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Was the ubject of Rev. Holmes Yes
terday Morning "Quit You Like
Men" The Point.
The following is I ho sermon of Uev.
J. II. Homes yesterday morning:
In the year of 1!MM, when our nallon
ii I niissioimry convention met in Cin
cinnati, I lie venerable A. M. Alkinson,
this friend of the aged minister, was
making an eloquent appeal on liehulf
of ministerial' rolife, when, after a
moment's pause, ho said wilh giont
earnestness, "Quit, you lilto ini'ti," and
then, as (ho words seenied lo die
nway, that. great, audience saw olio
they had learned to respect and love,
slugger anil fall lo I lie lloor, dead. II
was Hie closing message of a ureal
man, whose life had heeu a henediclion
to hundreds of others. lie felt the
cause Unit was so dear to hi heart was
being neglected ,y others, and he gave
his last hrealh of life to advance this
one Interest.
1'aul is writng to I Ii Corinthian
church junior somewhat similar cir
cumstances. He fell llieir need of
pastoral guidance, and had urged A m I
los to no to Corinth lo aid I hem, and
when lie failed to get him to go, he
writes lo the church and makes this
gnat, appeal: "Watch ye, stand fast
in I lie faith, quit you like men; lie
"Watch YC
When an army is on duty, In the out
skirts of Hie camp will he found
soldiers passing to and fro, on guard
h si an enemy take I hem unawares and
Sain a victory over I hem before they
liuve Mine to pupiue lor lialtle.
In giving insl ruct ion to the army of
this Lord, repeated injunctions were
given to he careful not to let an enemy
tako us unawares. The Hook is lull of
Its exhortat loils to wnleli on every
hand. Jesus says: "Tako heod what
e hour." Sin froipiontly funis a ready
access to the heart through the ear.
The willing listener to impure speech
Will soon be tilled wilh evil Ihoiighls.
v hu ll will demand expression, and the
lilc itself will finally hecoine the ser
vant of sin.
1'aul wrote in a somewhat similar
vein w hen he exhorted I he young dis
ciple lo "Tako h ed unlo Ihisoif."
l'ure water does not Mow from ;m im
iiire fonnlain, neither does a whole
some inllueiice come from an impure
life." Out of the nlMindatiie of the
heart the mouth speaketli.''
Wilh no less diligence are we to
gin id our daily aits. If ue coaleiu
plate some act of charity, .hsus would
x.tl'n lis In "Take deed ihat ye do not
VOIir righleoll-lless hi'fiile men. lo Im
Keen of them." Or if we seem to lie
glowing careless about i li iiitwtv. He
li.vingly calls out "Winch, therefore,
for ye Know neither Hie day a"r I ho
hour when the Sou ot Man loiiii.th."
1'cith may come at any time ami it
will he host In ho I'nais n inly. Put!
the aMistle did imt stop at the. n In
lacssago in 1 he church ai Corinth. j
"Stand Fat in the Faith." j
Paul ciiiinieiiils hteadfasiin s. Imt
ro( ti adliistiii ss In t rior The "
r nthlans had tiecn entity of many
Mihiiii ful aels. hul had lunie.l from,
tiiiM' lo "llio taith." and 1'aul deMr-
I l.i In In In- constant in th.tr put pose.
I! limin If had ib-ln., r. il the (;i.oH
llieosaL'e I'l Ho III - led II I -II II lln'r,
ItiVeM iai iii, i and reoi a;-i h ,ni il.nl
Us. had itmii ilaee In Pil l ;ir. I
rror and o"m i -.1 M i'n an I u-i -I
i d m l.b .1 a p :.i e t -r I,. 1,.,i
TlnW be Hill Hum 'o b.. 11 .
l i- m.fh h te to f n a. . r
-.r. II, ai Paul .' d u" '"' n
t Ti'Mi. In ltd sp i-t ! i j.
rer t liMtn tnaiiv d. ( 1. '.
t an r "1- I.i-lm. b-
n (tie pi a tlrii oi;. . 'I,. 0 !
I.a r--d- m'i-!''. ' (
tin 'r on ih- air aiel
till V ohnn'.I o;. -t ' f
I -.re' h -. n . I :-inv '' ' ' "'1
fr ' n "T- T.i "' ' ,
- l-t I'l ""'' '
I I. If. In t'O'le I'1 I '
Ir1 'l t-rnr nn.l If . -
"H -
. y . rl
a lei
. r. p,
I,, i-. '
L" l.
Ir- fi
' I,!
r,irfi, 1 f " 'r' " '
ft 1 I.. -1 ;d f .'''. if of I
.!, r'. l"-t I-
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t.ic rigid ; hut when once you havi
found "Hie faith," yield It for no man's
theories, o.' traditions, or human
creeds. Hul II may lake courage lo
siand for what you think lo he right--may
mean l he parting of Ihe host ot
fi lends. A few weeks ago In Toronto.
Caiiada, u liiycarold girl was grefitly
pleased at l.eing asked lo lie one
among others lo servo refreshments
at a fashionable gathering In the homo
of a very wealthy gentleman. The
lirst part of the evening was a round
of pleasure, hut when I lie lime came
for the refreshments, she found thai
she was expected lo serve wine lo Ihe
gnosis, and all the pleasure died for
her in a moment, she knew Ihat Hod
had hidden His children lo reprove
the works of darkness, and Ihat it was
just as wrong lo drink wine in the
Inline of the millionaire as in the low
Iii st home'of the laborer. It made her
hi art heat fast and her cheeks grow
rid, hul she knew her duty, and went
straight lo th(! lady of Ihe house and
told her Ihat she coiiid not serve wine,
because she did not think if was right.
Wo do not know what, the immediate
result was, hut We do know that she
vas standing "fast in Ihe faith,' and
can In no case lose her reward.
"Quit You Like Men; Br. Strong."
AVe hogin Ihe Christian life like
hahes helpless und hardly ah to
s'nnd alone. A mother had gone in'o
a gallery lo have the picture made of
her hahe. The i'!le tot could not si!
aioiie 111 Ihe chair, so the mot ho:
crouched behind and with a firm hail:!
held the little one In place till lie.
exposure could he made. So Willi us
"The rigid hand hoiilelii me up," says
Havid, and we know ihat Hod over
cares for His children. I ill Cu re
cnine a time when th:' mother no
li nger had to help the child, i'ml we
are exhorted to "cease Lu sneiu; of the
first principles or Christ, and piess on
(M. It. V.) unto full growth." Tib1
nay should come when we shall have
reached spiritual manhood and should
act Ihe pari of strong men. ,.i'il
says. "When I was ? chiid I under
stood as a child. I thought as a child,
hul when I became a man I pn: away
childish Ihings."
As individuals, as well as a church
we must waich our work carefully.
"Ite ye w ise as serpenls and harmless
as doves." Wo cannot nfford to he
so careless as to ninc mistakes in the
Lord's business. We must he I rue to
the Hook, to the faith once delivered
lo the saints, and liy Ihe gnu f Hod
we may gain great victories over sin.
Capt. Sturgeon's Farewell Sermon.
l.lisl night Capt. Sturgeon preached
his farewell sermon lo a full house In
Ihe First Methodist sermon from the
winds: "Ye shall receive uower after
that the Holy Hhost is come upon
He was heard with Keen inle;csl
find many came up at the close of the
service and said "good live."
Capt. Sliirgeon has I u promote i
and Is now a st iff caolain of Hen.
Month Tucker, and will travel at large
and hold meetings in the chun lie .
He Is well (iialilled for this wml, ami
will doubtless hnc larae siu'ees.- in
Ihl- new field.
Mr. C.utafsnn Ihe former iropri :or
of what lias been more recently
known as the I'ickens I'lioiim aph
on CriH-kelt street, after an fc
has K'tllllled to Iteaomnlit ami to
purchase, liis uallerv lb ? t . , t . . 1 in
an enterprise man that cfiei n.iwl
im; nearlv all mit the coo'ii'i Ii
had i nine In the com l sum m.i' H' "i
Iiiiuit a. kiniiI eunuch tnr li"n and
that he had returned In 0;i He i!l
at mice refit Ills ualbty w ' h the
latest and newest appliaineo if m
diicllig rtiolic olk 'iti wbieh In
had lici-nnie laini'iar in Irs ii;ii an'
aosineo uio fin lids an I tb puolie
L-eliiraby Ihat he is ii" in a be'ier
li.iM' in 'irir th?n i''.in .r
f... . an I ' ml a : d .1!
to y 1 it ; i:n at "''I k' 1
Irlttit's DIiuh
irT Iflhf il-l tin 1 ' . . '1
m uf i-1 n ii ru i m ' ) a
t-w iri'uh I" cu t4 t-f ar-ti I "
ff I, f K"- ! ' It I T -r 1 r-
1.t 1 ' n'-l l I .
' tr t. H " -i ttiu " tf ' -B'
in 'I 'It fr - f -
Ihwuir bif Ih . !: If t m
1 "'-'1 ; - m- i
f. TfT1 til- I .' '
1- . 1
. ue 1.
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"Man's Extremity God's Oppotunlty"
Furnishes the Subject for the
Mr. Holmes of the Chrislain church
gave another of ills Interesting illus
trated sermons at tin; Tahornacle
hist night.
The persitctioii of the early church
Instigated hv Saul of Tarsus did not
slop when that devout Hebrew be
came 1'aul the Christian. In the
eleventh chapter of Acts wo tire told
that the disciples were scattered
ah road hut up to this lime the apos
les themselves were left undisturb
ed; hut the unprincipled Mehod, see
ing I hid to persecute the Christians
gained favor of the Jews, had .lames
put. tu death with a sword and ar
rested I'oler intending to have him
put lo death as soon as tho feast,
days were over. Peter was securely
chained between two soldiers und
guarded by Hi more for they feared
Ihe Interference of his friends. The
church va helpless so far as any
earthly power was concerned hut
they had fallh in (iod and turned to
Him. They ceased not lo pray and
oven far into the night when others
were fast asleep their anxious peti
tions were ascending to Iii 111 who
said. "Ask an'l .ve shall receive." Hod
heard their cry and sent His angel
who oo-ed the chains from Peter,
opened the prison doors, led them
out Into Ihl? street and disappeared.
When Hie Apostle realized that Hod
had overcome the power of his ene
mies and set him free, be sought nt
once the faithful hand which was vet
In prayer, lo tell them of the glad
good news of Ms miraculous ilellver
,i'K. When earthly power hail fail
ed, Hod had delivered His sorvnnl for
lie had yel much work for him to do.
Cod's Dealings With Isreal.
.Many instances tf the loving care
or Cod for His people are to he
found in the history of His dealings
wilh ihe children of Isreal. When
they were in Ihe bondage nf Kg.vpt.
lie beard their rv of distress and
m HI tlie:n a deliverer, tiirouuh wlintn
He overcame all llieir difficulties and
led them safelv forth lo the land of
When I hey came to the Ked sea oil
their wat tu lv;vpl they saw 110 way
of escape from destruction: and in
I I there was none from Ihe stand-
i. m nt of man. Muses had led them
iIiumi one of those long ways toward
Hie sea. The ruiTi-'eil mountain slope.
cnM'ieil with its slnggy timber made
isiape mi cither -uto impossible and
Minn thev halted at the water's edge
they heard the army of Phamh in
ibe rear Tbev saw nmbinir Imt
ibiiih. Hut M.oes said. "Stand still
ami see the salvaCnn of (iod " They
wire InoiJnc at matters from ihe
earthly oi.miiMiint Imt he doix'tlded on
a hither mer than man and deliver
ance wao theirs
Alt.-r three ilnv. in the wlldernos
wiilmut water, aain Ihcv becan 'n
nmpl.iin that M'sc bad led them
f.iMh In 'iisi fmm thirst, for Ihev
e d not drink 1I10 bitter w.-i'or of
I - p:aoc but wl.en MoM' cried unto
C.nI f,- h.-tit tie fhiiutt a tree
wbiiti b.n be .nd thiin 'I in!"
lie .T.o i.f Wirjh. tll.nle I in-Ill
t hti.i ihe ' Mro i iu n In d
fiv ton ni.i'el . ibv itye!e. n
iM.-rnc "f
f '':! lo f.i I
rrf V.t v 3-
4-1 JICI'TI In "",'
nth hev .;i
4,,.;r .!- Vi '
. -l 1. t h..
,f II...
'n f-.4f-.4 fri"'
t hi mm tin ar
' I
t r4 4-
-! t.i (i 1 rni'1 h '
,. 1 o,4 .. ,l r. .,i.-
'.! T1 ' t ' 'l t1
1 :tl
-., I . V. .,
. . . , I - '
. . .... . .4 , -, -
".. I, ., 1 -e4.-i
II on a pole so ihat all could ecu and
give them life for the simple hsiklng.
Ill tho buttles for the cotitptest of
Canaan they never fall when they
put their trust in (iod.. When ene
mies overrun their country and car
ried off their Htihslunco. Cod calls n
Deborah, n llaralt, a (iideon or a
.leptha to deliver them and I hoy nro
Yes, all through Hie history of W
dealings with the people, when the
hand or man failed and they cried out
to Cod for help. He delivered them
and thus revealed His care and His
power. Tills same loving care and
power is revenlcd be the
Miracles of Jesus.
Two blind men cry out afler Him
as ho passed by, "Thou Son of David,
have mercy on us," and when they
reveal their faith He gives them
Hght aguin.
Ten loapers stand afar off and crv,
"Jesus, Master, have mercy on us,"
and lie cleansoth them from that
loathsome disease which still baffled
tho medical skill of the world.
A nobleman sees the Master and
pleads, "Come down ere rny cr.
do," and Ho says, "do thy way, my,
son liveth."
The disciples are crossing the Sin
of (Jallilee in the fisherman's boat,
when a storm arises and when thoy
ate about to go down they wake Him
Irom Hi sleep by the cry, "Lord s:r e
t;s; wo perish;" and Ho febukos the
wind and the sea is calm. At anorh.'r
lime they are crossing alone and the
storm arises and when they have fllv
011 up hope He nppears walking on
th? sea and delivers them.
V lien the nitiltiliide is suffering f'-r
food and they have no means of satis
fying their hunger before many of
tin 111 would faint away, He takes the
five loaves and two small fish and
Mint-lies IIO'l liee.i.
As ho passes along the way
her 1? the pliable moan of tho widow
of Nain who had lost her onlv son
a 'id touches the bier and gives htm
bad. lo her from Ihe dead. "Ho br;-o
cur infirmalivos and by Ills st.Ippa
i.n are healed." Hut
God Cares for His Children Todjy.
.. r.os n'oMfm; TH Alt OD ILK
. single instance from American
hMory will suffice ps an illustration
of His care and guidance in tho af
fV.ir;! of man.
Tho darkest hour of the Revolution
was when Washington wintered at j
Valley Forgo. Lee had disobeyed or-j
dcr and divided the nrmy. The ;
i ;oclitg nis (iiinomiios nan pui -
sued his half starved, poorly fed and '
barefooted soldiers across New .Tor-soy-
and thought that soon 'ho last
blow could be struck. In tho midst
f of this distress 'his great leader
ski'.'IiI the holn or Hie (iod who hail
fought the billies of Isreal of old and
sought not In vain for at once Tree's
treachery yvas checkmated: ennfl-di-niv
was restored among his troops
and victories were soon gained which
assured American Independence.'
Cod's nower and care Is over His
children today.
KiksoI I. lis of a little newsboy who
entered a car on an elevated train:
he vas o tired thai when he slinped
into 11 scat he waff sixm fast asteen.
"i-esentlv two young ladies came in
ntiil liw.L- n til.,,,, .ti.iwittilf, tlin 1 1 , I I'll,,
.M.it.iv f....i -..r.. i..r 1.. .a, 1.1 ...!..i..r-
1.1 ....... -...i ,.i i.i r..,.A
cinch..,! and drawn sh'.wii.s
tti.T1- of hunce- und suffering, fine
of the vnimg ladies, noticing bim saw
'hat Ms fice rested ntrninst the hard)
w ir.ibnv sill mid tiuletly raisintr h"
t .. 1 ...... 1 ..... . . nr .. n,i.. ; a n
,.,. ,,. , ,,. .
til 'nw TV t-md cl was noticed 1
and an old man near held out a quar
ter, nnd.linc inward the bov: an .11 her
-Hi' b r a coin nml alninot before slv
Vtw'w it i4" viMiTia wnnian wa- lakincl
Tins fn- 'he f-ail little 'ad
Vi tint this I 'll.' oni vim was fail
'Hi! 'n Hie ilTl.-nil.ll baMi 4 if life hetnc
4:1-1.1 r.ir 1v 1 :-i lniitic lleavinly
r 1" 1
II :' "1
e4.'o itl'i
44 - Tl l f"
f. 4-.. . 1,. a
....4 .-r.-tii;
f.., -'.o
.1... V . .' 4..
a-.. 44 ml..
4 ,1
vi st f, m 'at'mi of
,4 for Hie hi III 4.1
n !!, re h ni"' hm of-
wml. 1 1 1 r mi.h .l4-.it
V IV UlTr H'l W''ll
r ' .
. :r, -'-4 ti'lie C1.I! t d'4-.l
- ' 4 V, .. -i'o l 4-e
l-t H - 44 W Tl C-4-f i.H'o ! b -4.f
4. f ..r frnni 4hi- 1 4f
' He a'.Ti f I)
r 1 ... i.M4 Hp ,,ff. -.- j. r 1 on
- V.-.
4,--i-4. 1
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TA UAIIOCH' '""''t ly H l"y w"1 Kienlly u
I II Mill l ierease tho power of the public preach
IU llvUUL lug of the gospel. The way to get
Paul's Method Was to Teach Pub
licly and From House to House.
Urges Return to the Old
Text: Acts 20:20 "From House to
A new method
of evangelism is
ca0d for Our prevalent method is
1,11(1 wliat ,,,c new? T,le l,TOHl'nt
method is the method of tho business
combine or corporation. The mora-
hers build a house, hire a preacher,
put him in charge and let him run
it without calling on them for any
thing more thin the money to sup
port it, and their dress-parade at
tendance on Sunday morning. He is
the paid agent to look afler religion
for them. They are the stockholders,
and ho is the business manager. The
less they are bothered with the ad
ministration. Ihe better ihey like it.
The average sinner feels about as
much interest in such an affair as
i,l., flu l 4 1,- moot
II., 1 nil iiveiiif' I iu,1 11 ii, i.i wnt...
11 'I. . it 1.. ..I'l ,
trust, lie is iniiiuereii,, mien lining-
onlstic to it. The new evangelism is
a return to the very old method of
Jesus Christ and the nposlles. It
means personal work. The preacher
is only a lender, (he members are all
personal soul-winners. It Is bringing
tho individual Christian fice to face,
hand to hand and hoar to heart with
the unsaved. The now evangelism
emphasizes personal effort in soul
winning. Kach member is 10 carry
the gospel to his neighbor and urge
him to receive Christ. It is tho win
one method. This was Paul's moth
od. He taught publicly, and from
'biiiicvi fn linnsn " Tlw now mcthrwl
t, . ,,, ,., ,- .. Tpsi.1.
! niont Christ preached several of his
'greatest sermons lo one auditor. All
1 believers should be soul-winners.
There are five reasons why I urge a
return to this old way.
I 1. It will raise the tone of spirit
ual life in our churches. No Christ
ian ever became spiritually strong by
hearing good preaching. Many of
our people have dried up on good
preaching. It is receiving and then
'giving out tint builds up. The sea
of Calilee receives the Jordan and
'gives it out again. This keeps it
frsl1 am1 fu" "f fisM- Tnp IVl"1 S,'a
receives the .Ionian anil does not
give it out, and it is dead a id deso
late. So the Christian who gives Ihe
gospel to others in an earnest heart
lo heart way, will become rich in
spiritual life.
It requires more con
sistont living to make an
earnest ap-
I' ' ",r 'l'"".' ''V " Christ-j
than if does tl. send in a check
he church treasurer. We need
to Hi
'not fewer givers of nionev. but more
livers of men. It will quicken the
spiritual life of any christian to make
IM.rstai rffrt in soul winning,
' . ., ......
2. This new method will bring the
masses and the church into sympathy
land break down the pr judict- against
! 1 he church. A loving personal con
tact of the church members with the
imtside nope will win them. They
Will P'smnd In a ci inline sympathy
and larnest effort In do lln-m cood.
The painful antaioniom of many p"o
ph. to ihi' church can le overenme
in no otluT y. Ti.cy w ill not runic
m rhurih. We need nu n and nm n
In cn in thirn in ihi' o-tirit of Christ
with 1 h mi-ssai:.' r.f Salva'ion.
Thin 44T4.on,-i! ffort of lajmen
at renhine the oie- or ChriM mill
br4 ak down caoi,. and ('ao, in the
tnirh If me cn 1;V" Taul fmm
tii.il-w- tn bnne 4iH reai h sll
lao. Tin- chun-h i for all -lasi-fe
jo an iiTiniit-;i."I if. masncuo
v bo u-t.-fij.t" to j.rray inc clacii
;-':":n-t TirhT -'a- n t h- (tiur(-v.
Tin- j4.4,4r and 'b r h re-4t .1 1
i i.icinnn b Ti-I in tin- lonx-t. Ilo i
.- 'tar
- rti - r
1 b.
.1. O
ll i TnT tu, f : 144
0.4'-' t,l lr;4- 444
' " If Tl
'l.i r-.. la-f 4.f 1 1. r
;' t.U "n ?":
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great truth, Unit wo want all men to
conio to church regardlesa of their
condition lu the world.
4. Tills new emphasis on personal
the people to come to church is to
go after them. It is not so much tho
churaeter of preaching that arouses
them, as the character of welcome
they meet. They will come If we let
them understand that we are really
anxious to have them.
5. This personal work, by the mem-
1 hers of the church will greatly In
crease the number of souls saved.
We need more people directly en
gaged in an effort to win men to
Christ, and then we shall see larger
numbers come to Christ.
Thomas Chalmers a little over fif
ty years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland,
started a mission in West Tort, a
very wretched portion of the city.
He sent out Christian laymen from
house to house to Invite the people
to church, to get the children for
Sunday school, and to relieve the dis
tressed. Today St. John's church is
a self-sustaining parish, the result of
this effort. This was among a peo
ple half of whom were paupers, and
most of whom were totally Iguorant
and criminal. He demonstrated that
personal work from house to house
by laymen is the real solution of the
problem of city evangelization. The
people will respond to this kind of
effort. To build churches, and wait
for the people to come is not the
method jf tho apostles. Christ said
for us to go out into the streets and
lanes of the city and bring in the
people. We want men and women
to do this character of work. Lot
every member realize that he is ex
pected to bo a witness for Christ.
This is the new evangelism, hut yet
as old as the New Testament,
Emmett Council A. 0. H. Pay Tribute
to Memory of P. G. Furey.
At a recent meeting of the Ancient
Order of Hibenians hold in this city
the folllowing rosolutoiiM were pass
ed: Whereas, on the 18th day of Sep
tember. A. D., l!tl)4, Cod in His wis
dom saw lit to remove lrom our midst
our worthy brotilier, P. H. Furey, and
Whereas, P. Ct. Furey was one of
the founders and organizers of the
Hmmeit Council of Beaumont, and
served the order as its first president
and was ever and always an enthus
iastic believer and advocate of its
tenets and principles, and
Whereas, P. G. Furey, although al
ways a true and patriotic citizcu of
this country, fostered deep in his
heart hliat true love and devotion to
Ireland and its struggling cause, ihat
is every mother's heritage to her de
parting sons, and
Whereas, the deeds of charity, the
assistance rendered to the poor and
unfortunate and the public spirited
ness of brother P. G. Furey were
many and opportune, yet tihcy were
always free of ostentation mid of that
kind of which the poet speaks Tho
noblest service comes from nameless
hand3 and the best servant does his
work unseen now therefore
lie it, Resolved: That this public
remembrance of the virtue, t.iie sin
,c,rit.v. the charity, the love of mother
11M11111. Mini im.- uetiFiioii in irciand a
,, al,s- always advocated, fostered ana
1 Vxn,I'''liod by brother P. G. Furey.
be made, and
Ho it further. Resolved, That this
resolution be spread upon the inin
ute of the Kmniett Council of Ilcau
mont. Texas, that a copy f the same
bo given to the family of brother I'.
Furey. Ihat another copy bo ejven
to bin sister. Mrs. .Inohn Doherty,
and that a third copy be hent to his
mother in Irclaud.
Frank Alviy
JariM'K Ihitinhiie
M. .1. o l atKhim
J-.M .Conk.y
Irs. Iiavis 4V (anii!u 11 ,. m
pntify the imblic that Hkj- .j,v,
MiH-if partni rohtp. Ir pav o
rita n itf4nt Int-atii4ii urn.! , ,
1 after which hi- id rnno. 1,,
V. Wi s lei: dine.
w 'il
Colonist rate tj Ca;ir rria poito.
Tici.c's m Mie s j-t n.btr 1; t0
I . 4,,1,,-r 1 -
r 'h' wntild mTl1l f-,4
A. R. A'.T,sm. T V. A.
I. K To -I . c. r
We Frame Your Pictures, Pack,
Ship, Repair Furniture.
"Go Ye Into All the World and
Preach the Gospel to' Every
Creature." "And the Common
People Heard Him Gladly"
A large congregation assembled in
the First Methodist church Sunday
morning anil listened with evident in
terest to a sermon delivered by too
pastor on the subject: "Tho Institu
tional Church," after which tho Sac
rament of the Lord's Supper was ad
ministered to a host of participants.
ilr. Godhey road for his text the
fifteenth verso of tho sixteenth chap
ter of Mark: "(io Ye Into All the
World and Preach tho gospel to
Every Creature." Also Mark 12:27.
"And the Common People Heard Him
The sermon is in subslaneo is as
.lesus did not exaelly follow the cus
tomary method of teaching and did
not confine himstlf to the place lu
which the teaching was accustomed
to he done. Ho attended tho ser
vices of the sanctuary on tho Sab
bath find taught those who board him
to regard lie authority of the law and
tho prophets, and to reverence tho
house of His Father, and on one oc
casion he went into the temple and
drove out the money changers and
turned over their tables, declaring
in the language of the Scripture:
"It ! written that my house shall be
called a house of prayer, but ye havo
made !l a den of thieves." There
lore any disregard for tho temple and
its sanctity has no sanction from tho
Savior of men. Tho church Is right,
therefore, in dedicating n sanctuary
for the worship only, and keeping out
money changers and every desecra
tion from the place.
Itnt there are demands upon the
church that make necessary that
provision shall be made to meet new
and present conditions, and if we are
to "heal the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse the leper and cast out devils."
we must be aide to nroviilo the ron
eliiions that make this possible. Tho
common people heard Jesus gladly be
cause .lesus met the wants of the
common people when they found they
had a friend to whom they conbl
bring their sieU. and whose wonts
brought cheer to their hearts thoy
flocked to hear him and everywhere
be left not only spirlutnl. but. tem
poral blessings behind him. No won
der that they published it every
where when thoy were healed. Th
appreciation of benefits received
made them friends who could be re
lied upon to speak ni;.nv woids of
e'linnieiidatioii f n V in1 teacher
who bad done sUch lasling jjood.
The church has perhaps missed this
lesson by making "spiritual r.pplica
mti" of the lesson of a plivsical
healing which Christ accomplished.
" n it should have learned the vain
'f 'his nt' ihod and broupht more tria
trial aid to provide for the need of
'he in.liL-. nl and xicV. but thp rhnrrh
is waking tip to (.onso of its n-Mmn-ibjiiiv
and it fipportiinltic-i. In
lao-t half rcntitrr the invention
haw. Inn o manv and varied, and
'h. ,,r.,;r.s. f c-ivili7.at.l0n nn rapid,
and the , ff, , t f,r rrjifhine at to
"rm t. ,.,i nation into s mndi
1 "i .r tinr-oi. There a- nf1
Hch an, n(4 m,.f. rc-f.KTncr
r" 'v'-vre with a irmMt Tr
Mi'. f ti r,lntrr Pconlc ctav
f' tb- fa--m for lb -orlohop in the
' -. am! (.,,. f-.fbanc4l a litt
".ritrr on,,-,, f)rt. ju-rkohin in ih-
V " r 0 " n""1 of C4nr Tali'fi'o
If '--ti l'cr4-4l ,r lbi rrni'ti
' :nel ,,.,,.) ftt-M1f litfirii
" ''"' 'tiirr-h r-44n'in4K-1
'1f4-b.tr 4 1,0 n"'b'l4. that riad c.b-
! i rt.r- r'i..4,trT for ?r,m. Tt"
'"'' --a' 'v'r (Ti V-"ifr 'b"
n f-rim 4t,l--ft tTd tba'
- t - ri-iTffi frt 14
'Cr- -ufrj on Pace E'oM.)

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