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The Beaumont enterprise. [volume] (Beaumont, Tex.) 1904-current, October 13, 1904, Image 4

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s.Hiif l.nuli.. il miIJ ruiiil H'-
la.liMllupl I' 11
TublHi.-a Kn-ry M.iruing If
EntcrpriM Build. hq, 6fumont, Tens
Culi-n-il ( tln v-iuf!lrp In It, a in, a, t,,
a b Mi I "!i.-. Mail M H I.
Ttrm of Subicriptioi.
Ono ytur t' ;"!
Tiirt nmu'li I
Siiii.li) , n r r I 1 1
tSinclu copy
The Enterpril Publishing conpir
ft rot retponnbla for "y detts con
tracted by Iti employe!, of my eh"
cter whatever.
Ill itnollnr minimi will l found II
liiiKihy iirilile I.y Mr. II. II. H-"V
ililnlliliiie fur ri. mil. v Jii'lui- in vlihli
li tii. Ii make il up!" 'l-i' "
county ioiiuiils!.liiiit. lntw ii.h.i n
liirm' iiiiiniiiil of tunney on our mini.
While not Im'Iiik ill II po.-dll'ill In malo-
plitctlclll lIl'IIMIlM fall loll nf I In- mi
t rut h of Mr. Iliiiy's Miin in.
un miiihlli'il Unit It will I"' ti"
trouble to hliow Hint Ills IIkuivh tin-iniHli-iuliiiK
In every hv. Any om
who hits Hi-en the romls IicIiik rnvereii
with Khell Know.. Hint lime Is not li
roiul In the count v (tint Iiiih not lui'l
more tliilll twelve Inelies or shell IHI'I
that I lie prolmlile aveniKe In from hf
teen to twenty-four InelieH, nii.l the
Witllh f tlm roinlH llislellil or lielllK
twelve feet whle ns Mr. Hetty t;iieil
H rrmn lilteen to I Ii lit v reel. Iloweve;'.
ileinoernlH will iiinli'iHtnnd that M'.
Hetty Ih wrlliiiK for polll leal effeel Vid
wu liavi.' no doubt that t lie comity . mil
iniHHioncrM on whom Mr. Itelly lui
Ml Heverely rellecled will hlloW lip l'ie
falsity of Ilia as erlloiiH Just IIS JmlKe
W Ileal exploded his i'linrj;en nhoiit Iho
way the homls wen- lininlleil. Mr.
Hetty will no ipmlil be I alien very
Herloiisly hy Hie repnlilleiins lint dem
ocrats Will ivipilro heller evidence
than hit Iki- nubniltloil IIiioiikIi Hie
ineiliiini of nil liicxperieiiccil hoy who
was tryiiiK to do Hie work of an ex
perh'liceil civil .engineer. K'ir in il
Is known hy Hie public tinil Hi - Hpin
die Top roail has heen rehuill ami l'c
paired with shell.
When (Mr. IIcII.v'h article Is rein I hy
the voters of this county Ihey musl
not fornel that, two of I he commis
sloiieiv ln ill Iik'Kim are republicans.
Mr. C. I.. Nash, one of the coiinly
eoiiiiiiissioners who pill down some
of I he Khell, was postulate!' under
Mr. Harrison and we have never
heard liis Integrity questioned i:i an."
manner. Another commissioner who
Is a republican is Hank ISo-l of I 'oil
Arthur. I tut Ii of these neiillemcn
are Rood Inisini'-s men and have made
excellent, commissioners. Mr. Hetty
may he excused liy his par
ly for adackint; 'r.vr such weh
known repithlicaiis hotau-e he
Into not. heen a clli.on pmi; eiiotiuli to
know anything alionl eonnly affairs.
Of course (he democrats are pleased
that Mr. Hetty's lusilade is directed
at n non partisan lioanl of Minimis
It Is said that apples are miina
to waste in ('mined lent. Almost any
Texas editor will take a lui'Tel or
two on subscription.
The next wisest man to he heard
from I- the one who can invent a ys
tem that will keep railroad men Innii
forget linj; their train oin :s.
The railways of the Culled data's
killed !i.'.is persons and injured 7
217 in the past year. It's no woi.de
that Hie sailor feds the safest on tin
water. An Indian Territory
covered a '"e; M liieh In
on In. II ri i ,1s II.- call
Imu"' and I h.nks ii w ill
I'llil liM.ltal.
nun has dis
s:is is death
ii i lie ' K .i 1 1
j- t that
The San Antonio i:pr.v, :;iv- ilia
It Pom-s that Hie p.ilni.al la np'n--i.
of .tallies .lone., are not ii:,. .i:-;,- :ba:
In- .1 pilir ?..iis a-o It won'. Tit
make any alifla ii-tu a-, t -r tin- a
t-.liators piopb. -i. a'e .in I '
I'lte yar a- loiotlut ', !: v t:e
The f, 1,1. r N, , . II ., I':.
t. t I. re-! ii ii', T..O i a i. in vlo '
a I. .an .-..ii ! : .-e ,n I c-.o
1 1 a" n - I I. '.' ! a I ii.. in' . e
tl-.ll ,.f (... l. 'I ;e v . '1 .m-" ,;
I Im- 1. . I ' . I -
let . ... !','.i!l i' : ' , 1
111. 1 i- 1 .- '..i".
.. V. I f.
N '
i - ' - I,"-
I i ti ' t i -
.' : I i '
. . . .f .-!.- .
! t. J
.fi ' . . .
Wi.ile i l. une.nl lUi BtoiuiiiR the
N. i.lii.T tol.l llmt Mr. It'll),
I .-jo ,l.li tn a imlaUie for rt.ui.l) jielfie,
wiiul.l "I.K-aW ixil" .iu ..nw.ir'
ihioiih ll.e pi. - of Ihil t iiy iH
-..in,- ii.i.k- of hi, iiariiii n lii-iory of
ll.e itti- of Ihe neiniy n.url, I.kI
nil i.l hi. I.y the way. is f"i.
nail i. pi II l-i the ill m 1 1 on of Hie pale
lie at aiiv lime. Ill roni- ll.i i
mere r'n ! Hurl.. a i I :i-ii
i In- . a I iiiiiiiisih.il of liit Mr tuny
villi my. I In tar. Ie'll J('f ''.at
I i-, la liar li.'Ve ! l.lliK '
ihe 1 Islnry Mint Moikllii-'K ol the ISPM h
ll.il. Oil Com; any. hu la. if '
I iflil ly liifoim. .1, '.nl, praiv.i ad far
more Ino-rei-l to lie- vuor ho H
I. mi'.Iiii; to Ihe vadfara a.r Hie a-ailll.l)
th.lll illHiili4 lli! li'.i lia- staiwn hv
I III- conllly ra-a-ain'K III Hit llital'la dH
of JiiU-a Wlia-al a.r Ihe aaniut) murl
- 'i rt Aithnr Nt-vai.
Ilaih-y air Ih" ll'iiisioii .a-w-i III
allium lit i; on liii- fc'aod imul ' iu-va-lilloll
ill It' ioilliolll la'K aiaaa-l-iil In
my Hint it win a IHIill pl'e lai meet
II. -. II. Il mill 'lit liai'ih-il liaa-Ml PM'U
uiii'-i' iti.iii i.nv town in ill'1 .-ti.
Tin' lionhh' wlih Ttaih y If iIikI ,l"
hie ii'l Im i ii in H'-iniiilonl n'liraa the
llllli' he llll 'VT I'l l aoil ainia' of
his 'liiiii; nii'i'ii"' with anir oil com-
A iitlnlvier who Inn Irava led In .la
pan says Hint Ilia- .Inpain -'a' iiii-ra-liattt H
ami Kinall Irada rH are past ma Iit.h
In the art of trickery. We wonder if
iln re were any wooden iiutnii'Ks lak
I'll to .la pa ii a I ion l the time Hint Com
moilorc I'erry opened that aoinitiy to
. heiiellrcnl Ilifllll'lli'i'M of our cl.'ll
Mil 'on.
Th Knulish tnllllaiy ciIHch seem to
'Ink that Kuropalkin's foiwanl
movement menus that lie Is pull Inn
hi, head in Ilia- lion's Jaws while the
Kurt Worth Itecord snuuast a hear
trail. In any event Kiiropal kin will
likely have a hard lime In explain
how It happened.
t.Mr. Mirsky (he new Russian minis
ter or I lie Interior Is kept very hil-y
readiliK pel il lolls for ri'forins. lie
will liiid liial much more I'oiinenliil
than doilninn deadly homlm ami the
more pel II Ions he uranls tin; hetlcr
his health will he.
Mr. Ho'iin's support or .Indue Park
er cannot he described as hciun
iviinii ciioiikIi to he placed in the Ta
hasco Mince class. In his last spoerh
he made it very plain that lie only
favored Parker because he Is u little
litter than Roosevelt.
A .Methodist minister in the Rnck
River conference ill Illinois gives it
as his opinion thai (lirtiiiK in church
Is all Huhl as il attracts people to a
Kin a I place who would not. other
wise. That preacher evidently lias
heen there himself.
The dispatches report thai, the Rus
sian soldiers acted like sell. ml hoys
when it was announced that Hie army
was to take Ihe offensive. One can
easily believe they acted so from
Ihe way Ihey had lieen minima all
It Is reported that Hie Indiana edu
cators are aroused over Hie need ot
paying more attention to reading,
writing. spelling ami arithmetic.
The old lime educators always laid
slra'ss on the value of Hie three R's.
The Oil City Herrick says that
Thomas W. J.awson is known in the
liusines, world as a squealer, whieli
we suppose means that v. hen a man
gets skinned he should tnlii Ins inedi
cine without a whimper.
Twenty live deaths have occurred
lro, drinking had wliiska-y in one
New York saloon. That disproves the
Mis-oui ian's statement thai "tlier air
no had whiskey: just some what's
better than others."
It i-, n-poi-.a'd that Hie bankets at
Tailor ate working oionitne taking
car.- of Ilia- money Hie fatiueis a'c ale
ItKunm We won, hi- what won!. I
bale liai"-m.l it Hi'' atits had a -ate:i
,:li the boil we. lis .
I'a'ii. Nation U h I'ott. d ," bi
ll, i, -I br San Aiifin" h- s ,.
t.. ,1,. a l.t'le . ! ri'iir j.
.... u Il" bl about t :. -. ,-.ig
,,. ,. ,-, iii -t . ia i . I": ria r in
l .i'- a ai i;:'-
. .
Mooic Huntirg.
T! r.- i a '' - on i'i ' at:.' ' i. '" .-: '
, -,,.' I , -II a Itltu' '"'. ! : 'a- la- 1
; .. i: .... I - a II a.f -b I'"- -1." '-
-n 1'
. a
SATN ttLL1 IT rOR Lf??
li:AS MHKS i
Sjtu hra.is-. a u.au .ri.iu Hi tl
I i. M il i IVai si". h'"i
M.. .iaiiiu i li l- alia .i i...; la t ir
ll-IU Ul'lr ll.e fill -i. K"i
I. ti.a.l catia-lal ill lie- an. I col
I j. M..-.I. I.H'llj Ha !
; li-piltala l.
V i.i, i.a mail laMHi'-.! I'laiali Wilson
a ipi.ad a lar ai ill" "l null
.l.!-.ll lalt ir.am Maft Hi lal
a.itiut; inaa hliii ly ai"l ! '!. M ni"'
T; e j -ar a.:l .. l-:lll r "f Cl..arla
.a !.i:ii. a pn.-pelus Ijrin. r r sid-i-.C
nai.ir 1 1 tl. loai.el ill i.a lii a
...11,11 Mail lilll. I.j:ie la''" iu
1.11, U lllli'l to ala alll
't I,. l.llll.M l C.llUlli: Moll l.rala ra-al
iliii lie lii.lf & Inlar. lata- Company
i ball la- kall.pt Ira-Ill ll.e aiMiallol
,.? .oll.lll.kl IV laHlf. isna-al I.y Ilia
aa iiiiiilxstim lai apply I'e'nll fica-.
sia-,1 rir,- ami ria - pr.i-li n. mi l tf. e-I-.
,- ii. lol. i r I J.
A. n f.-ali:lll 111.111 "1 l"lshl"'''
II 1'iuMii l- iienta-. a I IWII ilv "ile HoUl
C. V. Ilaai. M'-X . II " ''" ".' ;
im and .innk ; i i.n KoKiii.iit ' '"
i:ial ll' TlJ rillai. 11.11. HIK injnr.eH frV
V Ilia ti If. al.l il.
Thara' will a llia'Hlig 'f Hie stli'al
car linn whaa l..il la en niiKliUlni'lii;
1,1.1. u -is linlllgerilleil
11'.- ,..- I..." .. . -
I lis Ug'l lg.lins Iha- llallistaill .StriH l
Car Couipanv. Tlo y ,llii i i ly l-l.ir
a , 1 it on. I'n ldi ll Wa si was in Hi'
a hair Of conr-a. ih'- si ilka- has lia-i-n
la-uarala-il iis la-t I.y ni'isi persons
i-'iice M'-or Hay. Many of their f.vni-
ntliii iH mid eva-n m niliei ra-a-o.
u'xa'il 1 hat fitvt. Th's ad lam ends lli i
exlsta nea aif the local llllhill of .sla'i e'.
rar employis.
Cnpt. Halley. loaiMtig Into H10 fa-asl
Idllly of Ihe linvlgalloii of the (iitadn
li:pf River, Is nt Cm ro. and will g
. skih to Victoria, l iking soundings
lii. he giM's. after wlich h" .'an arrivi
defln ta ly ns to whi-Hn r t'nero Is the
liead of navigation i.r mi. .Mr. Ott-i
I uclii'l Is showing Capi. I'aih'y Hie
points of Interest then-, and Itl'.f
i spi clal y Hie dam across the rive"
at tin- Hiichcl pnwa-r mid iirigalioii
plant, which Is Ihe most Important
piece of work, along the a-nlire Klri'.im
While two hoys named .1- Kondu i.m1
O. Itliin. about 2 years old. were hunt
lug near Castrovillo, ihe gun got out
of order and in trying to remedy it
O. Itliin win shot in the lundi. Tin
wound Is 11 very ycriotis one as th'
I nl Iff Htrttrl; the spine, cam-'ng cmi
plete paralysis of the lower half 0
Ihe liody.
Joe Hloeker. 1el Whitehead am:
Pack Melanie who were tried hefoi
Cniti'd Stales Commissioner Htinen"
i.t I .a (irange, upon a charge of t o'i
Ling the posltdllce al Clay, Tex., gave
hoiid in the sum of 57.10 each tmiwait
the action of the Kederal grand Jury
In the ease of .lames Van House,
vs. the Inlernationnl Croat N'oilheri
Railroad, wh'ch has been 011 trial for
r. week in .indgo Surrntt's court a
Waco, th" jury brought in n vir-lia-lor
Hie defemlaat. Th" ilainliff asl
r(l for damages in the sum of $10, nil''
alleged thai while an engineer in tin
employ of the company he was per
naneiilly injured hy a post helm
placed too near the call of his engine.
The cnao was stoutly rontesl.ed hy
both parlies.
Representatives of Hie San Antonio
.; Aransas Pass Railway Company
are expected in Austin o surrender
the last hatch of bonds of thai foni
piny which the commission had de
clared lo havo heen Illegally issued,
'i here are about $."0.nntl of the bonds
et In lie destroyed, which is qitiio
small when compared to the original
amount ordered burned. The com
Muslim held that $l.a.r.fi.nMi of I lit.
bonds of said company had been ille
gally issued in violation of the stock
and bond law in net heing submitted
lo '111(1 approved by Hie commission,
and Ihe idonlicnl liniids wore ordered
I -. he surrendered and destroyed. The
ii.inpiiuy answered that it would cfni
ply. ami has been buying ami hnruinu
iv, Ihe exact bonds condemned by the
Dr. K. L. I latin, dentist, and a mem
lir of one of lite iiinsi prominent f:iui
il'a':; in Hento'i. was found dead in
'tis (dliee, n gun which lie had been en
gaged in eletin tig. lying by his shh
and an ugly wound in his breast
caused hv he gun's aecidi'lilal dis
charge. c
I. ike Charles has engaged Pel. I
Warsaw, ot N York, as Raldd. The
1 ongri i'.at on has been recently uruan
i: eal. and has built a ta'tiipli' i'l
i.orship. The letuple w ill be aled ia-a' e-'
M-m at'ir 1 In- atri'.ai of Rc . Warsaw.
I av til l.iii-Mi- a w hite lnn't. -iged "a1
i,ni -imii;itii,I Miicida- at H011111.1.
!. slieo'i.iU hltllM 'f '11 till' llia'llHl will
-. .blllble b..l'1' l shotmill. on I. iHle I'illl
.,,, l.it-et', 11,1s a liiugi'i'inan and
a 1- .11 o. .., t li s :a ! II Hi
l.a .i'l V h. i' It, i ao : 111 it t 1 l'n- t.
I II Will , . ITIli III a.f N w
I. a iw ha- r.-'na-1 as .n-n la-j a.
: I . Pi 'l;'. - - ' l.a a-te ai S't. i i'" 1
11 , : 1 I In -mb, and ."
v . -1 .
PI, ' I, ;'.- a . ar p. -Ill r an ' V". tin '
1 -t ,. ; v. . li''.. 11 I" It S
.,. S -, -. !'" VI an 1 11, I
li s I f. t- V ' ' -,
r- - . t 'I ' -,"le'" I I""- ' '-'
,. . .a.a-t a ! .. 1 1
1 : : '
--. - .- :, .- - K. t'-..-
v . -t . .1 :- -t -'. .. ' -
. .. .. . - .t. IL. v.:i- i' '
-. . ' l . ai : 'a T-
,1 -1- l-.l
Tine CloUKcwfi-(-f
Beaumont's Best Clothier, Furnisher and Outfiter
i. -inlK. Tliev tlien Hlarle.l ,lovv,it ov.ii
;,ml met I'M" Gayiio.'. th" Vai',l..ias!er
mill lobl him v.'ual llivy ha 1 tl n". ai'.'-l
tliev warneil him not to employ any
11,01'v nee.ro.s in .lie .van I at Ins peril.
Cavuo:- tobl them Hint lie luul no autli
uriiy to i-i".y wlia! kiml 't' li '. r
slioubl be employeil in the nKl.'o:n.
vanls li-i'i'. ami Hint he won I I ::o ar.i,
Ii b'Krapli Siipei'ilitemlent Aeirle;. rur
ii, st i iu I 'iiiih. A:-, (iaynor i-i.irml in
vanl the f!-ei;:lit ilepol. hi'l'e tin; te!o-.-.rapll
i:!!ire i.- l.ieak-i!. so.iie oae in the
ne.v.'il threw a rock him vh'rii
slriiek him on the :i"i-.l ami i'"1'' v
l iilecl him. ;-uiK'r..n einii .n Mo'. !, y
.Viis leleutaiill' :1 to i-llii w.vi A'' '1'1
fieol'wio Neai I.- Iiotil'v ' k ' eily ,l..lll"l
ilies to proier-t tlif1 p-r,;ir-i'i v of tin
railreiul coinpany a'r'l i'l. ir !i.e 1'i'ont
.satiit. Yar.Imaster ('..: imr -.
t.r,ort'.! Iio fssaiil!"'i bi:n ' ill the
!-ocU ami v. ill ralke ai!:,l;i . t ; ;,--.:i 1 1
-.im ami law- kit:- a-r. ste l ia ika-
in-.e. The y irilni.e.i r I: s j: !''
'If, eliim if ike '.''el. rail-o:;-'
:-,i iv by ha' iui. "i 'toes in hi-. ';!!'
I , j,,, in ilefi-ns . tl-a! ! lo eni
n-uroi s in tin' i'iip!"v t 'h-- .ii ''"'.-i-
hen In- cam- here. .W-nt N'ea ''' ':
i,;l ill e.lil- , !,!!. 'lire a f t'.n ii'' '
'ia'p:!il t r mi - iv. Ta a'.'ia' ." S.. i'-' "
Hia-ra' that iii -bl.
TI'.' I'I'' i Pa'.-t t'.ia.Il:' '"'I 1
. -: i.m in i'a'.iii V. :"'. V . ::
.,-..,! to l'o!-ti'-l I'll ' Sa ''i
'. a-al! a a i. n . . in ion .." a- '' v "' ' '
i Slo-. i, .- -t oi ' i i" -.:
!.,. l.a- 'lea l '.' ,. a
:-- 1 .'"'Hi ra'r.-'t
!l 1 j: I'i i' : i I'.' ' '' '' '
, :e- a' I! . :- a't". ' - ' '
. .,, -. 1 -V- :!; .! '' - ?' " '
. .1 in a - -' ;"' 1 '''
I . ;.! .-. . ;,f. T - f'!- '
t. -i-i i.a'ik. I'l'
1,1. .
1 1
: S ' ' i
I. It ,;
Will You Be Ready
the First CoM Snap Comes ?
-A ... v .
" !-.'
'Drop in art! Let
of the Peaie ol' the Si'C,iiii "'ar,i of
y.i. Mar! in Pari1-;!!, vice ('. 1- Water
hi.'use, i'i sipii 'il. I- A- y 'iiii'i.a, Cn
rilable of tile Saea.;il Wl'fil of k-t. M.u'
; u Parish, i ice V.'t". .V.inyiir, rc:-'ii::ieil.
N. r. pec(ie.'!. Sapi rvisur aif Ki' i'tioll
of SI. .r)i"i i'ai'i.s'u. vieo liimself, term
jiireil. .1. Aiih'ii- islamhi. a Notary
l-'ibM" for Ike Parish of l.ai'oun he.
Kx.v'iia!"!' !'"i!" Isoii (' oai ry is unite
:!i a! his hot,.-' oil l!"rilia I'ainlat.ion.
h.'ii i'l'.mi-lin. I'i'. i'.iiK'f.!. ! loiisa- :5ni'
i i tin- fha-itv Itospiia!. of New
Oil. -i'l! . will as..i.-l ill Ir'hiiu;;- a coii
: ni' :: ion.
Mrs. 'i'. Tl. ! I hv ami. air i'i' ltiklin's
i iiie . I ;,u,l 1'..'. I .' "e ivi al -it i.i'lis.
..(-lioasiv i:-H :i!!l. ac.viiv? to h'"'
a haiie -ii a;. . ! i'tieiids fa-ar t hat
.-' ,- w''l i'i,,' rally.
('al e i.i'illllM! Iii.s ta, '.'li:i hv "ttiUP of
l.i- pli.a'a I- . in:' i li-' si a em a'nlly opei'.s
:,'i'-i" t!i" "' b. i.ii.'ti "II will be III
; i-l-i .1 . (b .,- i Y :'i. ,- w il II tl-l'lll.
, ; ti",- 1 1 ' i !!! to 'I,' ia sa.e i'l" r.
t'l i-'.-iit I.. !-. T'."'L- "f fie .-v
('i-i ails r. r-i ' -..i ( , '." r. a'laeii'n-r. 1
Il-Pt the '!"'- a"1!-- .il -' "! leet.i-
,.. t; , i.- i-i-v'-i.-,! fo'-iiie rri.-c"-
i.l ie-i "I 'n' r 's v '!' i " "o'ii '' t : .
-i'l.;.. 't , - ,o
v. -:t 1 1, v'i ' - -!" :r. 'leVi::!i j
1 1 ,- t a Tn S 'i" !' ra l:-';- .
tv. I - r .' ' -i i' :'' '1 a .". j
. .. , -i'-. '.. 'ti : ..-,;:,!. ill :l"'l !
'v'. ! :- -i ; ..I. - :: -!" 1
' a... I. in,!' l :!,-.. .! :5, I
i k lit ' i i '' '
: .... 1 a ' I-
I.- "'
... I.-.,,-.
Of will you find It necessary lo hustle around
hit or mlss-and buy your cool weather Sull,
after every one else has picked out Ihe choicest
Don't make this mistake. Select Fall Clothes
early. Your common sens? tells ycu it Is the
wiser pfan. You get the best your money will
buy, and yoo rct ihe full limit of season's wear
tot no greater cost. Besides this, ycu fortify
yourself against suddn changes In weather
that come in the Fall. Ve sell the
Hand-Tailored Clothing
Mode by Schloss Bros, a Co., Baltimore
There's nothing bstter there's nothing as good.
When a man puts on a Schloss Suit he feels and
knows that tvery detail of the cut, make and
finish is correct.
The picture shows a particularly slylu.h Suit for
up-to-date young men. A merchant tailor
would charge $60 for a Suit of like quality,
character and appearance. We can fit you
better, with more swagger, sn.ippier clothes,
at $25. We also have lower grades-look
equally as well--
SOME AS $ f fl
Us TalK it Over
L.to rouslabouls. There wil! be .".an
;n tlie Iirs.1 i iiiTMM! ;i t I'm and other,-,
v. ill follow. Tlii-iv has keen ; rouble
"till Ihe negroes, for seseral weeks.
K'-orv fall of late wlnai ilie eotion be
t rill lo m ile the rolls! about K b: Lyill
(ii-niatnliiii; 1 1 Irvl . wi'.'i". I'mm rea
sonable MiS'ii t In have (lmi'ly i!e
i .iiii'leil per day. ll'ia!,iii. iln-ir
;.''!icps were inipr";'nabl The I'dirind
v as refused and the t ram pei i-ii ion
rumnnnies deleriiiined lo oust tin
tovs Shctitd Have Hichcr Ambition
Th?:- to Sirrply "Hold a Job."
Vke Yoakiitn llearbl says:
The llevald has eve- advoca.ed the
lu-rrss!!;,- nf .1 boy leai tlin a ! lia i".
!!, 1" b" oi.'-bi to 'im, v.- liov I,. ,o
rimi't'tei:;. Tiiiifn of I'ti i 'l"-ii - i o" e
t i 'a ai -ly i ieri'iiti''s !;iV. '1 1; n !i
"!,oi!l l i-ii"w how to !! t mi! an I t-.ni
:.t, kern st !; i: a. '.( ! ha- ibis l.imn '
e.lue il sai'i s- liii'i I'ra'iii Miitii ai' a--i
r.ssa''-:!' .- en 1 t, i;i,,'a' ton . i- ,b:
".11 'US.
!!tii th'-iv is -.noiliar s;d,. of '.',
l-.i'.ii-: for a j-b" pi'- .;i"-''t :"ii. il. r1
bie. .-; a''. a-:i p!:a-l'1!!i: I"" sil'oii---.- --..t
i-ir-- rf oia ,. ,.f i";:eliii a j..b. M; t t--,-:
: 1 o-- -diai .!! !. li'i-y. N k ": js '
vor-e I''-- a ! "v ..r ail' .Mi" ' '!
1 , .. i. 1 .. I Pit a laov I,.. .
i.'r.-.i u 'ah a li:i.! -r av,'- i,' i t's '
I ;,! j - I". I, ;-;. , t 1,11'.' -a
; ,',. s . ! "i- ;r he '! ; -' lie- i- n !
I.' -! - a ti ' ;. - le-t ;":d 'ii!"
. ! .. ;., i. ', ' . a f-.
, ;.'l '! -i; i ' -!", '' ! ',., '
I , I ' .;- .. I . ' ' !
' i Vi a ''" ! " 1 ! '
, -a.;! . ': -"'I ! a- 'i-.. v !
., -. - T-. : . - . ' -. 1 1 a 1
. uk arM.t IT r ' Lr-
OUT: j2 J "W
For I'lesideiil:
l''or Viae President:
Statu and District.
l'Ui- Congress: ;
.M. ly. MIOOCKS.
i or (loveiiior:
For l.ieiui'iiaiit-tiovernor:
;i:o. u. KiiAL.
For Conipt roller;
.iw;t. i . ft i ivi iir.iikj.
i'i):- Stati Tivasurer:
Fur Com. tb ii'l j.aml Otlico;
J. J. TintKKl.L.
For Attormy (ieiieral:
li. V. a.AV.'D.SDN.
For Sitpt. I'lililic Instriictitfli:
! u ffii;st'S.
For llailroad t:llu'"i'ino:
Al.l.iSON MAVl'lKI.D
Fo,- Associai" Jus. Supreme Ct.:
T. .1. IlitOWN.
F ir Judae Ct. Criminal Appeals:
M. -M. llll'jOKrf.
For Assoi-iatu Jus. CI. Civil Alipuals:
I or K -inv eat ivo:
.M.T!:u A. MY KICK,
i .-r Fl.trai .tnilje:
i. l:. !!!.!l'iOVKi!. Jr.
1 'T C.'-:i:i v .ii! I-'-:
!). P. V. IIKAT.
i',' Cana'if- AtloI-aa-.V :
Fi r r:. trii t ('lark:
... IP i YK IN. Sr.
F- r Ca.'illty CI--:-;.;:
For ?!,( iff:
! ' T Tax Co!!"t'r;
!:. I). KKN'T.
i 'i.i-. At --or:
! i Co: Ti'v Tr as'i-' r:
V r I' :' ' v S'lfi'-vn?'-
S I'M KKNl'I'lTi.
- . .-'..-. ('ii1 Mi l"-'ruf-tion:
M I.. M'KUiT.
! ' J . ' . ;).a P. x rf ;
ii ; t!tii i:i:.
s w ho!.:;i:s.
-(--,-., ... .
V M.'.Y i:THAM.
- St. U-u" Csto'ic
1 f l'"-"f.
- ' ; ; .' 11 .- ,--i'c t I..N'
.,. 1 --w -f.
' . ... f .,f 1 ,,
) t. -.i f r. i ,.rr

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