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( I
aniiunM iNirDPDicr ." ""Mr uim,n '",s ,u
Ul 'tU"IWl I I Ml 1.111 III vitUi . ,m ti. i:in.-riri. ami It. mini. ml
"",,"", " I-iw- riiiainly litn t nul l. aide rk-i
! I mo, I i tlu' rule Tli" liukim- of ill
; i y n in jii iv Mini oi I in- t-;m tiu im
JMUfcl Kr Marking by
' i " - -- . --
.- I A . A A
tntrprlM Building, Btaumont, Tmi.
I ..lull
I., t il ItllUVC
;li I In- billlllui T.
Inn iifl tinii-s made
BuurI at ! PiMtofllr In Ilftuinc.il I
u-.lY'l... Mill Ullr. The I'm. rpilM
. j II pl.llll llllll liilVl'IIKir H'HU N III''
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. 1304 ' "' "' "" I"'''1- '
'i l l. Tin' llnli ri se Ihii mi in. if ill. in
lino mriiiiiiii hliiwii 1 1 1 ' I - il Hilly I lull
I Hi' big gnvi Tiiur is i-wiiycil lan;i I.v m
I -s iiuiiii nit' rniii-i i l.y !il private
Trma of ttufctcrlptlon.
tn year ! 00
.k.. i in
lim hiwiui ,. a, ,..... - - .... . , .
1 (J0,'"ul. I"- I" III..IU. I.'.' r - "
HuDiUy, par jraar
tflnflo copy
Th EnUrprlit Publlnhing company
I not raiponsibla for any debts con
traded by Ita employe!, of any chr
mr whatever.
' II will i rlmi.K Irliu down ""' winih
it iiiiiny a lair one lo say H. I'll
bulns hit mowing puiiilully run U
of llif comforts "f Hi'- '..
niul l.y taking a bit i-m much ndvau
UK" or ihlvnlr. lin y an- losing ma i.v
ll'lli- cou-lehles dial Hi' ii iiiiii' f.Hiii.l
pleasure III giving. H has Iii i ii niul
even yd II Is Inn" a pleasure In i v
Lulu scats ill hi'1 strccl c-a rs. lint
when Hi.' nron-sanl ladies proceed I"
occupy Iwo souls by a sprawling 'till
I riM i'hH peculiarly lli. li own. On' man
vIik lias ariri ii Iti sorely uii't'-il I"
li t tin' linly stand li'M. lime. This Is
hill niii! instance. Thrri' nr.' many
il hers. II. will hi? bringing il almost
too ibisn home lo say thai mil long
H.nco (line ladies were walking down
Caldcr. Thi'y with all wealthy or
hail wealthy relatives. They walked
iihrcasl. A man iipproaciioil from
the opposite direction Tin- ladios
looUrd Kipian ly at Iiiiii for an instant
hh they ilr w iit'iin-r. They reniaineil
ahreast. The wu!k was six feet whle.
They look it all. The man sleppeil
nil in I he mini ami water. Next time
perhaps he will remain on the shle
wnllc ami let the hnlles ilo as lliey
xhoiihl, or attempt the ohl trick mi.l
lit rudely pnslieil olT into the mini.
These are merely liiKlaneeH of what Is
heeomliiK general. Il in ii manly a
ailmli'ahle trait In a man to .show In
dies, the utmost respeet anil to kvc
them the hesl, lint the ladies have
some duties also. It would have heen
Mi ineonveiiience to those on ('alder to
d op to one side, lint they assumed It
tin; duty of men to net muddy, wallow
it: lilth. or do anything else, nil her
than that they should even take an
exlrii step. Under such elrcum
tiliiiiees It will he hut a short, lime until
the crowded ca 's in lieaiiiuonl even
--where there never was more clilv
i'iry will llnd women sliinilln, hold
in;; lo the straps, and nun s i 1 1 ; 1 1 ; ; qui
etly in lli.'ir seals and reailhiK Tin
.Morning Knterp. ise.
Tlie shocMiiK ealast rophe at Port
Arthur, Texas, wlicrehy death was
ill all out iincerenioiiiously and with
out an Instant's warning, preaihes a
iiiore poweiful sermon t Iiiiii inaiiv
liilllislers of the gospel could ever
utter. To he hale, hearty, and work
itli; for those depelldeul upon you will'
vi;or and pleasure, and then In a sec
eud to puss to the nielli heyoncl. with
out as nuicli as a loud ,'iH'il hye lo (he
dear ones led heleiid. is imleed a l. 'l
in example of the nin e, tainty of life.
The husky litlle .laps were n..t con
teiil In have ns look throiiL'h our Ii. !.!
Classes o hill one point in the east
at Hie tune, hut are now keepjim us
l ilsy Irae Kuropal kin around .Mill.
" . and at Hie same lime ui.iki e; us
i'-a.l.pi:l I he glasses every in luiit to
have a look upon the cxpi c!. . fall of
I'orl Arthur. It Is a case of two lei;
shows all lor one .rie
tc M Hitc.l doiil.i alioiu ttiat. He l
hvwil iii'iu:li to loll l'!" Iitlioriiiii
i i'-r in mure than 'lie county, lie
fl II litis S"IIH .n 111',' hrilllerei I'lli
nte I H- re, mid ..ii lorii; as he has lh.il
h should le n-rai'l"! a- a rat h'-r dan
:el.lis ll llll lo III'- p'll.llc coinliHililty
So la ie sotii'iia-l Texas is eon
! I .i.'ll. I lie hilT fell'iW'M ll'l Illill S'l at i ill
will loin; lie rclliellllieieil. The p. uph
ill ,:i-. r, New loii, Sahlne. Sat. An
I'.iisl lie and Sle-ll.y colllllles life II'-:
fomeiful, and will for a hum i;m
ih'uk "f iln- Kansas Cliy Southern
railway haltiK I" en forced to hiiii.l
down Hie Loiils'iiua shle hy reason .if
i Ik- , i:i.vcriiors odioun aduiltrsl ra
Hon. Texas mnsl Invite capital foi
some lime lo come mil repel ii. Tin
ii ry name of lion; would sel us ha ';
a.iolh.-i- l.-ii years, for il has already
I. locked us In Hi'' past. The Knni:
News Kives an inkling of what ma
l-e lApecleil when II says:
I'olitic'ans in this ai;e n e ii.it
hrounlit forward hy Issues. Tile Issues
are products of prolonged thinking and
com nltatloii. l''or ai least two years
here have heen politli'ia.ia In Texas
studying ililinenl!v for some inetext
on which to hase an issue, (lovernor
Hokk has heen nominally out of poli
ces, hut In reality he lias heen hath-
liiK constant I.v In Hie slmiuerhiK pool
o; iiolilics. Ostcindhly he lias heen
dealing in laud and oil, hut all this time
lie has heen framing a proposition lo
present in the "hoys at tin forks of the
cn ek," and now he Is alioul to come
to the f ont. As in tormer years, his
hooi;a-liiio is the railroad rascality anil
( i i porat ion corruption. lie has Ills
speech well rehearsed and is iihoiit
f'lidy to sp . Init il on his ullihle ful
lowers. We'll hear from him a f -w
nioiiths later, and then we will wonder
how we nave mummed all this time to
live in iu. same slate with Hie South
cm I'iicitie and other such hlood
thirsty vatnpl.es.
There lias keen a suspicion that
Colonel llo;;i; ha.s hei'n wailillK tolVe
Hailey ;i race lor tlu senate, hut the
I 'alias Tiiiies-llerald prints the assur
ance dial Colonel Tray or of Dallas is
authority lor the statement that the
IMK ex governor would like lo not hack
in Hie IiIk executive armchair i, Aus
llu. Th Itallas-pHiiiii- says Traylor is
a confident 'n l'.ieiid of the oil man
nale, and the Tlinesl lerald claims
that .Mr. Hoi;t? has ilesii;iiiiled it as the
fairest and most honest daily in the
stale. The matter, then, is all hi th
Inmily, and certainly these clrcum
slaiices lend color to the proposition
thai the storm tossed statesman wants
to h(. noverno. of Texas aaln. In
tact, Mr. How; says himself Dial tiler -has
heen .-lolhitii; done i-lif in T"xas
yoM-riiment since he ret red from
ollice, and lie feels Hint the slate will
K' to ruin unless he a.i;a:ii makes a
; Hcriliee of himself.
Hi!ii i mc wlm hot an I hum tally
WOllll'hd Alt.' rl Huhii -a iu li- S.'k
ii.ih ward, clii.ipinu I In in with liooi
uirf an. kllliii;,' Ituhas a. Two oi ihe
I oliccini ii, Adam Arnohl uiel William
...... . .... ... . ......i.i.. ... .i. ft,. i j-.iini
A ..v.-i.iiri. Kraiiteil ii. tho n. r. w.m,M. corporal
Tallin ran. I rutrolnutn Sm Hi wie ur
iiiiKiied, pleaded nut j; ui 1 : . furiii'-'acil
I'.OII hell. In. and Wll.t ii.ici. iu ih.-l-
i-ist of duly. Ciirporal I. inner wax
i.liiiilieiil.-. on every liitllU uji in"
li ami' T ill whli h he drew ltal.as.il
away from th" rrow.l .i that n in-i.ei-i
nt iii-rcons wuuhl tie hurt hy si ay
I lllli'H.
I ill hlaltol l i a- - .'.ml l' l.' IIH will ho
Ii led liisil- The i-'tir( put III l..e w holo
dav hihiiuiK a Jury, The Jury win
iinpuiK l d mid u Iti. tin il cad ut li
, r!o li. Coiirl lldjuuili'-d ''I't'l K;'!"
I lie lilol llillU. w he I'lcl.t-lli Ual loll
will he mi mill.
013 IT.
The 1,11 II IHI.1 -iilH-lts heoli?lll';
lo Mrs. I. .lariiuiri. In in mar
Nc.-hi'iiit. ' c ilfsiroy d l.y lire Sun
ihiy n plit. I"sx al i.nl IT"", with no
itihiiiance. All.' rl Schu -i. r, al'oel IU
yean ohl, was arre-led hy Sheriff
A.iu'U-l l,i.es in? ii .i II ipli'.inl llled
ill Ihe Jilil:ie's Coin I . chlll'n'c'l with
l.iiiuin;: 1 1 - t-ame. and dan d in Jail.
Tom l.ee, yii diiian. an I John .Mol' li,
...coiid e.H.k at a hotel In Waco, fuiiuht
i ter a trivial niiitter, the limner iisln
a l arilui; hnile and the I 'M' r a im-ial
UK healer, l.ee was rely l.rillM .I
on the heiid and Moteii wai i talilicl
III sev al parti of his hody, dylliK in
n f.-w inliiuies. I loth nre in rro.s. Ton.
I.cc Is in Jail, iliiiiK'd with the mur
der on a complaint of . 'oa-aalile l.ep
leiikiiiK lefore .liislli-e Williams. The
ih fetidiiiil Is the t-hiinplon thicken
i.icl.ei- In Ti mis. :.aviii!; won lir.-t
prize in a nol' d eonti V
Al ineelillK l.f III.' :lou-!e l.iil"),-
Council Tuesday nlnht ilini o ';;!iiii;;a
Hon, hv alinosl n uiiaii'mo.H vole, lie-
cide.l lu withdraw its :-i!'i:.rt fro'ii "lie
strlkliiK street nil way m-'i. '.'Ir.t
hody also reiiieslei the si reel rar
mill's union -it. Its ii.-m ine-'Me;
omclally deehire III'' stike off. iilid th
h lief tl' oxp.enseil that this would
he done at Hie next iiie.'tiiii; iff Iheir
union, whiih will he h -hi on Tliuirday
t'llll le lletliMxcn onuuittei suicide
n l.ai.e Charles, at Hi- residence of
lis sl-icr, Mrs. Iticl.ard fii'di. Hi'
ii . .I a iiouhle lmrre!.-, shoiwuii ami
hi.-w tiff the lop of h's head.
At Crowley The Rice rmerj Wi'l
Gain by Th Transaction The
A letter hns heen received at San
Antonio from T. I,. Kleinmati. a Pre
sidlo. Tex., merchant, calling for ai.
ror Hie flood-swept needy of lliitl tow n.
.Mr. Klelnman says: "Over Win people
have heen left without a home. Kvery
vestiii;e of crops for Inn miles below
Presidio and for over l.'iU miles above
on the Conclin river have been destroy
ed and Hie poor are left wllh-mt cloth
inn, farm implements and food. No
n llef of Hie !!ltunli')!l pan he expected
until the next June vhat harvest."
The Trinity County Lumber Com
pany has resumed const met ion worl;
ai C 'ovoton and will replace Hie saw
mill lost by lire as speedily as por.s-i-ble.
Some seventy-five skilled and
common laborers are ensnr-d in fiititiK
up tin- old mill, which was partially
dismantled after the co'mpirl Ion of the
law mill and before the flro. The old
mill has line holler mid engine power
which will he used to .nil a single eir-
ll set ins thai Ihe lleauiiiont I'll
milling men hlnrled solueihiui; wild
I hey reduced Ihe milium l"l!s li. li .
lie l.ilowliiu fioiii ihe Cn. v. I. v i-'lv.nal
Tho T. & N. 0. Will Become The Uives some Idea how the propw-e
North Texas Feeder To Tho Dallas, tioii look tm-re. The :I niiule is
Branch The Reas-ns. t la news Item whil,. tin- . 1 i.
The- old Koch Island Ceinral siovy,1(, t.,, ,,.;( ,.,meiit of tin- Sii'.'ial
U uyalu In coinini; a proinlnuii sub- j ))U ,.,.,;,., ,m , ,,, ph-i .:
J. el lor discussion I'limns the .allvay Tliiriivii rice mill, of S.iiiihwe.l
pi ople. It now nppiars llml III ' I"' i I .nu: l;i iia have today iniiiounceil thai
deal lor Ch'etmo Alton tin- L'nlon :)iey have cut ihe eo-.t u." toil niilli::-;
I'neille under I lie L-lli !tl- liallll OI "'Mil ion) cenis M-r i.i.ii.i ...
I lat I itniin. was i-oiupe leil to kim
ltoi-k Isliiud Ihe Central Hues. I Ills
means lint instead of Hie Houston ,
':' xas Central helm; li e leeih r lo the
Soul hern Pneilii: f.om Not III TiMis,
Hie Texas ,t .New Oilcans, or l.iilas Ji
branch, w ill lie tin- . i ih-r. The si-,'-j
l.ilielince of Oils Is at once iipparonr. I e
Peauntoiil will see a vast amount ol
Humane handled lu re Hint has her-.
1 1 lore hcell Kln to llouMoil. H'-uil-inonl.
may 'I' slie follows Houston's
exailipie swell her cotton receipts iu
uiilieii d ot proporl auis. 1 lie city ul
llonsioii chiit.is lis cotton receipls
every. hale ol cotiou inai p;isses
thrni":-h Houslon. lieaui.ioiil will n t
that, eot'im but lieautnont will Hardly
;.. lo' Ilk' lioinl.il .tie I'Metil 1 1ml llo is-
ton lias. It is well eaoii-n lor us m
ve nil this tonnai;.' pass li'.roiiiih
hire, to have engineer.-., eoiiiluctors.
bii'l-:en:i'ii, swltchmt ti and oilnv rail
way employes lindilic; hotin-s here liy
rttison of their cniplo'-iiH tit In hand
ling such trek-hl. It is to be Hoped
'or lioaumontY. sake th.it th.' ih-al 1ms
really been made and that the (Vntr.il
Is really to be weaned from the Situ Hi
ll Pneilii'. The Dallas branch will
once assume an import ml aspect
in the railway map oi icxas nun noin
Its freight and piisscni;.-r business
will be enormous.
The folluwlii!; is n extract from tho
dispatch that has been sent out con
eernin;; tile deal;
"In order to carry out his plan for a
( hicui;o entrance for the Tnlon Pacific.
Mr. liarriman will have to rol:niuisi
control i.i t''c Houston and Texas Cen
tral to the Rork Island system, which
duetieii ol
cents per barrel, a net r
t Weill y-livc per cent.
The mills inaklni; this jiiinoimc'
menl lire Iu" lolluwlni;, which markei
their pi;)ducl ibruimii ihe Ani' I'i'-i'i
lilce l!rokei!i:;e Coiiipaiiy, I .i -! :
Star "A." Siiir "11," Ilcnt-r. l'ruv-
i:;ij;h', American. I iinui. "I re'-
l.-y: Midlnml. of .MI'lliiiid: While
Swan, of Morse; Louisiana ..f Jen-ninw-':
Itoiinoke, of ItimiiiUe: i:.";'i;.
oi i-;gan: ! n or pun
The reduction will
the Pin', crop.
Two mills of the .h nni!-;s 'f.'i-'
Milllni; i-ompanv, niiil "f lie- tlu l
Co:. si liice Millinir Co.. have al-o -.n
noiinced ii similar reduction Mi
take effect on!
He- I
cost of loll inlllin:;. inaliins a Ion1 '!
sixteen I ouisiaiiii mills tiii.i have ' '-din-eil
the toll from forty to th'Hy
The '-le" mills of !e:i:iinoni 'n-.'
iitinounced a cut from forty to t'.iiny-fivc
,..,1.... nl lilrtll L-wrfl lint 11 tll'rllt !lll1
v. ill j.'ve iiiiil 'ii.iu i;i . ... i"v
till. .Mr. llaiTimun. was heiiten in lit!
day, cutting lumber to nil oni-rs tun
can mil be lilled from the present
stock. This mill will be. pu! in opera
lion Oct. I.
A liMik ill The l-liilerpi ise cit cnhi ' i. hi
bonks Would reveal such il ii.:ilih
. inl tioti thiil niiiny .;i .. rs in T. :i
would doiililli s. i yeliimi "lli.w (:, il .''
The pl'lltllll- l.f fiicl iiiiii 'll i .-1 " i all
nnd ke p ui; up to the iienm.- wiih wn
I.eWS. Hill i.Illill III jlll.l ;,! i ,,
I'.lt t l.f t lie ill! HIT
I.i I w li- ii II ;t !! i h .
Mipplv I-- I " le: t" ' i n' -
i 'i ' m . - within allot Ii. r i i -. . i
f . ,s , I,.-. ..in Th.- . i-.
I'. el i.i lie e t w I'. ! I ..
' " " hey n 11n- li. it an ..
ti. .. k on I le '.1 i. e.
f inc. tip, n ;i inn.- I ; - i i .r
a - . i it ii l i a f w . ! ' 'i
ite. -ai: i Im ii n -1.:. i i -toil
, . I -i n.ti- -! i!' .
. f il ' .- I- p'.l ''', -
I " l t 1 M.
J II1.-,- I' .1 l.f 1- '
;.i ... . la. ' - . ...... i:
;,, r 111 e;
I.U'I- ri-''l 'rl t
The hearty manner in which the
reply of Judge Wheat to Caiid dale
Petty was received will probably serve
i.s it r:il he - heavy charge of knock out
.Imps o the Itepiiblii-ans who hops in
cluster elioiigll disapiMiiiited leg pulletv
alioul them In win some ollice. be il
oxer so small. There are many good
Id publicans in the county, hui tho: .
w I'o are candidates are hardly accept
alb- enough to replace the pi-sent
i llicient utlieials.
It is niiw up to the 'i leemd I'orl Ar
tliur lieiiil l in again evclann that
Judge Wheat's reply i.i ihe uiiw:ir-
lilllle.l char.'es Wils puerile. A Ill-lie
ch-ar, concise and eo.ivinciiig il.M-uineiii
i-i'liiiot I... spriuig during the pres. nt
ociil ciiiup.iigil.
- - -THE
How Addicks Bought Reputation ."or
Tlniiias w. Lawsuit, m t he 1 1. I . .!., ,
in i.ilm. hi of 'ri,n.ied rni.iii.-, -' it,
K ryl.u.ly s Miigaitie. ,.S il.i
t"i: "Hue episode ih.it uienni.l
il!..ilit the I till,, tii.il Addiel s ,.s Hi
mi. In g. l e.ititrol of th. i,.Mn ,
I utl I'.ltlll s. is' all.fMe, l.i p i
plltil lt Wiij- o huwiug h.i' ,, '.
in. liiluii tellnw Addict..-. .'-. -i .,
Nearly twenty men have ri'pnrleil
f o work on Ihe University of Texas
football squad. Cap!. Penibort Watson.
Is leading them through the prelimin
ary work, ass;sled by Physical Direc
tor Curliss. Coach Hutchinson arrived
n cently, and henceforward tin re
will lie hard trn'ning-. Nearly all the
old men have returned, and seven 1
new hut experienced plavers who have
attended other schools, but are Texaiis
iilid ci. me to tiike lliei.' degrees at
tneir home university.
The schedule of games Is not yet
complete, but the two principal con
te.sts have been decided upon, namely,
Ihe game with the diversity of Chi
cago in Chicago nil Nov. ',, with Wash
ington University of SI. Louis in the
World's Pair stadium on Oct. "!'. and
the regular Thanksgiving game with
the Texas A. and M. College in Austin
op Nov. 2 1. Ilaylor. Vntiderliili. ,dd
Ifnn. Oklahoma and the Haskell In
dians will be en Ihe schedule.
Alton fight, nnd that i !rs comnrnmhio
il. al w-iis his only salvation is believed
by Chicago parlies close to th- Hani
man. Hawley and Moor.-' interests.
The Ilar iiiuin plan has all along
been lo give the I'niu'.i I'acjtie a direr!
entrance to Chicago and St. Louis, and
the plan, when r.nnounced late this
month, will in elude participation in
the Alton deal by the Chicago &
Northwestern and Rock Island. The
former will gain tin' long desired outlet
ar St. Louis, and the Rock island will
gel control of the Houston Al- Texas
Cent i nl property, which has been ron
liolled in tlie past by J urriman's
Southern Pacific.
ii year old son of Tom Join s, a
h int. ii ol He- Og.leii p !, neat i"i at
.p.nesv ille, ;diot and instantly killed his
little .sister wJlli it .shotgun. The gun
lii.d been hit whole tho fluid got it
i iisilv.
(leot-gc Carter, an estimable young
iniiii of llornl.erk. while sawing logs
on Ihe mill trout, was si lick by a
billing tree .ill I is supp-isi d lo be
im it I ii I I.v injured His pin nl s and the
leiciur have g. In- out lo Ililll
Tin- saw mill of Lock, Moure & Co
Ltd.. at I ,i tcii port . bus resumed up. ;;i
I 'I'll - ill'.- 11 II lit :.i il-.ill lit ' iiliiel 'it'.
i'ii inc. which $j.i,.iei worth ot repairs !
.-.ml l-i ti. i mi ill s h,ne ..-. ti put on tin !
n. ill. I
A Communication.
Kditor Heattmont Pnlcrprise.
I hope that the interview you lately
reported with ihe Hon. Kmnrv J.
Siiiith may he read by our board of
aldermen, niul that tho unsanitary
and dirty condition of the streets
which s() much attracted the gentle
man's notice will not go unheeded
by our ciiv fathers. My purpose is
not to discuss the sai'ary part of the
interview, but call (lie attention to
the wretchedly dirty condition of innny
of the sreets. A short time ago the
health physician issued an order re
iuiriug property owners lo cut ihe
weeds on ihe sidewalks and proper
ly, threatening a heavy line if Hits
was not complied with. I have yei
to hear uf one arrest being made for
noncompliance of this order, yet I
know ul dozens nf places where i he
weeds si III del I ill : I ll I ly grow lo Hie
iiunnviiiiee of peu:le who have daily
to walk through them these ihwy
illuming. Ibie was :i line chance
tor the health efliei r 1. 1 iiid the city
mi replenishing its treasury, but he
mis. .I the eppot I unity. Tin- people
knew he wa-i " idiming." Hut ha I
Mil I In il-lv, is: Is there not some
.ir.Iilli'liee e.tt'l'.. Ming .-i.le Je 1 p I -
from ditiguring the streets wiih the
tri.'h .ai it nut uf their sture'.' A
Willi- down I'.il'l iltlll Cl.'li.etl ..llees
any dill will ree:.l il st;te nl lliilllis
uid ih'i:
thr'r chafe
ltl-1 --com-one"
!! I nf
' effort
.1 when
w;'-e divid-
Toll Miliro R'-ducii.
The nnnonr.cemeiit of the .hlrl-en
rice mills inarki ting th-ir pmd-!' :
ll-.rotigh tlie Americji'i Rice I!-nke-ar..'
C'mp;niy, Ltd.. if n cul in ii"' co-i
of toll milling probably murks it aev,
era in th,. history of the rl' e huh:
try of the Cttlf Coast. II slie.w.-, liu'l
the rice millers are awake t l;'e lie
cessltv of reducing the cost nf pi'o-
ductien and of nii'fk'1" if
I'.ev :i;e willing to do
toward it
It shows Incidentally the power
orgiiniat ion and united eif.-n-t
lir.icli ns this lTnyly-orrraniz'tl
tianv has been iibl" to effi cl
a marked redttclion in the
marketing that nv'tith
P'.igiit not have ncomnlish
the mills inl f"--st eil in it
i '.
Sixteen ricr mills of Snuthwesi
l.ouisiiinn hiive reduced their el-.iii-.-:
twentv-tive per cent. n"d three Tex
as mills have made a '-educiion of
twelve nnd nne-hair per cent. Iu all
tu-ohiihility Hie rest of the mills of
the (!u!f Coast will fall in line np
early dale.
This move will limine tionably
nice I with the general apuvovnl of t'l-
Iriends of the rice inditsiry
long been believed I hat " ve
l'o'-lv cents per hiirrel was
but not until within th1' pnl veil
the eomnhiinl heen general, on
count o' the low price or ric".
The moveni"nt s-eems des-ii
lesuli eveiil:tal!y iti n vad lire meet
:f Hie method: rtf :-iifl-"i In:; tlie pro
duct on lines vlilch will Ik- ne.ro
generally sal isfii'-tory to the farmer.
. It
i e.
i -ell
I I lest-
t .11 hm. hi
I'nig Cj mi pa I'
Ki.l ll,ullg
I In ere. lit. s
licit vnlll, II. il b.'
I ..r lh.. ..: -- nf II.
I- '-t.
I '
t . ,
I. a
,V I
! 1 .
I r. ,
in n
ii.. m -
b l. l, he h.ld
i 1 ( lull fr.".
s' "1-111 was r.igii
l..i I b.i n in the
w.ild Wils l'!"l::
t . .In .. r had t
' lestde tie
. -. i.i-. .,l., t'.e
l- I ; .ll'ivri. ...
I r : n ii ji t.
.1 I.
i- i. -. :
M'-s I,
: ..,. i
( . r. m
i. . I
ei I .il.ie.lti .
nl h in S'.r v '
s .l-v Hue I)
.1 and I ,
ill.- sllptv:.-..
el : i.n. s ar.
its t'te ..-
: be i . ti ' t 'ti - ;il
lli.il tig ,i Hi"'
Allow in.- t ' :.: .
,:::i . , - 'lie
I . l-u!l
lill.-.I lo
are i
u:t' ti'
a - i
.vv i:
u .111 v t
t riisii i i, is
:li.. a., p-i-.-r:!--w
II lll.SV 1:.,
.! :i!...ii!.
. i .i nee.
-;.. ii.
' I .111.1..- t l.l
fill IBB
Krvitted Winter
Be-innlnjjthe Season with Orcat Stocks at
less than usual prices. Hundreds of reliable,
nrop-jr-flttlnjr darmmts for Men, Women anu
Children. We have made great preparations,
greater In fact than any previous season. Our
business In this departmont lias grown wonderfully.
Women't. Doy', Miests. Chil
dren' and Infants' Underwear at
23 centu.
Misses' nnd Children's Ci.llou
rnloii Suits, slightly lleel ed, Cl-I it
polor, all sixes; to lit children 1!
to 1 1 years old,
splendid value '2lC
Misses' Itlbbed Vests and I'lints
III ecru and white, all slues, '.'He
a garment, u
Suit (,V
Women 'h lUeiiehe.l and lain
Vests and I'iiuis. in light, medium
and heavy weight, all si . and
eMiii slues, best I 'nderwear val
ues ever offered at I lie beginning
of the season;
a garment Ho
Infanis' lfubi'ii Vests, S ribbed
col Ion, all sizes, one month lo -ycniy,
a .garment U3f-
Inf.ntls' Col ton lubbi'd Vests, all
sizes, standard
val.ies 2'Ac
Hoys' Tan .IIed Fleece Lined
riidershirls nnd Drawers, heavy
weight, l':!e u garnieni,
a suit i(5r
Hoys' nnd (iirls' liilibed Shirts
nnd Iim1 v. nil sizes up lo 111
shirts and "2 drawers, great val
ues for L'lle a garnieii',
a suit Kic
You know how hard il is lo ilml
the si.e you wain in Hoys', (iirls
and Infants' I'nderwe'ir afior the
season opens up. Take lime by
Ihe forelock and get your six
months' supply. You will save
money, time and worry.
Women's On. din Cotiou
l'n ion Suits, erni color,
fleeced, all sizes,
Misses' Cotton Uibiicil
I'niep Suits ai
Hoys' Cotton Ribbed
I'tilon Suits at
Misses' Half Wool Kibbeil
and I'ttais, a garment -iSe,
a suit
- -ISe
Hoys' Half Wool (!rny I'tiderwetir
IHf a giii-ineni.
a suit JtOr
Hoys' line Cott.ui Kibbed I 'nder
wear. cooper tieeele, all sizes ll"
to ill shirl , JI to drawers, ISe
il gilfinelit
a suit
Verts, hill Ions
Women's. Boys', Misjcs" Cbildrens
ond Infants' Underwear at 23c.
Women' iMi-.t line llh-aeheil Co:
ton Lisle Itlblieil Vests mid I'tilils
li:ht. m.'.liitin and heavy wulglu,
se a garini'iil,
a suit
I ;l nils' All Wool Itllliell
Veis at
Infants' Half Wool liuheii
Ve-is in
Inl.uits' All Wool
down the front, al' sizes.
al iSc
Women's All Wool Uibbi-il Vesls
and Hants, light and medium
weigh;, at
r.c ami J)S1'
Women's Halt Wool
Oiieiia l'nlon .suits JhS
Women's I-'ilie Cotiou Kil'beil
rnion Suils OSc1
Woaiens All Wool (lueila
I'liioll Suils ut 12.50
Men's Underwear.
.Men's Col I on liilibed Shirrls and
!ir;iwers, colors ecru, pink and
blue: good value ill ." a giirui'.'ui
a' Nathan's :..'.c:
a stttt "O
Men's il.-ivy I'l.'ece.l Shirts and
Ihiiwers, laii atiii giiiy-niixed, gond
value :n "."c giinnenl, al .Vallum's,
"".( ;i giinnenl. all sizes, 11 1
up lo IM, a suit 70('
Men's Kino .Jersey Kiliht'd Cotton
rntlerwear, medium weight, col
ors ecru, pilll. nnd bliti', till sizes
up to .".. drawers are double seal
ed. "tUc ii gatrmei.t,
" ""ii 1.00
.Men's Light Weight Wool Under
wear in tthiic nnd gray, all sizes
HI up io .in. good value al $l.-'r' a
v.l'.ri'lent , here ii.lp,
a suit 1.00
Heller grade of .Men's Wool t'n
derweiii in light, and meiliiim
weights, a complete line of sizes
ai ?! .'". ami .$l..",n a giirment
Hny your Itiislio iul's and son's Cn
derwear. You wiM save enough
to pay for Iwo or three matineos.
Try it.
Interest ill So'U in i, t Teas i.tr :'
past few da.vs sei ins to have Ii
i oneein i iiled ill the vicinity "t Sai'i
logii. The bringing in of ,t I' uitiirr
well there by tile ;!':'. y p.-.i,;!. or
shewn coin lusiveh l!..lt I lie til Id i
;i va'ualil.' "lie even th'iiiL'h l''e se
sat inn, i and peri.i.lii iil gn.-h.r i;t
'leell ell lllillill d 'I'll.- Illll'l'ey l I'll
l-iiiiy Im Tit:!" in -i.v ii!-mi i.u il.
e!ottpiellTs yei iu. s liet cell---:
be Tlill sit llil' i'.tl. The eil in itl.
I h. ii I ii i s.t'rre-l np a cm -al :'.
t. iui.l to- 1 -a--' s 111 t il.i' ,i el'- :.i I
1-. sat. I ..u ii.a'i' t'i--' f iiron- '"
Chapiii. local manager oi' the Kirl;
comininy reipiesl ing tluit he nor!:'
the wife of the decen.-' d. .11 r. !'ii i-
iu reported il to II rs. .Melional-r-- !
father and she went, to I'orl Arthur
at once.
Alter tlie ligl, tiling dree,- ;(.
Hi.- lire raged wit It nuabal ing fu:y.
i Two slrei.ins wcv cuiil inuoiislv r-u
Ihe Humes while other moans of .--1 1 1 1
i ping Ihe lire WT" at lei'id T'.
i wind wiis in a fortunate dtre.-ileu
v.hicii prevented I'-irihet- losses.
The dead:
I riiAMC I.AWItiCVCr:. Hurt Vrilmr.
I WILLIAM CLOI-'K. Hon Aiihur.
CLt'IKlhl SAI.KS, Hurt V-'tiui-.1.
. M'liON' AI I). H.enuti.nul .
t hi
lyili :
v ell
w t' bin
1, i
Mr I
!'( H I ! T CDOI'lli: Ho
V.'illi.ite Wiihasi-lt win
ini-. d i'lid il is ,1-nili: fill
v.ill recover
The accident oei-vred n
.t-hi"l.- yexterdav veirnintr.
ii:i iii '! men. 0 gebier v.-ii'i
of iitbe-s w-r'' at work -.'
I-IIIT.-I slll'l oi) taut;' be', ,1:1
'l' "v:;s c mipsnv. s"' ' i n : i
el. it
V t-: i
i r'i
.:slv in
ti ,
if nil.
iu! I v
... tl,..
i '
d I;
. I'
.1 il t' liiiw
.e .iile I l
-.. tv r
ti.. ! o-
i : . ; -
.".-;. T, hi. Will il I
ti' tmui S ' i a
w i, .: i' h h- r -.'-'
. --I--.-! 11. -.1 f I' l' '
i a. . .! '!' V -:'! i
oil Mr a''-e
h I.
t Mm
v li-ii Mr A.
.ii 1
t -
1. If
I .
..r ti
rilie ! 1
I -1 ,.
. ,1
Steerage Rates From England
America by German Lines
Is $15.00.
Hamburg, Sept. IM. The. Atlantic
rate ,t- .s noi over and the (leriiiiin
lines have no iiileiiiion of giving i.i
as inferred by yesterday's chiinge iu
noes. In reply to ,-in inquiry, tho
As.-n.ciiii e, Hress has received the fol
lowing i!:-i-tl statenienl from th'J
li.'inuig American line.
Ihe associate,! lines have decided
'ii increase tlie west bound steerage
rat 1. 1 from (Item Hritnin to $1-"'. but
they have also decided to introduce
further ;i ronshh-rnble reduction in
: leemge rates lu niul from Austria
I'imgiirv. ''h.. assumption circulated
in sum ,,- ti,,. Knglmii p:ipe;-s Hint
ih. iiit-imr nf ihe Hritish sieer.-!;.-e
rales was a sh-n Hen the associated
lit" :. v re fixing i:, call off the i.tnig
'' is nm believed.
'I lie ii s"ciiitei lines think. :is be-
t ihio the war utily Im t'-rnii-
nat.-d by a fr i udly iindef lainling
.Mil I h.- ' oir-1 i!:-i in ,,f a cnilnut liiitk
I '- '1 !' I ' r !'. " J "e uf the j resent eii
' Ml . e. : . ' l ! I, e! v .
To Atr.-rica For MO.
!.ierio -I. ,s. p.. LI. -'i he strc-l
! ; d::t- li. Ih,- :t, ollice. ol tie'
It :iti.--A'!.-ii-.iie St.i iuship i-oiii.iini s
''t'e 1 'd I . i -i by t hiiusiiti.l., of
"' i 'hi ruling f .r a lust il lo
'" "' Ann i it .i ler 1 1". th'- t s.'.rtu
''' ' '" r '' v.cr was "Mr bavin:;
n d: !.. 1:. ..e,
h.' :
T tiel .,.!, n M. .iig
i' 1 tat." in tlie two
I .el
He ri'lti -f.
,. -I. .j ler, . -) ',,,; :
h. the
lr. at. si
C ; ve
ti e.t
h ( ;n
" t. ;
-Tl I h
!i it' I.r.
t pel lint
1 Juiut':-n
o-;i i.-. n
Louisville l Nashville R. R
"p Tt-
3 k. r
T. P. A, IJ'.i;s'.n.
rr.T. p r. a. New or-

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