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NO. 17.
Repeated Failures of Assailants to Hold Footings Gained
in Inner Circle of Forts by Reason of Artillery
Fire Raises Question of How Long
Ammunition Will Last
SI. Petersburg, Oct. 13 Ron. Sloes
scl. commander of the Russian troops
ut Port Arthur, telegraphs that, tlio
Russians recently recaptured Signal
Hill. Ho adds that tho Japanese are
bombarding tho Inner fortress with
new hat lories ntid that the bombard
ment Is becoming more and moro vio
lent. SI. Petersburg, Oct. 13. in tho midst
of anxiety and suspense involved in
the ureal fight, south of Mukden, cornea
nls:i tho first, word in many days from
Iho defenders of Port Arthur. While
Ceneral Sioossel's report of the condi
tion of affairs at Port Arthur is no
later th.iu October 7, it, shows that the
pnrrlsnn at that t'me was in unim
paired spirits mauing a heroic defense
npainst a series of the most bitter
nssaulls in nil the history of sieges.
Closeness of Fighting.
The closeness of the fighting, and
the deadly character of the attacks and
counter attacks are shown by the fact
that both sides are using hand gren
ades, anil that the Japanese, after a
bloody capture of Signal Station Hill,
were unable to hold the position in the
face or tho fire from the fortress. The
repented failure of the Japanese to
hold a footing one gained in the circle
of uinar forts is received with consid
erable satisfaction as indicating the
f-iiill with which tbe defenses of Port
.Arthur were arranged, the main line
of forts suportimr each other so as to
render any one position almo.it certain
ly iiali liable, even if temporarily cap
tured by an enemy. Hut the reckless
ferocity of the assaults by an over
whelming force of Japanese seem to
make it certain that Port Arthur can
oi.ly bo bob by an immense expendi
ture of ammunition, and it is becoming
a. serious ones! ion with the authorities
bow lung even tbe great supply known
ti. ex'sl in Hie fortress can last in Un
lace of (he Japanese attacks.
Mortars in Position,
The most serious feature of General
Stressors report from a strategical
point of view is the fact that the Jap
anese have got a m::rtar bjttory in
pi.silio.i to bonr on the Inner fortress.
Kioporor Nicholas held a council of
. war lodav. at whhh it is be. loved the I
, r.ppi.intniont i.f (icneral Kuropatkin to
lo ooininaiiilor-incliiot fit the t.;reo: in
M:iin bmia was decided on.
Damage Was But Slioht as Result of
Japanese ShcM.
Die Foo, Oct. 1.1. 7 p. m. Local
Russians confirm the report that the
Russian battleship ivetzivan was re
cently bit by a she!! from one of the
new big Japanese guns, but they cla'm
that tho damnae was slight. Two sail
firs were hilled. Another shell burst
mar the Russin.i gunboat C.ilink, kill
ing her commander anil Injuring oth
ers. Tho Russians admit that tho
new .liiiiat'ose guns fnrhnisly threaten
tho barber ami docks. Thev lielieve.
however, flint tbe squadron at I'o'-l Ar
thur will remain 'ns'do tho tmrlmr un
til the arrival of the Baltic fleet.
Fiercer Than Liao Yang.
Mill ilea. Oct. 1.. Tbo battle south
of 'fii p'lre continued throughout
Wednesday with over increasing fury.
,i ,,,,t ,,f d.-HM-ratr-tif-'.K. bravery
and Ii1mn1.-,i d. It excels even the
brittle fit Liao Yang.
To:.rd evening tho .t;ipan-w r
'iMntiily num"d tbe fifTi-nsivo The
tic t rintinu lodav with nnaliat'-d
f'irr v'd d'ternvti ion.
P i now ibo fi'inii dry of tbe bat
tie. !
Russians Retiring.
f..'io rv-i i:. 1 p. m It Is r'pvrt
t l i'm the Ri-iti am r't irnc
jil.ifi" tV- iv'T" fr"it. and fat the
m. -r l.ffi- n lur-iln i fir.l.li'r
fiit.i'iw. nil't Ti"ir- i-nn lit"
1m n f f l 'e'.-d l,V 'lie J;i f ih tl -'.
CCturfJ Tl-irty Glf"l
T..t it (i-i. i. 4 i m f;Ti
lis. i-.r-'l it' fn- I.''!-'l;n
n.;.; ! a Hi's' "f 1-Vim' '.'
Ol ti
I- If.
.!;! :e
t- :
lf J
Mikado's Forces Place Batteries of
Eleven-inch Mortars to Drop Shells
Into the Inner Fortress.
Weather Cold.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 13. General
Stoesscl's report, to the czar, which is
dated October !, is as follows:
"Tho Japanese, having increased the
number of their guns against the north
trout, commenced an approach against
that section oi the fortress the night
oil October 1, but were stopped by
"Tho .Tnpanu'9 thvn directed their
attack on the extreme right flank,
assailing Signal Hill, which is situated
near the sea, and commenced an at
tack from Siakgu Hill. Having dis
placed our sharpshooters, the Japan
ese occupied Signal H'll. At daylight
Signal Hill was shelled by the Russian
a-tillory, after which companies drove
of. the Japanese and rooecunied the
P'jsK ion.
"The Japanese are using explosives
enclosed in boxes provided with Riek
i'rrd fuses, which they throw like hand
grenades. Our garrison is success
fully employing similar weapons.
"Our indefatigable hen), Kondra
tcnU.i, is continually inventing fresh
moans of striking tbe enemy. The
troops continue to show heroism, the
v (muled returning to the ranks full
oi ardor."
Under date of October 7 General
Sioessel reports as follows:
Eleven-inch Mortars.
'The 'Japanese have organized fresh
batteries to bombard the inner for
tiess. One of those batteries is com
posed of eleven-inch mortars. Tho
bombardment is becoming more vio
lent every flay. l lie enemy Has re
ceived reinforcements of sever bat
talions. The weather is cold."
Bagged Twenty-five Guns.
Tokio. Dei. l::. Hvt ning. Tho lat
est teiegranis from the front indicate
tho continuance of Japanese success.
(General Oku's left army alone bagged
twenty-five guns.
The Russians made two desperate
counter attacks against the J panose
left, but were repulsed with heavy
The Japa.ieso rommanders. in their
Kf eclu-s. g ve expression to their ad
miration of the valor tif the ..ussians..
The Manchiirlan headquarters, in a
telegram sent lodiy. toportn as fol
Since tho list r'Hirt. our right army
has been f fiiitiniuna a vigorous pursuit
of tl.e enemy toward the north.
The roliimn which a dispatched in
Ibe din ftton of Sh hor-hiao Ton. to lu
ll foept ibe ri'tpm "f 'he enemy fnm
I-tihdiii. eotitinneK i;s oH tationK.
Tho renirnl army rotniinio it n at
tick on the Rn-i8ii. and experts to
ciiiy Hie imp lM-twM-n Tung Shankou
J II. I Mm M;i ku t'i lay. The e.i-
ftuv in thit. direction aum-ared to
tit ront nuoie-iy i:ntil lu-k lin j
f-vtiing. I
The nm,'w rf enn cap'tired by tin
r ii'er eolun n A 'be ) fi artnv j
tt. in-'d of -i if i . pre iminlv
Ti e r rM w'tiE .f tbe titer cdiinin
! ti,-- b f limit r-hfi'iirxi lu't f i.
Attacks Verjr Daring.
Tl'- i-ri-.Ti' two ceiT't.-r h"urt
n ti-i 'in- ' r-t. r i:ttifi 'b- ' f '
-in-- w;i vmv i:r;:: Im' He...
ill. r .n'" I wi'ii I" ii f d-'T!
r- toi
1 i. v
t 1 f-;
- -r, i
r -r f
i. s-
. ,1 h , r
- t
!; tv f r .
f '!, ). f-
n -. w f '
f- -. r- iie ttiI.I
.r -:i-i-
? I !.'
in r
li ii- - a?.- f-
ill: I! If
Alio Advocates Election of Senators
by Direct Vote of People Wheel
ing's Reception to Henry C.
Davis Was an Ovation,
Wheeling, V. Vu., OA. 1.1. -David
H. hill Injected a new argument Into
tho Democrat Ic campaign tonight, u
coiitlemnat Ion of "government by In
junction," and the ilcniuud lor a law
grunt mg u Jury triiil to persons li. id iu
con! unlit of court for tile violation of
a restraining order of u federal jud
The announcement, which was accom
panied by a full explanation, was
git-eled with tremendous applause.
Mrs Hill recited the history ol the
use of the injunction in labor disputes,
tu.tl the difficulty of finding an ade
quate remedy. He told of Introducing
and secur.ng tliu passage of a bill
through the senate In 18114 to this end.
Ho then recited the Republican oppo
sition in the house of reprosoniaUves
since that time, which w-as the ground
toi making the question it pr.rty Issue,
to he called lo the front at this lime.
He declared that a man had u right
to quit work when and where he
"The position of the Democratic
party fin Hie subject is right," he con
cluded. "A Democratic national vic
tory will mean the enactment of the
measure mentioned, and government
by injunction, as here explained, will
no longer exist.'
Another argument was also made by
Mr. Hill, the election of United State
senators by the direct vote of the
Two Meetings Necessary.
Wheeling's reception to Henry G.
Davis and party of compaigners made
it. necessary to hold two meetings to
night. The speakers were put to work
ir. both places, and interchanged, so
that both ttitdieiiv.es heard Davis, Hill.
Senators Bailey and Daniel and former
Governor Whyte. National issues
wore discussed by all, and the onlhii
slasm kept i pace with the size of the
Prior to the meetings, marching
clubs, armed with torclies and red fire,
paraded the streets, and an elaborate
escort was furnished the candidate
"hmii his hoi el lo the meeting.
The Davis special will remain here
over night.
W. J. Bryan .iveighs Against Presi
dent's Martial Spirit.
Kokomo, Rid., Oct. IS. In his
speech here today, W. J. Hryan re
ferred to President. Roosevelt, as fol
lows: "I am not willing to risk new ques
tions if we have a warlike spirit in
the white house; a man who loves
war and has military enthusiasm
whim brought .to decide between
peaceful and warlike means may
choose the more violent and involve
us in a great war. If you wait to
know what may come in four years
remember what occurred in Ppin
where one country was helped to se
cede from another by warlike moans
with the assistance of the president
of the United States. Would the
president have taken tho panic moans
against Germany or England, I do
net want this doctrine of war in Hie
white house; I want peaceful pro
gress." Bryan's' Itinerary.
Indianapolis. Ind.. Oct. 13. W. J.
Hryan's ocia train hearing a num
l,er of the Indiana denim-ratio leaders
including several candidates . on the
ttat"s ticket, loft Indianaixilis today
f .r tho second day's sMfh making
In Indiana. The schedule included
fnufcno? at Noblosvillo. Tipton, I'cni
Okomo. Hungiincton and Fort Wayne.
In iMfc-hf. at Vofilesviiip nT
To.fr.n .Mr tfrvan followed the Ttnes ' I
of bl RfKkvillo r.nd Indiaiiarvdi
iwwh'n yostordav.
rdliy large crowds.
Ho was rt-ir-
Aud ence at Fort Wayne Biggest in
City's History.
Foil Wlvni'. Irnl . tut. 1.1 Ti e
cri;w-H whiih rr"-ted w. J. TV van a'
" iri"-tiriE in Pr nrii rink toiiirbt
frfflti'ied tti. .vTid rtar of
'! ft" -ii 'r t'.nr 'if Ind una. t
" trvi-t i vi r tt li'.-d at a jriU-
i t ii. imflomi , in U if Wavn"
n h-nir " t'r- ft: 'ifh iirbt nr'i-'-..ifcii.-l
v I i ti -a. ..rt'-il 1.. tin-fitf-r
-.I mnf o ! I d'l rriv-d. '"
'''-ir wif" tn frr4 n wao tbe
In t- t'nn'
, n-i I,.
-e it ft
f.S.i'r. .T F'il- P Itif
II"' ft '' '1 f ' f ' i
ml ffatiM-I W ? fn 'if Ij
No appreciable progr.' has
been Uisdtt ill the projected ad
vance souihwurd of I bo Itutislnil
truiy under (b-u. Kuropaiklu
luce tint iulilul Kiif'fffcii of Iho
movement In (he rupture of Petit
kiupuue. KigliiluK of the hum
Sltlhboiu description combine
along the entire front. Field
Miiri-bul Oyauia reports ilie tap
lure of thirty gun from die Rus
himiH uud claim distinct sue
rosso In forcing the KuhhIiiis lo
retire from some of their ad
vanced positions, (ion. Kuropat
kill's roHirl lo Kmpefor Nicholas
Is com bed In guarded terms and
claims nothing iu Hie way of ac
complished roMilis.
KoNirts from lint Russian mill
Inry coinimindor at Port Arthur
show thai the Japanese have
brought a shell lire lo hour upon
Hip Inner fortress. The garrison
Is reported to be hopeful of the
outcome of Iho siege.
Pavs His Respects to Mr. Roosevelt,
and Says One! Can Scarcely En
ter the W hi tie House and Not
Stumble Over Bear Skin.
Underwood, Val Oct.
13. From Fair
mont lo Wheeling! was l- alegrouuu
today of Henry (J .Davis, democratic
vice presidential candidute, and hit
ti.rps of campaigners. Semitor Hailej
of Texas joined the party today, and
li to' continue as tine of the speaker
for two days, until the arrival at Park
trsburg. He will overtake the part)
again later, alter filling several othei
soeakiiiii engagements.
The special will remain at wneeimg
for tho night.
At Mannington. -he center of Hit
W'tst Virginia oil rcirtonu, the clti.em
ai.semD.eu en masse u near me uein
coral ic orators, and the schedule wa
s. short that it was extended to doubli
the time.
Mr. MoGraw followed Mr. Davis
both discussing state issues.
Bailey in the Whirlwind.
Senator Uailey then toon, up th
work, ad made his first speech in th
v hirlwind enmpaign. After discussiiu
tiio effect of Republican rule on na
ticnal taxation, he turned attentio,
lo President Roosevelt. On the lirs
tuple lie concluded that ibe govern
rent could do nothing lor the peop.i
until the people had first done some
thing lor the government. In payliu
high-salaried officials their money, urn.
having them pay it bacit to the citizen
there was danger, lie said, thai some o
:t would slick to the Sogers of the ofli
President Roosevelt, lie said, hu
spent more in yachls for his own pi.
vate use, ami for making repairs at th
V, bile House, than it hail cost to rut
the whole executive department of th
government under President Jacksoi
"He has taken down the venerabl!
signs of revolutionary age, and tin
emblems of progress and peace, an
replaced them with embelms of wa
anil tin chase. No longer hangs th.
picture of the gentle lady on the wall
It his been taken down stud sold fo:
obi furniture, utul in its place the rilb
nd the bear skin is bunging todaj
Going into the Vhiie House, you wll
have to take tare, or you will stumbli
over a lion's head, the leopard's hid
or the tiger's skin.
President Roosevelt,' Mr. Raile
ciutinuod, "lias denounced ever
p-osiden that ever preceded him up t
the war times. Since that lime, h" i
afraid l hey may have some livin
fiiend to vote against him."
Si rator i.uvis had lioiloil down in.
.ei ialisi ic issues for a tw-o minute,
talk. The Philippines, ho di-o'arei
have so far cost the United Stale
I ?ij'o.oni.ooo more than fifteen True
Ibe onibined slate dolus of Virg'iii
jand West Virginia.
"Ix)!: over there at .at stagnat.
'U'l," ho COIItiniW il. ' atld Wateb til
l.dixiles turn into frogs, and ..i-n gar
Hi to Wasbiiiglon and wal ll Presidel:
! IjiKeve t turn ibe
! I 'jJ'-s into imiierialis
Ropiilillean tai
.tie frogs, ind th
was mil of seve:
II: st jump tln v t'Hil.
I t lioio-Mfld lil ies."
At Mannington Mr. iavi n i bis ea
I during lie- s;i-tiliTiz end mingled w it
'lb" irowd. .hakifig i, amis an I di-tril
lit -ne rampaien I nitons In tbe r hiMre
id tl,o sebil. who bad cultured t
tt.-t him.
W- int'on. ll C. O't. II
Forveast : Tm' Fair
Friday and Ha'nr'Iay.
lymi-ina -- Fair Friday ard
S"iri!it: !it'b nofh'-ai-t wii.-l .
Ijt-t lnai Fnir Friday afH
Sanrday- ff--h -a-t wind.
nil; ARMY
That Oyama Hat Met Advance With
Counter Advance Show a Grert
State of Preparedneia on tho
Part of the J a pa.
London, Oct. III. News of l:ie
battle between the Russian.-; and Jap
anese was eagerly awaited Jioro
iluouKhout the flay t the .lapanese'Oct. H.-The victory fr Iho Japanese
lentil Ion. .Many imptirles were made! h'ft army today wu u ileclslve one.
there by British olllelals but the
Japanese aulhorlites were even less
Informed tlian the newspapers.
Tin? i usponse was not untbiReil
wlih naxioty which was mere notice-
uluc than at almost any previous
phase of the war. Huron Uayushi.
the Japanese minister said to Hie
Associated Press: "The report of
our successes welcome ii j inof arc,
must not. be confined a boi'ij; fore
runner of any derisive blow. It is
practically impossiblo for .Marshal
Oyama to envelope and utterly crush
Gen. Ku.ropalUin, just u. it la cpui'ly
Impossible for Kuropatkin to envelope
Oyainn. A victory in the battle now
raging chiefly means lo us thut Ku
ropatkin must contess defeat, which
's important but not decisive. Ho
can put forwurd no strategical ex
cuses us at Lino Yang. Any retreat
on the purl of the Russian forces
now is an open confession to the
world that they have suffered a se
rious reverse. Hitherto It has alway8
been an open question in some quar
ters whether Kuiopatkin's strategy
was not more responsible for the
Russian retirements than Japanese
Oyama's Plan.
Let it. bo remembered that Oyama
'.o far has only been fighting from
his first line of defense. Retirement.,
o Oyama only means falling bunk
llMin his main defenses anil bases,
lamely. Liao Yang, wln-e all prepa
atlons in Iho way of fortifications
mil ammunition have boon made for
a prolonged stand in case of neces-
illy. That Oyama has mot Kuropat,
Iti's advance on Yentai with a counter
,i i,ii( ..( ,.i..i ,.r
n ,riiul n, cffkfrk .if
iropn redness on the part of our
ones than I anticipated. Rut there
's some doubt, if Oyama could follow
tp any advantage gained In wdiat. Is
(mi na rati vol y nn open fight. Oya
"a's acceptance of a gonnral engage-
.....1 '-,.... 1.1.. n....t .....!...- 1 1 ..
eiu ii.iiii lies niiii 1 1 1 wemvi'i I im -n
-riuiies a siieiiKiii hiiii-:i iiiuki'h i ih-
it ... - i ,,.lr""1' I"- i .
in mo oi iMiiuiininiii n Hi.inen ail '""'tliev nro nniiiioKl loiui Id v lioilvv
ore purding. I understand tout
eh attempts ns Kuropatkin -undo fo
t our Hues of communication no
"ii r to havi lioon confined to tho-"
'"ineet (fiir ng wih Korea . S'mr of
''o mll'tarv c-'tios foem to fnrf"!
'nil our main line of onmmtinioMnn
vo now within touch of the Yalu
Our new soootid.vv lines of mm.
-indent '-n over tlio Ynln rlvc to K'v
im, wore on'v Tiifflntalned w"' r '
""I'll"" mid liernii'fp wo bad
tie- illornntleo.
"i'V.ffpvor f'o rot-oil tr ti nw. guns was cnvcloci by us snd thrown
t Inff'n wbett""- nvamn refV-- -iintfi great confusion, while another
m-eonrf.it nn-ii r n- i r to vr Mirtiffi tf the enemy's forces appears
-a ihn 'uniie of T.n -iv..;tfi bave fled northward, also in great
- ....,,ib t-n f(ri"o V iirTinf t-fn I ' cofifUHion.
mt.i .i-,, .p iinrm 'iKvas-1,1 i." "The right army lias sent a detach-
... ...i i. .'.i ,.i.. ,-.. . , M merit toward hblinliiatzii fur the nr-
.o ml ,'n"ittr"
i. i -.. , f '
t..- (rl!-. f-.'tn. !t,l
t-.,i ii
.., "p.,-- ; p.fikinr to k-i"
" li" fid ile."
Lonibm. O t 14. The Sindarl
irres'x.ndefit in tht flebt with f!en
al Kurol.i. f lecraiibina October II.
ys: "Alter much hsvv fii'b'in;;.
t-n enemy's resistance s brol.i-ri Ibl"
f'f-ni'H n. an.! 'br R.:t: :;ir.r.s arc mw
fn!l re'r-it."
The tlailv Mai.'sT' Ho r,rr"iiiridi-ti
rl fat ttio pun-nit by flu- J a urn
i t T ioHriL' rr at hvK- t the di-
r'-ltia Itie-i'sui. !i" J ft tlo ir .Wad
ul -oiimli-1 on tpo ff.-ld. i t'e H.ii
p,ro a-- -tim-ft d ywfiivt.
it, ffii. tboei-jitid fin The fr-'-
j,f. fv tbe ffb'inr a
,:i uiiri jifid I'fib'.- 'rf lb.
: r.
Germany in Africa.
Oct 17 A'tli'Miltl rbn P'lV-
l.at no funbi r t from
So'l'b -! Afl i' a. l'i- lo tb
r. of i!i.- ea!il- n ti'h .i1-s
npnoiTid. if vi'l'-ti' y vn'm
riino tit
f Sl
' n' I'm
' :m u, f b"
I j,'. r in
x - ifi. re -i r ti'f'mi. I
Wi'loi !"' tin W. j
ly it &k iifiii'iufi'-"d
f ,J,.l.. fiiTfi n-'lf! 'I I,' i'
jir'i'iii'l bhd Irff-n f-iir-fl.
Dispatches from Toklo and S. Petersburg Conflict in
Text, bat it is Evident that th; Russian
Commander Has Bitten OH Some
tfciag Large and HarJ
Headiiuartera of tho Jnpinese I'ft
Army In the Field, Oct. U, via Fusan,
Tho Russians foiiKht bruvelly anil sev
eral times nttempled counter attacks.
Tho .Japanese repulsed them each time
anil continued their steady advance.
The left wlnj? of tho left army threat
ened to envelope the Russian rlmht.
ocmpolllni? the RussIiuih lo retreat.
The Japanese artillery, Including the
batteries captured from tho Russians,
did their ustinl splendid work in shell
ing the trenches and tho retreating
Russian Column Retreats.
Field Headquarters of the Japanese
Left Army, Oct. 12, 5 p. m via Kusan,
Oct. 14. The left army made an ad
vance last night nnil curly this morn
ing occupied a position closo to a vil
lage ami field occupied by the Rus
sians. Tho Japanese attacked along
(he wboe lino, driving the Russians
out, of the positions to which they re
tired yesterday. .
At ,H, o'clock thin aP'Hioon the Rus
sians .,ere relreatii.t, northward in
disorder. The Japanese captured a
couple of Russian batteries. ,The Jap
anese are pursuing and shelling the
retreating Russians, whose loss is
probably large.
Japs Gain Advantage.
Toklo, Oct. 13, l:!l(l p. m. An ex
tended report received from the head
quarters of the Manchiirlan army, a
brief summary of which lias been
published this morning, Indicates that
the Japanese wore generally success
ful in the fighting of yesterduy and
'nat an inroe or uio Japanese armies
K"1'1 lcldod advantages.
1 l,u '''M'aneso cap hired a to al of ten
guns. The operations designed to
IKOIIIIS, Hill Kll ri-llllllll I III IIIINMII1I1H HI.
ltensibii are progressing favorably.
The number engaged in the si niggle
exceeds the forces which fought at
Liao Yang.
la some places the fighting sur
passed in desperation uny thing shown
, . ... . .. ,.,- i, .......
Tm; ,KH(.H an, , In.Heu,,.,!, lt
A telegram covering yesterday's
operations which arrived here today,
says: In the direction of lienslhu the
enemy's allHi'ks have been repulsed I
al al points. '
Cotiiiiintilcatioii with Chiaoto have
boon fairly established.
The pursuit of the enemy under
taken by iho main force of the right
and center flanks, has progressed re
"A line from Mserbssanlik, .loei li
sun to Maneliiisfan lias been reached.
There a body of the enemy possossiiiK
pose or ciitlltig off the retreat or tne
enemy posted at lleiihlliii, and this de
tachment will reach ilH dost illation
alioiil 3 n't liK-k this afterniHin.
Tho eeiiti-r mmy raptiirel two guns
snd eltbl ii nun ii til I ion sloiih at
.Saiikwatxhlsn tills mornifiK."
Prisoners' Statements.
According to the stMlonK'.-its made
by pit-onem, !eii. KiiropBtV.ln with
flirr,. Hivlitifiria pfi In fhf. ff-f.- of tho
lorro rfitif nsii Init nr rltht rm. Th-r-i-iiti
r und left 'Ihiiihh if thi army.
f'-r drlvlns a rfr-ms fnrre t.-f the
on rnjr 1 foro tin m. tik Ih" Risin
p'l-i' iiTut at Ijoctom heln Hfid it
vbiuiiy ai :. in tbe nfertimm und
ciifiir d Izht ronii Th" i-ncmr fled
in dis'ir'b-r to the nmih mid toir fore""
imrMiitiK bim Immiiliaieiy dvn--"1
t'arr iJiiliMfic butn Tli- rif t
eoliitfil. afn-r -niri'-ri.nt fr n' re
t.o'siio-, diiect fsful y dilmlir'-il b-
n-niy. mh'i bidding 'Kti
ii - h 4 Vitiliiiiniiii. The fi rny r
t ir.i' ifi f rtitiii.i'rn.
'ir Ttf itvttx'A in iuruiiir
the -i tuv tiinnrij ltinr ktirnimn
-':ih 'A '.Vuliel ib at 1 '' tliin af'T-
TIm. l'"f' rliifiti in 1i'Tt ' lmitmrij
in. f'fi'ai. m-i ol 'for bailn4.
pr,rtt D'ptce.
t.-r-'inrr ''" 1' p m
I'rii'i"- d ' ik' b- ."tit 'b ti rb' it
JIWhInT II from 'be lD ',ilf -r m
flonoral Hiblerllng, whoso corps occu
pies tho Russlun center, describes the
bloody and desperate character of the
llgiitlng along the railroad north of
Nental station, where , on Monday, the
uussfans repeuteilly chargod the Jap
anese trenches at the point of the bay
onet, the llgiil continuing Into tho
night. The Japanese reserved their
tire until the Russians, at the double
quick, were almost upon them. An
instance is given of a regiment get
ting w ithin a few yards of tho Japan
ese trenches, but recoiling before the
murderous volleys of the Japanese fire,
ii en coming on again with reinforce
ments, literally under a shower of
surapnel, and finally succeeded In drlv
ng out the Japanese. Rut the Japan
.... artillery tire was so withering that
the Russians were unable to remain
' : the trenches.
Japs Gain Positions.
Thut night the Japanese artillery
Ix nilmrilcd me Russian center, pre
paring the way for a general counter
attack, which Field Marshal Oyama
oi uered for uesaay." The Japanese
oflenslvo lino extended to their extrem
bft, General Oku's army bolng fir tho
lirst I lino engaged. At nightfall Tues
:i:y, tho Japunese had forced back the
Russian right, but the center hold fast,
although a few. positions had fallen
Into tho hands of the Japanese.
The latest news here says Generals
I3t nnenknmpff and Kaatallnsky en
circled the Japanese riB, crossed toe
Taitso river u..- ca.no out. on the Feng
V.'ang Teng road, tho Japanese retiring
before thorn. The news from these
mixed columns Is three days old. '
A speeds! dispatch to a newspaper,
deled last night, says the battle con
tinued dosperately aiong the whole
front, the most severe lighting being
tiansferrod to the eastern front.
Another newspaper dispatch, dated
from Harbin, says the tide of battle is
wah tbe Russians. Upon the basis of
this dispatch "extras," with flaming
hoadilnes, announcing a Jnpanoso re
treat along tiic wholo line, were sold
by the Russlun press.
St. Petersburg Not Cheerful.
SI. Petersburg, Oct. 13. The war
o...eo up to - hour declares that no
additional reports have arrived from
the front, ueneral Sakharott's report,
n;. given out, only being ...e story of
the battle up fo the evening of October
11, when no tlecisive results hud been
oiiiulml by either side, although ho
makes It plain that ho Japanese had
assumed the ouenslve and that the
liiiHM'ans had not been entirely suc
cessful in defending their positions.
The atmosphere at thp war office Is by
no moans cheerful. The ure lo re-
ft'ive news fif the Russian left wing
might (Hissibly be Interpreted as tenl
Ing lo confirm the Toklo rep-irt tb-t
the Russians operating aga'nst tho
Japanese right bad lieen enveloped.
Tokio Report,
Toklo. Oct. 13. It Is yet to early to
measure the result of the tremendous
struggle which has boon waged for the
pi.Hi thri-o flays south of Mukden, but
sll reMHi ronching Tokin indicate
1 1 si fieniTHl Kurop"'kln has been de
risively whipped and severely pun
ished. Tho Riusian commander wan evi
dently f-aufht while making his dlspo
stton. with bl forcMi wattered. and
he w as beaten t'fr hf could rwover.
Mm-h deiw-nds upon th ability and
tbo rewdntlon f lh Japune" In ap
plying and following up their advan
iii ro.
(tiropatkin may .urn upon favor
s!.U jrrtiufi.l and inicrfTd !n hcatlnc
l.fk the JananetK- rtilaught. but th
i il.. a-rslnsl him.
Tin' Juixfi'-" t"lav Wean a
' .jriie ftTiirt f inm th Russian
.'. fd 'f iio fffurt biMiM If oc
;.fi! It w ll tarry disaster to th
'!iiHin rmv.
TI"- I'niKB afMirnl Retiib I b-
i f-.'lnt1 w'fh tfltfUt ItlttTe"! hef
'If ttinim f"t-e" ttiot lii timt-d
i imi and t' t'ai tiii nr b wrrttM
a m vifc I 'ow Katimatr-a nf l tf
-I f'irce rfirr-1 rarv. (Mir. t-f-zram
''"Ttl l.iii attg thr Ro,-ln
Jim li nirl. I'll 1 i r"t Tti
". I'trmr f-rrr- h WTtllier f-
i l- 1 t the liSttlr- rif Lir Tatie.
r Pvt'tn CCfHft.
e p,i,T.i.'i-g. rv-t. i4ii. Rk
t.arrif?. in a ririav-k to lh rrfwral
W rla'r-f) C--t 11. r'r-i aritn tlrtailS
if tt, ihti-i'ftn n Vn,iii an4 Tora
rtiiy i- -y: Tb Warn boriaa army
fC'rri' iittti4 tm r- ITirbi I

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