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The Mafket Wii Finally Steady at
An Advance of From 9 to 13
Polnti. Other Trade Notes
and Movements.
Now York, Sept. 13. Tho cotton
iimrkct opened firm at tin advunco of
10 to 17 points on ncllvo covering,
un buying In response to firmer ca
IiIoh than expected, expectations of a
bullish crop report at mid day and
fears that the colder weather In the
north might work southward Into
this belt. Cables continue firm and
tho market worked steadily upward
until just before the mid day hour,
it showod a net gain of about 19 to
22 points. The government report
was on tho wholo disappointing to the
bulls. Following the reading prices
broke sharply under liquidation and
Belling by New Orleans.
After declining to a net alvnnce of
only 4 or 5 points, however, the down
ward tendency was checked and in
the late trading, the market showed
i very firm tone with demand more
or less general. The market was
Dually steady at a net advance of
9 to 13 points.
Sales were estimated at 400,000
New Orleans Futures.
New Orleans, Sept. 13. Cotton fu
tures steady. September 10.3031;
October 10.1516; November 10.16
18: December 10.1920; January
1).2526; February 10.3132; March,
New Oreans Spots.
Now Orleans, Sept. 13. Cotton was
firm. Sales 6,400. Ordinary 7 13-16;
good ordinary 9 1-8; low mid 9 3-4;
mid 10 5-16; good mid 10 1-2; mid
lair 10 3-4.
Receipts 3.C93; stock 26,237.
Bureau Reports Shedding.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 13-The
weather bureau's weekly summary of
cotton crop conditions say that while
rust and shedding continue over a
large part of the cotton belt, reports
of inquiry from these causes are less
numerous than in the previous week
in the central districts.
New Orleans Cotton.
New Orleans, Sept. 13. In the spot
cotton market there was a good de
mand at slightly higher prices. Of
ferings wero somewhat restricted.
Sales 6,400 bales, including 4,900 to
Quotations advanced 1-16.
Futures opened steady at an ad
vance of 8 to 14 points, responding
in a measure to the improvement in
Liverpool and New York. The gen
eral belief was that sensationally
liullisli weekly bureau report would
be put out and on this belief quite
as much as on the strength of the
other markets, prices advanced un
til just before 11 o'clock when the
most activo options stood 25 and 26
points above the close of yesterday.
The bureau report while bullish, was
not as bad as expected and its read
ing was followed by rapid declines
of 15 to 16 points.
In the trading October opened 14
points up at 10.08, advanced to 10.19,
di'clineil to 10.01 and nnally recover
ed to 10.15. December opened 14
points higher at 10.13, advanced to
10.25, declined Co 10.06 and finally re
covered to 10.19. The market closed
active and firm.
Net gains were September 28 points
and 20 to 22 on the other months.
New York Statement
New York, Sept. 13. Cotton quiet
Middling 10.90; gross receipts 8.066
Subs 178! stock: exnorts. Great
Urilain 931: continent 200.
Today, net receipts 44,823; exports
Great Urilain 13,761; continent jw.
Consoidated, not receipts 93.369;
exports. Great Britain 43.082; contl
twnt 4 !Kll: .la nan 1.100.
Total since September 1, net re
ceipts 247.M2: exports. Great Britain
97,348; France 8.966; coniinent 33,465.
Japan 1,10.
Galveston. Sept. 13. Cotton steady.
Middling 10 5-1: fales 1,965; receipts
23 ..! stock 57.r.3.
New York Future.
New York, Sept. 13. 4Jotton futures
Mnady. Fcptemlwr 1".::4; Ocw.tM-r
10.1 N; November 10 IS; December
10 22; January 10 26: February 10 IS;
March 10.33; April 10.36; May 10.39.
New York Spot.
Ntr York Plt. 13 tn"n M"'
rloo-d qni-t: mill upland 1"
fair 11.13: .' 17.
IJv.-rnonl. fT- 12. C"to tjflt
mu4 dmnd. rri un'haur-d
s .j rri
.,.- I Jin -
Th- f .! "1 day "r
f liih I'" -r- i'r
pTt artl lll'lUTO ,-""
n.'i.! lml'-f. In1u4 rig
Annfifun. , , .
F' 'I
a.tnTi'nn rr;d roc "jitn-
r r J."
Jax.uA.-j lilruary il; Tt'VI
March 556; March April 655; April
May 555; May Juut 655.
Wert Influenced by the High Price
of Wheat. Fear of Frost.
New York. Bern, 13. Securities
were Inllucnced by high prices or
wheat today. Tho low stago to which
tho wheat crop prospects havo fallen,
has become an accepted fact In Wall
street so that tho principal attention
Ih paid In speeuliilvo circles to the
com crop on which remaining Impe
are largely basl to redeem tho con
dition of affairs. The uuseii'onable
weather In tho corn bell therefore
cause great alarm which tho stock
market was unnblo to withstand.
A weather forecast which told of
frosts for tonight in the corn belt
created apprehension.
Southern railroad showed good re
slsteneo to tho decline but this move
ment Is attributed to tho existence .f
a pool in tho stock and did not save
the otlier common carriers from suf
fering. Tho weakness of stocks had no ef
fect on bond. Total sales pnr value
U. S. bonds unchanged on call.
New York Money.
New York, Sep. li. Close money
on call steady ll-4; closing bid 1;
offered at 1 1-2.
Time loans firmer; CO days, 3 per
cent ; 900 days, 3 1-4; six months 3 1-2
New York Exchange .
New York, Sept. 13. Prime mer
cantile paper 3 3-44 12; sterling ex
change steady with actual business
in bankers bills at 48C.9095 for de
mand and at 485.5060 for CO days,
Posted rates, 485 1-2 and 488; com
mercial bills 484 1-2.
Bar silver. 50 3-8; Mexican dollars
Government bonds steady; rail
road bonds weak.
London Exchange.
London. Sent. 13. Consols for
monev 88 1-2: do account 88 5-8.
Bar silver quiet, 2G; money 1 1-41
1-2:. short bills. 2 3-8l-2; three
months 2 1-2.
Paris Exchange.
Paris, Sept. 13. "Three per cent
rentes 94 f for account; exchange on
London 25 f 23 c for checks.
Kansas City.
Kansas City. Sept. 13. Cattle, re
ceipts 19,300, including 1,200 south
ems: steady to lower. Choice export
and dressed beef steers o.256.00;
fair to good 3.755.00; western fed
steers 3.755.50; stockers and feeders
2.25(71)4.10: southern steers Z.bUfru
3.75; southern cows 1.50 2.90; native
cows 1.5 0(U)4.00; native noirers z.butgi
4.75; bulls 1.753.25; calves 2.50
Hoirs roceints 8.300: market was
weak to 6c lower; top 5.65; bulg 5.60
heavy 5.505.55; packers 5.50&.tu;
pigs and lights 5.40(8)5.65.
Sheen, receipts 8,000; steady; na
tive lambs 4.254.60; native wethers
3.50&'4.00; native western s.vutrpi.ta;
western lambs 2.505.50; western
yearlings 3.604.00; western sheep
3.25(f?3.70; stockers and feeders 2.75
Port of Galveston.
Galveston, Sept. 13. Arrived
steamer Clifton (Br.) Dwyer, Tampa
Cleared steamer El Sigle, Grant,
New York.
Sailed steamers El Siglo Grant,
New York; Fert (Hal.) Parodi, Ge
Port Eads.
Port Eads. Sent. 13. Arrived the
steamer Fulwell, Sunderland, and
sailed for Galveston; Orlgon. Ceiba;
Prlnclpess Laetia, Genoa, via Pensa
cola. Sailed, steamer Schwarzburg, Ham
burg; Alabama. Blue Fields; Homer,
Sunderland, via Newport isews;
Marto, Bremen.
Memphis Cotton Oil.
Memphlf. Sept. 13. Oil car lot
per pallon. prime crude 23; off
crude nominal; prime summer yel
low 25 12 oft summer yeliow none;
choice cooking summer yellow, ley
than car lots 34c.
Meal prime 21MSI 2123.
New Orleans Sugar.
Orleans. Sept. 13. Sugar
open kettle, 3 1-4 1jJ 3-4:
mn kettel rmtriftiEal 41-2; wti-
trifupal white 4 7-S; yellows 4 Sei
4 3-4: woods 2 &-j3 3 44.
Molasws nominal: open kettle. 22
Oil',; centrifugal 10jlS; ymp norol-
Too Truthful Youngtter.
In a tltr public w-honi, win n ,
v ho Is nonj-ht tvood It tr-i.s,
v an -r iKiti a cia of rrra!I !; 9
n fninr and d-f.r.ir,e Tl.
'rd I
"lt''.atT.Ie'" cirri:f t-il-4. but
piir:r,r. I i" M . nw-'miina: im-
lv-'itijtTi; In
t.1itit anj iti!t, 1 li-p th'tn y
a tm ttKi. a'k4 is a tea tone: 1
T4-.at am I nr)
am 1 n .
A j-otrr r'T in-'sr'.f f"I i"l
TMf tiaam. an iraiQT"
yr.aps It Is )'" i fl ta
t h e a " ;i trf flrstraMr
r.'uftre?)' in tt r-TJiri oti:n;-jj
! a fl'ftT'
b'-a'-h !-'-
f- )' T
S'A it
Market Wa Dominant by Possibility
of Subsequent Frost as a Great
Part of the Crop la Yet
Chicago, Sept. 13. Killing frosts
(mined sensationally bullish trading
In wheat mid corn today. At one
time, all deliveries of wheat wero
four cents above yesterday' closing,
an advance of 8 cents in 48 hours.
December wheat advanced to 1 10 3-1.
At l lie Clone, viieni prices wero up
over 3 cents. Corn was up almost
cents; oats 3-4 c Higher and pro
visions 12 1-2 lo 25 cents higher.
Intense excitement prevailed In
wheat at tho start with apparently
every trailer an avowed buyer. Tho
demand was so urgent and offering;)
so limited that all deliveries were bid
up 2 cents at the open. 11 p. December
being 1 3-82 1-8 and May up 1
1-8 (ft 2 1-8.
The cause of the turmoil was a
cold wave which spread over the
Canadian northwest Inst night, prac
tically ruining much of the wheal
still standing. In Manitoba, tho loss
was estimated at. 25 to 30 per cent
of the crop. The desire to buy wheat
was increased by the strong tone of
caliler, sharp advances nbrond fur
nlshlng indications of universal
alarm regarding th& American crop.
The buying was of such n heavy
scale that it was almost impossible
to follow the market. The high polni
on May was reached at 118 3-47-8,
nearly 2 cents above the former high
record mark. December was corres
pondingly strong, advancing to 116
3-4. The unusual activity continued
throughout the session, the market
closing with May 117 7-S and De
cebmer at 115 3-4.
Minneapolis, Duluth and Chicago
reported C71 cars against 1,008 last
week and 1,489 a year ngo.
The upward flight of wheat prices
acted like a tonic on corn, bringing
out liberal buying by shorts and
heavy purchases for investment ac
count. The action of wheat, how
ever, was onlv a matter of secondary
importance, the dominating influence
being forecast of frost tonight, A
great, part of the crop is still ma
turing and a blighting frost, It Is
claimed, would can1-!; enormous dam
age. During the day offerings were
exceedingly light, coming largely
from small holders who were willing
to accept a moderate profit. De
cember opened 3-S lo 1-2 liigher.
With the announcement of the
weather bureau predicting the price
ouickly went to 54 1-S(ff1-4. A small
reaction followed on profit, taking,
but the market closed strong wilh
December at 53 1-2. Receipt's 73
cars, 37 contract grade.
Oats shared in tho generally bull
ish sentiment. Trading was active
and falrlv liberal. December opened
1-81-4 higher, sold up to 33 3-1 4and
closed at 33 1-4.
Recelntg 210 cas.
Provisions wero weak ealy n 1
result of continued realizintr on hold
ings. Later there was n Utile (lurry
in January pork on active covering
by . shorts, (lie advance extending
throughout the list. The market
closed firm with January pork up 2'
c at. 1265: lard nn 2 1-2 at 715 and
ribs 7 1-2ffi10 higher at 662 1-2fir.fi.-,.
Kstimated receipts tomorow:
Wheat 13S cars: corn 510; oats 123;
aogs 20,000 head.
Ignorant Children.
In a class in a Manchester (Eng.)
school not one of the children knew
what a bee was. This statement was
made at Norwich the other day at the
conference of the Museums Associa
tion by Mr. Prltchard, of Roston,
America. The Ignorance in his own
town was even greater. Statistics
ihowed that 77 per cent, of the school
children there had never seen a crow,
57 per cent had never beheld a frog,
20 per cent had not seen a butterfly,
SI per cent did not know an elm tree,
7C per cent, did not know what seaon
of 1 he year It was, and SO per cent
could not say hat butter was mads
. Wwnrt to seed rns FVEE.tmtlnr too o.
Ibvit hmc. trikl fcrnu o "Drake's PU
Mtt ts tm." Dmt wtl n4 It cv-m k
k urn mine Vna know that wf bark ta n'b,
timnr'4ltnnkr'in"rnrtbtnniark "
But tb Bvi4ra crawwin la nntrnnd .:thn for
vmarb. braia or pork. "Itraiir F axnta
in t. em'Tvttt. It eon
"rum r.m-fmn nr our cm, auntiF
It -M-narKl Mr ti th hinrHl nlthu tell
,T'" . it mi, Kit mp iL-t sua
Drake's PalmetloWine
Ta a n--! tr-rti-Ioe Tt r4rr al
t 1- tot r-mimit-m. fia-i-w- ana a'l
of . . tioat. -vm,- m it riiM
: r--i uw .r. kiOfwa an . Kt-w. T'tt
n- niti t-o r,.t-n4 umim4w
:i tr.-n,ii,...w,jv.itii'in'ii.
' -" fiaraa rm at- imi"ii
IT f riri M This fcj S$ndirt Tci
a Ff $$ Trial !$!$ Rtqittt.
ttts nun J ttwtr, f isj, CUtan. 11
l-LrbLi irnt nunti p
Pa ., a
M ta 1
'r a la-r
. .-
rnt a t.a
Our Day.
find lirok our r.ir ,
To linm ml ;
Thai liour by hour J
A11.I ilav ly il.iy
Ju.l kIi' tui a Mill" war. '
We iiiikIiI Ix- M mM ttlniiff.
To k.-.i iuila mi.'"
Hlioulil ll Hip Mi-imIiI of life
i 1.1 i.l Hri.i our lioulu?ra, and I ha
Inline, rile
Wllh iih. aiul klrt-iiKth, pir u fact to
A I JtiM lino plnt-e
We rtiultl Ifci! U:
imr fttit w.hiM l"l. and i
tl.ul lu It 111 t lo oil Uk evory day,
And ii.-t ft . I Ih-IIi-y. oil nil lllu way,
Will Imnlen t"r im tlft-p.
nr piiilimays He llirvaienliui and ao
Hut we inn so. If v ilraCa pow.r.
Wo only Ix-nr lb huntui of llio hour.
. (Sunset Route)
Austin, Texas and return I'J.45
Tickets tin sale- September 11 aud 13
Final limit September 30.
Austin, Texas and return.. ..S.1S
Tickets tm sale Scptumhcr 13 aud
II; fl mil limit September 22.
Colonist rates to California points....
Tickets on sale September 15 to
October 15.
Galveston and return 14.30
Tickets on sale September 13. morn
ing of tho 14th Inc.; 11 mil limit Sep
tember 10th.
Mexico City and return J33.80
On sale September 6 to 14 Inc.;
final limit 30 days.
Ccleya, Mexico and return $31.05
On salo September 6 to 14 Inc.;
final limit 30 days.
Saltlllo, Mex. and return 20.20
On sale September U to 14 inc.;
final limit 10 days.
Monterey, Mex. and return..
,. $18.30
14 inc.;
On sale September b to
final limit 10 days.
A. U. Atkinson, D. P. A.
J. K. Tooke, C. P. & T. A,
Beaumont people do not mind
spending a pood amount of money to
bo well entertained. You are guaran
teed a first class entertainment at a
small price at the Olio.
Grain and Hay.
Quotations for carload lots delivered
on tracks Beaumost or other points
taking same rates. Dealers charge
from store 610o per 10 pounds more
on bran, 23c per bushel on oats and
corn. 10 15c per 100 on hay.
Oats Texas. S055c; No. S mixed,
49c; white, 61&3c.
Bran Per 100 pounds $1,300)35.
Corn chops, pure $1.301.40.
Oats Texas 4345c.
Corn 7074c.
Hdy Choice alfalfa, $15.00; choice
timothy, $17.00; South Texas prairie,
$7.50(3)8.50; Johnson grass, $9.50
Feed products very Btlff, with ad
vancing tendency.
Market barely steady, with a declin
ing tendency.
Hides and Wool.
Dry flint butchers, 16 pounds and
up, 13c.
Dry flint kips, under 16 pounds, 10
Dry salt, hides, over 18 pounds. 10c;
under 18 pounds, 3o.
W. S. hides, 6 l-27e.
Sheep pelts, 15 to 40o.
Goat uklns, 10 to 15a
Horse iiair 15 to 18c.
Wool, free spring, 12 1-8 to He.
Wool, free fall, 10c.
Wool, hard burry. Su.
Butter ana Cheese.
Butter 131 no Star, 2.r:
lni.t.ar 1,Sa50: Kk'in. 2(a27;
Bern ice
Fancy Creamery, 2N: Meadow Gold, 30;
... ........I iwnamnpif ' 'I 'J ' ' il
Allison's Pure pasteurized creant
huttor, Hinglo pound 3c; 2 pounds
for (5c.
Cheese Full cream flats, 144; daisies
141; prints, 15; full oream Ljnghorns,
Flour and Brsaasturfs.
Flour Hasis 48.1l sacks. Fancy
high pi tent $3.00; fancy half patent
J3.30; third graile $4.50; 241b sacks
10 pec barrel higher: Hour in wood, 30
per barrel hiirhorcar 101s nw less.
Farinaceous Goods Grits, hominy
anl cream meal, in 40-lb sacks, tier
sa'k, V)' iicarl meal in 3.r-b sa.ks,
$1 95 per barrel of four sacks; Scotch
o-Us 2.tt5a;i.OO; Friends' oats $2.!l5a
S 00- Columbia oats. $2.85: Hawkcye
oats, 2,8.0: Heeker's buckwheat, lt-lb
pazkacs, 14. 80.
Crackers A B C soda bulk, boxes,
7" 1-lb cartous. ner dosen.100: ging-. r
naps, "J: crsams, 8. stage plauks, f
cakes and lumoies. 11
Canned Goods,
California Extra Standard (2-1 b
tins) Black cherries, $2. 25; wbit
cherries, $2.2-r; V. C. pea:hes, $1.7.1:
L. C. ea-hes $1.8.1: apricots, H.fiO:
Bartlett pears $1.85; irrapes, 11.60:
tundard. 10 tier dozen less.
F.as'em Canned Goods and Vege
table No. 3 apples, 85; sliced pint a-
ples. $1: K. and C. nmeapples, v.
ex prated pineapples, J. mi pineapple
chunks, 1-lb cans, 1.. pmeapple
chunks, U-lb cans. $l.iO: Singaior
ex erl"d fineatiiiles, ll.8.: Z-lo tear,
7.1: 2-1 1 strawir-r ie. w: z-in dis'-k-
ben-ic. M: 2-lb fK-avb'-s, none; 2-lb
fui'-wfii?l. UimaKK-. 75aXO: $-lb full
weipbt fmatKHi, l.OU; 2-lb lijrht-weipht
UtTiato-. Mttt.': 1-lb lipht-weiebt. )-:
3-lb kraut 1.2-1: 2-lbl"eiit lis ck sifted
1 ihini ;junp as. l.Wi: 2-lbtandsrd MatTftr
'fat tra. 1."": 2-lb liKf-V-iebt Mar-
'n - "ftl TWSS. '.V. 3-lb tiUTlpklD. VI: 2-lb
15, a itidr-e ,ro. 1.2-: z-ju Al
ra, l.ai.36: 3-ibCopid bulletlcoro,
Drvt arts Chemkata.
Quinine, 3's""- lr oiid' bttl
tP'f fbine. 2. J".'0 it urK: ttm aio
4 2-'-it or.: Ixwat -10e t urid ic
l'ft-lb -ay kr; '"!1fki Z t in bar
r K: ( .r t.ii. 1.21 i.t ralbm in -rU'rt
favka!r-: -pvm aa1!. 2. il t-r
rw in Vrr-!: al'-'.b'.l 2-7'ai'i0
t-r r l.r.: a'j'i-f.'jr, 3.Z1 tr Hi it.io
barr-!: )" it lb. in t.s-r':l
-aj uro -a-b:e-. 4 i' per 100 Ib: alt
wt. "it- 'h ir brr tf.
TT-l,SI,ai' T aa laV
Canned Molaaaoa.
Caorfla t'antt: gallons, 110, half
Fallon, 3.oO, quart 3.7a: Cero da
HalWri, tallon. 3.10, half gal. 1&0
quarta S.ta: Kairoiuel Syrup, II lb.
2,00, 5 lb. 120, 2 Ih, I.hi).
Dried FrulU ana) Nuta.
18 01. cleaned currents, 3d In cas,
per lb, 8i: 12 01 cleaiuHl currents, 4 lu
case, iter lb. 71: 3 flown bmyruft lni
I willed age, 10-ib iHixes, per 1 hi unit,
2: tt t'rowu Smyrna iinHirtod figs, 10
lb. boxes, tier ll, W, 2 crown Califor
nia tit;. 1-lb bricks, 10 lb boxes, mt
box, 1.15: 3 crown California tig, 1-lb
cartons, 10-lb boxes, er lb, 1.2.': Vi 01
pucKaee sin-lied rainius, 45 In rasti.
xr pktr, u; 10 us packauus seeded
ralslim, ;kl In 1 who, Hr iiackago,
2 crown L. L. raisins, 20 lb Inixes, sr
box, 2.00: 3 crown U I Kalslns, 20-lb
Iminos, tr box, 2.1'); 2 crown L. La.
raisins, tVlb boxes, imtImix, 70; Amor.
Corstcan citron, 10-lb Imixcs, xr lb,
HI; Aiiut. orange mhI, 10 lb Imixcs, kt
lb, 14; Amor, lemon peel, 10 lb Imi.Xos,
ler lb. 14: No. I California almonds,
soft aboil, sucks coutuining uboul 80
pounds, )er lb. lb less quaut.'tioa. per
lb; 17.
I'ecna-8al2 et lb.
Rope Sisal, 7-10 busts 0i, Manila
cotUm, XXX. 14 3-4.
Salt Koek, U.00 er ton; Louisiana
course M: Texas nd Kansas, ht bbl,
00-8s, Sltin; HK-3s, 12. 7.1: 140-2, $2.tC
Hckles-Plnts, Itt: quurts, $l.o:4;
pallou, $X'1!: 1-gallon, 4; 5-pallou
keifs, 92 10-gitllon kegu, 13. M; Cross
and Ulackwell's pints, 3.(i.r.
Canilv otlcK, wracii, sianoaru
6a7; fancy mixed, lu palls, Oiau;
fancy in cases, iisi" rm! iiri.
Starcn l'earl. 40-lb uoxes. 4: closs
bulk, 4i; Nickel, $3.00; 1 to 3 pouuU
pack aires, fia-Ol.
Molasses cenirmifai, itvir, m
prime, 2tia23; choice 23u30. .
Corn Syrup 303l.
Texas and New Orleans R. R. Co.
fast Bound.
No. 6 Local Arrives 7:00 p.m.
No. $ Local ..Leaves 0 a- m.
No. 10 SunBet Limited Arrives a. m.
Leaves 9:05 a. r
No. 4. Oriole to Echo Arrives 12:15
p. m. Leaves 12:95 p. in.
No. 8 Texas Express Arrives $-67 p.
m., Leaves 10:06 p. m. .
No. 192. From Sour Lfte Arrives at
7:05 p. ra
west Bound.
No. 7 Texas Express to San Antonio
Arrives 7:18 a. m., Leaves 7:2$
a. m.
No. 3 The "Oriole" Arrives 8:67 p.
m., Leaves 4:07 p. m.
No. 6 Local Arrives 7:23 p. ra., Lea vt
at 7:33 p. m.
No. 9 "Sunset Limited" Arrives 9:21
p. m., Leaves 9:33 p. m.
No. 191. To Sour Lake Leaves 7:00
a. m.
North Bouno.
No. 155. To Dallas Leaves p. m.
No. 156. From Dallas Arrive 8:40 am.
8outh Bound.
No. 151
No. 152
No. 153.
No. V.
To Sabine Leaves 9:4f a. m.
From Sabine Arrives '6:10 p.
Local to Rockland Leaves
9:30 a. m
Local from Rockland Arrive
(:30 p. m.
Kansas City Southern.
North Bound.
No. 2 for St. Louis, Kansas City.
Shreveport, Texarkana and Fort
Smith leaves 7:50 a. m.
No. 4 for Kansas City, Joplin, Fort
Smith, Texarkana and Shreve
port leaves 7:50 p. m.
South Bound.
No. 1 from St. Louis, Kansas City,
Fcrt Smith, Texarkana and
Shreveport arrives.. ..9:id p. m.
Leaves for Port Arthur.. 9: 15 p. m.
No. 3 from Kansas City, Joplin, Fort
Smith, Texarkana and Shreve
port arrives 8:40 a. m.
Leaves for fort Arthur. 8:45 am.
Port Arthur 8ervlca.
To Port Arthur.
No. 3 departs 8:40 a. m. -No.
6 depart 10.30 a, m.
No. 7 departs 4:15 p. m. (Sunday on
No. 45 Local Freight departs 8:00 p.
m. (except Sunday -No.
1 departs 9:15 p. m.
From Port Arthur, -
No. 2 arrives 7:45 a, m.
No. 6 arrives 12:20 p. m.
No. 8 arrives 9:35 a. m. (Sunday on
ly.l No. 46 arrives 10:05 a. tn. (except
No. 4 arrives 7:45 p. m.
Gulf, Colorado A Santa Fa.
Kansas City Mall and Express.
No. 218 leaves 5:00 p. m.
No. 217 Arrives 12:25 p. m.
Saratoga Express.
No. 204. Leaves 7:00 a.m.
No. 203. Arrive 7:00p.m.
Center Mail and Bxpress.
No. 202 Ieavm 10:14 a. m.
No. 201 Arrives $:00 O. xn.
Iave Beaumont A. kC
Arrive Oalveston 12 50 P. M,
Leave Oalveston J 30 P. M.
Arrivs Beaumont 7.20 P. U.
Gulf antf Interstate Railway.
No. 2 ISoutl. bound! d' parts a. m.
No. 4 (South bound I d part 4 p. m.
ex't jit Saturday, C p. m.
No. 1 (North bound arrive 7: 2J
9 m
No. 3 ( North bound) arrives 1:20
P. m.
Eekuffont Sour Lake and Western
So. 1 (Wert iKiund) d part 7.50
a. m.
Xo. (west loiind) departs 4:10 p.
No. 2 ( Eat lo'ind) srrite 12:11
n m.
v. 1 (Eat bound I arrives :W
p m.
IA !. Ftb-rt'tie.
Tor Sa( at Barjaln.
40 b' 1 'f yinj Boul!3. i
11 tnad ai"tia.
W.1I :! an 'ir ptr. J irt f rot b
piirr 5 t. Th" wi!"t aad ar'n
raa be M'S Fl'Ti'-n. 1 A1dr
Vi. m. iT.san.ur.
Cwi 111, Uuiile. Lv .
'1 S ,V
CofyrithuBurr Mcintosh Art Sluiitl.
Each New Subscriber Can
Get an Art Picture With
Tho First Month's
! ' 8ubc-l '.Ion.
liana Brick
2 R
The Best Brick in the World
Address: LOEB, TEXAS
Higgins Oil & Fuel Co.
Beaumont, Texas.
Producers and Shippers of CRUDE PGTKOLEUrt Ironi Sour Laka
and Beaumont, Storage Tanks Beaumont, Sabine,
Morgan City and Sour Lake.
Unexcelled facilities for making prompt shipment by rail or
waver. We v.i8o solicit towing on the Gulf for new tut?s
'Gilbert" anc1 "Hitrtrina " Correspondent solicited.
Heavy Casting, Porcine and Structural Work, Saw fllll
Work a Specialty. Well Machinery Built and Repaired.
MAT Kr Pnirmrri.
ta Sl UaU via Colorada
sr. -m.
wnu nl via
Tba mrrangemcnt ippllet from
'"ciuocm ciopver- privilege, that yoa may "hy
. your real Vacation and Rett In "COOL COLORADO"
Q ocioru or mitzr Visiting
m, a . .
Old Forrester WhiiKey
Rlrit tiy pure anl f b firi-t favor.
rvitlf-d at tbe di --till'-ry and guaran-1
fi by tte diRti:i tr-
KM overr U.8 r,ui,.r 1T
ll if
4I . Mais Ktri.
. .. Ne ITcoe 2'1-
ri. wai. Tins
Vf Cb'-'u an Xii. t'-f lit t. K- R!DCELTg IX P. A Kr Or
Audui. w. a. ... .iUts 1 lfl. LV,A.,.r m.mtmitM
& Tile Co., Ltd.
of Common
and to Colorad. vU SuUmU.
alt point In theSoutbwett
run-base j-our tliktu lo BL Louis
ia ih. LoriSVIIAE. AND. NASI I-
jVIM.R n. U, and lake is the two
hoa tm rth. the Worlds
! fair and AfiK-rka 1 Gr-at-t Natural
I Wonder Mammih r. v.ni 1..
1 ,.j lri BL j.,
I tide ir p to l a Dim-it a Cave iusrtioai
ith'.ut addi ional rrwt. Slop overs
al-w, !)f.w-J at St-hvi!V. Tua.
rr r'- and full in forma tio,
aT tn ih a01r-tt
Loniirille2NthrilleP. S
. r. w v or. row t. r. A, noire.

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