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i anca$M IN AN EPITAPH. ., 1' Attorney t Law !
Cr. I
Cictcria in Soil.
A lull l-l lulll in Mil ll U MllllII lliil'R
lllill I III llllllHIII -J I lllttllll ill I' l l II.
II till i s III" lull lu.-ii npii to hriiiK ''
llll.l llilllllln fill ill of lilt. It IlllvlH
NlilllH llllill.sllhllH lif lllll'(i'rlill H'1'
wnk Unit It. ilmiti In a kIukIu lul r In
oil Dili rmil uf M i-Kllllilll'ilH iliilit
N VI I till l-.s.l, Hlllllll U-i III' ) liri', I I -
tt-rlii nic ol limiii'iiHu iiiiMirlaiK o to
till' filllllt'l- lllnl tiltl'tl I III) HK'f-rKri or
failure of a croii Mill ih ih ihI on llio
Mini of liin lrii.i llii rii U III U noil
Tin- Mini of .oil iiinl IH iliynlinl
hlriirliii'D ii !.-.ci liiivu u I'lint ilciil In
In w i : Ii tin- uIiiiihIiiiku of hni:ti-rhi
II lilts In-i ll fuiiinl Hint a Mill Hint Ik
rli'li III liiimii.. Hint Is, lias in in ll
) t;illo tni't : r In It, In ln li'T milt
i ll lor Urn ill vi'lojui'i'iit of liiictitsia
tllllll Mill tlmt llllH In It VITV little
ll 1 1 III II S. Jt llllM ITk lollttly ll'l' lit'
lli-nil Unit Urn only ii Iviiul.u'os In
liaiinr; tin- liiiiiins was Hint It was n
Sonne of iiltiof.-i-ii ami Unit It alsi
In'lil inoiil iiri- iiinl lii pt tin' .nniinl
fiulii ilryhiK mil. TIk' tlilnl goo
iiniility must, now Im rul ! ! . that of
in u M tim Inn l rial llfu iiiiiri' iilni in l:i it t .
Win-tin r tlil.H roum-rlloti hitwccli tin
IiIiiiiiih In (In- Hull ami tin- liartrrla Is
lniioilaut lii-raiisc tin) liiiiiins fur
iiimIich food for tin. Iianti-rlu or
whither It Is Important hi'i-ausu Hit1
liiiniii:: l,t'ciH tlio grouml Unlit ami
moist and Ids lliti nlr worlt tlirouuli
it i-iuiily, wo ilo not yi t Know. Koth
aro rciMiiiuihli hiiiiiiokIHoiih. We aro
sun' to iiinln. stand worn ahotit tln-ni
iu tln not illsliiut fittiiro. ll it; now
ri'itaiii Unit wo can Iniroil'ico now
IiIihIh of liaoli-ria Into wills ami thai
wo run liy iIoIuk thin Kr':itly Inon aso
llio iuiiIii tlvi- riiimilty of tin1 fa huh
for cortaiii rrois.
, Deep or Shallow Soils,
Ordinarily it in dosiralilo lo have a
ili'i p inil, that llio roots of plants may
bliilio iloop. Tho lalti r Is a iloHlilora
t inn for tlio roa.son that a dorp rniit
Ins plant In loss afloi'loil liy tho
(IrounlilK than any others. Wo noo
thin In (ho -hko of nonio trocs, vihioh
have tap roots ami aro irlilmn afl'ort
cd by tho dry woatln-r. Th'o shallow
noils uro lli-fst to respond to drouUi
and Komotlinns thoy aro tho slowest
to dry out, when tho weather Is wot.
Tim deeper the soil and the more it
Is loosened up the K'oaler tho zone of
earth that will he suhject to tho op
erations of the haeteriii that add ni
tronen to the Boll. Ono way of deep
c m i i ik a Koil Is to plow it as deep as
possible wild a common plow and
linn put on a crop of deep rooting
legumes. There aro some legumes
that do not m-iiiI their roots very deep,
Mnli as cow peas, and there aro
others that, send their nil on lo tho
Kl'elilest poFsilde depth Into tho soil,
Mich as the clovers and alfalfa. On
inultiliideH of farms a noil will re
main .shallow whatever Hie crop un
less tlio land Is drained. When this
Is done the drains should he as deep
IIS three feet. Then tlio frosts will
woili in deeper than they otherwise
will and tin- air will he present on the
disphieenteiit of the water. KilhKiill
plowing Is sometimes effective and
tjometimes not, hut It should not lie
undertaken unless there Is to ho a
conslileralile lienetlt received from the
operation, as it is an expensive ono.
Too Much Water.
The turning yellow of uln-ai is fie
ipn nlly caused hy too much water In
tho soil. This same effect is some
times seen in house plants when the
owner has lieen too attentive to llu-m
nil'l lias watered them too often. In
the held of wheat or other crop this
condition may exist when the siirlnce
Boil appears lairly dry. The presence
ol loo iitui h water retards the ripen
Ini; of tin- crop and ln-iiu-iil ly de
creases its yield. Ii may In that this
Is one of tin- ( hiel i nnsi s why iviti
on low land Is rau.uht hy the frost
v In n coi n on laud only a do.'.i u feet
liii-her is not Injure. I. It hm ! i
nt-Minicd Hint it was a ililT- n-m-i In
ti mper.it ure. t'te i old air mi 1 1 1 ii l: Ir.to
the Indlows, hut it lines nut sr. m I! K
ly H at so few fi i t wnui-l iiihIm- ii'I the
iIIH.-tenre. lint the low 'and Ire
ip;itit'y has in It mor.- wat-r than i.;
iH.. .ir the crop and this r. taidlit;:
t!i.' inal mini; !ial ! s t!ie fii.-t to Iiinl
Remit of Family Dispute 8ing
ried Btyond tin Grave.
Ili in Is m ktory uliich In .oiii hi d
(or l tho in mi liu a) liu t-u IU
lin.1 ri Hi u.
"Tl ' i" r Jul df curious
titpl.s," lie mid. "hut I I. mo iieMr
sun t.ui one which iil.ll.lti'l nil tin
l li lll. Ii'll Of pi III I t HHICHMII. "Ut III
Wcti-iii New Vi.-rh tlieie family
of Hie naiuii of Kent, ll'ie in- tvtu
I'lilidreii, a koii iiinl a ilmiMhier. Itotli
were miiirii-d. linn- u lallim: out
hit Weill thtl till il f.linllle-, ami
Hie liiiKhiinil of tin itioi;:l.t-r wna most
coidlally Imli-.l hy tint ii'lnrs. The
um d mother mi nl nimii ' icc-nsioll
lo .hit tint itiuiKhter, who hint mar
ried u )avii ll-nniss), iiinl wlille
then- she lieen Ill and ni' d. SI only
l..t'-i ward the fut In r was tralislatt d tn
oilier worlds. Tiny wT laid away
in llio little ci-inctt-ry, mnl Hie son
erecteil a lomle lone on which In
raiisi il In h rni vi .1 th!s h e.' ml:
; IN MK.I lit V t'r' !
: MA AM) I'A. :
:J'n illeil at home amoni; friends.:
: Mu dleii at Have iieiin'My'a :
Half Cent Per
Word, If Paid
in Ad van cc,
Positively One
Cent a Word Ifj
Charged, V
Ad. UKtn for lest then
further notlie will b
25c. Ads ordered to run
charged till ordered out.
17 Gilberrt Building, Beaumont.
Correspondents in New York.
St Louis, Chicago, Etc
ISA. Crook:
Corporation and ITTflDVFV
Commercial Law. AMlfKnLI.
Rooms 1-17, Eianchetts Ectiite Bldfl.
Associated R. C. Harris, I. W. Lawlion
Beaumont, Texas.
WANTKIl A woman I.
wa. Ii. Apply l;T;i l.ih' ity
cool; ami
A en a, i.
HIS Itp.
V.NTi:i-At once a position hy
an experienced hti-inmiapliiT. Salary
l.o ohji cl, he.sl -i fen iii i s. Aiidfess
I lux i'"t, care Kim-rpri.-"-. ! Is:;ti
Midwinter S.iUd From Japan,
fine of tin- proilucN of Japamse
farin:i whh h may In-come popular and
its cultivation protitahle auioiii: I In
nations of the West, Is iiioya. hl udo,
a ri'iniirl.aiile salmi plain, wuicii
crh ier Ihiin ceh ry, possesses the com-
hlned llavor of plueiipple and yotnm
Ictliiee, Is devoid of llhcrM nnd comes
into outdoor maturity In iiiidu Inter.
It Is preilirteil hy American i ile.itllli-
anileiilturlyts who have In-en In Japi"
nnd Holed the llavor, popularity ami
KiouliiK h ii Ii i t st of the ililo plant, that
it Is dcMtlucd to lieeoiuc as iamoiis
Hiul as Important a talile dellciiey in
Kurope and America an asparagus or
The udo plant has lieen prown in
llio 1'nltod Stales purely iih a rare or
namental, as it was not suppoja-it In
he edilde. Now that It Is Known lo
possess a value wmcli promises to
liive It an liouoialile place with as-
nanus and similar dishes, its culti
vation hy Anienuin truck fanners
may prove tleciiieiiiy prolitanio. it is
to he reini mliereil Hint what. Kives tlio
udo distinctive value Is that It ma
tures iu the winter time. When serv
ed udo salad Is as white as snow, and
lustrous liku silk liiKililovt-ra' Mafca-
V- i 1 1 (J .
i iiii-: tiiiti.
r.-il house work
uiolilh. Address
I .in h, T'-Mis.
VANTI-:i l-'nr K'-n
Wit'.'.-s . r
Mrs. S. I-:. ohinso;i.
o n; iwp
W'AN'TKlx An rxperii-nceil rnfik;
aiiply Hi:'. Hroadwiiy. !t-I."iil'e
WANTI.'li-rositloii as ste!io:;i-aplif-r;
lu st of references furnished. Address
liox !. Mnlerprise. 0-13 -wp
WANTKM An iAierieiicei a"
coiiiitaul and looMei-por ilenircs
small set of honks to handle In addi
tion lo present duties. Hal Jufetory
references. AddresH 1 On. rare Ii'i
tejplise. !l-l:HW)
NOTICI'-Mrs. Dr. ri'-ronl Is mi'v
locnteil l'i tlio Keith ,.ilMnu'. Kooiim
12 iiti.l Vi. wln.re st;t W in ptitcil to
ileal ull cllHeascs hy the latest atiT
nn..-t complete, h;-nN in now In use.
Hot nir nnd vnpor hat lis uiveii. ('oil
stiltation Iri-e. New plnnie Mrs.
r. Secord. Natiliopoih. !i ll lWi
A. McDowell
T. C. Taylor
S. Duflle
Attorneys at Law
Aloxamlrr HI dir. Posuit-ut, Toz.
(ill til I'rire nnd Johnson for Wood
ami coal. Kim; up 'phone In.", and
It will ho ilelhered to you at mice.
3 4 line
Tut urn I'ros. pay his'icst pi ires for
household Roods. See US tiehiro you
liny, arc Orleans St. S'-lmp
Sour Lnko "Sprtngs Hotel," rebt'".t
and rofurnlslicil. Kaffi. $:'.00 and
$2.60 uer uay. Afoals CO cents. Spec
lal weekly rnl mo:itbly rntrs. Hotel
bus mpetn trains, far 21 rents.
WANTKD-Cood hoy with horse
to take route on Knterprlse. Apply
lo c. II. Haley. Circulator.
Origin of Tennis.
Popular uiiioiiK Hie l!as(ue peasant
ry Is an undent game known us Irin-quet.
No one knows tlio origin of trim
cpu-l ; Hue all llasipie customs It can
traced hack and hack till its his
tory is lost iu a remote past.. Near
ly every court in Ihu country hears
the import of exl reini; nun. Thi' court
Dt llayoniie is helieved lo he -PHI years
old, ami the ono at. St. .lean do l.'iz
inks older than the one at. Hnyonuti.
Win n l,onls XIV., who was married in
St. Jean do I. u. Church, went down to
the little frontier town to meet his
Spanish liride he found the llasipies
of SI. Jean lie l.uz energetically play-
Inn their ancient game; and he look
(lie Idea hack with him to runs, and
from It largely modified comes the
pi ol tennis.
Tennis and trlmpiet are very simi
lar, save that Instead of a rneipiet a
eathcr arrangement, known as a
Hlovc, Is used for propelling the hall.
Country Life. .
WAN'TKD The piihiin n know that
Tut urn llros. pay liii'hest pricoa for
Second hand Roods of all l;i:uh'. Im
mediate service. Sue, its hol'ore you
sell. Orleans St. 8-22-lmp
WANTnr. For II. S. Army: Able
hodieil unmarried men between nyes
21 and :i5: cltbens of Tlultfd States,
of Koo.l clinracter and tiunpernte
hahils. who ran speak, read and write
KtiKlisli. For ititorniatinn nfipiy to
Uerriiilinir Olllcer, I'ostofflro ilulkl
ini;, Ilenimiont, Tex. 7-3 fl.o.tl. tf
Tho Cotton Holt has put on the
very low rate of i 7" lor tno rounu
trln. Plirevoport to St. Iitiis. 1 nese
tlrkr-tn will ho sold Sepiembor ."!. 4,
. 12. 13. 20 and 1'7. These tiekcl;?
allow seven days in St. Louis, and
will ho honored on our "St. Louis
Train" In its Chnir Cars and Hand
some Pay Conches. Don't forget the
dates, and that tickets .should he hy
the Cotton licit from Slir-'vcpoit.
The St. Louis Traill leave i Shrevo-
port at 4-A' . in., ami arrives at St.
Louis 11:30 next mornix
Write L. I'. Smith. T. P. A.,
21S .Milam St., Shrevcport. La.
8-31 27t
Ft )ll SALK One flrslcIfiHR 22 horso
power iraciioti i;ii.hiiic'; ma.e mor;
all new parts; Kiiaranieed to do first
class work. With insiiceloi 'a cerlili-
cale. Call on or address II. Irliy, 111
Threailneedlo hiiildini; or call at 117a
Liberty avenue, where engine ran be
seen. 'J J 5 iwc.
We will deduct rnr dollar each day
after above date from the price of the
three-piece Dedrcom Suite now on dis-
pia yin our window, until sold. Come
and see It.
T' .
l, ..
1 i '
l t
"l !! the low laiil in. .1 . i!"ina
t,.-iii 11 at on l.:r. a In!,. l,i:;i...r.
t. . ill' is lh.it the con. is iiij-m ,1
It- i .Hi - it i iiuti ..t i:.- ihaa .,
1 ti I1 In attir.. 1 1 -ri- ;.;
1: !o. r II. .ii. . ii ti... l.,ii
in .i
it It
:!....;. a;. .1
i all It- pM Hid
1 y
-v 1
Corelll's Grudge Against Caine.
Hall Calne and Marie Corelli are
(ten associated In the inlinls uf read-
is, especially lliose w ho despise I lit
work of both authors; hut it is not
cm-rally known that the former once
iu his best to prevent the latter naln-
ui; her present xipiilurltv.
Marie Corelll's first story, "A Ilo
a in e of Two Worlds." which minle
her name, was sent lo tho limlon
publishing house of lli-nHey. Hal!
( able was the principal nailer of that
l oieo. and his report condemned the
book so strenuously that It wits r,..
Miss Corelli was deeply illsroiirin.-. .,
hii: alter some time sl.e was pt-rstiiid-i
d to send the uiiinus. i ipt in aiiether
piil.li.-lnr. He accepti il it .ai:e!lj.
i.e. I iiiinli a biu fortune out of it
i ut of In r biter novels.
FOIl SALK A lino l'lano, bought
new about eiht months aao; in per
fect condition. Apply to Mrs. .M. T.
Measlier, I2C7 Caldei-. ll-IS tilr.
FOIl SALK Furniture of 7 room
house, cheap; close ill. Kent of holism
overpaid by roomers. Address I!. II.
care Knlernriso. !)-17-3lp
FOIl SALK An interest reiiiirin,n
Jo.ram.OO to $ii,oihi.00 rash lo pur
chase; in one of the best, established
reputable ami profitable incorporated
businesses in (he South. It is situat
ed in the pleasant est residence city
iu South Texas, ami necessity for re
moval to higher altitude only reason
lor reiiriiiK. Address X Y 'A, rare of
Knlerprise olllee. !l la 11 tp
FOK SALE 3 joutiK milnh rows,
nnaraiiteed nnd first calves. $ 15.00. Dr.
1 laird, V. lllanchette Building: new
'phone 120 or r.7a. S 2C-t f r
FOIl ItKNT N'icely fnnii.dnd
looms. Close in. 22a College slreirt
helween I'earl and .Main. New jdlone.
Hot and cold baHi. lR-tP
FOIl IIKNT-- i:ii;hl-iootii i'ous ,
centrally located, on Chandos stree;.
helween Miller ami l.oim. Four
I iM'ee-roiPin houses iii south part. Ap
ply 1127 Chandos si reel. !! ."t-t;: p
l.OAim AMI KOO.M Can he
at the corner of renn avenue
Huford street. .S",n(i per week. ! I
Ft ill liKXT - Furnisheil rooms
cheap, for libt housekeepitli;
Milam, m ar IVnrl. !' lk-3tp
fr at i iX.wm
m m v ( . - . ti " i f . ' i
I v i l . ( l'i i 'III
It Is Hard To Hold
On to your money when you see our
FREE OFFER. Wo aro ivini? you
our profit on Refrigerators. If you
aro interested, come quick. They arc
going fast.
E. L. Wilson hardware Co
Dr. A. C. Stafford. Dentist
In prepared to do all ktndo of dental
work. Prices reasonable. ENamln
Hon freo. Ons given In extrnrtlng
wiien requested. Ilopins M and 15,
over French Market New phone 80R.
C. T. Helslg. T. V. Smelker.
1'houes El Beaumont. Tex.
Saratoga Q Batson Transfer
Heavy hauling and general transfer
and livery business. Thone No. C;
Saratoga, Texas.
In Old Beaumont Iron Works Stand,
corner Bowie and Orleans.
RY. Low Rnte int.
Pearl St.
How are Your Eyas
You owe it, to your self to find out
at once. See our eyo specialist.
TI1I3 11 12 (J K JEWELRY CO.
Leading Opticiaua
Hebert & liebert,
Dca'.ers In Live Stock.
f.ook out for ricpro and mule, for hon.
raised meat anil por'.i. Give us a call
3!)2 Main street. 2olh I'lionea 2'JO.
: : : - I
i V. WIE83 & SON I
Fire, River and Marine, AcchlonH
- . A .
Tx 1
- a r
Ajt,j r jy,
n nil i
Set Complete, ready for use,
on Calder, Orleans, Pearl
Austin, Magnolia, Liberty,
North, Hebert, Forsythe4 Col
lege, ParK, Pine and Main Sts.
For $25.00
J. S. G01D0N a CO.
Beaumont College of Music and Art
COLLEGE STREET, opposite High School.
MRS. F. A. HYATT, Directress.
Voice ("till uro
Klocution ami Physical Cultsiie. . . .
Harmony. Siirlit Sinking aul liand
Mandolin and Guitar
Kindergarten ol Music
Opens September
, Mrs. I r 1 1 and Mb; Pot Ins
Mrs, Sarah Kclix li.iiihs Hill
Mis. .b-nniif Hixby
Mrs. ('ma Fuller
Anion Navril.il
Instruments V. II. Smith
I'i'iif. .Ins. I n 1 liKiiio
Uniii K. Uat'Iinuloii Method
B. R. Norvcll, Prfisfdent.
Cha. H. Stroeck, Cashier.
Geo. C. O'Brien, Viee-Presldent,
W. B. Ligon, Aaulstant Cashier.
W. C. Tyrrell, 2nd V. P. . -. ,fj
and Tornado
lished 1865.
Phono 9.
Insurance. Estab-
Btaumont, Texas.
Does Not Want Them
Mi-.s Sullivuii. liu) ti.ul.it
I. Ill I if ll.-lcll Kl 111 T. i- 11,' :n!
li . "I. ru Kinilciriiiti ti ln 'l.
ilea l want anv nmic UUn'.t :
tr-l.-ils." f-lic is tpK ti-i! as
l;.-.-.l my 1 1 1 1 Ht.M'k ' f l-i i !
n:nl h!ra! at In t I-. can.-".-l.i
" bat cl-c Ii liu. I ,n
i.li.i; In Mi-pcrt nil ! il . -i .
hi'. . i.ll M r-ll lllS l'i I il' ! .
(Ii III til the lit b" I'Uill C' '-ll I I.I' M'
I "llll'llll
nir. r uf
Is. -I
' n ma
!-.::. 1
-. .ir'!s
I .i;.l;,'t
i I . i-'ii
I 'dl! I!l'.. T - I bind:
mollis fur ii lit . .'I'L'
lihichs f:.'iu 1. O. N.
m r."
:iunily fiiniisbi ,
Kli-al-.'tli. l wo
'vv ilumi -10.
n; 1.
Old Forrester WhisKey
Strict!yj)iire pud of ihe linesi llavor.
Ibiitlrl at tho distillery and puaran-
trrd hy tlio distillery.
Sold overr the counter or by thehot-
tb by
Corner Sixth St. and Eroadway.
Iieaumont. Texas.
A proiiaratoiy gcliool for hoys and
girls. Special att-ntion to students
desiring preparation fur college. Af
flliatiiiri with Unlversi'r of Texas In
fivn branches; Tliolar.-hip to first
honor pupil. Small classes. Atten
tion to the Individual.
Arthur B. Phillips. B. A., Master.
Old 'phono 12it. ni'lU Caidar Ave
rritMSIlKD ROOM3 Eieeantly
furnished r.Hims, with or without
nu-als lieiitig npurtmentJ 2-B-tfr
41C Main
, .. New Phone 20
it.r re
'f t:
: ii 11. .,i f ?!
. al
..f t' .
L- 1V
I' f-
' t t'-
f) I-
Iis;ii..ii 1 1 . . 1 1 ciry rl :;. a
l'ii..t tibo niu-t 1 ii t;i :. 1 t I.
Mo i'.i al-"Ut In ' ' a: .' i.
ll.'tiu--'. ct'iiibiniiiK in i r
Iuims. ,t l.i- vi1! l.a :; :
tl.it. Mt'lim 1 1. I !. a' a I.::'
1:i',,.' l:,'i- a mm i .in 1
.!.-!.. -is il.at 1..- I -i '; a
i.;.t 1 I l. :..
Millionaire Ecccm rj Comrrcn
I"i ! n Ii '' ' ' ' r ?. .
I of ,
: irk :
rcai '
NOTICE Mrs. Hrlcn hUCsrt a I. paiT laTC rlarC iHU!Cs,i
cpc.i tier s.-nocl 01 Mienograpnr. ."(" mtlillfTl cTlU CS
day. September Dth. 1904. Day and I pr. ITl-UHim M.l, t I U Iw (
mj'-t els scs in d'cUtion $:.00 per J Ar)n1 V at OflCC t
mortli. Positions qu.-ranteed.. Fu-' ft -
st Room 11 ' Frcnrh MirHPl Grorcry tC.
' & -
American National BanK,
Exchange Drawn on all Principal Cities of the
have the only Separate Steel Safety Ocpoidt Boxes
In the
O0Q4O0000O-t0K)0 0 C"ftC.D400Cr000'0C0
This Space
S Belongs To The 1
Park Farm Liihfa Vaer
tlicr information ca
Btanchr-tte Btrfg . f'ea'-l St
rtiont. Tem. N Plions 6,
Imo i
ms i':i:i. i ivki.v. t'-1 . r.
ir,,!!: ;i:- . ...... b:i "-'T .tc-hi.- 'ti
. r. ..,.: ,, 1'..- ', l .,- M--rr.1 Ti -T-- - .'
t, j, i . r : ' f. - ..ii rr'-t. ' ' -ir T.'.i
, : .. 1 l.-i-t ft i'ii- r-':, i ' !' .i
j "i .... ,i v. : 1 ' n r. r i-'i ' .
I : V 1 .1. . ! I ..'.I " -. J--ii--V -V.
I ' -- : I
Trof. Chesr.n'f
Cprr. Sat.
for f irU
Oct 3 fur .Idol:,
:ademy VV V
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T'hfr f Veil, riuto, Prj;ii.
rrcffi'a .'e4 lyp'-.ta'.-vn
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Pub ft O'tat Va'm.
Direct from
Refinery to
No Jobber's
Write for I'rices
$'7 K.. tlbi.
On Credit. Cash.
One Gallon X7ar
Three Gallon Water
Five G?.!lor. Wler -Ten
Gallon Vter -Oae
Carrel VTiUr
- .10 -
- .35
Specie! Ticket Discounts:
15 Oae Gallon Tici:?! - -
6 Thre Gallon Tiiiti
5 Five Gl:on TicKft ..:
3 Ten Gallon Tit; ?ti
5 One Barrel Tkfcp.t'.
10 Oae Birrei Tuhftt
20 One Barrel 7i:it?
- .90
- 3.25
-10 OU
HetC'3 Ck i. -3. ' P ' :
Opens rrj--l-e-
s vs' T' -
, :rr ' -. ! i. "
. .,r"- I' - ; ". n yti r
; x " -i n. w
MISS Etl.1. A'-JT.V,
Call for Tickets.
C- "fl-1 ft

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