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Wf are justly proud of the showing we are now
nulling in Rcady.to-wiar IlaH. All the new
TurHan and Sailor 5hapes,promlnentamong
uhirh is the Boat or Torpedo Shape which con
timie to be one ofjhe favcritfj.Novelhape
and beautiful combinations of color to be found
htre at much lower price ' than exclusive
dealers aK you. .'.
(('..lililill.il floiil I'iiko 1 )
wound. i IhiI mil serl.iu.--lv. 1 1 - I - 1
Itl.. bur. (iiM In repulse I lie limn,
v i I ;i ; nl tin- mull wile Wounded
I .mi-. Klias Hon line, a ) in i ti ii I
lienier, '.i, kil'cd. Tin' mull I In II
r.Hr.,1 In 1 1 Iimiiii' oT tli' Atliiiiili
'i-.llurs wln-re il Ik said, Ilii'y lire
new. I t ) . 1 1 I Id re: i.- l all nl leinpis
i.i :.rr.t i In- A'tninn
Sheriff Rrfusfd to Art.
Sunn- day vn I In- (ovcrmir's nf-fiii-
was iinki'il for assistance In el
feel I In- arri'hl of lln- Altaians. Wm.
In ucan on Wednesday, report'-l Hiai
II..- Allmnlis win- sl'll i-iin;-,lri;ali'il
willi iln-ir friends ami llial they wen
ll.ii aii-aiiii; further irnnhli'. Hi- sahl
l:il Shcrill' 1 1 1 1 I I I h (II . i if linker conn
l relit.-, il In arl. This lellt
i i ilnr. i ll hv lln- ('onsi.liitaied
iiecs cumi'iiiiy, nf
a in' ml or. mill a
niaih- In lln
I mi i:i. SiierilT
In ai'l. heeutlHe
i iTuii in m-i I
ml i if Hit-'
Entire Day and Part of Night Occu
pied by Court In Completing Third
Third Trial of the Celebrated
r wan
which Imuran is
fnrllHT ili-maiiil was
novcriior's illi i lor
llorndoii Ii;i:i rclnsed
.In- suvs I In- Killing nl
.I.icI.iiiii. I nr-iiii ami a n.uro mi the
liniti last Suinlav niulil, niu-iirif il III
ll r stale nf (icoriva ami that lln- All
in. him live In lliai slan . II In slated,
h- v.rvir. 1 1 1 :t l l:r al'i'iniiliil last
n,)'!ii l'i iinv.,i ill. in, l,u; was driven
Ii 1 1 1 tin- iilacc.
'I'll,- iln'iii'l nl' Chariton cininly.
C ori-'iii. where il is said l In- Killing
Al In: 1 5 o'clock lust nllit, ufii-r
il- lilii uilliiK Inn lurity minutes, lliu
Jury in lln- Sixtieth District coin I re
i in m il a verdict of not isuilty In tint
fast- of ilii slate iikiiIiikI J'i'in DiivIh,
coli.roil, churned with murder III the
second ili'm'cc. Davis was nicusc, I
o killing another ihkio, IM (iilii-r,
his laihi'i-In law ,u link- ovi-r four
year ano. TIiu trial conclude! liu-l
nlKlil whs his UiImI nrruiiuuncnt on
Ihe sunn- rliiirii. One Ir'nl rcsnltc 1
ill lln- wi'.-. hut Cromwell filli'i., ui,ii .....I .. H...K uns .,i,
speaker of III.- House of Ki-i. , , ,,. ,.,.... f ..ri,.,!,,,,! m,pus
after couvictl.fi.
In tin- latter I tin? ili-elslon of
I lie lower court was reversed nnl
Hie ease i- -ii wi ii ) I for a new (rial.
Tin' I rln I (rial lieuan Thursday iimri-
init ami closet willi the lu-rg n il lal of
Unvis last ii I m I) t . Inn-Ill the four
years' jiroeeeiliiiK-i tilt- case lias been
before hotli Judges III tills district.
I lav's was ilefemleil hv O'llrlen, John
& O'llrlen. In view of tile convict Ion
secured hv the slate In n former
trial the llnilliiKs of Hie Jury !n tlio
third I rial were K'Htif-t i'ltijar or a stir
prise, iih it was anticipated a venllel
of (tiilliy with n Hliort '-entence would
he found.
The Day's Proceedings.
The trial or Davis was renamed yes
terday morning nl !l o'clock ami most
if the forenoon was orcuiied !iv
Hie inli'oducHou of tesliiuony by the
stale. Shorlly before noon the sln'i
rested its case and the iulrndticMim
of li"-llmonv f:r 'lie defense henan
A feature of the forenoon's pr'eed
ini;-i was Hie Inlrodiicliou of evi
dence I v deposit Ions. dm. heini; Hi
I In- nnl"-!iioi'iom slatemenl of llr
Mm A. Wttl.m ft l !"he hm-
iuolki- iimiH-ri y iijuioliiiM ol
i u i-i.i v -ii!lii Mi-ii- of Hie D J. Mil
luril imleiil. ilu lildiMK l'i'" '"'
fK nf Hut Ait-rill , hill li"l In me li'.v
of ii aniiioni. la lliu rtiiiiy 'ir'
yrHtermly mil for " I'""
iKnrv inrti-1. iinn for $'" '
i tin r for iu In san ly Hie rV'i
NnHoiml bank fcPit Joint II
Th City Curt.
I'iKlit ronvlclioiM ami t ilinii'i-
huls kiih the renvl ' ""v
vi-hli-rlav inoniliiK. Four iK-isnH-.i
charyeil l illsinrliiiiR Ihe M are in
II. d Town were iiie se.l US r.a eacn
l-'riik lliii-l.iline. cliareeil I'll i
Kliilll nli.l l.atterv. Mini ' iwnlfl.
i liarise.l wild iliKiiirhltiK the m nee.
were in-null teil. Tile o'lier chkcH
Miiti-ii III I he lnip'1-.lm:
tiirhlniz I h m-usi,
I,' till.'
vHismncy, cu
oiciiiii'd, iias uiad. no
in i v i , mi in I'd- affair.
(i.lV.'I'Uor -I'llllillKM Is
I nils
:i M-nlaiiv. s. who iimler Hi.- law Is
'iiciiiic governor, lias declared lilm
:.. If ready In act when so lequested
1 h I he K'cr. l:iry of slate.
I Tin- feud lielwe.ii (he AM mans and
linueaus is of loliK Hlaudinit. 'i'lie
,1'iincaus are lurpeiiliue operators.
I The Alimiis are menhants and luive
iniiiiv slroim Hupporlers in iiauer
M'Mtia Tak Had.
Valdoslo. Klu.. Sept. HI. Ilaxler,
I'la., Is liolice.l loniuhl hy I wo coin
1'iinles of Florida niiliiia. rillowln
i'ie killiiiK of four men result Iuk from
Hie feud helween the Allinaiis ami
l.iiiK-atis. Shortly her.ire dark Slier
ilf llormlon ami l"is posse hroiifOil In
ki-vcii pils. -n alli'Keil l lie Impli-
c I in the killing or Jackson Dun
can an. I two others.
Prof. Chessman's f1
Dancing YA
Academy I
llneM Snt. Pet. 1st
for Rlrls and men.
Ort .1 for Adolts. frsSii
lie That's Always "Coin'
Never Amounts to much.
We always do It
And a s We
Pretty Peggy Presented o Fair Siied
Crowd at the Kyie.
A fair H!xe crowd wlnn-shcil "rn-i-t.v
ri'KK.v." Iho llrsl lliealrlcal pro
duel Ion of Hie m-ason. at the- Kyle
llieulcr Inst nlKlit. Aiulrew Hohson
liliiye.l t lio purl of "l-avld (iarrlck."
iiii.l Jane CiM-hniii of "IVuKy woiiiiik
ton." The play Is a four ml iliania
iKiir.iyln Iho love story of I'iW. an
lilsh actress, ami (iarrlck. the (.'real
I-.ni;llsh actor, it opens with r-KK
lis a circus Kirl In Ircliin.l, lontluues
Hii-oiikIi her nii-ciiiiK with (iarrlck,
whose lalluence made her a ureal ar
tist In Drury hane. her discovery of
Cairlck's unfaithfulness to her ami
her rejection of him. The diaina
Closes Willi Hie cplloKUc Horn AS
Von Uke It." In which I'ckk.v plays
the leadlnu role to (iarrlck, seated In
. .. ... I. 1. .....I
a mix. nut is unauiu iu nnmii u
dies in his arms.
7777. nn mm nmmii
J Lat Chanco This WoeK To Buy
A JR4 50 Pair of Pants
( J
3 8
First National Bank of Beaumont
lead n.-uro and 'lie oilier the slat
menl of a neuro n.v.v se'-vln-r a sen
tence In tin- penilenliarv. Cifmsel
lor Imlli sides ai'uued the point rc
V.nriliiiK Ihe admission of these tlep
osiiioiiH tin Hie c.r-rt he'd that they
were proni-r and adeiissahle.
Testimonv for Defense.
The hit roducl Ion of lesli-noiiy by
use of witnesses for the e.Kensc if
euideil nearfv H'e enl ire nftei-iio.ni.
nhorlly In-fore supper lime the hp
v.uiueuts li' -riin. These were not con
eiin'i il nl r ; :tl and a ref"ss until 7
! were resumed. l'"or the de'ens.! Mr.
I (!.-o. ('. O'llrlen and John snok"
I nl lemjHi. liolh s'nie's alt. 'rney
llltflitewer 11 ml hl:s assisi.-inl, Mr. M''
Hiiwi'll, 11 i'ltm.-.I lor lln- -la'e. In
Hk-Ii- lest ii-K-nv i"-'l niK'iuenls
counsel for the defense soimht lo
show that Havhi had k'Mled (illdei
in self ili-rense. The slii'e soiuvh!
envlclioii by Iryim; lo show thai iho
killini.; was llial snecilied iu Ihe
I'lii-'uer I'.mvicl :'n. "urde- in Hie sec
ond deu'-ei-. 'I'll', can- went to the
jn-v nl !i:'u -('loci; mid 11 Tier thin v
'minutes or delilier:-' 'in verdlt
of 11,1 i' 11 i 1 1 v was ri-liiineil mid Davis
v.'aa released.
Nn C-ut Today.
There will be no session of the
Jiixlieili Districl (oiii't today So far
a:: lie- criminal docket i:i concern-.l,
alll uh reveral impoiliint eases are
i.-i, i-all As p-evi-mjlv announced,
however. Ihe md'hiii doekel iu both
civil ami criminal ca es will be call
t is (Apeil-'d a hearing on Ihe
applb al ion lor a new trial for Jeff
Scot!, recently cmviet-'il of mali
i lane.hl'T. will be granted.
liclween limes Ml Ih xlie'h Di.
iri.-l court vi'st-'idav .Inilm- Watts
pi'.-iiiied a lnariin: on a suit for .11
..n-i an i 1111 apidi. ali.i for a w rit
of ha'.eas en nils. The proceedings
w,-i-,- iii'-iii'i'i il lerdav fn- noon.
I'll.- ca .- was a sin- for aleolu'e di
v.ir.-i- liii.iinii. il bv ' C I' Sianl.'V
a.-aoisl ' iiine Stanlev. I'laiu
HIT alleui-.l ibs.iiion as tlte crounds
,11 which Iu- miiiuIiI separaiion. The
l-.-ibea-' cii'inis writ was reqiieste.l j
:i;-:iill l .1 1:.. pllille Sl lllle'- jillil '. I.
linker, whom plaintiff all'-ued look
p.- m s-.ii. 11 f hi chibl bv .".- wiii.-
time iu-n. The writ was i;rai I .''-
t. 11. Ian'- heitiL- enl. red ! produce
the 1 -1 1 i I 1 . A li. -i ini: on Ihe dl.orce
- nil a-- set
Driller Paul Brings In a Oushcr for
Them at Saratoga.
Special to Enterprise.
Karatoua. Tex.. Sept. Hi. Driller
Paul broiiKht In a Kooil well lor tne;
r.urfey company today. the well in
an old on.', and was only WW feel
deep. hut. lias been put down deeper, i
Ihe result, belli? 11 well that Is How-'
iiiu 7r.n barrels of oil per day. It
unshed to the Up of Ihe derrick ho
lor., bcliif? turned Inlo a seltliliK lanU.
The well came In while it was heliiK
washed, and befont any b'llliiiK bud
been iloue. The ciliens niv jubilant
over iho ctiiuiiig In of this (,'oud well.
.1. A. Cassidy
from Louisvllli
is a business
Miss J. A. Cassidy, of Louisville,'
.. . 1,.., 1 1, ,.-,.n.
KCUIliehy, it'iit.,.-iiinih o-' .....
kmiwn (I icsi: making linn r ftladam
('. C neuter, is now at the Crosby
huiuc. , j ...
Statement uf Financial Status of the
Two Companies.
Houston, Texas. September Hi.
The ri'Kiilar m ini lily report if Ihe
receivers of the Kirby Lumber com
pany ami tin' Houston Oil company
for the month gf, August were lileil
with the Ketleral court late yesterday
The lumber company report shows
total receipts of $:!7!I.77(U!I; disburse
ments $:i:!i.:!7!i.ii!. leaving a .balance
on hand of $ I l,:!tl().05.
The oil company receipts for tne
mouth are uiv.-n as S7.n:i2.!H : ilis-
bursemenls $77," IS.Sti. In the special
lax fund in the hands of Ihe receivers
I here is shown to be a balance of $!,-
t;X!l 12. There was applied 1 roll! I lie
Kirby Lumber company on April
slumpage contracts 1
then, was disbursed on Maryland
Trust company limber certllientcs the
sum of $l,L,(i7.ii5, with a balanco of
The report shows the payment 01 a
large amount 111 the way ol inlerest
and principal on receivers' ccilifieales.
To Kounl.e Itios.. of New York, Iho
sum nf .".".'i.lL'u; .Morton Trust com
pany of New York, $I7..V;ii; St. I-ouis
I'iiion Trust company, $l7,.Mi'i. The
report slates (hat there is a balance
ivailable fur current expenses ol ,
: l!.iC
Brlcht's Dlsiate, Diabites
Anrt Ki.lnr CowrrMinn nrr-iil In rtar nn
iuril 10 l rnn-.l Willi a lol- nr tn "
Urakr n l-mm'-oii vin j-m-iih ... u,n i
Konniil Oiimuay. Chkmio, it ou iU
trial Iwiile (nc
C.Tpit.ll Stoik
Surplus Fund ....
I'm I v dcil Piol.ts .
V.'. Diviilson. rir:ii'rnt I..
W. P. H. WiiF.nMii. Vitt Fi c:.idciit
t ... : .M.c. Cis'iici.
V.'. C. D v.'.ioii, A&'t C.iitiicr.
r. C. f.- .i'-'i. Oire.Xot.
M. Urbcrt. Srtond !.-.t. C.islncr.
J. Wirss. Director.
no. N. G.lbrrt. Duritcr.
ton R. Levy, D'rctor
let-n C. Ward. Dire.tor.
In Judqr
the K.l!-
-.l.n .I'-ii:..
Il 111. el' !
in 1 1'- .
.1 - l..,i:-
n r I -i. " "
I I,-. I.
Pie's Court.
iin-.i liisttiel
t 1 ;
in 1
I. I
I..- m . -rrub-l t'i"
inisti-i-. in bali'.-
.ie ,,f tie- Tiiii.-- A
. .. iuii.il. v t. l.avi Mn-
,. . r t 'leiii c ri am 1
I 1 i!s Mve.si-.'l. i
1 1'ti.d j til" lit 'b' ;
; .1 in I n- e.e-e j
'.n a-viit' V.iii' i' ;
-n: I .--.-m 11 rr.t-i a J
tel-iin's ,.i.t.le. ..r
What I Have Done for Othrrs
I Can Do For You.
1 I 1-
,1 I ;l.
nr 1
!' .
Stale of Texas. County (1f JetTerson.
Hv irtiie ,f an 'i-m issie-.l
nit .f the II. inn abb- .1" I'.e Cotiri
1 .l.-leis.in I'-itiiiiv, on the l"'h .lav
..f S. pi. tiilH r. 1 !!. bv 'h'' clerk
1 hereof, iti iti.- -as- of 'In Nn'iotii'l
1 Siinitv ('. v- At "ii r... N'o
irlt-V and t" ni'-. as i-ln ri ft. ili'.-ete 1.
n l i.-!t. p-.. I w ill n-'" .-.-l 1.1 s. l'.
wi'lmi "1" Ii"' ' d'-sc-'l it bv l.iv
il.-K. nn 'h ll-s- Til'-s
1.1. A l. 1'"'1. f I"-
lav "f 'Vlfl'. Im foro
I...... dfir a'-l .' -1' r "n
. ( ! nf !,-Ti',i,l . ill"
,1. v. r Im 1 lr.'- . 1 :
hm ',10. if. !-..
. 1 llce . i-iC.
ff. r-"ti c " "i't T- .
r j rr -...
f.-r f
,!.. 1
he Oil"
. I-OIIV. '.11
f.l".. 11,1;
T- f
f.-. 1 in )
r 1. 1
As a rule you advertise to reach the people;
not some of the people or some particular
class of the people, but all of the people;
not only some of the time, but all the tims.
TO i(D
it is necessary to use a medium for your
that reaches all of the people all of the
time; not only in the city but in all the sur
rounding country.
The following letter out of hundreds
in this office we quote to show that
we fully cover the field: : : :
keesville, La., Sept. 12, 1904
The Beaumont Enterprise,
Beaumont, Texas.
You will please discontinue our two
ad upon receipt of this letter.
We are highly pleased with the results and
asK that you send us a bill so thet we may
Yours Truly,
Vernon Iron WorRs,
Wm. Jackson.
The Enterprise
Distinctly Assert it Has No
But it has more subscribers in South East
Texas and Louisiana than any paper in the
state of Texas can boast of.
If you are an advertiser and wish to
reach the people of this section phone the
advertising man and if he does not con
vince you, don't advertise. Both Phones 93
6) C
V!TH 11 1 Rt'.K JEtt l(.rAT.
ann rr'-
s 1 IN'. c
-liil-lli1 I

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