lor
,ii i In- prisoner refuses in
ullh'.'ll reipilsllloll piipers.
uln rill' 11 1 Si i unruled .1.
wliil. . of AlflelH, on
Ina! iis.siiult on lii
i. no n
a ciiiirn" oi crnii-
llltlo wlilto liiliH
il l iilayettn a week UKO.
' Ih
Hie r
A general siiminii'K up of I.alior
l)av doi'H not indicate I hat. oi KiinJy.ci:
labor has made any pronress in I lie
past year. Their )iaiiial ion has
iieeiisinet by the (iinanlzal Ion of 'm
jiloyers who have shown Hint when
il. came to Kiirremlerini; lo ftirllier
0. Mianil: of urbanized llilior, tliey
would prefer lo nlmt ili.wu t'lielr fne
lories rather than jirant ni'w de
mands which in many Instance:)
liave meaiil the Kiirremlerini of Hie
J lKliI ii iiiiiimi;o I heir own business.
The resull is that millions nave been
lost to I ho workniK mail who is in
no position lo slaml lh. hiss. II In
illcales thai I he unions iiiusl chnilKe
I he policy in many respects if I hey
wisli lo belieill their liieiulii r.s. Tliat
men liave a rb;hl lo ornanize and
thai il is belter lor I lie counlry Hint,
they do so is aduiilleil by all rihl.
thinking men. That they liave n
HkIiI to quit work in order lo enforce
iviisiiiiahb; demands Is cnuceded by
every one. When, however, I he un
ions alteiunl to republic tin- busi
ness of I heir employers I hey are f.u
iiiK beyond their rinbls ami II is the
abuse of i heir power in this direc
tion Ihal is emitting all their trouble.
Statistics tell us that less new in
iliislrial enterprises liave been start
ed in Hie past year than lia.e been
started fur many years. The .au-e
of tins is I. mud ill l!ie walkili: dele
gale and the labor leaders liKe H.iu
lu ley w in. are nekless ill , lie use of
tlieir piiwer. Men of capiial nr.' lurt
willing to start factories when (hey
realize that they will not ei l!;iin
fn operation lihlll oiKailieil label
Will ilietitU' as In how they shall be
ci 1 u 1 1 u e 1 i I , These ci in lit inns are
jiaralyziUK to (be S.iiiih and it is
n.-elcss for any city lo ei( miinu
facluriiiK i iiteriu is.'? w In re ii : au
i .1 labo dielali s . oinln ions. 'I'li.-ie
1.; a Kiaad work for lie- unions but
it llill-: be ill' IIIH lilttel'l.l lilies.
I II K'llislll iiiusl be mane a bade of
a llici. iiey ;iin (be uaii n . a .r
till. al. that the In an r can I ' ' :
Voii . I .M.ii have I" u i.e. i
mio union- lor tinnier:, a) sir. e M.
lailer 1 1 an Lec.Uise i'i an- .te.il-.e
. aiiim ill. m:. tle a-'., a for
Ui..t'lll.'l .'I.' lalj.'lll'l I e,
do louh w.ii, e e;' on l!o
lo est I., I l. I
I ,. 1 V. f
vie r ,..
fa. : i!,;..
i.r nr.
Inrorina'i'in thaii
j Wm. McDoniihl of Liberty and
iKliti stieets. New Orlciiis, was as-
mii uli ! mid tiliihhed on Claiborne ami
('mill streets. He was pussinK Ih
corner when some unknown white
mu ii stopped him ami linked nlm for
a ciMiiieile. On IicIiik told liy .Mc
liniiiild linn he had none, the fellow
deimimleil to know why .MeDoiilId
had drawn ills Unite, lie slabbed .M
i Donald in I lie chest mukiiiK : xllKhl
ii-lll-c II V Hill" T
thai he wiii unable to leave .lis is u. iinckliaiii. u neuress who
hived about two inileH west of I'onlcli
ii... . .
i.- ,i, v. a swilchmiin in
Sanla Ke vards a Soinerville while
inakliii; a coiiplnm wan ciiukIiI he
iweeii Hie engine, Ills rlKhl arm beltitj
broken and he was hurl Internally.
While lie Is not fataity nun in,
I, raises ,,re of a serious nature. Ile
was transferred lo I lie company
hospllal at Temple on No. SI las'
A parly of .lapanese composed or
Hew .1. 0. Yoshliniira, .1. and V. Tie
miiria. V. Kasnluira and S. MaUuni
oil,, speni Saliirday and Sunday In
Hay City on n tour of Inspection of
I he rice ttelils and tin: ndacelit tori.
Inry thai is avallalde for rice. They
expressed IhemselveH as well pleaced
Willi what I hey mw and slate I Hi '.v
would locale a colony between now
m d next year In Ihls section of the
stale for the cultivation of ri nml
truck. Hew Yoshlniura is an ICpisco
pal clerKVinaii uf .Tapan and speaks
1 KiiKlish. lie will locate with
Ihe new colony. The parly left on the
afternoon train lor I'nlaclos.
Samuel M. Ihiin, professor of hoi
liny in the rniverslly of TcimeHse.
wlio has been coinmlssloned by I lie
Deparlnient or Anrlciilt lire lo co
operate In the plant breeding branch
of boll weevil invest Imit Ions. 1m in
Texas on business connected Willi
(lie department. lie has been as
signed to the Western Tennessee and
Arkiinsa. districts. It Is his pli-n to
vork to the end or seciiriiiK a va
rlily of cotton which will mature in
Mi. i.'a districts so early thai it will
encpi. the ra vanes id Ihe boll weevil.
II.. is in Texas for the purpose r
M'ti;nK a" H'.c p'-elln-.lnarv ki -
edee available. 1'ror. Haln is nun
lu.r lils lieadiiuarlers u-nporarily Id
An Imporlani real eslato transfer j
was (lied in the olllce of the eniinty.
clerk al (ialveslon. liy which .1. I.
Campbell sell., lo Ihe .1. I. Camol-"1!
cuipniiy all or his city lots, town
lots, merchandise, saw mills, loKKini?
out tits, 1 her. olP.ce furniture and
personal properly, etc., In Lampasn,
.Mills, .McCiilloimh. I.iano, ieWil'.
Lavaca, Hell. Mi l."anan, Limestone, i
linlvesli.il Tvler. Hoik. Hee. Motll-
r.omery and Harris count ies. excepi
his lio'incslead al llousl.in. The- con
si. leral ion named is $.Vin,nnn and i:i
as--iiniplioii of all indeblediiess now
due and to become due. The Instru
ment is dated Kehruarv -I'. HUM- Sir.
Campbell resides In Houston.
aloiila, was murdered and rubbed by
iwo siranners. uoIiik under the names
of Johnson and S.nith, and supposed
in lie from Independence, Lit. I hi
iniirdererH ohlalacd some money and
oilier effect h, which were in a pocket
hook. Alter inkiiiK the money they
threw ihe niickot book away, but il
was later found near the house by I Ik
hirv The verdict of the Jury, con
veiled, was to the effect that
the nenresH came lo her death by
three pistol shot wounds at tho hands
of tlie two HlrniiKers anove nameu
The nriiiciiial evidence before Ihe
inrv was thd testimony of Frnn.
Wilson, who was present when I hi
crime was committed. hfforts are
now hoiim mude lo canluiv mo two
crimliuilH, who have escaped.
Sidney Tlierlen was plai'ed in the
liiirish Jail at Hake Charles on a
United States charge of rilliiiK the
mails. The alleKed offense was com
niilted it Vinton on Dci'ember SKI.
Tlierlen is chaiKed with takint; from
the mails at thai place, dostroylim
Hie packiiKe and iippropriatinK to his
own use u Kold watcli valued at l-'a
which was addressed to Miss The
resa Vincent of that place. The
loiniilainl wis sworn out by S. C.
Kile, noslolllce inspector for tin
western district of Louisiana who
innile Ihe arrest. The arrested man
was taken to Iako Charles and turn
ed over to Deputy Sheriff C, 11. Huh
key, who placed him in jail.
ididloihiaii LoiIko No. r.n. Kuh'.a.s
of I'vthlus. nt Temple, widen enjoy-;
tin- distinction of beiiiK Ihe larise-l
loi-4e of dial order in Texas is layin;
plans to capture the I'ylhtan Widow,
and Orphans' Home and Industrial
School, which will be located l.v a
'special cotnniiltee wSiicli will start its
labors Oct. I. At the la-l session of
He- i;ran. lo.lc.o al II mstoii in April
a detei niin-il i-ITofi was made bv
some loilu'-s to determine l:n- loca
tion of Ihe home at that session, but
by the earnesl efforl of r.-pres. i':i
th.-s fr .in West, Central nml North
. as the matter was il.-btv-. and '
special ci tninitlee a ppniul ed lo isil
all i!e i iti.s i-.iakliii; upp'ical ion '
i-iiiisid.-r Ihe various proposit ion ; a-i-l
reioit to the uiand o.b;e at it- te-vi
meet inc. In committee w as tn
situ, led lo do no work tin'il after
lie: I hut : co:nniinic il ion reci.e.l
from i's . Iiairiiian. W. b- Abev. of
l-'ort Wouli. in.il. -s all citi.- io la
llleir .tO.Ositt-.S e,.re lie colllll-1
tee ;o on. .-. and I lie l .lsl, of p.lMllU
ellieial iits ill that cointei i in,, v II!
will soon commence Tit.- T ei;-!e
an.i Helton lo.h:. -. to-tie.i a'i
o'll r lod.-es Hell ...-IIIM. I. .
I e. p bard a' ii'.il. a'l -1111011' "te!
The Peacock School Opens.
San Antonio, Toxus, Sept. li. iSpi
cial.i The Peacock Military school
opened today with the usual large at
ten, lance of cadets from every part
of Ihe stale, and several from other
slates nltrno'ctl by Ihe climale :no;
(he military discipline. Lieut. 0. C
Todd, Ihe newly appointed C. S.
Armv olllcer, look cliai'Ke of Ihe de
partment of military science and (al
lies, in no way interfering with I hi
italics of Cow Hart, who for two
years has al ready been coininandaiil
of cadets. Major Ko.ipman of Ohio is
Hie new instructor in track athletics,
and is nl-o teacher of Ihe commercial
course. Major lloge of the Virginia
Military Institute, who has been com
mandant of a military school in tin
north, will leach (leriunn and coach
Ihe foot hall team. ITof. Collrane re
mains as head master. I'rof. Hea
enek announces that the cshool has a
faculty of six men. all university
graduates, four of whom are at (he
same lime thorough military Instruc
tors. New sttilenls will arrive during
the week.
Beaumont Endorsement Is What
Counts With the Beaumont
Von can'l fool Ihe public all Ihe
I in:.-.
Tli.-y will Iin.l vnu out at last.
Kveiy lime a man is fooled.
Another skeptic is made.
Many the remedies thai make Hie
. kept i's
lle'.ause it fails to keep its prom
I wan-!
'i 'In cere the
HI. nt of proof
Heaumoui proof
I I let.
Kidney Hills bring renewed
in ii".
r lb
at home,
aiitnonl pis)
Tho smeller tbu wtiuttu tho greatci
1 t-r vanity.
A homely woiumi unmlly doiibls the
tccuiacy cf all uilrrmt-.
Tho differenco lictwt cu uiutrlmony
in, alimony is a dtv.sieu.
Only married oldleii aro arqimlnt.
id with war Id all lu thurrurn.
Ijcivo speaks throim'b the y' ho
rrnst) ihe lips aro othmwlHo onxuKcd.
If a man ever thlntii hie w'fo
liiigc: it Is because hcr feathers como
cv hiKh.
Huby tnlk Is tho kind Id talk mothers
line In repeating thluijii tbu huby
ilhlnT suy.
When a poclety ulrl marries alio
inuiglni'H tlio world Ih ej-lipiiod by her
honeymoon. j
It Ih easier for the nsornKo mnn to
shut up a lUO-tou safe than a 100-I-oiinil
A mnn'H wlfo Is apt (to Ret him In
n bar: scrape If she usiti hU razor to
s:irpeu a leud pencil. ,
Tho weight of a womhn's first bnk
Jnp Ih usually eipial ti twlco tho
weight of the Ingredient.
Romo women fancy tliey lmto flat
tery, when all they hull' la thu uwk
waninesB of tho llatterer.
There aro two perioijs In a man'a
llf when he Is unable 1o underHtnnd
'women. One Is Ueroro.murrluBO and
the other nfter. ,
About tho time the frir nds of a mod
est, unassuming girl brglns to think
she is cut out for an old maid aho
fools them by getting married.
Mar. wants but little hero below, but
wants It on ico ut thin season.
A man often thinks tho follow who
iSoes not agrco with Mm a fuol.
Some people take themselves so
seriously that It is downright funny.
A man who talks loudly about hlm
Mdf Is often like thuiudor big noiso,
no damage.
A sudden Bhower umil a new sum
mer hat. is respoiiHilulo for many a
lover'b quarrel.
It would he a lovely old world If
ex cry one estimated us as wo esti
mate, ourselves.
When a mnn wants to lie at a girl'
feet to worship her ho should bo sure
Ihtrc's no tax on tho ground.
Many wives think tt a moral duty to
subject a husband's self conceit to a
continuous loo spray treatment.
A political boom often goes up like
a rocket explodes, there's a little
whiff of powder, and really there's no
slick to it.
It. is a blessing for the happy homo
that husbands and wives do not al
ways know exactly what each think
of tho other.
When you want to ask favors of a
man be sure to select a time when
His cafe department is in good work
ing order. Kate Thyson Mnrr.
- - 0 -I
Monday livery noble life leaves
the II her of it interwoven forever in
the works of the world.
Tuesday Wo can only be valued
as we make ourselves valuable.
Wednesday To turn into ridlctilo
what is not ridiculous Is, in some sort.
In turn good into evil.
Thursday In character. In man
ners, in style, in all tilings, tlio su
preme excellence is simplicity.
Friday Stretching Ms hands out to
catch the stars, in an forgets the flow
ers at his feet.
en e i f
I. Hie!,.'
i in .1. re
-ling at
.1 C
-i i .
I h.ei
ii T
i, -n
e- one
lid lodge
I the hoi
and Dch
e'. IT- i.-
r.:l- ot l'
I' in:
t dor.
I'enn Kidn.
tee : h.e I !:. .
tiiiii sc., v n
I. r Ml.e e
II : ; 'J
el II
I d
I I.
11 p:
in... I.
I I-
Ili! I
1 1... II
f:. r
A E't P
M -I
l.H WM C 1
I I I'-" :. ! "
ll-l !l ' '.. t "
n '.i..'. - -
1 t, - ,
1 l-.-e. . t -
1 C. n'-
. r .--ri 'II.
I ..t .-I
e, I
ii : '
t- .i -i
e . I !..
in Canada.
, o: I-
one cw-iimi:
ndverl is.-uii Tit
1'ilis. it occur
might i,,.,,
..in . of kidin
lour car. and
fio'ii it in -i-t.
! ..f in.- lie lie
i.ack ache. a'
a d'i'1 to.-nt
i . r tin I. t.!n. s
I'teost g Let.!. Il
-i;T' Ki-lte
it: tn ot.U a
L.-tlor 'I li- it
I :tin tn-t ng
t'l. t a-
Co. wondroiis creature!
Instruct the planets in what
Correct old Time, and
Co, t.ach Ll.ll.a Wisdom
Tailor made Suits, worth up l" t' lhi
or 7.."(r
Tailor made S-iits worth up lo ml
tor ;..-,o
lllack Taffeta Silk Coats wo. ih up
lo lu.iiii.
lor r,.!)0
I'onge Silk Coals worth up to I - -i"
i"r 7.ro
Thes,, fuur specials will be h-inl lo
ilitpllcale next Kebrunry when the a
erage store Is ctl'llng (?) pilci". on
fall and winter goods.
The 7.. 'hi Tailor m.lc Suits nr mad.'
of lilack, navy ami Innwn all wo d
Cheviots, also fancy mix! urea. Jaunty
22 Inch West I'olnt Coals Just tile
Suit for ..:io-p.!n;: or lor traveling.
These stills will he shown for tin
first time Tuesday morning. S:i!o be
gins III ! II III.
A few prelly $12."l and Sl."..iin
Shirt W.il-t Suits till wool Voiles
lu our $7. r.n Hue. lllack only.
New, Natty, up to die minute Tailor
.Made Suits or all wool Serge Cheviot
also Panne Cheviot liaiidsnm.'l.v tail
ored; the new Norfolk effects: a few
suits of mannish mixtures In tin- lot.
nol a suit worth less lhuu ?l.".nu.
Tuesday ami every day this
week ).50
Alteration will lie charged lor.
Money cheerfully refunded If you are
not pleased villi your purchase, don't
have lo make an oxechnnge, or take
oilier goods; just your money back as
quick as wo take it.
1!2 Samples lllack Taffeta Silk Con's
hardly two alike, four dilTerenl
lengths, some as loii'i as VI inches.
Coins worth easily JT.-'iti to ?l .
Choice .".)
If you are prompt you can pick the
$12..HI and $l!i.ni ones.
Ill I'ongee Coals, suilable lor eve
ning wear: just what you m-cd this
fall to go to Ihe tlieal re; don't, jud;'..!
the coats by tho price. Worth $ I
e, ?!.; 'I,
Choice 7.50
KUADY, a coinplete line of tlio fa
mous (iril'i'on brand--! lie best in the
land Shirt Waists for fall and win
ter wear; prices rang!; I'rim 1 :'r. for
prelly Cot Ion WaiSij nil t" $!'" I'"'
the iiiu-sl imported l-'reiu-ll l-'latinel
elaborately triniined; c:uihi and take
a look wile! her you buy or not.
SKIItTS The T.I'M fall monels are
here; choice styles IV.ir.. ,'X. .".!Mi,
T.r.it ami ll.iiti Cheviols, liroad Cloth,
Fancy Suiting. Voile, Worsteds ami
Shower I 'roof Cravcm-lle.
Ki'KCIALS for Tuesday and every
day this week some nf Huso hits .vill
hi.- cleai.e i up by r-i j-ih.', tilt';.' Tues
day. !l do.eti merceeried Saline '1'elt hints
full rurfleil; itii'tally sold at J.:in; our
regular price 1.-.".; M
npeeial S5
Limit one to a cii-uomcr.
12 dozen (!iiildreu's-- lor boys or ror
girls (linghain, .Madras. Cliatiibry
White llresses, small sizes " to S
years; divided imo I vu lols, dresses
worth up to ?l.ll'l
Tuesday IStf
2 for VT?
Dresses worth up to ?2.L'.".
Tuesday S7 1 U("
2 for 1.75
Children's Dresses nf less than hull'
price main s sewing a drudgery.
Kirsl come gels choice picking, but
the 12 dozen will he choice picking
all week.
Children's Dress. -s in large sines. S
to 1 I, worth up lo ?l .ru,
for t,ii
Children's dresses worth up to
$..'.!:. for l.TVO
These Dresses at about half price
saves your time and worry, your
money back if you don't y.-t ih
right size, or if you are not pleased
with your pun base.
I In: Mvlis!l and servlcellblo MlliMil
Suils. Just I lie proper mil 111 for strell
lin'M Young America; sub.it.inliil.
dr-isy and ceoiunnlciil: idngle mid
double SIlllS. Sl.'i-S 7 IO Hi; HllbUT
Ilrown, Sailor. Hiisshui and irf'lk
Suits, ages 2 lo !. Choice of lino
SioH; all hading makes; overstocked
mi medium weights; um heavy enough
fur zero went her. real value $U'n.
$' nid lil.nti.
choice l!.SO
J2."o. $ '.' and $!.".n valin-s
for l.SO
22 lioys' Suits, double breasted, sizes
S in 12; heat plaid and Mllp.'d wool
Che loi ; good value a' --"
Tuesday )."
Creat Bargains in the Hosiery
Department This WcK
.'.ii dozen Misses' ami Hoys' Hist blticlc
ltibbeil Hose. Just the grade lor
rough school wear; real value l-'.e.
siccial. a pair
Limit i! pairs lo a customer,
inn dozen Hoys ami .Misses' last black
itiiiheil Hum-: ihe factory made ns mi
allowance and w" have passe.l it up
lu you Is why we can rell yon chil
dren's 2."c Hose fur 11! 1 !
All sizes, a In !l 1-2.
Women's fast lllack I lose. Menus
doilT dye line gauze: Tuesday and all
tills week, special a pair lDtf
Mioses' Hosiery
2.-.C lllack Lace Mose, Tuesday and
all this week, a pair 1U I MC
.Hie black ami tan Hose. I leriiis.lorff
dye; this week 2I
Infant's 1'c I. nee Sox. all colors:
about 2." dozen left, a pa ir 5
:i pairs lor 10f. A 'I'"-'11 iOC
Infants' lite and 12 1-2c lilack and
white Lace Hose; sizes 2 to li.
a pair ( 11?
I pairs for 525
."He, T.'e and $ I .no Hoys Waists, blous
es and buhls, tills week 3J)k
it.", dozen Ceiiitiu Mother's Krind 'iTki
ami tl.no lllotises; sizes 1 to 12.
1." dozen ('eliuine Mothers' Krielid
TiUc Shirts, sizes 12 lo I I :
1". dozen .Mothers' Kriend laundered
Waisls. sizes 5 to 12;
1, " dozen K. K atic and 7."ie Waists
and itlotpics, sizes to 12:
2Ti dozen llririon llrand Itlouses, sizes
12 lo I 1;
This WeeK Choice 39c
On sal.' all the week, but come Tues
day or Wednesday; you know school
.Maris m-xt .Monday.
2. " dozen Hoys' ".le Madras Shirts;
sizes 12 lo 11; this week 1M?
dozen lirownie Overralls of blue
Drill: sizes 1 to II, worth M.'.c; this
week, special, a pair lt)
IG per cent discount, on ail Com
forts and BlanUcts if Pur
chased thii wceK.
to In per
if it's gi ii n business
wholesalers it on
ers and jobbers
cent fur advance
allow 5
judgment fty
to be eipially
gooii tor ivtailei's; anyway you can
pick your complete Comfort and
Dkiukol c.toek, just what you need
for Ibis winter at u saving of Ml per
cent on all grade.-,. Comforts fine up
lo line Down Comforts ui l.iKi
Some splendid values at t'-"11, tl.i'.P
llla.ikits T'.c li to $."i.;in; some great
values ,-u !., $l.:,n, $l.',ir, and 2.05
10 ner cent discount if you buy this
week: after that, regular price which
wo guarantee to be the lowest in the
orb to
regulate the
Rose One of the Oldrst Flowers.
Hose culture's beginning goes b:-ck
t l.i voll.l records. The (lower Is tin a
how to timid in hr earliest Ci plie tnavu
i M-ril.Ts. Iliili.is I r.iitlt ion 4 1.-it.c !!
Th.n drop in'., thyself, and be a f.nd: i r,(. ,., ,,. 1ln,. , ,lf ,,. ,,
nrrn. l.typi i a i roses, w 1 1 . i an I
Sun. lav
t, I;
mln. I is
I- v I
I to
No .
.r ...re nfi.T mar ri.ig.-t-
I -. k M ty liomiHt lt
.1 a-.!;n.
t'l le
j !i. r
' pii-i
.!.i; a
-t-.le Hi-
-. b-
P. ii' a v
ro". var-'- a.
1 n i t '- t -:r:i.
seal j I e
i, in . ii r I
- foet i' h ' le
I.-.. MM- I of
. r ; '.. -le- s
- c
I . M
It :
t . !
Iff. f- n
1 ;
r t- f 1
t I'll-
. -a
S tast. . rn-o g
1 f 1 1. ,. f f
I it... 7
v. rr
J.i; sn b.i
1 1. l I.
a i.
1! ii: nn occiii ,i;
' liein.-'- c :;!
f . rm i- .it noil
.' to f h. 11. r
-r l.f- i-.-tt.-i!-.
l nri:!. :.- ); -.
. 1 ut do n- t
' -'s. 1!. : r i
i t-' i- K.-ysf i
"f 1 l-ll s,
To Keep Nesdlet from Rusting.
'jo i,e -p m "dies from rust in:; use a
"... di having haves of wash
:r'i--r. ri!::i!iel looks very i Ice. but
snli t:er with which if is ofti n
,i'. d e.ll! :. s t! t;ee.l!( s to l ll.-t.
Mslt II.
II I!:
Odd A Jvertisement.
Wnr.ti -I. a slronc horse to do the
i. of a c.nti'ry minister." is an ad
- :. . .it vl-ich appeared in a
l.. y isiv .
.-I..-..'.. s ,.
I: -M ..-li.ii Hi, ,1,
In .-....t . t
Th. M..,. ti. ,
'in n. v. in,, v
,. i. ir iti--l:...r:
l - ll - .-
.-ri'iil ItKhl! f home
nr I. urn.
.1. .:irlr.J,
r- lorn!
I 1'
Smallest Made Screws.
sTnai'-'st s-r-s- made ar
'I ii- c i
!!- ,i,
w r. -.. ,,
r.f ii,,.
'.- n !,. ...
T.. vi
A'-.- i!..
In tn. .
I'l- l.rno. thn bfiutlfuL
-:,n 1. s is tlli ir p.
I- r .! i- III,,, iriiihl,-r-v.
T-t. s. I V .1. el
ill- sir-:'..!: til lit wi'"l
i'.-r' r.-l- tunc s.. .,l
:i.o t .I';-,-.
.':- - ..f Ih,- -;ol!
, I lib-
f a maid
....!. :..l
1 V. , k,
f h.
r-.l r-iln
! f ' .-
f-'-l tho e
t t.irrn.r d.iys.
- tir? :i te iu:i(Js
t tr-. .
I., .I'l l r' .-d
- It-E.-.
V,-t t'
ii n an.
' J
WooVejs N.-t rc-irl ot V.rte-
"jh"f-- ll-'
n tl.T t mir
-r I i' I.r f -t
i c a ri.n i -1
CHnere Woros.
Tb. re - r1 in "1.ir.'--'.r-
! 1 e an tiiiir y a
!T r-.t t i- :.'t'c.
- Mr o.i;
' riHr.strelFf-
- "f 'Ills.
-I :-r f.. m
- . u .r?.
.1 .
'ru; it rro ttv
KT li '-N f t LL? IT rCR LEf ?.
' l '.'
'r i -
L;Sfr Tlsn
r ll.. Ti s is 51
i I .c,
I f -lv
V t
c-t to
"'E '.
P. : -.
r's tells :t re ! ESS,

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