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Largs Amount of Routine Business
Transacted at thi Court Housa
Yesterday Cases Dismissed
Suits Filed.
A larpe iiniimiil of roni in IiiihIim-kk
Vict Iiiiii-iii l. il ni l In. court Iioiim
J' jitf-nlny. iiriiiriiuilly lu 1 1 1 rrlmiiiul
.ki of 1 1 1 Hlxiliiii District court.
A' ! o'rlor I; llii" niHc of .liuncx (!uor.
(in, Did Mexican wlio wiih charged
uiiii rorii.'ry mni wi'ii iiiimkiiik '
fn!( (l lllXtrilllD'Ilt, WIIH ( Ul l'c niid
(ll'iiiilsHiii nt tin riinKt of the
Hlaio's ntlorni'y, who Informed the
n ul l I lint lie lillil Hut FilfRrli-nl f'Vl
iIi iica to Hi-eiiru a conviction. When
llin riiHn of ('. I. lli Klcy, rliaiT.oil wild
1 . ii . K l'i iy of n box cur, wiih nillcil, n
motion to ijiiiihIi t li. Inrlicl niflit !
finiHf ft wnn noi inii'ily ilrnwn nnd
nuiilo by I lu Kinuil Jury vvns huh
Inliii'il liy tbi' court, who ordered Unit
11m ili-tyndnnt lio lu'M tn'nwnlt lh
jiK'liiiintlon-of n fri'Hli complaint by
I ho dlsjrhii, HltoiiM-y.
Tim ,on:!i of Tom Joiioh, dinned
with biiri'lary of a box car, wan rnllrd
luit rout irui'". for till' term liy coiimi-iiI
of counsel for both hIiMi-s.
i no niHn or Aaron .ii'ITithom, no
rimed of !uveiirliiK falsely before tho
frnml Jury was rexe! by agreement
for Oct. 3. Tho following piirch were
on trial for yesterday but with jiohk
il without orders: .lames KiiMimIkp,
itKRd nit with Intent to murder; S:mi
K Aniciilnn. lUi'irally disposing of
T.iorl caged proocrly. The case nf W.
1!. SlmpHon, charged with omhty;.
men), wan dismissed at. the request
-r the (llslrlet attorney, who staled
that the evidence nt hand was insuf
ficient to obtain conviction. The case
nt the stale against Martin Lennox,
rl'iiwil wllh burglary, was" reset for
(i in puny. Thin
I'lmiilifT I'l l'
lii l he i-huh III mIiIi Ii
uily ki-ciiit'il U JuikIk-
Fish of Unusual Sit Captured in
Qulf Near Jetties.
A lour foot iniii lvi n ! w lKlilfK thirty
p.umdH Max i-wight in thu K'llf ubout
twenty niili'K beyond the Ji-iiIim on i
leceiit llnhill); trip lliude liy II biilic'i
'f )x Ml iiillroad men. 'I he lUii Ih .!
the "Homo" lliai-Kerel Ultiely, wlill 'i
l.e i mlilt'H tim Spaiiiuli i xri pl Unit II
l.i iuuiIi lariter. Tho nun In Ui.i
I'uTy and the tlnhcnnen ami cooki
ii. -it i.iouud I'ori Aniiur ami Sabine
ki.v liny never saw m iiiiiclti-rel n
lUIUn HM till) OIK! lllellllolleil llll'l'l'ill.
'Ih nariv was Ibliiim in u Mri.
luiviim (Jone down in J'oil Ai'lhur fio'ii j
here for u few iIiiv'h Hiort. The men
wire IHhiiii; for whatever they loubl
CIlU'll Wll' ll tllU IllK llhll wuh hooked.
l look lour of t Iii-iii to land him. Tue
IUIi wan brought I iirK to lloaiiiiioul
ami will probably be muffed ami
placed mi exhiliilloii. The parly al-io
reported kl-1'lllK h n at llllllllu r ni
Hliiukb and culrliliig htveial three i.i
four tint lomr. While landing th'
mackerel Ihey Hlllle l hey
Ithoill seven feet loliK
they hail hooKeil. II'
lin y saw tu within a
Tne k''"1 leinen who made up I hi
Din-I v were II. K. (Jiiiclisall. Ceoim
llmwii. Dr. II. V. SillH. Coluluetor
tiane and Dispatcher
Dr. Sims was l lie man
I lie bi) llsh.
AiiiM I'U llremeii, I bu HC-oiiiilin-ei
piillllNl Mini Iihh heiii vlrliinu .Mr
:tini Mih. ('. Ij-mIii at the Navai n
for Hie iu-t Imii Mi-ekx. lift lll'Hil
mom lit -i i vi imii! for Hilvt-r City. N
M . mIuip ln- will vlhlt h'-r oioihi
Alter a i Mei Us
City, MI-.H llremeii
N'-w York, mIiiih
pinminc ni hisiiiii
ii ituy IkiIih-4 Mill be made ud by h'-r
mil urn ly Ui aih. Shu a. bm u iu
Jki-pi-r ami h.u hpiut all lii-r life l
this coiiniy.
hlMy in Silver
M ill go ,u, k I I
she iM-ciinii-x a
In mii-lnil cl."
Mr. V. .1. Cooper, forinerly if 1'iiiU
i r. buiu, V. 'a., fiti m locuieil In It.-a i
mom. Mlu-re lie Is In the employ ot
the National Supply company.
saw u miiiik
al'ler the ll.sll
' followed il.
few I eel of I lie
llllll lllllS.lll.
who liooked
The case of John l'.avls, ehai'sed
Vllli murder In the second ileurep.
Is scheduled for call at !) o'clock- this
innnilnn. This will be Davis' second
trial on the same char,':e. The fl si
trial resiilled in conviction, but on
impenl the decision was reversed and
the case renitindcd for a new trial.
A heni'lnjj will be plvon bv Jinlie
AV. II. I'ope today In Iu casp nf h.
T.. Ili'own nc.'ilnsf M.innlp Tlrown nnrt
Thoinas Carroll, In which fl niodidca
lion of an injiincllon (hat will permit
Tirown to see his son at intervals Is
The Klrby Tiiimher ponipanv,
lliroiish Its rppelvers, yeslei'day be
pan suit In the District coiii-l hero for
a 1 .000 nllefrod to bo due the company
fiom John II. IlioocKs on a promis.
;rry note. City Attorney Teai-.le yes
leidny filed a larire niiniber tit tar
milts apnlnst owners or nrnumiuit
really. The cases Instituted by him
were ns folloya:
.lack Allan. .1. R. HurIics. Nnney
I'iillerson, I'eler Aiiderson, Haltle M.
Van Kpps. Dark Is Harris. Win. H
.lobnson. Deaiimont Petroleum and
(Ins company, Alex T.ivenber. S. I.e.
vv. S. If. Jackson. Mat Newman. I,pp
Killehet Dun T'owell, James I'ratei'.
V, I.. Cnx, Naney I.. Tevis, Sarah
lielnharilt. Clara R FerKiison. Dal
fpv Herry, A. TJ. Hobinson J. M. Easl
Iiam. I.inzle Klrkwood. J. S. Drown,
!cor:;e Hill. Fan nip llcalev et al. Mat
Derrv, J. Tt. Williams. Jno. J. Ash
vol th. IClla Charllon, J. 11. Malum.
V. Kul wood, Sal'y Hall, Dnship Wil
fiom. T. J, Rock. s4am Harrison. Sr.. D.
A Mnrphv ef nl Mrs. Sarah II. Mv
rick. J. It. Smith. Mrs. Hannah Tn
C.er, Hubert Aver'e et al, J. P. Daniel.
Jno T. Smith!' Kleiinor Henfro and
husband. Whit Helifrn. J. ('. Wall er.
F I-! I.iltlepa're. T. I.. Damlno. Mrs.
V.. M. Dailev et al. Henry Lewis, nabe
ll.nliioi et al. T. J. Seir. J. I.. Cunning
luiin. Jno. K. Dis'inp. Jno. James. Fs
1. i- Piniter. ,lne W. I? own. OMie He -.
if.ond. Calf Interstate railroad of
Texas. I,. P. 1-VaMierstnne. c.'ii'Til,
mannfrer. W. W. Wilson, T. K. Chris
lenlier and Kiln Chrhtopb"'" Si mini
All.-'ii, J. T. and Fannie Huffman.
"Win. Caines, lliauinotil Iron works.
Hoi-hm Kirkman. J S. McWIee-ter.
Cissie l!:iv and Thomas Itoliiiiso'l.
Iiltnii Flemlni;. Hunter Smith. J'-t-pie
("oner f). II. Taylor. J. S Savau.v
Mel..-iin S-'-l. '. K. A Allan Menu
tiiont Walir Su;m!v company. H. M
While and Mrs l.innn'-n Dumlele
H'i-iix Norvi 1 yeslerdav fl'ed
I n:i . Hi.. IiWlrift court i.cnnt
1? M.-Clain f i- $1.TM l1eC'M "
V.- ilue tliln in on a iroTiitsn -r no:.-.
V hii Ii nlaiiitiTs "IN ! Mi-CIain n
ilrisi d for the Forest l.umt'Pr cot
i:.nv In thn -.tn'v cnur v tefdav "i''
as ftarled l.v ibe Kiiby I.-miiMr
roTupany ttirmifh ' n-ceiwr.-::-n
itel M Ftoiie f.r .ls .'I
1. V.I t.l l.e due nil ,tc. -)I Ii i '
jmiii- roiii-t W. ! 'iil. n Im can
n-.-iin-; .1 fi. .1-r.l..i to- :". i" -ffi-i.-.l
to '" "'""' "n .ntei '"r' ii"'.-
In the enemy 'Ui y.-n rdaT j-d-r.irit
n-a ii"-ri t !'V a-n f- '' '. -i-.ii.i
H tli . if t- ' S.
f..:r. i W A i'l.Hit "ii el al
AtN.m ve l!i: '-.n unit 1 r 1. ! '
rrr ,H.n-. 1 r..r .1. f S' '". p-'tn: 1
tT. mnnO.-'iit't r n1 .r'P d ft
Inn y-s-.rm in hf .tj-i- n.i'''ti' "
ii.-trr'ar finTi"'-Tir... liidt in i f-
ll. v .l 1 ' fTI'i'inn 1"f a t.
trir-1 f'ir 'I ''r -ti-iil.
Sof t'" t !.!' l'"-' ' "' "
v-n f i'h Jt"'-'- "f 1 "'
-iriit c.n't in it I! A .
4-'t " " ' 'I" l aiii-i'iiit T -'im
lKllt .f -'""
Plaster to he Us"d for Jame C.reer's
Broken Forearm.
Mll-ler .lame i (i:eer. tVe si.n ol Ml.
and Mrs. Hal YV. Creer. wfiu siisi.ui.
eu a broken urm in u football mime
Tuesday cvenliiK. was not quiH; us
wi.-ll lasl evening us it was hopd he
would be. He suffered co'isiilera'.ili!
pain iIiii'Iiik "he il.v i""1 lilsl "'K11'
iloi-tois decided to remove tl"1 iplinis
and put the arm In .-. plaster east.
I'lils will be done today. I he patiem
ill be nlaced under I lie inliuence oi
mi lines! hot le while the cast Is beillK
put nil.
Rain and Accident Kept the Ladios
Auxiliary Away.
A ineetiiiK of the Woman's Auxil
iary or tho Y. M. C. A. was to havo
been held in the Association parlors
y.'si'erday afternoon for tho piirposo
of ilisciissltiB and ailopiint; a plan for
raising money wiUi whieli to fiirni-h
the narlor.H and commit too room. No
meeting was held because of the bail
weal her and of the enloreed abseiK"
or Mrs. Hal W. (Ireer. Ilie presiiiPiii
or the auxiliary, Mis. (Ireer
detained at home on aeeoimt.
aeldenl to her son.
of tho
the Edito-
Dr. McCall to Embark on
rial Oceai.
The Haptists are to havo a ni'Wi
paper, too. A short tlmo ago Hev.
V. A. Codbey of the First Methodist
flmi-cli slni-ted n weekly paper, callod
Ilie ChiiiTh News. Most of tho jiiis-l'1"'
tors allliated with htm In its liulilleii
Nacogdoches Tobacco Industry
tarded But Not Killed.
"The recent failure of the Texas
Culm Tobacco couiniiny Is hoi lis M'
ililus a ki-i biii'k for l ho tobacco i
leieslH of Naeogiiochi-s lis la Hiip
posed," Mild Mr. James Taylor, u visi
tor to III iiiiinoiil irnm NacogdiM-hes
yesterday, "(if course, the luiluie
has hurt the industry ami we'd feel
much belli-:- if it hadn't in curred, biii
the idea thai il bus put u finish to to
bacco raising In our section is u mis
take Tile fact remains, reganlleii
of this one compiiny's failure, that
tobacco of a very superior nihility ran
lie prolllalily raised in und ubout
Nucogdoche i ami the exlensivo de
velopment of the Held Is only ji iies
l ion r.' lime.
"Immi'diaiely following the falluri'
or the Texas-Cuba company ihe crop
ol' Dial company was purchased liy
' Siimal ra-Florida 'I'obaeco cn"i
pany, which Is lu operation adjacent
lo the Texas-Cuba company. Mr. L.
II. Sheirer. wlio was (he manager of
the Texas Cnlia compiiny Is still al
Nacogdoche-'. In fact he Is now "S
soclated with Ihe Sumal ra-Florld.i
company and he an.I other nro doing
all they can for tile development of
the Held. The land occupied by the
Texas-Cuba company Is owned by Mr.
S. 1). Morse of Baltimore, a firm
believer In the Nacogdoehes field. It
Is more than likely thai Mr. More
will ilo something towards gelling
the ground developi'd."
Not Entirely According to Teachings
of History,
Sivenycnr-old I'rituklla t ono ft
tl.i.ku Illicit and alert youngsters
v.ln.ko fuihers Mould. Ilko to tell all
bhout them If they dared, hut who
(cur tho wrath of their ft-lloMS nml
I'oJn their peat-o. Franklin fcoes daily
to Cuimb.-n vhoo wills bin older
ulrtir, who U In tho i-luhth Ciude a ad
I nimg u lot about mick-ht hUtory
und tlilngH wlilcli muku wonderful
ilorli.-j for llio lud to hear, tslio whs
tilniiK Mm tho other day nil about
v I' l.i'd Nero, who fiddled wbllo Uome
biirri'd, und thu boy was duly Im-.re.si:(-d.
At diiuior that night. In .T-
di to discover w hether tho knowl
edge Imparted had taken Toot, thu sis
it r linked the boy:
"Who did 1 tell you ubout today?"
"Nero," rcudlly itiillid tho lUtlo
"Who was lie?" wiih tho next (jups
Thoro Mas a hit of hesitation, hut
fliiHlly tho answer tamo uut with a
"(h. ho was a bird."
"Well, Mhut did ho do?"
"Ale woriiiH," was the unexpected
reply, which f?uvo tho tableful of din-
erf something of a uhlvor. Philadel
phia Itt'cord,
Divorces in Japan,
rlvorca iu Jufian. Mhti h ean be ol
IhIiihU mi ih iit tnvlal preteiihaiii.
have ttoim tthut dimiuUhi ! Ill uuuibor
In rtHtnt )trs. (ml tlity still uf
i thu rate of ono lo every three niai
rlutcs. In l,J0'- 'hero were SPJ.4S9
niHiiiaues ui' 1 13.4'JK divorces.
Where He'a Wrong.
A man hiu no right to i;lve l.!s wife
aMuy when he Uoasts liefore emu
puny, eonsldi'linB that hIio nivcr
Hive him away by looking xurprisod
Ml.en ho offerH her tho rockhm ehalr
whin eoiuiiuiiy U prest'tit. Atthloii
Negro's Saloon Burglarized While
Owner Slept.
The I. Ion saloon, located at 2.rfl
Powio street and owned anil operated
by James West brook, colored, was
burglarized early yesterday morning.
While West brook was asleep In his
chair a siuak Ihief entered and got
awny with the eash register and eon-
tents, atuoiinling to if NO in money
and about $l'f) in checks. Yesterday
afternoon William I'eriiins, roioreu.
as arresieii on suspicion oi nuin
com mil ted tho robbery.
Volcanoes and Wings.
Hushing from his scut to a window
near Judgo McAlpln. Edward Itay. on
trial for lunacy, peered out of the Iron
gratings at the Jail and exclaimed:
"I'so got wings. Nobody can taka
;uy life. I makes life. 1'se got wlnga
Phil volcanoes. I make life. I made
fishes off my body to feed men. I
leed fishes In thu sea that you never
It was evident to the jury that Itay
was demented. Some of the jurors
iisked hltn If ho was crazy, and he
promptly replied: "You locked mo
up. Seo for yourself. Hain't no
wheels In my head. I'so gut eternal
lite. I'so got volcanoes and wings."
Wliiyi asked If ho worked ho re
plied: "Acconlin' t' clrcumstrincrs, I
don' need t' work. I got volcanoes.
Drink my blood and you gets eternal
lite." That was the finishing touch,
and tho jury promptly voted him In
sane and ordered lilm sent to Mille-.lge-vf
lie for treatment volcanou:-,, wings,
and all. Suvannah News.
Believed Magadieu Guilty of
Sunday Violation.
Magadieu case was up before
Langliam yesterday morning
tho defendant was fined $29 on
charge of selling liquor on Sun-
Tlie rase has been appealed to
county court and an appeal bond
lion, which is for tho general moral ,n ip raso if .Ro
and spiritual welfare of tho city. t,.d, accused of assault.
liuplisls, however, wish to
Hobbs, col-
tho prose-
The liuplisis, however, wish to have ruling witness Oscar Ilovn, said ho
... i,,,i..,,n,i.,ni miner wovoted to tha ideiil illed Hobbs as the man who
Interests of their church and eonse- Itried to hold him up a few nights ago.
niientlv Imve decided lo begin the Hobbs was fined $H.aO. Other cases
iMililleailon ol' a weekly pamphlet.
It will not be ns pretentious as tho
News a'ld il will bo devoted alinosl
exclusively to matters pertaining to
the Haptiht church. No sulifsrlptlnu
will be charged for the paper, as il is
not intended to establish It as a money-maker.
It is expecled the adver
tising contained therein will pay for
Ihe :iublicalion.
The paper will contain Hie cliuieh
niihoiineements. general articles or
Haplisl church subjects written by
Ihe pastor and others and news Items
of interest to members nf the church.
No name has been selected for Ilie
paper ami tho exact time of begin
iiing it:-: publication ha:: not lieen ,'i.
It will be slatted Ibis fall. Iiowovei .
nmhal.lv in Ort.iber. Dr. McCall.
pail.i:- of the First Baptist church,
will be lhi edi'or.
and their result yeslerday were as
Willie MeCaffey affray, discharged.
Fa le Harrington, dnink. $1 1..10. R.
A Wilson, drunk. $11.5(1. Dote Lewis,
affray, discharged.
Magnolia Park.
Tonight at Magnolia Park will be
given the lines! orchestral renition
ever given in the state under the
leadership of Sidney Mayer. The or-
chesira will give the following
On Duty,
s, Janice
by Kos.-y.
Meredith, by
The Storks
Conductor Cane Will Have
Home on West Broadway.
A contract for a large and lieaii't
Inl resilience for Conductor Cage of
the Sum hern I'aeilV w as 1-1 yester
day to Mr. W. C. W.iilliey. the Hiii.i
loi-t slid colli raclor. The Ihhim i to
he lo. Hti'd en HromlM.iv just west of
'the Oaks Hotel ami in cost '.' '
, !t will Ih- a two storv tramp stria -,
iiiiv Mini v. ill be tbnroiiclily niodein
; in i'i cry ii -h ii .
j W.irk mi il wiH bifin Mil bin th.'
, in At Ii il:ix and I' MI be i "Ml
I i ii.l ami rii'l t"r iicup.imy i.
' l:inii.irv 1
Tf anno
Down cf O'd Structu-e Hii
..inr; o-r W . Wiii'ti. y l,.i- '
l i:;i . .l' 1.- i'.-!l I'.'i' I'l.l. '1H :
l'iii:.'ii.. :: :iinl liu I ai.
en. vl ii.- l,i- 'l . : in t-
I.' im- r-.ni--1 .1. I I "I ..I X l.-ei."'
M . i I. k l' I 'II i i-i f M '
I -I ii '. i; -!' -ii ! .- v ..ik i f ' T
. ' ' n w i '! ) i .i. .i. -, l mi '
m. '..r 'S. ti. . .i-.'.fnc - d ',
' . t .. i. . V
1. March.
2. Wall :'.i
Select ion. Comic Open
by Chopin.
4. March, from Opera "Tannhuuser"
(by reipiesll; by Wagner.
High Class Vaudeville
Prof. Carl; The Creat Kom.ta; Prof.
Electric Theatre.
Tt. Overt lire, l.iiM.-piel, by Kela Delia.
lroiiiboiie Solo. Ileyond the (ialis
ol Paradise, by King.
Sin. Frank Anaya.
Wall is, Ijiarr.'. by Jusiin.
March. Stars and Stripes Forever,
by Soiisa.
The ureat and only Kometa. the
if.'tn.ile iuipiroiiator and prima don
na Mill wiKiively lie pn-i-cnt, and
I'lhir .iii.l. il!e al t tact inn of a high
e)as and i lined order, that Mill in-
jlitis!. jiimmm- and entertain you If
'im Mish in f.wn'l a pliii:int ei-ninc.
lo !i"i f,i;i .., i. -ike a trip ti Mactiolia
! I!, ni. in:., r. -hit m Sutidar afti r
iii'i'ii lhi le he a tialliNin asi iisiin
;'t!.l a siihtlv tii in dale high ila
a :i It Mi- i'-i fiirmatiee
I ;.i ;.i ih.. r.iik iiinicb'. inii'v a few
ti v. "i"U atel i'.imi- back
!i ;'n .! i-iii i if ih,
(i. niTia'i.l an. ri-
Mixture of Clay and Oxide of Chronium
Said to Produce Good Results.
Artificial rubles are made by a proc
ess of the chemist Verneull by melt
ing a mixture of clay and oxide ot
clironium at an even temperature of
several thousand degrees, reports
Counsel Richard Guentber from Ger
many. Tho two substances are care
fully placed above each other in lay
ers, so as to prevent cracking in the
crystallized mass.
It. Is stated that Vorneuil finally suc
ceeded in producing an artificial ruby
weighing live pounds, which had a
value of about $UU0. From this price
It may bo judged that the product is
not first class, and probably Just pays
the costs of manufacture. In order
to produce the exceedingly high tem
perature which Is indispensable for
success. Vorneuil uses a blast of oxy
hydrogen gas, which acts directly on
the mass from the top. The hardiRvs
of t no ruby Is the result of quick cool
ing ci.iu ed by sudden interruption of
the blast of oxyhydrogen. Tho artifi
cial ruby is said to be very pure and
brilliant, possessing all the physical
properties of natural rubies. It cat.'
be cut, and takes a very fine polish.
In view of these assertions It seems
singular that artificial rubies have no
higher value, especially as the natural
articlo Is so exceedingly high priced
at present.
Lsava Mementos of Visit
According to a very old custom pro
vnlling at ihe quaint old town of Oak
ham. ICiisImihI. every peer of thu realm
pai Jni! through thu town Is reipilrel
to loavo a horseBhoa, or Its equivalent,
lo bo placed In the castlu.
Made His Church Attractive.
Wishing to brighten the outlook of
his ctiuivh. the vicar of St. Martin's.
Dover, with members of his eongreg i
llim. has, by six weeks' bard work
with spado and pick, laid out the ex
tensive adjoining Bounds In a pictur
oHiue garden.
Coral on the Moon.
In the astronomical periodical Sir
ius. Dr. H. Volght exprcssi the opln
Ion that the Bo-called craters In tie
niion are nothing lt coral Ftrttc
iiiii h. If the eea were dry. the earth,
he declares, would present a iuillar
ll .
' I 1
i.'. teMn
J.nper J ttmai.
r. c.i
I.. .
V . ii r
.J... t ;.
I.e.- -
: II III Hit: '
Formic Acid for Fatigue.
In formic acid Dr. Clement of th'
French academy .f medicine- claiuu
to have dlnc.iirc.l a Mun.'crfiil rem
edy for muscular fatlcue. H com
l.lneB It Mith Ideal bonute ef M":a to
save the tomach from distress.
t m-
w i
Three Meetings.
i:-'i t - : M '..
I 1 ..t
! '1 i.it'.c Ti'ii.. . -ri. t. ... i k .t I-.
v- r ' - ' -
.la ! T I I S- '1 It'll - l.i-. M.1. J.... . I-' m-l- a-fc.
.'..' , I. K 1 t '-. V K. vl, I- -rt.-.. .
S-i 1'. i.: i l -.r .f I- d I '- ' '' -I ' ' -n
i ... i. .i . r -i
'' t - I! II Iji '.' r. . i I - ' I - n.
' a . i- t,,i-.-d f- " '''
. . m . ) - ' . . ' Tl.
i.i J.i,-- .! I.-. i 2. ti.- v .. .. ... .
' - . - r. a . ' - ' " t i - - - - :
...;, - , , i ..,-..'. ' i-" 1 ' " "
i - . i ' t . Tl- . .,,.' v tt '. i : 1 I '
-t MM t '... . f.!-V ' " ' ' ' .
' ' ' ' I. 1 , , w ... .... r.,,
tj - .f I r ir . m - i ...1 .. r rt
- - - ., : 1 i ' 4 m ,.,! ' . . . ,
II. ' i
I ; ti ' TJ Vi 1; H " -,....-.. ... . . . ,k
Why "Old Hlcitory."
Mliny explanations huve been Rlvtl
m to the Koiiliilet "Old Hickory." as
applied to Andrew- Jackson, There ,a
nn older explanation tiian thai : u.
gcsleil by Jauii ri I'artoii !n his Die uf
Jackson that thu title was evolv-'d
Irom ptiigfi s.-lve adjL'ctlves, i-lartia !
with "tough," us applied to his eadar
unce lis u walker. In the early days
of i ciine.-;ee's slate hood Jackson,
then a major gi neral of volunteers',
raised a body of troops to put down u
formidable rising of the Creek Indi
ans. During the campaign there wa.t
much suffering from lack of i'ond, and
II Is related that Jackson received hi.!
popular sobi iipu.'t of "Old Hlel 'iiy '
fiom his KuhHiMtlnj; on hickory nuts,
with thu purpose of li.piriiiL bi.-i m.'ii
with renewed fortitude by hbi exam
pi:', the title also being u fitting 1..10
for the "t nigh" peculiarities of his
Disraeli On His Marriage.
Disraeli autographs, formerly among
the scarcest, threaten to glut tho mar
ket. At least a duzcu havo been put
into the hands of the auctioneers and
dealers during the last lew days.
One of tho number has that touch
of nature which makes men kin. It
is a letter written to announce his
marriage, end Is addrcsp-.d to his un
cle, Mr. Hasevl, the parliamentary
lawyer. "I rather think," he Bays,
"that you will not bo so much sur
prised as I am, that I am going to' be
married, and you can even hazard a
conjecture as to the lady who is about
to make me a happy man."
Alas, thero is no footnote to say
whether and to what extent the neph
ew "drew his uncle. A wouuing pres
ent was likely to bo acceptable enough
to Disraeli at that date, when he was
still in the hands of his compatriots
the Jews; and though his undo was
a man of moans, ho was also a man
of prejudices, and of these his nephew
had tho full disadvantage. London
Daily Chronicle.
Fully prepared to do any and
all Kinds of Job Work.
Lowest rates and the best work
Both Phones 93
Phone us and we'll do the rest.
6OOO4OOOO00UO0 ooooooooooooo
5 Now is the time to build that house. We are prepered
to furnish you the Lumber. Space does not per
g mit us to ttll you just how much we can
save you on your purchase.
6 :. Come and see us. .:
Special Rates to Contractors.
Death Was a Suggested Subject.
Tom Johnson of Cleveland was
spending a few weeks at a small l.otei
near Lake Michigan. Accommoda
tions had boon engaged iu advance,
but the service was not such us he had
expected. At each meal Mr. Johnson
introduced the subject of deth. So
persistent was ho in iliaeussir.;; tho
morbid theme that It had a depress
ing effect on tho other guests.
"Can't you speak on anything elso
but death?" asked the landlord in des
peration. "Conversation is prompted by sur
rounding;;," explained the mayor.
"Hut there are no gravestones nor
I ears-os here," protested the landlord,
swinging his arms toward tho Laau
til'ul lake. "Neither Is thero crepe on
the door."
"No," said Mr. Johnson, painfully;
"but if you wanted crepe and couldn't
ret it, wouldn't tiiis tablecloth make
a good substitute?" Portland Ore-goniuu.
00OOO00O0'00OO 0OO000O00O0040
im I. H i llllll
icj?;and cold storage
Ritas Furnishe! on Applic.itia.i. Ovdari Receive Prompt Attention
Main Offics 380 and 332 TeVisSt.
The Petroisoni Iron Works Co.
All Classes Plate and Sheet Iron Work. Fuel
Old Tanks Cut and Rebuilt
Short Notice.
THE Home-SeeKer
wants to know about her
"matchless" Climate and
her Cheap Lands.
THE Investor
Wants to know about not
only her cheap land and
low taxes, but as well, her
wealth of Mine and Forest,
and this is to let you know
that the
Trias Greatest Railroad
Traverses more than a thous
and miles of the Cream of
Texas' Resources, latent and
developed, and that yea may
learn more about the Great
I. G. S. Country by sending
a 2-ccnt stamp far a copy of
the Illustrator and General
Narrator, or 25 rents for a
rar's file cf same, or by
0. J. PRICE,
G. F. 2 T. A., L55C N. R. R.
Talestice. Teis
Ma!n Office and Woiks Washington, Pa.
Southern Branch Offices Godchaux Build
ing, New Orleans, La.; American National
Bank Bcilding, Beaumont, Tex. . . .
ulji I I II dUTWH I'HI WW al H'lr" -'lliirflfl lOTfTlffiriBW"'"' "J'f
itsltp.l lo rpmoniltor t.liat tho consensu R of Hip nst Mediral Authorise
(based on investigation and results) unanimously favora Ibe unrivaled
a ivunt.ii rs
Cool Colorado Offers
.n a nort fr indiddnalfl or fho.-c In r.red .f riiynml I'l'liiuMin W
mi of v.-r-or., Sodi-wary Habit or :li-r ('auu: Ti i m having par
ticular n li'nmc to those reading in Hi Lowtr Altitti.J,. or Malarial dis
trict k.
This Land of High Elevation
liniroraiiric Atmosphere tnl Mai;n f , n; p- Craiolnir, t.rpPlli jnf
.i;.-iirn . il ( i;k.!1 imii i.-s fx i:lhi r I. to ami affording al) !, ,ii,f,,rv4
nf Civilization at llininit.iu K. inline , it: but int. d;ty' journey (roni Tet-
v. vrh is 15if Onlr l.tn offi ri! c P.il;d Tl.r'xic1'
"1 !. Ih-nwf" nn inil- p r r-mi .!
f-i.i ;ri ;! I"ii '' IM lv Tlii-mcti 'I . :u
S!ii. n and liiriii:ic-ii:iy A;-j. nii'-d fi
1 1 ire-.
Tr;n f r m tbo P'.iithifL
tiiji nii. ijiutir liouta tinm,
I ii I'll. .i.y i .,,,,,.
V'm- n-' r fvr m-.k tt?-lon, "THE C0LPRDC CHAUTAUQUA,"
'r. iKan 4tb
AM; v.iir llnm T-f l"
tt 'Tri Atirle Ti'-'-'ts" to '-
1! !
' f 'riua'iofi
f l it tba
'One Way Via the Denver Road'
N. S. Dav . T.P.A. R. W. T.r ton. C. T . A. A. Cl.i-.on,
Fort V.e-i. Teiaa.
G. P. A.

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