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Rider of "On Way" Claimrd Ho Wat
Interfered With, But Judfaet Re
fused to Allow Prctojtoi't
New York. Sept. Beldame to
l:iy added another Mike to her ul
Hinly limit Ht by "')' w inuli-K I bo
III hn-iiil. niii ami a quarter mile
in (irnveciid. Sin- wan a fawirltn In
tin- H'ltlll lit Vl H IIH'IH'V.
i m time I u now record, foi
1 1 tulii'. Itcldntiie wnii i iH" f1"'1"1
hi the Mian iiinl I'd Imt lb-Id all tin'
w.iy. ,
Svsnnhy. who wan dcfonied In
rm.iiliv. won ilio rich Junior chain
ln.Msliiji Makes easily. h.v three
I'lisi. six furlon;:: Lady Amelia
wen; Lennldiis Fecund; (lay H'' I
TiiiK" 1 : " '- "..
Scouid. I In Hitchcock steeplechase,
.limn 1 J miles: Unyvi-lli- won: I'af
ladowiniilly 's-i oinl:, l-'ox Html r
third. TUno l:;.s 2-."l
Third raff. " - i I Champion
wakes, alioiit six furioims: Sysoiiby
vun; Wild Mint second; Cairngorm
'third. Time 1:0'' 3-4-
Fourih rare, tin- Hint special mile
1'iiil a quarter: Beldame won; Cmmli
nawaim second: Slalwiui third. Time
I'ilili. five nnd a half furlongs:
Thirty -third won; linncuso second;
Niblick third. Timo 1:7 2-1.
KixMi. mlli' a'l R sixteenth: drey
1'ilaT won: Kan (' second; Juno Holly
third. Time 1 : IS - ".
At Hawthorne.
Chicane. Sept. If Tho fall handi
c.ii, tho I'enturc at Hawthorne today
v.ns vim by two loiifitha.
Mountain, who rodo Otto Way,
claimed a foul ii wiiiist I ho winner, hut
(!,.. Iiuliou .!. I Ol ha une h ay wit
nut. interfered with snliioioMtly to al
low the foul and declared tho result
nllleiiil. Tho stake was worth $2,0 Id
to I ho winner.
First. hIx furlongs: Pickaway won;
leaniilifnl and Host second; Foruiii
third. Time 1:17.
Scrum! declared off.
Third, five furlongs: Tho Novice
won: l.axaiiietto second: Torpedo
third. Timo 1 :i:j 3.
fourth, handicap, seven furlongs:
Ci.Wtr Lifshlcr won: One Way second:
Howling Hrldj;o third. Timo 1:"0 :M.
I'il'lh, mi!e and a sixteenth: (llo-l-'oso
won; O. L. .Monro second; Loti
isvirio third. Time 1:12 :i-5.
Sixth, six furlongs: Julia M. won;
Tain O'Shuntor second; Jly Alice
third. Timel:13 2-5.
Tom Rowo
Mabel Sims
At De.'mar.
St. Louis, Sept. 1!t Poiniar
ites won throe events.
i' ir.st race, six furloti
von; Oria second; Look Away third.
Timo 1:?:! 1-2.
Second, five furlongs:
won; I'lviti!? Fire second;
Crows third. Timo 1 :0!i .VI.
Third, six finiotiss: .Major Carpen
ter von; Vulraui second : Lady Con
trary third. Time 1:21 .1-4.
'Fourth, five furlongs: ISornk won:
Klheis I'lido second; Imp Korea third.
Timo 1 : r2 1-4.
Fifth, mileaad a sixteenth: Tour
Quo Pais won; Mildred L. second;
Mainspring third. Time 1:17 .".-1.
Sixth, six 1'urloiirfs' gelling: Atlas
won: levelling i-fir second: Dusky
third. Time 1:22.
Final Cam,. WMI Bo Plaved in New
Or!"ans N?xt Sunday.
Now Orleans. Spt. 1'.'. This is tho
last wi ok of the Soul horn l-eagnc
l asrin'il si a.".n. Tho final game wi I
ho ph.yo; in tll city o.i noxi Sunday
viih Mniitgomerv. The race for tho
IKimanl is very clnso at.'! oNeiiing ho
iwooii I in- III roe fiiwt rluhs .tcinili!s.
New Orleans am! Ailaani. The show
ing d' Momiihis has Peon the siuii'ise
,,j i,.. ficni-nn. th::t cluli g' aduaily
working up from m-votmIi ;o fir:-l
l.'iiiM. and has an excellent chance lo
nd tic ;i:-:iii;mt . New Orleans lias
led tin- race inf e the s- ason w ith the
,( .ti,!i of iwn days when it w;is
lied h r cond ii'neo, and lodny.
v In n M ni'dos foi g'd hUoad. Th1
hi a i;i will l o a siieei n"nl mo. AH
tin- chit's will ;oako mmiov wiili one
or exci-'i; inns.
Nas'-.villc M'mphis 3.
'livllo. S. pi. in. -N;ohvilio
playeil .-iKd hall. 1u; M"ieii'.i;s v-
mi i-.r fnfi.i and li Id theM n-j.
.f .
V -ii ' . . ' " o n 1 ft ii 1 . fi 2
X t'i;e.. 1 1 n n i ii ii i' 1 " ' ! 2
y;,,,,,. f:.MMwin :;:rl Mnilhurl:
Vii I wad Acnr-iiii v.
Att.-rti 9. N-v Orl-a'-t .
n.,i,!;, s'ei.i. H'. M;Mia' r P'o.veM
j.i-i -i : d M' yni!iiL--ier. v.i' i f'-'"
- l l 1'l L.ltlll . ll.TklHft '1
, .1 ii,.. rim" '. Ivid !i..i-.-ion
" ".. !. S :
. i. n o ". ; ?. n - fi 1:: "
in: :,n 'i : " ' I - ! "
- , ... rt j'.l- ai d (' ,r': :
V :: I V..-:
Wont-r-t'y 2. Shrtvtoe't 0. .
S. -,- V.-T'-. I:.! '
1 . ;n 1 y. t !:t! T'"
u . rt i . r e I. ' !l 'I l 2
-1 ,- -. li."- ' I ' ' ' 1 - r
' i ... . . v ". . r ; i I :. .
i. r iiml And' ri'ii aul Zimau.
jvNiin.i Kiinio;
liii.i.iiitluini 1 2 'i-'5 5 -
Uiiti.. H.k K ' 2 - " 1
I'hiii rio I'viant mul Maaliew.-;
Myt'r nnd Ander.'H.
n.io.ii.1. Sell l'J.-JW-lMl -nnl'l
.1.. milium with WhKe to lay. ami wm
..ill out. Score:
1 1." roil ... il ll 0 l l i l
Chli:igi.... O ll 2 t 1 it it X" 11
liaierioK Kit mil mid Prill: While
mul Htilliavn.
Split a tSt. Loula.
ki i oiiIk. Soul. r.. St. I.oiiIr bu'I
Clovohiinl ni'lii oven hero tmlay In a
KirM gntno; flftoon Inning", bco-o.
8t. I.ouIk . . , . ....
jiiiHlfiOl POiin l ii" l ! i
Clovoliiml . ......
:i iiml o una ((i n i tmc-t i
lliiiioilo SudhofT ami Sufi'lon.
Iloi nlmrl iind Iti niU.
Second gaino. nix iniilng". srnio.
Si I.hiiIm a " 1 ' 'i " 1 " "
ni'vohm.l 1 n n ii 0 1-2 7 I
Uattorles IVliy and Kalnf; .loss
nml Osl dh l;.
Wathlnatori 3, Mrw York 4.
WiiHhlncioii. 0 0 0 0 n (i 2 1 it-nr.i
Nlw York.. 2 0 0 1 10 0 o 01 0 1
nnttorleR Towiisomi nmi imne,
Powell nml McCiiIio.
Philadelphia 6, ".o'Aon 1.
po Inn. Soul. in.--Fiiilnio to hit
Plank gao Phiiadoipt.ia io,:a . i.
pnmi' score:
Philadelphia " 0 ' 0 " 0 r' -fi !! "
-ot.,((,U 1 II II II ll ii " " '
Haltorles Plunk and .mjii.iii.
Tannehlll ami Crler.
Toledo 0. I.ou'svllo
CiiliimhiiK I. Imliaiiapr.l!
Milwaukee I, Mlnntnpolls : MM
waukoc 1. Minnonpolis
Kansas City S. St. Pan.! ...
Boston 2; Philadelphia 4.
Philailol.hia, Sept. P.-SullioffV
pitching and good Holding tunny gn
tho locals another victory. ' Score:
l;f;lon ""I uu 2: 11: 1
Philadelphia ...,l 1"2 n" 1
Pitlinger and Needham; sutnou ana
Atallant Cot Ten 0011113 H Him as
a Reward for tho Cutting and
Ho Can Not Live
Now OrUans, Fepl in. A ilexpornlo
aflray n"ulling in Hie faml wmunl;
nig of one man mul i lit' wounding of
two policemen threatened a general
not lodny in the sconili ward, where
in, exciting primary lor ih legal oh to
lie i lly con. ui ion was in progress.
Allien Kaha;'.a. an engineer, u ward
worker for one of the fuel Ions, was
drunk mid llireiiicned tronhle. Police
man Win, AmleiMiu pin him under a I'
ll i-1. Hal.a-a Innuodiaiely ilrew n ra
zor and u' i lif po h email lerrildy
a toss tho arm. Patioliuan Adam Ar-
iiiild weni to Aiuh I'sou s a.isiMtanco.
Ilaiiasn ulasli.'d him across the ahdo
men. Tho police ildrew tlioir woaio
lOld a ooiiecl lusihido of shots fol
lowed. When it was over Itahasa wa.
on the ground with ion shou in ins
hedy. Intense exeilemenl lollowed
tho 'tragedy, hul Aeling Inspcclor
.louriioo liurrieil to iho hcoiio with a
largo force of lilne coats and further
f cinhlo was avoided.
Woman's Relief Appointments.
lioston, Seiu. 1!!. Mrs. Fannie 10.
Minot of Coiicord. X. II.. national
pivoiloul of the woman's relief corps.
annouiioed general sialT nppoinunoiils
I" hoi- first uolioral order, which was
issued today. The list includes thei
following: Socroiaiy, Helen Meyers.
Concord; press correspond! tit, Mary
Sherman Allen, Dallas, Texas; chief
of staff, Alary L. Oilman, Uoxhury,
Tho report that oil has boon struck
at Starks, l.a., has not. boon conlirmed.
We hupe thai it is true au it is quite
close to lleaumonl and would be J'uU.v
a.s iniporiaut lo the oil business hero
an any of the surrounding fields,
any of tho surrounding iieids.
W. A. Meagher has commenced
drilling at Sulphhiir, Louisiana, where
i here are said lo In; excellent indica
tions of oil. The result of his work
will be awaited with much interest
in lieaumonf.
. .
Messrs. Pass and Ifinkcnstein arc
providing n million barrels storage for
the output of their wells ;n Louisiana.
Tnoy do not propose to sell any oil
unless they get t tie right kind of a
price and this will no doubt help to
keep the market steady.
Tho writer is convinced that (here
is but little reliance to be placed in
tho rates posted by the oil companies
and that Hey finite frequently pay
much more tnau their posted rates.
Wo don't nt tempi to explain the why
fore of t!r, ir methods.
A weii just finished on pinulo I ap
for YV. A. Mca;;hor showed "on feet
ol oil in tlio casi::g and ho thinks t!:.v,
i' will make a splendid producer. The
old liiii siill cut - a big ti-uro in Tex
as oildom and the ICmerprlso predicts
that it will continue to do so for some
lime '-o come.
The continued blowouts reporfd
f'oni the Humble prospecting" ai bad
ii'dUaies that there is a lot wind
coming from ilse-o. It may not be
for the menus c f starling a l"d boom
Put it has all 'h" oar marks of a
1 1 al estate birisie;'.
1). K. Pi lit ly. who l as bee t pi oiui
l. -tit r.s an oil cnn.paiiy pi-oie-ei r and
producer, was in ill - city (.t rt:iy.
Mr. Poattv is now opt rating in ii u
lurl.y oil fleb1".
Large English Families.
Tho four iirl7-s annually offt rc I
the I.imr.lnsi ire (Kng.) AfrlTltura'
i socioiy for 'ho Inrge-t families ! ao
i ib!.i your produce d some r niarkab!
I lecor.!. Ton men who filtered I...'
' U-twe-n them l.'.o (hihlren, one h.-.v-!
. ..... dikI ,.iv
:ng iweniy, suuiiio
ers fiiieen.
Capt. Cook Thought Ke Had Discov
ered a New Animal.
In the year 1770 Capt. Cook s.ailod
Into Hotany bay in his ship the F.u-(leiiyn-.
A foraging. or oiplorin!; party
brought back to him tho nov.n ii tho
discovery or a new and strangely
formed animal. It. was dt scribed as
mouse-colored, in hue and of the sizo
of a greyhcund. Hut that which struck
Cook's men us most singular was iifl
movements. "It sprang or leapt with
great swiftness, by the aid of its Ions
hind legs," while the possession of a
strong tail was also noted. On July
H a Mi (Tore, one of Cook's party,
shot n kangaroo, tlio name by which
the animal was known to the natives.
At their dinner on Sunday, July 15,
177H, they dined off kangaroo joint and
pronounced the meat to be excellent
eating. As early as 1711, however, a
Dutch traveler in Australia of tho
name of Do llruins had captured a
kangaroo, which he took to lintavla
alive, so that Cool: practically redis
covered ' family.
Their Weight in Gold.
Suvsrnatula, or weighing against
gold, is a very coFtly religious cere
mony. Such a function was held the
other day at Aliraj, when I.ady Girg
jabai, the Dowager Itaui of the House
of Marajmala, had herself weighed
apainst gold with the rites prescribed
by the Slia.stras or Hindoo scriptures.
The gold placed in the scales against
her ladyship was afterward distrib
uted among Brahmin priests and tho
poor. Allahabad Pioneer.
"Rush" Work Is Hurtful.
Prof. Thomas Oliver, addressing the
Industrial hygiene section of the sani
tary congress In tllasgow, said the
system of "rushing" work introduced
lato Britain from Auvric.i, not only
cat! -eil unwholesome fatigue and many
to cidents, but "predisposed tho imli
vhinal to 111 health and created a taste
for stimulants, unhealthy i-conation
and love of excitement stub as was
ofterod by theaters nml music halls."
Critic's Apprecirtion.
Concerning Hanib t. as pbiycd by
the late Wilson Hun tl. a lit'lt- story
is lo!d in the iiror-'Hiis whore the
actor was known. One of the ancients
ms tail ing of Hie llamhts h- had
seen on (he st.V'o. "V1," lie s!d.
"l'o seen (!r;7c:'s of 'en., but of all
the liac'orM wot .';.ve l ll.-imh t t;n;
m Paireit. lie was alnavi: (ion U-U
luiiiiitib afore any of the oil. ers.'
True Yar.kee Wcman.
"Yr,".r ife is romtwl-at Mr.-- -
inlr.d.d. Isn't he. IJttl-J-Mi.
! -Ptronz-minded! W. 11, a fnriotiiit
! i:..t. ....l.n.. -nrn.. Iifif. v -! ri.ii. ;
I )IIIV I-" 'ii'''1
'r.r.d in five niiimtes' tall: tli- n.Id Li-:. I -.u..:v l.av- no f
or:;e of.iish f-l.e had wade li'.rt-.,..
! !,-ton C'.nef cr-'i'it.ilif-L
A Yachtina F.-.rrry,
Fi.m" v-ry v 'i:i i.;:lil'- f.rur' '
I ti... lnf."i t,r of the t''i;.i fa..-;
In viil -.i : wr- civ-n in t n.'ir-i' i9
c. a 1 1 in If- t r. ilini,' r in r q
Tli'h Mr linii'i (' a'- --:m to '
run- f l.i .-n'i.'-i K.'i a : i
Ke'i I-". Ih'.- varioic in n I. i- '. Q
r t : - -i ... i
today's Offerings
Ulw Special Values tested in this advertisemjnt ennbine the season's most exclu
sive styles with an economy that makes them truly irresistible, ffhis is but a
specimen ol what you II find here. SSriyht and sparkling values predominate the
entire store.
Uhree Splendid Suit Propositions
Uhoc Uhrve ol are an Admirable ?rie,ilathn of the Seaon' $et Stylet Srtatly ndr Value;
Suit for $S.7S
A Nobhy Coal Suit of All Wool Mel
ton, In either blue, brown or Oxford
Mixture. Coat Is nindo with Homi
lltlod hack, belted, double breasted
butcher front, utithoed velvet collar
trimmed with silk braid, mannish
Hlooves with turnover cuffs, neat 7
gore flaic SKlrt. worth every cent
of $10.00,
Social, Tuesday, 8.75
.Shirt lOaist Suits
Tuesday we offer a lino of pretty
Taffeta Shirt Waist Suits at a spec
ial low price.' Two or 1hrco different
Bfyles. One neat model is made- of
Fancy Shot Taffeta with pleated front
trimmed with silk buttons; skirt
made with full fare, also a few
styles 'in shepherd's plaids, $12.50
and $1 1.00 values,
Special, each 8.50
Utoo 70aist Values
And they arc nobby fall styles too.
One line consists of pretty all wool
Albatros., Waists, made wilh pleated
front, and trimmed with lace inser
tion: 'colors black, white, light and
navy blue, red and pink; $2.r,0 Is tho
regular pprice,
Social, each, 1.95
Another lino is of sort. Black Taffeta
made with eight wide pleats down
front and two box pleats down the
back: finished with French knots
ii $l.r,0 value,
Special, each 3.75
Sale Mand Sftags
A pretty little Book Purse of soft
green leather, strap handles, lit led
with card case, red, Muo and brown,
each 18
A good slue hand hag, made of crepe
leather with leather bound fruiio
and patent clasp, contains coin purse
card case and vinogaretle braid or
strap handles.
Special each J)M
Jatteif Sfiohair, 3ft and
40 inch, in bnmn, hlue black
and grey. 6Ce and 7Se val
ue, rpiiial. m yard
31 $15.00 Suit
This Suit la nuulo In tho most popu
lar cut of tho season, (ho material la
all wool Cheviot, in Mack or Who,
new '26 Inch semi filled coat, box
front; has collar effect of self mater
ial, finished with velvet ami fancy
braid lined with Rood quality stifln;
mi excellent value,
at 15.00
Suit for $18.00
At thin prlco you get a remarkably
sweet Walking Suit uiado of Covort
Cloth, lu light modo Boml-flltcd model
with Inverted pleata down back and
front; the half bolt effect, 'lth box .
front, new mannish. bIoovob,. U-gorp .'
skirt with inverted alcevpa to match
tho coat, ' .,,
Price only 18.00
Some SCosiery Slews
Chhlldren's Stockings, Just the kind
you'll need to start tho children to
school right, lino Biittzo ribbed, two
thread lisle, guaranteed seamless and
fast black; 20c values
a pair 12 1"2
Women's Hosiery, fine lisle rlbbeiT,
spliced heel and toe,
Special, a pair 12 1'2
Women's Lace I-dslo Hosiery, snmo
laoo on heels, some al lover Lace, a
regular DOc qnaliiyy.
Special, 3 pair for ... 1.00
JKandherchief Sale
A good n'la'ily Cambric Handkerchief
hemstitched; just tho thing for tbo
school children.
Special, 3 for 5&
We limit you to 1-2 dozen.
All Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs
with hand embroidered initial,
Kporlal, 3 for 25
Limit C to a customer.
All pure Linen Embroidered Handker
chiefs; if they wero laundered you
would pay a quarter a piece for them
and think you had a bargain; buy
them milnundcrcd,
ad 15c
Uabte 2) am ash
finally under market value, M Inch
all Linen Dnuiask, full bleached, a
regular Pic value.
Special, a yard 25
i,K inch all Linen Damask, fine clean
weave, worth 7.1c a yard.
Special, a yard . 18c
10 a I hin g Skirts
A $ I.r.O valuo for $3.85; mora than a
hundred Sklrtg go on sale at thla
price; fancy mixtures and Cheviot s,
In blues, browns and oxford, the now
est flaro model.
Special, each 2.85.
Tuesday, you may choos any $5.50
to $11.50 Walking Skirt Id tho store,
for $4 .1)8; and It's a mighty big line
to chooso from. Broadcloths, Vene
tians, Cheviots and Mixtures of
all kinds; dozens of different stylos
remember, your unrestricted
choice, only 4.08
Jhe Slew Siclts
A very pretty Crash Kid Belt, with
harness buckle; colors red, blue,
green, champagne and black,
each 25
Wide Crush Kid Belts with largo oval
bucklo, nickel or gilt; white tan,
black or brown,
each S0&
ffowels and Quilts
i . i-.
GO dozen fringed Honeycomb Towels
size 22x10, special,
a dozen 1,00
Limit 2 dozen to a customer.
Bed Spreads, largo size, Marseilles
pattern, $1.00 value,
Special 75
I in
anannnnn n n nTHnrTKr'i h
Uatteta Silk Setlieoat$ In
all Ike leading tkadet, regu
lar 4.9 Si tpetial, each
prohibits Sorcery.
In l?.e Uhoi'-:an fi'. rr,r fit r,a
rov i p'--1-'""' I ror'an.a: ion I n
l,iv;t:i, the I.rarticc of "TC r;
!!.roeir?: 'it tb t'Tif.ry. IhKikom' ! i
:!..-. i-iff '1 b- i's t:- i:-- A !.-n--.v
ti, Miner A cv!.J-rt':jii anJ t;.s
ir -n " M';''
,.; t'.r- n ;i-- .i.-
t . 1' e t.HI.TS.--, r::'
I ... r ; '
:.' ' i ol Si -r
1 1.' ' - 7 :.'
1 .
V 1.
Hirtncr P'sn.
DraVi't Palxitti rim.
n i- in- i- orf -
L '!
.-. IT: i -1 '
-- t t-.
Ecy' S'-ces.
7 i ( - -i 1
....j, ; .- .,. .
: jl T t". T.
.- . !--,-'
TV nrj -V '.it t' n 1 r---T --b J
(-. id r .' i.'
,. . . .... .. .. . ... .-, -
, t. , v - - - I
., .. . t... I .- I. 1 V
- 1 - S- a-- i I - -
I.- 1
v '. M I '.
A J -' i.
"ii.ii l a -
' ft 'i '
f. rr'-Tit '1 ' V 'lit l r iit!-mifi
j -rt i m .t. afe'iuTi' ire ' an MD'.
irrr riv- ojcrmW.na In th. tfrMTT
r.f ihp i,.if. Tlii irH-ann a tow af-
I '(ion lf-B tJ'WlM J'tB
nl ltrririin' l nln Pa'lflc lin-
I t-v
i '
-1 -.
t h 'a!n r 'r"1 n arni'w j- n ), 4 a'iol'Tin" f 'b" OniM
. A hii'k M.d tb" !'' f"- "' 'M " Niti"""! Pari Be to
;,..) i.,. a' ,i,f.- li-n Tl- ht-r. tn-. ba 'b- ririal rl
s ,.,.'. . . t"ai.! '- I'-t'ti-i !iroa 1 fKrt f W. K Vaf-tTtill Iwiw f
'., . f,a l.f, in (t-if.. fo-! t loitotian i.f'J' n n " tii'-ajr
ti, ,.- .f.i t lie: fiJl Siiil N'rl flifl t lh Mmn-n
,- . ' I;? fr-t'i inti f l"nt"n I'a
it i, j , ) .- r-t- -.tji'l ; -r,- t s' n'
, :i .. f;.,r , t- J P.-.-h i- Hrr.-B anfl f.tnH r-
,l fn ,. .-. ,.,-.: . -f ' 'ir ttf "" 1-l""tt hit' n
. - r if. l.'-a.-.i !:,- Cnii Harriritaa ff-ftl
I'"- ; J.-i, t tl.'t:' irni
WatAnti, wlikh now Mteods fnita
Kannai City an it KL I mill to Pitta
lurr. and la oa in way to the Atlantic
Ttioa. VairIH ami CaM rm-t-oll'rn
a thr pjt, and Onu'4 ai4
llarriman, roo'pr.lltna fa ' tb West;
will at tb MlwilaalprH rtr Bui
bake haola cH ially arroat tbe rlrrr.
Crtta,, Mill BMtm.
rifraJ Fa'K It I, 9pt. II. A two
tiiitMi' hn 6'f -"f lh t'wJ'ed
"- c" r"fcratita wiil't io4
i.t-rm wl'h th mril today. ATI J
trni' rtinxwj opia' trm ibotira
jut La4 a4 Ike faJ oU U kelp.
t W.Ik.
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I ;i, L-'. I' - h-!
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