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AI I N liTlSf lfc?tINR fOMPAHY
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mm JKrttft..! Adyt-Miny Meimfci..fl,,f A,uj wj,0 j,,. ()n jp
Mr4er Associated Press th- ,
TIhi AmwiuU'ii j'rw l cj.ciimil" "Over 11i(fT in nio greatest
Otfe4 to the of, for rpuMldHn of ml venture, lliev have bctm face to
ly l7 wmi or tko W tHer.
KuhdcrlUl-r wltMi orilTiuK . ohnnro
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nw luldn-MM. Crvr for The Call.-r
! cirnh for their PBrr t4 r un-
Abk) to 0Kind mr than a wmIi'ii
fcfm to ubcrilw. Tltmr tn..rwtn or
,.n)ft t small. And f.. lo mil
kiwily 1.-IL Hubmu oiionh ar due tlie
rmrkra nd n.t The Cllr ruMmhinB
Cctnpsny. CumplainU t rWee. rr-
4 to htnrt or dlwM.ilhioB duvery of
Im edrtctwe.1 or teletihoBfd ta
Ad.liww all huMiKwi entmnHnientlotti
nnd maK obt nil rhvekit. dtftB. iwmy
j'uhllKhincr Company. AH Hamn. rvr-
lines nnd romrmmioetion h.,id be
:". 'TU.'V:""":,',:". ....
SEE? '
th iKWttnffli-e In ( .rtmii Chrwll. Tft!.
vT7"i rC i T77?fZ
Wednesday, December 4, 191 8
viinny iiine-Honort nxiomx or ; ,nrllt ,,f ti10 c'nrpiiR riiristi eoun
enitiiont militflry mithorslilji hove trv. It is time for tho Jitml mint
hern refuted hy the praeJienl i um that indispensable ftiPtor in
demonstrHtiqns of the world wtir.nin. progriw of anv emniminity
A f.ir-fnmwl tionotfil or Utp Con- "ihe real wlntr nent." to put
federaey oiico prOolaiitUiil what , t iri- hwids together mid sturt.
for half n eentnry rtmrime.i no something.
undisputed truism whoa ho assert-1 ) Vou remeiiiher "the good
ed that the secret of sticci'ss in hl lnx'" of oiifhl or ion vnnwi
lhescicn-eoi wiirfiireionsiste.Hii
tfettinir :c fir.st witJ. the ihoM
'.--i " -tunsc iijii 1111 iim ir, iimiv niiiiit vnti
Mhv long years hefnt voiced the tfored lnml "for snle," in tenet
wunr thotiuhl wlien he declared rmminp from ton to n million
that the Lord wns on the uulc of n,n, whether he could deliver it
the (,'ronlont linUnliona. or not? And wore there not
And it wns the satne proat j hundreds 0f laud and home seek
reams who said something about iors K,n, ninwm ovory day? And
an army traveling on its Rtomm-h. j were not tho virgin plains for
All of thiisu tlcmlftWitions wore I miles nrotind peopled with pro
no doubt ominiuilly true in the-i dueeisT la those days Nuceos
light of the-rime in wlilelt they! county yielded hardly a pound or
were made and probably thoy will,, .tton. And this year well it
remain inunsurahly eon-cut i! was worth probably $7,000,000.
long as nation may war against iKUt it time to'ptit out somo
nation, hut it is seareely probable more "Kcal Hstate" signs? Isn't
that they will heitriiffirlli oeeupy ( time to start 1 lie land boom
m ltigh a place m the atmtogy of lv,on, j( cither slowetl up four or
the liusinoss of war. I five yonrx ago?
Ilic people ol America were The depemlalile producing ea
startled, and s.oue nf them doulil-. Vil.t v f t,e lands of this section
less frankly muused, wit. n kouk-. ,.s .,. demoiiHtraled beyond
thintr more than n year ami one y perndvelit live or doubt. If
Herbert lloo i r. cnlld iMmc i mm I u ,.' fi t(, lu1(, advantage of the
his miNsioi. . if mercy t,. siiff.-ring , psychological moment (and this
JJelgium, began to p'ucmd tin-' is it if there over was such a
nation with ibiring pliers pro- Uiiagl we shall bo guilty or a
elaiming the nninzinu doctrine nogleei of our own best interest
that "Food win Hi, war ,1(t vvjn be little short or criminal
To be sore e eollcl in inind in its naSure.
the (-real Napoleon's si ai cmeiit . Let 's get busy through tho Com
bat we vntuli red wh iw people j mercinl Assoeiatioii and provide
at large should liceoiu inii rested' the method and moans for calling
in tho auiiiec Vm n.ii Aineiicn, the at lent ion of tho world (o tho
ir wok kV.-irwtimm wna i! unT '
the grepiest nod richest milieu in
hc worhl. , witlm-it eMra-
ordllinrv elfnrl In -.iisliiiii
aviiiies on the very fttl ol the laod?j - mi-rebanl who lias uoods to
JUit mIm o the Imi-Is were! sell, sells them by lotting the pub
brought lo our notice, ihe ap- j lie know he has thorn,
pronohitur condilioit ( famine Why not apply the Biune ftimple
thai confronted some ot our allien' IhIs'iickk rule to tkirpa Christl
in the eaosc .,r iVeedom, the very mul her tributary territory?
cousidonibli ndactioii in ihe1 l.et '.s .start HoiaoUiiag!
J'orecs'or pi mine! ion, lue to tlie O -
demands ol military m rv t.-r. the
shortage of fond crop- in many1
ritmrters of the world, we awuk
-awl to the mavitv o! llie .silo 1
ation He! I In- neciif.ir , of Mr
ll..i.,.' .!.,.!,,.. w,t,
Allfl o In h tin- 1 1 II' III ,1 .il
the u a I' i v I lit It, Wi , 1 ' I; now
l.i' 0 Hlliilv that bv le. in ails the
Sllia I, ! ,ol,tlill,l'i,.l, Wlli.'ln"'" '" ' ' l" "'" h""1 "r '"'N
.linen. . i hi us vwiiiuiiM w nr. .
llCl pi'n'. i uu' nt ,il i iii.iilt supply
of fooii i ii those ol im tl.iu
n lio f .-! i I 1. 1.. I I i i...
I U ,
III! illi'il i,l i ce
dolll K i Ills.
AllH'1 y
ui oiy ii 1 1 1 s mi' ti 1
till Will li.i l.iiHillt, li'inc ilii-
j ii ore e 1 1 i i ur conel iisi i I ileni
oimlnm-l Hu,,) Mlllt-- lli.it piotlile-
lioil IH 1tii- I' li'il.itueil' il lolic III
deed tl-i .er bone j, ii m:k-. of 1
li itioaiil uuiiti.e-.s
4'-""e.-s I
31 Wl .mil on, in V Ufi . nt i niis( . j
CHhCali.il eletiit-nt I- .I iicliiml I
tlioin II i. -i' .t.iiiti "Ihe ln,l (ileal
eilllHC " i'l tl I -it It'll K ii i V. ill.
..itcriji iisniiiits -'i: ,. i.ition
that is not rich in piatcttal re
tiotirecs 1 an tu vei be rich or great
in men. -ti inuiie
la riKjK'. t in mnterial tcsoarcoti,
Aineriea tin most favored of
all iidtiauH and therein lies tin
guarantee of hei future, grcatucs
autl liiipreaiaey.
This demonstration of the otv
teuliality of rn-oduelioli e.arrit
villi it a lossoit which tho puoph
of tnouthwcsfc TeJcn should not be
ahnv in knra. "A baek to tlit
tV movement is certain to bi
6iK' of thoiirfit results of tiie war
i)vv.r tbrt millioa Amerieau boy
jiavik )wn in clvsv coinmuaiox
wltb 'tlalm'H, soiHo of1 thiu fov
pma lUlm a year, 3,1Jp life tlitj
ibatm led 1ms agreed with them.
I.-, . .. ) .1 -..III I . 1 1 1
I iiihhujim'iv anu iiuy uu )(' nun ii
' to JpJ Vt '0 lltO tWUt"OW COIlflllttd
, ft tit )f tf
ifie f life. Montally, nt least,
' nicy tmve sinppeu n oj us veneer
jdopUm of its actualities. And
... n r nr.. -..,-1 .
i mcT nrc romnm oacK leiermincti
. " . .,i,
live ns In come fiw 1 1CII, eni'll
man liw ovn Iw.ss mm eni'll 01
tlii-m n colli filiutur 10 t lie welfare
, j,-.,,.. v -,r .iir, rommillittv t" li'oml f worldwide vmoo
P,r Vl .. f A.. , " ' "18 f "uv Ium.1 on tho
.M.'inj of llioni, nilwt, ol them "o(Mlllfnl f , BOVOniP,) aUl suluiPd
(J'iii!)t, will come with tilt! fixed i by Uib orifnmwl oulnlon of mankind.
,j,.t i iiinat ion to hejili tlliimsl It bmi Inkciit CiouhuiuIk of yejr mul '
, f tliPrnsnlvas 0',, UiW'menihlc ittniKKlcs U esliihluh the
HitH i-ud tlu-. are (jolnn to SCnMll
lout I In- 'Inllils of opporttlllity."
ti'i a i I.;. a I .... .1
Vhnl ijunrter of thin preat liiiul
toilnv offer to the jtouiK limn
nnvlhintr roiiinnrnlile to Ihe woil-
w,t"iii f motion
. . . ' , ,
' tittrion to Corpus Christ 1 ?
uu...' i r
"""K. "'i'. "'irnul .rlodtiof reSellon. but whnt Brent
("hem? There will bo lim-!
' effort .s and "STOW vp with the;
jMIH IllW snme men ol llloaiic-
f "L'PtWiW Imek to the soil,"
;s in t)l Inil,(l!j of ro.mll to
stands who clirl not wenr the khnki.
j The time is uii(uestiouahly rlpo
S to revive the it(Heultriil develop-j1'0'1
vvhm eerv other sign that'
yreoted vour eye on Chnpnrrnl i
or .Mos(iiito streets wtis thill of;v
. .4:.. ...1...
unsurpassed advaatages and' t,
llmitleKK oppovtuuititsH of this cityll LCHOES OF SCIENCE I
mill seclion. jN.. )
' ''dint Wllxun undoubtedly
it,, i mim In trtdmlf if Ihe poHcr Ihhkuc
It&ltHll til IllN Ullllll. IllIM ulVM.VH I'llll-!
-nun, d i.n, wurth while object of miclt '
' n" " "'" eewiry to believe i
ill 1 ' Ii- v, ill in , . i ,
! . ....
,a,,i,i . ,,i , (,.i I
t at ii tivii i tua- j
A in .ii ' ..uu. ih unite Ihe uiM iim
''l""'" chhipiim -t iindtirtakiii In
'"" 'ooi.ii t. ii. ,wi,t we mUHt epc. I
in, ni ! iiiim lo Ih In keeping .
i 1. 1 im in linns The idcii ll'iii II j
I uitl
1 .in ce iiiiiuiKiii ici.v uu. ct-t.ni in ih
lolifiiy i.lxiui.l Hu ultiu Ik tin- lib a t Iim I
mul -mi
VV'.il.l 1.I..I...., ,.b ..... I...I I.. .....L .
., , ,,,v or u,s. It wu lUni !
l ot Kmn.v who fit hi MURMcgti 1 tin-
' "''"'-H' !' tmtu -tad ht
1,,"",M " di.umor l the time.
Vft(l m0i,. than tJnet- Centura clvlll-
,.() luv,. ralM ( Hu HOinnlhliig
-1 pi n Heal value in I) let proKniitlmi.
.ili, ih iK ui (ini e a WttinhiK of slow
,,riii.n hi- and u w.iriunt of hope.
The fact tlial a iivwu liitsnio is now
Notable Staff to Report Peace
Conference for Associated Press
The mall tl Tie hm,i1,i.i I'riitH nt Hit cinnlnt; pc n tort .to
In I 'uiin. will In- the uu, t 1 ml ,1 1 ile ever ilKM'llil.i. it by tli.il m n u.ttlit t um
unaiH uiunii While The AaMni'lal.'il 1'iets iIooh not tiaiisimi hi'ii d
Mtui'leu iut a ink' and U woi kern arc aiujiiynioiiK In their tliMp.t- he.. Hu;
IoIIomIiis; ilium untune tin- iiiuliiteimiie at the tuiuiiit; u.111. of
tlitt hlKhem tu 111I11 id of newtt Kiitla-i Ini;:
Mtjlvlllo l:. Mtonti. Konural mnnai;or; l-linci' KobortK. chief 01 Hie
InrlM I mi eo.il : Uolnit M. (.'oIIIiih. ohlof ol tio London bureau, iliaritu
T Tht.n pacn riitrloM K. Kloebor. Hulvutorti Corlunl, uhlof ol the Home
bureau; I, 1' I'lobort. chlel of Iho WnifhlURtoa bureau: S. Ii iti-
roiioer chlei 01 the lliriln bureau. Kdwln M. Hoiiit, Koberi ll'iii l II,
(irunds J Houmiin, Huritc Mul all, Jiuiich 1'. Ilowo, l'htllip M l ow
em, Kiuari Mti-une S I- uder uml T. T Toppliuf,
The sociuled 1'rtjnii ruporlH of the pcuey conferettco will appear In
Tho i'orpiiH ( InlHtl Cnllur
wj widely nnceptM In theory nuirktt
the !CKliih!ii of nnnllicf clutch in hu
man hbdory, but 11 should lit nowlMt
(Menu oflr vt to the ureal difftrultle
fTiav muitt ho uvertonio before It en it
Heoflited In imictleo. No one who
tAmllcx tho composition of humanity
Igdiiy Will fnlt to renllo Ihnt racial.
rpllKlmM nttil ethnological differences
Mill Mint which M'om nlmot bopelemt
ly lrrcancvtval)l. but when the com-
tPOKltltm of tods Is compared with that
nRo, there. i mum to boiievo that
vmi thwp apparently tmbridrfnblo
uhnmn limy Iw wtnihtiert.
It Is only within recent times that
un jjittil number of people have been
able to dwell locrether iifiiepfullv it it -
!ilrr a ciivM'iiment of enniiiKin ruiiniiiit
iold KMmciit. The icimlitio of .Swltx
l, tJw rt,1)U,,c of iVum. the r.
ii!bllo Of South and Centrnl America,
I mid. bent of oil. our own riublle me
tmlh,Mai,Mm, We must not exnect to
(twtnlillnh them on mi Intcinjillomil Im
Li. ...i. i. . tir ..
si with nny U'sn illfflcolu Hut if the
prosnecm Rrm Hlonlc. the itirio!!e In
oxflttiHl. nnd if the coiirxe nheml on
IWKim ruilgh, Ihe gonl In worthv of nt
' Of eo,
coure, there will be fnllurcH.
hmndors. dlH.ourt.KementH. mlnUkeH,
when nil will w doubl nnd in-ie. lion. l
Mtlil far.Kiv.loi will tnm. fnlfh hut llt!l
wlwit irrtt nchleveniei . iri-v Hitch
;lnio been eKnieed' I
!iiB n, romcmu.o.. of n i.en-
tonpue. hut. wo nnd miceeemnt; Kenein l
k"1"b to fnco e.maiiy hnrul
laboix In ereettiiR nnd nuilnl.ilnlnt; tho
mipci -Htructuie. r.-irtiiloxicnl Ihoimh
It mny f cm. the oxtnbll.Hhlrtent of i
lirootlenl. workable jipuro h-nRiie m ko- !
Iiift to niean trlfe--not In one kijikij
ami eonehndve nimcin. but ohronle In-'
tennltlenl and irolrricted like Umi
ntnlnd which national dMilocr:u'V win
bom and foMcm Itnux'on ClfOMi-lc !
Ho Was Careful. (
A Htory t KOinK tlie round.- Hint '
nrlKlnntt'd In a draft board .it Itirli- ,
monrt. A ilnrhy who wuh eaKer tt
ovndei the draft hml been luld that the
enwiont way out wan to declare hi eve
slKht wkm poor. Hut watch ou he-,
raitiiio they'll do overythltiR they can
to Irleh you."
.Sam had thin In liilpd when they he
Kttn to iiueHtlou 'him. and. mirr enoimh.
after he had declared IiIk cj-ckIkIiI wan
no' Rood, the ,nntnlnliiK phyKlclan
polnleil to h enrd on the wall ami lu-ild,
"How much of that hIro eon you read,
Sum?" :
"Klcn? Kay, buns, where am dut
wnlir - -Sunday Time-.
- Refused to Play With Him.
1 met our now minlstei u, mv wnv
to Kiiinliiy toihool. motbei." aid Willie
"and lie linked mo ir I evci playeil mar- I
bios on Sunday." I
"WHtat did you iiiihwh aHl.ed Ihe!
"I Mltnply wild, '(let thee behind mr.j
Sutail'' nnd wnlheil off nn-l left him "
wur tlio triiiinnhnnt i'ciihiiih I'ltia'
Obervr. j
Impossiblo. j
A render nendu um thin one I
"I wan Kolng lo iiiIhc moiiic pot iioo ;
In mv liauk ymil UiIh y-ai lmi dnln I "
"Why nof"
"yoll. I Inoltc l It no and found that
potillniw hud to be planted In lilll.t ,,nilj
HIV yard Ih iih tint an a pniic 'k' "
C'hridllao ItcKlHtcr
Hour milk often will iimuovi
nisi Nlalim fi-om whit,' f.ilni. .
'Hpnln ik-viiloii mure than .i.iiiooiu)
neniH of land lo olive culture
New Vork IooiIk Iho Stolen and Me h
Ikmii rankri Hccoud In Mill prodllriinii
Home .liuiun-Mi' mililiMH ii in it width
-tli oil'! It K'liuirei. u knift In .pi
Tlnv liiHaiiitN hilt Intl. Hi, ,....! h lt
lo bold ncu tot I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l-' inn, i, , ii.
I Kol her
Web flnuered iilnvoi- to help nivlm-
' liiarw arc the intention of ,t Il.n .inln
! physician.
tk-lmHMH wilt war In tt i .n d In i
their edifex Ioiikci- If left n ivlicn
mil in iih?
Till, lOllIfliull 111 tllf, ,!, ir,. I.. Ul.l.l,... 1...
lut hIkhiI ten pi cent .if tlie . i.l'n
A l''OOH)ll.llll. ... .'l,Hl i,,u, (,
A l' OOH l aiiia atieiitiHl i-. ti
raise An. tnilliin eui'iilj ptn.-i tri-i u in
that Ktnte
lJullillntr Htom
from bbiMt fiirnai
made in ii
sluti .nut lmi'
m i in
i . .
Harder an It i
The velocity nf ourtli'iii ik
uttered two liumli ! f.ilil b ,
Is ret?
uracil inveiiieo n n jnpdium hi i h
An iiiHmitiiiiil.' tlio pump inn in ,
I............I l.u l ...... I
i-lwft of it e.n ami op.i,it,.l 1., il
tSevi lal ii.i I u i plHiil!, Hi. 1 1 i- I t 1 1. 1 1 s
fttlltttlili Im textile h.iv. In - i I..1111.1
ity uu Ai:un! 1 mc Kovernmciit inmnnt
The inakinu of 1I1 m mm i-li. to
Krnphs of minute ltcil tiih . i.m ...
Ular inltteroKcope l fin pu p.-. . r ,t
new lanuna
Which Mr. Dollar Tells
Secret of His Friendship
The door to the private office opens briskly, nnd Mr. Dol
lar walks in without wailing for the office boy to announce
Stepping across the room he greets its dejected-looking
owner, Mr. Weary o'Waiting Merchant.
"Hello!" says Mr; Dollar. Don't you know me?"
"Bless my soull" exclaims Mr. Merchant. "If it isn't Mr.
Dollar! I've seen so little of you lately .that I didn't
recognize you. Where on earth have you been ?"
"Oh! Around calling on friends,'"
"Gilling on friends! Well, what's the matter with count
ing me in that list? Don't you care for me any more?"
"Sure! I like you well enough. But I concluded you didn't
care to see me."
"For the love of glory, what put that idea into your head?"
"Well, for one thingt you didn't invite me,"
"Didn't inv why, great Scott, man! I've been saj'ing
over and over that I wished I could see more of you."
j i
"So! Hadn't heard of it. I'm always open to invitations.
You didn't put jt where I pould;scc it;". ... u,.
"But I've been talking about you all around town! Where
do you look for your invitations?" " . ' '
"Most natural place in the world. In The Caller adver
tising columns." ,
"Always?'' asks Mr. Merchant eagerly. '
"Always! Been doing it for years now. Make out my
address list straight from the ads. 1 wondered if you
hadn't heard, so 1 just dropped in to remind you. Good
"But waitl" screams Mr. Merchant, jumping from his
chair. '
"Can't stop," says Mr. Dollar briskly, putting' on his hat.
"Got lots of invitations to answer today." .
"D tt
i-'e.. -
"Let mo know whenever you really wjiht'tjscc inc. I'll
wnlch for your invitation, usual place." '
And Mr. Dollar skips through Ihe door.-
Mr. Weary o'Waiting Merchant goes back' to Ins chair for
a long, solemn think. And then
Well, in a case like that, what woTildTdudS?
Why Not Ask
ip p
, V. M4t ,a ii
I: T
if?, '
1 .. rr

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