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War Office at St. Petersburg
Ltao Yang Precludes Possibility of Turning the Tide
daring this Campaign--Peace not Desired
Associated Press Bulletin:
"Tho troops on both sides arc rest
ing." Thin Information from tho Asso
ciated Press correspondent at Muk
den enmo In a despatch filed at 10:55
Saturday night and coupled wUli
report received at St. Petersburg
from lien. Kuropatkin and Lieut. Gen.
Snkharoft reporting inactivity In the
lighting Bono Thursday and Friday
indicates that since '1 nursday on ac
count of tho .torrential rains and
heavy roads, hostilities have been re
duced to a minimum.
The rear guard of tho llusslani;
have succeeded in taking most of Its
transports and guns through Mukden.
The Japanese, however, are reported
there nrni a force under Gen. Kuroki
is in the hills east of Mukden.
A St.. Peterhlmrg despntch say3
that tho war office reluctantly admit
tod that with the defeat of the Rus
sians at Mao 'ang, practically all
hope of turning the t-.io of war this
year departed, that Kuropatkin nui3t
retire, await reinforcements anu pie
nam for n new campaign next year
Ho word is heard in St. Petersburg
looking in the direction of peace,
Chineso reports, received at Muk
den estimate tho Japanese force in
tho battle of Liao Yang at 300,000
. i-:on, of whom 70,000 'v.-erc Cbincra
and Koreans.
(Jen. Kuroki says that after the
.battle of September 5 tho Russians
took 10,000 wounded to Mukden,
leaving 3,000 dead in tho vicinity or
Liao Yang.
No offlcial figures of the losses nt
the battle of Liao Yang havo
given out.
Jao Strength at Liao Yang.
Mukden, Sept. 10, 10:55 p. m.
Chinese reports which aro partly
rniiflrmnd by tho information receiv
ed by the Russians aro to the effeo
that tho Japanese at Liao Yang hai
a total of ;:on,nuo men with 700 guns.
Tho roar cua rd consisted of 40.000
Koreans and no.000 Chinese,
but as
rui. nu .:in no iu(iixt!(i iiii.v
nf these narticinatod in the flKhting.
Tho troops on both sides are rest
ing. Message From Marshal Oyama.
London, Sept. 10. Tho Japanese
legation received a despatch from To
kio timed 1:05 today transmitting a
message received from Field Mar
shal Oyama. The reports reads as
follows: "The main To.-cc or the
enemy is believed to be retarded
nniii. of Hun river. Natives say the
enemy sent by train over ten thou" -
nnd wounded and burled over
... !.-. i,ri,.,i magazines near
ll. . .1. JJ.. mj ......v., -r.
i:.ii,.n Imfore evacuation. We cap
...... ..i imwprrr. Imni(!iise nuantili-.'S
of provisions and Mnmunition."
Rear Guard Arrives at Mukden.
Mukden, Sept. 8, vsa Pekin Sep
tember 10. The rear guard or the
Russian army which has been under
r,r)- for a week has mcieeded :n
bringing most of Its transMrts and
guns through here.
The Japanese are co-.siing by rail
road. The Japanese forces under Gen.
Kuroki Is no in the hills to the east
of here.
Bad Roads Prevent Fighting.
KU Petersburg. Sept. 9. Lieut
c;n. Sakharoff renins that there
as no fighting yesterday. Tne rain.i
and i ho condition of the rd pre
vent the JapaneM- lnim ad.anring.
Russian Army Moving.
St. IVierM.itrg. Sept. 1". There
vs do fnifio nes fnm the front
thi morning. -ut it ron'inues to he
r-ion'i that the Ru:ri armv u
n. ,.inF tii.nhmurd from Mukd'-n.
:-n. Knroiii.in is mH
Im- M
I'aKH. 1 lie .eni.ni ! - "
i,.,i(ut. i ofTieiallr a1
i.. ..r u.tti.
Heavy Jpaee Loe.
T' nc Tan. S'l". Vy t. p m A
.fTi--r ia-d ihroiiEh T-it.z
ln n I, sv Ki' '.n
... ..... !...,-" ! ---- a' P-n
...... ... lLit.. l ' t l inn
..f I.'-:
Admits That the result at
Japs do Some Looting.
Lino Yang, Sept. 7. via Tien Tsin,
Sept. 10. Tho Japanese officers wero'P(1
tinablo to restrain their soldiers alter
six days of desperate fighting and
looting became general.
Last night, tho soldiers in auenipi
ing to rob tho missionary and Ret?
Cross camp stabbed Dr. A. M. West-
water, a well knowu missionary, in
the neck.
The Japanese were wejeomeu .ly
good rh.heysTabnshed'mJho work of conatruoting trenches is
tho Uhinosc-Japanei'e war. I
Refugees are still arriving from i
tho battle ground where nauve ior-
inncseeKers arc . iS "c
lor treasure, most oi u.u uu ""c;force of Japanese to rest securely up-
hocn mineu um ur "V. '
ments strew the trenches. The Jap-1
anese operate the railway frequently
with their power.
The Japanese reinforcements
en route north by all roans
Prince Kaiyeu, brother or mo
peror of Japan, commander or .
second brigade of cavalry, has l,nss -
cd Haicheng.
Port Arthur Assault Deferred.
w,xn nt 111 TsJruin Hhims
v..v -
....... it T-i., ..nl.(.,lov cn.r that
who icL. am, ...-iUy
m me assault on run rtimm
i...,.,o.i vi. Mm isimnmn for today i
has been postponed until Tuesday
next, Sopt. 13, and that a still further
..,. .w.m,.nt la noKsihln s the Jan-
aiioi .iiiteud to make every possi-
bio preparation before again hurling
themselves upon the worn out garn-
Japanese Erect Hospital.
Clio Foo, Sept. i0. Tie Novikra:
of Port Arhtur, offlcial organ of Vice
roy Alexieft ,in the issue of Sept. 3,
.. . i ....'
a copy or wiiicn was ruravwi num
today says that the Japanese hav;
erected a hospital at Louisa I3ay and
erected a hospital at Louisa 13ay and that the Russian deionses lacing tne Qp tQ asHist
apparently confirms previous report;, Japanese have been made with a per
to the effect that a Japanese vosel feet Ion undreamed of. Tho Inner
was sunk while laying mines off sides of the forts however, are not ""M"H" 1
Pnt-i Arlhnr Auirust .Ti.
Tho Japanese squadron on mo
consisted or mo pro-
tered cruisers Matsusliima, Itasuuus
llashidato, an akhsiu, tne
iiiuiud t-iui.-n-r .-...-'"...,
torpedo boat destroyers.
Russian Wounded
. . ..
Tnkio. Sent. 10. Gen. Kurol
ki re-
. .Pin. TVT. . n.ln v'u llllltlo (lie
.at J . ,lrt.
" ,w;k .,m an.l!
) .. : , ; ,": mn a.mm m tho
. . , I" J ,7.Z va,"
11, J 11 It-J UI Ull" "0.
General Staff Had no News.
St. Petersburg. &cpi. in, u.ui ,
The gencralstaff up to this hour.
( .a:
in ws confirming 'be report
1 f roirogade movement from Mun-
I ,in ih.nii'h it is frankly admitted
. ... ... r..- --
that whether Gen. Kuropatkin
. i(.ii,iu to remain at Mukden
or iui ,
ih. transtHirt baggage and a porlim
of troops will he sent north. I he
report that Kuropatkin himself had
gone to Tien Pass Is positively de
nied, as also Is the current rumor
that Major Gen. Orloff wi'l le court
martialed f tr disobedience of orders.
The promised statement, regarding
the Russian losses has not yet been
made public.
Transport Launched.
St Petersburg. Sept. 10, 4 - P
The torpedo tranMrt Volga
c,,,.r..f,,llv lannrheii at 'be
admiralty yards berv toi'ay.
No Fighting Reported.
St 'Petersburg. Sept. 10 -Tne em
tHTor ha rendveil the following from
Gen Kuropa'kin dated yeMerday:
"No fighting has taken place In
the spl're .f oiieratloni' nnd 'ho
rnemv hoed no rHTeeptil.le a'tr
ty Spt. or !. Heavy rami m.
tinup hich does n' f rmi' "f
roa-lK drying or their Iwing rc
jiaired." Advicrs to Leortion.
' Wa.hiticfm. f P'- 1"-T1,e .'i
: legation received tr,e f.l-
lowing from Tokio:
Vaf-hal Ovt.rr w-Tr.n ni-r
r hi .rrr.v ,vt,- Vfim'tl'' fl.i.
r.,r t lrf-l,''.ed to Mr-'Td-l.
i .
f.'Hi ,irer P-fcr " ' ' '
Mikado's Force Now Investing the
City Estimated at 80,000 Fighting
Men, Who Will Have to Re
duce Fifty Four Forts.
Che I''oo, Sept. 10. Gen. Nogls' next
asHm,it on Port Arthur will bo direct-
c,,fiy against Rlhlungshnn ami
Kiknwanshnn forts, which aro the
trongost on the northeast Hank.
Thin Information in derived from an
,., nmht.iiiv who has
Just finished a visit over the Japanese
uno around mo ions ana converses
'with tho Japanese officer,, who allow-
hIm tQ make rgonnI 0U8Crvation.
advancing rapidly.
Tne range of hills ercwvied by KI-
,awanslmn snd Rihh.ngshan have U-
regular slopes, enabling a large
ion the slope. Tho Japanese tents are
h relieved every
; ',""
three days.
Knn.t nnd ammunition and other
sunnlies p.re brought them at night,
I ..nt.. fr... tUn rofifliin that tha detach
L, , r0 obij.red to cross a level
8lretch before reaching a place of
safetv Tnere seems little doubt that
th K!.nlll, on Kik-vwanshan will be
the most trying one that the Russians
liav vet resisted. Everything which
life "" "'"- I
i,.3 ri.utolprl Evprvthine Wllicn I
have yet resisicu. iverj umif,
ingenuity can suggest is being done
ingenuity euu aungwi "s "
i... n, To.,....oo tf ronilor thfi nttnckl,
luc rflItt.. '7'""
oucooim. -----
to be employed are numerous heavy
portable shields which have been con-
structed at Dalny and wnicn win ue
used tn afford protection.
Guns and shields will be moved as
closely together as possible .iirough
,e irencne oe. be
Clckly ' hau ed o" ho' wmmi when
' . '
thn fnrts are taken
The entire Japanese force now sur-1
winding Port Arthur Is eslimaiea at
80.000 fighting men. . . . I
Tho informant of tho Associated
. ... . . .!..- ..oi I
rress qtioteo an isuu
who was with the Japanese, as sayins
that the Russian defenses lacing the
so well constructed. I
. . 1 Ti -nnifln. I
u un KiniunBsnB
snan, tne ... '
control an entrance :a.o
u.. uw v. "
rhc Japanese say they are prepared
to lose iieaviiy in iBKii.g hum.
fnrto which, likn a malority
nn., rn,ii- cirrminillitir Pnrt. Arthur.
". - - --
have six Incli steel siremw loop iujij
wilh rapid firing guns
These CTi,S, according to the Ass,,
elated Press infrmant. nave proven
.most disastrous to the Japanese.
, yirainia Detectives Gather in a
Organized For Robbery.
Norfolk, Va.. Se,,(. 10-Sintbern
railway detectives have captured ir.
Sussex county a station called Hoi
erville. n band of twelve negroes
somewhat idniiiar ill purpose to the
"before day cli:! " Ising rounded up
further muth. This band htyied
themselves thj "Rough Riders," and
Ihfir nl.ierl was ti rob and burn
houses and stores In the vicinity of
llomevllle. tne detectives nlhge.
The Iwelvo rant Ives are charged
with robbing and burning die muK.
ern railway station Bt llom. ville an t
nlnliiiiL' to roll and lnim im- genera
t..r ..f lU'it anil Chanel at the fanii
Weather Forecast
Washinirt.-in. 1. C Sept. l".-Kore
West Texas Fair Sunday exropt
Kiiowerit and roler in the Panhan-
rtle- Monday fair: except kh'rs in
f-KI rem.. i"t iwirlion.
Kt Texai. 'uC'y rloudy Sun-
dav; r.hower and r In north por-
. i.... Mr.n.hv f:.:r fresh Ki'fd w.ndt
n (he rfiast.
Blanchard'e Brilliant Staff.
v..- irl r.s. S' lit. 1.- A'l 'itn
pani' d by n arly fifty nuniH r. of ni
itaff In iiriif.im. .rtll!M
I rai l Gov. N. V. r.lane-ard i'l pnv
ft to)v on a pec;l 'ruin
for S
l-il to i.nie:.n'e in tin
tii'n on Ii'.i-iaTia
Before Day"
A'bens. ;a . .i"t.
ti. 1,-iiir'i'tii
l.v 1 o 11' irr'-
1o ;a ' Va
IlV f";i" r-'T!
of f.;"--ti fi'-t'"- tr'ini
K'l.ti '
1 01.. f url -'iii: .
1 V. itif if .-ri.n" 'ir a
nil- l.-.ie.j,'.. -".
Man Yanir. Bent. i. mcinyedi w
Manv fore inters who obsorv- w
4 od tho HuHHlan troops ai i.iiw
Yung, before tho battle whlmt re-
Hidled In tho Japanese ocrupn-
i lr.ii nt t lut rllv. arc of tho opill-
Ion that tho Russian reverse was
tho result of the last four months
of failure in "' I'"''". -vnat
they term "lemoraii.atioii oi mu sr
iirmv which began at the battle
of Chin Lien Cheng." Tho task
of Gen. Kuropatkin aeomou to no w
hopeless. Tho railroad during
tho month of July scarcely sin- v
llced lo br tig into Liao Hang v
enough troops to replaco those
who wero lost by iieatti. hickiioss w
or wounds during tho inonin w
and it was estimated that tho
Russians wo.ild have to outnuni-
her tho Jnpaneso Iwo to ono in
order to bo successful uguinsi w
them. w
. . .
The Presidential Nominee would
Rather Put in the Campaign at
Home Than Go Swinging
Round the Circle.
Esopus, Sept. lO.-Whether Judge
Parker shall conlinue to conduct his I
ulncipal campaign at Rosemount,
md whether he shall go on a speak-
ng tour have been questions that
,, ,1 ,V, ,l,1u ,,f pnllnrH nt
nave usnaicu .v- .n..... . .
t) .
Xosemoiint today.
"'" - i
. i ...l,rf .li.lorm iioh .
Kfcra petBuimi J""-" . .
the question he will remain quietly
at home, regardless of any demands
that may he made upon him. His
. .
views were set fprth in a statement
ssued at Rtfsemount today by Arthur
McCaus:and, his private secretary, in
nTvbllHhSd criticisms of an ,
Ueged lack of harmony in the na-
L.ni mmlitoo organization. The
statement Is as ioiurws.
)s satisfied With Conditions.
Tho )Rlement is to the effect that
InHp-f. Parker coes to wow turn iu
taUe personal cnarge ui tu
Qp tQ as()ist the committee in tho con-
e campaign or that he Is
with the work of either
ho national or state committee aro
, . ,, ,n,l ,l.h th. nt.
fort of both the committees. He
Illll.l I1U. nu in tiuiun .i --.
.,. mf.mhf,ri, r i r them
wnrMna mtellitenl ly. harmoni-
,., ,i nfrorlivclv and that they
. I ... ...tun l.,i.. u The .
ire wisu u. n- - "-t
"'" fl: u ...
OI meiioiK ii n unj " "' "
I 'irat inn fn Ills
letter of acceptance,
i '.t m; " "
Friends Want Speakinq Trio.
Many of Judge Parker's visitors to-
lay advised the candidate to go on a
speaking trip. They said his pres.
-nco is needed In the d.nibtful stales nieiiia.e.y i. -vhere
raMys could be held. , .t.!1"i?L- ,lul fMlwr HignaJry ot tl
Judge Parker later d scsse-i -ne
qtiostir.ns with A m r wi";
hairman of the national ixee,,....:
-..mmlttce. Col. Hantel v - m- m
Herman Ridder of New York and
Former Hi itreseniaiivc
if Peekskill. N. . . .
At the conrhts'on of the rot.rere .ee
-ill. Mr Sheeh.in It was anno.ilir e.1
...... ....... ,..
o..th..ritativl'lv IHHI Hie 1.11 in- .
mint issued will stand ior un; "
nt sir far as sny trip lo .ew tom
roncrnee t1 tbst .Mdge rarier
is not now disposed if, make a shak
ing toer.
After German-Aroerlcan Vot.
Mr. Ridder undertaken In h'
ampaign the work .f urganiing
he German American vHo In a nmn-
..r of rtoillilfil State, to tl-i,. ....
will In
the vote of
lrmTatlr III Vet. H'
,.v,.re... .r mnvass in m
Illinois, ronnetiriil. New Jer T-
e Ik-
York and !' m.n inn . ..
Tieven inm -
. .it ..t ih,A Mit.'B ms t i
rarrted J"'lre rarKer 11 ....-
mork Is done fr-mi the oolsel.
i.. n.rt. r was nrced l.y Mr. Ril
1 .. l.tt I r-n fciK lies ftl
flf n ma.' ' .....
. ...... . filrtdir "
-....a - i.r J.idei- ParkiT a l!"le
Ifter In tl.f rampalgn.
Gtrttrnq D'-w" t We-.
II is ln.tKM.' l le lo l:l. no "
t.iem'P'i-1 TifTe frf p.li'i' 'r two
m,h. Mr !''-f'iin. -n-.
, T-ii.c io Phi " r- r
I,- -r at""" a- -?a'".ry r-'il'"- T
I'rc f i" t.-'-"-arr to '.'- ro"
o.t,-r.H. '!
.TPm; ' '' "
ff-t '(: to'-l "T '-
earner. . ly) a ,..- t.rf. -y.4
"i "
fit' !."" 'a' 'n ''"'
v m T"" r'"'-n.'rt .1, l,T)'! tea
t. t
1 i" fa-.' '
Matter Will Be Taken Up By the
Inter-Parliamentary Union.
French Deputy Objected
To Introducing Case.
b't. Louis. Sopt. 10. Tho power of
i ho world signatory to tho Hague
j convent Ion will he nsked by tho Inter"
' Pnrlluninnlnrv Union at Its twelfth
'conference to Intervene in ilia Rus
slan-Japanese war; President Roose
veil will be requested to call a sec
ond session of The Hague convention;
compulsory arbitration wlll.be advo
cated; the use of sub-marines in time
of war will be deplored anu many
kindred resolutions will be presented
!inrine tho deliberations of the week.
The decision to undertake to bring
1 about intervention In the Far eastern
war was not reucueu um.. -honied
discussion at times bitter,
When the proposition was brought
forward M. Cochery, a rrencn uepu
tv. obiected vigorously to any at
tempt whatever to Inject this matter
Into tho conference, rie was suppli
ed by Marquis dl San Gueliano, pres-
' . th. ltallim Krollp
Th Unjon rjuty,
n Goi)ai lne representative from
Swit!,prian(i ana secretary of the
. sal(j. ..If tilla unon, heralded
,l.,lll,rll,r In a 11H11CH COIlterUllCO
aa utimciiiii..B ... " i
i0iiv f..il nf its onnorttin ty us
,.i0ot in ilcnlnre
to neglect lu m-pnji c
1 n.trttt H .l.tl.lfll'M I IK IllUlllllUn.
war in the history of ages
we may
. count ourselves as liable to become
' tlu, iau8hing stock of the world."
The council which is not unlike the
'uiar nir committee of tne uniw-u
. orennized today by the
,.... f Concressman Richard
jjnrtholdt of St. Louis as president.
There were submitted -luring
council, do.ens of resolutions the
merit of which were urged strongly
I by their advocates prior to uie husbiuu
! These were so numreous and so
1 varied that their full discussion uc-
' ."",
The Program.
The program for the conference
was today definitely fixed uy tho ex
ecutive council. Monday, tne first
day will bo devoted to preliminary
' . . t .... ... ill
work. The two succeeding uays win
be devoted to deliberation on resomii
.i...,- nrn.mrml by tho executive coun
,.. The iirst will deal with the Far
,,-,.., wr
tn the
following lan-
Inter-Parliamentary Confer-
1 ' Ii... .w..i i.v .he horrors of tho
n. - -
; war tnat is neing was l"c
Kast between two civilized siien,
and deploring that tho power slgnato
... .r .i... n.,..vntioiiu of tho Hague
- nal,0 lo haVo recourse to
,.,Kes there of. which direct
tll(.m or ne r
Tl(J , to tcr-
" . ' . tl... ..roner time with tho bel-
fa,.i,ate the
M n,,t v and Instruct j
n si.r. I U)
ti... i,n.K..iit resolution to the '
l ,.tt i,.,i..(. f the Malt isiwers
- ; rf.r..
, w.n, r,.,,-. ..
., h.v.. to Hi w II h i no
, un: .,,....0 -- --
uo nn i
calling ol a second hk
,y ITesident R.Hmevtlt. the . xpress-
Ion of gratification at the advance
,:;. , ,e cans,., of peace the tak-
,,g of steps to Ktrengthen lne out,
lorks ..( lb- inter Parliamentary
r,,i..i, the ,tat.llshment oi .oni.u.-
. ...1 ti. alK.liliini of
.i..i...M hih endanger neutral
'. . .. . i.r mar
ti. r sotii'lons alM, dKeourage Ihe
iner. of the army and the navy;
t-IHPimm ......... ". -. .k.:'- . one In
tl. imiidding of l.aitien.i.s ior
...... .n,l 1 he tinret.tric.n-d cale of
.,,1N..i. lor a nn rrhstil
is. and aii-ali
. , . . .i(. ia,f. ol l.at'ie
- . - . .,
marl i.
t take the itaee
Hi "I
Will Ask President
n,. r solutions rtt1an-r that
... ...
- 1 i..t .J the l'niti-d Ftat. thou I
l'M 'iO.1,1 in me - J,,ane. m-' - in,m Tne
.,,.,...r..d .0 - -.,fer. of ' a
.,. r. ,,r...I.i.iv o fall 1h Hv- j f.ebi ine of 11. ,.w.f)inE Th
,,...rs t..T rear, to : . , for ,H; h.
....a ... .ll rotiferitie of
r-on.m'in :rT,r ant uiw
ne i., tn'f j.h. h rlal'ti and
t .
tt,. , 1.' ton of r.
t, rt.ew aiii-fl rid tha'
t.fi r irwti'Hit pnnti' at lh
,..,, r-t...- of He l'i"t ra-iiameii-ary
l: ... .- I I lOtl a'o'i' "
Hivefi- tV
...4 th
!.' I to K'lr,,l
t m
. : .I., r. l.r "t '
ti" t i
. . . ar !--' Ji.t. ani
l'l f n:-n '"
,,.. k' 'If ' 'H'l ""''tl Of l-T-l'l
f . Mr'- ""vii
i. ,(-.-.ti aii.fT'iM
I . -t -?) "S) '."f! I
Wh?n Shells Began Dtopplrg
klo Knew That Time was up And Began Moving
His Wounded ani Transpo.ts to Mtf kden
Llao Vang. Sept. 4. via Tien Tsin
" " .
S. pt. 10. The Japanese at 8 oilo-k
yesterday evening discovered that
the Russians had evacuated Llaii
Yang and at 11 oock they aent
scouting parties to the southern and ,n (mo tri.r,ch Bevo mon rought gal
western walls of the city. At 3 lantly until thoy wore surrouuded by
o'clock this morning tho troops of
. . , t . i , J
the victorious army quietly entered
and occupied Liao Yiuir, On. Kuro- ani hags on tho e'.ioiny. They sue
patkln's former bnse, and stronghold, cer.dcd in killing ono Japanese of-
Thls success was achieved after flvo
days' glorious fighting. .
Kuroki Divides Forces. ctipied by the enemy.
. v ,, , . , . .. At 5 o'clock In the evening the
After Gen. Kuroki had noted lHo'fl(;ntnK whlch waB wagod M dnjr
march of the Tenth Russian army ; ann, centered along tho south road
corps, which ho had ililvcn In from where for two hours thero was a
the Anpln road to tin plain, was on heavy artillery fire and a vast amount
Its way to Join the Russian cent :-r of ammunition was expended,
which Gen. Nodzti had forced in froir An Inferno of 8hrapnel.
Kaofengshal, he divided his forces' Tne vauey n front and undor the
stationed at Anping and In the Jeng Ru, glln8 liurlng thl8 artniory
Wan Chenp; roads. Ho tord '.arc to " " . . , .
have a sufficiently si con-.; force on the was an Inferno of shrieking and
Feng Wangohen road, on Gen.Nod.ii's moaning shrapnel, while boyond tha
extreme right and sent to uen. ioi-
zu, who was pushing wltn the .lap-
anese center along the Mengflilaftng
and south roads one brlgnde to .Meng-
chlafeng, three to Chinoflantun and
two regiments to tho souinnwaru. ai miles threw out all day long a con
Gen. Kuroki In the meantime waited tinuoiis hall of lead, followed by un
quletly and with two more divisions ceasing flashes of fire. In spite of its
on the south bank or tne ibivhu
river. On August 2!t, tne aruiiery comparatively lnoirectuai, me nus
under Gen, Nodzu bombarded fiercely slans often fliinij without sight, of t'w
the three hills at Chlaofantun. un'
the same day, Gen. Oku In command
or the Jnpnnese party making ms
vdv win. riflp fire and artillery.
slowly advanced along tho railroad
III spite of tile Russian oppcminm
from neighboring elevations and for-
tlflcatlons. The left army thus
moved toward Shushaen. The Rns-
sian navy was not able to loente the
tranches on tills aiivnnco.
KuronatginB "'""'a.
The character of the Jnpnnese nil -
vance apparently had served as a
to Gen Kuropatkin to make
sure of his retreat and his transport
v.as at once seen moving rapidly out
of Liao Yang
over the railroad
On August 30 tho Japanese closed
In on the Russians in tneir inoiiiii.ni.
position at Chlaorantnn. The , guns
were so close to each other that it
was'alniost possible for the battery
commanders t see each other's spec-
'"aiIO o'clock on the morning i.r the
30th Gen. Kuropalk'ns staT moved
out of Llal Yang. At the same lime
rifle fire was heard drawm-; nearer
lo the ra'lrial slatlm.
Cause f' Defeat.
Liao Yang. Sept. 4-T)elayed.
Many foreigners who observed tbhe
a V .. rr Ki.ffiri
. ' . ...i-..t i ihi .Inn
miiioi ri'sii ti n in i-
. i lliul IFlf ii inninn '
. ii.niLtun mviTnt'
.1 ,u r..Knll of the last four nionms
vms the res
i ti... n. ld : f w hat I hey
... r. i.mi 1
,01 . ".,.,,, f the army
.III lamiie - -- ..
ll,i,l un OI III':
Ivhlch began at the ua"' ;
I )( n rhi ne .. T1I. tH(ik of Gen Knnr
(ld K0.rned to '"''"""r i'.iv
rai,road diirtng .be month Jfi,
I srrely s.im.i d I i .r
v.ng enough Hi )v .j
,-re 'no ..... - tlth
I. i.L... us or wounds during m i
..m Ii was
tlniated triai '
ialana llll l llSV"
to oitniiiinii"-r
order to im
1 j.,B, 1
!..,., ,,f,,l a
caiTit I tu rn.
Every Hillock.
M - - - nisDute
iu- tivi-k i' "" f,r"""n ,h"
,,,. ft.fl.ni I en. .re
I ' ....ition a. rniafantnn
.very tulloiv i'n ..lW.
a . ..)
Jul s.'il' ' "", .
tn' n
T .... t.t.. . f-otn
ranc of
in ith of
V.M. ti tt -o-r I. '
! . . . i t.? '.
-.Jl.l-l.r,, ..- . .rT
iv) nf 'be
!'... n l i ' -
tig of ih .".I"'
TTiU af
! .....i.M ti :-'st"-
. I m i-T
- .... hi., vi-rn
X. i lwrn Iff'
tn'-'l tii'il tvitt
.'Kir ni t ' r " ''
I,.r .. J-Tl.HI'-
w.-n t.i c
nrr'tit tii. -
- wi'h i"
ThT wa
' in . if -t.
f - r f
Iato L ao Yang Kurojat-
hill In tho Russian lino Oi'poslto Ma
....i,,, ,.r., tiw, i wo Jiinanimo armies
tiL.lu,ralH j.,,,,,, , oku wero
nmcther. Tlu Russian position horn
was protected with wire enlanglo-
.. u sman body or s
me Japanese. .
At the end of thin sharp fighting,
tho R..HH:an we,.u hurling down
fleer, and Injuring another before
Ithey surrendered and the hill was oc-
khhsIiiii Nliolls burst continually at
the head of the Japanoso advance,
dining the day the Russian rifle fire
Was indescribably furious. The Rub-
8nn trenches for a distance of sever-
continued ferocity, tne rme nro was
enemy.' Thin hall or itussian uuiiois
did not cease before 10 ociock ai
ntgnt. H is estimated mat iu.uuii
KuhhIiui shells were thrown Into the
valley l.ehlnd the south road where
um on.y evmeiiuc wi inu in uouiiuo ui
the Japanese was a Red Cross camp.
- ' 1 '"
Lost 3,000 Men.
At nightfall Gen. Staflelburg with
"j ii. "m.o t cm .Um .u...f, uw..
j Oku on tho left. This Russian corps
,,, iu, ,,.- ,h,..i.n,i mn
1 Kur,,R (lle nRlt 0( the 31st, the
Russians deemed the position of the
enemy to e so tnreaienmg mat uiey
made preparations to fall back. Gen.
Misteheiiko was on the extreme loft
of the Rnussion line with a division
composed of cavalry, artillery, and
Infantry. During the night of the
lllst his force was Bent out in a north
easterly ddircctiim to gain Informa
tion concerning Kurokl's movements
around the Russian left flank In the
direction of tho railroad. Gen. Stak
liburg's movements were of short
duration and lie soon returned to his
line. Gen. Ivanoft and his command
was stationed on Gen. Stnkelhurg'a
right and facing Gen. Nodzu and the
Japanese center army.
Kuroki Makes a Dash.
The correspondnnl notices on Mils
morning an unbroken line of inu:n'ini
Hon wagons, batteries of artillery
and Russian Iroou using the rail
road bridge to get out of Liao Yang
lo the north, it became known that
(ien. Knr.ikl was making a dash
around the Russians left for a point
15 miles north of here. Mo crossed
'he Taitse river tho night of Aug.
:i0 and took the splendid Russian
defenses at pensihu with liltlr. effort.
He continued to advanco steadily and
turned the Russian left. Ills arm."
ovi.nil 15 miles In quick time. The
effect of its presence and movements
was to force the :.innlans to leave
Liao Yang and retired In tho direc
tion of the coal mines east of Yen
tai. He threatened lo cut Gen. Kii
ropakln'a army of seven corps In two.
Chinese Bandits Helo Japan.
Chicago. Sepl 10. A Chcc Foo coi
rcxpondent of Ihe Oally News nv
l.ris from a bandit camp of the'
Cbnnehnsis near Shlnoontiin thai
r. iieerti d movement has lii-en madn
acaKt the Knians bv five mimnled
lands of armed Manehurians to Ihe
total ntimlirr of IS.ihh und'-r ti"n.
iM.nrin with wven Japanese adTlsrra.
1 his formidable forer Is criw-iag lh
i.ao rivi-r worrrlng Knnil kin's
right and rear. In-low Mukd'-ti. Th
i.andi's lai'lv int-reiptel a CotiKack
mh'-iit brltiirina l wo thousand ratH
and five itindr-d horwa frntn M'Wgo
ha. liter amt'ii-h-d two SMiilai
fd Vil'i-d 1 Cossark. S! fVissaelra
v.ro xjnerod. hn of them aa ofB
nr. was l'-a'!iteil.
Cj" fomtM Cental in Venice
Met wo Citv. J il. in It in lt"rt-
-j Ui t ai lortiia rapt ni-
iloiittit 'it itiiT. 'if Mintra. Err-
. ...b.lltl a. t. n urA
t ,.iiT-i..a t.i-i.
i i -iMmr tin- paB-Amerleaa railway
frotn 1 h nan' -!"" iV'W to
1 1
-1 :
.. 1.-' ak
D i'r a ari; '

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