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Support of Bulls ad a flurry of
Shorts Trying to Cover for Sep.
tember Helped the Market
to Remain Steady.
Now York .Ri'jtl. IS. Cotton wn
ipiht today, wit li HiK'tiiiitloiiH kIiowIiir
IrrTiilnrliy. Imt u n0"'ril"v stonily
iiiiiliTtntic. Tll innrkct opiwil nl
iiiicli:iimi',i prlroH lo nn ndvnnrn of 1
IKilnts, or n HtHo bettor 1 1 it it duo on
tlio rnlili'R, which ropci'ifil 11 it ml
vnnco f only 1 point. Tito wrathor
wan Rcni'i'iilly favornblo lint tlio trade
i'viil tttly foitri'd n bullish liiireiiii n
port tomorrow, nnd following tlm rail
nrifiM mlvnticoil to a not en In of
about !i or i points.
Tlioto wits Kollint; by prominent
tlcxir brokers at tlio ndvsne.e, how
ovor, nnd when tlio estimates for re
ceipts tomorrow nt loading points
mine In, iind It was found that ilto
day's pott, receipts Kfoatly exceeded,
tin. ninrlttd snld off to a not loss of
aliotiL 2 to ! points .
Wrom tlii-i level It recovered to
nbiiitt tlio closiiiis prices of Sntunlny,
nml iliirlmr tlm middle, of tho day
prices ruloil witliin a few points of
that ley-el. 'Later, ..owevor. tlioto
was support by Ureal bulls, ne.nmpn
niod by a Hurry of covering by Sen
ti'niliff kIioi-ik. anil tlio market In tho
lard balf bonr was moro active Iban
at -any previous tinio (luring t ho day.
It closed vory stonily, with September
14 points and otlior positions (1 to S
point-, higher. Salc3 were estimated
at 1. "0,nn bales.
Exports for tlio day woro fair, but
well behind port rooolpts, and stocks
nt till Tit 11 oil riStnl.s ports nro slowly
nccuniulatltiff, beitiK
11(5 bales, against
venr asto.
now about 24.!,
19 l,4:i() bales a
Tim cstimales for tho loading
points are ful, part icttlnrlv at Calves
ton. Tho trailo is expected to reach
between fi.'.Oltn nml T'i.00 tomorrow.
Owiii! Irt tho private report of th
pot-Is' deterioration, nnd the idea that
it v'.n to oold in llie western belt, a
bullish report is expected nt no.. to
morrow, and part of tlio covering "a
based on this contingency.
receipts of cotton rt tlvp ports
today 1.'.,i;LTi bales, against 27,1)20 last
week ,and P.I.SSI last yea".
Kor tlio week, L'cn.nnn, against ISA,
707 hist week, and 1!tfl,2l0 last year.
Today's receipts nt Now Orleans.
-l.ir.ii, ngain-1 4.48!) last year, and at
Houston 1 1 ,00 1 bales, against 0.22-!
last year.
New York Statement.
Now Yotlc, Sept. 1!). Cotton, gross
receipts 1(1,112; exports, to continent.
1,1 59.
Total todav. net receipt. 4.-1,025; ex
ports. Croat Britain. LOSS, Franco
111.210, continent 1,5.7); stock 2I.V1D5.
Consolidated net receipts 170,04;!;
exports. Croat Britain 4,IS5, Franco
i:i,240, continent Il.fi.'O.
Total since September 1, net re
ceipts 4ir..07l: exports, Croat Britain
140,874, Franco 22,!).r7. continent GO,
557,' Japan 1,100, Mexico 1,000.
(Jalveston. Rout. 1!). Cotton firm:
middling 10 1-2o: sales ICt bales;
receipts 184; slock 7.r,S."(i.
I-lvorpool. Sept. 1!). Cotton. spot
moderate lmsine-s, prices S points
lower; American middling fair 7d.
good middling O.Std, middling f..72d.
lew middling fi.tld. good ordinary
n.22d. ordinarv r. !)8d. The sales of
the day woro (l.nnn bales, of which
:;oo were for speculation anil expon.
nnd included 1 American.
Hoceipts 11.000, including O.r.OO
Futures opened nnd closed nloi :
American middling g. oTc. September
f. 0!)d. September-October 5.0!tl. O1I0-bor-Novonibor
"...Mid. KovcmborDo
femlier .ri.r,7d. nocembor-Janna.r
r..r.r.d. .Taniiniy-rVbriinry r..r,Hd. Febru-nry-Marcb
r..r.P.d, March-April fi.r.td.
April-May ."..'Id .Mav-.Tune S.'ilil.
N'w York Snots.
New York. Sept 1!). Cotton. spots
olo-iPil steady: midline uplands in.JWc.
middling giilf 11-ro. Sales 1't
rsw York Future.
Yrrk. Sept. 10 ColKm fitnro
vorv fstoadv: ReptpmhiT
October I'l.Clo. Novemlr
December in.O. January
Fi bruarv 1.7r. March 1" .r.fio,
lO.r.Oc, Mar K'f.ftc.
10 v.c.
Nfw Or!eat futures.
New Orban. S"tii. 10 t'u'irm f.:
1nros oni: Sept"niW 10s. n.-i -t-r
lo 'l'Tr n.".c. Niv mlor 1" " li " .
Iw-cmlx r 1n."0Tf t"c. J?nii!i-r !!
r4.V Fi bmary KLMff .i.n. i
Nw 0-le Root.
OiV nr. S' ti. 11 - C ''fi
firr.i: -:'-- ? "": nr 'r arr " 1. .
rr .. 1! tl .."I- ''1 tc. low TV I ' I J
7 r, Tni-i'iiine 1'i7 1'.c, r. A .iM
d)inz 1' 5 'c. T"i1d';Ti f-i'' ''i'1
..i,,!c (11", Is'": ---!-
Mew OHaf.
!. r t.i. S- n. 1'
i..it ii ir. V-
p. .. r.t n-
. O:
ii t
.. . fi'1i
Mii: 1 if it
it. I.
J. v n ... -''
1 "0 1'. a- ' ' ? "
f - ' " :
price, nfT II m int.i, itnd I ho luurkil
hold bioady jtt thU Kvor until uUitti
noon, wioii a titronc liiivinj; nioo
iih iii hit In, which curried prinn up
simtuI iHilniH iilmvo 1 ho nH-niiiK. Tho
heavy C'tliiiiiti'd rii'U for tiuuur-row-1;
I, '"'11 to i'.k.iiimi fur Calviwtun
and Ibnis'oii. In tho iradinu Octo
ber iipoui'd I ikiIiii lnwi-r at lu.Jii",
sod) down to 10.17c, ninl flnnlly ud
. nn nt in ii.:i.'c.
The market o'oKcd linn at tho liluh
osi IIuuiom (if tho diiv, and kIiowIiik
not I'ftltiH of 5 in 0 piilnts.
Yom Klppur Kent Large Element
Away from Exchangee.
Now York, Re'it. 10 Prlcoa 01
stocks lost ground nculn today, nnd
tltoro wns doclilod slultilitigo In the
volume of business. This wtta pirlly
attributable to tho oeeurrenop of tho
Important Jewish holiday. Yom Klp
pur, tlio observance of which kept a
largo element away from tho session
of I ho Stock F.xchange. Tho sagging
movement of stocks was not precip
itate, and was nindo liroitlarly nnd
with fow purchases. The appearance
of weakness was most ncuto nt thi
time tlio corn market wns sirongiMt,
giving a suggestion of tho factor of
greatest Inlluenco on sentiment.
Kuril lugs for the second week of tho
month shows some tnxled results, but
I'ne snuthwpstorns reporting today
showed good increases over last yen..
Tlio elosiiij; wns dull and heavy, but
above t!'c lowest.
The bond market wn easy; total
saels .par value, J:!,4 25,000.
I'nlted States 3s advanced 1-4 per
cent on rail.
New York Exvhanqe.
New York. Sept. 19. Close, prim
mercantile tmper 'HTt per rent; ster
ling exchange weak, closing slead.v,
with actual business in bankers' bills
at 4Sr(.4fi(f7T(0 ofr demand, nnd 484.25
for sixty days; posted rates 4V5
and 4S7 1-2; commercial bills 48:1 ?. S
mz 1-2.
liar silver 57 1-Sc; Mexican dollars
451 -2c.
fiovornmont. bonds firm; railroad
bonds easy.
London Exchange.
London ,Sopt. 10. Consols for
money ,88 1-2; for noeount 88 0-10.
liar silver steady al 20 "-Sd. Money
115)11-2; short, bills 2 l-1ff7)5-lG;
ihreo months 2 5-10?5-.1-S.
New York Money.
New York, Sept. 10. Money on oa!l
firm : highest 2 per cent; lowest
1 !!-4 per cent; ruling rate, last loan,
closing bid nnd ofTered at 1 3-4 per
cent. Time loans slightly firmer:
sixty days 3ffJ:5 1-4 per cent; ninety
days :!(?:! 1-4; six months 3 3-4i?4.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas City, Sept. 10 Cattle re
ceipts 20,000, the largest number or
cattle received nt the local yards
since September. 1902. Three thou
sand southerns were included. , Mar
ket steady; choice export and dressed
beef steers $5.2rffi)ti.2.ri, fair to good
$l.0(i&(i.f)i), westerns fed $1.00ff,5.00,
stockfrs and feeders $2.00!ti5.0(),
southern -doors $1.0015-4. GO; southern
cows $17.5112.85, native cows $1.5015)
.1.75. native heifers S2.50I7T 4.25, bulls
$1.75152.25, calves $2.505.5O.
Hogs .receipts 2,100; market 10c
liigher; top $5.85; bulk $5,751??
5.82 1-2: heavy $5.7515:5.80. packers
$.'.0015 5.85, pigs and lights $5X'
(55 5.85.
Sheep, receipts 10..00; fdieep steady,
Iambs 10c lowtr; native Iambs J 1.00
((5 5.50: nativo wethers $:!.25(R4.00
native owe J:!.o01i 3.00; western
lambs $l.i0Ti 5.35. western yearlinc
$3.001i 3.00 .western sbnep I3.25153.CO
sliM'kers and feeders $2.7515 4.00.
Port of Galveston.
Galveston. Tex.. Sept. 10. Arrived :
Steamer F.l Vtille, Maxson, New York.
Sailed: Steamer Ciissel (tier.). IV
formalin. Ilremen.
Port Fads.
Tort r.ad-. Sept. 10 Arrived:
Steamers Bradford. 1'ort Union: An
r.olm. l'lierto Cortest; SI. Croix, Ant
New Orlean Sunar.
New Orleans. S'l'L 10. Snesr
On.nr: oH n kr ttle 3 1-115 3 3 to. op'n
k. t'le rfiitririita! 15 11-2. cntrifnei I
biton 7 vc. yellows 4 3 1 1 I 7 K
o?ni1s 2 -"-s15 tc.
r2V r-Tiirif"E;d 1'iOlV: nyrn-i
Volaews nominal: on kittle
Memphis Cotton Oil.
M-mtt''i. P'pi f -Oil. car M.
m r ea!ln: Prime rni-le 2. .
rr,i,j,. miinal: t""'m- mnun'T ilio"--
1 ;r. nit mrH'r v 1'mw tiMtnin:il:
rtuOeo inc 'imnir vi ilow. 1' -
than rnr l"1. St"-
ileal. riiw IJI
Ovr Di)S
W,Ve . .
1 t:',o 1h-.
1 tint f.-.Uf ,r 1, -ir
A -"1 l- l
J'fl t ! "Tl !''
- ti nt.t
k4. -'1 .I'K'C,
JV .,l. H-f
anl fh
U Of.
1 Ju-I
Vt . . ., ,1 I t
. .
I .. I. , .
A I "
t tl ij-t j
r iirS
Continuous Profit Taking Helped to
Hammer Down the Market.
Government Figures Help
the Corn Bears.
Chicago. Sept. 10. Willi world's
Hhlptneiils Inoronxed nn(j nrgcr pri
mary receipts, liberal profit taking
In wheat today resulted In n not de
cline of 1 1-8. Corn oh 1-215 5 8; oats
down 1-2c nnd provisions show n gain
of 2 1-2 to 10 cents.
In spite of ti number of bear Intlu
cures n firm feeling prevailed In
wheat nt tho opening. UeivinbiT be
ing up n shade to 1-V nnd Mtiy 3-S1T
3-4 higher. The Initial firmness was
duo mainly to 11 good domain! from
t tailors who had set tied short the
early nart of last week. There was
also fair buying by conimisKion
houses on reports of unfavorable
wonthor In the Canndliin norrhwest.
The gist of the news nt hnnd, how-
over, was largely in lavor nt the bear
(dement. Towards the li)lddle of llio
day the market became strong, cold
wot wenthor in Manitoba bringing
out a good demand from some of the
big commission houses. On tho rally
December advanced to 1.10 1-2 and
May to 1.12 3-801-2.
Renewed profit taking, however, r.
sultoil in another reaction. The mar
ket becnnie decidedly heavy, Decem
ber selling oft' to Lo" 1-2 nnd May
to 1.00 1-2, December closing 1
lower nt 1.07 7-8151.08, and May
7-8 to 110.
Minneapolis, Diiluth and Chicago
reported 1,047 cars against 078 Inr.l
w;ok, nnd 000 a year ago.
A sharp bulge In corn prices occur
red as a result of n report of a Min
neapolis expert claiming the total
yield would fall short of the govern
ment ostimnto by ::oo,000.00(i bushels.
Tho advance failed lo hold however,
many traders being inclined to place
confidence in the government figures.
The market became decidedly weak
late in the session, the close being
practically at the low piftnt. Decem
ber opened 1-8 lower 10 1-8 higher,
ranged between 4!) 5-8 and 51 1-4, and
closed at 40 5-S15;.')-4.
Receipts 051 cars, 40 contract. The
prices in oats were inclined to follow
other grains downward. The market
closed at the low point. December
opened unchanged to a shade higher,
sold between 32 18 and 32 7-8, clos
ing at 32 1-8.
Receipts 202 cars.
The fact that bog- receipts have not
increased to any great, exlont since
'he settlement of the strike bad a
strengthening influence on -provisions.
There was good demand from
packers. Offerings were light. Janu
ary pork closed 7 1-2 higher nt 12.75;
lard 10 cents liigher at 7.12 1-257.15
and ribs 2 1-215 5c higher.
Estimated receipts tomorrow:
Wheat 170 cars; corn 008 cars; and
oats 311 cars. Hogs 17,000 head.
The Child's Mistake.
wnlKcd before. I couldn't see her
aa she walked along, with her went
Beneath her bonnet Rllsteneil nulmrn hair.
1 followed nn you'll follow If you wen
A Sprint; day tiller iih ulmleSH an n wtiul
From wind king's 10 lion nuwly unuon
lhK',1. I dirt not wish to speak to her at nil
Still It wns good to watch the sun lays
t'pon that hair nnd then? remain, content
In sense of kinship, at their merriment.
A mun nnd child enme. p the other way.
The man looked sad on such n sunny
tie was In moundnR. nnd the little child
(Oh, how can youth nnd crape hi; rcuon
clleV A irtrl of four, perliiipo: th prett ilt
Wore cheerless black Instead of pinK-and-whito.
Thy faced me,
me and her who walked
fonie twenty uteps
When mi, hli nly the
nway from hi r, no
two perceived her.
I mw the child let co It's father' hunit
Run form md. chuhliy arms extended,
As glatl ns Kneels Vic-wing rarailNc!
Then, running so, the child clamed o:ic
At her who walked before me. Then
dm piin
Where J.iy had been. end. with little
The (hllil turned to tt fnthrr. lift alone
Mcinm MIe t tie woman, uncoiie-nii tl, re-
id pACw1
tinnlly r
two, whom she l.ud
The ctitt.l wild to Its faltper. d-.nt.lv ml
I th..ui.l,t t.a. ro .miiia Wk f rtn
heai in. j.,a."
Chlcijo American.
Fungus on ccrns.
It hnt lt. found that orr.e f th
cork innrirted In this '
AlrTta Is alTerlMl ,r
li ii try from
a f 'ifkviz
r w1h. which.
n-rilir'-d. sives
ntibvp thp
boitli d li'j.iid'
.f hr
tu tin-
j tdoaract at".
, -
Luo'tr HesitH-Trn
' Thir 1 u'dji'ie i"r '
sm'itie ily-l'l . tlisn tt,' '
w--s pr'.l'.r rs l.fr. and a!
, 1-t.d i,lir?'T It. t"'
I ' 0 laiHb'ff ' S vr-rl.'.
: !1.IC
,. ,.
1 s,'
tP.H pctric
'iVii it ra - i'i l'k .1 fi a j.-t, - ...
.T :"
,l.'s ,n fat- j ni'i'-T J
iii-v, r.
a i: a-i ..i, ? r
i K 1 ( I'. aV T A
Ul OJJqi SW 4uiiJU uoiiaoj "
spjo.m Xuhui .uu; iiioj div oiauji
oenBue i jaijsdns m Hl0ui
ojmiuss aqi to
hjxxi on uotuu Buij u iain;
UK)( OAtll X Willi I tUIld JO UJlU.1Ml
tt3 VSBU3 uo puii MM
toi.id ptiu t-iJ ')ttuto)oa
in na oqi 'kuiiuuia nieji ptlll!?
aq uuj s.iMu.v'i niitiitwU pijj,io,i
saBsjsAtg oi040y Auvvi
aitt jo M"IJ1 na1
svq apj) emisi.id.. )tuj.u muuid
st WS oqi .nJ.l ol ,,lu'
joputl l!B lUiUJ I..-.I JO UiMitJ'"l"S
po.i,vu soil uoptiiy jo diii!H oiJ,
0ujo s.jtVJpur
Xjtuiu.f oii S'iijuii stiinbil ittonn
Ji1h pnu o.)juio 'pi. nn iiiiuj SuUfJj
u 'i.mi pus irt.iintiii'M "1 U'l""'l
muj ,i.).-Ji .i'U " u.M0Ul,u'
otl 'pi sau..( :t m in 'B.tai! JU
0x-XqB3 i 3ll9XslJl
" 1 ' , ,. . .
Chinese Name for Port Arthur.
Tho Chlneao name for Port Artr.t r
was I.ushunkow; tho town had. twen
ty years ago, only a fow iliimsati'l In
habitants, and was used as a placo f r
the deportation of criminal.
Ships Have Lightning Conductors.
Ships cf war are naually lit ted witb
HshtrUiiB conductors. This precaution
is rendered necessary by tho explos
ives stored away In their inafcu.iuos.
Japan's Population Increases.
Tho population of Japnn Increase!
from 33.110,793 In 1872 to 46.3(14,90!) In
1893, and Is increasing rnpldly.
Pigeon's Long Flight.
Ono of a number of homing pigeons
sent up from Nantes, Franca, boarded
a Bhlp l.OOOnlles nt sea.
Living Cheap in Japan.
For $100 a year a man can, in Ja
pan, pay for a house, food and two
'A :Jr!SStf
Grain and Hay.
Quotations for canoaa lots delivered
on tracks Beaumont or other points
taking same rates. Dealers charge
from storo 6(310c per 10 pounds more
on bran, 23o per bushel on oats ana
corn 10(S)15e Der 100 on hay,
Oats Texas. 60i3;5Dc; No. I mixed,
49c; white, 6153c.
Bran Per 100 pounds $l.3035.
Corn chops, pure $1.301.40.
Oats Texas 4345c.
Corn 7074c. -
Hay Choice alfalfa, $15.00; choice
timothy. $17.00: South Texas pralrto,
$7.50&;S.G0; Johnson grass. lH.bO
Feed products very Btlff, with ad
vancing tendency.
Market barely steady, with a declin
ing tendency.
Hides and Wool.
Dry flint butchers, 16 pounds and
up. 13c.
Dry flint Una. under 16 pounds, 10
Dry salt, hides, over 18 pounds. 18c;
under IS pounds, 3c.
W. 3. hides, 6 l-27.
Sheep pelts, 15 to 40o.
Goat skins, 10 to 16c. '
Horse lialr 15 to 18c.
Wool, free spring, 12 1-J to lie.
Wool, free fall, 10c.
W00L hard buiry, Su.
Butter ano Chest
Ruttet Ilhie Star. l!.ri: dairy
butter 1Ha20: F.l sin. 2ia27: flerniee
Fancy Crcamerv.2H: Menilow Cold. .'II:
Funcy renovateil creamerv, 2:t;i24.
Allison's Tore postonrlzed cream
buttor. islncla pound 30c: 2 pounds
for COc.
Cheese Full cream flats, 14: daisies
144; prints. 15: full cream Lonchorns,
Flour and Breadstuff,
Flour HaRt!'4'H.!t saeks. Fnncv
hiKh pltent $.1.00; fancy half patent
$5.n0; third Rrade $1..ri0; 2111) sacks
10 per barrel hiirher: lloiir in wood, UO
per harrei bicborcar lots 10c less.
Farinax-eous (loods Crits. bitfinny
and cream meal, in 40-1 li sacks, ikt
sa-k, ".") pearl meal in fcl-lb sacks,
$1 per barrel of four sacks: Scotch
01H 2.!lia:i.00: Friends' oats tl.'Xni
3. 00' Columbia oats. 2.R.1: llawkc.vc
oats, 2.K.1: Meeker's 'buckwheat. U-lb
pask aires, $1.80.
Oax'kers A 11 C soda bulk, boxes,
1-lb cartons, imt dozen. 100: irinr-r
snaps, J: creams, n. it aire planks, i
cakes and junililes. II
Cnnd Goods,
California Kxtra Standard
tins) lllaik cherries. $2.2.r;
cherries, $2.2.".; Y. C. ca iies,
T. i' r.i,.h.. SI H:t uriri.-filu
. aV k-. -....
l" 11 I" ' " V' " "I" '
standard, 10 per (lor.cn less.
'aTn t'annod CimmIs mnd Vepe-
Italdes No. 3 apples, lifd pineap-
I pies, tl : K. and '. pineapples. I
! V 1IA1I I.ir.i s, ,.l.k Al . m ' .lirirtbdltln
- 11 ., V- : ""
!, l ! J,,.I-.,,',.-i
tllUliSH. IT-'" 1 BUI. l.-'- ..II ff A ' T 1
-it -frs't'-d iiiii'-tiinos. tl. : J-ii fK-ara, I
7'.:2-lb Mt-Ml r ic. K 2-lb bla'k-
i tw-rica. : 2-Mi v I s. nope: 2-lb.
' fui.'-wi irt.t t.io,at.K-k. ;r,:,i- :; ;i, full 1
i w-f-ietit V.tnnti 1 (Kl: L'-tit-v.i i; l l!
'tst". !: -t-lh I t-aeii !".: j
lb kraut I Z . '.I'etil 1'ois i
'June teas. l.(i": 2 i t, 'la .! 'i Veri,w-
1 fa' I' a. !.": 2 ' ii; I ' ;!,' Mr-i
'vt - Ul t-. i'i: 3 lb 1. -1.1 V ,i:. : 2 lb 1
'ltij -rn. I.J',: 2-V: Al j
l.Z'.al I'.: 3 . b( uid bu;..-l cm. '
Dress ta CHamlcaa.
ni', .l. ri-. 2 ';.-'- ' l"-r tt'i'iii : i
I J' ii"ii .-. ii r ii
'. T
ri ' a-"r
1 1- I. :
l'i I - ,f.
! r ra
. -: a
a I.- 'in, s
' - ever, "it "u
T fit I
:. -)'.-1
tsncid Moist.
d'.n.U ('am. ulinuv 110, ball
all. 111. 3. -VI. uliitk tVr 1
Italtel 10. 1; a !..)!. X 10. half Cl- t.4)
qt;artX7 : Kaii-oiiifl S)iup, i lbs.
;',U), ilb. 2.2J. 2IU. I.UI.
DrlsJ fruit and Nut,
Id hi. clo 4 1 ttl i-iu rt' nt, iiti in caso,
lr Its. : I.' o cIi-miuhI cui ri:ti, " in
iK'i-111. ,t: .1 1 1, nn riniu no-
iM.it. l !.(,, Ii'-ln iHiki-a, )r pii.imi.
12) ti t't tiK tl Sui) 1 114 iiiiHUti d l.:. 10
b. Imixc. i'rli, l.; 2ion t ulifor-
uiatU'. I lb In 1. k. Ut lit IhiVi s, t
(mix, I I-' i ri'ouil t ulifiirnu li--', l-U
caitfli. 10 in iMie, ier 111, 1...'; i- us
pui aaifi'a ni-di d l aialllS, t.l III CttMi,
Kr pkir, V; 10 us package sishIimI
raisins. ;MI In '. nt iisi kaj;, CJ;
Jmi u I I t uisin. 2 lli Ikxo, nt
box, 2,um: J t'lowu I- U ltulin, H
buNi's. iht box, 2.1'i; i crown I. I
raisins, a-lb laixes, i-r Imx, "0; Amor
Cui sican l ittoii. H-lb Imixus, iht lb.
lii: Aim-r. oraiiL't) iwl. ID Hi boxes, imr
lb, 14; Amor, lemon peel. ",0 lb UXos,
imt- lb. 14: No. 1 I alllointtt uiiiioiuik,
stiflsboll, sinks fiiiiluinliiu' alHiul W
potiiuts, per lb. lu less quabt:t:es. H.r
lb: 17.
IVcaus-HalS per lb.
U)X'-Sihal, 7-lti basis 0), Manila
tor mi, XXX, II 3-4.
Salt-Ki'i k, li.DO mt ton: Iiulslana
course. K.I: Texas and Kansas. mt bid,
oo-5s. lltwi: l'Ht-;ts. $2.7.": Md-2.
IVkles--11 mis, 1: iitarts, l.ii"i:
eallon, ll.'J'i; l-aall !: ifivliuu
keifs, $2: 0-;'ii!loii k.v. X.K); Ciohs
ami Hlackwell's pints, XO'i.
t'nndv- Stick. wriiPH'il, Muniluid
tia"; fancy mixed, in pulls. tiu'.i;
fancy In cuo. I1IH' i't Hal--
Starcn I'oiul, bl-lb rxixoH, 4: i:loss
bulk, 4J: Nickel, :i.o; 1 to 3 imiiiid
paekuu'es, fiu'iJ.
Molasses t'entrlftijral, fair, 23;
prime, 2u2S; choice 23uX0.
Tsxaa and New Orleans R. R. Co.
rst Bound.
No. 6 Wal Arrives 7:00 p.m.
No. lxjcal ..leaves 6 a m.
No. 13 Sunset Mniltod Arrives 9 a. m
Leaves 9:05 a. r.
No. . Oriole to Icl:o Arrives 12:16
p. m. T.eaves p. m.
No. 8 Texas impress Arrives $'117 p.
m., Leaves 10:05 p. m.
No. 132. From Sour Lake Arrives at
7:15 p. m.
Wsst Bound.
No. 7 Texas Hxpross to R".n Antonio
Arrives i;U a, m., Leayoa 7:28
a. ra.
No. 3 The "Oriolo" Arrives 8:67 p.
m., Leaves 4:07 p. ra.
No. 6 Local Arrives 7:23 p. M., Leave
nt 7: 33 p. m.
No. ! "Sunset Limited" Arrive 9:21
p. m., Leaves 9:3:1 p. nt.
No. 191. To Sour Lake Ltaves 7:0(1
a. m.
North Bouiie.
To Dallas Loaves U'oO p. m.
From Dallas Arrlvo 8:40 am.
No. 163.
No. 156.
No. 151
No. 152
South Bound.
To Sabine Leaves D:4r a. m
From Sabine Arrives '6:10 p.
Local to Rockland Leaves
9:30 a ni
Local from Rockland Arrive
6:30 p. m.
Kansas City Southern.
North Bound.
2 for St. Louis, Kansas City,
Shreveport, Texarkana and Fort
Smith leaves 7:50 a. m.
4 for Kansas City, Joplin, Fort
Smith, Texarkana and Shreve-
port leaves 7:50 p. m.
South Bound.
No. 1 from St. Louis, KansnS City,
Fcrt Smith, Texarkana and
Siireveport arrives.. ..9: JO p. m.
leaves 'or Port Arthur. .9: 15 p. m.
No. 3 from Kansas City, Joplin, 'ort
Smith. Texarkana am! Shreve-
port arrives 8:40 a. m.
Leaves for I'ort Arthur. 8:45 am
Port Arthur Service.
To Port Arthur.
3 departs 8:10 a. m.
5 departs 10.30' a. rn.
7 U'iart8 4:15 p. m. (Sunday on-
45 Local Freight aepartB J;00 p
m. (except Sunday -1
departs U:16 p. lu.
From Port Arthur,
2 arrives 7:45 a. m.
0 arrives 12-20 p. in.
8 arrives 9:35 a. in. (Sunday on
No. 40 arrives 10:05 a. m. (except
No. 4 arrives 7:45 p. m.
Gulf, Colorado 4 Santa Fa.
Kansas City Mail and Kxpress.
No. 21X Iaves 5:00 p.
No. 217 Arrive:; 12:25 p.
SuraloK L"xpress,
204. leaves
7:00 a. m
J!i3. Arrives
Center Mall
. ... 7:00 p. m
No. 202 Leaves...
.... 10:15 a. m.
6:0 p. m
, A. M.
....12 50 I M
, 3 30 P. M.
7.20 P. M.
No. 201 Arrives. . .
Ieave ricaumont..
Arrlvo C.alveston.
Ieave Oalvost'in..
Arrive lieauniont. ,
Gulf and Interstate Railway.
2 (Sn'i'ti boiiiidi ip parts 'A a.
4 :-miih boiiiidi b part 4 p.
r ft fit S:l oi 'l:iy, I p. tn.
:. 1 (North Viiunlj arrivs 7:
P m.
N'ii. 3 ( N(rtb boiitid) arrives I
ti m.
Be.umont Sour Lal-e and
Nn. 1 t'.Vi.t VmiP'O
pnrts 4:10
a. m.
(ert l.oiiri'5) dr
( n-rt lio-iT,i1) arriyj 12
(Ha-t l.oiri'1) arrlrrj 7:00
p m.
K T FffltV rrtnni.
For Sale at a Bargain, j
0 b'1 'f T"' s nules.
11 r
2 l-.r
5 ai:'ii.
:i all 'ir f.arf, J'tr O ri:t tle j
' H:'i''-s and sisr'ns
'-"n I" ri"nn. I. a A''dr--
,i,r 1
I Seasonable Specialties
V New Spire Ribs. Fulton Market Beef,
r rethsauer Kraut, Nw Dill ricKiM,
Impcrted Swiss, liricK and Limluiger Cheese.
FRFE::An Imported China Cup and Saucer
w ith each Pound of Tea. i
r .... - 1,
ft : 1 1.11
U 1
ft ?"
Ci''iiVi'liirr Mclulofh Art Sluitiet.
Each New Subscriber Can
Get sn Art Picture With
The First Month's t
8ubc-i; 'Ion.
iana Brick d Tile Co.,
The Best Brick in the World
Address: LOO, TEXAS
te Si. Uuis ia Colorad
Tbla arrangement applies from
ana includes Stopwci privilege. tXit you may enjoy
your rcai vacation en j Rest
Dcf'ire or a:ur visiting
Higgins Oil & Fuel Co.
Hcaumont, Texas.
ProduLtra and 5hip,icrsi Ck'( 1I!
and Hcaumont. 5"-e
T.crn City
L'noiw.i'cil f i!iti'.s f-r tr.;il
wavor. Wc ms i.!,r t U;r,g
f;i'btt" ani' ''llii't'"!- "rrr'niin'lonr, olirit!.
If earj Cslinr. I '""tia; and Structural Wt,rk. 5ar nill
Wmtk m Sneiia't). Welt .lathinrry Hvilt mnd letf aired.
n V'ii if:s 2i7. J
J-s" V fJ
of Cotmnoa
and lo Colorado VU St. touts.
all points In the Southwett
f'CTlV()t.t:L:it trnm Sour Lake
Tanks llcaumont, Sabine,
and Sour Lake.
Tin.mpt sliiiuricnt by rail or
i,a t!i; Culf fr new tnca
t 1 f. ii.'ii - ?i- ; ;-r '
,i .n l ''i " s -"' '' '' "l" ''T
. 4 'i (-r 1
' a.
1. Ult i
hot Hi. L..ifc. I sitl JIC.

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