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The $50.ooo Purchase Sale at the DIG STORE of New
Fall Merchandise from New YorK Auction Sale
nearing an end.
Entire Porulatlon of Towns Turned
Out to Hear the Candidate.
Untie, Mont.. Sopt. 2". With a
Kifoch nt An.ieomln. Mont., lato to
day, and two In thin city tonight,
Senator Falrhnnks concluded hln sec
ond day In Montana. The Itinerary
of today covennl the lno of tho North
ern I'aeinc from HIMiwh to thla point
and tho puny passed from tho Uppur
YellowBtono conntf y Into tho Galla
tin Valley, crossing the Con Divide,
mid arrlvliiR at lintte very little after
Hchedulo time.
In 'addition to Anaconda and Bntto
Blopsfor speeches were made at liin
Tinilior, Livin&sioii, JGo.eman, and
Whitehall. At all these places ex
cept Hozeman, practically the entire
population turned out to welcome tho
vlce'.presldentlal candidate and his
associates and the exceptional Hoe-man-was
caused by a misunderstand
ing of the time of arrival.
Col. Colson Dead.
Mlddlethuro, Ky., Sent. 27 Col. D.
(J. Colson. former congressman from
the IStli. district and colonel of thu
Fourth Kentucky regiment during the
Spanish-American war, died hero to
night. He was taken suddenly ill
last night with nervous prostration
and sank rapidly to the end.
lie was one of the most prominent
republicans In the stale.
Internal Revenue Collections.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 27. Tho
monthly statement of the collections
of the internal revenue shows, for
the month of August. 1!)04, the total
receipts were $l!t,i;!2,4;:!); an increase
as compared with August, 1903, of
Firemens' Officers Re-Elected.
Buffalo, N. Y.. Sept. 27. The' en
tire roster of grand officers of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
was re-elected for two years nt to
day's session of the ninth biennial
Cot Change of Venue.
St. Louis, Sept. 27. The cases of
C. F. Kelley and C. A. Gutke, charged
with receiving parts of the $47,500
lightning bill boodle fund alleged to
have been distributed among nine
teen members of that body, will be
tried before Judge Taylor. They se
cured a change of venue today from
Union Iron Work to Enlarge.
San Francisco, Sept. 27. Various
rumors regarding the future of the
I'nion Iron Works were today set at
rest by C. M. Schwab who said that
t ho plant would be enlarged and made
the finest in the United States if not
In the world. Mr. Schwab and his
party will leave for the cast tomorrow
over the Canadian racilic railway.
1 Napoleon Head's the List.
Prof. Catteil of Columbia university,
has taken the four principal encyclo
pedias of the world English, French,
German and American and made out
a list of a thousand famous men and
women to whom is given the most
ppa.ee. He has found that Napoleon
heads the list', Shakespeare comes
stk-ond, Mohammed third and Voltaire
frrarth. George Washington, the first
American in the list, is number nine
teen. Italian Cotton Industry.
The cotton industry of Italy In
rreares in Importance and is dis
tributed among 73" factories and em
ploys over 1S.i0Ii hhnds. More than
half the factories are worked ly
r.tcam. the remainder by electricity
and hydraulic power. Out of 80,000
looms employr-H, cn.oon are ineciiani
cnl. The total production Is now cal
culated at an annual value of over
J 2,000,1 M 10.
The Real Purpose of Grass.
A small city ptirl whose only play
Cloned I a paved murt hid the gixl
lurk ree.Titly to -end a day with her
n.MKiii in the Cirtry. Almost her
f'i!t -MTiT.c ' a hard, full-letptt
letrl.le out In tl fields. As fhe
p:rl'-l herself tip i-he M-c-ra'd mr
prif-i; to ! :! the t.rulspfi. Tiier. he
f Tlairnfd d-i;shtil!y: "In t it lucky
1 lat the rra! vs t:ir:'
The Old, Old Story.
rh? h'-'tr -y fmiiiT rs'hr latf,
r.:;i ?r.,t r),r. tiu'iK na th- cit'-.
r:d !'. "J'J" sr. yon .t I ha- to
mi. leit ."h i f".t" F.-.M
he. "'V-:'. r'-vr- ari.i'I.'r d'
n:-'tr. f t.t 'ol'H' r nit." Th'ir
a: - ,,t;.'rt :'r ..r';'a. t.
..,-s .'. -nr;v t. TL'E
t :. . v.'-J1".' fj '
Never before have the women of Beaumont been asked to eh are In such
truly remarkable and generally good value; it'i one of those chances that
come but once In a long, long time, so bwie and secure your supply
ere It Is too late. .The sentiments of profound approval expressed by eon.
tented purchasers and the heavy selling conclusively evidenced the fact
that our patrons were delighted and highly satisfied with the values of
She Visited a Saloon, a Store and a
Hotel During Her Promenade.
Tho proverbial bull in the china
shop vn literally outdanced last
night by a rebellloun cow that broke
away from Its herd and raided twe
stores uv.iS a hotel near Sixteenth nnu
Market streets.
The cow belonged to n herd which
was being driven east on Market
street. When the anlmrl reached
Seventeenth and Market streets, the
cow became stubborn and refused to
follow Its companions. It trotted away
and before tho drovers could stop It
entered the saloon of Edward Cronln
at K.18 Market street.
There were sixteen or eighteen men
lined up around the bar, and when
''Sooklo' strolled calmly In many of
them Imagined that a friend of thf
nether regions had taken new form.
There was a wild scamper and tb
place was deserted In a minute. After
knocking a few glasses rrom tho tar
the cow left the place.
It then calmly strolled Into the dry
poods store at 161G Market street. A
number of women were In the store
shopping, and those that wore red
dodged out of sight in the twinkling
of an eye. Then the others followed
within a minute later.
Then tho cow left the store and
sauntered into tho woman's entrance
to the Keystone hotel, a few doors
away. Night Clerk Moff threw up
Jla hands and fled. The animal Walk
ed through the 'hallway and then
scattered the guests in the dlnins
room. In the kitchen three women
rooks dropped pans and dishes and
Skipped out of "Sookie'3" way.
Then the cow tried to go upstairs,
ilie staircase was narrow, however,
and it became fast about half-way up.
With U help of several men the cow
was pullfrt downstairs by its tail.
It rejoinst! the rest"of Hie "he"rd and
Into;- filed to ascend tho steps of tho
Arcade building. Ivt the 'Vrovers head
ed it off. Chicane N(.w.
O Comrade Mountains!
O comrade mountains! Wow June's lao
morons linze
Enwraps "' Idle cMys, ,, ,
A far-Hung sentinel lino your Mu hclsb'
Round Ioiir, unbroken dresimi,
Where soft winds sway and murmuring
pine-runts thrall.
Ana lulling waters fall and fall!
Thcpe nr not climbing hours. The
etrrnr.ou will
And .wr u,l 'lo 'till.
Wrapped in thy restful haze. W Hat
thouirh its Fheath
Khali rend Mild show beneath.
Seared wears of storm and tlame. steep,
lonely trail!)
That toil far up from sheltered vales?
When down thy canons clarion winds
shall call.
To challenge summers Ibrall.
Clothed witli thy strength 1 shall fct
ready men
To face world-stress iijrnln:
itut now. O comrades, let me listless 111
Koeked to thy pines' low lullaby!
-Mary S. l'aden, in Juno Lipyinc. t
Ala gazine
1 1 . .. : . .
Must Have Been Frightful.
A missionary who had lived a long
time among the Kaffirs tells how one
of them who was a valiant warrior
and rich could not bo called "man"
hecause he had never been able to se
cure a wife, being too ugly.
r.nii in Fashion's Chances.
Constant change of fashion In d.'ess
' Is hold by some mcdiral authorities ti
I he advantacHus to health, as it en
sures that one particular Kinu 01 mc
mcnt shall not DO worn ior uj bic
length of time.
Reviving Old Whalebone.
Old Whalebone, which has heeom
bent and useless, should he toaked
in ht witer. and then laid on a tui.le
to dry. In this way tt is straitened
e tit and has new wscfu'.neov
txrf.tf-e It.
Three Meetings.
I k. jvti.'j- twrtiv. .he
Mivl ' tii'l
Wh-ii rh liiit'-rl a it-tin t me
1 11 r th.lr ra"t"t r '"
T,. n t I'!'.' "r "T ''-
V. rti.v "T ; C-.
J.t ' si .! my "r- '7
" .. liltl r:rl r
1 . tHU' "I V lrV
v;..-r: . r. I a..r..w'
1 , '---r. .'! '
' .j-i ir.r m-. 1 "
m lt l-'' ('tl.
't i' t h'-f- --
... 1 1 r-tt'1
t tow:
' V". .t.-- l"t!- r "'"'
e-i'h ts.j'-r. f.
I u ; -'T - '! r'-'t
I v. -1. - -i
f -ii
1. T-i -' ' r
j: j , r'r-
The Child's Mistake.
She wnlkeil before, f couldn't sea her
But, us yho walked nlcng. with her went
r race.
rtencnth her bonnet glistened niihurn hull.
I follow oil us you'll follow If you were
A SorliiK il.nv Idler ns nltnlrnn n n wind
I'min wind king's prlton newly uncou
pled. I did not wish to spenk to her at nit
Ktill It was Bund lo watch the sun rays
T'pon that hnlr and there remain, content
In st-nsu of kinship, tit their merriment.
A man nnd child enmo up the other way.
The man looked sud on such a sunny
ITe was In mournlntr, and the little child
(Oh, how can youth and era pa ho recon
ciled!) A plrl of four, perhaps: the prett tnlta
Wee cheerless black Instead of pillk-und-
They faced me, me and her who walked
Some twenty steps awny from her, no
When suddenly the two perceived her,
J saw the child let rro It's father's hand
Hun forward, chubby onus extended,
As glad us angels viewing Paradise!
Then, running ao, the child glanced .Mice
At her who walked before . Then
camo pain
Where joy had been, and, with a little
The child turned to its fsther, left nlone.
Meanwhile the woman, unconcerned, ue
rene. Had passed the two, whom she had
hardly seen.
The child sa!d to lis fnthfr, doubly sad:
"I thought 'twas niiiiiuna back from
heaven, dad."
Chlccfo American.
Far Away,
for the dream-woven silliness of wood!
grown ways;
For the Holds that the birds and tin
winds have planted.
For thu running of brooks nnd tho
vales be e-hnuntnl
Oh, for a breath of tho.se loved lost days!
I'cr my hnrt has grown sick nnd my
spirit weary
Of the long tray strct and the worlds
dull roar;
I would wander away to the realms of
AX'hcrc the twilights tire, wild nnd the
wind sounds eerie.
F'owing across from some phantom
There's a thirst in ray sotd for the fnlr
free spaces
Of Infinite distance; I lain would bo
In the merciful shadow of leafy places
in the pathways remembered of youtn's
bright faces,
So long forsaken and lost to me.
For I knew that the wild red roses aro
blow hip
In the lanes and meadows beloved o'
yore; . ,
And I know that the rivers are flowing,
flowing, , ,
Through the valleys of peace, and 1
would be going
Out iiom the dust, to return no more.
K. G. T. Coventry in English Country
Divorces In Japan.
Divorces In Japan, which can be ot?
talned on the most trivial pretension
have somewhat diminished In number
In recent years, but they still occur
at tho rate of one to every three mar
riages. In 1902 there were 349,489
marriages and 113,498 divorces.
Where He's Wrong.
A man has no right to give his wife
away when Phe boasts before com
pany, considering that she never
gives him away by looking surprised
when ho offers her the rocking chatr
hen company Is present. Atchison
Leave Mementoes of Visit
According to a very old custom pre
vailing at the quaint old town of Oak
ham, England, every peer of tho realm
pa.-sing through the town is required
to leave a horseshoe, or its equivalent,
to be placed in the castle.
William Penn's Crave.
I notice that one or two of your
corresK)iidents eoeni concerned about
the condition of William P-nn's
grave. Having, while In Kngjand dur
ing the summer of 1302, vlnlted Jor
dan's Meeting House and imrylnR
cnii;nd. wLTe the remains of Wil
liam Pnn llo. t can Urtlfy that the
erav-)ard was then In a p-M"'''''"'8
ottidltion, and the graves tf William
P'Tin. bin two wlvf-., Iaac Pctn'rg
tm. TtKjmns nil wood aud oth'-m
pruniiii' nt In their day, rre well
k;4, and n-.ark-d l.y neat. irodt
h'-ad ?or'. after the irr.rl mar.rer
A the Hif ity f Fri-nd. The ll'Tl
c!-.yard and the in'-',:re lonre
f"M..r. l,r e- ridT th- e dt rns
t-i. ho ti'TH ar in rnerd r"' lrly
'1 ti t- property rar fully, ioflen s
tV.nt two rrlls frfm '! O'isl'.t
ni.'l an'i-i.t i!:;- of O.alf'T.t Ft.
; m It it. it.i .'.v "i-
1 ." J'din V ""-n Y.'-1'.. a"d h'-r t
!; 'I'lir-'i " T.f t-.O'O i
it. a T'A -' if pv-'-r i'f. rd
l-t-' It rti-' M"t T' r 1 t"
.r. n. ''"' ';' I "' " ' '-!"T.
INQ AT 2 TO 1.
Srncerian Won the Fourth Event at
the Worth Track With Reierva
tlon Second and Port Royal
New Yo:k. 8'll. 27. 8llart. fa
vorite at 2 t 1 easily won the f l!i.0thi
i..ndoo makes for no year-tiM.
distance about o;)e and threo quarter
ii-IIcm at r.ravcscnd Uidny.
Kit ft Mdlliih', about ttlx furlongs;
lllght ami True won; Oldham nomd;
t'ounteriiolHO third. Tlmo 1:10 4-5.
Second, anoul "lx furlongs; l xnre-
phlno won; Perry second; Oleu Kcho
third. Time 1:11.
Third race, selling, mllo and a six
teenth: Canteen 'n; The Lady
Kt.he second; Daisy lircea nuru. nine
1 IS 4-5.
Konrlh, tho Hindoo stakes. $ I. ..noil,
nlx.ut one mile ami six furlongs: Sutl
wart won; UrooniH .ck second; Or
mondes lllght Intnl. Time 3:im.
Fifth, five and a half furlongs:
Oueen Hoe won; Druid second; De
lusion third. Time 1:08 U-i.
SlNth. mllo nnd n sixteenth: Alan
a Dale won: Jack Katlin second; Kill
third. Tlmo 1:43 4-5.
St. Louis, Sept. 27. Mud runners at
long prices wn 'ho majority of the
.(ces nt. Del mar Park today.
First race, seven furlongs, selling:
Alberta won; Turrando second; Tur
in third. Timo 1:41.
Second, fivo furlongs: I.ady I.011
won; Sly Eleanor second; Chancy
third. Time i 1-4.
Third, seven furlongs, selling:
Check Morgan won; Flora Levy sec
ond; Pompeii third. Time 1 ::'.!.
Fotnth. five and a - nlf furlongs:
lone Wolf won; Ynda second; Terns
nod third. Time 1:17.
Fifth, mile nnd seventy yards sell
ing: Alcorn R. won: Worthington sec
ond : St. Sinionkin third. Time 1:M.
-ii:lb race, six furlongs, selling,
l-aura Hunter won; Kvening Star sec
uud; Algonquin third. Timo 1:24.
At Chicago.
Chicago, Sept. 27 Sponcerian won
the fourth event at Worth.
First, six furlongs: Magpie I.eiber
von: Tronsacha second; Sir Mars
third. Time 1:22 1-5.
Second, one mile: Plautus won;
Fiatemian second; Ebony third. Time
Third, seven furlongs: Katie Power
won: Luralighter sicond; Barkelmore
thi.d. 'l ime i::io ;i-o.
Fourth, one mile' nnd seventy yards:
Spenceilan won; lleservation second;
Port Royal third. Time I : -r0 4-5.
u'lrth five fnrloncs: Miss Jordan
won; Subtle second; Bowling Bridge
third. Time 1:07.
sivth mm and an c ik hth miles:
Swift Wonir won! Benson Caldwell
second; Louisville third. Time 2:08
Detroit 1; New York 4.
retrolt, Sept. 27 New York won a
V.P 'il fouirht eleven inning game from
Detroit today. Umpire O'l.augblin's
work displeased the crowd to such an
extent ns to almost cause a riot.
Detroit 000 000 001 001 7 2
New York 100 000 000 01! 4 !l 1
Raymond, Mullin and Drill; Chcs
bro and McGuire.
Cleveland 3; Boston 1.
Cleveland, Sept. 27. Boston d'd not
get n hit off Itlioadcs today until af
ter two men were retired in the ninh
inning. Score:
Cleveland 000 100 02x ?. f. ?.
Huston 000 100 000 I 1 2
Khfiades and Ostdlek; Gillison nnd
Chicago 2; Washington 1.
Chicago, Sept. 27. With' the score
a tie Sini'li scored the winning run
tm his two bagger. Score:
Chicago 001 00(1 l1 x 2 I
Washington oel 000 000-1 0 2
Smith and Sullivan; Hughes and
Double Header at St. Louis.
St. Iiills, Sept. 27. AllhiMgh out
halted in both names, St. Louis to-
Sept. 15 to Oct. 15
1 jl ROUTE j
F,op.,ver cf 5 days' allowed at Tim. and M; Artwv iim
.l i,,.. ,m..l 'e ,H.mt In ralifoMna on the H... l.ern 1 a' die, ce-r
Awr-I'-. Kn rraneise.j. by .H ibitniB tick-A with Uckil
hf tit t '"l'v-r jiiit
Oil .Wi Locomet.ve. All the way. NO SMOKE. NO CINDtFS
y.r.m Kl-t. Car.. Cn rnft WHl Vn'ilat
n.l tied the utht-r
8t. Iui
Helver and
NiMiiiun ami 8
inj imu 4 T 1
mm ihmi Piti 2
Hiie.li'ii: Henley aul
tino oo (ton fto
HUl IMiu IMMI 041 11
81 IjuiIs
I hlla.lelphla
Hudhiiff and
Schrtk. fallt
Ktigden: Mender an I
i account ilarkne.s,
St. Louis 4; Brooklyn 2.
Brooklyn. 8ept. 2781. IiuU won
linmlilv. Rcore :
81. ill 011 Olfl Old 4 10 0
Ilrooklyn mWI mm 2-; 4 2
. MeFarlanil nn, Uuiler; Peaulon anl
'CHcano S: New York nlhi'-'
N'ew York. Sept. 27 Hv ilefcailn't
Chicago ItxMy. the N'w York tenn
won It HUHi. vlrtorv. making a new
record. 8core:
Chlcaeo fi'tl On; Odd 2 12 I
New York 400 1110 iw ft ?i 1
Patierli's: l.nndgren and O'Neill;
Ames and Warner.
Philadelphia 1: Cincinnati 8.
Philadelphia. Sept. 27. Ewlntf'a
pitching pu.led the locals. Score:
Clndnnntl Ool ion in fi 8 1
Philadelphia "" nrtl-1 :'
Kwlne and Strell nnd Selille; Cn1'!
well, Frnn.er and Holh.
Boston 2; Pittsburg 1.
TloMon. Seiit. 27. Boston won to
dny'.i pamo through WIlhtdm'H clever
pitching. Score:
Huston POO Onil L'llx 2 7 B
I'lttshurg "00 000 looI 3 2
Wllhelm and Nccdham; Wilson and
Cleanest Town In th? jnd.
Tho clonnest town In the Unltei
Stntcf. Is said to ho Siml;erlowr. Ky.
Inhabited by Shakers. It huu a largf
brleli hotel, but no buiilneKS bonnes.
Pentlstry Is a mmlerp ncience, hut
the need for It exist-d ti.misidH ol
years ago, cavltler. having I n found
In teeth of tho stono age.
World's Most Famous Church.
St. Peter's at Rome Is In the form ot
a cross C36 feet long and 4."0 feet
wide. Its height Is only two Icet
less thnn Us width.
East Indian Sarbers.
So light In the touch of tho native
harbcr of India thot ho can shave a
customer whilo asleep without waking
Fishing Better Than Farming.
An acre of good fishing ground will
:Ie!d more food In a week than au
icre of tho best land will in a year.
Rubber Seed Oil.
The seeds of the Para rubber tree
yield an oil which has properties simi
lar to those of linseed oil.
Wood Stands Immense Stln.
A piece of lancewood an inch square
will Btand a strain of 23,000 pounds
'efore breaking.
Apes on Rock of Gibraltar.
Tlieru are now, as nearly as can b
counted, 130 apes on the Rock of Olh
Sea Monsters In Numbers Around the
Cape of Good Hope.
Capo Point, which terminates tho
mighty headland known as the Cape ot
Good Hope, consists of a towering pro
montory of sandstone, which rises
fron: tho sea to an altitude of 840
feet. At tho base of thi3 ntw.df .1 big
solitary column which Is knbkn at
Vasco da Gama's pillnr. The light
house which hero ilhimlivtes the
meeting placo of the Atlantic and In
dian oceans is one of tke most Im
portant and moKt useful of its kind. It
Is visible from a dlstaxco of fhlrty,-six
miles. The cliff scer.ery is wild and
sublime, Uie rocks ar-s ningnlflcent and
the far-stretching ea, with tho flcreo
surf beating on die Iron-bound CDnst,
is Impressive. I'll the water directly
beneath tho cli.Y sharns are abundant.
A trnvcler, describing the scene, sa.ti.
that on the occasion of his visit so
numerous were the evil-looking mon
Bters that the sight as he descended
thu elitr was most unpleasant. A slip
! and a fall Into tho sea at this point
' would fcean that tho unfortunate
I ....... .1.. Iln.1. In
weiim & 'orn instanuy nom uwu w
limb the ravening brutes.
day won
The Little
V Ml let vw
T. r.u. i it"
I tii-v 1.1 at awn I...!. II 1 1
1 if
I Itte ).mm tliui ;tl
ai . .ik. ..
1 ttk kit!
km... tl.r
I..I IX.
Lois of New Thinfgs j
Our slorc is now Replete with i
'.. ', . .... I
We would appreciate it if you will "if
come in and looK
Rates Furnished on Application. All Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Main Office 380 and 382 TeVir St.
You can't afford
to miss the great
World's Fair
The greatest show ever hclJ, an education
within itself, equal to a journey 'round the
Why not fo now -this month
Kates are very low, accomodation! are easily
had at reasonable prices. If you aro in doubt
about the cost of a vit.it you can purchase a
complete round trip including railroad tickrt,
hotel accomodations with meals, admissions
to the Fair and all nccestaTy expen for any
number of days at a certsin fixed price, with
arrangements all made in advance. Write us
about this at once to-day. The Cotton Belt
Route operates
Through Daily Trains to St. Louis
I cyU
ni.... .k...hu
- '
. c t..t ik. ".:
in. r-.i. . "vr, I
e e ' - -
' " V iu,.'
aikid e.tnr 4
i.tirna iir' -a
I'"'. I'"""1.
At IMUtlil'l.-
them over.
iSantaFe and .
Harvey Dining Halls. Stop-over at
Eureka 8pringa. W. A. TULEY, Gen
era) PasBcnner Agt., Fort Worth, Tux.
irv'" Wtn ?inmif etr, fiir vr, mwrhi
Vri l'c ill .! WM'e Fair lol la eomaiunn
"P "1 t'W'J''. turn tfiie-lult, e'e
St. lyi'.i'. t-.
vr wn t.V-'a l'i!t Ro-'t T"kI Ajt

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