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Successor to the well known B C Evans Dry Goods Company at their old stand
hi addition to the above we have Jest bought at sheriffs salea TO 000 bankrupt stock
r i 74W iiv m vv spring poods bought in New York mo months ago This
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HODGES Formerly with the Leland N Y MANAGER
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FiTrjzsMoisrT isria
Italy Recalls Her Minister From
the United States
Wanted Assurance the Rioters
Would be Prosecuted
An Over Zealous MlnUter Involves 1IU
Country in Unpleasant Complica
tions by Conveying u ffrony t
Demanded Ills Passport
Washington March 31 Baron Fava
has demanded his passport from the gov
ernment on the ground of tardiness on the
part of the United States government to
take decisive action in tho matter of the
Indian citizens killed in New Orleans It
is reported that eighteen American citizens
have been seized and imprisoned in Home
to be held as hostages
Washington March 31 630 p m It is
now ascertained that De Pava has presented
letters of recall but has not mado a de
mand for a passport
A Great Surprise
pfciJivAsniSGTOK March 31 Baron Fava
JK the Italian minister presented a formal
uuL uuiuiiL to uiu suite ucparimeiii auLuuri
ties this morning which surprised them con
siderably It was none oUier than a letter
announcing that he had been recalled from
his diplomatic post in this country by his
own government The reason given was
that -the king of Italy was dissatisfled
with the progress of adjustments between
the two countries touching tho New
Orleans massacre
In consequence of this feeling on the
part of his government Baron Fava felt
compelled to withdraw from tho country
leaving Marquis imperial secretary of le
gation in charge of eurrenaffairs Tho
situation is so new and serious that no
official comments can bo obtained at this
hour from any source There must bo
time for tho administration to think and
barring tho two hours cabinet session of
to day it ha3 as yet had little or no oppor
tunity to digest the facts in a calm man
ner Secretary Blaine it is stated will
raaKo an official announcement of Baron
Favas recall possibly containing tho views
of this government to morrow but in tho
meantime tho barons pleasant personal
relations with the stato department and
this country
It is doubtful whether in view of the ex
travagant circumstances of the recall thero
will be tho formalities of theJWhite House
usual upon such an occasion as the depart
ure of a minister Indeed when this affair
is looked at from the distance of time it
will appear to have been very much hur
ried The letter from Governor Nichols to
Secretary Blaino caused tho trouble It
was received here several days ago ard a
copy was sent at onco to Baron Fava This
of course pave it the appearance of being
the ultimatum of this government and it
appears that the baron accepted it as such
and cabled it in that character to his gov
ernment Baron Fava has worked for hi3
home interests to the degree of appearing
over zealous at this end of the line but to
days developments would not indicate that
there could have been too much zeal on his
part x suit his government which appears
to have made the matter
Those commenting on the surprising
event of the day agreo that to break
away from this government is not merely
an act of discourtesy but of open hos
tility To have done it pending the in
vestigation and progress of law in Now
Orleans is significant and proclaims utter
disregard of the conventionalities and
ethii s of modern diplomacy Indeed in
that light this government now has a
logical reason for feeling offended at this
lack of faith in its assurances on the part
of its hot headed neighbors It will prob
nhlv turn nut thit the Italian
I ment has acted very hastily in this matter
and has unnecessarily involved the two
nations in serious difficulty The state
department has not yet ceased investiga
tion into the lynching and it has not yet
been fully developed whether or not tho
men killed were Italian subjects
the rnoiER COUItSE
would have been it is said for the question
of citizenship of the men killed to have
been settled first and then for some sort of
arbitration By this action on the part of
Italv the United States has been cut
Gcont4iKht iu tho mddl of th investigation
D C Beimeucom
g thouffhti treated la any but a
3fjyS5w couitcous manner
J It is renorted in newspaner circles here
that news has been received in Washington
to the effect that iu retaliation for the New
Orleans lynching eighteen American citi
zens have been seized at Frence and cast
into prison and th seizures have
occurred in other pa ily
Jiext Thing to War
I New Youk March 31 A Washington
special to tho Commercial Advertiser says
This action on the part of the Italian
i ernment is almost equivalent to a declara
tion of war or at least smells very strongly
of gunpowder It is likely that congress
will be called together at once and
tions will be made to meet any contingency
that may arise
That Formal Note
Washington March 31 With an official
note dated to day Baron Fava Italian min
ister has declared to the secretary of stato
that tho United States government not
having given assurance that tho murderers
of Italian subjects acquitted by American
magistrates and murdered in prison while
I under immediate protection of tho authori
ties of New Orleans would be brought to
Justice the Italian government has found
itself under the very painful necessity of
showing openly its dissatisfaction by re
calling the minister ot nis majesty irom a
country where an Italian representative is
unableto obtain Justice and the baron will
soon leave tho United States leaving the
secretary of legation in charge only of cur
rent affairs
This action by the Italian government
caused the deepest surprise iu official cir
cles here when the fact became known It
had been generally supposed that tho
Italian government would at least await the
action of the iNew Orleans grand Jury
which is charged with investigation of the
bloody episode at the Xow Orleans Jail It
ars nowever mat tne lnionnation re-
delved from its representatives must have
led that government to the conclusion that
the grand Jury investigation would fail to
result in the punishment or even the in
dictment of any person connected with
Tho letter of Governor Nicholls in reply
to Secretary Blaine was also it is thought
regarded as evasive of the real point at
issue reparation of tho alleged wrong and
the governors assurance that further
bloodshed would not follow unaccompanied
by any excuse lor the failuro of the state
or municipal authorities to take precautions
to prevent tho killing was it was said re
garded by the Italian government with ex
treme dissatisfaction It appeared to it
that the United States government had ex
hausted its resources The relations be
tween the national government and the
government of the states were so fixed by
the Amaricaa constitution Uut whan th
r s P
Italian minister obeying the commands of
his government sought for some assurances
that the persons concerned in tha killing of
its subjects would be punished it was not
possible for tho general government
of the land It could and did point to the
fact that the grand Jury was the American
provision for calling before the bar of jus
tice persons who had violated the law of tho
land but this particular grand jury was
called together under tho laws of the sot
ern stato of Louisiana and whether or not
it punish according to the Italian
idea of Justice was something that no na
tional officer from the president down could
guarantee The Italian government was
not satisfied with such views It was nec
essary according to its views that Italian
citizens foreign countries should be ac
corded tL full measure or prelection fixed
by tho laws of those countries Here was
a case wh jre according to tho statement
of the minister Italian subjects had been
arrested on charge of a crime and
acci to the forms of American law
These - declared innocent by a Judicial
tribunal hau been slain by angry people
The Italian government could not go be
hind tne verdict of tho American court and
notwithstanding it was stated in some
quarters that tho men were really guilty of
foul assassination and had been acquitted
by means of bribery in the eye of the
Italial government they were innocent
Italian subjects In this violent killing tho
Italian people had been outraged and in
sulted and the national government of tho
United States has as stated failed to give
any definite assurance that reparation
would be mado Thero was but one re
course and that was taken to day This is
The recall of Baron Fava was not known
officially at the stato department before
the close of ouieo hours for the secretary
was ill with gout But ho did manage to
get into his carriage about 4 oclock and
drivu over to tho White House where ho
and tho president discussed tho future
prospects When ho returned to his homo
he was not accessible Stato department
officials did not care to talk about the mat
ter Precedents were to be looked up be
fore comment could be ventured Still
there was a disposition to belittlo tho mat
ter and there was no idea that the dogs
of war were to be unloosed Baron Fava
had not demanded his passport as had been
at first reported A demand for passports
is an extreme measure It is taken when
and is also in a degree suggestive of
menace Tho recall under the circum
stances of this caso is a serious matter
There could be no attempt to disguise tho
fact but it does not signify that mutual ex
planations and diplomacy cannot restore
the old status
Charge d Affaires Marquis Imperial has
been left in charge of tho Italian legation
so that the severance of diplomatic rela
tions cannot be regarded as complete J ust
what is the status of this official cannot be
known except through his official acts It
is stated that ho is iu charge of current af
fairs If any serious significance is at
tached to the ministers recall this means
that the charge is to be limited in his
functions to issuing passports instructing
consular officers and other small matters
In this case further correspondence between
the government of the United Stales and
Italy must take place directly between
Washington and Rome
Late this afternoon certain erroneous
reports were in circulation respecting
alleged outrages on American citizens in
Italy Careful inquiry at the department
of state fails to disclose more than two
complaints of this character during the
past six months Moreover they appear to
be uevoid of a feacure calculated to give
rise to international complications
In official quarters it is expected that tho
charge daffaires will be really in chargo of
tho Italian legation and that when Secre
tary Blaine wishes to address himself to
the Italian government his communication
will be dirocted to Marquis Imperial who
according to tho notice is charge
i of Italys interest in tho United
States It can bo stated positively
that unless events take an unforeseen and
improbable turn there will be no call issued
for an extra session of congress
One of the most serious ill effects of the
incident will bo the probable postponement
for an indefinite term of the presidents
proposed Southern and Western trip Tho
view taken by the administration as it si
understood is that this government has
done all that can be dene in tho mat
ter The Italian government has been
told that the president deplores the abhor
rent occurrences and that this government
has taken steps to investigate the matter
Part of this investigation was tho ascer
tainment of the nationality of the Italians
who wero killed and this had not yet been
learned There is no proof what
ever before tho president or secre
tary of stato that a single Italian
citizen was among tho victims and
such proof is an absolutely necessary pre
liminary to a fair demand for reparation
Rudini who has assumed tho premiership
is supposed to be open to the influence of
popular clamor and a desire to achieve a
reputation with the masses by catering to
the demand of a hot headed element in
Itally At any rare it is felt that the pres
ent stato of affairs is only tempo
rary and there is no disposition or
intention to take any hasty action on tho
part of this government Certainly Por
ter United States minister to Italy will
not be recalled Tho government will
maintain a pacific attitude and abide by
the developments of the future In other
words as put by a very distinguished
statesman speaking of tho subject to night
We will keep our shirts on
Think Itniy is In for It
Special to the Gazette
Hocston Tex March 31 Congress
man Abner Taylor of Chicago who is in
the city was asked what he thought of the
discourtesy with which Italy had treated
the United States He said It is a virtual
declaration of war Those men who were
killed iu New Orleans were under indictment
for crime and their nationality was not yet
settled They might have been born under
the Italian flag but they were not here as
visitors They were earning American
money and as money earners became virtu
ally American citizens and by that act
alone renounced their allegiance to tho
king of Italy Further Secretary Blaine had
given the Italian government assurance
that the matter would be investigated and
no matter what action the state of Louis
iana might have taken the Italian gov
ernment was not expected to recognize it as
tho final action of tho United States It cer
tainly shows a war like attitude on the part
of Italy and should bo met promptly in tho
S3me spirit
Congressman Stewart of this city is also
of the same opinion as Abner Taylor and
thinks war must result unless Italy apolo
gizes in the most abject manner
A Blaze at Shiner Destroys 82500 Worth
of Property Alter Waterworks
Special to the Gazette
Shiner Tex March 31 Last night
about 11 oclock E F Ruhmans warehouse
back of his store was burned Tho fire
spread to Breyman Schultz Cos
warehouse and both were con
sumed Neither wero insured
Mr Ruhman is tho heaviest loser having
about 1500 or 2000 worth of property de
stroyed The town was in great danger as
nearly every house is built of wood The
whole loss is estinated at J2o00 Amass
meeting was held this evening to devise
ways and means of a system of water
works It is on assured success
Residence and Contents Burned
Special to theJSazette
Mahtix Tex March 3L Capt G A
Kings residence and contents burned to
aigat at 8 oclock Lcos fttoa
Groping Through Smoke and
Fire in Search of Air
The County Democracy Indorses Coles Candi
dacy A Political White Heat
A Factory Destroyed by Fire Another
JIan Barcley Escapes With His Life
A Colored Woman Anxious to
be a Winced Cherubim
Special to the Gazette
Du Las Tex March 31 At 330 oclock
this morning tho building No 101 and 103
Camp street known as the Georgia hotel
was burned attended with the loss of life
and the serious injuring of many of the in
mates of the house The buildine is a two
story brick On the ground floor at tlu
Lamar street comer was a room in which
E Chamberlain ran asaloon Next to tho
saloon on tho Camp street side was a lunch
stand The lunch stand room extended
back as far as the saloon room petition
nd there connected with a room in ho
rear of the building and which openedr J
Lamar street xnis oacii room was larM G
and was used as a restaurant and kitchen
The stairway leading to the second floor
was in the rear end of the restaurant The
second floor of tho hotel was cut up iuto
small rooms and used exclusively for sleep
ing purposes All tho partitions in the
building were wood and wen
W C Baird his wife and two children
occupied one of the rooms Mrs Baird
had been confined to her room with sick
ness for about two weeks Her husband
discovered tho smoke rushed out and saw
the fire coming up through the floor He
went back to the room and awoko his fam
ily Mrs Baird got up from her sick bed
and started for the rear stairway her dress
in her hands Before she reached the
stairs the flaires broke through tho parti
tion near the head of tho stairs and nearly
suftocatedher She threw her dress aver
her head and started down the stairs
which were enveloed in fire
and rolled to the bottom and was carried
from the building more dead than alive
She was badly burned about the hands and
face but will probably recover Her little
girl Cora a bright child of ten summers
left tho room by the window and got on tho
iron awning that surrounded the building
From the awning she started for the ground
down a telephone pole but wrs rescued by
a policeman and was uninjured Her
brother Willie a young man also made his
way from the burning building by the w ay
of the awnine and Jumped to the ground
In the jump he badly sprained his backbut
the attending physician says he will pull
through Ed Kreei also made his way
and was badly burned and had to jump from
the second story and was badly but not fa
tally injured in the luck One of his ankles
was also sprained Pat McCarthy
jumped from one of tho rear second story
windows alighting on a pile of wood Ho
was badly bruised but is out this morning
The firemen responded quickly to the
alarm and succeeded iu putting out the fire
but not until after the flames had enveloped
each room on the second floor burning out
the stairway and the nstaurant below
After the
The firemen entered the building and
on the floor of ono of the rooms was
found the lifeless remains of Jim McAlis
ter The man had evidently arisen from
his bed and had tried to make his way
from tho burning building but was over
come by tho heat and smoko and fell
lifeless to the floor where he was after
wards found He was not much burned
and for this reason it is supposed that
suffocation was tho cause of his death
McAlister is a laborer and has been in
Dallas most of the time for tho past eight
years Alen Here say tnat ne nas vrorneu
in all the principal cities in the Union but
nothing is known of his relatives Ho was
about thirty two or thirty threo years
old and was well liked by his fellow la
were in the building but all escaped with
out serious injuries Tho hotel and res
taurant was run by Honry Kuhlman Mrs
Kuhlman and her two little girls wero
away from the city on a visit and escaped
the terrible fire AH of the inmates lost
their effects of every kind not a thing be
ing saved from tho building
Mr Jvuhlmans loss was 1 100 with in
surance for 4000 in the British American
was badly damaged by water but his loss
of 100 was fully covered by insurance
None of tho personal effects of the boarders
in the house were insured and are a total
loss Tho building was the property of J
W Barton and was valued at 00C0 and in
sured for 3000 equally divided between
the Niagara Citizens of St Louis and the
American companies
The origiji of tho firo is a mystery and
will probably alwa3 s remain so
At 1230 this morning an alarm of firo
was turned in and the department turned
out promptly but the firo was too far away
in North Dallas for the department to reach
it so it came back to the city This morn
ing it was found that the mammoth factory
of the O M Allen Jr bugey company had
been burned to the ground and was an eng
tire loss This factory was started last
November and employed about sixty hands
The building was a 75x300 feet two story
and frame The building contained 123
carriages and 190 carts Tho building
machinery and stock was valued at 25000
and insured for 10000 The origin of tho
firo is unknown S Spaugh and W Raf
fington two employes of the factory wero
asleep in the building Mr Rafnngton says
that the first intimation he had of tho fire
was by the dropping of coals from tho trim
hop above where lie was sleeping Raf
fington was nearly suffocated by the smoko
and with difficulty left the burning building-
Spaugh had his hands badly burned
in trying to save his tool chest from tho
There has been organized and chartered
In this city what is known as the Colored
Waiters Union and which is destined to
become an organization of some importance
Riley Wiggins of this city conceived the
idea some time ago of waiters banding
themselves together and at once started
the work The Dallas union has 120 mem
bers and Riley Wiggins is at once going to
work to establish unions all over Texas his
first point of operation being Fort Worth
on April 20
Mary Black a negro woman has been on
trial in the city court to day charged with
keeping a house of assignation but on
some little technicality was discharged al
though tho evidence showed conclusively
that she ran ono of the -worst dives in tho
city and that white girls fourteen and fif
teen years old frequented the place for im
moral purposes This house is notorious in
this city and should not be allowed to exist
to deal forth immorality as it has been do
ing Another attempt will be made in the
courts to break it up
The county central Democratic commit
tee held a meeting at the city hall this aft
ernoon to give some expression on the
political light in the city campaign
Eleven members were present C E
Gilbert called tha meeting to order and
Jams Marocey was elected chairman
2g i
After much talk tho following resolutions
wero adopted
Resolved that in view of tho great Demo
cratic right that will be made in lsJ2 and
tho desire of success therein on the part of
all true Democrats that we favor party or
ganization and party nominations in all elec
tions whether precinct municipal county
state or national
Resolved second that the Democratic
executive committeo of Dallas county hav
ing the good of the party throughout the
whole county at heart do heartily and sin
cerely endorse the action of the Demo
cratic convention of the city of Dallas held
on the Cth of February 1S91 in making
nominations for city officers
Hotter grows the political situation and
more difficult to solve To night Rowley
Independent candidate for mayor opens up
his side of tho raco with public speaking
at the city hall Connors crowd will hold
forth at tho opera house while tho Demo
crats hold a general meeting near tho street
car stables in East Dallas
Tho good feeling between the factions is
more manifest to day than at any other
timo since Connor announced himself a can
didate Ward meetings in the interest of
botb Cole and Connor will also be held to
night throughout the city
Mollie Van Zaut a colored woman resid
ing near the county jail this morning tried
to taku the chlorotorm route for the world
beyond Her intention was detected in
time however and sho still walks the
terrestrial sphere No cause is given for
the act
The Battle Ground of 1892
Looming Up in the Distance
Fosters A ppointmrnt JIadn to Strengthen
the Party The President Will Leave
for California With a Small
Party on April 15
The Chief Battle Ground
Special to the Gazette
Washington D C March 31 There is
a notion ailoit here that the chief political
battle ground of lM will bo the state or
Ohio The president has beeii disturbed in
mind by recent events there Tho Demo
cratic redisricting of the state was to havo
been interfered with by law if the adminis
tration following in the Fifty first congress
had been strong enough and brave enough
to be depended on As events finally shaped
themselves and nothing was done the Dem
ocrats aro now in possession of fourteen
out of twenty one congressional districts
with a pretty fair chance of holding fast to
them unless the Republicans can conjure up
some kind of scheme not only for splitting
the enemy iu two factions but for healing
the gaps in their own organization To add
to the delicacy of tho situation tho Demo
crats are agitating the idea of changing tho
electoral vote from the state tickets at largo
to twenty one separate districts Tickets
which would they reckon give them a very
handsome majority in the Electoral college
It is known that when tho successor to See
rotary Windom had been chosen the presi
dent was very much disinclined at first to
consider the claims of Ohio to a cabinet
place and what finally
was the argument strongly urged by Grose
venor and others that Foster was perhaps
one Ohio Republican of prominence who
was not included in some way in the fac
tional warfare in that state and then Har
rison began to weigh all tho pros and cons
against each other Another move which
suggested itself to tho President as wiso
was to make a satisfactory provision of
some sort for Estes G Rathbone also of
Ohio Tho Ohio campaign for 1SJ2 will
therefore date from tho 1st of July when
Rathbono takes his place as fourth assist
ant postmaster general The fight next
fall will indicate pretty plainly what the
state miaht bo expected to do in 1S02 if
left to itself and at what points the party
needs strengthening before going into
another struggle With Foster in tho
treasury and Rathbone in the postofflce
both committed to the furtherance of Har
risons political fortunes
is not likely to fall for lack of plenty of
work of the old fashioned sort
The president as now advised will leave
Washington Wednesday April 25 on his
California trip The party that will ac
company him will be small and will proba
bly include no ladies Several members of
the cabinet will be of the party including
Secretary Tracy The itinerary of the trip
is not yet mapped out but tho president
will probably be away in all about six
weeks Numerous letters of inquiry as to
what cities tho president and party will
pass through are daily received at tho exe
cutive mansion but no replies can be made
as the president himself has not yet mado
up his mind as to the exact route he will
take At first he was inclined to stop at
several Southern cities on the way to Cali
fornia but this part of tho original pro
gramme he has abandoned as he is urged
to visit Oregon and may not have timo to
tarry long in the South should he decide to
go to the Northwest
Jerry Simpson Talks
New York March SO An evening paper
says that Congressman Jerry Simpson of
Kansas the noted Farmers alliance ora
tor was at tho Windsor hotel to day He
occupied a 6 a day room and seemed to bo
perfectly at home in the hotel where inill
ionarieS stop This dialogue took place be
tween Mr Simpson and a reporter
Do jou expect to run acandidate of your
own for the presidency
I think so but cant say yet Next year
some timo wo will have a big conference
und decide what wo shall do It looks to
me as if we shall be able to put a candidate
into the field and win
You are accused of helping to elect Sen
ator Palmer did you lend him any aid
Well I went to Springfield and I am not
sorry that Mr Palmer is elected senator
Why should I not want to see him
elected senator We want to hold the bal
ance of tho power in tho senate and tho
house and naturally I did not want to see a
Republican elected because it would lessen
our chances in the senate
How do you expect to have the balance
of power in the senate by the election of
Senator Palmer
Easy enough Ho is a Democrat and
will vote against protection and against
the Republicans on every vital issue Well
with Pefferand Kyle and several silver
senators from tho West the Alliance ex
pects to repeal the present tariff That is
our aim and I do not think we can fail
Patents to Tcxans
Special to the Gazette
Washington March 31 The list of
patents for Texas is as follows
Track lifter Hiram X Brown Hubbard
fastener for fishplates John S Gay Belle
vue scouring water ways E G Holden
Fulton rub iron for wagon beds George A
Nelson Woods bracket Charles Porter
Fort Worth tire tightener A M Reeves
Buda pump piston C H Robinson Hunts
villo axle J A Stewart Houston
KIncald Caee
Washington March 31 In the Kincaid
trial this morning the defense confined
itself to an attempt to prove that Taulbee
hid made threats against Kincaid and that
those threats had been communicated to
the defendant
His Action in the Appointment
of House Conferees on the
That I and G N Receivership Investigating
Resolution and Its Effect
The Austin Charter Episode Demonstrates
the- Kumesttiei of the Mcu Who re
Jndeaiorlnr to Push Aullu
to the Front
Special to the Gazette
ArsTiN Tex March 30 Respecting tho
criticism made in tho public prints of his
action in naming only appointives as liorsu
conferees on the commission bill SpeaV er
Milner said to day in substance that it was
misleading and wholly unwarranted Ho
felt that he had done his duty by the min
ority as he had promised to do wneule
was niade speaker The only minority he
knew of at that time was the small Jne iu
the house avowedly opposed to the
bill That minority was given
representation on the internal improve
ments committee although it afterwards
proved to be in favor of acommLssicn Tho
issue between that minority and the ma
jority was the same in the house as in tho
campaign last summer that is commission
or no commission As far as tlu pat
platform and the legislature was concerned
thero was
no rvnirr issrc
nor any qualification or modification of tho
one mentioned The committee on internal
improvements had reported an appointive
commission bill a oill on which tlu ro was
no minority report iu favor of electing tho
commissioners nor to which he had heard
any objections
In vietv of the fact that no ono had ever
heard of the elective fcaturt as an issue iu
the campaign or in tho convention or th
committee in all of which places an issm
should appear in order to entitle it to the
consideration due to the minority favoring
it he did not feci caled upon to rccocniA
it when sprung suddenly and unexpectedly
in the house So far as the record showed
the party the convention and theconiniltco
had declared for an appointive commission
thus disposing1 of the only issue rocoL nued
or thought of up to the discussion in tha
house of the Terrell bill
The introduction in the house yesterday
by Gerald of the concurrent resolution de
manding an investigation of the charges
floating in the air relative to tho receiver
ship of the International and Great North
ern railway did not fall exactly like a thun
derbolt from a cloudless sky A few mem
bers knew or suspected that it was coin
ing although the bulk of them may not
have heard that it was in contemplation It
was to have been sprung upon the house
about ten daV s or two weeks ago but fo
some reason unknown was held up Again
it was to have been offered last Saturday
but was once more postponed It has caused
quite a stir among tho solons and others
owing to the character of the charges made
and others hinted at against a few men well
up m tho councils of the party and possess
ing reputations state wide Whether or
not tho reasons assigned for the investiga
tion or the motives back of them are suf
ficient and worthy cutSno figure in tho caso
now The event will determine that
There will be no objection mado to the in
vestigation those who are the objects of it
being placed by tho resolution in a position
to require it in order to dispel the cloud that
hangs over them if an investigation will
In an hour after tho governors veto of
tho Austin charter was read in the hous
last Saturday a committee of Austin attor
neys were at work on another bill from
which tho objectionable features of the ve
toed charter were carefully excluded Tho
committee worked Saturday night and Sun
day and at sundown of Easter Sabbath thu
hastily prepared bill was in tho hands of
the printer Yesterday afternoon Judga
Terrell introduced it in the house and last
night the committee on towns and city
corporators examined it and agreed to and
did mako a favorable report this morning
It will be aeted on and sent to the senate at
once where it will be galloped through and
will probably havo passed both houses and
gone to the governor at tho end of the wools
That is pretty quick work that illustrates
the activity earnestness and push that
characterizes tho men who are shoving Aus
tin to the front The feeling of disappoint
ment that succeeded tho first intelligence
of the veto has entirely passed away iu
view of the prospect for another and per
haps better charter than the one vetoed
The Commercial Hotel Burned Loss 810-
000 Insurance S4000 Adjacent
Property DamaceiL
Special to the Gazette
Ouanah Tla March31 About Voclock
this morning the quiet slumbers of thosu
who lingered long on their couches were
broken by the alarm of fire tho firing of
pistols and the ringing of the church
bells Immediately there was a gen
eral rush of old and young
male and female to the Commercial hotel
pointed out by a dark line of smoke that
silently rose a few hundred yards high be
fore bending U tho north The city was
well filled with witnesses titl visitors from
Greer county and the special venire of
150 men from Hardeman and the
new county of Ford here in tho case of tha
murderer Morris Every man came with a
hearty relish to the work of confining the
firo to the Commercial hotel formerly
the Quanah As fortune favors tha
brave after almost exhausting all
the wells near by a north
bound freight train came rushing in to tha
rescue with two very large tanks of water
which was lavhly emptied Into the buck
ets of the bucket brigado and lorne to the
buildings adjoining where willing work
ers stood amid smoko and flame
The line two story stone buiidingef Judge
Duncan G Smith adjoining on the south
and those on the opposite side of Johnson
street and the depot were all saved with a
nominal loss
The citizens met at night and passed
resolutions of thanks for the tiiaely service
of the trainmen and their water supply
and the water men of this city who ncithei
spared time nor horseflesh iu bringing thcil
water tanks into full play
At this time tho loss is unknown as well
as the nmount of insurance For at least
forty days wo have had high winds
at this same time in the morning and at
thi3 critical moment the winds were as
calm as a peaceful river thus saving our
city from almost complete destruction
As near as can be ascertained the follow
ing are tho losses with amounts insured
DD Swearinger hotel valued at 3500
insured for SJOOO
Whitehead saloon and hotel valued at
3000 insured for 1500
Abe Haymau propriotorof hotel fixtures
valued at 700 insurance 350
George Howden shoe shop 300 stock
insured for150
Duncan G Smith damage to building
about 1500
Charles Goldberg damage to building
and goods 75
G H Shaw damage to building and
goods about 75
There was considerable damage to other
stocks of goods removed to the street for

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