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.ii ii.-iui.iu i.i ii. Tlned ikiui:
i-ri i i-i- i" te i s
uic! impr- vUitora to ilia Ucuiry
l.l iliij k'..B- a.... I I I....... Illllr.hlii.llll
The Manhattan
illll JIM,, ....v.. ..
UIV Hot ul f ' ader ouo linudred
tisiu. r iu iiu-i.-rms niut;uiiudo,
iii, kiiir-iiitt cxrillenr nml ival per
feci nut of (irKiiuuliou. Ijllipmian
unimal aciur iu iix ralmii.Um o. nil
h-i forming curious ii-rnirhuivun or in
uinliiics and odd fu 'f Kyraiiuiu
Mill. ....ri..i., ami mini.. iiiii,t.l,t art)
Imth iii a tnUture of a new ami nottl
i : I '..ill
We will make thefollowing dis
counts for this day and
for Cash only: v.
UirmUhlUK M-II Iillllt-a. ...
Bros, will Hti.lliVrly niH'lir III this
city mi Wcdm-Mlay. October IU, ulur
noon at 8. cvi'iiIiik ni K, with a or
goon in--i spc lai lo ul lu o'clock
in tin morning.
And Notions Would Sell Voluminously
by Wholesale Interviews on
the Subject.
A rordUl Greeting to the Visitors to the GOOD ROADS
CONVENTION, and extends to each and all a
' s ' . ;
To visit them and mKe their House head,
quarters while in the city. : :
Bear in Mind
We carry a most complete stock of Clothing and
Men's Furnishing Goods which we would be pleased to
show you.
Louis Mayer, Prop.
: :':
Almost a Clash Between City and
County R. T. Lewis Acquitted.
New Suits Filed.
It was a case of the usual busy
Monday at the court house. For the
first time in many, mouths there was a
semblance of a conllict of authority
between 'Hie city ami county olllcials
early in t ho morning, hut it developed
later that, the cause had been removed.
H. T. Luis, the colored doctor, was
irieil in the county court upon a charge
malicious mischief, and acquitted.
complaint alleged that he had ma
liciously killed a hog. The evidence
developed tho fact that tho hog was
letting away with his feeel and that
thi-n. was no malice at all. The Tom
Lewis murder case in Judge Watts'
court was passed until November 2.
Thi leaves Judge Watts without any
thing on hand today unless a case is
tried by agreement. Judge Pope dis
posed of several important cases.
On Sunday the city oflicials arrested
a man giving tho name of Turner
.Montgomery. lie was charged with
various olTenses, and was wanted by
MierilT Landry. The city official!) did
not turn him over to the county on
Siindnv, and he remained in the city
1'i isoiMliai night. Yesterday morning
Judge 1C. I!. Moore sued out a writ of
habeas corpus hefore Judge Tope, and
il was made returnable yesterday af
ternoon al :! o'clock. Marshal Stewart
heing cited to appear with the prisoner
to slu.w cause why the city should
hold him. I'.efore the writ was ever
iierved, however, the man was in tho
custody of Sheriff Landry, as it seems
Hie original purpose had been to turn
Iii in over to the county the first thing
Monilav morning.
In the Fifty-eighth District Court.
In (lie Kifiy-eiglith district court,
V, II. l'ope presiding, a jury for Hie
week was impiiilled iu part, but as no
rase went to trial. Judge I'cpc excused
the jurors secured until Wednes lay
:uoining uoxt, when the new i ,i!:el w'l.
he completed.
In the case of W. II. Tuner vs.
Turner & Nabors Lumber ofminaiiy.
.?udge l'ope called the case ,-.nd V. T.
Turner and his counsel. Duff & Delf.
informed the court that they had been
l Jmliip Hronchton from fu.-
I her
iiros'-cntmg the case. p.-iMinp a"
no- liefiiro .Indue David Iv Divam.
to he railed on Nnvenitie- I next.
.Indue Pope stated I hat h v.n n:u!
to proceed Willi the c.-s . uotwi 'i
(landing the order of lb- r-fe.n-o In
'.at krupicy. tm' counsel wh.i v. r- . r
jp;i,iii preferred no to it intn :li(.
ape. and an order was nt'Tel pa -sing
,.. ily.
J V: D'HiL-las v. F. iiliir r nl :
ic,. dismissed li.v ncntnnt a op
ndRnt' cost
W. P. H. MrFaddTn r S.-van P 'an-
r 11.
I,, ,.f a!.: J'l'inf 'tit for train'il
LainT IIIMI'Il'IHin I'M 9 I-.
r st and ros' f "'it. i'h for
;,,sitrr of li n on projM riT pryc, f.r
, a ... 1 . Ilk in.
I.I.HTH 'fT pe'itiim.
N'.if Mill!" company v. KirVy L'ini-
wmrianv: (.n call f'r trmi.
t'' jury for the tro-k Tiir'-il ir
U a" num.-i-'fi ' . is iri'-y.
ii. i- cjtiit J .1. Na'ran r,;..i'.n
r!orT. i rsrrfill nd H C,. P,r'in
In H e f r rp i.si di'trVt roan. Jn 'r
?m .r.it rc. '-' "f Toti
1 i
t all wrr;. ! ' '' " ' "vli
ii. nvrn'Ts tuti..n. an iH't
1 Tilt't
1 -r
' n i r ; I.' s t..,
, r. . fi' 'I ". - '!-
S. (. rl f'ne fi'- !
! Law- rati"-1! ly "! l-
vs :: '
reasi'd paying Illicit attentions to tho
ilel'endant's wife.
W'hf'ti ho ease was called the state,
through Assistant. County and District
Attorney Judge Mcl-nwell. announced
ready. 'Counsel for the defendant first
preferred a motion to quash the return
of the sherifT on the special venire on
the grounds that It was defective. This
motion was overruled by the court.
Defendant's counsel then preferred a
motion for a continuance, and an ad
journment, was taken until 11:30
o'clock in order to permit counsel to
piesent the motion in writing. The
motion recited that defendant was un
able to procure the attendance of ab
sent witnesses, and that tho wife of
the defendant, who is a material wit
ness, was hurt in Hie wreck oil the
Southern Pacific at China Saturday
night and was unable to he in court,
having sustained a fracture of some of
lier ribs. The motion for the contin
uance was overruled by tho court, who,
of his own motion, reset the case for
Monday, November 2, and the special
venire was excused until that time.
The criminal district court then ad
lourned for tho day. The next case
set for trial is that of Eva Brittain,
charged with murder, wlich will be
called for trial October 12. .
County Court Proceedings.
The criminal term of the county
court, when was passed from Monday
last, was again taken up, and .Judge
Wheat called tho docket for orders.
Numerous orders were made dlsmiss
ii.g. passing and continuing cases. In
only one case did the parties announce
icady for trial. This was the case of
Dr. ii. T. Luis, colored, charged with
malicious mischief in killing a hog, the
property of another.
All the cases on appeal from the cor
poration court were reset for Wednes
day, October 12. The following or
ders were entered this morning:
(ierirude ('.rant, disturbing the
pence; reset, for Wednesday.
(ins Mngauiou, violating (ho Sunday
law; same order.
Oscar Warren, disturbing the peace;
same order.
Lewis Coster, disturbing the peace;
same order.
.'nines Sapp, soling liquor on Sun
day; continued without prejudice.
Joe Tiisa, affray; passed until Tues
day. T. K. Lewis, malicious mischief;
.Picoli Mesa, violating Sunday law;
reset for Wednesday.
l. L. Oswald, discharging firearms
in city limits; continued.
Sol Dyson, unlawfully destroying
proierty; dismissed at the instance
of the county attorney.
Pen l!luo,' then of less than frio;
reset for Thursday.
John Houston, carrying a pistol; re
set for Thursday.
W. .1. MrKaddin. aggravated nssaull
and battery; dismissed n motion of
I lie state.
rtay Kennedy, aggravated assault
nr.d buttery; same order.
Holier! T. Itrasluar. swindling; de
fi ndmt not in court and recotrnizam e
Im-ihI in the sum of $:'"" forfeited and
alias capias issued and cause ron
tinivd. County Court Jury.
The jury for the wk in the county
cfiirt Is:" T. M. Watson. William
liaiey. Ceorc Crans.T. Henry
Klniiro A. It. Flowers. Janu s ). lan
!d. r,irco Arnild, K. M. I nin. H.-n-r
Ainswor h. K. Kidhy. C. W.
liarfield and K. M. Mirkh t-roiiih.
The att'irtiey f..r David Timler ye
t'Hiv rierni"n fd.-O h f-irmal mo
tion for a new trial. Tinih r f found
peilty la-t Saturday nr.d h' fwiiih-t..-iit
fsed at t'i j-r in the
n.t t.iiarr.
In tli di.-'rirt rVrl:' ff?!' r
:i r af'TTion a ni " ri-i ev j
! p-rv-r airaint f; rr-- V.. -.r anl J F
j lin. P ii- ov r a" 1' It '
filr'-t iriv.?v rc an 1 f ut.1 !f"'n
i 7 t f!:imr- -l:uni-'t fini'iut:' "I 11 '"',
, v it'n iTi' r st ani
'a'rire '
P'.rer C. Ts
l j rr-
. i -r 'n' ' ''
s ..
v -i 1 V
."T H'"-"ff.
a I! T t ' l.
t ii 't an-! Ki
tti .,. m r-
K v I.' ii,
'I'l.'ni'i.t b'
'.Kt T.
; -'.fl l.f T
aii hv-A
r, I,.), r
The F.nterprUo reporter making the
business rounds Is com inually run-
nliis Into contact with liiuilntr ttieti
who liaik with favor iiimiii tint est ah
llKliineni In Iteuutnoui of ul least one
wholesale dry kimmIs and not Ions
house und one drusT liouso here.
There, men do not want any Mr
Mustering concern that will Hart in
with onu effort to turn tlio world over
and breuk all previous business rec
ords, but they want two good substan
tial houses operated on a conferva
tlvo basis,
Mr. 1. A. Helsig.of llelslg & Nor
veil, tmo.of tho leading wholesale
grocer houses l.ero said:
"I believe i.nui tna.w U a good oK'n-
Inn- hero for a wholesale drug hoiiso
but I would preler to see a wnoiesaio
n .. .. .
drv L'oods and notion house to tho
drug, business though both uro good
litiHlnesa prnosltlons ..
"My reason Is to some extent per-
I l , 1 . . . 1 .4 . Mnnna f li.ilnlllir
IIIKII B"l m-iiii, n iu. ui ......... n
thrf wlilesnlo: grocer houses , menus
.7 ..h . .i.imi.
that If Would wxt nciinmont. 'I think
wo ought all pull together. I will
help anything hero that ndvnncpH
Ilenuniont find feel that other here
would help me in the Ramp caiiso.
The desirability of a whole-ale dry
goods anil notions house comes from
the smaller towns which want to huv
both their groceries and dry goods nl
the same place. It Is inconvenient
for a merchant from Jasper Fay to
come to Beaumont and buv his gro
ceries and then l.o compelled to go
to Now Orleans or Houston for his
drv goods and notions. Then nfter
he" goes the influence or those cities Is
brought to hear npnn him to buy all
his goods of all kinds In those cities
and the people seem as a unit In
bringing about this result. In the
end we may possibly loe a merchant
whoso natural tendencies are towards
Beaumont for everything.
"I am confident that T. S. Peed
feels just as I do about this propo
sition and that, the wholesalers now
here would gain hv the bringing In of
now houses in other lines. Our rail
road facilities are such that fhey
would have plenty of territory to do a
safe and conservative business and
one that would finally become pros
perous and lasting.
"Wo do not want a wholesale
house here that, is in any manner
connected "with anv recall noire- in.
the cltv. The moment you try to
run both t'he wholesale and the re
tail in one organization vnn lo-.o
trade nf otlic" retailers. It 's but
nalurnl that tho other should snv
tut at. 1h-i man handling both retai'
and wholesale is taking an advantage
over (ho single retailer. Thi feellnr
cpreads until In the count nr v" w'"
lnd 'ho retail merchant, declining to
nptrnnip a wholesale house that ha?
rt "etaii hvanch.
"It is true that we have some mer
chants hero who do sell wholesale in
some case luit thev do not denend
upon a wholosnlo trade and the'r
sales o" this character are usually
where the merchant, cornea here to
liny groceries or the wholesale grocers
and do not have tho time to got to
some other point for his other lines
or is in n hurry to g"t the., goods
themselves. A? a matter of fact the
local merchants will give wholesale
concerns nlmost enough business to
make it profitable But fhey will not
do that where the wholesaler is do
lus a retail business also.
"I should ho glad to see agitation
become sufficiently convincing to,
bring some one in here to organize
and :-tart out in both theso lines on
a conservative basis."
Dr. W..N. Forbes, representative r
Parko, Davis & Co., hailed an Filter
prise reporter yesterday about ir
this line:
"Say. I see you are talking about r
whHosalo drug liou.-e here. Now
you're talking good sense. There i
the best opening here of any place I
know. TIip territory surrounding
Peanniont prefers Peanmont. When
they have an opportunity they buy
everything possible here and it I.
only lncause they cannot get every
thing tliey want they go through,
would like very much to a prac
Ural wholesale drug man come into
Tto.nim.int. orcanize a stock rnmnanv
i,j start o'it on a conservative liasis
I hclicvo that Reaumont merchants
a 'one would buy '.'.' a year. The
country would tike much more than
that and the first years- lupines'
re'rh tip rrnd to run a liich
f ."pto.ooft. Thp trad" would Mtnrdv
rrnp here of t own volition Toe
frtislit to kfx-p up that sort of talk in
lit you ret the iwonle her awakened
to th" fael that ib"v have siu-h
.plendid ciir and n'-h n rinoori'initv
to do a rfKvl. Ireitimat' fairly rernii
firat;vp l.usinern.
Vr 'on N ni'"-- to n V.rt
rr-,r;u r'-fi'rr-r that th r'-'d r'
t'oVsa'n -ita.livhTi r'- i n
p. t.t H do- xi p' hv iiw'i tti-''
f.t.j,r, nTtilt n' f.T fr'im t'.o T.r-1
T ' r o 'M a tl.f -i,1-1'- rn
n-rt f.id ll.tr-r in tern v.i1''
t .'t" '' "TP TT,i i'T it -.t. 'ot.
: rf t '-r tr f'T y 1'l' Voir'
' ft V-f-t ttif- t ffe'-T 1 !-.
Get' Ccifg to Town.
k (.,. '! fr !' r 'f 1 T
.e h th- in -ri'Ti' .it tit ! ij-r
-r.s- tltf' tyT 1 ' Vj-fi'1" f
K a '. A pi n-t r U
.rt-i.-.-t . t.,- ti'i.-.T f;..?
, t t : - t h r-' a-' f in
:i-y 3. ".-. p'm tb fat i at ou'f-
, i
i i
Work Being Dona by Contractor No
Change to Shops, which Will Be
Built Personal Mention.
C. R. Swindell, general passenger
f)f 0 Ka,saH n SlMllll,.rn
u-iiu 111 lliiniinwinl niullll veulnrilliv.
- "
Mr. James Monroe, city passenger
and ticket agent of the Southern Pa
cific, announces the appointment of
.Vr. Jim McCormlck us onu of his
-. -
tisslstunts. Mr. Mcl.orinU k Is expect
i.i Iwirn liuliiv It., ciinieu from A luk
Kb ion as clerk to the purser of one of
I in liiir Moruaii slcamers nlvlnir Ik
tween New Orleans and New York
1.'. II. Moore, ge-ieral agent of I he
Kansas City Southern at Port Arthur
was in Beaumont yesterday morning
.Ton Piimlllin tho Well known voillli!
railroad 'clerk, has accepted a ikjsIiIoii
in ttie car service uepuruiieni in iu
(iulf & Interstate.
F. E. Roosslor, immigration ngont
o! the Kansas City Southern, with
headquarters at Kansas City, is in
Peanmont. taking in the good roads
II. O. Byrd snout his Sunday
Texarkana, returning yesterday.
Tho very low rate that the Southern
Purine is putting on to San Antonio is
merely an Illustration of t lie grutilu'e
I lie road feels toward the ncolllc oT
that, city for suppressing tho scalpers
more. until recently sun Antonio
was infested with this character of
people, and tho company declined to
tint rn nltraet vi. rates, sav tin lha
the scalpers reaped tho K refit. 'in
October 2!Hh. however, for No. 9. they
are going to sell round crip tickets fo,-
54.0(1,. anil... tho. holder., i;i on.inieu. io
occupy tho Pullmau palace drawing
room cars ir ho desirei; to pay thv
extra price for. liis sioepins. The
tickets are good to return on tho lust
nam of October 31.
The work on the Southern Paoific
passenger dep(t is being puslie.l slow
ly but surely. On,e,of the geiitlemer.
connected with the railway e.impai.y
was asked ye.derd-iy about condi'ionv.
generally pera'.ung to the new rfopi:.
Hp said that tie trouiile lies m :ne
fact that the depot, was let out. ny con-
iraci, and is not 'ii.o ttie wort-: usually
done by I lie company. The contractors
havo boon unable to move as rapidly
as (he company desires, but the .:!-
ills cannot neip it. as io luo mu nh.
lio staled that this would bo a matter
(.1" a very row days when the lei ol
is once ready for ocupa ey. 'The sheds
will ho built and in hi.i opinion then!
has been absolutely no change in tlir
plans as originally outline! by Hie
I'l.any, and as stale t :iy Mi van
On November Pith there will bo a
uineral shaking up of the schedules of
I he Santa Ke railway, from Chicago to
the gulf, imd perhaps Io Hie Pacific
ocean as well. So far as I he branch
lilies are concerned, there is nothing
definite. The present lime is likely
to he changed, however, and It is more
lian lii-obable that even the local offi
cials i charge of such matters do not
l.'inw lust what tliey will do since
tin .Ir changes must of necessity be gov-
rned n arg measure i:y tne cnang"S
on the main line. It Is expected that
the Somerville service will he materi
ally changed.
The Southern Pacific yesterday laid
the pipe for Its privatp wat'er main
across Pearl street, and in another
two weeks the line will be at the
Church Reception.
This evening from ft to 10 o'clock a
reception will bo given at St. Mark"?
n-ctory by the ladiiw of the Kpis
copal church. No admission will In
charged. The members and friends
and children of St. (Mark's church are
invited to le present.
Thef will lie music, rcrMat iow
and refreshments. Miss Hardy, the
n ailer nn. Inqa-r-onator has promis
to (,'ivc several reading.
Moose Hunting.
Tlii re i a r vion in Canada, local'-!
i iion li'Tn fci'ario. wler'- th" maisf
"'f:'- irionnnh "f thn for.-st." is t-i
f. uti.l in tr.s' nun.ti'-r. Thi-; t.rri
'rx is Vtmn as "T'-rmat-aini." ir'
t ra'h1 from IVifTalo. '.i':"i .w'
; m t roil 1-k b- tiiand Trunk ra im
- f m to N''',i Pay. 1 h-.; n
i-f, in 'Lis r r uti i- from O'tvur
N.i''i.'-r 1. tfiMi lr iini'i-v
d l.v asiptvinz ' '. T. !!!. t-' f.' r;
; -ti.-j'T M I'IM '.run '
1 r-,i I. ; litr ihilh. !'i'r'al. fc!
i.Ti- rti'i.r ro'i
i' 'i am fan t.-
t-.iel' -
f. f .II
f'.'t 'O I"'"'- Hd J'.Vt.-v.'i tr
lie! ,rii ' !::' uti ti'rti- 1'.".
" l 1- )'i.' fd to j'ni a'
iV'i'i '
.' ''
(- j
jipJIiUjmmpy saving cl.anco of
n life time. If )'ru expect to need
anything Iu our lino In tho next
six months buy It Tuesday tho
day we knock the bottom nut nf
rock bottom prices.
Frank Colins Was Fined One Hundred
Dollars at Delmar for Taking the
Blinkers Off His Entry
Without Permission.
Chicago Oct. 10. King Ellsworth
was made tho medium of a successful
coup in 1.110 owners nuiiuirup,
feature at. Worth today.
Prince Sil-
ver Wings was a favorite.
Kirst race, six furlongs Burning
(llass won, Tain Simmer hocoiiu,
l cdcrul I hi nl. Time 1: 15.
Second race, mile and a sixleoulh--Lillle
Wally won. King's Court secmd,
Aral) third. Time 1:6:2 :i-5.
Third race, six furlongs Kroiil.eimc
won, Mad Mullah stsiond, (lood Cheer
third. Time 1:14.
Fourth race, mile, owners' handicap
King Ellsworth won, Prince Silver
Wings second, Kllielyne third. Time
1 : 112.
Fifth race, mile and a sixteenth-
Carat, won, 1). L. Monro second, Aggie
Lewis third. Timel:4!t 1.1.
Sixth race, five and a half furlongs
Colonel Ituppert won, Exalted second.
Itegaie third. I line t:U8.
At Elm Ridge.
Kansas Oily, Oct. in. Favorites won
three of the races at. Elm Itldge today.
First race, four and n half furlongs
Seasick won. Paeifieo second, Iolfa
,h d. Time 0: .15.
Second race, mile and a sixd-entli
I argin won, Klie second. Harbor third.
Tune 1 :47 3-4.
Third race, five furlongs Belle Kln-
:.i v won, ( apitanzo second, Azolina
i bird. Time 1:H 12.
Fifih race, initi' IM Ball won, Idhi
second. Alma Dufour third. Time
1 : in 3-1.
ITflh race sH'oplochaso hanillcap.
hIioii! a mile nnd a quarter Berna
..on. Spring Wa'er second, Evander
third. Time 2:?.d 1-4.
Sixih race niile nn.i a sixteenth
lort'inntus won. Coldon Mineral si--on
I, Hans Wagtu r third. Time
I . S 14.
At Morris Park.
New York, O't. 10. Collector Jes
up. :;t r, to 1. won th" handicap six and
i h.if lutli.'i:.'s at Morris Park today.
1'irst raee filing, last six furlotiu's
f Wi'ti rs mil' :eraniiim wop. Kins
!-ipiier second. Old Lairliind third,
rimo 1:11 12.
K. ri.il r.i'i-. lat five and a lu.lf fur
'. ii of K'liii-e f iime Myopia won.
' ;.!,iH s. fi,ii.. My Pur-'a th rd. Time
1 V..
Tl. rd raee. With'rs mil'1 A'an a
a',. ..ti t'iind tid, Th" lady
'bin! Ti c" 1:41 "5 4.
T'.,i r h r:i- last and a l.a!f f ir
' t i'- W'M'-x m:'"-Or 'n.
. V'-on.an 'ti rd T.Tt'- 1:?3 1-4
F t -h r:i'--. W' -" tisn r liandir-ap.
;,.t .?,d'a fi'f furl- if Wi't.-r--,
-.,i. i .r J-nip w.n, HVm
. . ..t, t Tm.- 1:4- 1 '
s h r" . Ti.i1'- fid dir.' s u'.' nl.
i' r '' ir '- !aei - F m.i. !r
(: ,,.l, f ..,,f.-i. rirfr.rn 4 n t;:-1,t tl.ird
' 'n- r : i ;.
t D'twa'.
in I't - Trs'il:
! ii.ar f' a ure.
1 ti
rtogers' IXL Razors, Pilssors, lluicliers' TimiIs, Star Safety
Kaxora, 8trw Klc. , . , . v ,. ..ii ; t''iB!ll:
Yalo Is ks, PadliM'ks, Sash Cord,
Buck's Quick Meal, Heating Stoves, Oil Stoves.
laggings, Canio Bags, nil llunling
Hose, favorite, was second. Frank
Colitis' owner was lined lint) for Ink
ing off the blinkers without permis
sion. Frank Collins' entry will not be
peopled again.
First race, live and a hall' furlongs
violin won. Dave Slab second, Eduardo
third. Time 1:0!) 12.
Second race, six furlongs Felix
Moses won, Tom Ilowo second, Tenler
Crest third. Timo l:lii.
Third raeo mile and twenty yards,
selling Snliol won, Mint. Bed second,
Tribes Hiird. Time 1:41 1-2.
Fourth race, six furlongs, handicap
Frank Collins won, King Hone second,
(Jay Llzetle third. Time 1:15 1-4.
Fiflh raeo mile und seventy yards,
purse Pretension won, Extol second,
San Craig third. Time 1:41! 1-4.
'Sixth race, mile and slxfeciVt H Miir:,
lit. won, Miss Lo.i scond, Inibodcn
I bird. Timo 1:00.
Numbers of People Going and Coming
Around the Popular Red Hill
Town Who They Are.
Jasper, Tex., Oct. 10. Friday night
Ihe Baptist. Sunday school entertained
I heir friends at tho armory wlHi an
ice cream supper, and It proved to bo
one of tho most successful entertain
ments of this summer. The pupils
have been endeavoring to add new
pupils to their school, and to do Ibis
t.liey selected two young ladles for
lenders, with blue and red buttons for
badges, and tho losing side signified
the victory of the winners by prepar
ing the supper for them.
The following program was rend
ered to an appreciative audience:
Song By Sunday school.
Prayer Kev. Woous.
Instrumental Solo .. Mlss Iluth healo.
Address of Welcome .... J. II. Sonic.
Song Sunday achool.
Ifosisinsi) K. P. Barton.
Immediately after the program, tho
reds were group! on one side of the
armory, and I lie wearers of the blue
on the other, and they were served
with the refreshments provided, and
then followed a pleasant evening well
sH'iit by all.
Mr Camplwll. representing the !r
sey Printing company, is sienditig a
tew days In the Intir'-st of his com
pany. Mr. A. T. Samjieun came In jester
i'ay and w ill h""! aeveral days with
friends and relatives.
Tile ladi'B of the Methodist ct nrrh
are preparing to Kivc a P.ainr fortbe
b n fit. of tli'; near church in a f-w
District Court convened li'-re today.
Mr. Cochran, traveling salesman rf
T. 8. IC'-d. I p?idin a few days
with Ms family 1" re.
Mr. Ilarvy Gilbert, of TV a a motif. Ik
in ton.
Mr. and Mm ThtinU Ixnm are
r.i-si f Mr. and Mr ll-nry I.n.
and i!l I"- i'h tb'-m w-veral t-k
Mr A K. F"m if Ivl1 Txm
i'iana. lorn r turned home. Vr
i'h li'tle Fnnine ni A. K.
Jr.. ill remain 'no time wi'h l"f
Mr. til 3M r. W. J. ft. AJtim
' 20 I'ER fHNT
Ktc. :
10 PEft CENT
28,500 People Witnessed the Downfall
of Gothamites on Their Own
New York, Oct. 0. B.xton van
quished New York on tho baseball
Held hero today, winning the Ameri
can League championship pennant
for tho second timo.
It was a sensational finish to n
thrilling struggle, which lias been g
Ing on for several months. During
the lust two months the teuins have
been .see-sawing in tho lead for the
championship and tho fact '.hat ill
issue narrowed down to tlio outcome
of today's double header on the Wash
ington Heights grounds, demons! rat
ed how close the battle was. In order
to win tho pennant, (irifllths New
Yorkers required two victories to
day, wliilo Boston needed only one.
At the end or tho liflh Inning, the
local men seemed to have the fin"
game well in hand, as they scored
two runs.
In Hie seventh Inning, a bad throw
by Williams to the plalo allowed La
Chnnco and KerrU to cross the plate
and tie the score for Boston.
Wild Pitch Did It
Each side being equal, things went
smoothly until tho first hair of Hi
ninth, when Crlger reached first saf
1y on nil Infield hit. Dlneen passed
him to second by n sacrifice, and
Chivdiro losing control nt this criti
cal stage, made a wild pitch. I'm
ball hitting the press stand, wh'le
Criger was running In with the win
ning tally. .
New York failed to He In their lialf
or Hip gam and lb" pennant went to
the New Knglnnder by a score if Z
to 2.
Tntmann and Winter worp the on-no-lng
pitchers In Hp final rmo
whlcli went the full nine Innings
without a run tM-ing scored. A wild
throw by l.a Chanrp cave thp game
to New York In lb" tenth. Attend
nncf ?N.:,S4. Score:
Bo ton
New Yotk
Dim-en and
Kli now.
Vt York
Winter and
wio Win 2ot S
tint n?n fiuo I f "
C.-lp'-r; Cho tiro an
iitn m.(i mio n 0 4 1
(HNI (l.HI -( 1 14'
iKiran; Putmann and
Season Clord at WMnnto.
Ws liinc!'n. IKt 11-Tl.e
clod In tMs eitr fvlav wl'ti
d'.iill" rfil'T Irf-twecn Wn(.'ti"1l
and fiilad'-'i.Ma. the vt-'t'r wtnnjri?
tbo fr-t and tbe VtrtU the iwiiiil,
T-t.ils.-t-Tt.T-.1ai l- '' ?' 1
Va-.hiurin U-r- 1
Dirt.' n.1 ClarVe; Ar'l-l'-rti'r n1
WaM:.ti'tj " 1'- "
ft-.'-.-t. -Ti.l.ia "
Wo'fe and Ki" W'M'-1 aed
4 WMJt4 K 4JTT

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