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Whe.c to
Uo to Mar the
Prcachnd Today.
Lutheran Church.
in hull m WaHliiiiKtoii
HI.-.I lii-ii'i-u Uullr.iuil "! Iturli
I. ml v'iiii. in "VliM-k.
KUWAUH KISIIKIl. 1'iihior.
1057 Ull'h Avt'llUO.
Chrittian Church.
Wo will ho e!iil wcUonio '"
..mvu'l toilny n.l Invito you
i i l.. .,l...li.iir fur till" IIIIKIH
Mull II I"" " ,
,. .....IV ,.,.il,li-..l oil lllt Willi. Hilly
111 nt " , , .
Ill.-r 11 lllvlllO IUIIIU'. "tlVf "U
i i i .i... i, 1 1 lk i Ji'hiih limy
miiphii'i"! - ...i..
i .... viiili il lllllnll 1 11.41 UK'
i-.i jn" ----- .i mi. i
i.. i.. i.. ii. Plm 11111
Mi HI IIHKI" u ....--
,I,.h,i will im'-i ot :: mor.il .u
.. 1 I nVlu t. llll'llll'. I IH'
I llii , . " .
.. .i Ii " Tin. Junior IIH'fl
.111 III. II . . I
i ii... fc!..iiliir IliiiIi-UVOI' III
hi i hum ii'" ---
, iim vcittim Hi' mm imtii
...i.i.'ii UI lii VTIiri'i'
.1 mlt Hltll
linr'.' 1'iiiyir iii''il
III) Wl'lllUK
ilnv cvi-nlim.
A ir.-nt In pr.Miiln.xl nonunion- I"
p'o on S-iii'-ni'ii-i- 'i. '" ' '' V'"'"
will ln Ii-rv Li nl'l ' K"1"" ,,r
:, il.ir.lnil..l pniKnim .oiikIsiIiik (
viiK pl.-i.ir.'. IMiiMriii.-il .Minn'
iiu.l lilKlily rolon-il moronptlftiin
First Metl'odist Church.
K.-,- ( Sun.lay nl 11 n. m. nml
7 11 p in.. t-iiniliirti'il hy l 1'n-(,",.-
In n.lillUon to "i m""1 li',n:
II. V.. will l" i-ii.lr.'il tlio f-illowliiK
"''Snl'nls In Glory" Ant ix-m by
iiiui-..-Mo "Ailoro nml bo Sllll.
l,vCoiiii...l: hiiiik by Mr". V'. mm.
Hinolin. Mr. I'ii'll"i'l. Mr. Ron vie.
Solo Capl. Aniroy (ireor.
r.v.-niiiK sr-rvioo:
-liPiir to 'bo Honrt or llio
Sln-.bor.1." sutiir by Mr-. J- - "!
nml Miss Lewis.
Solo "One Sweetly Solemn
mm Mt-a Tl.nvl
I . iiiii . .......
..... .. .in-iliiil liivtalion to
Dm pnlilie lo alleiid nil these ror
vir.-s We liiive eleelrie Ian:;, eoni
tvilal.le pews, non-Ice ,ro of rci'inn
iiM.. leimih ami Mic welcome is pen
nine Come ami worship willi ns.
V. A. (.ODMHY, l'tislor.
Hint Baptist Church.
In l lie absence or Hie pastor Uw.
clly,vl)r. ri. V. Ray. who Is enn
tlml'iiir the meetings at Ihe Y. M. C
A., will preach at both the services,
tl a in. anil K: 1 r ii. in.
' Dr. Hay is a man or lnrp;e expei'-en.-e
,wiile uliservnl inn, and deep and
Ihoroiitt'li Knowledge or the liilile, who
lii-csciits its teaciiings in new and
attractive way.
Sunday School at !: I" a. m. I
Y. I. IT. at 7 : 1 r, n. m.' I'rnycr meet
iiift, Wi-dnesdav S : 1 r. p.m.
H C. TlRlIIiMAN, raptor.
Y. M. C. A.
At Y. M. C. A. nf 2:15 p. m. Tlr
Ray will talk to the hovs about "The
I'miliKal's llrotner." T)r. Ray is a
luiKht and interesting la.Ker an-'
I lie hoys who come will have a poor
( hue.
At I p. m. Dr. Ray will speak to
the men. his subject will be "Wa the
Man a Fool?" Dr. Jfay lias proven
himself lo he awa" above the aver
age in his line, and those v.lio come
will hear an iiilerestiiiK and insl ru-r-ive
If. G. REIIRMAN, On. Sec.
Nd-th End Baptist Mission.
Sunday seliol )! p. rr.. Preach Ins
A n m. hv Rvolher Fapin. Praver
nieeliiiff Tuesday S p. m. Ladies Aid
Society meets each alternate Frid:;
at '' p. m. ICverybody cord in 11 v in
vited lo attend these services.
Rosh Hoshona.
On the first day of the Jewish
month of Tii.hri, which fell this year
on Saturday, Sept. PI, besan a period
of ten "lays which for Judaism has
ever been and remains to this day
tin. mo-t solemn and momentous oc
casion of the entire religious year.
The first day or this period has
eiiine to be known as the new year
ami the last day as the day of nloiie
ini iil. 'I lie interval is known ns Hi
leu days of ponloncc.
Tlie first day known as tlio new
year is a characteristically Jewish
ilidav. (.wiim. anio.ij; oilier inint-s. to
facts that 1 not generatiyia
known even among Isnielites.
the first place the Jewisli caien-1
,,.,-,. in the spring "1 in;:r..Mi led 1-r a.-nv ;'"' ' ";
with Ihe numih Nissan, ami
.... tl - .1
slranne as it may seem, ine nisi ...
?r- j will icJ yo
Z. - T Valla IitMl inc 11 ( I
mrB.r-. -
.....T-.i 1. M,rfrt-.ct-v.Ill-.r('. ',- iSZJi
' onirvir
iuU:ji h rw-..Ti ir .-
-, KA.-iin .mv
A fall treo.tsaeftt tot
TUIui liKuiiu ii"l llio nil bin Die'
.st-M-iiili iiioiiili of tlie year. Ii uliuuM T
lio bin ue in iiiiiiiI, uoMi-vi-r, iiiai mi'
lay wliirh i now l.iiown a I he ik i
year, u tiriKiaully culU-il elilu-r ll',T
day (if JiiiIkui.'IH or tht day or .M , i
lliorlal. tlllil rt'eelveil lis irt'helll up- i
pi-lliiii.m on tlio ruHiilt of rliriiin- f
Kianrea In which iim Kiiu-riil reudi-r I
Ih not piirlli iilarly Illlt-reKli il.
One fuel (a brought out In Jew!n
hltiiory thai it la well to note, and I
thai ri the reverence Willi which he
Jew held the number aevcu. I lie
aiveiith day lieiunie the Jewtsli aah
liuh. tlio st-vciHli year waa ihe Sub
ImihlcBl year, and uti-r tievin Sab
biiihleul yenra came the uruat year
or Jubilee.
The bi-KlnnliiK of each numih or the
yiar w oberveil with r.-Hnl'Hin re
iiioiib a a tho day or the now moon
ami ns ihe iHini liics In Id upeclnlly
.1... ...... ...nil .inv vciir. etc..
:l-rc-.l . '." - ,.
the Bovrmh new moon iienmio on" n
i ho twu most Hncreil ami aulumn nun
diiys in tho Jewlnh ear.
Tho neeonil faet reenrdlna Ihm Holi
day, thut niaUea II peciillur. Is the
rnct that Ii l not oliKerve.l to com
memorate any event In the lire or a
(rent Individual or even nn event m
the natlonnl history or the nut Ion. iih
Is tho case In most reunions Holidays.
Ii HtandH for im aliHirnci rcnm
principle. It la made n ilay of re
lictoiiH cxnminntloii on the part 1
Hip .lews, nnd eallK upon mi .n ...
repi-nl. Illld soidi rolKlveneKH lor uieir
evil deeds. This call Is made l.y l lie
Idowln-.s or Ihe 'Shorar" or rnms norn.
which has been inoilernl'.ei Into ine
cornet. It Is n call Hint never
to nwaken the iiiorL wiiemn it
... .i. i,..rta f.f nil .lews win) I'nve
....n.i ii.-tficd nwav from their
nncestoriiil faith.
ll'il. l-IM " - 1 J ' " " "
In every corner or ine kiou.-. .
in India and China nnu me "
the sen, wherever fate nns nroimi...
time.ber n linnilMI of the scalie.-ed
.... . tJT TIul.i-l 1111(1
III IMril II" : II" n. -- -
.... .,..,o il. n scciind ilnv. IS ouHi-rvK.i
with Kolenin pray.;-. .lewlsli worlc
..i ..,i iwn!os nf business are
nllv closed Trom sundown or the
('ay before to sundown or thut day.
t,i the TTniled Stales the holiday
..I.or.vvml 1V nV(T 1.0(111,0011 ,1(-WS.
....'f ..r ...1,,,,.. ..nalde 111 lllrt Cit.V 'It
lilt. I 'i i.....
v V.I.I.- The other half million
' . cnniinrofl in every town
lire .vi i' i . .-. ,..-
i i,..,i.'.i .if ibis land. In many
illlU lltim " . ,
, K.. cmnl mini OI Jw
TJ1IICI!S "i: oiiit
t. imnnuu i p to mamiam
svna-nsnl (rrsianiaUon tiiroiiKiiim..
I,,,. iim-iiiL' the ra'l holiday
... f .l nml
season a syiinKoguu '
nlacc-d In ' harse ot some w m -ncrson.
Tim upper grade students
of the Hebrew Union college at. Cin
cinnati, Ohio, and or ine Jew... . -k
(ileal seminary in New York city
(dHciale each year in many such com
munities. , ,
Tie Jewish calandar which is a
m,m calend.-r so runs that t be new
vear which fell this year Sept. 10, in
I ho Roman calender, will fall on a
different date next year, and each
succeeding year.
A Small Blaze.
The fire department was called mi;
last night at f o'clock on account of
a blaze in an old hay warehouse o:-.
CA-press s: root, near the river. It
was not being used but. had some old
luiv on Ihe Hoof. Tlie origin of the
tire is not known. A Tlabcock Hr
- , ,L..,,l ,rlili frnml nv
ov n-rilis lei iviiti ii.-i.
.-.'...t i.v Frank Sliepcrd before
department got there and the
cal wagon nut the finishing
The United Chari'ties.
There will be n meeting of the
T.,n.-.l nf Directors or Ihe United
Charities in regular session Moniiar,
September 1. at :'. p. in., at rooh:
number (I Keith building, for the pur
pose of electing a general secretary
and to transact such other business
as may come before tlie meeting.
Mrs. (1. C. FRUTZMAN, Secretary.
Lands For Sale.
200 acres on Santa Fe Uy. In Jasper
county; 00 acres cleared up; balance
line oak timber at $.1.00 per ncre,
Kio acres in Jasper county, fine oak
timber near Santa Fe Ry. at $1.00
per acre. 220 acres, Jasper county,
near Santa Fe Ry.. long leaf pine,
w ill cut 3,000 root per ncre, price $!i.00
per ncre. 1140 acres Jasper coiiunly,
tif-nr S.n.ta Fe Rv. fine oak limber.
( MiK.iated will cut 1 n.OOil reel
per nor.
fiMe lie or stave propiisiin.n. mm.
when cleaneil sou ......
So come
Hania l e; line oan a"'. J"1"
Aiiuress (.m-.u, -
. i m ai
---- - ,
'- i i
The best attended and most remarkable value-rfivinii event of the e
With a store full of bargains of the rarest character, every ofTer n,i Is of sterli j m . We h
sorted out a host of new lots for this weoK's selling It's bargains like these that "111 ""Wj
your conlidence in this store and convincingly prove that the Wrior j?"1 VxionaHy
does undersell competition, at every turn, qualities considered. You will trade to exceptional
j.. J ...ia Kf a If vnn rnmi any (IbV of next week, J& &
Ladies' Wrappers
Ladies' Lawn
mul trimmed;
lliillhk. widi Ii
!lSc mul . . . .
Vi;iipers, nicely iniulo
$1. mil tfl. .Mi v-iiu.'s.
ill 1'iilliil dm mul oiuer
Knit Underwear
Ladies' Swiss Rililieil Vests, with
finished neck and shoulders, 1 5c val
ues. Mill End Price 7 1 2
Muslin Underwear
Skirts, Corset lovers and Drawers;
good mnleiiil, neatly miid.j and lace
trimmed ; Sf.c nml $l.ot values,
. Mill Und Price 4HC
;ii ' ; i :
Crsvsh Toweling
Extra heavy,
:ill Puro Linen; 10c vnl-
Mill End
ton Twill
Mill End
and unbleached
(i l-c valiu,
' 4e
Curtain Swiss
Double widl h in PolUadot
pretty patterns, 15c value
Mill End Price
and other
... 100
Near Silk
Manufacturers' Short Lengths or lino
Near Sills; black and colors; suilablo
lor skirls, drop skirs mid linings,
l.ln value, '
Mill End Price IOC
Laces and
Torchon Laces, In a variy or dir
ferent widths; all new patM-rns some
match sets; worth 10c. and Me,
Mill End Price 10c and 7tC
Embroideries, all lie wpnttonis, ed'-v
and insertions; worth up to 2oc
Mill End Price 10
Sheets and
Pillow Cases
72x!)0 Ready to
Mill End Price
4,1x:!fi Ready to
12 l-2c value,
Mill End Price
use Shots, fine value,
l'il'ow Case:',
Table Linen
Full width Pleached Ti'.do Linen;
good patterns, :S5c value,
Mill End Price 2r0
Extra large Bleached Ta'd . NapkU.s,
spleiidid uuality, $2.00 value,
Mill End Price, per dozen ... -1.3S
Bed Spreads
11-4 White Crochet Red Spreads, rcr.l
Marseilles patterns, $1.50 value.
Mill End Price 98
Th Olio,
night when the fairies danced
out on (he green.
bud a secret as well might
be seen ;
said, "There is coming a new
kind or show,
the r-amo of ihe thing la Tne
r.long boys!
i, ever got til
ere at
be sio.v!
the p-i.i
you go.
seals will be crowded am! Ja:n
Hied, I Irow
be sealed in trees
at tiie
Accidentally Shot.
Saratoga, Texas, Sept. pi Mr
Tom lzcwis wax p-i!nfully wound -d
j Ik re Ibis morning l.y Hie u. : ."':
li;l.arie of a pis-iol. He was cxa u
t ining the gun, which of 3 r.'li
I brr mh.-n It nlipM-il from his hand-Ik-iius
d!slrg-. hen it Uru.-k to.
I Ii... 1-1. . .1.-.. ....I, M
iiiHir i ..- ..h'i r" - - ...
!fWl' left lK Just alxi.f lb.- iiK!
The wound Is quite painful, but In. I
1 tyivem or munic and th"
boule' L'A itiIki the Olio.
. l. .
, Ordir a Frit Botili
or rmki riiw"M wine, it ri
' f-rr in tli . tolT. vl.-.
' lnir'Tu .!, ti tLkt . ew-4 I.
Itnuil'Hi Iitii "T tHH th trw'U I n"trf
It -u h 1. in isirxi bi unful n-dn.
to.. Itii l n-ut V 11! iJ '"
. i Yf rw1 I trtim rrn r' ' i" t! -fr
; .f-l.n -1- r . r. u.-f'.- .'i 1) :
, h "Tti-ir l- il, r rui.4i- turn In' ''
tTKi. w iT- t'i rr'-r f-.-Ti f f t' f '"
r-- lu a n 5it-; '' T -1 fl'
' tix-.. - 'tt l.n--a 4 .--n i -
iili. !- . Bri't W if '
rm f"ii, ot lot'. t. V" -I..
i.r lr- a trti-t vi -"- art mOOTrt
1 17.
ISxt.i II.. mined
cnliiii il lionli j-n
Mill Ku.l Price
I tuck To vei l.
I. 1c value
Outing Flannels
Our New F-ill lines Juki rcoivo I nnd
will go at Mill End Price;.
Host ipiulity Tea.leilowii and F. ucy
Oiillng riauuel, handsiiiue iibsuii ii'.-nt
12 I -2c values.
Mill End Prior 10
Choi r our ine ipiuli'v (uti.l:: Fiau-
n -Ik gi-.'iit assnrl ineni.
Mill End Price 7 1 11
Choice or our 7 1 2c Ouiiuu Flannels
li)it mul dark colorings.
Mill Knd Prleii T
Odd lot of I'laAni leit-s, pretty pai
loins, I oe value.
Mill End Price 5
School Dresses
In Madras mid Percale, trlinmr'.l !n
cnileoiili-ry, buttons and brmd; ilze.i
I Ii II; all colors, ne.itly lnade, at
Mill End Prices.
Great Silk Sale
Tlie greatest bargains in Silks ever
ofl'i red in lioaiimolil.
Fancy and Dress Silks, all new nnd
worth up lo $1.21 a yard.
Mill End Price 38
Silk face Velvets, remnants rind short
lengths, all de.Urable colors, $1.0(1
and $1.2.1 values.
Mill End Price 18
Ladies' und Misses'
in r.rny, Oxford and Mixed Effects,
all now and desirable, and made in the
latest si vie; worth up to $5.00
Mill End Price 2.98
Ladies Waists
Odd lots
white and colors, worth up
t,,,l $l,r,o,
Mill End Price ..
Ladies' White
Waists, In rancy
Mill End Price
Ladies' Colored
Mercerized Madras
llor-il designs, $1.10
Madras Waists, m
the new champagne color
beau! il ul
pull.-rns, $2.00 values,
Mill End Price
The Big Store
.: :?; : Vv
:- ' "W '
But yon cannot h&Ke our brand
new ptent Clatves from your
eye It is immaterial what shape
nose your nose mat be. tome in
and see them. '
National Bank of Beaumont
i.apital flock .-uu,uu
Surptua Fund iuu.uw
Undivided Profit $71,000
Davidron, Pruident t- M. Hebcrt. Second A.fct. Car.h.rr.
H. MccFaddm. Vice-President . Wieaa. Director.
(--..I.;.. ,nr.. N. Gilbert.
W. C. Dav.uson. Aaat Cashier. o" Levy.
r Ooden. Director. ohn C. warn,
ef Boston
'Saratoga 51
trperiencei Ttacher fEmeruinlan AND LIVERY STABLE,
iyalem). Reader and Imperaoiator. I PHILIP M. GARRIGAN, Prpf.
Ul CirifigM Ave. ' H'y " r"'r'l "-
. ' r,j ;vr-rr .if'-nn. rb'.ne No. S
Tae Park car. Old -phene "r -
Kara'f.ca. T-'.
In Old Beaumont Iron Worka 6tan
corner Bowie Orieana.
Biaocee trt titff
R. C. Harr., I. W. La bow
BeaaratBL, Tttit.
Ladies' Petticoats
Ijulles1 Itlack Near Silk Pciilcmtn:
made wlih nrc. Hi I Ion pb iiH'd rulHeti.
Mill End Price J9
Ladles' lll'leli Nillllc PelHroals inn.le
Willi acr.ii.llon plealed flounrr. $l.2."
Mill I'lid Price 98
Ladles lilaek Saline I'elliriiais. kin-.'
llniincr. wllh Ibre rilgollUK ruffles;
$I.." values,
Mill End Prlee 1.2.
Ladies'Fine Hosiery
LailieH' Fast lllark Ijico I lose, also
a nice Hue in fancy embroidered coi
ns, ale value,
Mill End Price
Ladles' Tan Hose, ill pllin
lace, 2.1e value.
and laiii-y
Mill End Price .
Ladles' Plain Fast
Hone . double hoi
Itlack Lisle Thread
Is mid lo.'S, 21e
Mill End - Price
For Infants
Lot 1. All color:i.
si.es 0 lo I.
Fancy Foxed,
ace Shoos ....
0 to
All colors
Slioes rOf'
Palent Fancy Trim, Hul-
Lot .'!.
Ion ot
Lace, extra line
New Foil Shoes
For Misses and Ladies Latest
Styles at Sale Prices.
High Shoes, patent lip, Viol,
Cuban heel, 2 1-2 to S l.)S
High Shoes, llliiehor cut,
patent tip, 2 1-2 lo ! l.)8
High Shoes, French 1 1,
pa ten I tip, 2 1-2 to S l.)8
High Shoes, (lilison heel,
dull lop, 2 1-2 to S 1.98
High Shoes, pal en I. Viol, Imita
tion tip. Cuban heel, 2 1-2 to 8 2.-18
High Shoes, extension sole, puteiil.
bluchor cm, 2 1- to 8 ... 2.18
High Shoes, extension sole, mili
tary heid, 2 1-2 to 8 2. IS
High Shoes, turn sole, pal out
kid .tops, 2 1-2 to 8 2.18
Ginghams, Etc.
Manufacturers' Short' Lengths (r fine
zephyr Oingliams. neat pal terns for
: The Busy Store
5?5 :: 'K)
N. B. TurRUh
Batvon Transfer
IK I rn.
!tlRs!n. SL'MMliRS. Vu Notre Dame, Ind., U. S. A
Children's Dresses, etc., 1.1c value
Mill End Price ...
IHi-sm tiiiigliaiiis, in all
Hie new
colorings und designs,
Mill End Price 7 2
Mil miI'iic tur.-rs' Short Length Finn
press liliiglimus; all pretty patterns
mid gmiil colors,
Mill End Price (J
Cood iiiallty Apron lilnghauiH, all
cel. ns mul all si.o checks,
Mill End I 'I Ice r
Ladles' lb ie Supporters, In black and
fancy colors, 21c and ine value
Mill End Price t0
Silk Elastic (iarter Web, nil colors
and black, ;i.1e v.ilui'
Mill End Price ....
. 10
Pocket Scissors, different
stylos und
Mill End Prion .
Munvou's (ieiiuhio A'itch
Hazel Soup
worth 21c,
Mill End Price
Kox nf good iiualliy Writ lug
und Envelopes, worth 2.1c,
Mill End Price 7 12
Standard Spool Cotton, black mul
white :i spools for 10
TiOil fancy decorated Jananeso Fold
ing Fans, worth up lo 21c,
Mill End Price 10
Pertumed Talcum Powder, per can
Mill End Price Zt'
(iouii ipiality Wire llilr Pins, per
Mill End Price 1
Dress Goods
A nice line of New Fall Dross (kinds
in pretty plaid effects, in all I ho new
colorings suitable lor Waists nnd
Children's School Dresses,
Mill End Price 12 12
ISO inch Mercerized finish Turret a, a
new Dress Mulct lal in all the new
Fall colorings, 12 l-2c value,
Mill End I 'rice 7 1-2
A handsome line or new Fall Satlne
Foiil'irilu, In tho new blue, gray, red
nml black grounilds; pretty designs,
nnd lust colors, 12 l-2c value,
Mill End Price 7 12
Odd lots nnd short lengths of Hue
Printed Lawns, Hat isles and Dimities
all new, clean mid desirable patterns
worlh 10c up to 2.1c a ayrd,
Mill End Price f
Manufacturers' Short Lengths mid
Keiniianls or Flue White Goods, In a
variety or weaves, worlh up to 20c
a yard,
Mill End Price
"2 inch Fine Woven Madras, for
Shirts, Waists und Dresses, Lie
Mill End Price 8
Silhulinc in new mid beautiful designs
also in solid colors, regular piico
Mill End Price 10
Standard Calicoes, red and blue
grounds; sple.iillil putlcriis, Munulac
turers'Short Lengths,
Mill End Price 3 12
Yard Wide English Percales, ull new
put terns, 10c and 12 I 2c value.
Mill End Prico 7 12
School Pays are Here ;
You Will Find a Nice Line of !
Bath Soap 2 caKes for 5 ceent.
Wise Words to Sufferers
From a Woman cf Notrt Darrn. In J.
I nl rrll. r ! aiy cHr. ttiln !l"m Titl
t?H fit w.'.to lu'l lnlTTil i. m.'l tli hl-l.r of ' '
,,.iiriii . u.rir fr..Tif'm.ltri'"l''"
may p ict.
II in cme.A jnm nmnii w r -w"
lo.irr..t.,-"'ittetv cc-t a mM. It
. . . .... . . w . . m r-MI! Hit
I ti.c 'Iihsr t . l il l T i.T.Ta s it
ii loll . fe-k. iifinxt . .
. .1. I n In I., n w - -
ij.. ; i. k .l-irf (off fmia"'(t..
,. . m tf . rrj-H tUsirr t ni .l'.
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